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  1. The piobaireachd this morning was ‘Lament for Mary MacLeod, The Skye Poetess’.

    It is a bonny tune, laddies and lassies!

    Mary MacLeod lived in the Isle of Skye around the middle of the 17th century. She was a noted singer and composer and had the reputation of being a bit of a slut.



    • Nah today is the day alien life form is announced… well 50/50 chance so weve been told.

      The market crash will have to wait a few more months yet revvy, western govts are addicted to money printing i rekon theyll have another big round of it to “save us” from financial collapse and make it 10x worse before it finally goes tits up.
      They wont let it happen until digital currency and a ubi is ready to launch



      • ‘…today is the day alien life form is announced…’
        So which leaders at the UN will be taking off their humanoid masks?
        Arderns will get stuck on her ears and teeth, Biden will forget to put his on and attempt to remove the lizard shell, Trudeau and Macron will parade a before and after to double their photography session. Thank heavens Boris isn’t there, he’d try and remove his trousers first.



  2. One day the sheriff sees Billy-Bob walking around town with nothing on except his gun belt and his boots. The sheriff says “Billy-Bob, what the hell are you doing walking around town dressed like that?”
    Billy-Bob replies “Well sheriff, it’s a long story!” Sheriff says he isn’t in a hurry and that Billy-Bob should tell the story. Billy-Bob continues “Well sheriff, me and Mary-Lou was down on the farm and we started a cuddling. Mary-Lou said we should go in the barn and we did.” “Inside the barn we started a kissing and a cuddling and things got pretty hot and heavy, well Mary-Lou said that we should go up on the hill so we did.” “Up on the hill we started a kissing and a cuddling and the Mary-Lou took off all her clothes and said that I should do the same. Well, I took off all my clothes except my gun belt and my boots. Then Mary-Lou lay on the ground and opened her legs and said “Okay Billy-Bob, go to town…”



  3. Amazing day in Westport as I head down the West Coast for a weekend of trail running in the rainforest and exploring.

    Recently there has been much shit talked about the Coast on YSB by limp wristed faggots. They just don’t get it 🙂



  4. The Russians must be laughing their heads off with our home grown mouse that squeaked making hollow threats.

    She is not even funny with her foot stamping and serious faces.

    I can see why Jethro buggered off home for R & R with his hostess friend.



  5. After barrelling along quietly for months, yesterday saw the government’s attempted merger of its biggest media assets suddenly erupt, writes Duncan Greive.

    This is the degree of fear in New Zealand’s media as it assesses the prospect of a merger of TVNZ and RNZ in a raft of submissions to the ANZPM bill, currently before select committee. The bill creates a new entity, Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media, which will take over ownership of TVNZ and RNZ and be given a major $100m-plus annual funding boost on the express proviso that it meet the needs of communities and audiences – predominantly younger and more diverse – that both organisations currently struggle to serve nearly so well as they do older Pākehā.

    That alone would have represented the worst day yet for the merger – but broadcasting minister Willie Jackson made statements which took rumours of a simmering tension between TVNZ and the government public, baldly telling the television giant that it was failing to properly engage with the government’s plans. The merger was “going to require a change of culture, particularly from TVNZ, not so much RNZ because I think they get the model,” he said. Of TVNZ he said, “We’ve had a couple of meetings with them and I think they want the best of all worlds at the moment, but we need them to change their attitude.”


    Oh so they don’t like the willy willy model then and rightly so.
    See the fucking outfit.

    Finally, in an act which in the current context has more than a whiff of passive-aggression, TVNZ’s arch rival Three was selected alongside RNZ to be the TV partner for its official Queen Elizabeth II memorial broadcast. This is the governmental equivalent of being removed from the chat ahead of a big party, and it all adds up to make what was previously a relatively small part of the spring legislative programme suddenly appear shaky.



  6. I support the TVNZ , Rsd Radio merger, I think it will be great. Puts it all into 1 package, which can then be sold off for $1 reserve to the highest bidder, with a firm and blunt warning there will be no taxpayer funds ever and they need to get subscribers to dip into their own pockets.



  7. An ambitious new centre-right media organisation rising on YouTube
    Duncan Greive
    CEO / Publisher
    It’s funded by a wealthy backer, and was launched as a response to the perceived failings of the mainstream media. It sounds a lot like The Platform mark two – but The Common Room has different goals, its co-founders tell Duncan Greive.

    The Common Room says it is about “big ideas, unpacked”, and primarily produces a weekly video of around five minutes in length. The default format is to recruit someone with passion and either “professional expertise or lived experience” within a topic area to put together a script, which they read to camera. The result is then edited in the YouTube house style of the past few years – lots of cuts, bright colours and flashes of animation, and posted to social platforms and on its own website.




    • Is it more like a ‘Claytons’ to dose up on, when one is when doing alt. right wing, leaning what-ever.
      A relief valve for the “Lamington” ‘cream-pie’ inspired people?
      Is it a guide to return people to a more “acceptable” level, to even return, reset to the old fold?

      Later will take maybe some time, to figure it.



  8. What was billed as a “fiscal event” turned out to be a seismic rerouting of the UK’s economic approach, that included removing the 45% tax rate for those on incomes of more than £150,000 (NZ$283,000) and reinstated the cap on bankers’ bonuses that were imposed by the EU after the financial crisis.

    The highest income tax rate will be 40% and the planned lowering of the base rate of income tax from 20% to 19% will be brought forward by a year.
    Britain’s PM Liz Truss makes stunning tax-cut gamble as pound plunges
    Latika Bourke08:10, Sep 24 2022

    As flagged during Truss’ campaign to be leader, the UK will no longer lift the corporation tax rate from 19% to 25% and reverse a hike to the national insurance that the government, of which she was a cabinet member, approved to help pay for the pandemic costs.

    And stamp duty will be cut for homes worth up to £250,000 (NZ$472,000) and for £425,000 (NZ$803,000) for first home buyers.

    First step in the right direction.

    People on benefits would have to increase their attempts to find a job or risk having their funds reduced, he warned. And in an attempt to bust the strikes that have been crippling Britain’s vital services in the past months, he flagged strike-busting laws that would force pay offers to go to members ballots and a minimum level of services mandated during industrial action.

    He said the goal was to achieve 2.5% economic growth.

    “We are at the beginning of a new era,” he told the House of Commons.

    “The tax system is not simply about raising revenue for public services, vitally important though that is.

    Wonder if our dumb political twats would understand that?



  9. Ukraine and Russia




    All three agree on the basics. I wouldn’t get too excited about the MSM and the Ukranian gains…..

    Remember Russia has a potential reserve of 25 Million. Thats a few boots on the ground……



  10. Has our glorious leader ardern left New York yet?
    No mention in the media that I’ve seen.
    Will she be missing from a major media event honor the recently departed Queen!
    Just think how much face time she would be missing out on!
    We have already delayed the memorial day to fit in to her schedule!



  11. Even though it is a Blue state, this not what you want to see before the midterms, if you are a Democrat.


    It is increasing because Biden & co are exporting gas to the EU to help them with their sanctions on Russia. One group of blockheads supporting another group of commercially illiterate blockheads.



  12. The New Zealand Memorial Service

    New Zealand will mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with a State Memorial Service and one-off public holiday on Monday 26 September. The event is a chance to celebrate her life and reign. It will take place at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul at 2pm, and will be attended by invited community representatives only.

    The Memorial Service will be broadcast and live streamed. The live stream will be available on this page https://gg.govt.nz/office-governor-general/death-her-majesty-queen/official-events/new-zealand-memorial-service on the day.

    A national minute of silence will occur at 2pm, at the beginning of the Memorial Service. It offers a way for people, wherever they might be in Aotearoa the former New Zealand, to collectively pause and acknowledge the passing of the Queen and her extraordinary 70 years of service.

    Members of the public are invited to attend a 2pm screening of the Memorial Service, held on the grounds of Parliament. This will be a no-alcohol, family-friendly event. You are advised to bring your own seating. If possible, please use public transport – in order to comply with the climate agenda – to and from Parliament. The screening will go ahead rain or shine. At this stage sprinklers, riot squads and Barry Manilow are not envisaged to be needed, but please be prepared just in case.



  13. This country is full of soft cocks. Yesterday we went to an exhibition at Mystery Creek in Hamilton, The Hoards were there in great numbers and it was chocka.

    But what got me and Mrs H, was the number of masked people with nappies tightly strung around their moosh.

    Surprisingly it was the younger resident of this country that seemed to be fixated with breathing in crap air, I guess they must gullible and be part of the 80,000 that Cindy saved from certain death. With so many scared and cringing people in this country, it is unlikely to ever be the great country it once was.




  14. The evolution in Power, to how the “Useful Idiots” actually do start to run every-thing. 🙁

    … why “big government” is always the path to “government by deluded rube” …

    … “as soon as you allow politicians to determine that which is is bought or sold,
    the first thing bought and sold will always be politicians.” ….

    proposition 1: if politicians are bought and sold, the sort of people attracted to politics will be grifters. …..

    proposition 2: grifters gonna grift …….

    proposition 3: grifting turns politics into “story time” ….

    proposition 4: story time makes the people into rubes. …..

    proposition 5: true believers are more believable than grifters. ….

    proposition 6: the demos starts to prefer true believers to grifters and elect them to office ….

    proposition 7: the more fervent new leaders tell more intense stories. ….

    proposition 8: more intense stories make the public more committed to the story. ….

    proposition 9: the true believers do not know that the grift is a grift. ….

    a democratic government powerful enough to dictate that which is bought and sold will inevitably devolve into rule by rube. ….

    and they have no idea how anything works. ….

    Many more points in this article.

    All the “kindness, well-being” to achieve the equality, aka equity, changes the balance of power.

    “The more one considers the matter, the clearer it becomes that redistribution is in effect far less a redistribution of income from richer to poorer, as we imagined, than a redistribution of power from the individual to the State.”
    —Bertrand de Jouvenel, The Ethics of Redistribution

    Knowing and particularly articulating these things, make it a better foundation to challenge them, or trip them up, and for yourself to be able to get by. 🙂



    • The govt took immediate action to give Māori preferential treatment.

      Covid kills fat old sick people. Māori are largely fat and sick. Simply because of socio economic factors, shared by all races of humble means, and possibly evolutionary adaptations to a low carb diet while living in a high carb world.



          • The real question might be, “which Pfizer batch numbers corresponded to pure saline?”

            Though R12 earlier this month cited:

            “When they examined the Serious Adverse Event databases of differing batch numbers they found that the integrity of the PEG coating is correlated with the number of Serious Adverse Events.”

            Which suggests to me that the majority of Kiwis could have been unwitting guinea pigs trialling an untested potential poison manufactured without adequate quality controls. The alternative is that they were victims of premeditated attempted murder.

            There are no alternative options!



          • nasska:—- “intent” = “premeditated”, or what they feel is “statistically” ok?

            The difference between the batches that those companies allowed, did show a pattern, so they were outside the scope of what may have been agreed upon, seems to show there was an intention of the Pfizer & Moderna, to further their research on actual unwitting human guinea-pigs.

            It does not matter that they do not comply with the Nuremberg Code or the The Helsinki Declaration.
            The intent was there , to learn from deaths, and injured, at the very least.
            The more this is covered up, concealed, etc., goes to show that there was intent and not to consider collateral damage.
            In various forms:—-
            …… “Mr. Stalin, how long are you going to continue killing people?”
            The Soviet Dictator quietly answered: “As long as it is necessary.”

            Whether or not this story is true, it is illustrative of the Communist conception of government. …..
            An interesting article on this theme.

            Beware, we all have a bit of Stalin or Hitler, tyranny with in all of us.
            That’s what oils the flow of tyranny.
            Tyranny does not entirely rule from the top down.



  15. ‘An Orwellian Distortion Of Journalism’

    Apologies if this article (Sourced from The Daily Examiner NZ) has been posted before, but I believe that it will be of interest to many here.

    As an aside, although focusing on the NZ MSM, the article also reinforces the truth of the old phrase ‘ ‘He who pays the Piper always calls the tune’ and that any organisation which accepts ANY funding from the NZ Government, no matter how small said funding might be, is immediately in thrall to said Government – a point that several large, supposedly-‘independent’ charities don’t yet seem to appreciate. .

    Thank you.




    • …….”any organisation which accepts ANY funding from the NZ Government, no matter how small said funding might be, is immediately in thrall to said Government”……

      A salient point ignored at our peril. A good instance would be the Salvation Army, an organisation which did great social work but is now engaged primarily on advocacy. As such they are wedded to the political party of waste & largesse which naturally happens to be Labour.

      They have sold their independence for government coin, alienated supporters of the right & are dependant on the left for survival.



  16. In an attempt to vilify Russia, US Scientists admit to carrying out “Gain of Function” research!!!!


    Man trying to be God by trying to see if something bad is possible, by doing that something bad. And something that would probably not happen in nature but only in a Laboratory. Fuckwits, all of them, opening Pandora’s box.

    Man has lived on this planet for millions of years, without modern diseases, Most of these modern diseases result from opening Pandora’s box.

    God Damn You. God Damn All To Hell – Charlton Heston in reference to the Apocalypse – Planet of the Apes.



  17. FFS what’s with our media who are in love with the looney left.

    We have our useless PM whose only interest is scoring a job with the UN and telling NZ to get rogered and the green Golly who was caught out pretending to be dodging ISIS bombs who were actually miles away.



  18. Phone Numbers, Passport Details of 10 Million Australians Lost in Massive Telco Hack
    By Alfred Bui
    September 22, 2022 Updated: September 23, 2022
    biggersmaller Print

    The private information of 9.8 million Australians is at risk after major telecommunications firm Optus suffered a cyber attack that breached its firewall.

    On Sept. 22, Optus confirmed that hackers got access to the names, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and potentially the driver’s licence, passport numbers, and addresses, of millions of current and former customers.

    The company said attackers had not been able to steal payment details and account passwords, and that it was working with the Australian Cyber Security Centre to limit any risk to customers.

    Optus also said it already notified the Australian Federal Police, the Office of the Australian Information Regulator, and other major regulators.




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