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  1. “Do you stand by the statements you made about the vaccines protecting NZRS and stopping transmission of the virus”
    I have no doubt one of our brave honest MSM journalists will be asking the pink haired fat cnut Wiles that question soon aye ?



    • And dear leader, Bloomfield Hipkins, and all the other bastards that said the same thing. People like……….parliamentarians, hack reporters, radio commentators. Like Hoskings, Plunket etc etc. The whole fucking lot of them.
      Michael Basset has a very good article on Brash Basset and Hyde this morning about dear leader the bitch.. It is quite long but worth a read. although the MSN are not saying a word about the fake jab and most sheep only watch the 6pm news, surely there has to be something that gets out about the con Pfizer Moderna etc jab they all initiated. Bastards and all those who supported them. And people still believe it all. What is the average IQ these days? Is it 6?



    • Any opposition MP worth his/her money would raise that question at question time next week.
      That will stop the bitch in her tracks from demeaning Barabara Kuiper over an argument that has beenpubli since 2017.
      StillNude Nut was dumb giving her that portfolio and now he;’s made the fuck up obvious because some scum journo was about to make a fuss on behalf of Labour.
      Crickets about mahooooooota though.



  2. rev@0330

    The ‘brave honest MSM journalists (Oxymoron though that statement is), may indeed be asking the question, BUT it’s the Company which decides if the replies to such questions are to be being published, and if said Company is dependent (some would say bribed by) a Government-provided ‘donation’, then as always, the Piper will call the tune.

    On that basis, I doubt that any replies would ever see the light of day…



  3. Labour and Greens do not approve of farming.

    They do not approve of ANY way of making a living with one exception – it’s ok to be a Green MP on $200,000 pa and it’s ok for Green MP’s to fly all over the world.

    Everyone else can eat worms.



  4. Went to my first political meeting in 1960, on my bike as a 10 year old. Mick Connolly MP for Riccarton Labour. Over the years have been to and met various politicians at different meetings and functions.
    Last night I joined my first ever Political Party, Democracy NZ after listening to Matt King in Timaru. Seriously impressed with both him and the beginnings of the Party organization he has put up behind him. I have found a Party I can vote for, I would never vote for any of the existing one in Parliament today .

    FJA Go Democracy NZ.



  5. For those hate him or love him, Alex Jones,
    Can you just be a little bit pregnant?
    Are you ok with just a little bit of Free Speech to when it suits?
    Look behind the scenes, like the
    …. The most egregious of such responses was a Connecticut law, drafted behind closed doors and in secret, that took unprecedented steps to withhold forensic evidence related to homicides from the public: ….
    ….. “If you hide away documents from the public, then the public has no way of knowing whether police…have done their jobs correctly.” …..

    [Seems to be suspiciously like the set up “Christchurch Call”.]
    …. more lawsuits against anyone with alternative theories about such incidents.
    Not that any alternative theories are needed—after all, U.S. intelligence agencies and Robert Mueller insisted we have the Russians to blame for the DNC hack! ….
    ….. The aggressive use of defamation law is just the latest tool in the Regime’s arsenal to silence dissent.
    The fact that the Regime is using the defamation tool against Alex Jones ought to concern everyone who cares about free speech and the truth; …..
    …. CNN and the establishment more broadly could care less about Sandy Hook, and this is really about punishing Jones for his Trump support.
    Before Jones supported Trump, he was even allowed a friendly interview on The View, …

    A very good article showing that the motives behind the trial, and many other good points are raised about the agenda in bringing about further controls over “Free Speech”.
    So after reading that, just what was Alex Jones guilty of besides being a pain in the butt to some?



    • I love Alex Jones. His over the top explanations and outlandish claims make great entertainment. He’s also had an amazing track record of being right about so many things. The way the court case has gone on and the awards against him make it like he was the shooter in the Sandyhook case, not just someone who raised the possibility of a false flag operation, that was claimed by others. He has already apologised and admitted that the shootings did happen.
      If we had the same law here in NZ, the parliament protestors would be getting billions for being described as rivers of filth when there claims about mandates and vax were dismissed.



    • More on this about Alex Jones & Free Speech further below at 5:49 pm.


      Bearing in mind Sandy Hook murders was done in 2012
      I never really followed Alex Jones, though aware of false flags, and fake actors claim, but it seems that was changed about 5 years ago.
      It seems to be more of thing that others wanted to keep alive as being victim has in positioning for a good payout.
      That is why Alex Jones has said, “I am done with apologizing”.
      The state government still moved very secret legislation and to with hold information and keep control after the Sandy Hook.

      Was that a fore runner for the control over the information to bring about lockdowns? mandatory vaxxes?

      It seems that Alex Jones is being set up “pour encourager les autres”.
      I do not like the style of Alex Jones, but then he says things, that others can then figure, is it a step too far? foolish, or is it in 6 months helped others to research that angle and see the real truth exposed.

      After all Ardern did emulate the Sandy Hook’s legislation using NZ’s Censorship of the Manifesto, and then getting other countries with Social Media to bring on further suppression, Censorship, with Cancel Culture., Big noting it as the “Christchurch Call”.
      Now instigating Big Tech, to algorithmic-ally search people & comments.
      Now proven in CobwebTechnology being used in the Immigration Department for the past 2 years.

      Can any one really tell me that mission creep has not occurred, that feeds across to the 75 principal investigators in the Te Pūnaha Matatini and to the unit of Disinformation?
      For the moment, biding their time, but setting some up later.



  6. To systemically take out free speech, is the agenda.

    …. Disinformation charges rapidly move from delegitimization to criminalization.
    World leaders like Ardern insist that we could solve problems if people didn’t insist on disagreeing with us.
    Obama contends that a society can’t function if we can’t all agree on what’s true.
    Someone has to decide that.
    And who better than the leaders who gather at world conferences? ….

    …… The only way to protect free speech is through censorship.
    Censorship becomes freedom.
    And free speech is the ultimate censorship.
    Only by destroying free speech can we save it. …..

    ….. An international censorship coalition is growing.
    Its purpose is to ensure that the only debate to be allowed anymore will consist of world leaders reading from prepared speeches at the UN General Assembly before returning home to oversee countries where free speech and all freedoms have been eliminated …..


    Daniel Greenfield writes a very good articles, gathering the info, showing the patterns, for global control of free speech.



    • This article by Brendan O’Neill, published on Spike may have been posted before about Ardern’s UN speech.

      …. speech can have a destabilising and even life-threatening impact, especially if it concerns big crises like climate change or Covid-19.
      So ‘climate deniers’ are a threat to the future of the human race and thus may be legitimately silenced.
      ‘Lockdown deniers’ threaten to encourage the spread of viral infection and thus may be legitimately gagged…..

      The New Zealand mainstream media about Ardern’s UN speech only glorify the photo op? Substance? Crickets!

      Whether it is Climate Change, they “own the science” or Race, they “own the CULTure, or Covid, again “owning the science”
      The tools, are they also the masters?

      ….. Big Tech is exerting government-like power because it is the de facto government of the digital public square.
      The difference is that that there is not even a pretence of democratic oversight or accountability in how they perform this function. ….




  7. Faaark, some people and organisations are full of their own self importance.

    None more than this lot.

    “Today as the stream of reporters drove past our tari at 1 Mountain Rd, we were reminded that even with a Treaty settlement in place, media and Ministers alike appear to forget their own law – namely Ahakoa haere te Karauna ki whea, ka haere hoki a Ngāti Rangi – that Where the Crown goes, so goes Ngāti Rangi.”

    Well this lots (Ngati Rangi) influence does not cover much of Mt Ruapehu. but they would have you think they did. In the overall scheme of things this whinging mob forget there are others who also claim exactly the same.



    These whinging, self important, self centered arseholes need to get over themselves and do something constructive with their lives.





    • Alice, all these people dying younger than me is a worry.

      Moreso, if you read the Deaths in the NZH as those jokers mentioned there, all die in alphabetical order. I am lucky as I will be at the end of the queue, those Geezers with the name starting with “A” will go long before me on that basis.



  8. Come back Steven – I miss you!

    Steven Joyce: Government on agricultural emissions – Can’t see the food for the trees


    “With this week’s announcement on reducing agricultural emissions, you have to wonder whether this Government has a political and economic death wish.

    Let’s start with the politics. Their earlier decision to place a gun to agriculture’s head and get the sector to either write its own emissions control plan or join the Emissions Trading Scheme was brutal but effective. After a lot of soul-searching, sector representatives signed up to a robust plan that many of its members won’t have liked.

    Sure, it wasn’t perfect from the Green Party’s perspective, but then they won’t be happy until we are all living in hippy communes on the Coromandel, so that really wasn’t the test.

    The point was, the sector had signed up to something it could grudgingly cope with. A smart Government would have accepted it, declared victory and moved on. Not this one. No doubt under internal pressure from the likes of David Parker and the Greens, they meddled with the plan — and made it tougher.

    Under their plan, farmers will get less credit for planting trees, bush and riparian strips which sequester carbon, and more dictation on what the all-important carbon price will be.

    The result is something which once again manages Labour’s internal political needs and contradictions but does nothing for the country as a whole. They have created a political dog’s breakfast, and their own modelling suggests sheep and beef farmers will be selling up to the pine tree farmers, decimating smaller regional communities. Add this to Three Waters, co-governance and the grand centralisation, and you have an even bigger recipe for regional revolt at the next election.

    The economics is even poorer. Having proven to ourselves that when you close your borders, service exports collapse and we end up even more dependent on agriculture to pay our way in the world, we’ve decided to pick this moment to voluntarily hobble our food producers with greater costs that will reduce our competitiveness with every other food-producing country. All this at a time when rampant inflation is driving up farm input prices and food prices worldwide. Genius.

    But that’s okay. Our fearless leader will be able to proclaim we are “world-leading” on the world stage and what is that worth to us? The clue is in the fact that nobody else is doing it.

    It’s hard to credit just how cavalier this Government continues to be with our exporters. As well as an ongoing devil-may-care approach to the competitiveness of our food producers, there is the complete ambivalence to resurrecting our international education sector (previously worth $5 billion a year), and the spectre of a Tourism Minister who hates most tourism.

    The most draw-dropping revelation for me this week wasn’t actually the emissions plan, but Stuart Nash blithely proposing a massive increase in the international visitor levy from $35 to $200 at a time when the sector is on a massive mission to rebuild visitor numbers. What planet is he on?

    Thankfully, Cabinet has slapped him down on this for the moment, but they did invite him to propose it again next year, so the idea hasn’t gone away. Cue more head shaking.

    All this is happening while our trade deficit is blowing out and our dollar is depreciating rapidly. Part of that story is the strength of the US dollar, but part of it is our deteriorating relative economic performance. That will flow through to more local inflation and even higher interest rates. The simple lesson is that you can’t keep smacking around your own export sectors and hope to become a wealthier country.

    Which brings us back to carbon emissions. I believe most Kiwis want to do their bit for climate change, partly out of self-interest (concern about more violent weather systems and the like) and partly because we like to be good global citizens. Yes, there are extremes at both ends, the full-on climate deniers on the one hand, and on the other the hair-shirted greens who use climate change as another tool to advance their radical socialism.

    Where the argument is lost with middle New Zealand is when actions taken here result in exporting emissions to another part of the world and not reducing them, or worse still, increasing them. And that is the issue with our agricultural emissions. New Zealand is acknowledged as one of the most, if not the most carbon-efficient food producers on the planet. Producing a kilo of meat or dairy protein here has less impact than producing it almost anywhere else.

    So if we produce less here, and the world eats just as much as before, more food is going to be produced in a less carbon-efficient food system elsewhere, meaning emissions overall will increase. The same level-headed Kiwis who want to do their bit to reduce climate change, including most farmers, think that makes no sense. And they’d be right.

    It’s just national-scale virtue-signalling — of the most self-destructive kind.

    It is a mistake that the world climate debate has been measured and conducted on national lines rather than industry lines. As long as countries and not industries are measured on their emissions reductions, we will have these nonsensical tradeoffs which make climate change worse.

    The world needs to grapple with this issue if it is to achieve more meaningful emissions reductions. Carbon-efficient producers of goods and services can’t be penalised because of which country they are in, or there will be no incentive to actually reduce emissions.

    They can just shift production to a less conscientious country with less stringent targets.

    it is not just an issue for agriculture. Our remaining big non-food industrial processors are in the same boat. James Shaw proudly removed the additional ETS credits we were providing our trade-exposed industrial emitters so they could compete on a level playing field. He called them a loophole.

    Partially as a result of that, the oil refinery at Marsden Point has closed, and the future of other big plants is more shaky. In all cases, closure won’t reduce emissions, it will just shift them offshore. Our politicians might feel better, but the workers at those plants and the communities they exist in, not so much. And world emissions stay the same or increase.

    Atmospheric carbon is a worldwide problem. It doesn’t respect national boundaries. We need to reduce the emission-intensity of our food producers across the planet, not hobble the most carbon-efficient food producers in the world so the Government of a small country can feel good about itself. This is a debate that has to be had, and one where our Prime Minister could be productively world-leading.”



    • Now its a long time since I did chemistry at school but I seem to remember the tenent that you cannot destroy matter. You can change ots form , its molecular components but you cannot destroy it.
      Carbon is fairly neutral and its get made into and is used for many things but you cannot destroy the molecule.

      Now science may have changed in 60 years but I haven’t heard so.



  9. New Zealand farmers take note!

    After Dutch farmers’ representatives had a meeting yesterday with globalist puppet PM Mark Rutte, the Cabinet announced today it would be doing nothing about farmers’ concerns …

    Not surprisingly, the farmers are going on the warpath and preparing new actions.



  10. Alpine run report.

    Started way too early and got caught in an inversion layer. So not much of a view until well above the bush line. Damp wet cloud most of the way, but bombing it through the tussock tops was fun.

    Popular hiking route littered with dire warnings about alpine hazards.



  11. So the fat Poof, Robertson is still in New York on a Trade Mission.

    Must achieved a shit load of nothing, cause there is not a word from the MSM on how successful it has been and how much the Business people who tagged along have also achieved.

    Anyway the weekend is coming up so the Fat Poof will be able to troll the Gay Bars of Chelsea to idle away his time in New York on your dime over the weekend.



    • If Ardern and Robertson have achieved little to nothing in all these trade deals, then why should the emission carbon scheme on farmers be imposed !

      The only way the “emission” on farmers could work, is when the Poof in Now York acclaims to New Zealand that all tariffs in the USA are off, and absolutely no quotas
      That it is open free trade!

      Same goes for Ardern which was such a piss poor result for New Zealand farmers.
      Europe & the UK should have no tariffs & no quotas against New Zealand’s agricultural goods..
      It should be full on open slather.

      Likewise to China, India, South Korea, Japan, etc..
      That is how to lead the world ! ! !

      Even though I do not believe one word about the consumer caring one wit about the Carbon compliance from the sanctimonious marketing ploys.



    • From a NZ perspective , Bob, the worst thing is the MoH knew this last year, as exposed by the OIA request answer that Toko mentioned yesterday. They knew, but Bloomfield, Ardern etc continued spending all that money on propaganda advertising saying it stopped transmission among other things. Nurses, policemen, teachers and many other lost their jobs, careers and in some cases houses and businesses. They lost all that because they LIED and no one in the MoH had the guts to speak up.

      Here is the OIA reply courtesy of a BFD poster last night


      Also on from BFD you might find this encouraging




      • Hi Ross

        I have watched those two videos, and checked a few things out. The technology Karen talks about and shows evidence of, does actually exist. The smart hydro-gel, the programmable nanobots, modified parasites, combining the two to make a synthetic parasite. I am aware of the existence of inject-able nanobots and experiments with these.

        The ideas surrounding these have been published, approved and the ideas sold to the public under the guise of helping with health. Everything has a potential good and a potential bad. It is how you use it that counts.

        The only question is would certain factions exist that would the technology to gain control of the population. I think history answers that question for us.

        As for Robert Malone. He is not a liar. Finding the truth is like peeling layers off the onion. At each new layer, data may contradict previous layers. And in fact there will be both misaligned and deliberate mis-information at every new layer.

        The deliberate is to have you believe that the truth at layer 3 is correct, to stop you investigating layer 4 and layer 5, and finding out what is really going on.

        The misaligned is believing layer 3, and being convinced of it, and in doing so, be at odds with someone exposing layer 4 or 5. If Karen is correct in her beliefs, then the narrative that the “lie” she claims Robert Malone told about Pfizer not having vaccines approval is simply a different viewpoint on a different layer.

        I think the key narrative is to never take the vaccines, take supplements that kill parasitical entities whether they be biological or synthetic, restrict use of invasive technology, and disconnect from the (digital) cloud. And at every opportunity try and get friends and relatives one step further to the truth, even if they are baby steps.

        Ironically telling woke people the vaccines contain Borg implants or living entities (if that is what it is), doesn’t work. It is a bitter pill to swallow. Asking them that if they got the jobs, and now have myocarditis, or the vaccines didn’t stop transmission but Pfizer made $87billion out of it, is that OK.

        Like Cypher in Matrix, reality was so unpalatable that Cypher elected to back into the Matrix to chase the lady in the red dress.

        And, we can also waste a lot of time, as you put it “going down rabbit holes”, debating what is being done to us that we forget about the war front.

        Stopping WEF, will not rely on getting the mass population to accept the vaccines are Borg implants. We just need the “wobbly middle” to see Ardern’s tyranny and Luxon’s wokeness, and for the like’s of Seymour to wake up.

        Guns, bullets, vaccines, and weapons maim and kill, but “ideas are bulletproof” (V for Vendetta). Weak minds are easily overrun with tyranny and whatever is in the vaccines. A strong mind is not an easy target, irrespective of what they inject. A case of the host rejecting the parasite.

        As an inspirational note, I refer sometimes to Star Trek, particularly The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Andromeda, and to a degree, Earth Final Conflict.

        Set in the future, they often look back at man’s struggles of the past and how they overcome them. And also witness the present time struggles of other planets who have not yet got through those struggles. StarGate also has some very good narratives as they encounter other planets with similar struggles to our present dilemmas.

        Episodes include fake pandemics and vaccines, vaccines that create sterility, drugs that kill or terminate, or create dependency and therefore slavery on a world wide scale. Tyrannical leaders, Eugenics and Eugenics wars, parasitical entities being injected or inserted to take over hosts, different races and how we accept differences, including how we should treat and stand guard from races that have hidden agendas.

        They are all uplifting, as they show that such a sane future is possible, and they stand as a vision for the future.



        • Thank you Dylan. I agree with your assessment of the Dr Malone “issue” and it is good to hear that what Karen Kingston is talking about is fact, even if it is hard for me to get my head around.

          Your comment —“Everything has a potential good and a potential bad. It is how you use it that counts.” is so true. It comes out in the book “Empire of Pain” which is about the Sackler family, the eventual development of Purdue Pharmaceutical and oxycontin. Early on they had genuine belief in their product to help chronic pain, so that was good but then they got blinded by their huge profits and could not stop when it was shown to be a hugely addictive and therefore a very damaging product leading to the opioid epidemic.
          Thanks again for your comments.



          • Thanks Ross. I’m also getting a mate who is really well versed in these matters to watch them.

            I did not know about the book, and Purdue Pharmaceutical and Oxycontin. I guess you will have watched Season 4 of Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton and J.K. Simmons, which appears based on Purdue and Sackler family, in the Series they are called the Sax family.


            Episode 2 Trivia:
            The elaborate song-and-dance number, “Mr. Pain Killer,” that opens this episode was composed by Adam Schlesinger (of band Fountains of Wayne) shortly before he died from Covid-19. It’s likely that the concept was inspired by a 1997 Sackler Purdue Pharma motivational sales video clip for the company’s drug reps. In the clip, Purdue’s VP of sales is seen vigorously singing along to the The Isley Brothers’ song “Shout” – “You know you make me want to Sell!, Oxycontin! Sell!, MS Contin, Sell!, settle down now, Sell!, we’re Purdue now”.



            • “Goliath starring Billy Bob Thornton and J.K. Simmons, which appears based on Purdue and Sackler family, in the Series they are called the Sax family.”

              We watched Goliath. Excellent programme. I thought they might be portraying Pfizer but the Sackler family makes perfect sense.



    A father bought a lie detector robot that slaps you when you lie. During dinner, he asked his son to try the robot’s efficiency.
    Father: How’s school today son?
    Son: just fine Dad, learned new things today.
    Suddenly, the robot slaps the son.
    Son: yeah I got it! Me and my classmate, we went to watch a movie.
    Father: which movie?
    Son: errr, ahh, Kung Fu Panda..and the robot immediately slaps him again.
    Son: okay, okay,…we watch a porn movie!
    Father: What???? You know when I was your age, we don’t watch any porn movies because it is considered taboo.
    To their surprise, the robot slaps the father hard.
    Mother: laughing out loud hahaha, I can’t believe you guys! You really are Father and Son..
    Upon hearing that, the robot slaps the mother!…..



  13. Winston Peters, speaking at NZ First conference, predicts ‘snap election’
    Thomas Manch11:02, Oct 15 2022
    Winston Peters says NZ First is the missing ingredient for a successful Labour Government, and he predicts a “snap election” before November 2023.

    The veteran leader of NZ First opened the political party’s annual conference on Saturday, taking the stage at Christchurch’s Rydges hotel and telling the crowd of more than 80 party members they “had some work to do”.

    “If anybody thinks that the Labour Party is going to survive this next election, they know nothing about politics,” Peters said on Saturday morning.

    “They know absolutely nothing about the people of this country either. This is one of the worst governments by itself.”




    • Look Winston may be right about certain predictions ( the sun will rise in the East tomorrow) but on iother stuff I am not so sure. Snap Election? Why would the Bitch shorten herreign of terror? She knows she is toast and will hang on until the bitter end. Miserable, dishonest tyrannical Cunt.



      • Agreed ROL, there is no evidence that the international travelling, Bag of Teeth, is anywhere declaring a snap election. She still has the numbers and will hang on to the bitter end. And there is no evidence that she will move on to the UN as predicted before the next election. The delight of the Toothbrush will stay to the bitter end.



          • But Sooty, the question is, where does she go?

            Does the UN have a job for her?
            If so what?
            And if so, what are her skills or qualifications for such job?
            She won’t go to the WTO like Mike Moore. There is no opening there and she does not have the skills or qualifications for that sort of organisation.
            Job openings for her, are very limited and any opening for anything other than the top job will not interest her, as she then would be second, third or fourth fiddle and because of her ego, this would not suit.
            And any other job opening will have heaps of qualified, other overseas pretenders to that throne.
            So, because her skill set is so very limited, I think like any horse that has run its last race, her time is done and it is to the Knackers Yard for her with no other employment prospects come the end of next year.



    • “Winston Peters says NZ First is the missing ingredient for a successful Labour Government, and he predicts a “snap election” before November 2023.”,

      Errr, won’t we be getting a normal election before November 2023?



    • Viking@1121

      I find the wording of this statement to be of interest, especially by it’s implication that NZ First (aka Winston) MIGHT be prepared to once again act as King Maker and keep dl in place. I wonder what bribe Peters would expect this time?

      ‘“If anybody thinks that the Labour Party is going to survive this next election, they know nothing about politics,” Peters said on Saturday morning.



  14. There was a newspaper in a very small Midwestern farming town, comes out once a week with local news like the new library books, or the preachers sermon, and school fundraisers.

    One day the editor calls the reporter in and says, “I don’t know what to do about the next issue. There isn’t a damn thing happening! No church bazaars, no school activities, and Sheriff hasn’t arrested anyone in 3 weeks! I got nuthin’ for the paper but a page and a half of ads! Can you think of any stories to write?” The reporter told the editor there was a farmer with a pig out south of town, supposed to be a pretty special pig. Well, that brightened up the editor, and he sent the reporter to get the whole scoop on the pig, write a big feature, and take lots of pictures!

    The reporter meets the farmer, who takes him out to the pen to meet the pig. He is amazed to see a lovely large pig with a perfectly fashioned back prosthetic peg leg. As he is snapping off dozens of images, he knows this is a pig with a story!

    The farmer told him about how the pig, at only 8 months old had jumped down from the hay loft in the barn and saved their daughter who had fallen into the horse trough. “Did the pig fall onto his hip or break his leg in the fall?” “Oh, no, she was fine! Then about a year after that,” the farmer says, “The wood stove caught our house on fire, middle of the night! That pig saved us! She got out of the pen, broke down the front door and woke us all up, helped us get out safely, then run a message to our neighbours to call the fire department! Saved the outbuildings and barns, she did!” “Did she get burned at all, or hurt in the fire?” the reporter asked. “No, she’s a tough one, she was fine!

    Then just oh, bout a year ago, my son was riding out on the bluff there, when a snake spooked the horse. He was galloping towards the cliffs, out of control, when the pig jumped the pen, raced and caught up to the horse and got it turned at the last minute!! Killed that damn snake too, while she was trotting home. My wife saw the whole damn thing!” The reporter is writing furiously, and asks, “Did the snake bite the pig, or the horse happen to kick the pig?” “Oh, no, that’s a tough gal right there, she was fine!”

    “Well,” says the reporter, “I want to hear the story of how she lost her leg!” The farmer scratches his head and says, “When you got a pig this good, you don’t want to eat it all at once!”



  15. I have an academic interest in horse breeding, so this morning I am catching up on the flooding in Victoria. It is horrendous, especially given it is in the middle of the breeding season. This short video shows the Yulong Stud owned by a Chinese guy who has invested, probably several hundred million, in recent years in his farms and horses. He would have the biggest and possibly the highest quality broodmare band in Australia.


    The area is the centre of the Victorian breeding industry, so there are many other farms affected.



  16. Doing the rounds…
    “Highlights package of how this carbon/methane emission vs credits works;
    Govt… Mr Farmer you’re emitting too much with your farming.
    Farmer, that’s a shame well I’ve got all these trees & grass that sequest carbon perhaps we can come to an arrangement.
    Govt… Most certainly Mr Farmer, you’ll need a heap of hectares planted in the right kind’ve trees and you’ll be able to tick the box for doing your bit for the environment and we’ll credit you for your efforts, we have a similar set up with AirNZ and various multinational companies.
    Farmer, fantastic well I’ve got these trees here, a plantation here, a shelter belt there, and a shelter belt there all up it’s more than quite a few hectares and it all sequests carbon, worth a few credits to offset my emissions?
    Govt… yeah that’s not gonna work, you see the trees all need to be together, in one spot.
    Farmer, Why? That doesn’t make any difference to the sequesting.
    Govt… no it doesn’t but the piece of paper we’ve written says no.
    Farmer, right… well this river embankment I’ve planted out makes quite a few hectares that’ll count and will be worth a few credits to offset?
    Govt… yeah nah, they’re not the right trees.
    Farmer, ya what??? But they sequest the same amount of carbon if not more than those other trees.
    Govt… yeah they do but they’re not on our piece of paper we’ve written as approved trees for the project.
    Farmer, well this is challenging… how do I get around this?
    Govt… well you emit less.
    Farmer, ok… but I produce 400,000L of milk and about 25,000kg of beef for a wee factory overseas so if I cut back they’ll get the balance from somewhere else, probably from one of those farms with poor practice & higher emissions than mine in another country.
    Govt… most likely but they’re not in NZ so because we can’t see it we’re not worried.
    Farmer, but we’re on the same planet, same atmosphere, being effected by all emissions.
    Govt… yeah I see what you’re saying but we’re only worried about how we look, plus we like ticking boxes to make it seem like we care and are trying, plus our piece of paper we wrote says no.”



  17. I passed where pines have just been harvested on what I would call near vertical land. I don’t know who planted them but they needed a medal.

    No one would plant that type of land now, they will plant easy productive stuff more the shame.



  18. And from the “useless information” files. Apparently it would take 730 trees to equal the CO2 output of an extra person on Earth.

    120 fuck useless parliamentarians X 730 = 87,600 trees

    As at 2021 there were 52,000 government employees with their snouts in the trough.

    52,000 parasites X 730 = 37,960,000 trees

    Approximately 23,000 paper shufflers & oxygen thieves are paid via Local Bodies.

    23,000 inspectors, managers & assorted bloodsuckers X 730 = 16,790,000 trees.

    You see where we’re going with this?



    • And from the “useless information” files. Apparently it would take 730 trees to equal the CO2 output of an extra person on Earth.

      730 trees or 25sg ft of grass, So an area 5ft x 5ft.
      Or 7.6sgm = 2.7m x 2,7m.


      Actually it is not 730 trees. It is about two really big trees. The 730 trees came from this site,
      where they include all the CO2 from growing meat, obtaining fuel, etc etc, ignoring that for meat production the CO2 in the paddock where your steak was grown, was offset by the grass in that paddock.

      So just more climate fear porn. The same site says that it takes 15 trees to sustain a 2000 calorie diet. If we accept that then it takes 15 trees to offset the same CO2 as a patch on your lawn the size of two sun loungers side by side. So they are proving that trees are very inefficient. So why all the obsession with trees replacing farms that grow grass?

      The reality is that between 50% and 80% of oxygen comes from the sea – Phytoplankton; and the balance from grass, lichens, moss, and undergrowth. If allowed to just grow and die, trees are predominantly carbon neutral. The reason that the sea is between 50% and 80% is because the science is not settled and they have not been able to determine the exact figure.



      • I wouldn’t deny your logic nor argue with your figures. It just seemed a great way to justify removing 75,120 useless eaters from the trough. 🙂

        As an aside, have you any up to date info on Algae Farm Power? I read a reference to it recently but it was dated circa 2010. Is it a runner as a fuel source or just more Green wank?



        • Sorry, no data on it. I keep hearing about all sorts of bio fuels over the years, but they never eventuate, and those that do, appear to have massive subsidies.

          Micro Nuclear reactors seem a much better option.

          If Micro Nuclear reactors weren’t safe, they wouldn’t have installed one at Canterbury University in 1961, which lasted until the 1980’s when Lange had his Nuclear Free wet dream.

          New Zealand is the home of Rutherford, who made nuclear power possible. And we don’t have nuclear power.



  19. Beattie reacts to Alex Jones verdict: now we know the cost of free speech is one BILLION dollars…
    12 mins 43 secs : October 12, 2022 : Steve Bannon interviews Darren Beattie Editor of Revolver News.
    Earlier points on Alex Jones & Free Speech and some background raised earlier this morning 7;50 am. on this thread.
    The point is how Politicians use a tragedy to push legislation through that raises an event to national significance, then shelter behind that tragedy, & use those tragic victims to suppress oppression.
    If Alex Jones as media can be sued, this may also be an angle for Trump or any one suing all the other media?

    The increasing ways of bringing further suppression and censorship.
    One can see the pattern as announced by Ardern at the UN that is now being set up to be used in many forms and machinations.
    This article
    …… Basically, “stochastic terrorism” is the idea that, when somebody on the right criticizes somebody, they aren’t really just making a political argument.
    Instead, they are trying to “stoke hatred” in the expectation that some random third party will be “radicalized” and then commit political violence on their behalf. ….
    ……. as half-baked political concepts go, stochastic terrorism may be the single idea most perfect for today’s liberal wannabe-be Bolsheviks. ……

    Parallels & more :—– “Joe Biden — Stochastic Terrorist-in-Chief? — has recently to taken to demonizing and vilifying tens of millions of ……”
    and we have one who rules 5 million.



    • My thoughts exactly. entitled bitches.
      But good for our lot. Aussies fighting themselves will be great for thier team spirt.
      You can be sure that one or two dozy tarts started this.
      Delselect them and send them home.



  20. Not oy are they climate retards but they look suspiciously lgbt gender freaks too.

    Wtf is these morons obsession with super glue? The gallery should have got bags of rancid food and horse shit and allowed visitors to pelt the retards like a modern day headstock.



  21. Auditor-General asked to investigate over donation to Shane Jones’ election campaign

    Newshub can reveal NZ First is facing other questions about a donation made to its former MP Shane Jones when he was in charge of the Provincial Growth Fund.

    In July 2019 Nelson shipbuilder Aimex started talks to get some of the $1 billion fund. A month later, Aimex donated $5000 to Shane Jones’ election campaign. One year later, Aimex received a $9.8 million loan approved by four ministers including Jones who did not recuse himself.

    “We have written to the Auditor-General to look into what has gone on,” ACT leader David Seymour said.



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