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  1. The big spending piglet Ardern says “It’s a waste of hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars”, what a frickin joke ,that from a creature that wasted 10s of billions of dollars on a covid response and a vaccine that doesn’t work for a flu that wasn’t any more threatening than many others over the years, FFUUUCCKK.
    Will the people in that Hamilton electorate hand the bitch a lesson on election day ???



  2. I would be surprised if Hamilton West voted liarbor after the way in which Dr Sharma was treated by the nasty evil bitch. Though they did vote in the same old mayor who has done fuck all for Hamilton. I think many people in the Tron think better the devil you know than the one you don’t. I honestly think if he were to stand as an independent or as a member of another party he would get a lot of votes as he is “OH MY GOODNESS an honest politician who is not afraid to speak of what is going on”. Of course he would have been kicked out of parliament for the jumping ship thing she and Winnie got going. He knew the writing was on the wall.



  3. Sharma said Ardern said they were going to get rid of him from the Labour Party.

    Ardern says Sharma is a Liar as they weren’t.

    Claire Szarbo, the Labour Party President says, yes they were going to get rid of Sharma.

    Sharma proved to be correct.

    Question. Does this make Ardern one of the biggest liars this country has seen.




  4. New England Is Facing Blackouts This Winter: Grid Operator
    By Jack Phillips
    October 17, 2022 Updated: October 18, 2022

    A major New England grid operator stated that it’s preparing for a possible strain on the power grid amid a surge in demand for natural gas that threatens to reduce supplies.

    ISO New England, the power grid operator in the northeastern United States, stated that an especially cold winter could spark blackouts due to it not having enough natural gas that’s designed for power generation, officials told The Wall Street Journal on Oct. 17.

    “The most challenging aspect of this winter is what’s happening around the world and the extreme volatility in the markets,” Vamsi Chadalavada, ISO New England’s chief operating officer, told the paper in an interview.




  5. Commentary

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is taking contradictory economic policies that seem to make little sense: cutting rates, increasing credit, and enforcing the “zero-COVID” policy while facing mounting debt, falling currency, declining consumer demand, rising unemployment, and slowing growth.

    The Chinese economy is arguably in worse shape than it was 30 or even 40 years ago because, back then, it was not teetering on the brink of collapse. And Beijing seems to have no answers.

    Currently, factory activity is down as it has been steadily contracting over the past three months. Exports were weaker, and imports fell in September. Pessimistic about the future, Chinese consumers are spending less. Retail sales grew by just over half of the predicted rates in July, coming in at 2.7 percent as opposed to the forecasted 5 percent. As a result, consumer price inflation (CPI) dropped to 2.5 percent. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) sets a ceiling for CPI inflation at 3 percent—the amount of inflation the CCP believes to be desirable and healthy for the economy. Numbers below 3 percent mean that the economy is growing too slowly.

    About 20 percent of China’s urban youth are unemployed. New home prices have been falling. Housing sales were also down 27 percent year-on-year in August. The country faces a debt crisis fueled by the real estate sector, which accounts for about a quarter of GDP and about 26 percent of the country’s total debt. Analysts at S&P have determined that about 20 percent of China’s developers are in danger of default.

    Meanwhile, as developers run out of cash to complete construction, citizens refuse to pay their mortgages. These mortgage strikes are expected to negatively affect $133 billion worth of debt and create a vicious cycle of defaults and threats of default.

    Meanwhile, estimates for the impact of a real estate collapse go far beyond the GDP contribution made directly by the sector. The real estate slowdown is already negatively affecting allied and related industries such as steel production. Twenty-nine percent of steel producers have announced that they are nearing bankruptcy. Together, real estate and construction make up about 15 percent of jobs in urban areas. By some estimates, a 20 percent decrease in property-related investments could cost China 5 percent to 10 percent of its GDP.

    Globally, the reduced demand for steel in China has caused iron ore prices to fall 36 percent since March. Countries dependent on commodity exports—such as iron, coal, and metals—are feeling the effect of a China slowdown. As these countries’ economies contract, they find it more difficult to make interest payments on their Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) loans from China. The debt load is threatening to crush many of China’s BRI builders while ultimately adding a level of public debt risk that has previously gone unnoticed.

    BRI lending has been in the tens of billions yearly, with about $59.5 billion in 2021 alone. Now, requests from troubled borrowers for restructuring and write-offs are at an all-time high. The problem is expected to worsen as 60 percent of China’s foreign loans have been made to countries that are now in debt crises.

    Adding to the looming debt catastrophe is the fact that thousands of local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) are poised to collapse. LGFVs are the debt instruments sold by local governments and are one of the main drivers behind China’s growth. The total value of China’s LGFVs is estimated to be nearly $8 trillion, or about half of the country’s GDP.

    Typically, local governments would use the sale of real estate to repay the LGFVs. But with real estate sales now in steady decline, local government income from land sales was down 31 percent in the half of this year, making it unclear how the local governments will make good on their debts. S&P believes that 30 percent of local governments are on the brink of crisis. The irony of local government debt is that much of the debt was derived from the need to finance infrastructure projects mandated by Beijing. Effectively, CCP central planners ordered these local governments to create debt; now, they are left holding the bag.

    The banking sector is also facing a debt crisis. Non-performing loans have been steadily increasing. Bad loan disposal rose 18 percent in the first half of this year, while loan write-offs at small- and medium-sized banks jumped to 37 percent. In August, Beijing injected $47 billion into small- and medium-sized banks to keep them liquid. This cash was raised through the sale of infrastructure bonds. China’s private debt now stands at 184.49 percent of GDP, while government debt is expected to reach around 70 percent of GDP this year for a total debt of 250 percent of GDP.


    Meanwhile Xi wants total dominance of the world.
    Like Cindy and Fauci Swuab and others its mad human disease.



  6. ‘Goal Is Total Dominance:’ Republican Lawmakers React to Xi’s Speech, Taiwan Remarks
    By Andrew Thornebrooke
    October 17, 2022 Updated: October 17, 2022
    biggersmaller Print

    U.S. lawmakers have levied criticism against China’s communist leader Xi Jinping following a speech on Oct. 16 in which he swore Taiwan would be united with the mainland by any means necessary.

    Xi delivered the two-hour speech as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its 20th Party Congress, which takes place every five years. Xi downplayed the widespread suffering and economic fallout of his so-called zero-COVID policies and vowed to force Taiwan into unification with China.




  7. What is happening in the UK?
    Liz Truss is leader for five minutes and the knives are out.
    It is interesting in recent days Mark Steyn,peta Credlin and now TGWP have questioned the attacks on Truss .
    Peta Credlin said don,t underestimate the forces that want to reverse Brexit. There are a whole group that think people don’t matter . These elites want control and will keep undermining those they don’t approve of until they get there way.
    Why has the IMF been so critical of tax cuts and why did pp Biden criticise The Truss tax cuts.? He is such a financial wiz kid.
    Stuff Klaus and his mob.



    • WISEOWL@0723

      An interestiing (And so-far unexpolored) aspect of the attacks on Ms Truss, is that she (like dl) is one of Shwab’s accolytes, yet the media, instead of boosting her as they have done with dl, are now determined to remove her.

      Perhaps Klaus regrets his decision?



    • This interesting article by Richard Prebble might help explain what happened in the UK as I wondered the same thing. The summary is they were going to introduce personal tax cuts, increase company tax and (this was the stupid part) fund the the cuts with more printed money and borrowing rather than reduced government spending. It was the increased borrowing that the markets reacted to.

      This from the Herald Today:

      Richard Prebble: Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng – a modern morality tale
      19/10/22 – NZ Herald


      UK PM Liz Truss and her fired finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng have
      become a morality tale: Cut the top rate of tax and the markets will
      destroy you. But is that the moral of the story?

      Truss wanted to increase growth. Despite North Sea oil, the UK economy
      from 1955 until 2022 has been growing at an average of 0.56 per cent.
      The British are becoming relatively poorer.

      The British government is slashing the EC red tape that choked enterprise.

      The UK government still takes 51.6 per cent of GDP. Kwarteng’s solution
      was to promote growth by slashing taxes. A bigger economy would reduce
      the government’s share of GDP.

      His plan failed because his policies clashed with the Bank of England’s
      policy to defeat inflation and interest rate rises. Stimulatory fiscal
      policy means higher interest rates for longer. The market immediately
      priced in higher interest rates. Within days Britain was paying more
      money to borrow than Greece.

      Truss and Kwarteng are not wrong in thinking the government taking over
      half of everything produced in the UK is hurting the British economy.

      Thanks to huge sacrifices in a Chinese experiment we know what happens
      when the government takes everything, people stop working. The result is
      famine. Thirty million Chinese starved to death in the Great Leap Forward.

      Taxation does not only affect the incentive to be productive, it is
      costly. It costs money to collect tax. We have to fill out forms, keep
      records and hire accountants, just to pay tax. It is called the dead
      weight of tax. The greater share of GDP collected, the higher the cost.
      There comes a point when even if the rates of tax are increased it is so
      damaging to the economy the total revenue from taxation cannot increase.
      Tax rate increases can result in less revenue.

      We have world-leading research in New Zealand on what the dead weight of
      tax is and the point that rate of tax becomes counterproductive.

      In the 1990s IRD commissioned some world-leading economists. They
      accepted because IRD gave access to the tax department’s data. The
      economists were asked: “What is New Zealand’s dead weight of tax?” “What
      percentage of GDP can the government take before it affects the
      economy’s ability to pay?”

      The government was at that time taking 34 per cent of GDP. Dr Sully and
      Dr Knox Lovell found the dead weight of tax was not 8 cents as Treasury
      thought but for every extra dollar of tax the cost was a staggering,
      $2.64. Their modelling indicated once the government was taking 20 per
      cent of GDP any further taxation reduced the economy’s ability to pay.

      The Treasury hired an Australian economist, Ted Sieper, to review the
      research and disprove it. Sieper did his review and found that once
      government was collecting 15 per cent of GDP any further tax was
      counterproductive. Treasury’s response was to close down the project and
      ignore the results.

      The damage being done to the UK economy by the dead weight of taxes has
      got to be enormous. It must be a reason for Britain’s low growth rate.

      It is likely that Kwanteng’s lower tax rates would have raised more
      revenue than Treasury’s forecasts. When the Lange government reduced the
      top rate of tax from 66 cents to 33 cents the new top rate raised far
      more revenue than Treasury’s model predicted. The projections of the
      Office of the Budget are never right. In part because the models fail to
      predict how incentives change behaviour.

      The British economy is suffering from a more deadly threat than low
      growth and inflation. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said
      last week “fiscal policy must work with, not against, monetary policy.
      To avoid stoking inflation, any new spending must be offset by savings
      or new revenue.”

      To be credible Truss and Kwanteng had to cut spending which they ruled
      out. The monopoly Soviet-style National Health System, that the British
      are so proud of, is an inefficient money-sucking monster. The demand for
      free services is infinite. Governments must adopt the ideas of reformers
      like New Zealand’s Professor Robert McCulloch and Sir Roger Douglas and
      create patients’ health accounts. Then we will be incentivised to manage
      our health costs. Otherwise rising health costs will destroy our economies.

      No country can afford to have government spending over 30 per cent of
      GDP. In New Zealand government’s share of GDP has risen from 35.64 per
      cent under Bill English to 42.94 per cent last year. Treasury predicts
      this will fall but, as we have noted, treasury predictions are rarely

      If he had announced a programme to reduce government spending so the tax
      reductions were neutral the market and the economy would have rewarded
      him. This is the real lesson of the Liz/Kwasi morality tale.

      Is either Labour or National listening?

      *• Richard Prebble is a former leader of the Act Party and a former
      member of the Labour Party.*



  8. The Labour Party has confirmed it recommended Hamilton West MP Gaurav Sharma be expelled from the party.

    However, in a statement, Labour Party president Claire Szabó still denied Sharma’s earlier allegations that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her party planned to invoke waka-jumping rules to axe him from Parliament.

    The party said Sharma “appears to conflate being potentially expelled from the Labour Party with being waka-jumped from the Parliament”.

    Szabó confirmed an investigation had taken place into alleged misconduct by Sharma.

    “Gaurav has participated fully in that investigation and provided oral and written accounts of his perspective, both to the investigating panel and to the full New Zealand Council,” Szabó said.


    The one source of Truth. eh?



  9. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/130215128/protesters-block-transmission-gullys-southbound-lanes

    So few people protesting, with a narrow concern, such disruption. I am awaiting Michael Woods announcement regarding Rivers of Filth directed at the Green protestors like he did at the Freedom marchers..




  10. There were comments yesterday on the possibility of a new Russian advance further into Ukraine.
    “With 300,000 troops mobilized and a reported 70,000 Belarusian troops ready to join the fight, Russia is staging tanks, personnel and even Mig-31 fighter jets in Belarus in what appears to be preparation for a 2nd wave assault against Ukraine. Kiev will likely be the target in this assault, as Putin attempts to topple the Ukrainian government and bring an end to Zelensky’s corrupt regime and its failed chapter of western expansion in Eastern Europe. Over the weekend, Kamikaze drone strikes rocked Kiev, although these are little more than nuisance demonstrations compared to what’s likely coming. WarNews24/7 (a Greek website) has reported that Mig-31 fighters landed in Belarus, as Russia reportedly confirms that Belarusian Su-25s are being equipped to carry nuclear weapons”
    China has been advising its citizens to get out. Happy Days ahead.




    • And they are evacuating citizens from Kherson. Lots of blood going to be soaking into the soil shortly….

      Hopefully Russia will have a decisive quick campaigner and this all ends sooner than later. The poor Ukraninans are being slaughtered to keep Biden and Zelensky happy.



    • Its not just china warning its people to get out, i think most of europe knows whats about to go down.

      Also whilst russia is a good distraction go check out whats going down in ethipopia… msm only has cricket sounds



  11. Microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles’ case against Auckland University continues

    One of New Zealand’s best-known scientists is pushing on with legal action against the University of Auckland, while another prominent Covid-19 expert has left his faculty role and is no longer part of proceedings.

    Last year, microbiologist Associate Professor Siouxsie Wiles and physicist and modeller Professor Shaun Hendy filed complaints against the university, arguing their employer hadn’t taken enough steps to protect them against “a small but venomous sector of the public” that had become increasingly “unhinged”.

    Un hinged, No one more so than her and hendy.
    Both need sending to the Falklands to chillout.



  12. Don’t you just love Cultural Appropriation.

    And none do it better than someone, a Pomgolian no less, who claims to be a Maori by the name of Thomas Hilton.

    As fate would have it, Thomas was born in the United Kingdom and after growing up there emigrated to New Zealand, where all of a sudden, Tommy discovered he was a Maori.

    Not only that Thomas is a Maori Choclatier who is producing a range of Maori Chocolates and according to Newshub, on this Cultural Appropriator, they say,

    “He’s now launching Ao Cacao – a luxury chocolate business with a distinctly indigenous flavour. Some of his more unique offerings include fried bread, paua, hangi and steam pudding bon bons.”

    It is good to know that after discovering Antarctica, Maori can now probably lay claim to chocolate, albeit with a traditional Maori name of “Ao Cacao”.




  13. Speaking of slimy politicians

    Christopher Luxon hits back at Jacinda Ardern’s comments comparing him to UK Prime Minister Liz Truss

    “This is a Government that actually could, if it was responsible, if it knew how to run an economy, deliver people some income tax relief,” Luxon told AM.



  14. More ridiculus scaremongering. The atmosphere has fuck all effect on Ocean temperature, other than possibly the top few centimetres due to evaporation. The only two variables are incoming solar energy and cloud cover. And there is not much we can do about either. However, the ocean temperatures has a massive effect on atmospheric temperatures above them, and the amount of CO2 absorbed or released. These “scientists” are idiots.




    • ROL,

      …the only two variables are incoming solar energy and cloud cover….

      You forgot #3 – magnetic radiation from the sun.

      But however, you are correct, the writers are idiots. The mass of the water, combined with all the high pressure water stored under the earth’s mantle is ginormous. Water temperature variations are surface only, and Mother Nature responds to increased temperature by more evaporation and cloud cover.

      The earth is a balanced system and does not need idiots who know 3/4 or 5/8 of stuff all to tell everyone what they themselves do not understand. Especially as you point out, it is ocean warming that controls CO2 release.

      Earth’s main source of O2 is Phytoplankton, producing between 50% and 85% of all O2, Why 50% to 85%? Because real scientists, humble scientists, admit that the science is not settled, and that they are only just scratching the surface of their understanding of how this planet works.



      • Hi Thanks for that info on the magnetic radiation. I know that huge advances on the sun have been made since I studied this, and the role of sunspots seems to be important in this. I saw a number where of the 3200 IPCC scientists, only about 140 were climatologists…. Some of the most vocal critics of the IPCC were contributors who got sick of their work being misrepresented.



        • Thanks. It easy to forget that we are sitting on a giant ball that has a molten liquid interior, which having magnetic properties which is like a huge “motor” where said molten liquid is moving in accordance with the magnetic influence/induction of the sun. This is also why we have magnetic north and south. The molten core inner is like a giant moving electrical coil creating the magnetic north and south.

          In fact research has been done which maps the molten liquid flow, and eddy flows*. And they discovered that the majority of earthquakes (caused by plate movements) are more prevalent at specific global zones where eddy currents are most turbulent. Its been a few decades but as I recall those zones are something like 25-35% above and below the equator line.

          They also applied these findings and lessons to other planets in the solar system, and observed surface disruptions, and evidence of most earthquakes at those same zones.

          * Eddy Flows: They can be created when a conductor is moving through a magnetic field, or when the magnetic field surrounding a stationary conductor is varying i.e. anything which results in the conductor experiencing a change in the intensity or direction of a magnetic field can produce eddy currents.



          • The biggest shortcoming of “climate Scientests” is too few, (including myself) everstudied fluid dynamics and the physics around radiation transfer and how molecules interact with electromagnetic radiation at the atomic level. Thats why experts like Happer and Dyson Freeman have to be looked at to get a handle on this. 99% of people have no idea how CO2 bonds react to electromagnetic radiation. It’s only something I read about a few years ago.



    • Dylan@0956

      No, ‘These scientists’ are well paid by the climate change mafia and as ‘He who pays the piper calls the tune’, they are merely singing for their supper, ‘cos if they don’t they won’t have any work in the future or food on the table.

      It’s a great incentive to ‘toe the line’ – and they do.

      Pavlov’s Dog’s DO come to mind…



  15. Those loveable rogues who do a great social service by renting to the poor are at it again.

    ……”At one property in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham there were mattresses with blood stains from previous tenants, needles and other drug paraphernalia among piles of rubbish, and broken windows.”…….

    ……”At a property in Glen Eden there was rubbish inside and out, missing locks, a rat infestation, handles missing on kitchen taps, blocked sinks, no smoke alarms and an exposed septic tank that was accessible to children.”…….




  16. Those who don’t understand this must be living under a rock

    Farmers warn food prices will rise due to soaring cost of diesel

    Farmers are warning Kiwis that food prices will rise again as they struggle to pay to plough the fields, thanks to the price of diesel skyrocketing to record highs.

    “Fuel has been a big one, I think it’s up 50% over the last 12 months because we don’t only use diesel, we use petrol, contractors like shearers and tractors have gone up and staffing, wages have gone up,” Galloway said.

    Sheep, beef, and arable farm manager Hugh Abbiss said he had concerns for future prices.

    “The big unknown, how far these prices are going to go and how much more were going to have to absorb, we’re still here and still operating at the moment but it’s not as easy as it has been, it’s getting tougher.



  17. The Three Little Pigs went to lunch one day. Pig #1 ordered a bountiful lunch. Pig #2 ordered a healthier but still substantial lunch. Pig #3 ordered water.
    As the meal went on, Pigs 1 and 2 ordered refills, seconds and desert; pig 3 kept requesting more water.
    Finally, pigs 1 and 2 asked their friend, “What’s this with all the water? Aren’t you going to eat ANYTHING?”
    Pig 3 smiled pleasantly and responded, “One of us has to go wee wee wee all the way home.”



  18. Groundswell We’re Not Going To Take It
    Thursday, 20th October 2022

    Meet outside Countdown and Convoy to Christchurch
    10.30 am
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Meet with South Canterbury Convoy – leaves Timaru at 8am then convoy together

    Timaru-Ashburton-Rolleston-Christchurch … to meet together with West Coast and North Canterbury convoys at Hagley Park
    Leaving 10am
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Auckland (Pukekohe to Auckland)
    Meet Pukekohe Main Street at 8.30am
    Meet Mangatawhiri by the castle at 8.45am
    Or on Motorway head north and catch up just below St Stevens
    Heading for town at 10am and over Harbour Bridge at 11am then onto Victoria Park for 12 noon and lunch

    From 8.30 am meeting at Victoria Park 12 noon
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Meeting southern convoy at Rosebank Lodge, and continuing on through Milton, to Dunedin
    9am for Tractors or 10.15am for utes & cars

    Meet at Seymour Square, Town Centre
    12 noon

    Convoy to Invercargill

    Assemble outside AgrowQuip, convoy to town centre

    Meet at Cnr Moorhouse Ave & Lincoln Rd, in Hagley Park.
    Walkers can meet at Cathedral Square & March to Hagley Park.
    Walkers meet at Cathedral Square at 11:30am
    Tractors, trucks, and cars meet at Cnr Moorhouse Ave & Lincoln Rd at 12 noon

    Meet at town centre
    12 noon

    Cust – Oxford
    Meet 10am in Cust and convoy down Tram Road, anyone can join in. Will be at Mandeville shopping centre, Rangiora 11am, then Clarkville School Corner 11.15am. Then continuing to meet West Coast & Darfield Convoy at Airport, then into Christchuch
    More details from Shelly 0279201738

    Join the West Coast convoy on Main St and travel to Christchurch

    Meet at Rugby Park, Murdoch Street Dargaville then convoy into town
    11 am

    Assemble at A&P Grounds, for convoy to Town Clock roundabout

    Travel to convoy either Dunedin or Invercargill
    Meet at Waipahi to convoy to Dunedin, meeting others along the way joining from Balclutha, Lawrence, Milton, Mosgiel

    For Invercargill, meet at Racecourse at 11.30am fo convoy through town
    8am (for Tractors)

    Meet at Kumara Junction for convoy to Christchurch

    Drive from south end of Victoria Street, up to first roundabout north of the Base

    Head to New Plymouth, meet at racecourse at 11am

    Meet at Kumara Junction for convoy to Christchurch

    Meet 11.30am outside racecourse and at Lorneville, for convoy through Main Streets

    Meet at the Te Ahu Centre
    12 noon

    Leaving Lawrence at 9am, meeting up with southern convoy in Milton and continuing to Dunedin

    Convoy to Rolleston, then on to Christchurch
    Details from David 0274465593
    Leaving 10.30am

    Lower Hutt
    Meet at Petone Esplanade, for convoy to Wellington

    Meeting Southern convoy, Main Street and continuing on to Dunedin

    Meet at Mabel the Cow in Thames Street, gather until 1pm
    Please keep business driveways clear of vehicles

    Meet convoys coming from Southland & South Otago, convoy up Motorway and loop around one-ways
    Or, go directly onto the one-way system, using Right Hand Lane by 12 noon.
    For those who want to join on foot, meet at Queens Park (by Leviathan Hotel, in between one way system)
    12 noon

    Convoy to Nelson

    Meet at Murchison town centre
    12 noon

    New Plymouth
    Meet at the Racecourse, convoy down Devon Street via Coronation Avenue & Elliot Street

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    Head to Dunedin
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    Head to Bunnings, Te Awamutu
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    Palmerston North
    Meet at the Railway Land on Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North
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    Palmerston, Otago
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    Will be at Mandeville shopping centre, Rangiora 11am, then Clarkville School Corner 11.15am. Then continuing to meet West Coast & Darfield convoy and travel together into Christchurch. For more details contact Shelly 0279201738‍

    Richmond / Nelson
    Meet at the Richmond A&P Showgrounds, then convoy route through to Nelson
    Convoy from Takaka joining

    Meet convoys in town from Timaru, Ashburton and Leeston and all convoy together to Christchurch
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    Convoy to Nelson, meeting at the Richmond A&P grounds at 11.15am
    Be at Richmond 11.15

    Assemble at Centennial Drive opposite Tenon
    Assemble at 11:00am

    Te Anau
    Meet 11am at Events Centre for convoy to Lions Park for 12 noon

    Te Aroha / Morrinsville
    Convoy to Cambridge (see Cambridge for details)

    Te Awamutu
    Meet at Bunnings carpark

    Te Kuiti
    Meet at Bunnings carpark, Te Awamutu or gather in town centre

    Te Puke
    Meet at Te Puke Sports carpark
    11.30 am

    Meet at Pharlap Raceway, Main Road and convoy to meet others along way at Ashburton, Rolleston, Leeston and all convoy together to Christchurch, meet at Hagley Park‍
    8 am

    Meet at Cambridge Terrace, northern end and we will proceed through Courtney Place, Dixon Street, down Willis Street and in to Lambton Quay -to end up round cenotaph and Molesworth Street.
    Questions ring 021 500 633

    Leaving Centennial Park Wellsford at 9.30am (if tractors may have to leave earlier) meeting others:

    Warkworth 9:45am / 10:00am
    Puhoi 10:00am
    Silverdale 10:15am
    Helensville 10:15am
    Orewa 10:30am
    Albany 11:00am approx, meeting Franklin convoy
    Reaching Victoria Park for 12 noon
    – – – – – – – – – – –
    West Coast
    Meet at Kumara Junction for convoy to Christchurch

    Meet at Kumara Junction for convoy to Christchurch

    Convoy to Taihape

    Meet at McKay Stadium, Whangarei

    I would think that there will be more to be added, and further updates, plus further fine tuning.

    A good time to wear the DemocracyNZ cap. 🙂
    or a MAGA
    Put alll this government under a 🚜🚜



  19. Just out of curiosity:
    Come election day when the ‘captain’ finally makes her BS captain’s call as to when the election will happen……is it still illegal to wear a MAGA cap (Make A-dipshit Go Away)?

    I only ask because apparently, it’s OK if the left do it regarding Jacinda’s enforcements on local elections…..Oh my oh my, the horse has bolted. Rules for me and not for thee as Richie Hardcore clumsily plays his guitar as Karel Soubrek sings in the background “”’you are us””



  20. Another job for Wayne Brown to sort out. Should ratepayers be funding social housing schemes?

    Close to 60 council flats for elderly residents are sitting vacant in Auckland – some in dire disrepair – amid an affordable housing shortage for those over 65.

    The vacant flats make up more than a third of Auckland Council’s ‘Own-your-own’ home scheme set up in the 1970s – where council buys back the flats when owners vacate, then onsells to a new owner, all at a discounted rate.

    Now council is selling its share and residents are worried.

    Pauline Sheddan, who bought a well-kept unit in Sandringham two years ago, said at least seven units in the block of 35 were unoccupied.

    “They’re deteriorating rapidly as all vacant units do,” she said.

    Auckland Council has repurchased more units than it has sold in recent years. More than a third of the 150 flats across 14 villages sit vacant, and the council has run out of funds to refurbish them.



    • You obviously didn’t get the memo Waikatogirl. Wayne Brown can only do so much to rub Len Brown’s and fark off Goff’s inept management skills in the brown stuff.

      I think Wayne Brown is slowly but surely (quick if truth be told) draining the swamp



    • waikatogirl@1206

      Now if the money being used for the underground railway had been used to refurbish the flats….

      But, of course, Goff, true socialist/ marxist that he is, wanted to leave a ‘monument’ to himself as his ‘legacy’ to the people of Auckland and to consider spending the ‘railway’ monies on such minor things as housing for the proles would never have entered his mind.

      Do as I say, never as I actually do is, as always, the TRUE socialist moto.



  21. Not sure about this one. I have zero tolerance for real rape

    However, this may be a huge problem going forward….

    “Masterson’s then-attorneys suggested in their cross-examination of the women that all had retroactively reframed consensual sex as rape, and said the age of the incidents made accurate memories impossible.”


    and sorry, this doesn’t pass the sniff test in my opinion….

    ” Each would file a police report that year. Masterson’s former girlfriend said she did so after telling her story to her husband, who helped her understand that she had been raped. ”

    I would argue that real rape victims don’t need help “understanding” they have been raped.



      • A former girlfriend. The chances are there would have been consensual sex. This raises a whole murky discussion on where consent starts and ends. Do men need a written agreement stating that consent is given each and every time, or does the fact that we shagged 6 times this week imply that its probably OK on the 7th? Is it Ok to snuggle up to a sleeping partner, especially if having been in a relationship for a number of years?



        • ROL…”This raises a whole murky discussion on where consent starts and ends.
          Crimes Act 1961, s 128A Allowing sexual activity does not amount to consent in some circumstances”
          (1) A person does not consent to sexual activity just because he or she does not protest or offer physical resistance to the activity.
          (2) A person does not consent to sexual activity if he or she allows the activity because of—
          (a) force applied to him or her or some other person; or
          (b) the threat (express or implied) of the application of force to him or her or some other person; or
          (c )the fear of the application of force to him or her or some other person.
          (3) A person does not consent to sexual activity if the activity occurs while he or she is asleep or unconscious.
          (4) A person does not consent to sexual activity if the activity occurs while he or she is so affected by alcohol or some other drug that he or she cannot consent or refuse to consent to the activity.
          (5) A person does not consent to sexual activity if the activity occurs while he or she is affected by an intellectual, mental, or physical condition or impairment of such a nature and degree that he or she cannot consent or refuse to consent to the activity.
          (6) One person does not consent to sexual activity with another person if he or she allows the sexual activity because he or she is mistaken about who the other person is.
          (7) A person does not consent to an act of sexual activity if he or she allows the act because he or she is mistaken about its nature and quality.
          (8) This section does not limit the circumstances in which a person does not consent to sexual activity.
          (9) For the purposes of this section,—
          allows includes acquiesces in, submits to, participates in, and undertakes
          sexual activity, in relation to a person, means—
          (a) sexual connection with the person; or
          (b) the doing on the person of an indecent act that, without the person’s consent, would be an indecent assault of the person.



  22. This is what it’s come to. Cops don’t even see the point catching these guys, because they’re just going to be turned out to go again.
    FS what sort of country do we live in.

    “An Auckland dairy owner has had two of his stores robbed two nights in a row.

    Mahmoud Harden blames a justice system, which he believes can’t hold people to account.

    Hardan’s central city shop on Quay St was robbed for the eighth time in the past 18 months on Sunday evening. His Mission Bay store was targeted among others on Monday night.

    Last year Hardan lost $65,000 worth of stock in five robberies in just one month, including one where a staff member was hit with a golf club over a chocolate bar.

    The latest robberies come amid a spate across Auckland, where ram raids have increased by more than 500 per cent for the first six months of 2022 compared to the same period in 2018, according to police statistics.

    “The police officer I saw was saying nothing will happen and it’s a waste of time [to find the offenders]. He said, ‘we’re very close to catching them, but no point of it as they will only have a slap on the hand’.”



  23. Well on the platform michael laws was easy to agitate today 🙂 , whos the guy on now in the midday-3 slot?
    Seems a pretty based guy and polar opposite yet very rational views on the russia ukraine conflict, seems to be the only person on the platform that hasnt been consumed by the western propaganda and pro ukraine narrative.



  24. First pictures of Nord Stream pipeline show 50m hole after explosions
    An explosion in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline last month destroyed 50 metres of pipe, new underwater images show.

    A massive tear can be seen in video footage, with much of the stretch of pipe either missing or buried under the seabed.

    “It is only an extreme force that can bend metal that thick in the way we are seeing,” Trond Larsen, a drone operator with the Norwegian company Blueye Robotics, told the Danish newspaper Expressen.

    Larsen, who piloted the submersible drone, said you could also see “a very large impact on the seabed around the pipe”.




  25. Grant Robertson no evidence of excessive bank profits

    Finance Minister Grant Robertson says there is no evidence suggesting banks are making unreasonable profits as inflation and the cost-of-living crisis impact on New Zealand families.

    Robertson told Morning Report hikes in bank loans, including mortgage rate loans, were set off what the Reserve Bank did and that banks’ profits were not excessive.


    Well that’s untrue. Baggrie reckons they are and its was said that the banks will runaway with 10 billion dollars profit this year.
    It also true that bank margins have gone 1.22- 1.5 % a few years ago the 2.5%+ what they hide today.
    Who is paying Robertson to sp[out his rubbish.



  26. I’ve just heard that the Selwyn District Council are “restructuring” and laying off some staff. This action might well be commended by the humble ratepayers of Selwyn, but my insider tells me that those being given the arse card are people that actually do shit and the shiny bums, as usual, are safe.



  27. 🔥🏠 ☠️For the first time on record national house prices have dropped for six consecutive months. Around $10k a month🔥🏠☠️

    We need to punish the deniers and liars who doubted Kea’s wise prophesies.



      • Building has always been boom or bust. This bust might be a bit harder though.

        The issue is our monetary system. In particular the printing of debt money that is not backed by a corresponding increase in wealth creating productivity.

        The system is fucked.



    • A tsunami of rich house buyers coming into New Zealand to feed through the system for the next 6 months or so.

      Real estate agents are licking on their chops, as for some them will get rich pickings.

      The biggest surge in numbers to sell the farm, this past month from what I have heard in one district that are going through the procedure of listing has the ‘poor’ agents buying new cars.

      What I do not know is if the prices for farms will remain buoyant.
      Do not be surprised at some farmers backing Ardern as the highest pricing for farm land will be turning farm into a government guarantee Carbon sink.

      That will more than likely be reliant on overseas investors, and so no restraints from Ardern.
      Robertson may see the demand by the investors for the NZ$ as a way of at least stopping the $NZ dropping too much and driving inflation up.

      What else they may do when cashed up, I do no know.
      Will be interesting as they will be well aware of just how corrosive inflation is cash.

      What business should they invest in, when the costs of government compliance + costs in so many aspects.



  28. The more I see him, the more I like him.

    “You appear to have been focussed on changing how Aucklanders live, using transport policy and services as a tool,” Brown said.

    “Instead, AT must seek to deeply understand how Aucklanders actually live now, how they want to live in the future, and deliver transport services that support those aspirations.”

    I hope there is a man like Wayne Brown who sticks his neck up for next years election that has a similar set of big Nuts, that Wayne Brown has.

    But there again, I live in an aspirational place called A O Tea A Rower.




  29. “While police responded immediately and began clearing the road, some protesters had unfortunately glued their hands to the road, further delaying traffic and taking up police time.”

    Mow it would have been fun if they had tazers them and caused them to prise their own pinkies from the tarmac.



    • Yeah they would’ve had a good earth. I was once replacing a broken post in an existing fenceline. Had post hole borer about 2 feet in ground when my head came in contact with a hot wire along the fence top. Woke up a little way away with the borer on top of me and felt like I got clobbered by a bat.



  30. There seem to be a few local body by elections. One is because the instruction manual goes against his beliefs.

    Following central government without question I think. South Island.

    Should there be by-elections or next highest poller?



  31. Aha.
    Lee van Der Vis has been elected Chairman of the Finance and Council Controlled Organisations Committee for Dunedin City Council.
    He has been critical of CCO’s so hopefully he does a Browny on them.
    I’ll check and see if he is noting what is happening in Auckland.



  32. Looks like the Brownmeister has Cindy on the ropes. She won’t risk a live appearance with him.

    “Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern rejects Auckland mayor Wayne Brown’s request for joint press conference following meeting



  33. I am a stupid boy October 19, 2022 At 7:00 pm
    “Toko, wtf (7) A person does not consent to an act of sexual activity if he or she allows the act because he or she is mistaken about its nature and quality.”

    IAASB….there is some interesting case law around the ‘nature and quality of the act’.,,, eg. a young music student consents to her teacher massaging her breasts before her lesson because he has convinced her that it is going to improve her singing voice….a gullible teenage mother has desires to be a model but her 62 year old photographer/agent advises that her stretchmarks are going to be a problem…fortunately he has had good advice from a well respected doctor that her stretchmarks can be taken care of simply by swallowing semen from a donor older than 60. I did say she was gullible and gave consent believing in the “nature and quality of the act” was going to remove the said marks enabling her to score a modelling contract .



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