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  1. Oh well done Odakyu-sen, so early too.
    So cold like a real winters day here at 3.9 and Ed is always optimistic so would not be good out there imagine how cold it will get later on, brrrr.
    Have a wonderful day and be safe from all sorts out there. Scammers, and all sorts.



      • Meanwhile in India

        Bengaluru experienced a respite from the scorching heat on Friday as parts of the city received summer showers and thunderstorms. The city had been facing extreme temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius for over a month, causing residents to eagerly await the cooling rains.

        Not that we would ever see that in NZ

        Why does the vast majority of the world live near the equator…. than far away from it ?
        ….if there is a fear of warming
        One of those things to ponder.

        Then, when you ponder you realise there are a lot of lying manipulative shitheads talking shite about the weather
        Luxon is one of them
        Net Zero B.A., fraudulent Two mums, is another

        Climate Skience – Another religion baying at the sky.. Taxes will change the weather !!!



    • Yep the local rag said something about quacker season but failed, as normal, to give the dates.
      I did just hear a bang from over the river way.
      Trouble now is every bit of water has houses around it so the Canadians are fouling up the harbour something awful. Need lead pilling big time.



    • yea i forgot it was quacker banging by drunk men day today, on my way out the drive for work i was greeted by 4 armed men 2 of which already looked and sounded on their way to being rotten drunk climbing the fence to wander across to the neighbours pond.

      used to be mad on duckshooting but as a mostly non drinker i used to get fucked off esp opening day and eventually gave up on it.



      • The lad got up to go with the regular guys that do the stubble shooting this morning. Probably a sober lot this year as driver has to blow into thingy to keep his car running. By the amount of shots they should be in the hundreds by now , i bet only got 20. They seem to take all day to get to 200.



  2. Crowd protests outside Winston Peters’ Auckland houseA group of protesters congregated in front of the central Auckland home of Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

    A police spokesperson said they were called to an address at 7.46pm following reports of protesters shouting.

    “Police are in attendance monitoring the situation.”


    When contacted about protesters outside his home tonight, Peters would only say: “You can indulge yourself with lawbreakers, but I’m not going to indulge you”.

    It’s not yet clear what the group were protesting.



    • Were they wearing tea towels?

      If yes… they will be Gween pardy
      If just badly dressed they will be liebour pardy.

      House of Deputy PM
      if a year ago they were protesting at night outside Carmel Sepuloni’s house…
      Imagine the squealing from lefties



  3. Nothing like the sound of gunfire in the morning to know you are in very traditional rural Country.. The frost outside lets you know you are in the southern end of the island. Which also means a sunny day I suppose so not the ideal opening day..
    Never mind, as SB says, let the drinking continue.



    • where are ya perched up today HP, no frost here but was close to it.
      ww3 sounds like its kicked off here, at least at work theyre mostly serious shooters and leave the pissing up till later this arvo at the pub. 5 ponds on the farm, few hundred bux in ammo up in smoke already by the sounds of it.

      also thanks for mentioning oysters yesterday, got mrs sb to get a few dozen so oysters for tea tonight 🙂



  4. Hooker Phil@0738

    Ducks and swans are, of course, no fools, and the local lake in our small Waikato town now has a lot more water fowl on site than it had two days ago.

    The shooting season will end and they’ll depart soon afterwards.

    It happens every year..



    • I used to see huge mobs of ducks sitting on the sea about a mile off shore during duck shooting season when I was learning to fly at Balclutha. I often wondered how much the duck shooters would pay me to chase them back in! Would have subsidised the huge $18/hr cost of hiring the aero club Cessna 150!! LOL!



    • CIA could just write the Criminal handbook couldn’t they !!!

      If there was Guinness Book of Records entry for the biggest Criminal outfit the CIA would be a shoe in every year since its rollover from OSS.

      In the early 1990s there was a spate of hollyweird movies about Italian Organised Crime
      There was little about CIA organised Crime .
      Air America (1989) could qualify.

      And whilst jewish run hollyweird pushed the Italian organised crime angle the jewish organised crime was the same size and reach and they co-operated closely with the Italians via The Commission.
      The Commission allowed Jewish mobsters Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Louis Buchalter, Dutch Schultz, and Abner “Longie” Zwillman to work alongside them and participate in some meetings.



  5. A man named Tom Nicholson posted on his Facebook account the sports car that he had just bought and how a man approached and told him that the money used to buy this car could’ve fed thousands of less fortunate people.

    His response to this man made him famous on the internet. READ his story as stated on Facebook below:

    A guy looked at my Corvette the other day and said,

    “I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that sports car cost?

    I replied I’m not sure;
    it fed a lot of families in Bowling Green, Kentucky who built it,
    it fed the people who make the tires,
    it fed the people who made the components that went into it,
    it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires,
    it fed people in at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore.
    It fed the trucking people who hauled it from the plant to the dealer
    and fed the people working at the dealership and their families.

    BUT,… I have to admit, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.
    That is the difference between capitalism and the welfare mentality.
    When you buy something, you put money in people’s pockets and give them dignity for their skills.
    When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self-worth.

    Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value.
    Socialism is having the government take your money against your will and give it to someone else for doing nothing.

    Go here to see the pic that goes with this. A real mans car.



    • This comment on our political problems from Hazel Modisett on NZCPR nailed it and is worth sharing here.

      The political problems we face in NZ are easy to catalogue & you don’t need a university degree to dissect them.
      We operate under Indirect Democracy whereby decisions are made without referendum or consent or any right of redress & more often than not our knowledge & the only choice NZers have is which bunch of muppets to vote in every 3 years, generally the lesser of 2 evils.

      We have no codified Constitution, allowing all branches of parliament to cherry pick laws & legislation to suit their own agenda, while we are left with no clue as to how the process works.

      Our Bill of Rights is not ratified & not worth the paper it is printed on as it does not guarantee even our most basic inalienable rights of privacy, property & self defense.

      Our politicians are worthless & there is not a single one of them that is qualified for the portfolio they hold. We would be better off just hiring consultants off the bat & doing away with politicians who have become nothing more than parasitic middle men.

      Our “leaders” long ago sold us out to the USA, UN, WHO, WEF, IMF, BIS which is why we are forced to comply with every idiot ideology that stems from these globalist entities & if our politicians need an example of why they need to tow the line, they need look no further than Norman Kirk, who was murdered by the CIA for attempting to regain our National Sovereignty.

      In addition, the vast majority of NZers have become so complacent that the popular phrase “she’ll be right mate” should be replaced with “whateva”. We have been schooled for decades to believe the lies & propaganda to the point that critical thinking is now considered revolutionary dissent & you may expect a knock on your door from the police for speaking the truth.

      To put in simple terms…were whucked…



    • How long until we’re treated to the normal Green bullshit about why their MPs are aggressive, know-all wankers? I refer of course to “mental health problems”.

      Any debate hinges on whether you have to be mad to be green or alternatively that being green causes insanity.



      • Which begs the question how inadequate are the Greens selection criteria and processes that so many of their MPs are mentally unfit to do the job?
        Or is mental illness an easy smokescreen when their MPs inevitably behave badly and/or illegally? Don’t answer that’s a rhetorical question.
        The Greens really are incompetent and delusional.



    • Let us remember
      Genter is NOT a List MP

      Genter is an electorate MP
      So cannot be sacked like a list MP
      She could, at best, do a Jamilee Ross thing and go independent until the next election
      She cant be dismissed from parliament by the Gween pardy.

      she would have to voluntarily resign (or die in office) and this would force a by-election.



    • SA@0902

      So according to swarbrick, ‘‘We are going through a disciplinary process which means sitting down with Julie Anne and working through the incident as of last night, and obviously what has been brought to light today,’

      Any excuse for a party; I wonder who’ll be bringing the opioids (Or supplying them)…



  6. Russell discusses THE FIGHT BY LOCAL FARMERS TO FEED the nation while regulations to prevent all farming appears to be the goal of bureaucrats who literally want farmers to sell up so government run “centralised food” distribution.
    Last night we watched the new “Clarkson’s Farm” on Amazon where Jeremy is stymied at every turn by regulations to grow food and feed the locals at his farm restaurant and farm shop. Not allowed, but Jeremy always has a new plan.

    Farmers Under ATTACK From Globalists! + YOU Are Eating “Bioengineered FOOD!” – (from 45mins)
    Russell Brand



  7. Israel gives Hamas one week to accept hostage deal before Rafah op. will begin – WSJ report

    After weeks of hesitation and obfuscation and not finishing the job in Rafah, Israel is now apparently negotiating with Hamas for a 40 day long ceasefire im exchange for just 33 hostages! And that’s just the start. Israel is proposing further ceasefires later in a staggered hostage release programme!

    I can’t for the life of me understand why Israel hasn’t destroyed the Hamas leadership remaining in Rafah weeks ago. Its a tragic reality that probably most of these poor hostages are dead anyway; but to allow the fate of around a hundred people to determine the very existence of the state itself seems like madness IMO.




    • From BN’s link:

      ……”In the case of Ghahraman, former co-leader James Shaw said there was mental health support available – although he also said she had received particularity ugly and serious public abuse “since the day she was elected”.”……

      Which I take issue with. Much of the problem is that Ghahraman & eleven other so called MPs have been appointed from the Green’s list. The electorate have no connection with them, never voted for/against them & have zero cause to excuse or play down their outrageous behaviour.

      Reason #1478 why MMP is the most fuck useless system ever devised with which to govern a democratic nation.



      • MPs are largely made up of low life pricks

        Comments like :-
        -the river of Filth
        -yep yep that is what it is – an apartheid system
        A health apartheid system
        a skin colour /genealogy apartheid system
        -nasty prick luxon trying to speak for others like M Pugh, trying to say what Seymour or Peters ‘really meant to say’
        If he can speak for everyone else why are they there ?
        He imposes himself over others
        -Sepuloni was (is) a nasty bully
        -Mallard is a nasty thug and bully
        many more

        MPs make hate -filled statements about the citizens
        It is OK for citizens to reciprocate

        MPs stop ya whining.
        Glass houses n all



      • Golly’s decision to jump the queue for an Iranian economic ‘import’ from Christmas Island and arranging for him to gain permanent NZ residency was one of her ill-considered FU’s to New Zealanders. No wonder she received negative feedback from voters.



    • That’s the best part! Both Davidson & Swarbrick have to somehow defend the useless Yank bitch against the accusations made by a member of the greatest victimhood clique in world history. A Maori woman!

      Normally they’d play the racism, male vs female, minority group cards to death but with these options off the board they’re going to have to find some real factual arguments with which to rescue something from the disaster.

      Throw another Xtian to the lions while we wait for the main event. 🙂



    • Frankly I don’t care what party she supports, she has a point. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the author of the article is a Green Party voter, but that doesn’t matter.)
      The WCC ran all over the small retailers in that area ( and many other areas in Wellington)—that lady’s biggest customer base would be visitors to the hospital across the road. They had a vote on whether the retailers on Adelaide Road should be compensated in some way ( some a little further down the road had to close) –even Tim Brown, an ex Infratil exe and a supposed conservative Councillor voted no, giving the retailers the middle finger.
      The next more they are making is take take hundreds of cars parks away from roads around the hospital where a lot of nurses park during the day. The WCC response to them was the nurses would have to walk on average another 20 minutes from where they might find a park. Great if they finish a shift at 10.00 or 12.00 o’clock at night —even more incentive for them to move to Aussie.

      The number of bikes using the “expensive footpath ” would be about 100 at peak time and very few at other times.

      Like many other towns and cities the pro cycling crowd have been able to exert far too much power. I am not anti cycling, some of the tracks outside the cities are great but in town there has to be a reasonable balance.



  8. Another truth bomb from Hazel in response to Ross Meurant – solutions to crime article on NZCPR.

    We are governed by politicians who believe we are too stupid to be responsible for our own safety & who demand we rely on a police force to defend us that does not have the manpower or resources to comply.
    The sad fact is that your home could be invaded, your family murdered & the perpetrator could cook a feed, take a dump & make off in your vehicle before the police responded.

    The very mention that you may use your 12 gauge shotgun for self-defence automatically precludes you from obtaining a firearms license & this is not only blatantly retarded, but a violation of our inalienable right to defend ourselves using reasonable force.

    This ideology has created a nation of potential victims, virtually defenceless against violent crime & home invasions & reliant on a police force that will never be able to respond quick enough & a judiciary that panders to their “poor me” BS.

    And you wonder why crime is rampant & even children are emboldened to engage in criminality?
    Because our politicians & judges are morons…



  9. Every government has a strong incentive to monopolize the good called money because this is how they can tax their citizens, reward the most compliant industries, cultivate close relationships with bankers, and inflate the currency at will through a variety of methods depending on the technology of the time.

    No question that the next great monetary reform will be to globalize a central bank digital currency with track-and-trace capability and the power to turn money on and off on political whim. In order to make this possible, government now needs to eliminate all the competition, just as they did in 1813.

    None of this mucking around with the money is in the public interest. It is in the government’s interest and also its industrial partners in banking and finance. A full denationalization of money is the fix for the whole problem, but getting there from here will require dislodging the government of its penchant for controlling the economic forces of the whole realm. It’s an age-old problem and perhaps the greatest challenge of all ages.




  10. One :—- “animated booklet” in Parliament.
    Two :—- Videoing the flower shop Te Parti Maori voter.
    Three :— Grabbing the arm of a business owner questioning her .
    …..grabbed Cranfield’s upper arm, and gave it a little shake, Cranfield alleged.
    Cranfield said, in her view it, “wasn’t a friendly squeeze” and believed it was aimed to make her feel that Genter was in a “position of power”.
    Cranfield pulled away and could not recall if Genter said anything else. ……
    ….. Last month Cranfield revealed she is closing her store after 33 years, saying she doesn’t want to spend any more time fighting her own council over the plan. ….

    Bye-election coming up? or will it become a torrent as some more pop out of the flowers, closed shops of Wellington?



    • Greens business plan set in motion: alienate small business owners, chase drivers away from the city. All good news for greenies with more room for cyclists, office worker pedestrians and politicians but no retailers when they all close down.

      ‘Let’s Do This’ WELLINGTON!



    • Jordon Williams was X recently recounting how he was in a coffee shop talking to a potential donor when Genter come up to him and started shouting/ranting about an article he written.

      Maybe you have to be seen as a “nutter” to get into the Green Party.



      • Ross12 :— Makes Four :—-

        Sensing blood in the water?
        Those slips of drips are building to a torrent?

        So how does she perform in the Green Caucus?? & will it stay there now?

        Any issues from Parliamentary staff to arise? but this time publicly???



              • Maybe Freemium still works for me? Dunno.

                A Wellington councillor has described two “completely inappropriate” encounters with Julie Anne Genter in her former capacity as associate transport minister, including one where he says she tried to exert political pressure on him.

                Simon Woolf, formerly a Wellington city councillor, now with the Greater Wellington Regional Council, said he’s speaking publicly about the incidents which occurred in a short timeframe in 2019 after extraordinary scenes emerged this week of the Green MP striding across the House during a transport debate to shout at National’s Matt Doocey.

                Several complaints were made to Speaker Gerry Brownlee about Genter’s behaviour, and across the political divide her actions were deemed inappropriate and intimidatory. Within the Green Party a disciplinary process is under way.

                On Friday, a Wellington florist told The Post Genter had “bullied” her when the pair had a disagreement in the Newtown shop about cycleways being built in the area. Laura Newcombe of Four Seasons Florist said during the heated discussion Genter pulled out her phone and focused it on her face, which Newcombe said she found intimidating.
                The Green Party said it accepted Newcombe’s version of events. Genter was not in Parliament on Thursday and was said to be working from home. She did not respond to requests for comment.

                “I think she’s gone too far,” Woolf told The Post. “If you don’t put a stop to it, it [won’t] be the last … Respect, and the way that Parliament and parliamentarians treat each other, is really important. If an MP handles themselves the way she did the other night, it isn’t OK.”

                Woolf alleged an incident in 2019 where he was photographing an event, in a personal business capacity, outside Parliament. Genter was attending as associate transport minister. Just a few months earlier Lets Get Wellington Moving had been launched, sparking heated debate about cycleways and mass rapid transit.

                Woolf said Genter “came right up to my face and complained bitterly about the slow progress with the city council and the cycleway implementation. I had to tell her three times that I wasn’t there as a councillor, I had two cameras around my neck, and that I was there as a photographer.

                “There was a sense, if I can put it in context, I felt that she was coming from a heavy-handed perspective where she could influence me.”

                He further clarified: “She was looking for me to support the speed up of Thorndon Quay and Golden Mile. She knew I had reservations over those two areas [and] she was trying to get more involved in the council decision making as well, which she could have done in another way. It was completely inappropriate.”
                Woolf said he instructed Genter to take up her concerns through proper channels, including with his colleague, fellow councillor Sarah Free, who was handling cycleway implementation. He said he gave Free a heads up that she could expect a call. Free said she didn’t remember the discussion.

                Not long afterwards, at the Women of Influence Awards in October 2019, which Woolf was attending to support his mother, he said Genter again got “right in my face”, this time with a number of high profile officials and individuals watching, “and started shaking her finger at me in a very animated way”. He said he took Genter to the side, where she “berated me for five minutes” about comments he had made to media.

                At that time councillors, including Woolf, reported that Genter had threatened to resign if the Greens’ transport demands weren’t met. That was denied by Genter.

                “Again, I said to her, this is not the right place or the right time, this is an awards ceremony. I said, our ideology will probably always be a little bit different, but in respect of today, we need to agree to disagree, and I left the conversation. Woolf said he walked away. “It was completely inappropriate, unexpected and unprofessional.”

                He added: “Julie Anne is really passionate, and she loses control sometimes. It’s not that she doesn’t have a good heart for what she’s doing, it’s just that she needs to temper how she deals with people …There’s a bit of entitlement involved as well, because of her position, and that Julie Anne regards herself as an expert in certain areas, and particularly transport.

                “But this situation, both in Parliament, and with the florist, is completely unprofessional and inappropriate and needs to be resolved … she should certainly take some time off.”
                Greens coleaders Chlöe Swarbrick and Marama Davidson earlier in the week called Genter’s behaviour in the House unacceptable.

                Sent details of Woolf’s claims, a spokesperson responded: “The co-leaders had no prior knowledge of the allegations regarding Julie Anne Genter that have recently come to light.

                “They had already taken disciplinary action after Wednesday’s incident in Parliament, which was clearly unacceptable and fell short of the high standards the Green Party expects of its MPs. As part of the disciplinary action Julie Anne will be receiving professional and personal support to ensure incidents of this nature never happen again.”

                The party has dealt with a string of embarrassments since the beginning of the year. Golriz Ghahraman was charged with, and subsequently pleaded guilty to, shoplifting, after she stole clothing from high end Auckland stores. And in March Darleen Tana was suspended and an independent investigation launched by the Greens, after a complaint of migrant exploitation was made against a business owned by Tana’s husband, with the suggestion that Tana had prior knowledge of the complaint. That investigation is still ongoing.

                Last year Elizabeth Kerekere resigned from the party after the Greens investigated claims of bullying against her, including an alleged text sent to the entire caucus which called Swarbrick a “crybaby”.



    How cool is this cake being auctioned at tonight’s CPR for RCR event in Wellington! 😱😋📻🎙🍰

    Whilst we have reached our $480k target, any further funds raised will go towards speeding up the process of ordering a fresh batch of merch for the shop and getting – *whispers* – talkback functionality! 🤫

    Best of luck to Dean and the team for the event! 🥳




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