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  1. An almost unbelievable win against WHO, championed by a very minor Australian Party, “One Nation”
    This is what we need ! ! !
    But it will be a long ongoing battle.

    💪💥Loss for WHO – Pandemic Treaty falls through in Australia-MP Malcolm Roberts
    5 mins 17 secs : September 17th 2023 :

    Full transcript and E&OE in grammar & structure.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    This week represents a rare victory for Australian sovereignty.
    Victory for common sense decency and humanity and a victory against the sprawling monster of unelected unaccountable foreign bureaucrats at the United Nations World Health Organization.

    You’ll recall the World Health Organization proposed to change their health regulations that guide member states in the event of a disease outbreak like covert [covid] from Guiding member states to being mandatory on member States including Australia.
    This would have represented a complete destruction of Australian sovereignty and a fundamental reimagining of the powers of the World Health Organization.

    Last December the liberal National Morrison Joyce government voted in favor of these changes yet many sensible countries voted against and the proposal was lost.
    Undaunted the United Nations World Health Organization tried again this year.
    After months of heavy criticism “One Nation” and those opposing these measures have had a huge win.

    The final report from the international Health regulations Review Committee released this week has dropped the proposed changes.
    The United Nations World Health Organization will remain an advisory body.
    Dystopian demands such as allowing the World Health Organization to make binding Health orders over writing [riding] state and federal control have been tossed out.
    This includes the proposed powers that would have allowed the World Health Organization to control systems for proof of vaccination or vaccination status, quarantine procedures, citizen travel, and Mobility.
    Forced vaccination, lockouts, lockdowns, mandatory detention and other completely unacceptable infringements on people.

    Gone is the Universal Health passport or vaccine passport that was going to control the ability of citizens to travel between countries in a permanent capacity.

    It was decided that this would raise ethical and discriminatory concerns.
    A global digital vaccine passport will no longer be developed under the
    committee’s powers for now.
    Committee will remain confined to actual Public Health emergencies rather than potential health risks undefined, removing the widely held fear that their scope could be extended to climate lockdowns and other human rights abuses which would have been possible because the United Nations World Health Organization had proposed to remove human rights completely from the regulations.

    After a backlash the committee now strongly recommends the retention of the existing text which is quote “Full respect for the dignity human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons as an overarching principle”.

    This is a critical backdown the World Health Organization committee working on these changes has just recommitted to its fundamental human rights pledge in defiance of the proposed amendments.
    The findings of the committee agreed with the concerns that “One Nation” raised regarding threats to sovereignty in their final report.
    The committee said it was quote “Concerned that the proposals may unduly impinge on the sovereignty of State parties and make recommendations binding instead of voluntary in the end.

    The committee validated the fears raised on the international stage and within what’s left of the Free Press, fears I raised and for which I was called a conspiracy theorist.
    I was correct, their decision to throw out this attempt to grab power from Sovereign governments is a crucial first step in stopping unelected Global bureaucracies from overstepping their purpose.

    Pauline Hanson first raised the United Nations treasonous work in Parliament in 1996 27 years ago.
    In my first a speech in 2016. I call for Australia to exit the United Nations.
    “Oz exit” we’ve been so strongly outspoken against seeding [ceding] Australian sovereignty to the unhinged United Nations World Economic Forum Alliance.

    That the world economic Forum recently specifically called us out.
    We’re getting under their skin.
    This fight is not over.
    All of the terrifying proposed powers that have been summarily rejected this week are duplicated in the proposed United Nations World Health Organization pandemic treaty.
    The pandemic treaty is a second attempt to turn World Health Organization into the World Health police.
    The pandemic treaty is alive and well sitting in the system waiting for our so-called leaders to sign.
    If the pandemic treaty were to be approved it would enforce all of The Binding Health powers that others in World Health Organization have just rejected.
    What a mess the United Nations World Health Organization is.

    Too big, too bureaucratic, too removed from the people it’s supposed to help.

    It’s corrupt, incompetent, dishonest and above all else too close to the big pharmaceutical industry.
    The next step to protect Australia’s Health sovereignty is to make sure that the pandemic treaty is completely rejected that the Prime Minister does not sign it.

    For concerned Australians who have written to their members of parliament and who received a stock reply saying the treaty has to go through Parliament first. That’s actually not true.
    The World Health Organization pandemic treaty includes a provision that it becomes binding on Australia the moment Our World Health Organization representative signs it.
    No parliamentary oversight required !
    Well screw that.
    “One Nation’s” work continues !
    authorized Malcolm Roberts B “”
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    So who in the fuck in New Zealand is going to raise this issue?
    All the New Zealand parties seem to go along with “follow the science”, particularly in health.
    We do not even get to have a discussion, or a debate.
    Once the WHO health has its way, then all the other 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the UN will fall into line.
    …. Learn about immunisation’s [vaccinations] key role in achieving 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals …

    In this thread yesterday posted some transcripts & video links from Dr. Peter McCullough & Dr, David Martin, at the EU Parliament. Both against the WHO.

    This one of the few times, when people can exert political pressure on the policies of political parties.
    But so many want to whip voters to capitulate months ago so those parties will figure there is no need to review their policies.
    Why do people just comply & suck it up, and swallow the rats by declaring their position now using the excuse that we only want Labour Greens & Maori out.
    Yes so many issues, and all of them need to be pushed into their supercilious faces as they prepare to go in lockstep in towing the global UN WHO line.
    At the least to make it clear, that they may get your vote eventually or NOT, but the fight is going to become even worse.

    It is too late when the rat is in your guts, eating you out & you find it is nigh impossible to spew it out. And those politicians will just smile, while they continue in “ratshit” ways to comply with the UN agenda, particularly as they can say, they never heard any objection on the health issue.



    • Curious”–
      Just bit of losing in explaining as happens in all scams. 🙂
      …. This was announced as a ‘silence procedure,’ meaning that States not responding will be deemed supporters of the text. …..
      …. to back the proposed WHO international health regulation (IHR) amendments and treaty (PP26), key to ensuring that viral outbreaks that have such a small impact can remain highly profitable.
      An additional $10 billion per year in new financing is requested to support this (PP29).
      There is a reason why most countries have laws against scams.
      The UN and its agencies, fortunately for its staff, are outside of any national jurisdiction. ….


      We know Ashley Bloomfield is working on this.
      As will Ministries of Foreign Affairs & Health.

      Will any of our Parliamentarians new or old, actually beyond soft soaping us with oily words for a vote, go against the UN, WHO & the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
      Where 14 of those Goals push vaccinations, immunization.

      If they have, then they are being very soft spoken, and likely no action, except for the rush to the freebie of business class global travel 5* accommodation, to go & sign it.



  2. Russell Brand dished up a supposed heap of facts in his inimitable style on Bill Maher’s show. 🙂

    Many are now saying that this video clip might be why Russell Brand is “being attacked.”
    1 min 33 secs. : September 17th 2023

    Are the Big Pharma & the systemic Public Health Institutions feeling a bit under attack & able to pull & trigger other institutions to do some “dirty washing” or is it all very costly lqw-fare.



  3. This over night from VFF. in a newsletter.

    Alia here. Did you know that this week marks an exciting milestone for us all?

    On Wednesday, our RCR baby will be six months old!

    Towards the end of 2022, after yet another year of witnessing the media present biased and bought propaganda dressed up as ‘journalism’, we decided enough was enough.

    We weren’t going to wait for the mainstream to locate their long-lost integrity, values, and ethics; we would bring those qualities back to the NZ media landscape ourselves!

    How hard could starting a radio station be, right?

    We’re not going to lie – it is a lot of hard work. However, as has been our experience right the way through our journey with VFF pushing back against injustice and corruption, as soon as we set our positive intention to create a radio station, incredible people emerged from the woodwork like magic. People with the experience, skills, and enthusiasm needed for this project to fly.

    And fly it has!

    In just six short months:

    Over 350,000 Kiwis have tuned into RCR.
    Replays have tallied over 1.5 million downloads!
    Our dedicated and talented hosts have delivered 45+ hours of incredible and unique content every week, with our live stream running 24/7.
    We have amassed over 3,500 Foundation Member Club subscribers whose generous support helps our wheels keep turning.
    We have brought back hope and connection to so many who felt their voice was lost when it came to the NZ media space.

    Every week, we receive messages from new listeners expressing their gratitude for the station’s ‘sanity-saving’ existence and the broad range of refreshing content and perspectives we provide.

    Our coverage of topics and stories outside the boundaries of ‘permitted’ subjects has forced important issues into the mainstream press, with quotes from our interviews in MSM articles (reaching everyday Kiwis who may not know about RCR).

    People are learning about all manner of new things, and thanks to your sharing, those seeds continue to be sprinkled far and wide to sprout and grow.

    And now we have an RCR app!!
    Be the first to download and use our fabulous new app that our ah-mazing tech team has been busy working on for months! It’s available on Google Play and in the Apple Store now!


    Alot of other stuff as well in the newsletter.



  4. COVID-19 Oral Vaccine Pill Developed

    Researchers in Japan have discovered a way to administer the vaccine by mouth and in pill form instead of injection. This allows for easier distribution, wider accessibility, and speedier administration, according to researchers.
    How It Works
    The pill is similar to the shot in that it contains an active form of the coronavirus as a way to produce immunity. However, researchers target mucus instead of blood.
    “The best way to neutralize viruses is before they can enter inside human cells but are only on the external surface of [skin] cells that line and produce mucus in the lungs, nose, and mouth,” a statement released by the publisher reads.

    According to the authors, compared to the current vaccines that are given subcutaneously, these oral vaccines are more effective in inducing Immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is a class of antibodies operates in mucus and can disable viruses. A coronavirus infection shielded by a vaccine that produces mucosal immunity in the form of IgA antibodies is a better prevention strategy than the blood serum immunity approach currently available, they add.




  5. Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency has paid road builders millions more on top of the billion-dollar cost of the Pūhoi to Warkworth motorway.

    Official information suggests $77 million has been paid to a Fletcher Construction alliance with Spanish giant Acciona, and there may be more to come.

    Last year the claims, mostly over extra costs due to Covid disruptions in 2021-22, were put at $280m.

    This week, they were put at $203m in the pre-election fiscal update.
    Waka Kotahi told RNZ it had paid part of the claims, though did not say how much.
    The rest – which it did not give a figure for – would be tested through a binding dispute process, it said.
    The fiscal update said the agency “has not been presented with any evidence to indicate that a claim of that size would be supported by an independent reviewer”.


    WHY Waka canoe company contract to either fFetchers of Leighton is a mystery to be investigated.
    Both are bad managers of roading.
    Leightons have been nearly 6 years completing a 2 year job here in the bay.



    • So interesting that they named him and yet the women are covered up in darkness so they are not seen nor their full names, the people also outing him, are total sluts, to be honest they should never have been in the company of a known sex addict, he has been very open about his sexual addiction. It’s all because he tells the truth of WEF covid etc. It’s all just like the war in Ukraine total lies why did they wait so long till they told the truth????? 100% behind Russel Brand, they are like those who called out Julian Assange and look how they lied about him. Anyone speaking out about WEF Nato, etc etc especially covid farce better watch out.



  6. I blew their minds in the pub yesterday when I told them that Omicron + Delta is an anagram of ‘media control’. I told them much much more then threw this in and said ‘what are the fucking odds of that?’



  7. do ya rekon bill gates and who are rushing to india to find a way to get nipah to spread more easily?

    its only killed 2 but im sure billiam can give it a helping hand… ill go make a new tinfoil hat now



  8. “Sir you have got to help!” said the tearful caller standing at the doorway. “There is a family that I know very well that is in desperate need of money. The Father has been out of a job for over a year, they have five kids at home with barely a bit of food to eat. The worst part is, that they are about to kicked out of the house and they will be left on the streets without a roof over their heads!” The man concluded with one last heart wrenching sob.

    “Well,” said the man who had opened his door, “that really is a sad story. Why don’t you come inside and we’ll talk about it a little more.”

    “So how much money is needed exactly?” asked the man when they were both seated.

    “Oh it’s really terrible”, said the caller starting up again, “why just for the rent $3000 is needed by tomorrow otherwise they’ll be kicked out onto the streets.”

    “How do you know so much about this situation?” asked the benefactor as he reached for his check book.

    “Well,” said the man breaking down once more “they are my tenants.”



    • Try this language – more to your taste?

      ACT Press Release
      Embargoed until 1.00pm

      “New Zealand is at a constitutional crossroad. In one direction is liberal democracy. In the other is co-government; power-sharing between one ethnic group and all others. ACT will end co-government and restore universal human rights in New Zealand,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

      “The current government is presenting New Zealanders with a false choice. It says that if we want to right the wrongs of the past, cherish Māori language and culture, and give all New Zealanders equal opportunity, then we must throw out universal human rights in favour of co-government.

      “We can ensure Māori language and culture are preserved, that every child has equal opportunity, and that the wrongs of the past are put right. Attributing separate rights through co-government will never achieve this, it only causes more division.

      “Just think, where will New Zealand be in 50 years’ time if the current path continues, where Kiwis are offered different rights based on their ancestry? ACT says that no matter who your grandparents are, you deserve the same rights and opportunities as everybody else.

      “There is nothing in any of the three Treaty articles that suggests Māori should have special rights above other New Zealanders. The Treaty itself guarantees that “all the ordinary people of New Zealand…have the same rights and duties of citizenship.” All New Zealanders have a basic human right to be treated equally under the law and with equal political worth. One person, one vote.

      ACT would legislate that the principles of the Treaty are based on what the Treaty actually says, in contrast with recent revisionist interpretations of the Treaty’s principles, through a Treaty Principles Act and inviting citizens to ratify it.
      “The Labour-NZ First Government commissioned ‘He Puapua’, which has led to co-government being implemented across numerous areas of government. For example, healthcare is now being prioritised according to racial identity and not the actual needs of individual patients.

      ACT would repeal recent laws that give different rights based on ethnicity, such as the Three Waters legislation, local government legislation, and elements of health legislation.
      “The public service is meant to serve all New Zealanders, but even administration and service delivery has become focussed on race. This isn’t a true focus on equity, serving citizens based on their measured need rather than their ancestry is.

      ACT would reorientate the public service towards a focus on equal opportunity and need according to robust statistical evidence instead of racial targeting, along with devolution and choice for all. The government has access to data that can assess the risks and disadvantages faced by individual people and deliver services in a more targeted way, like the Ministry of Education’s Equity Index, it just isn’t using it properly.
      “ACT will fight for democracy. Our vision for New Zealand is in keeping with our liberal democratic traditions, commitment to universal human rights, and growing ethnic diversity. ACT will make sure New Zealand is a truly modern, multi-ethnic, liberal democracy.”

      Policy document is here.



      • So much common sense people think it’s a con job. That’s why I’m voting ACT 100%.

        For me popcorn and brandy time will be on election night. For lefties cheap chips and cola night will be with the commencement of coalition talks between Dave and Chris and maybe Winston?

        Talking of Dave, they interviewed him on ZB this morning regarding welfare and as an aside drug issues.

        Here’s an idea for you, Dave. What about having registered drug users? I propose that anyone can register as a drug user. That entities them to use any drug and be exempt from prosecution. BUT…

        1- They cannot be on welfare.
        2- They cannot sell drugs.
        3- They cannot access healthcare for a drug overdose.
        4- They are subject to 3years jail for what is considered minor crimes eg, burgs, criminal assault and drug driving. Of course criminal offence sentencing will need to be updated to have parity across the board for all offenders.



        • Hard working, business and family oriented. A dynamite combination, One outlier is Indian youths love being boy racers. They have massive cars with after market tuning. One guy my nephew brought home had a Nissan GTR that had been worked on by a speciality shop. The horsepower was up from 660hp to 1200hp( at the wheels, not the crank). They were going on something called a ”chain.” That’s basically a bunch of boy racers looking for trouble and doing burnouts. No prizes for guessing how long the Nissans tyres would last.



    • Bloody Hell, that is a load of tax payers money to Maori which should NEVER have happened, its almost like the government is saying Maori are disabled mentally as they cannot make it on their own as white people, Chinese and other races do. It is all very well being race based but this is humiliating for Maori.



      • It’s APARTHEID. Divisive preferential nonsense but Maaari will take the easy cash and race benefits handed out because it is there. Imagine if only white NZers received preferential treatment. That wouldn’t be RACIST at all !!!!! //



    • So many things aligning with the He Puapua Report as when commissioned Cabinet & signed off by Winston Peters.

      Would the media surprise us & publish ALL of this?
      Need to make copies of this, and drop them off in many more places, cafes, notice boards, etc..

      Just to touch on a few of those bullet points that will really flow onto to us in many ways, like in extra costs
      or hassles to the rest of the not so specials.

      * Reduced/removed rates for Maori landowners under the Local Government (Rating of Whenua Maori) Amendment Act 2021:
      1. write off rates owing
      2. remove rates altogether for land owned but not developed
      3. reduce any remaining rates

      * Iwi allowed their own justice system, which often does not go in the victim’s favour and gives lenient outcomes to offenders.
      Does the ‘victim’ whatever race have any say in where the justice will be done, not that it makes much difference now.

      * The Department of Internal Affairs has released a proposal for a new way to regulate social media and traditional media platforms that will control what can and cannot be discussed online.
      However, Maori are given elevated status in a co-governing role within the regulatory body.
      Maori are granted protections to “express themselves freely,” a privilege not given to any other New Zealander.
      The proposal will place Maori at the heart of the decisions about what New Zealanders are allowed to say.

      * Labour have changed the rules so if Maori or Pacific Islanders make up over half of a GP’s clients they get an increase in funding. If the proportion is 49% or below, they get no increase.

      * Requirement for staff to take into account a student’s cultural identity when awarding passing grades; rather than their individual merit.

      * Labour is removing or reducing biodiversity protection restrictions for Maori land (changing FNDC SNA mapping), but does this extend to anyone else?

      * Labour quietly slipped through legislation that empowers Iwi (only Maori) to legally run roadblocks.
      Where in the hell is that in the New Zealand Road Code?
      What are the fines, penalties, infringement fees for ignoring, circumventing this.

      Must be a way to reduce my taxes, rates, etc, by the loss of value of my vote.
      No taxation with out full representation. …. Tip the tea out in Boston, New Zealand.

      There are many more in that bullet point list, that will effect people differently, but it is absolute nuts, to see this tally up & becoming the “new normal”.

      So much expenditure, wasteful spending, that will not even really help the average so called maori, except for the large green-stoned adorned ones

      Seeing it like this, and it should be more widely published so as to name & shame, but also to bring ridicule & mockery, and make people realize that have to stand very firmly against these changes, & call it out.

      “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.”
      -Thomas Sowell

      Eventually the consequences will be come Savage to all.



  9. Most of us knew Bloomfield was likely to be one of the puppets. Does this confirm it?

    From RCR bites today.

    “UN Agenda 2030 conference in Wellington featuring Ashley Bloomfield

    Ashley Bloomfield will be the keynote speaker at the UN’s Advancing the 2030 Agenda conference in Wellington on September 28. Bloomfield is also the co-chair of the WHO working group on the IHR amendments, so no surprises he’s popping up here at another conference about global governance – these guys really get around! ”

    Also from the same email:

    “They’ve told us who they are’: Kellie-Jay Keen cancels trip to NZ after OIA revelations about what police knew
    Posie Parker aka Kellie-Jay Keen has cancelled her planned trip to New Zealand after an Official Information Act request revealed police knew exactly how many counter-protesters intended to turn up to the previous Let Women Speak event at Albert Park in March.

    The OIA response showed the police knew “a lot” of counter-protestors from the trans activists side would be attending. Specifically they knew that “definitely 500 – but possibly up to 2000” would attend. They also knew the plan was to surround the rotunda and drown out the speakers with noise. It was revealed the officer in charge of policing for the event, was in fact a trans-woman himself. While this wouldn’t normally be an issue, on this occasion it shows the police have become politicised and incapable of neutrality.
    Keen apologised to New Zealanders and said she would return in the future. “I just wanted to create the space for women to speak,” she said. “



  10. I’m off to Japan. Will be back in time for the election.
    I’ll post stuff from time to time.

    I hear that “over tourism” is a problem in parts of Japan. For example, too many people attempting to climb Mt. Fuji (wearing jandals and T-shirts) and dropping litter.

    If I get homesick, I can go to Asakusa Shrine and listen to all the Chinese tourists chattering away. It will be just like Auckland.



  11. After a particularly mild winter the small town of Chestermere became infected with squirrels in the spring. Because the local churches had the best trees, the squirrels often congregated (pun intended) near them and this is what each church decided to do about the pesky animals.

    The Presbyterian church called a meeting to decide what to do about their squirrel infestation. After much prayer and consideration, they concluded that the squirrels were predestined to be there, and they shouldn’t interfere with God’s divine will.

    At the Baptist church the squirrels had taken an interest in the baptistery. The deacons met and decided to put a waterslide on the baptistery and let the squirrels drown themselves. The squirrels liked the slide and unfortunately, knew instinctively how to swim, so twice as many squirrels showed up the following week.

    The Lutheran church decided that they were not in a position to harm any of God’s creatures. So, they humanely trapped their squirrels and set them free near the Baptist church. Two weeks later the squirrels were back when the Baptists took down the waterslide.

    But the Catholic church came up with a very creative strategy! They baptized all the squirrels and made them members of the church. Now they only see them at Christmas and Easter.

    Not much was heard from the Jewish synagogue. They took the first squirrel and circumcised him. They haven’t seen a squirrel since.



    • and this is the thing that gets me about organised religion.

      from above
      …After much prayer and consideration, they concluded that the squirrels were predestined to be there…
      So they will tell you their god is all powerful and in charge of everything blah blah.
      Nothing happens without ‘god’s say so’

      So, there are homosexuals on earth.
      simple fact.
      So why do churches/religions go ape-shit over homos when clearly the all powerful god created them?

      We are talking about good, old fashioned fudge packers here; not this recent carry-on of trannies and 58 gender shit.

      I’m sure our local theological scholar can assist .



  12. The recession you’re in when you’re not in recession! Economic double-speak.

    Brad Olsen predicts rise in GDP but warns of ‘shadow recession’

    “A lot of that is just because we simply have more people, higher net migration with nearly an extra 100,000 people over the last year, means there’s more economic work to do servicing that higher population,” Olsen said.

    “So although we are expecting a bounce, that doesn’t necessarily signal that the economy is in a great shape still.”



    • The total GDP may bounce.
      Per capita it will reduce for many others.
      There is a redistributive force at work, levies, permits, fees, taxes, infringement fines, koha, etc..

      100,000 immigrants this year.
      Another 100,000+ next year ?

      Find ways of how to further hide the consequences like rate increases for infrastructure, borrowings, more electricity demand, etc., etc..

      It seems to be a real test run on how many can one fit in a house in Auckland?
      Paying how much rent per person?
      Seems to be a real productive lift for landlords, & no government accommodation allowance.
      What is not to like ? ? 🙂 //



  13. Government money to support maori motorsport drivers world wide is needed.
    After all they are the world leaders in ramraiding. I’m sure they could drive forward!
    Why should whiteys yave all the glory and the chicks?
    How come there is no wakas in the yacht racing?



    • Thomas Sowell. Hated by black activists and liberals in general.

      A quote from the great one:

      ”If crime is a product of poverty and discrimination as they say endlessly, why was there so much less of it when poverty and discrimination were much worse than today? If massive programs are the only hope to reduce violence in the ghetto, why was there so much less violence long before anyone ever thought of these programs?”

      Oh, dear. Could you imagine this guy on National Socialist Radio or Newshub. Or what about as a guest speaker at a Greens convention?🤔🤔🤔



      • It seems very contrary, but a “social industry” has been created on Poverty.
        Like based on the meme;– “Poverty creates Crime”.

        When one can not say that Crime creates Poverty, when it can be seen that actually impoverishes the Community in so many ways.
        Like crime smudging out truth, to maintain lies about how bad Poverty is, and how the people suffer.
        To maintain the hopelessness, to then push the path of desperateness as another means of control, that is to call for further re-distribution.

        To co-join “wants” & “needs” with no prioritizing but to go for immediate gratification of all. In the name of a “quick fix”.



  14. Albany.
    Does the system really care now that public transport, the buses will not pick up or deliver there.

    ….Events like this afternoon’s attack are a very rare occurrence ….

    Some one with an “automatic” or is it “semi automatic” with much more than the 10 in the magazine? or just a well aimed stab, or was it slice? to get a reasonable artery or vein.

    “Events” “are” seems to be grammatically pluralizing. …. hmmm …. a routine of sorts?

    Will it be claimed to be just “A lone wolf ?
    Or a known wolf?



  15. They’re all gang members.

    Thomas Cranmer
    In Oct 2020, Kelvin Davis and Willie Jackson attended the opening of the Ahikaa Trust drug rehab centre in Auckland. It was run by the mother of three senior Headhunter gang members. In Oct 2022 police raided that facility along with another at Dairy Flat recovering drugs and firearms. Police told me that prior to the raids the premises were too dangerous for them to enter for a standard inspection.




  16. Braybots@1537

    As (From memory) the organisation was going do ‘Health the Maori way’ and received substantial government funding as a result, have Davis or Jackson made any comment since the Police raid and the Copper’s revelation that they considered ‘…The premises were too dangerous for them to enter for a standard inspection’.

    No? Colour me unsurprised //////////////////////////////////



  17. ‘Right & Left Wing British Media Unite to Smear Alternative Voices’
    (Courtesy of The Daily Examiner NZ)

    Apologies if this has been posted before, but I thought it might be of interest, especially as the RIGHT WING press are also involved!

    Mr Brand must have offended an awful lot of people…




  18. Friggin audacity..

    CDC Director: ‘Trust takes time to rebuild’

    Mandy Cohen wants to win back America’s trust.

    The new CDC director spent her first two months on the job telling audiences in New York, Wisconsin and Washington state the agency has made mistakes, a mea culpa of sorts meant to show that she understands past shortcomings.

    “Trust is easily broken and, as folks know, trust takes time to rebuild,” Cohen told POLITICO. “It isn’t something you can fix overnight. I know that this is a long-term way of thinking about it.”




  19. Mark ”Basher” Mitchell has just been interviewed by Heather. Seems there’s a hikoi of gang members working their way down to Wellington, while telling gang members along the route not to vote for National. Now that would mean well over 30,000 votes for the Left if whanau decided to vote with their gangbanger rellies.

    I still don’t think Mitchell realises the résistance these bangers and their supporters are going to put up. I’m guessing gangs are already working out disruption tactics should National win power. Harry Tan has been onto this for a while.

    Chris..Dave…Winston…WAKEY ,WAKEY. You are being sent a message.



      • Oh Simon was on the TV tonight in a piece about all the empty buildings in all the CBD’s. seems they are dying because no one wants to go back into town to work.
        If the next Govt. cleans out a lot of public servants then we will be paying for a lot of empty space and a lot of downtown landlords will be getting squeezed.
        That’s where the property slump will be. Not in the burbs.
        Tauranga has something like 76 mt’s downtown and they are building more. No one goes there and Our Commissioners want us to fund 360 million and a new library and downtown centre.
        Build this and they will come say the three planners and Tolley.
        Fucking brain dead.
        Don’t even know where the traffic goes let alone where people live work and play.
        Treating symptoms instead of understanding the real problem here.



  20. Watched Once Were Worriers again last night on Netflix. Dirty feral scum. I don’t understand why those cunts in Wellington want to keep putting them up on a pedestal. There is nothing good to say about them. Nothing. Nadda. Zero Zip. Dirty, filthy low life feral scum. The movie was made in 1996. Nothing has changed. The parasites have been given billions of dollars to sort their shit, and for what. I fucking despise them.



      • Had a house in Fordlands for years. Certainly some shitty arse around there but never really had a problem. bedroom weatherboard house. Built like a brick outhouse. Big section.
        Cost me 55k when I bought it. Lost a bit of rent over the years Never much damage. A bit of stuff was stolen when it was empty but it was old anyway. HWC
        Did it up right at the start of covid. All second-hand kitchens from a retirement home. Second-hand carpet and a bit of paint oh and a basic bathroom do-up. ( Started all that cause the Tongan tenant I had wanted a nicer house after she went through the bottom of the bath one day. Have you any idea how tough those fibreglass baths are? Had to cut it up to get it out)

        Sold it for 500k with good tenants. Had it 25 years. Paid off a big mortgage. Told the bank to go for themselves when they wouldn’t lend me a bit more to do up the next one. (Too old they said, you ya can’t pay it back, well I said you can have yours and then find someone else to lend it to.) never looked back.
        Guess who won that argument. Wasn’t the lender after 10 years of never missing a payment. Scumbag and useless thinking management.



    • I was in rotorua a couple of days 6-10th
      I was talking to a local there who told me the Once Were Warriors was in reverse.
      His father was a mild mannered white scientist.
      Mum was a local maori gal who did the bashing.

      Some here may know this. I did not.
      A powerful film with a quality soundtrack.

      Interesting from his wikipedia [age

      … In this, and in his 1993 analysis, Māori: The Crisis and the Challenge, he has developed his ideas on the failures of Māoridom, castigating both the traditional leadership and the radical movement for dwelling on the injustices of the past and expecting others to resolve them, instead of encouraging Māori to get on and help themselves…

      Interesting dude who seems to drift between worlds.
      From Once were Warriors I noted in the Credits — Julian Arahanga as co-producer.
      He played Nig in Once were W.
      The son of Larry Parr who was once very active in NZ film making .



      • yep. one of my tenents was a Maori lady who was one of the the toughest people you could meet.

        I never had a problem with her. Always nice,house always clean and tidy and we had plenty of great conversations when I would go there.
        One day the rent never came. opps . Message don’t worry it will be there asap and it was.
        The lady was mid 40’s and had a number of kids. They were her life.
        As well she had a boarder. A young gang prospect , tall and reasonably good-looking guy. Don’t think there was any relationship.
        What he did was to steel her eftpos card, go to the machine around midnight and clean out her bank account of her benefit.
        That was stealing her kids food.
        Well he did it a second time and I happened to be there a couple of days after the rent was due.
        Popped in to see her. She was taken away for her own protection along with her kids.
        apparently she waited till he came home and went after him with a BIG knife.
        He barricaded himself in one of the bedrooms. Now in those houses the doors were solid as. she drove that knife through the door a number times.
        Would have killed him if she had caught him.
        fixed up the door and its still there.

        Tough as tough could be yet underneath there was a person waiting to for a nice life.

        FWIW. few more stories like that. I have seen it here in Tauranga as well.
        All the fun of being a landlord.



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    Our tech team have been working round the clock for months to design, create, and test this app, especially for you! 🤓💻🕰

    Listen live, find and play the replays, download episodes for listening offline or at your leisure, read the blog and more, all in the new app.

    Available on Google Play and in the Apple Store. 🏪




  22. ‘Absolute zoo’: Major delays at Auckland Airport, passengers desperate for toilets
    ‘Absolute zoo’: Major delays at Auckland Airport, passengers desperate for toilets
    18 Sep 08:00 PM

    He described the airport as an “absolute zoo” and a “madhouse”.

    Major delays at Auckland Airport, angry passengers desperate for toilets, children crying

    Frustrated passenger James Ryan told the Herald he flew into the airport from Sydney at 4.40pm yesterday and didn’t exit the immigration and biosecurity checks until 7.15pm.

    “There was no information given from the airport and the general sense from passengers was frustration and desperation for things like toilets,” Ryan said.

    “There were lots of angry talking from people planning on making complaints and families with crying children.”

    He said there was some construction happening at the airport, but no obvious reason why the queues took so long.



  23. Winston Peters thinks the next Government needs someone with experience.

    In a speech at a hall at the Kapiti Impact Church, in Paraparaumu just north of Wellington, Peters said Parliament needed someone with experience shepherding the economy through the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s, who had experience blowing the whistle on the dubious tax affairs of foreign-owned companies, and who had experience of Māori poverty of the last century.

    All experience that looked a lot like the CV of one Winston Raymond Peters.

    To a crowd of ex-Sunday Clubbers, NZ First-lifers (well from 1993 onwards), fence-sitters, and electoral tourists, who apparently turn up to any political meeting that will take them, Peters drummed home a message that a change of government wasn’t enough – NZ First had to be in the tent as well.

    The voters in the same electorate who urged Christopher Luxon to rule out working wit




  24. What does it take to get a specialist in women’s health to take an interest the health of the women they treat?
    It’s election year and the virtue signaling has begun, and yet, in 6 years, not one politician or gynecologist has actively sought to care for, or about, women injured by a permanent IUD in New Zealand.
    One that was recalled in 2017. One that was far from safe.




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