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  1. Well, if you don’t support the Ukraine the US of A government will not offer any aid what so ever. Florida looks like a war zone in some areas. Isn’t life shit when to get aid you have to tow the democrat party line. I do hope its a piss take and not for real. Bloody freezing here in Hamilton 1 degree again. Have a restful day people.



  2. Cold up here Lizzie. Sitting in front of the heater having a coffee, head office has gone down to the big smoke to see the kids so I get to spend the day fixing everything I should have fixed ages ago.



  3. Hat tip to whoever posted this in yesterdays hys, its well worth a repost and whoever started that account needs a medal.
    Have a read and a bloody good laugh…


    My favourite comment…
    William Gannin Ormsby
    Sep 4
    Oh dear It appears I overindulged with Jacinda juice last night Was at a Labour sex party Robbo and Alfie were there. Played a hilarious game called “Back The Bus Up” I now have a sore anus May need to go to Dr Sharma and get some tests done Love you Jacinda X



  4. The West is facing a terrible conflict.

    Wars of the past have always been between the elite and everyone else was their cannon fodder.

    All of this has changed. Slowly at first and now it is a rush. The issue at stake is the Great Problem of Productivity.

    There is now a machine to do just about every job on earth.

    The Great Conflict which was released under COVID (2020-2022) is a cold war between the PRODUCTIVE and the NON-PRODUCTIVE who live off them and who wish to rule over them.



  5. “Covid changed everything. The arrival of that killer disease with a near 100 per cent survival rate, where the mean age of death was over the mean age of death in normal times, gave the media licence to roll out the fear porn, and they haven’t been put back in their box since.

    Covid changed the game – the influence of the mainstream media had been waning up to then. Covid and the horrific lockdown offered them a route back. The government and the media, usually at loggerheads especially when it is a Tory government, united to terrify the public in the name of public health. No lie was too great to be told, no liberty too small to be restricted.

    Instead of holding the government to account, the media slavishly backed them (unless the lockdown wasn’t strict enough). The media were actually paid by the taxpayer to run ads scaring the living daylights out of the taxpayer. Their power, their ruthlessness and their willingness to roll out the hysterics only increased. The public, until then growing hostile to the liberal media, suddenly trusted anything they said.

    Then came the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which was at least a serious story all the serious journalists could get their hands on. So, the great and the good whipped off their face masks (which had miraculously saved then from Covid) to don the Press flak jacket and head east, where they could risk their lives against the Ruskis. Even I tuned into this one, as no one can ignore a war on their doorsteps. It was clear from the beginning that no negotiation with Putin was to be tolerated and if thousands of Europeans or Brits were going to freeze to death over the winter, then so be it.”

    More: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/stealing-from-our-children-is-evil-but-the-msm-dont-care/



  6. For those of you who like hunting, fishing, tramping in National Parks and freedom. Weep.

    Blame the Uphill Gardener, and one time National Party Treaty Negotiator, Christopher Finlayson for this now, right, royal fuckup.

    This is Co-Governance in operation, this is the outcome when you get a privileged race to run a former National Park, you know a National Park that was once owned by the people of New Zealand and run by a Government Department, the Department of Conservation and is still funded by the people of New Zealand through a Government Department, the Department of Conservation but is now run by the aforementioned privileged race. A National Park, given away without any consultation whatsoever with the people of New Zealand.

    All these huts were paid for by you, the people of New Zealand. I hope the untrustworthy Tuhoe give them back without damage in good undamaged condition.

    But of course they wont. This is Co-Governance in operation, the way some people in this country want it.




  7. A UK correspondent writes:

    “I was in Milton Keynes shopping centre earlier today. It was quite depressing watching masked up clowns in their thirties and forties queueing up at the vaccination Centre for the life saving fourth jab. You could clearly see Karen wives that are wearing the trousers dragging along husbands who didn’t want to be there.”

    You can’t vaccinate against stupid.



  8. With the council voting closing today and most votes are postal and have been counted allready as the mail is delivered, without any scrutiny ( so no need for Dominion voting machines, just lairbour sycophants in the council). Can we expect the vote results out early or do they need time to fiddle the results to fit the adjenda? X maori, X green, X laibour and bugger all for the rest?



  9. From the latest VFF email :

    ” Overall figures show Kiwis are more apathetic than ever at the polls. However, there is a group of people who are taking an interest. And our friends in mainstream media and the Disinformation Project are finding it a bitter pill to swallow.
    ‘Aotearoa Disinformation Expert’ Dr Sanjana Hattotuwa went on Breakfast TV to lament the high voting interest from the freedom community.(Watch the 1 minute clip here.)
    “The most interested in exercising their franchise, from what we study, come from the mis and disinformation communities. They are the most motivated, they are the most intentional, they do the most research and they really want to go out and vote and they are … by order of magnitude exceeding what we have studied are campaigns put out by LGNZ and the Vote 2022 Campaign… So it’s not good: they are instrumentalizing the voter apathy and the most interested voting is coming from the mis and disinformation communities.”
    Voter turnout is at an all time low. This means your voice will have more weight than ever before. Make it count. Vote this morning. And call your friends too.”

    The one minute clip : https://odysee.com/@voicesforfreedom:6/disinformation-expert-laments:0

    Where do these people get their PHDs from?



  10. A man dies and he gets a guided tour of hell from the devil, before he can go to heaven.

    First they see a huge pit full of hot tar, and people screaming in agony. There’s barbed wire around the pit, and guards with rifles.

    The man asks: What’s this?

    And the devil says: this pit is for the Russians. Here, if someone tries to climb out, the guards shoot him and throw him back into the pit.

    Next they see another huge pit full of hot tar, and people suffering. There are signs all around the pit.

    The man asks: What’s this?

    And the devil says: this pit is for the Germans. Here, if someone tries to climb out they notice the signs. The signs say “Climb back!” so they climb back immediately.

    The man is amazed, but they go further, and see a third pit full of hot tar, and people screaming in pain. Curiously, there seems to be nothing around this pit to keep people in.

    The man asks: What’s this?

    And the devil says: this one is my favourite, it’s the pit for the Maori. Here if someone tries to climb out, the others pull him back!



  11. This will make Kea’s tail feathersstand up. He will be so excited.

    Wall Street Expects Second-Biggest Home Price Drop Since Great Depression
    By Naveen Athrappully
    October 6, 2022 Updated: October 6, 2022

    Top investment firms, including Morgan Stanley, are predicting a significant drop in U.S. home prices amid high mortgage rates, elevated home prices, and affordability challenges.
    Morgan Stanley is calculating home prices to dip by 7 percent by the end of 2023, which is more than twice as large as the 3.1 percent peak-to-trough decline seen during the early 1990s. If the prediction were to become true, it would be the second-largest drop since the Great Depression. The top spot is taken by the 27 percent peak-to-trough decline seen between 2006 and 2021.

    Morgan Stanley blamed unprecedented home price growth and spiking mortgage rates for the situation. “Affordability is already challenged, exposing would-be homeowners to an increasing rent environment that erodes their ability to save for a downpayment,” the firm’s researchers wrote in a note, according to Fortune.

    “If that were to be combined with increasing unemployment, we could imagine a scenario in which existing home sales continue to outpace the GFC [great financial crisis of 2008–09] to the downside.”


    As always follow the money or perhaps look where it might be spent.



    • Wall Street Expects Second-Biggest Home Price Drop Since Great Depression

      Let’s say that the biggest Y-on-Y drop in US house prices since the Great Depression is 15%.
      However, thanks to QE and the slashing of interest rates, house prices during the 2020 to late-2021 period spiked upwards of 40%.

      A spike of 40% would need a drop of 29% to get you back to your starting point. Unless the house price drop is over 30%, I can’t get excited at all.



  12. Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion | Documentary

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the British public trusted the government, and the government trusted the science. Now, emerging research is bringing the logic and ongoing impacts of lockdowns, school closures, mask-wearing, PCR tests, and other non-pharmaceutical interventions into question.

    As the promoted narrative begins to crumble, and the Overton window finally begins to move, a major element is still to be questioned by mainstream media: the COVID-19 vaccines. Real-world data has increasingly demonstrated that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission. So, if the effectiveness was overplayed, what of the safety?

    This documentary shines a light on the vaccine-injured and bereaved, but also questions the accuracy and trustworthiness of the pharmaceutical companies’ trials, the role of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in regulating these products, the role of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies behavioral scientists in influencing policy, and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate.

    It also features the emotional journeys of six people who fell ill directly after receiving the jab, together with one young widow. All are on an emotional journey of pain and mental stress, made worse by the fact that their symptoms are often dismissed by doctors.




  13. Keeping assets in the whanau

    Auckland drug rehab centre raided by police founded by mother of high-up members of Head Hunters gang, report says

    Officers found almost half a kilogram of methamphetamine, a kilogram of pseudoephedrine, more than $5000 in cash and a weapon.

    Among the facility’s residents were prominent Mongrel Mob, Hells Angels and other Head Hunters gang members, the report said.



  14. A Primary Teacher explains to her class that she is a Blues fan so she asks her students to raise their hands if they too are Blues fans.
    Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl.
    The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says, ‘Mary, why didn’t you raise your hand?’
    ‘Because I’m not a Blues fan,’ she replied.
    The teacher, still shocked, asked, ‘Well, if you are not a Blues fan, then who are you a fan of?’

    I am a Chiefs fan, and proud of it,’ Mary replied.
    The teacher could not believe her ears. ‘Mary, why, pray tell, are you a Chiefs fan?’
    ‘Because my mum is a Chiefs fan, and my dad is a Chiefs fan, so I’m a Chiefs fan too!’
    ‘Well,’ said the teacher in an obviously annoyed tone, ‘that is no reason for you to be a Chiefs fan. You don’t have to be just like your parents all of the time.’
    ‘What if your mum was a prostitute and your dad was a drug addict, what would you be then?’
    ‘Then,’ Mary smiled, ‘I’d be a Blues fan.



  15. Is Musk’s intent to sett up a ‘super-app’ fullfilling what the WEF wants to impose on the world?

    It Happened – Elon Musk Just Announced historical changes on Twitter

    On Twitter, Elon Musk announces many changes to come and says he will completely transform the platform into an app called “X.” According to Musk, X will be an everything app that looks very exciting.



    • I’m suspicious.

      ……”Mr. Musk has said he has “a fondness for the letter X.” X is how Mr. Musk publicly refers to his first child with Claire Boucher, the musician known as Grimes, but his history with the letter dates back to at least 1999, when he helped found X.com, an online bank.

      In 2000, X.com merged with Confinity, a competing software company. In 2001, Peter Thiel, one of Confinity’s founders, replaced Mr. Musk as X.com’s chief executive, and the company was renamed PayPal.

      In 2017, Mr. Musk bought the domain for X.com from PayPal.”……


      PayPal currently terminates the accounts of anyone who disagrees with corrupt governments, the WEF or the proponents of a NWO. (eg the Expose). It wouldn’t pay to have too much of your personal business accessible to those who’ll likely run “X”.



  16. This is the same guy, Nick Patterson who was at a Melbourne Freedom rally told to go home by the police, which is what he was doing when the cops chased him and his mates and beat them up, breaking his arm.

    🚨Covid ENFORCER fronts court
    Avi Yemini

    A judge is finally set to rule on the validity of a COVID ENFORCER after doubts were raised over whether the ‘Authorised Officer’ had the power to inspect or shut down a Melbourne gym in the first place.



  17. So, in spite of the pm endorsing an ‘independent’ (i.e. labour candidate), that idiot Simon whatshisface slagging off Wayne Brown at every opportunity, and the msm casting doubt on his capabilities etc etc…the people have spoken.

    Another slap in the face for Liarbour. No government puppet in the big smoke. The tide has turned.



  18. Read this and pass it on to every vax Nazi you know


    “This analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

    And this is not some two bit tinfoil bunch. It’s the State Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo – Issues New mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance



  19. The Left can never accept that their batshit mad policies are the reason for their losses. Efeso Collins first has a whinge about postal voting then promises:

    ……””The battle for a just, climate-resilient society will continue.””…….

    He doesn’t get it. Only the raving loopy think that councils can change the weather. The average citizen just wants to live a life free from authoritarian spendthrifts.



  20. This German court case will be very interesting a worth following.


    “German engineer Marvin Haberland has worked out a way to get a public admission that SARS-CoV-2 has not been shown to exist. When Marvin didn’t comply with “corona” legislation, the German authorities unwittingly took the bait.

    If they want to convict him, they will have to explain the fraudulent nature of virology in a public court. “



  21. Jesus H Christ. I had the misfortune to briefly watch Q&A this morning.

    Swarbrick was being interviewed and she was bat shit crazy, yabbering away at 100 mph, high as a kite, waving her hands in the air.

    What in the hell was she on ?

    How could anyone vote for this loose canon.



    • All I can say ROl is they cannot stuff the roads with more cycleways because they are already stuffed up –hardly any more roads that could take a cycleway.
      But you have to hand it to the left –they are good at rallying the troops when it is needed.
      My vote was definitely in the minority —my lady came in third last !!



  22. Going to be interesting when the final votes are counted as to how liarbour/ frazer house went in this
    Poll stacks up!
    After a draping for ardern in the last of many polls. Will she chuck it and disappear to the un?
    Laugh if she couldn’t land a job there!



  23. Oh Brother! The wet wankstains of Wellington are in for a rough ride. By electing Tory Whanau as mayor they’ve opened up a Pandora’s box of Green crap. From the policy page of her website:

    # We need a more connected, compassionate, inclusive and equal Wellington, where people have access to warm, dry, and affordable housing and high quality free public transport.

    # We must create strong, urgent action to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve Wellington’s resilience to climate change.

    # We can welcome nature back into Wellington by turning our grey areas green, our grasses to gardens, and creating more space for our taonga species to thrive.

    # Gridlock is all too common on our streets. More roads can’t fix this – only a shift to enable more public transport and a comprehensive connected bike network can help people get where they need to go more quickly and safely.

    # Everyone in Wellington deserves to feel safe and supported.

    But wait. There’s more. https://www.torywhanau.co.nz/policy



  24. OK. Stuff changing its rambling already.

    Todd Niall is the senior Auckland affairs reporter for Stuff.

    ANALYSIS: The resounding victory of Wayne Brown as Auckland’s new mayor, and the defeat of several existing councillors, has swivelled Auckland Council away from the direction it’s followed for 12 years.

    On early numbers, Brown may have won more than 40% of the mayoral votes, with Labour and Greens-endorsed Efeso Collins cornering around 25% – half the share enjoyed by left-leaning mayors since 2010.

    There is a significant shift also in the make-up of the 20 ward councillors, subject to the impact of late and special voting on several close races – and the mayor needs a majority to do much of what he wants.


    former National Cabinet Minister Maurice Williamson ousting Paul Young in Howick,

    Coom was defeated with a margin of 1,162 votes by veteran politician Mike Lee, making his comeback. ( another Tim?).



  25. Auckland Transport chair resigns after blast from new mayor Wayne Brown
    The chair of Auckland Transport has resigned immediately in response to calls from new mayor Wayne Brown for the whole board to step down.

    “It is clear that the Mayor designate wants a clear runway,” said Adrienne Young-Cooper in a statement. “I willingly exit the role.”

    Auckland Transport chair Adrienne Young-Cooper has resigned in response to calls from new mayor Wayne Brown. Photo / supplied

    Young-Cooper said she governed Auckland Transport in accordance with the statement of intent agreed with Auckland Council, and “navigated the organisation through the extraordinary challenges of Covid 19 and its aftermath”.

    “There are many talented and dedicated people serving the people of Auckland at AT. They deserve respect.”

    Young-Cooper said she wished the new council and AT all the best, and that she would be making no further comment.

    Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown called on the board of Auckland Transport to resign a day into his new job as leader of the country’s biggest city.


    woke woman gone.

    Its noticeable that a lot of women have been dumped.
    2 mayors in the BOP. and many of the women coun cillors.

    to much emotion and insufficient logic.



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