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  1. 5-6 people vs a drunk dwarf? Thats some serious bro science at play to come up with that, but yes a big cunt he is. You know winnie is really just full of shit trying to get votes from gullable covid butthurt folk when he starts announcing millions in vax injury payouts…. cam and the bfd crew will now have a huge raging hard on even worse then before for winnie.
    Winnie likes fishing im guessing? Hes bloody good at it as many take his bait hook line and sinker…. pity those dumb fooks dont realise what the fisherman does to the fish.



  2. Cruised through to haast last night and now im parked up on a beach, beaut night/morn here not a cloud in the sky and massive moon so bright i dont even need my headlamp.
    Gunna get the rods ready soon and start drowning some bait before the sun comes up, have to cruise to the mouth mid morning as lil SB insisted dad buy him a cheapy whitebait net so he can cook me up some whitebait patties for fathers day (yup thats kid/dad economics right there) but i rekon im just gunna end up with a soaking wet kid and a ton of sand dragged into the tent and my truck…. aw well its the thought that counts! chilling out in such an awsome place with a keen young son mad on the outdoors is about one of the best ways to spend fathers day me thinks.



  3. Hilarious, more epic unworkable labour logic.

    Theres already free dental care for under 18s yet many dentists refuse to take part in the scheme esp down here.
    Many dentists have a 3-6wk wait to even get in an be seen unless its super urgent so what does labour think us a great idea?… why make if free for under 30s and just further clog up the system with a bunch of freeloaders that cant help but stuff their faces with sugary bullshit or sucking on a glass pipe destroying their teeth.

    I have shit teeth, i dont look after them, never have and i hate paying a dentist exhorbinant amounts to fix them but id be the last person to advocate for this bullshit. We need a govt that brings back personal responsibility, we need a society that realises there are consequences for actions/inactions and lifestyle choices. Expanding the “saftey net” imo just makes the hammock larger and more comfortable.



  4. Good morning, enjoy your day people it looks as though its fin e out there so what could be better than doing the lawn on a nice day????? Exciting stuff.
    That is a very interesting statistic Ed about the Blue Whale, I bet not many people have tried that!!!
    Be careful out there…. You never know who is out to get you….and they could strike at a. moments notice.



  5. On a train from London to Manchester, an American was berating a British guy sitting across from him in the compartment, about Britain leaving Europe.

    “The trouble with you English is that you are too stuffy. You set yourselves apart too much and it is going to be worse now you are leaving the EU. You think your stiff upper lip makes you above the rest of us.

    Look at me . . . . . I’m an ‘all round’ me! I have a little Italian in me, a bit of Greek blood, a little Irish and some Spanish blood. What do you say to that?”

    The British fellow lowered his newspaper, looks over his glasses at the American and replies; “Well, that was terribly sporting of your mother!”




  6. Bert ,it happened to me yesterday when logging on with an I pad which I hadn’t used for months as my phone is away for repair,I suspect the system is recognising a new device and just checking the legitimacy of it..



  7. Morning from Cheviot. Last night in the hotel, to watch the Warriors and had some tea. Spent a long time talking with an old fella my age about long ago rugby, old players etc . Had a really enjoyable evening. Did not talk or mention politics or Maori shit or anything else, just talking like two old friends. He was originally from Dannevirke, a Hawkes Bay 60’s Shield era fan, now from Christchurch.
    He was a Maori by the way. Some normality still exists.



    • Phil, the problem is Maori elite, and not so elite, have access to a huge army of foot soldiers who because of poor education can be manipulated very easily when the time comes. Young Maori looking for a cause, poor Maori, the huge beanie class with time on their hands, ditto Maori in motel accommodation. Let’s not forget middleclass Maori who for a variety of reasons may be rethinking their stance on race. Many middleclass Maori are feeling out of place in a more strident Maori community. An example is my cuzzy bro, Mike McRoberts, who has Maori’d up with tats and cultural emersion. John Tamihere is another. He’s frustrated with how politics stifles Maori aspirations ( in his opinion). He has now left the middle ground in favour of a Maori for Maori attitude. While he has always had that opinion, he is now much more strident and entrenched in that view,

      Now let’s add this to the mix. From Hobsons Pledge. But a general direction the Nats/ACT will move if they become the government:

      ***Those supporting Hobson’s Pledge are New Zealanders who want all citizens to prosper and succeed. We believe that:

      All New Zealanders should be equal before the law, irrespective of when they or their ancestors arrived in New Zealand;
      The Treaty of Waitangi is not in any meaningful sense New Zealand’s constitution;
      The Treaty did, however, establish three important points, namely that, in signing the Treaty, chiefs ceded sovereignty to the Crown; that in turn the Crown would protect the property rights of all New Zealanders; and that “nga tangata maori katoa o Nu Tirani” (the ordinary people of New Zealand) would have the same rights and duties of citizenship as the people of England;
      The Treaty of Waitangi did not create a “partnership” between Maori and the Crown;
      The Treaty of Waitangi did not establish any “principles” and all references to such “principles” should be removed from legislation;
      There is no longer any need for special Maori representation in government, whether it be Maori electorates in Parliament, Independent Maori Statutory Board in Auckland, or racially based representation in other governance bodies;
      All New Zealanders have an equal interest in the quality of fresh water and in the protection of the environment;
      There is no longer any need for the Waitangi Tribunal;
      Wherever it can be reasonably established that the Crown unlawfully confiscated property from any individual or group, compensation should be paid, provided however that any such compensation should be “full and final”;
      Policy measures intended to support those who need special assistance from government should be based on need, and not on ethnicity.***

      The point is, it’s not important what mainstream NZ think, it’s what Maori think. Or what Maori are lead to believe by those with an agenda, both Maori and Pakeha. What Hobsons Pledge have stated can be twisted by agitators to rally Maori to violence.



  8. We had planned to go to the North Island last summer and cancelled due to the uncertainty of the ferries. Wanted to drive the Forgotten Highway Stratford to Tauramanui in particular. The only bit of New Zealand haven’t been.
    As we are driving up yesterday afternoon the wife wonders out loud that perhaps seeing we will be almost at Picton should we carry on and catch the ferry. When we went north 2 years ago we were away for 80 days. This time we have to be home in a fortnight, old people and pills for one thing.
    Talk about forward planning, if we do go will see about catching up with A.H. and anyone else around that area. Hamilton might be a bit too far in the time unfortunately.
    This is the same couple who went to Europe for 6 months after meeting/knowing each other for 2 months and came back 2 years later. Forward planning is our speciality.



  9. Had my first day with my drone at the beach yesterday….Set everything up and went through my check list and had a very good first set which I retrieved half hour later with a untouched bait….to easy.
    Second set….of course I’m an expert now so fuck the check list….. take off straight into my mainline….pick up nylon in the props and next minute drone is doing a little dance upside down on the beach.
    After a good clean and some duct tape the Aeroo is back in the air…….tuff little drone.
    Spoke to a bloke with a $10,000 drone nicely set up with a winch on a 4×4….. he had been out 1500m and had some nice snapper and gurnard.
    Just from yesterday’s effort I’m into it…..great day out…..now back to the drawing board



    • Good stuff Bert, ive done that once before.
      Now before lauching the drone i losen the drag and pull out about 10m of line out to the side and slightly forward of my rod with a bit of slack so a nice sag in the line, then when i take off if the drone happens to drift it cant hit the mainline or a rod.
      Ive got 2 lines out soaking at the moment, theyre 300-350m offshore, only a crappy spiney dogfish so far. After the wee dudes had a go whitebaiting and we settle in for an arvo fishing ill put out 4or 5 lines for a better chance… or a big tangle.



    • Bert ,talk about untouched baits my eldest son has been on holiday in Rarotonga and tells me there are huge signs around the waterfronts saying “where the F – -K have the fish gone” It’s extremely serious as fish are a big part of the local menu ,the fish have just gone and nobody can explain why or where.
      He went to a place where GTs can be caught from the rocks with a surf caster nearly every day he was there and didn’t lose a bait to anything , it’s very concerning to the locals as you can imagine.



  10. “All Māori are scientists. Looking after the environment is a very Māori thing.”


    Some are Mothers, some are Fathers, some are Mechanics, some are Tractor Drivers, some are unemployed and do nothing, some are child murderers and spend a long time in Clink.

    A few Maori are Scientists, the great majority, like you and I are not. More dishonesty from dishonest unquestioning Reporters with an agenda to push.




    • What a great fucking load of horse shit from the cannibal moa-exterminators and burners of more than 50% of New Zealand’s forest cover, before a single whitey had ever set foot in the place.

      And don’t forget the huia, plucked to extinction so the cuzzies could have its pretty feathers on their cloaks.



  11. Though in the USA, the government subterfuge of mis-dis-information used there is still played out in various ways by the New Zealand media as pushed by the NZ’s PM & Cabinet officers for NZ’s own Mis-dis-mal-information.

    …. “While the FBI claims that just 4.6% of active shootings were stopped by law-abiding citizens carrying guns, the percentage that I found was 35.7%…..
    our figure for 2022 was even higher – 41.3%.

    “Last year, the CDC became the center of controversy when it removed its estimates of defensive gun uses from its website at the request of gun control organizations…
    The CDC website listed the upper figure at 2.5 million.” ….


    Oh every one will be so safe when the police know where & who has a gun to allay the fears of the general public.
    So no one will get shot when this achieved when it is all registered, wof, licenced.

    That is why New Zealand does not have “ram-raiders” etc. as the registered licenced car owner would be sent to jail for a very long term.//
    It was the licenced owners fault, with out a doubt that did not secure that murderous & so dangerous vehicle.
    Never again is that licenced driver allowed to drive, and now the car is to be confiscated & disposed of, preferably crushed.. …. yeah right ….

    A quasi government funded department to actively divide & break other people in the community, who are law abiding citizens, but vote the wrong way & raise some very interesting points of views & questions.



  12. Father’s Day, at school, and all the students are supposed
    to make cards by drawing a picture of their father at work.

    Teacher asks, “Logan, what does your father do?”

    “My dad’s a cop. I’m gonna draw him catching a bad guy.”

    Then the teacher asks, “Brian, what does your father do?”

    Brian says, “My dad’s a writer. I’m going to draw him with his new book.”

    Teacher gets to Jake. “And what does your father do, Jake?”

    Jake says, “My dad’s dead.”

    “Oh my,” Teacher says, “What did your father do before he died?”

    “He turned blue and shit on the floor.”



  13. 🟥 🔥 Stop Co-Governance 🔥 🟥

    Mahurangi, Warkworth – Check back for details
    Saturday 9 Sept, 4.00pm 4.00pm

    AUCKLAND – MEGA EVENT, Destiny Church, 25 Druces Rd, Wiri
    Sunday 10 Sept, 7.00pm 7.00pm

    CHRISTCHURCH Stop Co-Governance Public Street March.
    Meet at the Bridge of Remembrance.
    Saturday 16 Sept, 11.00am 11.00am

    AUCKLAND Stop Co-Governance Public Street March
    Saturday 23 Sept, Time TBC Time TBC

    WELLINGTON Stop Co-Governance Public Street March
    Saturday 30 Sept, Time TBC Time TBC

    Would seem to be great security in place for the Auckland event. 🙂
    No doubt security is well sorted for the Christchurch & Wellington events. 🙂



  14. I was at a VFF local meeting yesterday and one of those there was going to go afterwards to Aotea Square to take part in the protest against Hipkins and the Labour Party’s campaign opening.

    This, I might add, was him as an individual and I don’t think VFF was involved in this action as an organisation.

    I watched the action afterwards on video:


    It was so heartening to see the numbers and sheer volume of the protesters outside and some inside the venue too!

    Again, just as with the beginning of the Covid madness, Brian Tamaki’s group is at the forefront of this as the main voice for freedom against the destruction of our country by the wokalitarians in power (regardless of their ‘party’).



      • Sorry W.G, but I’m not convinced that a bunch of God addled intellectually impaired drongos following the visions of a bloke who looks like a cross between Jim Jones and a used car dealer while sipping the Koolaid of disruption constitutes democracy. I may be proven wrong if he gets the 15 seats he claims are awaiting him at the election, but I don’t think so. The only good news for Bishop Brian after the election will be his followers will forget what happened and buy him a new Tesla. It’s a shame really, because up until now he had done some good stuff.



  15. Stuff continue to lower so called journalism into the mud. One of their kids is going to write a critical piece on the “River of Freedom” doco , yet to be released, without actually seeing the doco. She is saying it contains disinformation.

    What idiot journalist would ask this of the film maker?

    ” In the follow up email, Chin’s first question was “What is the documentary about?” and later asked, “If I called the documentary a “disinformation” film would you agree with this?”


    The sooner Stuff goes bust the better.



  16. Crude oil prices have risen around 30% over the last two
    months. I don’t think it will come down much as the US strategic oil reserve has been gutted by the Biden administration after imposing sanctions on Russia.



  17. The worse China looks, the better the outlook for Kiwi borrowers
    NZ’s major metros also likely to outperform the regions.

    ANALYSIS: The outlook for New Zealand’s economy is always somewhat clouded because we are a commodity exporter vulnerable to shifts in prices and weather, and because our migration flows in and out are unusually high relative to our population and can quickly change.

    Last week I discussed the surge in numbers of foreigners coming to New Zealand, and implications for first the rental market and later house sales and prices. This week I’d like to mention the uncertain impact of China’s slowing economy as well as early results from my monthly survey of real estate agents.

    We get one-third of our export receipts from China and most things we ship over there are minimally processed commodities. Chinese consumers are cutting their spending as the 80% of their wealth held in housing assets loses value and they seek to boost savings amidst rising unemployment which is so bad the government has stopped publishing data on youth unemployment.


    Well that’s Keas doom and gloom fucked.
    He will back to eating worrn our tyres again.



  18. 🔥 The return of the TERF’s Posie Parker 🔥 🙂
    At this stage I do not know exactly the dates times & places, but I understand the intention is to return to New Zealand prior to the election.
    Found a date so ‘helpfully’ put out there by Marton Martyn Bradbury seems to be circa 20th September 2023

    …. Posie Parker is once again headed this way. ….
    …..fellow women’s rights activist J.K Rowling with her.
    Together they have formed a band, tentatively titled ‘TERF, Wind and Fire’ to get their message across.
    ‘After all the noise drowning me out in Auckland I’ve decided to return with a decent P.A system and a pair of marshal amps’ said the controversial campaigner. ….


    Another few more fun days out in support of “What is a Woman?” & to enjoy some new songs?

    Will be fun to see how the media spin this too.
    The more people experience this, and contrast it to the media.

    Will Brian Tamaki’s Freedom Party be a big part in supporting & being security in this too?
    After all Tamaki did not hesitate in support of Avi Yemini in Wellington in providing at short notice a venue, & also would provide security.
    Avi on his air-port arrival wore a T-Shirt with “Kia ora, North Korea”, 🙂



  19. More disruptions as Labour’s Chris Hipkins meets voters at Auckland’s Avondale markets

    Labour leader Chris Hipkins’ visit to the Avondale markets in Auckland this morning has been largely met with positivity – but was disrupted on a few occasions, including an appearance by the former owner of the New Lynn Lone Star cafe which shut down during the pandemic.

    Hipkins and several MPs squeezed their way through the market stalls, taking photos with many of those perusing the products on sale.

    The man claiming to be the former owner of the Lone Star, wearing a Trump shirt, shouted at Hipkins, claiming he had ruined his business through the Covid restrictions. He had to be blocked from approaching Hipkins by security and police.

    The owners of Lone Star New Lynn closed their eatery last year claiming their franchise agreement for the restaurant was terminated after they defied Covid-19 regulations.

    Stephanie Cowie and Brendon Pascoe said they were being forced out of their business after they refused to discriminate against un-vaccinated customers and staff.


    Hipkins was right there in the front with this his arse piece Cindy and the now anointed Ashl;ey.



  20. Here’s another arsehole

    Bloomfield’s mission after Covid: Pause, breathe, smile.

    To many Kiwis, the description of Sir Ashley Bloomfield as a “mild-mannered healthcare hero” who helped save tens of thousands of lives during the Covid pandemic is accurate.

    For others, he’s nothing less than a civil service superhero, with many fans starting Facebook pages in his honour and proudly wearing Dr Ashley Curve Crusher T-shirts.

    But as Bloomfield talks to the Weekly from Geneva, Switzerland, he looks nothing like the man who addressed the nation most days, telling us what we needed to do to stay safe during Covid.

    “We’ve been doing some family holiday over here and that included a decent eight-day walking trip in the Swiss Alps, which we finished a couple of days ago,” he says.

    The family of five spent a year in Geneva in 2011 when Bloomfield worked for the World Health Organisation (WHO), so it is familiar territory for them.

    “Two of our children are travelling around Europe at the moment because they’re of that age, and we brought the third over so they all enjoyed a visit back to their old house of 12 years ago and really enjoyed being back in Geneva.”


    Bloomfield says during Covid, New Zealanders had to do things we never imagined we would do.

    “So, it’s nice that in our lives, we can move about and we can see people we want, whether it’s at home or abroad,” he enthuses. “That’s a lovely, lovely thing.”

    Yeah well stay there you arsehole.



  21. Reposted from last night. Worth a listen.

    One of the good guys

    An update from THAT MP!

    Richard Vobes

    These days, he needs no formal introduction. It’s been 9 months since he spoke in the House of Commons for the first time about the dangers of ‘you-know-what’. Fighting for the people, our man in the Government, continues to ask questions and put pressure on the ministers about the health issue that has dominated British people’s lives for the past few years. …



  22. “The national park that contains Taranaki Maunga and surrounding peaks, which is currently called Egmont National Park, will be renamed Te Papa-Kura-o-Taranaki, which means “the highly-regarded and treasured lands of Taranaki”.

    The park and its contents will be vested as a legal person, named Te Kāhui Tupua – so the park will effectively own itself. But its interests will be represented by Te Tōpuni Kōkōrangi, a collection of both iwi and Crown appointees.”

    A number of questions.

    1. Was the Mountain, being a “Legal Person” asked if it wanted Hori and the Deity known as “The Crown” to appoint somebody to represent it?

    2. Did the Mountain discuss this with it’s Lawyer?

    3. Is the Mountain being a “Legal Person” going to register to Vote on 14th October?

    4. Will it give it’s Vote to the Maori Party or some Colonialist construct like the Labour Party or TOP?

    5. If there is a huge torrential deluge on this “Legal Person” and it sheds all the water that falls on it and causes death and destruction elsewhere as a result, is this “Legal Person” going to clean up after itself?

    6. Will this “Legal Person” pay Rates or is it a Squatter?

    7. Being a “Legal Person” is it going to be a pussy and let people walk all over it.

    8. Is this “Legal Person” going to divulge whether it has a “X” or “Y” Chromosome?

    9. If this “Legal Person” decides it is a Woman, will it get half priced drinks at the Ladies Night at the Stratford RSA?

    10. Were you asked?




  23. Canada’s woke nightmare: A warning to the West | Documentary
    38 mins : Aug 30, 2023 : The Telegraph
    Click “….more” to get a quick read up: ….

    Plus a few notes of mine:— Intro by Jordan Peterson noting the recent changes in Canada, as do others.
    “You get what you tolerate”.
    “Sexualization has become militarized” noted in schools.
    So like Canada, Australia, is New Zealand also an experimental ground in more ways than 1.
    The bizarre claims, of indigenous genocide and any one who raises a question will be criminalized.
    To see how the opposition conservative Party, then changes, sells out to pick up votes,, as the reason to why, to win election, so really no change can be effective.
    As JP, explains the version of the “group rights” supposedly in agreeableness, to go along, to get along, has become taken over by psychopaths’ to eat the remainder.

    Seeing that vid, shows why so many timidly become compliant, as it shows many ways of why we should be compliant, as the system will now damage you.

    It becomes that even when one does not agree, but then nor do they speak out, like who is a woman? The science is over cooked about Climate Change, yet very few actively call out the snakeoil salesman in the techno bureaucracy, academia & media.
    We do not seem to find & then push the solution. We just float along to the next level of governmental controls.

    Just a little bit more of understanding that we are fighting against a very warped craziness.
    To take a breath, take stock, remain true, and to keep on fighting back.



  24. The Food Crisis: The urgent, timely documentary every Kiwi voter should watch


    A another piece of political propaganda. It’s apparently the fault of: a virus, a Russian guy, capitalism.

    Not a political movement that openly taxes, hates and punishes food producers. Describing them as polluters and criminals.

    Food should be cheap and plentiful here. Especially meat.



    • Kea Agreed.
      Seem to be the same person who inspired Ardern to be an aspirational Minister for Children in Poverty.
      So the poverty industry increased as it also leveraged off crime..
      Being so based, to increase the major sociology industry of “Poverty causes Crime”.

      Another version of Nicky Hager.
      How can you trust a guy like that?

      Crime causes Poverty, so they can not afford the food.

      The big time elite of techno-bureau-cracy , running the regulatory rules, with major costs from levies, fees, penalties, cost of monitoring, codes of practice, etc.. and one wonders why New Zealand is not cheap?

      Then academia & media support of pushing these very controlling agendas.

      Especially meat
      The rule is that no farmer is to even provide meat to anyone, unless it is to a current on the farm work full time employee.

      To have highly paid full time veterinary degree meat inspectors is just another cost..
      Years ago I recall that to kill an butcher an animal was so high in ACC levies, that it gave the game away on just how phenomenal the true cost of labour on for the freezing works, or similar facilities.
      I think at one stage efficiencies were achieved, but in the past 10 years I figure it has gone backwards. Health & Safety being needed but over rated, Holiday pay, Sick Leave, Family Argument leave, Tangi leave, Matrimony leave, etc.



  25. Rai Valley area is covered in ACT signs. Still no letterboxes in some rental properties though- which is very disappointing. They probably didn’t get their voting papers.

    Something needs to be done 😀

    Be on the look out for an unmarked pig car, black Skoda. Saw him attack two motorists in seperate incidents . Both towing trailers.



  26. This election is critical. It will be a defining moment for New Zealand and shape this country for generations to come.

    I know that most New Zealanders, regardless of who we are or where we live, are trying to do the right thing, but we’re going backwards.

    My message is – hang on: help is coming. In 41 days, New Zealanders have the opportunity to elect a National government and get New Zealand back on track.

    My pledge to New Zealand will be the bedrock of a government I lead and I guarantee that a National led government will:

    Lower inflation and grow the economy – so that we ease the cost of living and create better-paying jobs.

    Let you keep more of what you earn. We will provide tax relief of around $100 a fortnight for a couple without kids who have the average household income of $120,000.

    Build infrastructure. We’re planning 13 new Roads of National Significance, and the four major public transport upgrades that National announced recently.

    Restore law & order. We’ll back Police to tackle gangs and establish boot camps for serious young offenders.

    Lift educational achievement because right now, fewer than half of Year 8s are ready for high school and half our 15-year-olds fail the most basic maths, reading and writing test.

    Cut waiting times in the health system by training and retaining more doctors, nurses and midwives.

    Support seniors. We’ll increase New Zealand Superannuation every year and boost it with our tax relief plan which will see a superannuitant couple get an additional $26 per fortnight.

    Deliver Net Zero by 2050 and we’ll do it by doubling New Zealand’s renewable electricity generation, and by giving farmers the tools they need to reduce agricultural emissions.

    This is my personal pledge to you and to all New Zealanders.

    This eight-point manifesto of commitments will focus National in government, and every New Zealander will know our priorities.

    This election the choice is clear.

    Only a PARTY VOTE FOR NATIONAL can change the government and get our country back on track.

    Thank you.

    PS: Every dollar counts to help us run our campaign to change the government. And we need your help. Can you donate $20?



      • I did not down tick, nor up tick, but a bit of editing, like deleting the $20 idea would have been some help?
        Then some may have been reminded of Chuck Bird, & his whatever imperative Party for the now. 🙂



        • Thank you.
          Not bothered with National for a long time.

          I was in a hurry as I had to go put up more signs. no time to edit it for those that can’t be bothered filtering out the crap.

          I will say his last point about the 2050 will sink a lot of votes.



      • I down ticked NN’s stance on NetZero and their other woke policies. It was not against Viking, just boredom with Nat’s repeating same old policies and always failing to undo Labour’s ideological ‘incompetence’.



      • @ Ross 12
        The downticks are from those supporting fringe parties that are vote wasters. The other is Leftwing trolls . If you have been around blogging for a while you eventually learn to notice patterns and what they mean.
        Regarding Nationals pledge. Straight away you can see what pledges people will be moaning about towards the end of Nationals first term. Luxon has failed to warn voters that he and National will be receiving a hospital pass at the election. Health for example will take at least six years before discernible improvements will be obvious… if at all.
        I think too many voters are expecting too much. A super tanker can take up to 10kms to come to a complete stop. Look upon our economy as a super tanker that’s 10ks from the rocks. Captain Luxon should be shitting his pants. But he isn’t.



  27. What about getting rid of 3 waters like you have said on your signs around the country for months?

    Get up to date , the farmers don’t need to reduce so called emissions because the science has moved on. The error over methane has been recognized and accepted by the IPCC. Tell your overlord Klaus to take a hike on his demands in this area, if you cannot tell him to just “get stuffed” on all his demands.



    • So full on charge kicking cans down the road, as still maintaining Net Zero, by 2050.

      Then the maori cans, to stub one toes on!
      Seems to be set out in a layered defence system, of deep tank traps, concrete bollards, fire zones, all a tripling down like the Russian defence in the Ukraine.

      Many seem to under estimate the set up with 3 waters and the earlier set up, that sort of interlock.
      If anything is not properly rooted out, then it will find another insidious way to expand its controls.

      Noises made to trim back on co-governance from Three Waters but remember that the Water Regulator, Taumata Arowai was set up in Ardern’s & Peters first term & seems not to be so opposed by either National & others.
      The controlling factor is Te Puna, the Maori Advisory Council, which presides over the Water Regulator?
      As it exists now, that Maori Advisory Council Is total governance of our fresh drinking water which so many voters have condemned –
      which has its own form of co-governance using Regional & District Councils in an below radar way.
      Then the extra maori wards, or voting reps from some maori commitee.

      Get to it, and stop blurring it with maorification that many do not understand, like needing Te Mana o te Wai statements:–– a hidden control with a Te Ao Māori approach to all aspects of water, including economic, cultural, social and environmental expectations – from Auckland drawing on Waikato water, to commercial users being excluded from allocation hui – as Te Mana o te Wai statements are available to Maori only.

      It would be a bugger to miss cutting that out & National need to be much more plain & straight forward in this.
      National really need to be explicit on their intentions on all these co-governance areas and their plans over the He Puapua report.
      The position to keep the Water Regulator, Taumata Arowai, is a thin edge of the wedge to allow the activist to keep pushing the separatist agendas.

      So many areas where National needs to clearly state all aspects of co-governance, including health, is going.

      I fear as in the above video about Canada, @1:43 pm that a lot of statements will be where later buses, and or armed troop carriers can drive through in a few years time, unless it is properly cleaned out.



      • Bang on S1.
        I’ve been looking at his list again and thought this list could have been put out for any of the last few elections, it would have been just as applicable.

        It displays absolutely no backbone, no vision, no innovation — basically nothing.

        Well not nothing, it just shows how bland NN is and what the Government will look like while he is around.



    • The high cost of even having a Farm Fresh Water Plan, that ultimately makes all the Regional Councils control & so run every farm in New Zealand through compliance, fees, levies, permits, etc..
      The plan itself must also take in guidance from maori protocols,– a trench.

      Agenda Net Zero 2050 seems to back up the Farm Emission Plans touted by the Labour Party last month.
      Again all high cost, with versions of highly paid bureaucracy certifiers, and auditors to gain compliance that will again feed on the profits of many farms. Another maori trench?

      It is funny when one can see the price of meat will soar again.
      But for any one with a bit of skill, hunting will boom for the wild pigs, deer, goats, etc.

      The catch in that will be the TB disease and the liberal spreading of 1080 and helicopter culling to waste.
      Just so they can declare, you will have nothing & be happy. …. yeah right ….



  28. Another one man crime wave to be returned by Aus.

    A New Zealand man with a long list of criminal charges is set to be deported from Australia after the government cancelled his visa, and says he fears for his life if sent back home.

    While in New Zealand, 38-year-old Jerome Raymond Fraser McMillan committed 23 offences, including robbery, burglary, theft, breaches of community work, drug possession and trespass.

    In 2009 he moved to Australia, where he has accumulated 20 sentencing appearances, including possession of weapons, domestic violence and assaulting a police officer.



  29. Alpha-Gal Syndrome May Be Linked to Vaccine Anaphylaxis
    A new tick-borne meat allergy known as alpha-gal syndrome (AGS) is making headlines as nearly half a million Americans have reportedly become affected by the potentially life-threatening condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cases of AGS are rising and have increased by about 15,000 cases each year between 2017 and 2022.

    The recently discovered condition has also been reported in those receiving vaccines containing hydrolyzed gelatin and other byproducts from affected animals, which could explain why some may experience anaphylaxis or meat allergies after vaccination.

    Unlike normal allergic reactions, symptoms commonly appear within two to six hours after eating meat or dairy products or after exposure to products containing alpha-gal, including medications and vaccines.

    According to the CDC, ingredients in vaccines that may contain alpha-gal include, but are not limited to, gelatin, glycerin, magnesium stearate, and bovine serum.


    Recent case reports suggest there is a connection between severe anaphylaxis in patients suffering from AGS and vaccines containing hydrolyzed gelatin (pdf) and bovine serum, including the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, some influenza vaccines, varicella, MMR and varicella ProQuad vaccine, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and inactivated polio combination vaccine (DTaP/IPV), yellow fever, zoster vaccine, and the tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (TDaP) vaccine commonly given to pregnant women.

    COVID-19 Vaccines

    Although COVID-19 vaccines do not list animal ingredients on their product labels, Pfizer uses a component of cow’s milk in the early manufacturing and production process. It has not been made clear what this component is, according to Dr. Scott Commins, an associate professor of medicine and associate chief for allergy and immunology at the University of North Carolina. To date, most allergic reactions to COVID-19 vaccines have been attributed to polyethylene glycol or polysorbate.



    • Well actually Peters has only just started that when he thought it might curry favour ith some. Git the idea from Kirsten I believe.
      That was her thing and still is but she includes all vaccines.

      DemoncracyNZ has been pushing for an enquiry for at least a year.

      Winston should be put out of his misery. Like biden and Mc connel and all.



  30. Zealandia fossil find may turn historical record on its head
    Michael Daly13:06, Sep 03 2023

    A rare tropicbird fossil discovery in north Canterbury has potentially turned the historical record on its head, by suggesting the ancient species originated in Zealandia and not the Northern Hemisphere.

    Palaeontologists from the University of Canterbury have discovered a remarkably intact fossil of one of the earliest ancestors of the tropicbirds group, now restricted to three species living in the tropics.

    Tropicbirds are highly aerial, plunge-diving and predominantly fish-eating birds that used to live in tropical and subtropical seas.




  31. 🔥 🟥 GroundSwell 🔥 🟥
    Will you join our DRIVE 4 CHANGE?
    We are trekking up the country to raise awareness and mobilise voters.
    Our message is: things are bad, you need to vote, and you need to vote for change.
    Groundswell co-founders Bryce McKenzie and Laurie Paterson will be getting on tractors in Invercargill on 22nd September and driving all the way to Auckland, finishing with a speaking event at the Ellerslie Racecourse at 1pm Sunday 1st October.
    For more info: http://www.groundswellnz.co.nz

    Can click through “itinerary” to get dates & times with the places.
    I understand the reason for heading to Ellerslie is because there has been major contributions from Auckland.

    Also to bear in mind not only Luxon’s Agenda 50 & who carries the flag for Agenda 30 in his Party. :—

    A flag waving tooting support event. 🙂



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