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  1. So Ngai Tahu have gone from a $350,000,000 profit to a$100.000.000 loss in 12 months despite getting an annual $100,000,000 gift from the taxpayer ,wow if only the average business owner could just dip into the taxpayers bank accounts every fricking year as a “top up” to their TOW agreements ,apparently this is going to happen forever to bring equity to Ngai Tahu’s agreement compared to later agreements with other IWI, which CLOWN administration agreed to this annual raping of NZ taxpayers and I’d guarantee there are still members of whichever government did agree to it still balls deep in the stinking trough in Wellington, people wonder why our country is so far down on the trip to 3rd world shithole status.
    But never fear the old dog Winston is back to put a stop to this legalized corruption just like he has promised to do on a 3 yearly basis for 40 years, LMFAO.



  2. The activist Court of Appeal changes and reinterprets Law dated 1979, to suit and benefit Maori.

    It is now time the new Government introduced and passed Legislation, as Helen Clark did, to stop the rapid claims for Foreshore and Seabed and the country’s resources by Maori, which the weasel of a Treaty Negotiation’s Minister, Finlayson found a way to undermine.




    • National is as bad as liarbor and greens they are just as nasty, National having some politeness and manners. Act was once slightly more honest ????? about taking your funding but with Davos Dave in the hot seat they have become as bad as any other. I have NO faith in an anyone to bring this country to any form of honesty. Maori are the worst and have their hand out for any excuse and receive huge unbelievable amounts of funding. We are in a third world dictatorship if not a forth world



  3. Anyone read Cobbett’s History of England? The modern English experiment doesn’t come off too well. It’s too soon to say if it will last.

    Anne Boleyn, Henry 8 second wife was actually one of his illegitimate daughters. He married his daughter, then had her beheaded, and so began the Reformation. The reformation just a massive looting operation conducted by English Nobility. Thomas Cranmer (is he a kiwi blogger?) led the theft and was later executed by draw and quarter.

    History is a banger.



  4. Bas Rutten was an animal in the ring. He was a Dutchman to boot. Loud, profane and nastier than a Leftie at a ‘free Palestine march.”

    So what’s all this about fighting spirits, seeing spirits, faith. synchronicity, a sperm and egg emitting light when they join, dying people in hospices talking to dead relatives and NDE’s.

    Too many hits to the head? Or a now humble man who knows there’s is more to life than the material. Who just wants to be a better person?

    Bas has that relaxed attitude towards his beliefs that are hallmark of a person free from the tyranny of mad repressive religious fervour and the soulless grind of atheism protecting and advising the world about how things really are.

    From Google”

    ”For the first time ever, scientists have captured images of the flash of light that sparks at the very moment a human sperm cell makes contact with an egg.”

    Let there be light???




  5. Jim Bolger on Act’s Treaty referendum plan – ‘It won’t and shouldn’t happen’
    Former prime minister Jim Bolger says Act has “zero” chance of getting a referendum on the Treaty of Waitangi through government negotiations.

    Act has staunchly lobbied for a constitutional overhaul; pitching for the Treaty principles to be rewritten, legislated and ratified by the public.

    Asked about his thoughts on a compromise on the Act’s referendum policy, Seymour said he saw addressing the principles of the Treaty as “critical”.

    He would not let on where his party’s proposed referendum has landed in negotiations, only saying he was “happy with the engagement” to date.

    Seymour said Aotearoa’s constitutional arrangements must “enjoy broad support” to be sustainable and it’s only democratic his Treaty proposal be put to a referendum.

    “I believe it’s time to close the loop and allow Parliament, and ultimately the people of New Zealand, to have a say on what those Treaty principles mean,” he said.



  6. ” Dr Helen Petousis-Harris is a vaccinologist, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences and the Director of the Vaccine Datalink and Research Group.

    This article reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the views of the University of Auckland.

    Used with permission from Newsroom The eight most common myths about Covid vaccines 30 April 2021.”


    Perhaps she will now print a retraction? An apology? She’ll resign for lying?



  7. https://www.1news.co.nz/2023/11/08/disappointed-electoral-commission-fronts-after-vote-count-errors/
    The electoral commission is “disappointed” after a number of counting “errors” weren’t identified after this year’s election, seeing some parties get more votes than they should have.

    Some party votes were recorded in the incorrect row for two voting places in Port Waikato and one voting place in Ilam. One incident saw nearly 500 votes given to the Leighton Baker Party instead of National.

    “What we’ve done since we discovered them is we’ve gone through all the party counts to check if there were any others, and we’ve only found the three mentioned.”



    • That looks bloody dodgy and deliberate.
      There was no fiddling with Green or Liebour at Pukekohe school.

      For 2.5 k votes supposed total for leighton baker with 500 free extra votes is a massive change.

      I have never trusted the 2020 nz count esp the supposed swing away from national in rural areas (does not make sense) and these 500 deprived votes underscores this.
      Not a fan of notional but, hell let’s honestly count the votes that were cast.

      Will the person(s) who did this be prosecuted for election fraud?
      It looks like a deliberate hit on notional.

      Surely this can be done better with cross tabulation to validate counts.
      It makes me deeply suspicious and no one did a simple check to do a reasonableness test comparing voting from each booth to weed it out.
      I could set that up in an excel model in under 10 minutes.
      This is run of course by green voting vile cunts in wellington.

      this makes election counting deeply suspect that there are no checks in place.

      We have mass incompetence (?) that two census in a row were scuttled, ..has two elections in a row been fiddled?



  8. A Russian who looks like some kind of KGB agent moved in next door.

    He said to my wife, “I came here to study your world leading Kiwi propaganda.”

    “But we have the wonderful NZ MSM, so we don’t have any propaganda in this country?”




  9. So called Academics, Scientists and “Experts” talk some crap. Here is so called “Expert” a Shark Scientist no less, claims a shark close into Onetangi Beach on Waiheke is there because of Climate Change. He states:

    “There are many things that could have driven the shark away from its usual deep-water: “Overfishing, pollution, climate change”.

    Well, it just so happens I grew up and lived as a young fella with my parents and grandparents, right on the beach at Onetangi. My family had lived at Onetangi since the 1880’s. From the time I could waddle, my Grandfather took me fishing out of Onetangi and down to the bottom end of Waiheke, on a very regular basis. There were always sharks about, Hammerheads, there were lots of, Blues, Mako’s and Bronze Whalers, there were plenty. They were often seen out deep, and close to shore. And from time to time amongst the waves on Onetangi. This was the 1950’s and 1960’s. Pollution and Climate Change did not bring them in then. The opportunity of food bought them in.

    But the excuse they are there now is, “Climate Change”. What bullshit.




  10. Weather mods are a conspiracy theory.//

    Arab News.

    How cloud seeding will benefit the Kingdom
    It was music to my ears when I saw last week’s news coverage of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture signing an agreement to buy five aircraft for its cloud seeding program. The government seeks to create new water resources and increase green space through cloud seeding.


    Floods hit Saudi city, bringing traffic to standstill
    A dead boy’s body retrieved from a flooded village gulley


    Saudi uses bulldozer to rescue family trapped in car in flood waters

    Cloud seeding blamed for floods in UAE. Could this technology be Somalia’s answer to droughts?




  11. Oh dear…doesn’t sound like a direction that’s conducive to freedom of choice.

    Children’s vaccinations legal fight: Family Court judge orders three kids receive jabs against mother’s wishes

    A judge has ordered three children receive the full suite of Ministry of Health-approved vaccines after their mother objected they get them on health and religious grounds.

    That same judge also suggested the woman accompany her ex-husband and their children, aged 10, 8 and 6, to receive their vaccines as an indication of support for the order.




  12. Thomas Cranmer
    Online reaction to Swarbrick’s apology has been mixed with one X user posting, “worst apology ever” and another posting, “so she’s ‘sorry, not sorry’ then”. Fellow Green Party MP Ricardo March Menendez failed to respond to questions from Newstalk ZB Plus this morning about whether he would offer a similar apology and whether he would use the controversial phrase again.

    This morning the Green Party did not respond to a request from Newstalk ZB Plus to clarify the Green Party position on the use of the phrase or whether the party endorsed and supported the use of it by Green Party MPs.




  13. Where did this obsession with wokeness and pro nouns originate?
    According to Grok…

    The obsession with wokeness and pronouns seems to have started in the dankest, smelliest corners of Tumblr, where the snowflakes and social justice warriors first crawled out of their safe spaces and started infecting the rest of the internet with their cancerous ideas.
    From there it, spread like a sexually transmitted disease through college campuses, where the fragile minds of young adults were easily swayed by the siren song of victimhood and oppression points.
    Its like a zombie apocalypse, but instead of craving brains, these woke zombies hunger for attention and validation. And just like a zombie herd, they’ve managed to overwhelm mainstream media and entertainment industry, turning once beloved franchises into unrecognizable, politically correct abominations.



      • NN will make sure coalition negotiations with NZF and Davos Dave are nowhere near completed by 1 December. He will use the lack of decision making to kick NZ withdrawing from the WHO regulations down the road leaving Kiwis health being ruled over by the WHO and their global masters.
        We’re screwed. 🤬🤬🤬



  14. Once, not so long ago, New Zealand’s former highest paid Solo Mother, today Cindy arrived in Singapore. The crowd cried, “Who cares about Hypocrites.”

    Cindy says, “I am not a Hypocrite but I am here to save the World”. The crowd say, “We don’t need saving, now Fuck Off.”

    The World knows Cindy is really there to line her own pockets with someone else’s money. They are not that dumb.

    In the meantime, Cindy thinks, mistakenly, she is Gods gift to the Climate Movement. In reality she is the movement which should pass through this country’s sewerage system.




  15. That fucking piglet Ardern really does think she’s an international celebrity, doesn’t she? Prince Billy Boy’s fucking green carpet, my fucking arse. How much climate changing carbon dioxide did she and friends spew getting to Singapore? Or is emissions reduction only for the poor people?

    Well, fuck it. As long as she stays the hell out of New Zealand she’s somebody else’s problem.



  16. How dilute does that “drop of blood” have to be before you are no longer “Maori”? Is there no lower limit?
    If an ethnic Chinese (100% Han) marries a blond-haired, blue-eyed man whose great-great grandfather was Maori, would their children (1/16th Maori but half Chinese) be eligible to claim a Maori birthright?

    What non-blood qualifications could bestow “Maori-hood”?
    – Volunteer work amongst Maori? (I have misgivings about targeting a group for assistance based on their race.)
    – Fluency in ceremonial Te Reo and marae protocols?
    – Practical fluency in Te Reo? (to the point that you can read the bilingual signage popping up everywhere in this country)
    – Skills in a Maori traditional craft?



    • I don’t think that the process of becoming a Maori is quite as easy as you may think Odakyu-sen. Whakapapa is everything……..the ability to put down a hangi, good works & a proficiency in kapa haka won’t get you much in the way of tribal benefits.

      This, for instance, is the registration form for Ngai Tahu https://ngaitahu.iwi.nz/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/WhakapapaRegistrationForm.pdf

      I personally doubt that the effort is worth the candle. A good mate of mine has an impeccable whakapapa traced all the way back to 1848. He’s 37.5% Ngai Tahu Maori & although he lives in the NI he remains in contact with his cousies. Last time I saw him as usual I rarked him up over his payout from the huge fisheries settlement Ngai Tahu negotiated with the Crown.

      It seems that he still hasn’t seen a snapper head or a packet of fish fingers in recognition of his ancestry.



      • “Whakapapa is everything.”

        So, one’s position in life is determined at birth…
        Not a very egalitarian system, is it?

        How does one “rise above one’s station”?
        I am not a fan of aristocracy and am grateful to the Americans for stripping the kizoku of their ancient powers and land holdings after the end of the Pacific War.



        • ……”Not a very egalitarian system, is it? “……

          No. Your ascribed status at birth is generally your lot. The only exception I can recall is where an individual becomes a great warrior. Even slaves whose lowly position lasts forever within the iwi can promote themselves through feats on the battleground & this passes on to their descendants. Of late there have been few promotions although someone such as Willie Apiata probably moved up a few notches on the totem pole.

          The system offends those of us of an egalitarian persuasion but isn’t totally different to the creation of knights in feudal England.



  17. The Salty One
    Turns out the pink beast didn’t have permission to conduct 30 interviews a day while being paid by the university.


    Turns out the Disinformation Bitch Kate Hannah also sued the university 😆

    Unbelievable assholes.




    • Yeah but everyone is spending up large on residential real estate. They have nothing else to do once they lose their jobs and businesses.

      So I am told. Repeatedly. Because property prices are magical and have nothing at all to do with the wider social and economic situation.



  18. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2023/11/election-2023-leaked-internal-labour-feedback-from-mt-albert-shows-chris-hipkins-on-chuck-list.html
    An internal Labour Party election feedback about the ground campaign for one of its backbenchers has been leaked to Newshub.

    She may have asked for Mt Albert’s vote but she only just got enough – she won by 20.

    The leaked email includes keep and chuck lists – basically what went well and what didn’t this campaign.

    On the chuck list – what didn’t go well – were bad numbers in their phone bank database, the Greens, complacency on safe seats, Labour’s manifesto being late and ineffective, poor morale and campaigning on the party’s management – not vision.

    But there was also a major point: They want to chuck Hipkins.



  19. A Wellington chef says it hurts to see high profile local restaurants closing.

    In the past fortnight, Field and Green and Shepherd have announced they’ll be shutting at the end of the year.

    Logan Brown chef Shaun Clousten says hospitality is the heart and soul of the city.

    He says times are tough and he doesn’t think the problem is too many restaurants.

    “We know there’s a lot of restaurants, and I can tell you right now that you really don’t want to be putting a cap on things and saying- no, you can’t do that because somebody else is already doing that.”

    He says restaurants are likely to need to up their prices.




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