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  1. Last night Gaurav Sharma’s published another essay on his face book.
    Mainly the staff problems & issues, then, Parliamentary Services, Labour whips, Prime Minister, Investigations not done.
    Reproduced in full on a comment last night..

    Another media hatchet jobs by the Herald and Stuff on the Guarav Sharma’s essay on the staff problems.



    Nothing is really mentioned about the issues Sharma’s raised.
    Particularly the Conclusion and then the 5 points, at the end of the essay.

    As it is reported from one of those staff members, who being triggered, melodiously keeps droning on:—
    “Move on”, Nothing to see here”, “It is all settled” etc..



  2. “Awaken”! to a series of:— out of the box, crazy, nutty, clips, takes, & skits, questions, to gain a rounded education, to keep you up to date with where the action is, etc. 🙂

    New Intellectual Froglegs – Breaking The Matrix
    33 minutes of variety on the go. : Published August 24, 2022 : Intellectual Froglegs

    … “Don’t ask yourself why children need to see drag queens.
    Ask yourself why drag queens need an audience of children”. …

    …. “Did you notice how there were never any fact checkers until the truth started coming out?” ….

    And all of that is shadow-banned by twitter & facebook, a part of the “Christchurch Call” 🙁

    Watch it when you have the time, as it is fast paced, or stop & start as it is in many mosaic parts.



  3. A Hypocrite passes Judgement on what the MSM calls a “Fake Judge” without any investigation and forces him to stand down from his employment.

    “I think that it may not have been a wise thing to do,” Ngatai said of Southey’s participation in the protest.

    Mr Southey is better off not working for a bunch of arseholes like the Wharnau Ora Community Clinic, particularly one like who interferes in your livelihood and abuses your right to protest.

    As the Hypocrite, one George Ngatai is a Destiny Church member as is Mr Southey, it is going to be interesting what the self appointed Apostle, Bishop Brian has to say about the matter. I think Mr Ngatai may be forced from the Flock and it will be to the Knackers Yard, he will go.




    • Clearly the bitch will come to his defence one would think.
      Why, well that mock trial was obviously a bit of theatre and in NZ these days theatre has full support from all the ,uvlies, doesn’t it?

      since when has an employer had the right to determine what people do outside of their employment, especially when there is no obvious connection between the two. Had he been wearing a whana Ora shirt and been seen to be representing them them maybe but that wasn’t the obvious case.
      IMHO the clack bunt from Whanua Ora has broken the employment Law and thus should be subject to considerable penalty like some many others often are, But then there’s rules and there’s the Maprihood ain’t there.



  4. You know Labour are in trouble when thatultimate in lefties is now criticising them bigtime.

    ‘Ideologies of hate shouldn’t be allowed’ to stand for public office

    In an interview with Q+A’s Jack Tame over the weekend, Associate Minister for Education, Jan Tinietti, was asked about whether those with ‘debatable morals’ should be allowed to run for local school boards. This question comes as Philip Arps, a white supremacist who shared the live stream of the Christchurch terrorist attack, is running to sit on the Te Aratai College Board.

    Minister Tinetti claimed that ‘people who have ideologies of hate shouldn’t be allowed on school boards.’ To this, I simply respond: fair enough, Minister. But who gets to decide what an ‘ideology of hate’ is? You? The next minister who takes your place?

    I think I’ll pass.

    Q+A Interview

    She is now looking at whether a law change is needed to bar individuals of this kind from running for this office, and whether a ‘Code of Conduct’ can be introduced to exclude those with ‘debatable morals.’ I thought we had left the inquisition of ‘wrong morals’ with the Catholic Church. It seems clear that today, the powers-that-be are still trying to quash ‘wrong-think’. This is the same Minister who is currently reviewing the censorship regime for what content should be allowed to be published.

    Are there some ideas and speech which are condemnable, hateful, and wrong? You and I both clearly know there are. Does that mean we let Minister Tinetti and the Government decide where these lines fall? Never.

    In a democracy, the idea that the state is qualified to decide which ideologies are acceptable for candidates for public office to hold, and which are not, should be laughed off the political stage.

    The Free Speech Union is fighting to defend the right of individuals to peacefully put their opinions and beliefs out there. If they are ‘hateful’, then let the voters decide that.

    Our firm position must always be that the only body qualified to decide who should, and should not, be elected to public office is the electorate itself. That is to say, You and I – the voters.

    That’s why I’m asking you to support the work of the Free Speech Union, as we defend the basic right for voters to choose. Click here to push back against this new approach by the Government to limit speech and expressions of political opinion.

    Once the most determined defenders of free speech, the New Zealand Left has, for more than a decade, been evincing less-and-less enthusiasm for the critical democratic insight that freedom of expression must never become a privilege, to be rationed amongst “our side’s” best friends, but remain a right, freely available even to our worst enemies.

    As the recent history of the United States makes clear, this determination to keep the “deplorables” as far away from power as possible, is actually the fastest and most effective way to bring on the destabilising lurch to the Right that the progressive Left most fears.

    The work of the Free Speech Union over the past 18 months shows who else might be labelled as having ‘ideologies of hate’: those who dare express a view critical of gender ideology; those who audaciously claim equality means one person, one vote; those who think that words and violence are opposite things, not the same.

    You’ve seen us deliver a win on the Government’s attempt to pass so-called “hate speech” laws. This is their next shot at them. Your support will ensure we can beat this one back, too. New Zealanders need someone in the free speech corner fighting against attempts from the Government like this that will see our speech rights eroded. But we can’t save free speech if we can’t keep the lights on!


    In the last month alone, we’ve fought against censorious campaign standards from Local Government New Zealand, pushed universities to stand up for free speech, and reminded employers that they can’t control their employee’s tongues.

    We have a track record of not just talking about free speech, but actively fighting for it. Stand with us now, and we’ll make sure this Government remembers it’s the voters who should decide what speech is acceptable, not ideologues and bureaucrats. There’s a word for that- it’s democracy.

    Thank you for your support in defending free speech.

    Chris Trotter
    Free Speech Union

    P.S. Again and again, the Free Speech Union has shown that we get results. Claims that ambiguous ‘hateful ideologies’ should be barred from running for office defies democracy and your rights as a voter. Support our work now to protect your right to speak without the Government silencing you.

    Free Speech Union (New Zealand) Incorporated



  5. Once again a LABOUR GOVT, send our troops to a war that is none of our business.
    Once again a Labour govt. bows to the bloody useless poms.

    NZ Army heads to UK to help Ukrainian troops
    Members of the NZ Defence Force are heading to the UK to train Ukrainian recruits. Photo / Michael Craig

    Defence Minister Peeni Henare warns ‘Ukraine is an active war zone’, as New Zealand troops head to the UK to help train soldiers.

    The main group of NZ Army personnel were leaving from the base this morning for the United Kingdom to train Ukrainian infantry recruits.

    The government announced this month New Zealand was sending another 120 Defence staff to the UK to help train Ukraine soldiers to defend against Russia after the completion of the previous 30-strong deployment.

    The deployment would last until 30 November, and was to enable two teams to train Ukrainian infantry with core skills for frontline combat including weapon handling, combat first aid, operational law and more. It would contribute to the UK’s efforts to train 10,000 Ukrainian troops.

    Once again our neutral defence policy is trashed.
    And you can be sure that there’s plenty untold here.



  6. After a woman had given birth, the Doctor appeared on the ward with a worried expression on his face and announced solemnly, “ There’s something I have to tell you about your baby.”
    The woman sat bolt upright in bed and demanded: “What’s wrong with my baby, doctor?”
    “Well, nothing’s wrong exactly,” he replied. “It’s just that your baby’s a little different. You see, your baby is a hermaphrodite.”
    “A ‘hermaphrodite!’ repeated the woman. “What’s that?”
    “It means your baby has the…er…features of a male and female”.
    The woman turned pale. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “You mean it has a penis AND a brain?…..



      • Two points to note:

        [1] As your iPhone battery ages, and you plug it in overnight, the charging is slowed down to prevent accelerated aging and death. Fast charge the battery every day and the life of the battery drops rapidly. Currently the fastest phone on the market is 100% charge in 9 minutes. That phone charger uses 240 watts.

        The problem is not charging time or batteries, it is charging capacity.

        [2] To charge at a rapid rate you need heaps of voltage and current, and some way to deliver it. i,e. wires and a charging source. It is the rate of charge and the load it places on the infrastructure that is the issue.

        If you buy a top of the line Tesla, and wanted to charge it in 6 minutes, the power drain required for those 6 minutes, requires infrastructure that will deliver at a rate of 1,000 kw (1 megawatt). Or about half of the power capacity of of the “Roaring Meg’ power stations outside of Queenstown.

        A standard house switchboard is rated at 15KW So the power drain is equivalent to 70 household switchboards at slightly less than maximum drain to avoid tripping the master fuses.

        It would therefore be helpful if you buy one of these and put it in your driveway.

        Yes, Service Stations could hold large battery banks, but until the battery technology is safer, a Ram Raid might result in a literal volcano. Beside that the cables all the way back to Benmore would need to be upgraded. But our electricity infrastructure and capacity is not there.

        Service Stations might have to be relocated next to railway lines so they can use diesel locos to charge the battery banks or cars. That is the amount of generating capacity you need.

        The WEF elite seem to be pushing electric cars. Why? Given the narrative? Why are they shutting down new gas exploration in NZ? Why is Marsden Point shutting down. Why are they turning cities into vehicle free zones?

        Internal combustion vehicles give you mobility, so long as you can find someone who has gas, even on the black market. With electric vehicles, they all have tracking chips and if you want to over throw democracy and institute the great reset, all you have to do is flick a switch and cut power to a whole city, region, or country.

        Combined with controlled media you have total control. Borg meets Cybermen. A population’s ideas controlled by a central narrative; and the means to power our lives and travel totally controlled by a flick of the switch.

        How do you take back democracy on a push bike? Or catch the No.5 to overthrow tyranny? Even if power was flowing, and you hijacked a bus, the internal chips and remote control will override, lock the doors, and take you to the nearest re-education camp.

        I”m all for electric, but I believe it will really take off when cars are capable of generating power internally, without being linked or supplied by a central network. Zero Point Energy or the power source Nikola Tesla spoke of.



        • Thanks DylanHunt:—-
          Always good to figure another perspective, then it is up to us to weigh up, or see even a deeper insight, or angle to push-back, or overturn those agendas.
          In the meantime we have life to be lived, to make the most of as well. 🙂



          • In the meantime we have life to be lived, to make the most of as well.

            Absolutely. However the obsession with cycleways, public transport, and electric cars by way of subsidies and tariffs on internal combustion cars, is already impacting us at the pump, energy prices, rates, town/city planning, city council agendas, freight rates, etc.

            And it will be impacting us with energy shortages and power rationing, as is already happening in other countries,

            It pays to be aware of what is driving it.

            It also accounts for a massive surge in prepping groups, planning for the future.



  7. Pfizer cannot use the government as a shield from liability for making false claims about its COVID-19 vaccine, lawyers for a whistleblower argued in response to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss a False Claims Act lawsuit. “Respondents claim fraudulent certifications, false statements, doctored data, contaminated clinical trials, and firing of whistleblowers can be ignored based on the theory that they contracted their way around the fraud,” lawyers for Brook Jackson, who worked as regional director at one of the clinical trials used to develop the Pfizer vaccine, wrote in their Aug. 22 response. “A drug company cannot induce the taxpayers to pay billions of dollars for a product,” they countered, “that honest data would show poses more risks than benefits, and that ignores the actual contract and the law itself.”



  8. Next years election brbe on the way.

    Should NZ follow the US example of forgiving student loan debt?
    Rob Stock05:00, Aug 30 2022

    All it is, is a tax cut for people with degrees,” says Jordan Williams, executive director of the right-wing Taxpayers’ Union.

    Williams was reacting to United States President Joe Biden’s US$240 billion-a-year (NZ$410b) plan to forgive a portion of the student debt for US workers, as long as they don’t earn over US$125,000 a year.

    He’s dismissive of the idea of the New Zealand Government forgiving a portion of the $16.1b of student loans owed here.

    “We’re already forgiving student loans. We’re doing it with inflation,” William says.




  9. “It didn’t start with gas chambers,
    it started with one party controlling
    the media. One party controlling the
    message. One party deciding what is
    the truth. One party censoring speech
    and silencing opposition. One party
    dividing citizens into “Us” and
    “Them” and calling on their
    supporters to harass “them”.

    It started when good people turned a blind eye
    and let it happen”



  10. Hmm Two sides of truth

    Russian version: https://riafan.ru/23616521-sobitiya_na_ukraine_k_21_00_29_avgusta_povrezhdeniya_na_zaes_iz_za_obstrelov_proval_popitki_nastupleniya_vsu_na_yuge

    ( use a translator) Events in Ukraine by 21:00 on August 29: damage at the ZNPP due to shelling, failure of an attempt by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to attack in the south


    One has a lot of intricate detail. The other, not so much.

    And why the hell are the Ukranians shelling a Nuclear plant which will poison the air of most of Southern Europe?



    • Found this comment under a youtube clip: https://youtu.be/I1fwCassHbY

      What Russians are reporting on the Kherson offensive:

      Ukraine attempted a limited “counterattack” today on the Kherson front. The troops and equipment involved were immediately savaged by Russian artillery and airstrikes.

      In the area north of Posad-Pokrovsky:

      – Two Su-25 attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine were shot down

      – 7-8 infantry fighting vehicles, 4-5 tanks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed in the same area

      – Ukraine suffered large infantry losses of at least 560 KIA today

      The AFU has no meaningful offensive capacity, so attacks are limited in scope.

      In general, on the specific attacks in the Kherson area:

      1. In ​​Blagodatny Ukraine attacked, suffered losses, and retreated to the starting points.
      2. In Snigirevka, Ukraine attacked, suffered losses, retreated to the starting points.
      3. In ​​​​Andreevka, the situation is not completely clear, there are reports that the enemy advanced up to 6km to the village of Sukhoi Stavok and even took it. So far there is no photo / video evidence, and fighting continues.
      4. In the Davydov Brod area, the front remains stable.
      5. In the area of ​​Vysokopolye, Olgovka and Potemkino, Ukrainian attacks were unsuccessful.

      If Ukraine fails to achieve some successes and consolidation in the area of ​​​​the village of Sukhoi Stavok, the “offensive” will turn out to be a waste of Ukrainian lives.

      Maybe the most important note: The general flow of informational noise from Ukraine absolutely drowns out real information.

      The summary of the Kherson counteroffensive actual ground operations: everything will end as before, that is, nothing except significant losses in personnel and equipment.



    • There is a meeting coming up with the EU & Ukraine coming up in early part of September.
      This push by the the Ukrainians is to prove …. that the armaments, dollars, support is going to good effect.
      Prove …. ? well spin it as the “beginning to the end” of the Russian Invasion, and the Ukraine is fighting for the EU as well, more than just keeping the Russians at bay.

      A hopium that kicking out the Russians, then the taps & pumps on the gas flow will turn on & then the EU will be fine in enjoying a “white Christmas”

      Other wise why give the Ukraine that very costly support?, when your EU citizens are bucking about having cold showers as another way of fighting the Russians, price of electricity being a form of rationing, & the price of heating becoming a life or death desperation, … while General Winter is building up, & blowing around their nether regions, from Moscow.

      Edit:— I see we are on the same page with MS, rol, 🙂



  11. Today new zealand sends military personal to the uk to train white supremacist nazis from ukraine. The goal is to upskill them and make them more efficient at genocide to purge russian speaking an non nazi citizens from eastern ukraine.



    • Bonuses for Twitter employees and board are weighted by the number of new subscriptions. They were never going to address the bot problem when their pay packets are actively skewed towards inviting the bots in.



    • Ross 12

      My 9.44am post on TAH Stuff link, points out among other BS the claim that “The Pfizer vaccination is recommended at any stage of pregnancy or while trying to conceive.”
      With what is now known from the actual suppressed Pfizer trial on pregnant women and independent studies since, deliberately pushing of the safe for pregnant woman narrative by the likes of Medsafe and Stuff is bloody well criminal.



    • Mike Yeardon and other experts have been saying experimental vaccines are not safe for the past two years or more. Experimental vaccines are not safe and especially don’t jab pregnant women or those intending to get pregnant.



  12. Did anyone hear on ZB an so called expert on international affairs say that Trump could be guilty of treason which is a capital crime?

    Some experts are bloody stupid. If Trump was even charged with a crime how would they arrest him if he did not want to be arrested? This so called expert is a Yank. Has he forgot about the second amendment?

    If Trump was charged with a crime that could lead to jail finding a unbiased jury would be a mission.

    If he was jailed there would likely be a civil war.



  13. Good to see the cops are not worried about this…. FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!


    Personal details of firearms owners, including their names and addresses, were among a trove of documents taken from the old Auckland City police station in Vincent St.
    Police believe the theft happened in early May but they did not become aware of the breach until the documents were recovered when officers executed a search warrant in Mt Albert later that month.



  14. Verse from Kristofferson’s ‘Stairway to the Bottom’ – seems mostly appropriate.

    You take pride in deceiving
    Those who tried hard believin’
    Even after all the lies you told
    But each lie that you’ve spoken
    And each vow that you’ve broken
    Was a new nail in the coffin of your soul
    If you think someone’s cryin’
    For the love that is dyin’
    With the trust that you betray each time you fall
    Look around you on that stairway to the bottom
    No one’s watchin’ but that mirror on the wall



  15. Just heard on radio, on subject of guy who died after vaccine, that myocarditis affects 1 in 300,000 who are vaccinated.
    This is utter bollocks. When it happened to me, my doctor (GP) told me I was the 5th one of HIS patients.



    • The Stuffed article on the coroners inquiry quoted an “expert” who said that the unvaccinated were more likely to get myocarditis from covid than the vaccinated from the jab. No data of course, complete bullshit as we have come to expect from Stuffed.



    • The MSM are lying like flounder……again.

      Apparently, Wairarapa GPs have an average of 1425 patients each & although we’re desperately short of doctors the figures won’t differ that much at the practise Saggy is enrolled with. Five patients per doctor would equal a 1 in 285 chance of myocarditis amongst the jabbed…..to date!

      It’s one thing having a consortium of our government, medical hierarchy & journalists trying to kill us but they insult our intelligence with their made up statistics & propaganda too.



  16. Is their anything the Globalist American Empire can’t fuck up?

    Helicopters now evacuating rainbow draped US Embassy staff on helicopter struts in Baghdad. Beaten by a rigorous team of desert dwelling goat herders. All that young Empire blood, Kiwi too, sacrificed for Satan.



  17. In case you haven’t seen this yet:

    “Reduced graphene oxide because of its positive magnetic and electric charge literally SHORT CIRCUITS the insides of the human body causing massive inflammation and degeneration of tissues … Hence, we’re seeing a whopping increase in myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, clots, heart attacks, and seizures in vaccinated people. The electrical activity in the body is getting completely disrupted, and the body in most cases responds with massive systemic inflammation causing eventual degeneration and death.”

    All the injections are identical, but with different brand names like Pfizer, Moderna etc. with minor differences in adjuvants and synthetic lipid nanoparticles.

    There were no biologics in any of the injections tested, meaning there was zero biological material found such as mRNA, spike protein subunits, pseudovirus vectors etc.

    “These injections are deadly CHEMICAL COCKTAILS, not a bioweapon, but a chemical weapon.”




    • The “synthetic lipid nanoparticles” were mooted in an article about DARPA research I read recently.

      “The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.” Wikipedia.

      The gist of the article was that nanoparticles once injected into a soldier’s body could be used for diagnosis of illness & disease. Obviously they could be used for less benign purposes too!

      Trying to make sense of this info is well beyond my pay grade but someone scientific like RoL might give it the once over & tell us what could be behind the desire to inject every man, woman & child with the crap.



    • Hilarious this is just the start, I love the optimism of kiwislaver still functioning by 2070, ill be suprised if its still going by 2035 and in absolute disbelief if it makes 2050. Itll gradually just keep getting raped, pillaged and swallowed by banks and govt.
      I never signed up to the scam it just seemed dodgy and a “too good to be true” type thing, anyone under 40 in kiwislaver should have a backup plan. Itll be 25-30yrs untill i get to laugh a big “told ya so” when their savings have disappeared and pension is no more.



      • Guaranteed rort. The supposed controllers are on cost plus and are never going to lose!
        Should be like Australia, were you can control you own.
        Someone on talkback this afternoon said you get 18% in it!
        Cullen was a cunt and always will be!
        But now he’s a dead cunt!



      • Yup i also refrained from kiwisaver. Mostly because it was Cullen’s idea. Figured I’d benefit more by chucking money into the mortgage. I don’t know if I won or lost, but at least IO can do what I like, when I like with MY money. Fuck Jacinda.



  18. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2022/08/cost-of-living-payment-prime-minister-jacinda-ardern-won-t-apologise-over-cost-of-living-payment-rollout-national-furious.html
    The National Party is calling on the Government to apologise for the rollout of the cost of living payment, which the opposition party has labelled a “poor use of taxpayer money”.

    The Prime Minister on Tuesday acknowledged the system wasn’t perfect, but wouldn’t apologise after money from the first round of the payment went to foreigners and Kiwis living overseas.

    It follows a scathing Auditor-General letter on Monday that raised concerns with how the payment was delivered earlier in August, including how quickly getting money out the door was prioritised over accuracy.



    • WG, I see Cindy today says there is nothing to apologise for, as this Government has done no wrong.

      Five years and not one error from this Government. Even my wife does not think I am that perfect.



  19. Cindys getting desperate, i see shes dangling the carrot of green light setting (like anyone but karen gives a fuck anymore) to distract from failures and negativity thats swamping her.

    I expect a bunch of bad shit to be anounced within 24hrs prior to green light announcement so her media puppets can disappear it with good news headlines



  20. While it’s refreshing, considering how hard health officials have fought to segregate, bully, demonize and dehumanize people, it’s still like a slap in the face. And it’s not over yet – prepare for the biggest vax drive in history, and another round of gaslighting.

    August 11, 2022, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reversed its COVID-19 guidelines, thereby vindicating every “misinformation spreader” out there
    The CDC is now advocating for taking personal responsibility and for everyone to decide for themselves “which prevention behaviors to use and when (at all times or at specific times), based on their own risk for severe illness and that of members of their household, their risk tolerance, and setting-specific factors”
    The CDC is also giving up on discrimination based on COVID jab status, stating, its “COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur.” They also admit natural immunity exists and works




  21. arrived in seconds ago.

    Reports & Media > Reports > Every life is worth the same – The case for equal treatment
    Every life is worth the same – The case for equal treatment
    Dr Bryce Wilkinson
    30 August, 2022

    Taxpayers commonly work hard to earn the money that governments take in taxes. Knowing the effort sacrificed they naturally want governments to spend that money wisely and well.

    Value for money from pharmaceutical spending depends on the medicine’s efficacy for treating an accurately diagnosed condition.

    The skills going into the discovery and production of medicines do not depend on the country of origin, creed, religion, or race of those involved. Neither do diagnostic skills.

    Accuracy of diagnosis is as important in public policy as in medicine.

    Average health outcomes for Māori are poor. No one disputes that troubling fact. The critical first thing is diagnosis.

    As documented in this report, the dominant political and official diagnosis in current health policy is that racism is a significant cause of those poor outcomes. Overt racial preferences for staffing and delivery are part of the remedy.




  22. In light of the hysteria being spouted by James Renwick today about the latest ‘climate’ report in ‘Nature Climate Change’, about the alleged rate of melting from the Greenland icecap – An ominous new study shows about a quarter of a metre of sea level rise is now inevitable – even if all climate-damaging actions stopped immediately, readers might be interested in Tony Heller’s rebuttal. (of course the ‘scientists’ dont tell us how long this theoretical 250cm rise will take – it will certainly not be in the short term, if sat all!)
    Heller provides evidence of the same fantisies being expressed for 90 years. He also reports that the surface of the ice sheet has gained 450 billion tonnes of ice over the last year and is above the average gain during the period 1981-2010. He cites numerous press reports going back to 1934 where ‘experts’ have said the ice was going to disappear.
    We’ve heard it all before but sensible people cannot get the message through that the ‘climate scare’ is nothing but an expensive scam that will benefit a very small number of already wealth people. The rest of us will have our whole way of life destroyed ‘for the good of the planet’.
    [Ed to fix spelling & typos]



  23. (ACT media release)

    “Labour is failing to deliver anything other than inflated budgets and project delays, with only two of its 15 highest cost infrastructure projects delivered on time and on budget,” says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

    “Documents obtained by ACT show the shoddy delivery to date, and also highlight the dire state of Labour’s $12 billion New Zealand Upgrade programme as well.

    “More than half of the ongoing New Zealand Upgrade projects are marked as code red by Waka Kotahi, meaning they’re blowing out their timeframes and failing to keep to budget.

    “At the beginning of 2022, four of the 15 announced were measured as being in a red state of health, by the end of April ten of the 18 announced were in the red zone.

    “Labour’s inability to deliver a project on time and under budget is a disaster for taxpayers. Inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few goods. When the Government throws around cash like this, it drives up the cost of everything.

    “Michael Wood has clearly lost control of the purse strings in his department but refuses to take responsibility. Despite his inability to deliver the projects already underway he persists with announcing grandiose schemes like building a new Mt Vic Tunnel that adds no extra capacity for drivers.

    “ACT’s repeal and replacement of the RMA would allow for faster infrastructure development, and we’d take the politics out of transport and infrastructure and get central and local government working together through 30-year infrastructure partnerships, devolving revenue and responsibility to regional governments and the private sector, while strengthening accountability and oversight from central government.

    “We need investment in high-quality infrastructure to boost jobs, wages and growth. But the current arrangements for delivering infrastructure are inadequate and politicised.

    “Infrastructure, with its very long time horizons, is unsuited to decision-making by politicians beset by three-year tunnel vision. By setting plans decades in advance, we can avoid the on-again, off-again uncertainty created by the political cycle which deters councils and private infrastructure investors from undertaking ambitious projects.”

    ‍ the NZTA in disarray

    Waikanae watchers

    Aug 30



  24. High Percentage of COVID Deaths Had 3rd Shot, More Excess Deaths After 4th Shot
    Once people catch on to the correlation, governments stop updating the data
    BY Xiaoxu Sean Lin and Health 1+1 TIMEAugust 29, 2022 PRINT

    Currently, many countries around the world are promoting the second COVID-19 vaccine booster shots for the elderly, many of whom have already received their first booster shots. Under these circumstances, the transparency and openness of information about the safety of booster shots has become a very important issue. Amid this discussion, recently, data on the numbers of COVID-19 infections and deaths after vaccine booster injections in two Canadian provinces have been removed.
    Removed Data: 76% of People Died of COVID-19 Infections Had Booster Shots?




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