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  1. I read a study in a law text that examined why women write to and sometimes marry men facing a death sentence.

    “It concluded that women are drawn to men in prison, especially men serving long sentences, because it’s a way of having a safe relationship. They get to speak to their man every day if he’s in general pop. They always know where he is, that he can’t cheat on them. And they do it knowing they’ll never have to have sex with him. They have complete control over the relationship, unlike real-life relationships on the outside.”



  2. When Simon Henry, Managing Director of DGL Group Ltd pointed out in May 2022 that the charlatans at My Food Bag, masquerading as their Directors, had basically, done a job on their investors, from prior to the floating of the company, the Pearl Clutchers fell right off their makeup stools and called Mr Henry a Misogynistic Bastard and other unkind words. Oh, how could he be so nasty?


    Well it seems Mr Henry was 100 per cent right and My Food Bag is a financial, underperforming Dog with a capital “D”. On floating My Food Bag, Directors like Theresa Gatting, Nadia Lim, Cecilia & James Robinson and the other Directors would have filled their well lined pockets with plenty of cash, while making great predictions of huge profits to be made.

    Well not quite, the investors and the gullible have been bent over, their wallets emptied and My Food Bag is now looking very sad and the excuses about their performance abound. Of course COVID is to blame, not the shit financial predictions given by the Directors or the company’s subsequent underperformance. The Directors continued crying that they too, have suffered does not wash.

    It seems Simon Henry was right on the mark, the company is a Dog, but will he get an apology from Stuff, the NZ Herald, Nadia Lim’s outraged Pearl Clutching supporters.

    Betcha he won’t.




    • Beat me too it hooli, read that last night and was cracking up.
      Nutha one hunty predicted i think, meanwhile the bird thought it was great and liked eurasian fluffs tits.

      Bag deliveries dropped by 12% yet their profit dropped 60%, that tells me theyre either very unproductive, overstaffed, over capitalised or a combo of them.

      Wonder if birds given up on ordering his overpriced and crappy meal kits?



    • The problem with that is they are not the same directors are they?

      He was correct at the time and got ostracised for his views. You know cancel culture. Anybody with any brains (are there many), who had money in there would have bailed. The warnings were there.
      If the shareholders are unhappy guess who didn’t take any notice. Greenies and all.



    • Theresa Gaytongue was only ever a front for Rod Deane at telecom.
      Not the real deal.
      A basic marketing person placed well above her pay grade.

      Mind you subsequent choices of CEO at t/com have not been Brilliant either.

      The NZ stockmarket is full of pump and dump shit.
      5 cent wonders.



  3. Some days, you just have to laugh your bollocks off and this is one of them.

    The New Zealand Government says, there are no “Treaty of Waitangi Principles”, none, nothing zilch. never was, not anything at the moment, don’t have them.

    Sandra has been told by the Government that they don’t have and there are no Treaty Principles, it is all a scam.




    • ….The conference takes place at the Holiday Inn in Tamaki Makaurau,….

      Lets hope this has an airport for them to fly into.
      I just checked Air NZ and Chatham Air and they list no such airport.
      Unless they are racist !!!

      Else they will have to row there in their waka’s on the waka whaka kartyre river system.

      Yep, yep there is enough te raro in that statement to quench the thirst of a native paddler.

      all I want to know, is their whanau from the nursing outpost in Antartica- est. 1292 AD – waka-ing up to the conference to have a bleat ?



  4. How do you know you’re living in a good area,?
    There are 3 plywood sheet sized “stop 3 waters” signs within a kilometer of your home that aren’t damaged or graffitied and there are Zero Labour ,Greens or Party Hori electioneering signs within 5 kilometers of your home ,heaven 😁😁



  5. We’re nice guys, we will take gst off fruit n veges so it can be more affordable….

    Oh yeah and we’re also gunna hike fuel taxes which will slam your wallet aswell as well as raise cost of production and freight costs for fruit and veges totally offsetting the lil price decrease from gst.
    Fuck you new zealand we’re in it to screw you.



    • They’re trying to say it’ll cost the average motorist $1 per week. If I fill up once a week, 12 cents = $7.70. Then they charge you GST on top of the tax (yep tax on tax – ain’t that a rort), so I pay $8.97.

      EV’s are supposed to start paying RUC (finally) in April next year. But was listening to David Parker yesterday, and he said that’s not going to happen. It’s now “the next couple of years”. WTF?



        • I’m all for EV’s, but don’t have one, and I don’t agree with subsidies for them, or the lack of increasing electricity product to power them. That is just entrapment. And I don’t agree with the lax of RUCs.

          By my estimation, if we are being objective, based on the percentage of the cost of fuel is taken in fuel taxes, most EV drivers should face paying about 60% of the fuel cost they no longer pay.

          A family of 4 living in the outer suburbs that drive to work each day, that had two ICE cars and spent $90 a week in fuel between two cars them, should face RUC charges of around $54.

          Add in the cost of electricity and the cost is approaching 80% of the cost of petrol.

          However govt will continue to subsidise the RUC cost for EVs, and the power monopolies will continue to keep power prices up and increase then as demand increases through the subsidised EV prices.

          Add in the pollution cost of meeting the excess demand with coal, and it so not so palatable a proposition. And of course burning coal we will never meet our fake carbon zero goals, so more pressure will go on farming, and 15 minute cities will be enforced.

          Which will be easy as the EV fleet will be able to be disabled either remotely through the internet, or charging disabled as new EV chargers may have to be charged through new ‘compliant’ chargers that use off peak power, same as nightstores or water heating.

          15 minute cities do not require a revolution by govt to enforce. You simple wake up in the morning to find your EV has not charged, and in the space of 12 hours 15 minutes cities have been created.



        • My neighbour is a senior hospital doctor – top dawg- and has a swimming pool, spa pool, and holiday house down country .
          Anyhoo, the goo-mint gave him $8000 towards his tesla.
          Meanwhile the guy who built his fence a cpl of months ago has to pay extra for his Ute that carries the tools and material to build houses- your know, the 100,000 houses !!



      • Ok just to clarify on my comment, having seen Parker again this morning. The 12 cents is going to be phased in over 3 years. The $1/wk Parker is quoting only relates to the initial 4 cents. Still, I’d be closer to $3/wk even just with the first 4 cents.



    • …. sounds spendy ….
      Like just a little bit pregnant, but I am sure they will find a teat to suckle on, very soon if not already.

      ….. The iwi is working with, “funded by” Biosecurity New Zealand which has been criticised for taking a containment policy rather than prioritising eliminating Caulerpa. …..

      Will they ever systemically get rid of to the very last of that Caulerpa?
      A very good “little//” earner for an iwi.



      • A very good “little//” earner for an iwi.

        I may not have all the answers, perhaps you do, but isn’t caulerpa a large source of nutrients and CO2 to O2 conversion for the Ocean?

        And isn’t caulerpa indigenous food?

        “Some species of Caulerpa are edible. The two most commonly eaten are Caulerpa lentillifera and Caulerpa racemosa, both called “sea grapes” in English. Both are traditionally harvested in the wild and sold in local markets in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and East Asia. They are eaten raw in salads and have a characteristic “sea” flavor and a crunchy texture.”


        The antioxidative potential of sea grapes (Caulerpa lentillifera, Chlorophyta) can be triggered by light to reach comparable values of pomegranate and other highly nutritious fruits.


        Perhaps the indigenous people no longer want to eat indigenous food, or no longer want the ocean to be healthy. Perhaps the idea of indigenous people eating indigenous food turns their stomach.

        Does anyone know what species of caulerpa they are removing is?



  6. Why do Labour keep trying to put taxes up instead of running things more efficiently to make savings? That’s right, none of them have ever run a business and all business owners are evil. Don’t you just love ideology?



  7. The state of our media… and politicians in the modern era. Obviously they don’t know a quip from a raccoons arse. And the lengths and facial expressions these two clowns went to too spin a story out of nothing is stupefying.

    Check out Jenna’s comments at the end of the clip.

    We don’t need your fucken psychological profile thanks , Jenn. The joke is this news piece explains quite plainly why Dave tee’d off on this waste of space ministry. That’s all that was needed.




  8. Guest Post: Why we need constitutional reform to protect us from Government
    August 17, 2023 11:00am by David Farrar
    Guest Post: Why we need constitutional reform to protect us from Government

    A guest post from Matt King:

    Three years on from Covid, this election is a time for us to make choices about what we stand for, and what we want to protect.

    In the name of Covid – we saw the most radical limitations on Kiwis’ rights we have seen in recent memory. Kiwis were required to stay home, shut up their businesses, funerals, weddings and gatherings were curtailed, and some workers were mandated to have vaccinations.

    Hundreds of thousands of businesses laid off staff, and many closed down as a result of Covid restrictions.

    International travel effectively stopped. Kiwis who were overseas were trapped by border closures, while those at home were unable to visit sick or dying relatives abroad. When borders did reopen, getting back into New Zealand became literally a lottery system.

    To enter community centres, pools, libraries, cafes, restaurants, and many other venues you needed to show a vaccination pass. Children from 12 upwards were also affected by the same rules, and some missed out on the opportunity to play sport, visit the library, and enjoy normal activities with their friends.

    Some Kiwis supported these measures – while others didn’t. But wherever you stand on these issues – it’s well time that we reflected back on what happened. Was it right? Was it fair? And if it happens again can we do things in a better way, with less economic and social carnage? Because, as they say, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    New Zealand is fairly unique as our Bill of Rights Act explicitly says that Kiwis should have the right to make their own medical decisions, and to refuse medical treatment. And yet, this didn’t work well in retrospect – as this clause was over ridden by the Government, and in some cases by our courts.

    Some Kiwis may be comfortable with this right being overridden. Personally, I am not. The right to make choices about what goes into your body is a fundamental freedom. I also feel strongly that people should be able to make a living by operating their businesses, and we should not have the right to do something as basic as visiting family and friends limited.

    Other countries made different choices about how they responded to Covid, without mass loss of life and with less impact on individual freedoms. For example, the focus in sweden was on protecting those most at risk from Covid – the elderly. The rest of their population went about their lives pretty much as normal.

    During Covid, we saw laws like the introduction of vaccine passes rushed through under urgency, which meant there was no public consultation on these changes.

    I believe the community needs to have a say in how much restriction and control the Government can exercise over our freedoms in the future.

    I also believe we need to consult on, and strengthen, the protections in our Bill of Rights Act. In the US, their constitution means that citizens know exactly what their rights are. They can, and do, often take the Government to court when it breaches their rights. In this way, citizens help keep their Government in check.

    Here, after Covid, our rights seem pretty murky. It’s not clear when the Government decides to limit your right to freedom of speech or movement, if this will be ruled legal or not by our courts.

    Personally, I’m deeply concerned by the Government’s attempts to impose new hate speech legislation, and its recent talk of introducing a new internet regulator.

    I’m sure I’m not the only Kiwi whose blood runs cold at this thought of these changes. Who decides what is acceptable and what’s not? Whose voices will be allowed to be heard, and whose could be silenced?

    DemocracyNZ, the party I head wants to reform constitutional law, so that the rights set out in the Bill of Rights Act – your basic rights to freedom of speech, movement, and medical autonomy – are better protected.

    We want every Kiwi to be certain about what their rights are, and we also need future Governments to have a clear line in the sand about what they can and can’t do. We also want to invite ordinary Kiwis to be part of this process of reforming our legislation so our rights are better protected. It’s time for the Government to listen to it’s people, and respect our wishes. If they can’t do that, I question if New Zealand can really call itself a democracy.

    Matt King is the party leader of DemocracyNZ and is contesting the Northland seat this election. He is also a farmer, and a former police officer.



    • And of course your old mate chuck is expounding his wisdom. wonder which party he belongs to now. Looks like it might be the Nats. they are welcome to his wisdom. Garreet shows up giving his wisdom. A man who was so weak he wouldn’t stand up to the bullies when he should have. (that aside his efforts with 3 strikes remains as one of the best bits of legislation that has been through the house in a long while. Pity these useless bastards watered it down with the inevitable results that we currently have.).



    • Unless its entrenched then its pointless.

      If they can pass a law to strengthen it then they can just pass laws to trample it as they did through covid.

      Say matt got in and managed to strengthen the BOR and another pandemic etc come along…. tell me how 1 vote vs 119 changes anything?

      Better focusing your effort ridding the country of these economic and social vandals in govt now, regroup and try again in 2026.



  9. There was an old man who always rode his bike to his brother’s house every weekend.
    It took him 2 hours and he alway’s made it by there by 2PM.

    One day he tried to make it in 1 hour.
    Collapsing on a hill from exhaustion, while sitting there, a Corvette pulls up and asks him if he needs a ride.
    The man looks at his watch and sees he would be late if not, but there is already a passenger, so he asks how?
    “No problem,” says the man in the corvette, “I’ve got a rope in the back and we’ll tie your bike to the back bumper and you can ride.”
    The man says, “Ok!”

    They take off and the driver yells back, “Just yell beep beep if I’m going to fast.”
    No problem the man thinks.
    They come to an Intersection and a Ferrari pulls up, the man’s eye’s widen in fright.
    Sure enough, the light changes and they’re off!
    Anyway, the guy made it to his brothers on time and the Vette lost.

    Meanwhile, at the local police dept:
    “Hey guys the weirdest thing just happened to me. A Ferrari and a Vette just lost me at over 120 mph on Main Street.”
    “What’s so weird about that?” asks the other cops.
    The first cop says, “There was this old guy on a bike behind them screaming beep beep and trying to pass!”



    • A nice nostalgia trip for me nasska, when a dear Uncle, who often attended the Car races in NZ & followed the International Car races.

      I recall the day when it was a Ford Mustang towing a Ford Prefect, with a Maori family, all waving out on the tow rope, as they pursued the Jaguar, & the cop radioed ahead, to tell the cop ahead to let the Jag & Mustang, but ping that Ford Prefect, for dangerous driving in thinking he could get past.
      So racist these days. 🙂
      And of course the tune of “Never Go Home in a Maori Car”
      2 mins 39 secs
      So many decades before I heard the original song

      As kids,it all seemed so plausible. 🙂
      Also recalling his friends “Bull Craig’s leap” when his brakes failed, somewhere off a corner in the “Mamaku’s” Plateau on State Hi-Way 5. He did survive & recover after much hospital time.

      The updated green version is that it would be believable, in that the cars will be electronically governed to the lowered speed limits. 🙁



  10. DairyNZ drops break-even milk price amid global crash

    There are concerns for dairy farmers as milk prices plummet to lows not seen since 2016.
    DairyNZ on Thursday adjusted its breakeven price – the figure that helps farmers identify and forecast average costs.

    “It’s just reflecting that things are looking a lot more challenging than we thought,” said ASB chief economist Nick Tuffley. “It does mean that the cash flow’s really been coming under pressure.”

    Dairy NZ was previously forecasting a national breakeven of $8.16 per kg for milk solids, which has been revised down to $7.51.



    • Just spotted your post wg, so this fits in.

      …. Just two weeks after Fonterra cut its new season payout forecast by -$1, it has trimmed another -25c in a further move down after yet another sharp drop in dairy prices at auction …..

      Would it be that that a centralized controlled economy got it wrong?

      ….In short, foreigners aren’t buying, and the Chinese aren’t spending either. ….
      …. Considering this is all coming with youth employment at record highs — above 20% — it could signal political trouble. …


      So the bad cough or is it a cold, or a flue, maybe pneumonia is blowing hard onto to New Zealand.



      • Been down this track a lot of times. Last time was just a few years ago. whinning and whinging ain’t going to change it.
        More productivity will. Cut the big salaries, Cut the costs, milk a bit less and the porice will rise just as it always does.

        The old diary board some years had big stores of product but after 18 months it was all gone. Same with the EU. They did the same.

        We could of course been selling to the Russians and the Chinese if we kept our filthy political noses out of Ukraine.
        If you don’t think this is a bit of payback for that then send me your money order for the bridge I have for sale.



    • Even worse, the government is pushing a compulsory “Farm Plans” that sounds all nice & fluffy & benign.
      This will override all other Farm Water, Nutrient Emission, Effluent, Land Care Plans etc… that have been put in place, and where much work & cost have been done.

      It only be done through hi-cost certifiers, and then only ok when passed by again, more hi paid auditors, still to be employed and I think there may be layers of supervisors of managers to only certain certifiers auditors etc..
      Which at each stage seems to run into tens of thousands of dollars as a charge against the farmer.
      The plans In practice in part will be unworkable, but then the Regional & District Council can then serve major infringements penalties


      It seems that dutiful banks will then be looking to be enforcers, to pay from the the farm account, or whatever account they can connect to.


      Nor will this just be employed on dairy farmers, as systems are being put into for horticulture over 5 ha, and over 20 ha for Sheep & Beef. All of this can be lowered once they believe this is mastered.
      Just like how they red sticker houses, so will farms.
      Then produce from that farm will probably not be accepted any where.

      This is being achieved because NZ has signed up with Agenda 2030 and as yesterday I noted that even a, if not more District Councils have signed up with the 17 Social Development Goals SDG’s of the UN.
      Of course all for you health & safety, for the good of the community. 🙁



    • The dairy auctions will likely keep dropping until at least january.
      In january china are dropping tarrifs on milk powder, currently theyll be using stored inventory and waiting until jan to buy it cheaper… hopefully. But in saying that china is also producing excess fresh milk which is either being dumped or turned into powder which further decreases demand for our dairy products.

      Only plus side is the dollar is sliding big time which means exports get higher earnings but it comes at the cost of imports which is worse for the country as a whole.



  11. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2023/08/national-s-erica-stanford-tells-ginny-andersen-to-worry-about-reducing-crime-after-criticising-mp.html
    National MP Erica Stanford says Police Minister Ginny Andersen should focus on reducing crime instead of making critical comments about the Opposition.
    Andersen on Thursday hit out at Mark Mitchell after the National MP described burglary, reckless driving and bail breaches as “minor infringements”.

    Andersen criticised the comments by Mitchell, National’s police spokesperson, saying she was “absolutely shocked” by them.

    “It undermines the good work that our frontline police officers do every day,” Andersen said on Friday.



    • To further those good intentions of “responsibility” into a fervent religiosity in so many ways.

      “Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. — If the God‐​given …

      And so it continues in its many forms, blithely answering to no-one, whilst calling many others in, to be just as fervently following the newly found codes.

      Nothing is new under the sun, that man has not tried.



      • As noted in the post by Viking, The zeal to hand over all the lands, and pay Compensation as Indulgences.

        A fervent belief imposed on many others like mandating vaccines, in the name of following the science so that no harm of an infection may befall Granny, for the community good.

        Climate Change as being imposed by the priestess Greta Thunberg in her command of Emergency of “How Dare You? for the very good of the only planet we live on..

        The great TERF of spouting “Bull Shit” by Germaine Greer so girls can join Boy Scouts, despite that they have Girl Guides, so Peace can be Found in the Toilets.

        Transgenders 2Spirit for LGBTQ etc.. are religiously changing the books to free the Children to live in their bright coloured vice a versa clothing.

        So in full liberal cry, FigJam. Fuck I am Good, Just Ask Me.
        Fuck I am God, Just Ask Me.

        The life of No Responsibility & No Accountability seems to call many.
        Consequences? What are those?

        “This is life Jim, but not as we know it”



        • Each example you quoted is one of individual “rights”. As one who is totally committed to the principles of individual freedom I should be celebrating but I’m not.

          The reason? With rights come responsibilities & one of those is that my rights shouldn’t interfere with anyone else’s personal freedom. Shoot yourself full of vax but don’t force it on others.

          Those currently screaming for their “rights” have no conception of the meaning of “liberty”.



  12. When will they get the message to STOP MEDDLING in agriculture?

    Govt announces $370m plan to help farmers reduce emissions

    New targets will force farmers to reduce their emissions in order to sell to export markets in a bid to future-proof the sector, the Government has announced.

    Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor announced the Government’s final plan to reduce agricultural emissions today, after a five-year process that involved working with farming leaders.



    • You could achieve the same outcome by spending $1000 on Duct Tape to tape the mouths of the idiots that spewed that excrement from their mouths, and the daft MPs that sanctioned it, and give the remaining $369, 999, 000 to the farmers.

      They managed to find $150 Billion for the Covid Scam, they can find another $100 Billion for a pie in the sky, pipe under the water for a harbour crossing that will never happen, and they can find $5 Billion for cycleways, and $390 Million to harass farmers, but are so poor they need 2 Billion from Blackrock’s Oil and Coal investment fund help combat the fossil fuels of Oil and Coal.



  13. He did what he was paid to do… and then, see ya later.

    Maui’s emergency services chief abruptly resigns amid criticism for not activating sirens

    LAHAINA, Hawaii — The head of the Maui Emergency Management Agency resigned abruptly Thursday, a day after saying he had no regret about not using sirens to warn residents of wildfires that devastated the historic seaside community of Lahaina and killed at least 111 people.




    • If you listen to Tucker Carlson talking to the ex chief of the DC police –Chief Sund, he talks about how his Deputy or head of Intelligence got some vital information but did not pass it onto Sund. The guy resigned on Jan 7or 8 and got a cushy job in California with Pelosi’s help.
      So it will be interesting to see where this guy from the Maui EMA turns up in a few weeks or months.



  14. Planting the seed in dumb-arse minds…what utter BS.

    Election 2023: Voters don’t need to wait for a right-leaning government. Hipkins is already running one

    The polls are unambiguous: New Zealand wants a National party led by Chris Hipkins this election. A scan of his time as prime minister suggests it has already happened.




  15. BRICS is meeting in South Africa Aug 22nd

    “This will be the largest transfer of wealth between nations we will ever see in the history of money”

    “The BRICS were just five nations and they estimate by the time the meeting comes, there will be 41 nations..”

    BRICS alone is 40% of the population of the world!


    BRICS 2023 summit: Common currency, membership expansion, Ukraine on agenda




    • Nasska you will be right, but fuck that sly UN supporting cunt.
      Just an erratic noisy grabbing hand-brake.

      So it is all the current Parliamentarian Parties that have fallen in line to support UN’s 17 SDG’s that bring about the enforcement through ESG, to have every one comply with Diversity Equity, Inclusion DEI to apply in supporting this legislation.


      So how can any one of them oppose any part of the authority being granted to the UN.

      NZ First where Winston Peters did the UN Global Migration Pact, so really is Winston Peters any different?
      Deviously saying any of the UN Agenda 2030 goals is nothing to do with him. …. yeah right ….. plus also signing off while in Cabinet on the production of the He Puapua Report, that brings about the Co-Governance.
      The control by iwi over drinking water was also during his support of the Ardern’s 1st term.
      Then beware, that none of the members that ride in on his coat-tails can not say anything, because of Winston’s waka-jumping legislation.



    • “I want people to be able to be themselves at work, at home, wherever they are … I want them to feel safe, to be able to express who they are.”

      There are already conditions around expression, galvanised in the crimes act and elsewhere, for any gender.

      Anyone and everyone can already be who they want to be, but the transgender activists don’t want non transgenders to be free to express themselves, or even allow them to voice their opinions with other people on a consenting basis.

      Also the transgender activists want to be free to violate the personal spaces of other individuals and groups. Such as a man who says he’s woman walking around with a turgid erection in the woman’s changing rooms and showers.

      Such as a man who says he’s woman getting violent and bashing non transgender people who have peacefully met to listen to other people who do not agree with said transgenders walking around with turgid erections in the woman’s changing rooms and showers, and frightening the bejesus out of women and terrifying young girls.

      By saying what he said, Luxon has condoned the man/men who says they are women walking around with a turgid erection in the women’s changing rooms and showers. Luxon has condoned the previous and current actions of the transgenders where they broke the law.

      Luxon is not of sound mind. He is prepared to condone perverts in order to get votes.
      What’s next? Legalise sex with animals like has happened in Spain?

      What he should have said was:
      “What people do in the privacy of their own home or bedroom is their own business. However in public, everyone, of all genders, are expected to interact as responsible adults, which includes morals, decency and respect towards others, and not doing things that are violent, or sexually or biologically offensive.

      I don’t care whether you are straight, gay, transgender, or a sheep shagger. If I am elected I will not tolerate or condone violence, disrespect towards others, and as a Christian I expect a high standard of morals and decency.”



      • Luxon is too thick & too arrogant to realise that regardless of what he says or how he prostrates himself in front of them not a single deviant from the LGBTQQIP2SA soup is going to vote for National.

        On the other hand the potential to lose voters who don’t agree with gender confused creeps in women’s facilities is immeasurable.



    • Wont make a blind bit of difference ole chap.

      Love how youve got to the point of delussion that its now “our” when referring to dnz crap.
      When are you announcing your board appointment and co leader status?



  16. From V2’s link:

    ….”We will restore New Zealanders’ sovereignty over health policy decision-making.

    We will cancel agreements with the World Health Organisation & other unelected private entities which undermine national self determination”…….

    That’s the policy we need.



  17. This is how One World Government gets a foot in the door. They leave you no one to vote for.

    Bernie’s Tweets
    U.K. – Politicians are terrified of such a low turnout at the next GE the winner wouldn’t hold a true mandate.

    So they are considering mandatory voting & forcing you to vote for someone. As a ‘civic Duty’, like tax!

    And that’s when people stand a Cactus (or similar) as an independent. And then the cactus party will win by a landslide!

    Politicians are idiots.




      • It’s going to be a strange world for sailors if this all pans out as the alarmists predict.

        I can’t quite get my head around how it will effect navigation but it seems that sea levels will be a couple of metres lower in front of properties owned by politicians & billionaires. I guess we’ll have rewatch Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments take on the parting of the sea before sailing anywhere.



  18. If you think you’re doing it tough, spare a thought for Ernie’s plight.

    Inexplicable, but true! Hemingway fought in 2 world wars during his lifetime. In WW1 he was hit by a mortar and received 206 wounds and 26 pieces of shrapnel. He survived anthrax, malaria, skin cancer, pneumonia and diabetes. He survived two car accidents and even survived a plane crash, survived a ruptured kidney, hepatitis, a ruptured spleen, and a fractured skull base. A crushed vertebrae fused and didn’t even leave him paralyzed. Eventually, he committed suicide.



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