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  1. That second meme is brilliant Ed, yep it says it all.
    Good morning everyone. The weather forecast says it’s only 1.8 degrees? Ed being optimistic again.
    I wish I had an open fire or even one that is a pallet one, I have the heat pump on but that is not as warm as burning firewood and it is great for the pollution of the city. When I was a kid Dad used to get the fire going and we would have to open the doors to let the breeze in, it was so hot.
    Have a great day out there everyone, be careful you never know, just in case!!!!!!!



  2. Meanwhile in queer bully land.

    Tauranga election 2024: Singer Ria Hall announces bid for Tauranga mayoralty

    “Fearless” and award-winning Māori musician Ria Hall is running for the Tauranga mayoralty.

    “I know myself enough to know that I can be that voice and be a new, fresh injection into a space that has not seen a face like mine ever before,” she says.

    Hall, born and raised in Tauranga, would be the city’s first Māori woman elected mayor, if successful.

    She was also standing for a councillor seat for Pāpāmoa ward and has former Justice Minister and East Coast MP Kiri Allan as her campaign manager.


    That makes about 6 or 7 spiting the voting.



  3. Pureora Hunting Competition 2024: participant numbers back to pre-Covid levels

    The recent Pureora Hunting Competition has been a success with more than 200 pest animals tallied for the prizegiving.

    The annual competition, run by the Department of Conservation (DoC) since 1988, is a pest control event in the Pureora Forest Park, near Lake Taupō, that targets pigs, deer, and smaller species like rats.

    This year’s competition ran from March 16 to April 28 and at the prizegiving last week, DoC tallied more than 70 deer, 14 pigs, 77 goat tails, six mustelids and 39 rats.

    The prize for the top Douglas-score head went to Rebecca Rix, followed by runner-up Charlotte Waghorn, with the third place being taken out by Charlotte Amos.

    The prize for the heaviest boar or barrow went to Cody Marshall, whose entry weighed a whopping 64.4kg, followed by Paul Kearins in second place for a 53kg entry and Kurt Davison on place three for his 50.9kg entry.

    In the junior categories, Flynn Adams won the mustelid (ferret, stoat, weasel) draw, Lucy Waghorn won the goat tail draw and Louise Bulled won the rat draw.



  4. On many days I get asked how old I am and when I tell people they say “you should be retired” But today I read the following which even though I didn’t write it encapsulates what I believe to be true.

    I do not fear death, although I’m not excited about the prospect.

    OPINION: I like cemeteries. Well. That might be overstating it. I am drawn to them. They remind me time is limited and I shall lie in the dirt with these other souls, my existence lost to memory and moss obscuring the few notations on the marble.

    Marble. That might be optimistic. Granite is more likely, possibly cement or, if things go as expected some disturbed foliage over an unmarked site.
    ( something My lady and I did often as we toured around. Most interesting were the old cemetaries in the middle of Philadeplhia. In between the old buildings and going back to the 17th century.).


    And, I worry, I have not done enough to ensure that most awful of things, a comfortable retirement.

    Which is what I want to address here this day. Retirement. I do not understand it. I do not comprehend it. I cannot fathom why a person would remove themselves from the joy of commercial life by choosing to play golf or spend more time with the grand children, as if grand children had any desire to play bridge with old people who smell of cabbages.



  5. Just so we are clear on who Simon Woolf is

    From his fakebook
    Simon Woolf
    Hi Brian, Thanks for your feedback.
    My comments relate more about Scott Sheeran, and Wellington than they do regarding Christopher Luxon.
    Wellington needs a champion, as well as the country requiring a change in direction.
    Making a comparison to Trump is way off the mark and a bit unfair too.
    seen and heard Christopher Luxon a number of times he is not anything like Trump.
    Luxon has empathy for a start, intelligence, and is a team player.
    That couldn’t be said of Trump in any way!
    Last October Woolf endorsed National’s Dr Scott Sheeran on fakebook
    He got a reply from
    …Brian Harmer
    Simon, I have until now agreed with your rare political statements. On this we differ hugely. I can imagine no problem to which Luxon is the answer. I regard him and his colleagues as too much like Trump to take seriously…..
    The above was Woolf’s response.
    So he endorses Luxon but has disdain for Trump.
    I would expect the majority of NZers are anti Trump- My experience.
    This is because NZers are sheeple who readily follow MSM
    like it or not.

    They Do !
    Ref Simon Woolf from Yesterday, Braybots comment

    Woolf seems to make the right noises, to a degree.
    But he was 8 years on Well City Council while it cascaded downhill under 3 different mayors and is now in the Wellywood politics graveyard of GWRC.

    Genter is a cray cray yank. Always was. Mouthy and belligerent.
    with Gween pardy nastiness
    did anyone expect any different.
    And Rongotai saw fit to elect her as their MP
    Suffer in ya jocks.
    to be fair, the alternative was Fleur Fitzsimons, another Nasty.
    Liebour Nasty, like Virginia Anderson.
    Fleur with the trannie kid (and loving it !! ) is back with the Unions.
    Nastiness is cherished there.

    Sue Bradford, Meteria Turei, Golriz, Davidson
    Ricardo avocado is a nasty wee bitch as well.
    They are real nasties and the Gween party is their home.
    Last Years Gween candidate in Maungakiekie, Sapna Samant (an indian immigrant):-
    “White people are stupid” and “can be fooled easily” …

    The ao tear rower Green party is the home for nasties
    If you are nasty but not nasty enough, Liebour will take you.

    And 1 in 7 NZers will vote for Green. More than will vote for ACT.



    • I see where the London muslims, greens and other nasty vicious people have voted that absolute pig of a mayor in again. The western world has gone mad with these people taking over the world. Tories were left standing at the start line, I honestly cannot believe how the west is in the midst of this turmoil. Oh well people get what they vote for I guess. Sadly the rest of us have to live with it. Imagine what the slime ball will come up with next?????



        • On 5 Sept 1939 Michael Joseph Savage said:

          ……”Both with gratitude for the past and confidence in the future, we range ourselves without fear beside Britain. Where she goes, we go. Where she stands, we stand. We are only a small and young nation, but we are one and all a band of brothers and we march forward with union of hearts and wills to a common destiny.”…….

          Prophetic words. The sentiment has cost us dearly in the past & still haunts us.



  6. Went into the local New World before this trip and saw a lovely looking packet of Tim Tams DeLux Dark Chocolate Mint biscuits on special for $3.99. My wife said they are now normally $5.50 so why not, anice treat while away.
    Opened them the first night away and yes, they are really nice, great treat. The problem being there are only 8 in the packet. Yes,on looking that fact is written in small writing on the packet.
    The packet is 235 ml long ,almost 10 inches on old money,a normal biscuit size packet. Each biscuit is say 12 ml in thickness, 96 ml in total in a 235 packet in the fancy plastic tray that holds each biscuit individually apart. Therefore there is about 139 ml of space within each packet, about twice the width of each individual biscuit between each biscuit.
    At the “special” price of $4.00 they are 50 cents each , almost .70 cents at normal price.
    I wonder just how many people were involved in ensuring that this product was produced in packaging such as this, as nice as the actual biscuit is will not be purchasing any more.
    Have a nice day from Gore the question for us is. Will the oyster boats be going out today?



  7. A fellow passed a house with a little red light burning in front, so he stepped inside. There was nothing in sight and nothing there but an empty bare hallway, with two doors reading, “Over 35” and “Under 35.”

    He decided to be truthful and entered the door that said, “Over 35.” He found himself in another empty hallway, this one with two doors that read, “Over 8 inches” and “Under 8 inches.”

    Truthful again, he went through the “Under 8 inches” door and found himself in another empty hall, with two more doors reading, “Once a night” and “Over 4 times a night.”

    Still wanting to be truthful, he entered the door marked “Once a night” and found himself back out on the street.

    The moral of this story is:

    “Always tell the truth and you’ll never get screwed.”



  8. https://www.1news.co.nz/2024/05/05/govt-avoids-akl-258-water-rate-hike-in-local-water-done-well-deal/
    The announcement was made at a joint press conference this afternoon by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, Local Government Minister Simeon Brown, and Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown.

    Last month, Auckland’s water provider Watercare warned customers that water rates may need to increase by as much as 25.8% to run the business, while keeping to the council’s borrowing limit.

    He said the new model means Watercare will be able to borrow more money for long-term investment in water infrastructure and spread the borrowing over a longer period rather than front-loading the cost on to current ratepayers.



  9. Useless ol Wayne Brown
    with luxon

    At a joint press conference at Watercare’s Central Interceptor construction site in Māngere with Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown, Simeon Brown said a new plan that had been endorsed by Auckland Council will avoid that hefty increase.

    “Under the Local Water Done Well solution we have announced today, Aucklanders will avoid the 25.8% water rate increases previously proposed by Watercare.

    “We have worked closely with Mayor Brown and Auckland Council, and are thrilled to announce that Watercare’s more financially sustainable model will ensure water rates remain affordable both now and into the future,” Brown said.

    The new model means Watercare will be able to borrow more money for long-term investment in water infrastructure and spread the borrowing over a longer period rather than front-loading the cost on to current ratepayers.

    Ok then.
    So no efficiency, no cutting red tape , no improvements in any form or any fashion.
    Simply extend the Debt drug.

    DEBT, the drug of choice for the last 4 years for goo-mints lives on and grows.
    How nice for the bankers.
    When it becomes interest only and the debt is never cleared.
    oh la la

    In Keith Hay Park in Mt Roskill there is ‘work’ on the central interceptor (big shit pipe)
    Big rigs set up since January last year – 16 months- for NET ZERO sign of progress.

    NZ productivity- It is as active as the Moa.

    Lets rename New Zealand to ‘Lots of Fucking Around And Orange Cones ”
    We came up with that name after spending $42.6 million on consultants !!
    Inflation adjusted that is what Johnny Keys spent on a scam to not change the flag.



  10. “The War on Children”. An interview with the film maker. The Marxists have created a f*ked up world.

    Robby Starbuck’s “The War on Children”
    The Roseanne Barr Podcast

    Robby Starbuck has made one of the most viewed documentaries of all time, “The War on Children,” and this week he comes on to discuss its success with Roseanne. Listen as Robby explains to Roseanne that the woke agenda’s sexualization of children and their intentional collapse of America is not a fringe conspiracy theory, it is a certifiable fact.



  11. Stuff today run an article on an expat Kiwi who sold up & moved permanently to Phuket a few years ago. https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/350256001/expat-tales-cost-living-thailand-half-what-it-nz

    Like Hunty he’s blown away by the cheap living, the climate & the beaches.

    Unlike Hunty who prefers rough sex with rentboys this coot has married a Thai woman, a move which has made living & doing business easier. He’s a bit sus though as he lists “ginger crunch and a bowl latte” as the things he misses most about Godzone.

    Who will be the next to pack up their limp cocks & National Super & wheel off to South Asia?



    • In his article Cranmer projects as an apologist for the media. “Disinformation” becomes the fault of the hoi polloi who for some obscure reason trust anyone other than the legacy media for information. Trump’s anti-media stance is depicted as bad, totally ignoring the fact that he is pilloried by the same media who whitewash the Greens & worship the Mad Queen while attacking ACT at every turn.

      The task of the media is not to shove rings through the noses of citizens & lead them to the leftist paradise envisaged by juvenile girl reporters & commie editors. Its function within society is to inform via facts……….not opinion.

      Until the arrogant cunts of the MSM bow to public demand they will be like the corner dairy that sells senna pod & lemon rind ice cream instead of hokey pokey because they know deep in their tummies that’s what we really want & need.

      ie Broke, flushed & heading round the S bend!



  12. Joel Berry
    There’s a reason Islamists, groypers, and commie student protesters are finding themselves on the same side. It’s because they’re on the same side.



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