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  1. You beat me Bon.
    It’s the middle of the night. Go to bed!

    Was asleep, now up having a 2am cuppa and a piece of toast while squishing down all the problems of the country so I can fall asleep again. Hold ono your hats and keep your cool it’s a crucial election and we’re running on luck.



  2. That must be about the only area where Labour are not hiring and surrounding themselves with idiots.
    Had someone the other day referring to her she shed. What’s that I said. She explained they have moved to a new place and husband had a three bay garage. Now he has a two bay garage and she has her shed.

    Morning all, off north today heading for Christchurch – Blenheim and perhaps even Nelson. Is there a Kea that would like to meet up, could go out for some wipers or something. Our 1985 Ford Trader might help you think your Honda Civic is quite modern, or something.



  3. Waikatogirl, it sounds like you might suffer the same problem as myself ,I go to bed to early and wake early yet still get 7 / 8 hours sleep , I’ve found a site called “Radio Echoes” that has 10 s of thousands of radio and tv shows sound only , I turn on something like blackadder, Dads army, steptoe and son and drift off back to sleep , although strangely I’m careful not to get 10 or 11 hours sleep because I feel like crap when I finally wake .



  4. Morning Troopers,

    Well Ginny Andersen, the same one who is bullshitting the public that the firearms registry will allow them to locate and confiscate all unregistered firearms, is at it again.

    This time she’s informing the public that ACT will allow the dangerous automatic weapons that were confiscated by Labour, back into the community.

    Ironically, she tells us ACT are going to be allowing everyone to buy machine guns, in an article entitled Disinformation-accused Labour says Instagram post about National and ACT reintroducing student loan interest was ‘mistake’ in which they apologise for spreading disinformation.

    You really couldn’t make this shit up.



  5. Sky News Australia have announced there are calls for Covid Boosters for older people or those who are immune compromised.

    Obviously not enough died last time so this should help to knock off the stragglers, eh S.B.



  6. HP ,I visited my doctor recently , he tried his best to convince me that it wasn’t to late to start with the vaccines and wouldn’t shut up until I said NO loudly , during Covid his nurse was even more strident and looked at me like I Was a national security risk , they are still wearing masks and insisting on gaps in waiting room seating ,it was like stepping back in time ..



    • Sounds like the Doc wants to collect the bounty. 🙁

      It is fucking unnerving when they do that, and so difficult in not erupting & totally calling them out or start talking about duck shooting season.

      But be warned, The fucking Doctor will also record your demeanor, and attitude, as part of a future diagnosis. 🙁

      The push to have more older people vaccinated is so it can be said,, of course more people will die as the population itself is getting older.
      To offset where actuaries can calculate & see that there is an increase of deaths in lower age ranges, that is above normal, & when we can be talked into the “new normal” with the squirrel over there in the older people’s death rate
      Eventually we will see what is right or wrong b;ut too late.



      • SA, he’s has been reasonably good for the 35 years we been using him ,delivered 3 of our children one of which was complex and the bloody midwife had given up with a look of worry on her face, he turned up and fixed it in 3 minutes.



  7. An ugly, fat woman with two kids enters Bunnings, shouting angrily at the kids for no apparent reason. The man at the reception says cheerfully to her: “Good morning and welcome to Bunnings. Cute kids! Are they twins?”

    The horrible woman stopped shouting, just enough to say, “Hell, they’ re not twins… The older is 9 and the other is 7! Are you blind or just stupid?”

    “No madam… I’m neither blind nor stupid… I just can’t get that there’s a man out there who had sex with you twice.”



  8. Chippy to enleash a history defining political campaign today!
    He’s set in motion the biggest defeat of the labor party history!
    May we wish him well in a speedy retirement//////
    Jacind Ardern, it’s all your fault///// You personally killed the NZ Labor Party ///



    • Mike, nor can I. When it comes out, it is going to show to what level of Liar both Hipkins and the Smug Fat Poof, Robertson are.

      I think it will show Hipkins to be a Monumental Liar and the Poof Robertson, well off the Rectum Scale.

      The Guinness Book of Records should be in attendance as this will be a new World Record for known Lying and they should be there to record it, as it will only be challenged or beaten again, next time a Labour Government is in power, which hopefully won’t be in my lifetime.



  9. Dozens of protestors from fringe political party Freedom NZ have attempted to block the entrance of Labour’s campaign launch at Auckland’s Aotea Centre this morning.

    Protestors chanted, ‘No more labour pains’ as a group of Labour supporters, including MPs, attempted to enter the venue.

    MPs were yelled at by Vision NZ supporters as they entered the venue. Police have just arrived at the scene.

    The protestors, holding holding placards for Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki’s Freedoms NZ party, put themselves at the entrance of the venue in an attempt to stop party faithful entering.


    Listen to Labour whinge and the writer calls Freedom a “fringe Party”
    It might be but that is not the language an objective reporter should use.
    But they are not unbiased and objective and we all know that.



  10. _________________

    *A man loses his hat, so he goes to church to steal one off of the hat rack*.

    When he gets there,

    the priest was giving his sermon on the *Ten Commandments*.

    Something the priest says in the sermon gives the man a flash of insight and, change his mind.

    After mass, the man goes to confession to tell the priest what he was going to do…

    Man: *Forgive me father, for I have sinned*.

    Father: *Go ahead, son*.

    Man: *I lost my hat and I came to church today to steal a hat off the rack*.

    Father: *Is that so*?

    Man: *Yes, but then I heard you talking about the Ten Commandments – and I changed my mind*.

    Father: Really?

    My son, did you make this decision when I was discussing the commandment:

    *Thou shalt not steal*?


    No. It was when you started talking about,

    *Thou shalt not commit adultery*, then *I remembered where I left my hat*!



  11. Labour leader Chris Hipkins announces free dental care for under-30s to launch election campaign

    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has used his election campaign launch to announce free dental care for under under-30s starting in mid-2025.

    It is Hipkins’ latest play to try to outflank National for the voters’ ticks on the cost of the living front.

    The new Labour policy would offer free annual check-ups, cleans, X-rays, basic fillings and extractions for nearly 800,000 under 30-year-olds.

    It would be staged and offered initially to 18-23-year-olds from July 2025 and then expanded up to all under 30s from July 2026.

    Hipkins – who was sung on to stage by Reb Fountain belting out some Don McGlashan with a gospel choir and Samoan drums – said that would mean that about 40 per cent of New Zealanders had free dental care by the end of 2026.

    Hipkins said it was the start of delivering on Labour’s long-held wish for universal dental care, an area in which cost was often a barrier for people.


    Labour’s announcement follows the Green Party announcing its policy of free dental care for all – a move it said would cost $1.2 billion and be paid for from a wealth tax on couples worth more than $4 million and individuals worth more than $2 million.



    • My background is in the dental field. The majority of young people shouldn’t requires lot of dentistry. If they adhere to regular hygiene and a good diet. The elderly often have broken teeth due to teeth getting brittle as we age plus previous fillings weakening the tooth structure. Medications can affect the oral environment, Two things that spring to mind, acid reflex and dry mouth. ( often due to medication). Saliva delivers peptides which actually feed the teeth. I dread everytime my husband goes. There is never any change out of a thousand. Obviously they do want the older votes. Probably find a way to get rid of us all.



      • The most dental decay is due to the promotion of high carb grain based diets. All carbs are sugar. Ditch the carbs and you immediately notice how clean your teeth feel. None of that furry feeling.

        Carb based diets are the leading preventable cause of death and sickness.



  12. Sky News host Rita Panahi reacts to “woke left” New Yorkers linking the rise of obesity rates in African Americans to racism.

    “It’s incredible how racist the woke left can be; it might be the bigotry of low expectations, but it’s bigotry nonetheless,” Ms Panahi said.




  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erutLxLVQTo
    An update from THAT MP!

    Richard Vobes

    These days, he needs no formal introduction. It’s been 9 months since he spoke in the House of Commons for the first time about the dangers of ‘you-know-what’. Fighting for the people, our man in the Government, continues to ask questions and put pressure on the ministers about the health issue that has dominated British people’s lives for the past few years. …



  14. Hark, there be the distant wailing of emergency services bringing forth respite from the din of smashing bottles, loud drums beating and the muffled crack of faces being caved. A common mating ritual observed under a shining moon on the day named after the celestial Saturn.
    But wait…what’s that?
    The noise abates.
    The sound of silence?
    Peace restored…for now.



  15. Commander DC – NZ Politics Group (Gab)

    Hipkins calls on Clark and Ardern to help him win the election🚨🚨🚨

    Folks, Hipkins is so desperate to win the election he’s called in Clark and Ardern to help him !
    Apparently secret 3am meetings have been happening on a regular basis so as to find ways to con the public !!!



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