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  1. A heads up to help your 🚨 planning for the month of August.🚨 🙂
    Get your flags & banners ready to go.
    …. A second demonstration and march is planned for Auckland this Saturday, [6th August 2022] …..
    ….. The Freedom and Rights Coalition, which is behind the upcoming protest, has revealed it is also planning a major demonstration at Parliament grounds in a few weeks’ time. 23 August 2022
    The group, led by Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki, is set to hold a “Kiwi Patriots Day and March” at Auckland’s Domain on Saturday morning. [6th August]
    At this stage, the coalition has not shared the details of this weekend’s march route.

    It. has said it would not be the same as the previous protest but would be “impactive”. ……
    ….. In their latest posts on Facebook, the organisers say the upcoming march is intended to be a “mass united movement and showing New Zealand how many patriotic Kiwis want to get New Zealand back again”.
    It also claims to be an “opportunity to unite freedom fighters across the North Island and rally the public for the coming events ahead”.
    That rally, which follows an organised protest convoy from either end of the country, will see people gather at Parliament on August 23.
    The coalition says it will host a “people’s court” on Parliament’s steps for “crimes against Kiwis”.
    Timed to coincide when Parliament is sitting, the protest organisers say they intend presenting a vote of no confidence and challenge the Opposition to call for the same before forcing a snap election.
    A similar march is also planned for Christchurch the following weekend. [13th August 2022]
    It is intended to precede a larger demonstration in Wellington, which promises to be a “Mass Parliament clean out”.


    The Herald, article is open; and over 200 comments but behind a paywall.

    🚨 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 🚨

    Save the Dates:—
    A Country in Crises
    Peaceful Public Marches

    Auckland :— 06.08.22
    Christchurch :— 13.08.22
    Wellington :— 23.08.22

    Our Country is in a State of Emergency


    🚨 The Great Kiwi Road Trip 🚨
    Monday 22.08,22 — Tuesday 23.08.22
    Road Trip #1 — Kaitaia to Wellinton
    Road Trip # 2 — Invercargill to Wellington

    More information here and probably be updated with any new wrinkles of what is happening.



  2. Brian Tamaki, the man that Horsefaces paid up MSM hacks have spent the last 5 years oppressing and ridiculing turns out to be the light at the end of the tunnel.
    It’s a big tunnel but the light is intensifying by the day and whether you like him or hate him his message is 100% correct, I’ll be there this Saturday with friends and family. FJA.
    On a different subject it’s being reported in the US that every one of the 327 million people in that Country now has $US 100,000 debt around their necks ,my bet is we here in Arderns hermit kingdom are no better off,possibly worse off.




    Although the Solomon Island are ‘relatively’ remote from NZ, the CCP isn’t and are also increasing their presence closer to home; in Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Fiji and yes, even in Wellington.

    This short video (Sourced from FB) gives some idea of what might be expected as they increase their presence in our neighbourhood.




    • CCP coming to a town near you in the very near future, you will be happy……… So… my question is are they going to give us drugs????? FFFFFJA and all the rest, Nude Nut and See Less included.



    • I visited Suva in 1982, and was amazed at the size of the Chinese embassy and its plethora of rooftop antennae of all shapes and sizes.
      China, playing the long game, since the start of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.



  4. Every man woman and child in this communist run country currently owes $144.000.
    And the only light at the end of the tunnel is another train coming, thanks to Ardern and her fiscally inept bunch of clueless clowns.



    • Brassnuts, Yes I figured it must be the case ,I’ve got a great idea for the emaciated stick insect Ardern and the bus drivers wife Robbo to rectify the problem, let’s get tough on our agricultural and farming sector as governments are doing in Europe, that’ll work, probably as well or if not better than KIWIBUILD did for our housing problems, Helliluja praise the lord it’s a miracle. LMFAO.



  5. Holy shit the sky is falling ,the sky is falling again ,Stuffed have reported that we have endured a shocking amount of rainfall in the month of July.
    I’m asking , Is it climate change, is it global warming, are humans to blame,?? and the article that Stuffed came up that there’s a problem had the headline “The highest recorded rainfall since 1962” , FFUUUCCKK.



  6. 🔥🏠🔥 House Price Index reveals Aotearoa’s property value falls at fastest pace since Global Financial Crisis🔥🏠🔥


    All the lies. All the denial. All the personal attacks. Yet the market still did exactly what I said it would years ago.

    And this is just the beginning. It’s not an adjustment. It’s not slowing. It’s not going to level out next year. It’s not a correction. It’s a collapse of the entire economy- caused by overpriced houses paid for with fake debt money not backed by GDP.



    • Thank you so much for the link WG. It’s absolutely riveting and (as revtech120 noted above) it is a must watch for every thinking former New Zealander.

      One chilling statement that Oliver Hartwich made was that he described this country’s situation as a precipitous decline which risks us ending up as a failed state.

      He was pretty positive about ACT, though, but this is an area on which I think the jury is still very much out. Probably the best one could say about ACT is that they are marginally the best out of a truly rotten bunch (but that’s just my opinion).



        • Went to two supermarkets in Hamilton yesterday, I was the only person not wearing a mask at both and was asked where was my mask I said I have an exemption and walked on. It is absolutely astounding that people believe that masks can save us as the jab can save us as well. They have done nothing to save us so far and far more people are ill after receiving the jab than ever before. After watching that youtube video with Oliver Hartwich I am feeling as though fuck all will save us for a very long time. Going by the mask wearers and thinking this is how the sheep will vote I would say we have no chance of any change.



  7. A priest walks up to him. “What’s the matter, son?”
    “I dropped 10c and it rolled into the gutter and down the stormwater drain,” Johnny sobbed.
    “There, there, don’t fret,” the priest said, and after searching his pocket, gave Jonny a dollar note. “The Lord looks after his children,” and with that the priest goes on his way.
    A light bulb appears over Johnny’s head.
    A bit later, he sees a Rabbi walking up the street, and begins crying. Sure enough, another dollar or two later, he is alone.
    And so it goes with his winning streak…
    Some time later, a nun comes into view, so Johnny turns the waterworks on again.
    “There’s no need for tears,” the nun says after hearing of his loss, and hands him 10c.
    “Oh, thank you Virgin Mary, God bless you!”
    The nun is a little surprised. “Virgin Mary?” she repeats. “Why would you think I was the Blessed Virgin Mary?”
    “Well, you are the tightest cunt I have met so far.”



  8. Christopher Luxon says Government has ‘lost the plot’, lashes out over cost of living payment issues

    However, several issues emerged with the implementation of the payment after it was revealed Kiwis living overseas had received it. The Government also came under fire after it was revealed only 1.32 million people received the payment, fewer than the 2.1 million the Government said were estimated to be eligible. The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) said this is expected to increase with the next rounds of payments as more tax returns are processed.



  9. “So what do you do for a living ?” the woman asked her date.

    “I make things up & people laugh.” he said.

    “Wow!” she said..”so you’re a Comedian.”

    “Eh no.” he replied..”I’m a Politician.”



  10. Dairy crash is now another step closer as global dairy prices slumped again.
    I bet robbos and treasury forecasts were all done assuming booming dairy prices would last forever. Would be a great time for a foot n mouth outbreak with plenty of compensation to prop up the economy//



    • ……”‘There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.’”……

      George Orwell – 1984

      Then we entered the world of the Mad Queen.



    • Kea to counter those truths you list… the minority voices have never screamed this loud or rang so many alarm bells.

      It seems the loudest voices win, the sane just plod along quietly disagreeing with whats happening and awaiting a white knight to turn up and save us from the madness. It dosent happen we just further slip into madness because society is full of gutless pussies who although they hate what is happening theyre more then happy to oppose, discredit and cancel the few brave ones that try stand and fight.



    • New York is going to be underwater and Arctic Ice will all melt according to Al Gore, all by a few years ago- just had a look within google and I see New York has now been pushed out to 2050. Extend the fear.



  11. Is there a way to link an email to this blog? The latest from the Tax Payers Union is fantastic. They have got an extremely damming legal opinion on the 3 Waters BS.
    If there is no way, I will copy and paste it —very long but worth it, if that is the only way.



      • Thanks nasska. Not there yet, from what I can see.

        So here it is ;

        Thank you again for supporting the fight against Nanaia Mahuta’s Three Waters proposals. Further to Peter Williams’ (no relation!) note last week, I’m emailing to ask for your feedback on a matter we have been thinking about for some time. This email is longer than usual, but we think you’ll agree it needs to be for what we’re considering.

        First though, in case you missed it, our formal submission to the Select Committee on the Three Waters “Water Entities Bill” is here. This emaiL concerns the legal opinion appended to that submission – you may have heard our lawyer interviewed this morning on “Today FM”, and the media release summarising the opinion is copied at the end of this email.

        Since David Farrar and I co-founded the Taxpayers’ Union in 2013, we have noticed growing public sector tolerance of dishonesty. There has always been some expectation of manipulation and ‘spin’ in the media. But we could expect Ministerial advisers and contracted professionals to maintain their own standards. At the least, they would stay silent when Ministers were being “political”. Now it seems agencies and public servants feel compelled to collude in lying.

        In the context of the Three Waters campaign, we’ve seen an unprofessional approach in the way people who ought to know better perpetrated and repeated some Minister’s claims about Three Waters. We have long been worried that they’ve seemed untrue (or at the very least, calculated to be misleading). Take two examples:

        the lie that councils will continue to “own” the assets under Three Waters; andthe way councils were consulted in relation to the Three Waters (being asked to participate in the Government’s consultation by officials from the Department of Internal Affairs when those very officials would have been involved in the process preparing Nanaia Mahuta’s Cabinet Paper which had already been through Cabinet and covering the very same matters DIA was asking for feedback on!)
        Why is there more tolerance for dishonesty and unprofessional conduct in our public bodies?
        Public service professional standards of honesty and integrity have traditionally relied on the State Services Commissioner (now the “Public Service Commissioner”) to maintain. We fear, however, that the Public Services Commission has deteriorated just as much as the public sector agencies it is set up to monitor. We have not seen it effectively disciplining agencies which have been dishonest or used public money for political advertising campaigns (NZTA, for example).

        So in that context I asked lawyers Brigitte Morten and Stephen Franks for an opinion on Minister Mahuta’s false claims about Three Waters reforms. 

        We wanted a strict legal opinion on whether minister Mahuta was in breach of the Fair Trading Act and securities legislation regarding the claims she was making about councils owning “shares” in the Three Waters assets – i.e. would she be a crook if this was the context of a share offer to the public?

        The lawyers don’t pull punches: Ministers have hoodwinked the public on ‘ownership’ claims
        The opinion we got back, which has also been peer reviewed by a Queen’s Counsel, is probably the most damning legal opinion I have ever read. It concludes that Minister Mahuta’s claims regarding ownership have been “calculated to deceive Parliamentarians, and when it becomes law, to deceive New Zealanders generally”.

        The legal opinion is very detailed, but it is not hard to understand. It calls the claims of retention of local ownership “false, misleading and deceptive” as “councils are expressly denied the rights of possession, control, derivation of benefits, and disposition that are the defining attributes of ownership”. Gary Judd QC comments in his review of the legal opinion: “When all the lying statements are put together, as [the] opinion does, the government’s effrontery is breath-taking.”

        While the opinion says the Minister can’t be prosecuted for criminal wrongdoing because her comments were not made “in trade” it hadn’t occurred to us that those party to Ministers’ false assurance could potentially be liable and held to account. 

        Most notably they raise the possibility that culpability could reach any professional advisors on the Ministers “Governance Working Group” on three waters governance, and the council’s lobby group (that sold out to the Government), Local Government New Zealand. 

        In my experience, lawyers usually hedge their bets and understate wrongdoing. But that isn’t the case here. The lawyers think there is a clear breach of not only the usual standards of honesty and fair dealing, but of the law. Have a read of the opinion and judge for yourself.

        So where to from here Ross?
        So we want you feedback. We’ve taken the first step and informed the Commerce Commission (our lawyer’s letter is here).

        If the Commerce Commission don’t act promptly, should we seek advice on the steps on a private prosecution? That would be a big trigger to pull – it would likely send shockwaves through Wellington (in the best possible way). But how else can we STOP the dishonesty, force the Government (or at least those working for it) to acknowledge that Three Waters is an asset grab – that council’s won’t “own” the assets in any meaningful way?

        Most importantly how do we re-establish expectation that public servants’ statements are truthful in the old-fashioned sense – that they will not allow themselves to be misused to deceive, by omission or commission?

        For the politicians, the task of keeping them honest rests at the ballot box – but our democracy relies on a professional public service that is truthful and enjoys the confidence of all New Zealanders as straight shooters. That can mean ‘free and frank’ advice to Ministers, and telling them things they don’t want to hear. We cannot let it stand that the bureaucracy are playing politics and joining hands in political and legal deceptions on the public. 

        So have a read of the opinion, let us know your thoughts, and I will ensure each and every reply is read as we work out where to from here.

        Thank you for your support.

        Jordan Williams
        Executive Director
        New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union. 

        PS. For those of you who have marked the date – the Water Users Group is finally in Court tomorrow! They are there to argue that the official advice provided to and relied upon by Minister Mahuta (the advice that she claims says that Three Waters is necessary for the Crown to comply with the Treaty) should be made available for public security. To my immense frustration the High Court has prohibited those who are funding the cause from sitting in on or listening to the hearing. I am hoping to sit down with one of the two QCs who are arguing that case tomorrow or Friday, and will update all of those who have chipped into that cause just as soon as I have news to give you. You can read the memo from the Court on the reason we cannot watch here, and the latest update from the Water Users’ Group here.


        Legal Opinion: Three Waters Bill “calculated to deceive” – Minister’s professional advisers possibly liable as party to the fraud

        Like tens of thousands of New Zealanders, the Taxpayers’ Union submitted to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee on Three Waters (Water Services Entities Bill). With the Union’s submission was a bombshell legal opinion.

        Ministers have repeated assurances that councils will continue to own water assets under the proposed ‘Three Waters’. But those claims are utterly false. Public law firm Franks Ogilvie, in an opinion reviewed by Gary Judd QC, lay out the extent to which these claims have been “calculated to deceive Parliamentarians, and when it becomes law, to deceive New Zealanders generally”. The opinion is being released publicly today.

        Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams says, “It is clear the Government realised that they could not convince New Zealanders that handing over ownership of local assets was a good idea. So they’ve instead redefined ‘ownership’ to mean nothing, so they can promise continued community ‘ownership’ in an incredible display of contempt for the public, the truth and the law.”

        The legal opinion is very detailed, but it is not hard to understand. It calls the claims of retention of local ownership “false, misleading and deceptive” as “councils are expressly denied the rights of possession, control, derivation of benefits, and disposition that are the defining attributes of ownership”. Gary Judd QC comments in his review of the legal opinion: “When all the lying statements are put together, as [the] opinion does, the government’s effrontery is breath-taking.”

        The legal opinion concludes that despite the obvious dishonesties, ministers are immune to prosecution under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 and the Fair Trading Act 1986 as they are not ‘in trade’.

        Mr Williams continues, “But that defence does not apply to people assisting the Ministers in a professional capacity. That would include, for example, members of the Working Group on Three Waters governance that could be held liable as they operated ‘in trade’ as professionals providing a service and could be deemed complicit in making the untrue claims.”

        “Additionally, legal experts found that Local Government New Zealand ‘could be found to be acting in trade in its provision of representation and advisory services’, so their public statements promoting the lie that councils will ‘own’ water assets under Three Waters, could make them also liable to prosecution.”

        The authors of the legal opinion do not mince words in their assessment of the situation stating: “Ministers appear to have cold-bloodedly decided to confuse Councils and ratepayers with false statements.”

        Mr Williams says, “Ministers might dodge prosecution because they’re in politics, not ‘trade’, but the lawyers note the expectations in the Cabinet Manual and Standing Orders. They must not mislead the House and they must act to ‘the highest ethical standards’. However, the consequences for our elected members will not come from the courts, but at the ballot box.”

        “It is difficult to see how the Government can proceed with such a discredited abuse of legislative process. The huge public opposition to the Bill came without knowing of such damning conclusions from respected legal experts. This is not a careless, technical, or understandable mistake in legislation. It is intentionally deceptive. The lies have been actively promoted by ministers, Working Group members, LGNZ, and various elected and non-elected officials.”

        “We’ll be seeing if anything effective can be done to restore customary honesty among those drawn into this ministerial cheating. If officials were forced to be complicit, they may need better support against ministerial pressure. We’ll be considering carefully whether authorities who punish and deter calculated dishonesty by business people, can do their job when the cheating comes from the top.”

        Access legal opinion at www.taxpayers.org.nz/calculated_to_deceive 




    • $676,000 – No one is worth that. Love this comment from a Stuff commenter
      “Since the mega polytech project is under such financial difficulty, i’m willing to take over the Chief Executives ongoing leave for only $5000 per week. This way, the work still doesn’t get done but its saving them a lot!”



  12. “Rainwater is dangerous to drink”
    Hmmm but let me guess the bottled stuff is ok? And dont forget super safe tap water loaded with chlorine, caustic soda, flouride and waterever other chemicals they treat it with?

    “Forever chemicals” have been detected in rainwater all over the world including some of the most remote places on earth, this makes rainwater dangerous to drink. But dont worry here in nz we will be fine as our new water entities will provide super safe drinking water created with a maori world view…



  13. Council upping threat levels against march organisers

    Council warns Freedom and Rights Coalition of enforcement action if weekend protest goes ahead

    As of Tuesday night, the Brian Tamaki-associated protest group had not sought permission from Auckland Council for its “Kiwi Patriot Day and March”, which is set to be held on Saturday.

    “We place you on notice that should there be any damage to Auckland Council property caused by vendors, event attendees or vehicles driving or parking on grassed areas of the domain, we will consider the organisers to be responsible for such damage, given that this is a foreseeable outcome of the gathering.”



  14. Kohanga Reo, protected institution.

    Mihingarangi Forbes and Annabelle Lee-Mather of Three’s The Hui were at Māori Television’s Native Affairs nine years ago when they started looking into complaints about Te Kōhanga Reo, a Māori immersion programme for preschool-age children.

    After a bit of digging, what initially felt like “a normal little news story” soon morphed into an investigation into allegations of serious financial mismanagement that would go on to garner national attention and prompt a political intervention.

    “When that story went to air, literally the next day people just didn’t talk to us… I was like, ‘Holy heck, what’s going on here?’ We would never know which tangi we could go to, where we could turn up.

    “I got kicked off tūrangawaewae and I was like, ‘Wow, I’m from Waikato-Tainui and here I am on the outside and I’m not allowed in this whare’, which is strange when you’ve been welcome to that tūrangawaewae all your life.



  15. Any idea what’s going on here?

    Citizen journalist comes across a government agency panel van in a carpark with some weird looking piece of equipment plugged into the back of it. Van has a radiation warning sign on the back and what appears to be military personnel make a hurried retreat into the van when the intrepid Aussie reporter demands to know ‘what the fuck’s going on’.




  16. A wife asked her husband to describe her. He looked at her, then said, “You’re A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K”. She asks, “What does that mean”? He said, “Adordable, Beautiful, Cute, Delightful, Elegant, Foxy, Gorgeous, Hot”. She smiled and said, “Oh, that’s sweet, but what about ‘I, J, K’ “? He said, “I’m Just Kidding’ “. His eye is still swollen, but it will get better… lol



  17. Is covid karen and ken going to become NZs version of antifa to counter protest any freedom loving protests?

    I look forward to hearing about the hurty feelz from the 8 ppl that turn up to protest brian tamaki. I cant believe we have sheep that retarded they would actually protest in support of masks restrictions, i hope the media show all their brave faces so the rest of the country can give them a dose of canceling and abuse.



  18. Graham’s got the wrong end of the stick.

    Brian Tamaki’s Freedoms and Rights Coalition Auckland protest will be met with ‘FARC Off Brian’ counter-protest

    Graham decided to create the counter-protest after his frustration grew when “these numpties are out there complaining about the fact that they have to wear a mask when we’ve got 150 people a week dying of COVID in our hospitals”.

    “At the end of the day, a democratically elected Government made decisions on our behalf for the greater public good,” he told Newshub.

    Graham has since created a Facebook event for the counter-protest. The page was an hour old when Newshub spoke to him and had drawn nearly 200 people so far.



      • I read this on KB
        Another misleading article from the Herald….and another day ending in Y.

        Brian Tamaki is planning another protest.

        “Counter protest organiser Mark Graham said it was a spur of the moment decision to show up and “save the nation’s democracy”.

        But that’s all they say about Mark Graham. Who is he. A google search show’s he’s an ex sports diver, a spinoff guest writer, and a political candidate for Auckland, Albert-Eden-Puketapapa Ward. Very misleading for the Herald not to mention that he is a politician prior to an election and simply calling him an activist. His political candidate page is active and he has posted this article and others recently, so it appears he is still an active candidate in the upcoming local elections.

        Mark’s grievances…”The coalition and Brian Tamaki are not calling for freedom and rights, they want things to be done the way they want. That’s just selfish.” (Not exactly a clear statement of any issue or Tamakis position.)

        “”He (Tamaki) is throwing a tantrum because he is not getting what he wants. This is not democratic.” (Actually it’s not a tantrum, it is a planned peaceful protest which is an extremely democratic way to raise issues and concerns and protected in our bill of rights.)

        “Graham said their group was building in numbers since last night’s decision to head to Auckland Domain on Saturday.
        (Who is “Their Group” ?)

        “”We hope more people will show up to save our nation’s democracy.” (This appears to be the herald calling for a counter protest. But ok. Should be interesting. )

        “Newmarket Business Association chief executive Mark Knoff-Thomas said it hoped the protesters would respect the business owners’ right to trade.”

        (Nobody stopped Newmarket business trading. The people of Newmarket decided to close their shops due to their own stereotyping of the people marching. There is no evidence that shows the marchers caused any problems at any shop.)



  19. I have been trying to hook in to Matts announcement tonight.
    I get a blank page on his fb page and nothing on democracynz.
    Even a search on both google and duckduckgo will not bring up democracynz.
    Seems strange?



  20. I don’t get it. Warner Brothers to cancel batgirl after spending $100M making it. They knew what they were doing. Money doesn’t matter in the culture war, there’s principles at stake. It’s Hollywoods patriotic duty to Moloch to destroy the family. Jacinda and Labour have the same agenda but they are a tiny bit more circumspect as they need to spend our money to do it.



  21. From the CEO of an US insurance company.

    ” I’m the CEO of a large insurance group and we underwrite morbidity risk. Based on what we are seeing, the rates right now, excess mortality is 84% and excess every kind of disease at 1100%. . We are expecting upwards of 5000% for this year.”



  22. VFF are determined to get rid of masks. From their latest email:

    ……”what most people don’t realise is that masks are actually the linchpin of the entire Covid narrative..

    Not because they reduce the spread of any virus, but because they’re a visual cue that prompts fear, submission, and conformity.

    In other words, masks are a simple tool that gives the government immense control, which is why they’re spending vast amounts of your tax dollars to keep them around.

    They know that without them, their whole narrative could come crashing down.”……

    I’ve chucked a few shekels into the pot. Anyone else who wants to get in behind them: https://donate.voicesforfreedom.co.nz/mask-flyer-campaign/



    • Good on them.

      Its crazy how in my travels i notice pockets of ott mask wearing, most smaller communties around here masks have pretty much vanished except for the nazi lil supermarket type stores like 4 square or on the spot but then youll come across a town that literally everyone you see is wearing a mask then next town back to normal.
      Down here gore and winton seem to be the worst for mask loving, even the likes of queenstown most seem to have ditched face nappies.
      When i was up the west coast a few weeks ago it was like stepoing back in time a few years, i managed to go 3 days without seeing a mask wearer but i never went as far north as hokitika so that place is likely full of mask wearing retards to make up for it.



      • Mosgiel is all masked. But we are very Red! I have become very antisocial as majority of my acquaintances follow the mantra. I have only come across one other lady without a face covering once. Very depressing.



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