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  1. LMFAO, Cadburys have come up with a new name for the coming Coalition “Give something small that says it all ,Cadbury Baubles, Deluxe Nuts & Cadbury Dairy” holy crap sometimes comedy writes itself ,surely it’s a piss take ??



  2. Wet, wet ,wet in Hamilton this morning and through the day. Oh this global warming shit has a lot to answer to/for. But it is good for the garden I hear, though the wisteria along the fence has fallen over onto the path so needs clearing up. I have txt the people to come and clear it up for me (Old age allows that to be done when it has stopped raining again.) Fortunately I have another entrance for people to come in. Pretty bleak though and looks to be the next fine day is Wednesday so nice especially for farmers who are making silage or what ever they do at this time of the year..
    Love the first meme Ed, Radar was a brilliant character in his day. MASH was a good programme though would not be acceptable now not pc enough.
    Have a good day out there people be safe where every you are.



  3. Things of note:
    At the New Zealand Trotting Cup on Tuesday the Trackside team said just before the start of the Cup that we will be crossing to the “Welcome to Our Country” There was then some woman sprouting off in Maori and then she went on…and on…and on about how great Christchurch is and resilient it is with the Earthquake and the Mosque shootings and on how they have everything going for it, Then the National Anthem was sang. Hopefully most of the crowd were in their usual drunken state by then and didn’t bother listening. Christchurch/Canterbury is great of course because of the Crusaders.
    Yesterday at the galloping New Zealand Cup the National Anthem could be heard wailing in the background, the presenter at the time said our apologies for talking over the National Anthem as they carried on without stopping.



  4. And while I am at it, last night watching Sky Australia News they had a small clip of the summit meeting with Biden, XI and Co all standing for a photo shoot. Next to Albanese was person that looked just like Damien O’Connor.



      • As an investment thing, crypto has no intrinsic value. You can’t eat it, you can’t build a house on it, or plant crops on it, or raise livestock on it.

        You can’t use as tool fillings, as flakes in expensive champagne, and in alloys, or medicinal uses.

        You can’t use it in electronics products reduce resistance or prevent rusting.

        It is “thin air.” Or vapourware as we say in software.

        The only value it has as an investment, is the hope that you can sell this “thin air” to someone else at a higher price than what you paid for it.

        i.e. a chain letter, or ponzi scheme.

        For the hype about it being a future currency, as it meets none of the basic criteria a currency needs to meet. In fact the normal banking system despite being no longer tied to the gold standard meets several basic criteria whereas crypto in its current form meets absolutely none.

        And don’t buy into the Br’er Rabbit argument that the Banksters are terrified of crypto. Crypto is their briar patch. They control it.

        If making money is the only object, that you can do with with a blanket over your ethical subroutines, then yes invest in crypto. But I can assure you that investments in Moderna, Pfizer, etc paid better. Ask Gates and Fauci.

        And munitions stocks are strong at the moment thanks to the Ukraine and the Gaza strip.



  5. well had an interesting yarn with a mate… his 13yr old daughter and a mate thought it would be a great idea to get tiktok famous by stealing a car and driving half the south island posting every bit of the journey to social media.

    webwrat, was your car still in the driveway yesterday morning?
    lil shit, oh well i also found out whanau conferences and all the other maori bullshit for maori youth offenders is also applicable to white people too so there ya go its not just for specials… equality it last///



  6. Not “me too”

    Head of Canadian campus sexual assault center signs letter denying Oct. 7 rape cases

    The letter titled ‘Stand with Palestine: Call on Political Leaders to End Their Complicity in Genocide!’ traffics in October 7 denialism

    A rape crisis center at a Canadian university signed onto an open letter denying that Israeli women were subjected to rape and sexual violence by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 massacre.

    Israeli authorities have gathered and continue gathering evidence of sexual abuse on October 7; the investigation is rendered difficult by the fact that many of the women raped by terrorists were murdered, mutilated and burned beyond recognition.




        • Nope clearly not. There are anti Israeli riots around the Western world led by muslims. Yet I still see Jewish media warning of the imaginary “far right” and supporting leftist fanaticism in the West. I have no idea why they do this.



                • You can hardly blame all Jews for Marx. It’s like blaming all Austrians for Hitler.

                  Further – just because some twat writes a load of tripe like The Communist Manifesto or Mein Kampf, doesn’t mean that people need to believe it. That many do, says plenty about their own lack of intellect, their gullibility, and their willingness to blame everyone else for their own failings.



            • Exactly. Don’t give others agency by blaming them for all your woes and bad decisions, or saying they run everything. It’s pathetic. And they get off on it. Whomever so.

              The bigger culprit no-one talks about is the English Reformation. Whereby the King and his Croney mates in the Church of England became pope by stealing half of Englands Wealth (1529). It was followed quickly by a repeat in Ireland (1534), the second reformation, the glorious reformation (1688) whereby everything else of value was stolen, followed by the American reformation (1765) which didn’t go so well for the robbers, followed by the French reformation (1787 1799), then the Bolsheviks had a reformation in Russia (1917).



      • The theory amongst leftist secular Jews is that if the nations they live in are weakened, they will be safer, hence they organise mass immigration. They tell themselves daily that the world hates them, and they can hide in the chaos. They are the ultimate victim in the victimhood olympics, proponents of hate speech, and other such inanities. Super power : victimhood, power rangers go.

        The daily Jewish prayer includes a devotion “blessing God for not making him a Gentile”. Prayer books include the daily admonition that “Christians perish instantly” [Israel Shahak, 3000 years of Jewish History]. Good short book

        Poor sorry bastards. They are the most psychological tortured people in history, by their own Rabbis. The Rabbi for thousands of years acted as a massive Tyrant to keep his flock in line.

        The tricks have stopped working. It will be interesting to see where all the hutzpath gets channelled next.




        • In some Western countries you can go to jail for questioning jewish history stories. No matter how absurd the claims. We simply need to hold jews to the same standards as everyone else. They are not gods chosen ones and they are not uniquely persecuted. Other groups have suffered far worse. In fact jews are famously prosperous in the societies in which we are told they are “persecuted”. It is bullshit.



        • Victims with a victim mentality who believe their situation is hopeless would be more likely to invent “super heroes” who will rescue them.

          Japan has taken up the super-hero culture (the children love it). In Japan, however, most of the super heroes are aliens or robots.

          In the West, robots are viewed with suspicion, but in Japan since the 1960s, children’s shows have carried the message that robots are your friend.

          Did you know that the beloved and long-popular Doraemon is a robot. Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doraemon

          Societies with agency do not need super heroes. We can solve our problems ourselves.



    • The impatient fecks that couldn’t wait all went down 83 through kurow. Lots of farm equipment moving on what are normally empty roads on a sunday morning was causing dangerous driving and passing from those fecks .




    ‘There is absolutely no excuse for this data not to be made PUBLICLY available now.

    ‘But as of November 16, 2023, not a single legislator, anywhere in the world, wants to do that. They all want to keep it secret. Nobody will carry a bill to expose the public health data.’

    US-based Kirsch took aim specifically at New Zealand’s public health bosses, penning an open letter to them on Substack yesterday.




    • Worth repeating Bn. 🙂

      Also noting Steve Kirsch’s substack with that challenging letter.
      With also other specific links, 1 of them analysing NZ excess death rates
      as posted yesterday. Direct to that link.

      Waiting to see how Ministry of Health responds.
      I note that some people have supposedly sent copies of that letter through to fyi wanting to know the official response to Steve Kirsch’s open letter. 🙂
      In some ways the more inquiries the better, even to the basic did the Ministry of Health receive this letter?



    • Would this Professor Blakely, the Chair of the NZ covid inquiry have learnt anything?

      20/10/2021 ….. [Blakely] … “Vaccine targets; and particularly… when you release mean that only vaccinated people can go out to restaurants – further incentivising people to get vaccinated.

      “There seems to be a huge culture change here with more and more industries requiring people, if they work in those industries, to be vaccinated and I [Blakely] think everybody’s just gone,
      ‘Oh, OK, let’s just get vaccinated.'” …..


      4 February 2022 ….. He [Blakely] said the Aotearoa should stay in the red light setting till after peak of the Omicron outbreak. ….

      Who will believe this Professor Blakely, Chair of the Commission of Inquiry with the well clipped wings of focus will consider anything contrary to his original recommendations.

      December 5, 2022 …. Off the table are subjects including clinical decisions made by public health authorities and anything to do with vaccine efficacy.
      The use of vaccine mandates, however, will be within scope of the inquiry. ….


      So it sounds like “clinical decisions” are like “age ranges” & “exemptions” so no consideration again who expanded the age range or with-held exemptions or ok’d them . …. hmmm …
      So if “efficacy” is not to be considered, neither is “transmission” after being vaxxed?
      Some how in the “off the table” exemption zone, it would seem that “safe” is not to be looked at either?
      So does that mean vaxx deaths, & injuries are not going to be really considered?
      Certainly the inquiry will not consider any excess death numbers then.

      So once ensconced will David, Seymour & Winston Peters activate & have organized to get the Covid Inquiry terms & references, expanded?



  8. https://rumble.com/v3wkxcm-what-to-tell-woke-idiots-who-hate-israel-konstantin-kisin-the-glenn-beck-po.html
    What to Tell ‘Woke Idiots’ Who Hate Israel | Konstantin Kisin | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 202
    Glenn Beck

    “TRIGGERnometry” co-host Konstantin Kisin grew up in the Soviet Union, so he knows what tyranny looks like. These days, it’s huge mobs of pro-Palestinian protesters prowling the streets, celebrating Hitler — literally.



    • Only because they had to. They had a non-aggression pact with the Germans, which, surprise, surprise, the Germans ignored.

      The U.S. also sent a bucketload of military equipment to the Russians, too.

      What’s your point?



      • My point is he is critical of the people who defeated the Nazis, based on his belief the Nazis were bad, for defending themselves as their land and country was taken from them and economy destroyed.

        The lie we are told is we had to fight the Nazis to protect Europe from tyranny then we handed it over the USSR who was far worse. Russia was always going to attack Germany. It was self defense by Germany.

        There is no god, the jews are from Europe and are not persecuted or special. Suck it up.



        • The Nazis were just a different variety of Communists (National Socialists – the clue is on the name), and no less tyrannical than the USSR.

          My recollection is that Europe wasn’t so much handed to the Soviets, as them racing to take as many German-held countries as they could prior to war’s end.

          Jews aren’t persecuted? Really? How do you work that out? You realise just how much the Muslim religious texts say how Jews should be thought of?

          Here’s how they were treated by the arabs before Israel came into being:




  9. Diplomacy not only way to solve Gaza crisis: FM Fidan

    Türkiye is currently utilizing diplomatic means to end Israeli siege and attacks on Gaza. Still, there are other ways to solve the crisis if diplomacy fails, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said Saturday, as Israel’s relentless attacks in the blockaded enclave killed at least 12,000 people in less than 45 days.

    Speaking to Qatar-based Al-Jazeera, Fidan said Türkiye has been striving to put an end to the suffering and humanitarian tragedy faced by Palestinians through diplomatic means.

    He noted that he told his U.S. counterpart that a permanent cease-fire is necessary while rejecting the displacement of Palestinians from their homeland.

    He also said he warned Blinken that if the U.S. continues to support Israel amid its incessant bombardment and massacres in Gaza, then a new global crisis would emerge.


    Turkey could wipe Israel off the map. They have a very capable military. It is also likely other countries would join the fight. Israel would use nukes but Turkey can get them from Pakistan.



  10. Not sure whether this has been posted before but it is worth a listen.
    Peter Williams talking to Dr Leigh Willoughby who was head of Anesthesia at Gisborne hospital.
    She is speaking out about nearly being killed by the vax and subsequently getting mandated out for not taking a booster.
    Quite a long listen but she is clearly someone well qualified to speak on the topic.




  11. The self-promoting “master negotiator” is being schooled by Winston.

    Speaking from Parliament, Collins said he expects National, ACT and New Zealand First will leave Auckland to make the announcement at Parliament, given the obvious significance of the location.

    “This is the capital and this is the Parliament, I’d expect to see them back here pretty much once they’ve done that deal to launch the government and get things rolling in Parliament again,” he said.

    More meetings are expected to happen today, though there is no clear timeframe for when a deal or multiple deals may be formed.



  12. $500m taxpayer funded fiasco -please explain!

    Scott Base’s half-a-billion-dollar redevelopment in Antarctica appears to have hit a snag.

    The commercial manager, whose job is to secure key contracts, has resigned, plus three others have recently quit what should be career-highlight roles.

    ‘Nobody will actually say why’: Mystery over why Scott Base upgrade has been stalled

    “It’s no surprise to anybody that deadlines slip and budgets need to expand but you expect to see that well into a project, not right at the start,” Hemmings said.

    “It’s not spending private money, it’s spending the taxpayers’ money and it seems to me at least entirely reasonable that it explains what on earth is going on,” Hemmings said.



  13. Frequently on this forum our fellow commenters wonder at the thinking processes displayed by our Maori kin. Imagine the bewilderment of the early visitors to NZ who attempted to trade with the natives.

    The following extracts are from https://nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-MacHist-t1-body-d10.html & relate the adventures of Joel Samuel Polack (1807 – 1882), particularly his encounter with the Maori living close to the Uawa River which flows into Tolaga Bay. Apparently (page 85) “on the occasion of his first visit [June, 1835], his cutter was so badly gale-battered that she was in need of repairs and he had to arrange with the natives to tow her into Uawa River.”:

    # “The motley assemblage that greeted our arrival was one not easily to be forgotten: it followed us with … shouts, acclamations, dancing, songs made for the occasion, cries of ‘aeremai!’ [“Haeremai!” or “Come Hither!”] waving of native garments, blowing of the conch with the most discordant din, some of the natives jumping high in the air and others rushing into the water and throwing small sticks at us (a native form of welcome), not a few swimming alongside the vessel, and many other feats, accompanied by a deafening noise, until we dropped anchor.”

    # Meantime, the repairs to the cutter proceeded. Her anchorage lay between two native settlements—one on the north bank and the other on the south bank of the river. Much jealousy prevailed between their respective occupiers.”

    # “On the fourth day of Polack’s visit, the deck was crowded with natives from the northern village, who were selling nets, fishing lines and flax garments, for nails, fish-hooks, tobacco, lead, musket flints, etc. Without any warning, a chief belonging to the southern settlement fired a musket loaded with ball.”

    # “Rangihuia flew up and down the beach—a representation of an infuriated demon. His tongue was thrust out to its utmost length, his eyes glared with the frenzy of a ruthless fiend. No horrible grimace was omitted that could strike terror into the enemy. The muskets, which had been hastily loaded with ball, were now discharged by either party against the other; but, instead of the butt being placed against the shoulder, the pieces were hastily levelled without aim, the stock being lodged against the hip. The parties were out of reach of the flying balls; otherwise, destructive work might have ensued. However, we, being within reach of either side, suffered not a little damage to our sails. Suddenly, within ten minutes of the first gun being fired, a cessation of war took place…. Dancing, gaiety and indiscriminate intercourse followed on either side, as if nothing had happened, each boasting of his valorous exploits.”

    And we regard the Black Power & Mongrel Mob antics as those of madmen.



  14. This apparently, is news…FFS

    Westfield Newmarket customers are demanding accountability from the mall’s owner after shoppers were left trapped in their cars for hours and one woman was forced to wet herself as the queue to exit the Auckland shopping centre’s carpark ground to a halt.




  15. The Lavon affair was a failed Israeli covert operation, codenamed Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the summer of 1954. As part of a false flag operation,[1] a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian-, American-, and British-owned civilian targets: cinemas, libraries, and American educational centers. The bombs were timed to detonate several hours after closing time. The attacks were to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian communists, “unspecified malcontents”, or “local nationalists” with the aim of creating a climate of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to retain its occupying troops in Egypt’s Suez Canal zone.




  16. The British administrative headquarters for Mandatory Palestine, housed in the southern wing[1] of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, were bombed in a terrorist attack[2][3] on July 22, 1946, by the militant right-wing[4] Zionist underground organization the Irgun during the Jewish insurgency.[5][6][7] 91 people of various nationalities were killed, including Arabs, Britons and Jews, and 46 were injured.[8]

    The main motive of the bombing was to destroy documents incriminating the Jewish Agency in attacks against the British, which were obtained during Operation Agatha, a series of raids by mandate authorities. It was the deadliest attack directed at the British during the Mandate era (1920–1948).[8][9]

    Disguised as Arab workmen ….




  17. Fifty-five years ago this month, Israel declared war on the United States of America. Unofficially and not in so many words, of course, but what else can it be called when Israeli armed forces launched a two hour sustained attack on a clearly marked US Navy ship in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Six Day War?

    The USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats off the coastline of northern Sinai and the Egyptian-controlled Gaza Strip, in international waters. According to the surviving crew members, it was easily identifiable as an American ship and, as an intelligence-gathering vessel, it was only lightly armed. It was on station to monitor events in the region, particularly in and around Egypt and Syria which were the front lines of the war.

    The Israeli attack killed 34 US sailors, and wounded 171. As the casualties mounted, Israel blocked the ship’s distress signals. When communications were eventually possible, US Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara ordered twelve fighter jets and four tanker aircraft to abort their mission to defend the Liberty and return to their aircraft carrier.

    As napalm and armour-piercing rounds were fired at the ship before torpedoes were used to try to sink it, survivors were shocked when they saw that it was Israelis who were attacking them. Their allies were killing them, but they did not know why.


    There is nothing more “anti semitic” than the truth. They were all false flags were they attempted to blame the Arabs. They are still doing this – 40 beheaded babies blah blah



  18. Hasn’t NN realised this has nothing to do with him, negotiations will be over when Winston says he’s satisfied.

    Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon won’t be putting a time on when coalition negotiations will conclude.

    When asked how finalising a deal by the end of next week was looking, Luxon laughed and admitted the lack of a time frame is “incredibly frustrating”.

    However he stressed there are “some serious issues that need to be resolved”.

    “We’ve worked our way through so much, we’ve come so far, but we actually have a few issues that we need to continue talking about,” Luxon told media on Sunday.

    “We’ve got a couple of issues,” Luxon admitted. “I’d call it maybe one, two or three issues.



  19. Janine
    4 hours ago

    We now have an unusual situation in our country, New Zealand, whereby, two part- Maori MPs, namely David Seymour and Winson Peters believe we are all equal under the law but Chris Luxon, a New Zealander of presumably European descent, doesn’t.

    “Curiouser and curiouser” as Alice said.

    What is actually the sticking point for Luxon regarding equality and democracy?

    He is either ridiculously woke or beholden to someone. It doesn’t bode well for the future.

    How can it take months to resolve this question? We are either all equal under the law or we are not.

    A referendum would need to be well thought out, have pertinent questions and present arguments from both sides as per the Voice in Australia. Then there can be no doubt from the resulting decision, as to what the majority of citizens want.

    RODNEY HIDE: Referenda are for Divisive Issues
    Take 5 minutes to listen to Rodney rarking up ACT’s proposed referendum. And share it far and wide. He is right on the button.

    Listen here

    (For clarification, this is ACT’s proposal:

    ACT would bring a Treaty Principles Act to Parliament.

    The Act would be short but decisive. It would define the Principles of the Treaty as:

    – All citizens of New Zealand have the same political rights and duties

    – All political authority comes from the people by democratic means including universal suffrage, regular and free elections with a secret ballot

    – New Zealand is a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where discrimination based on ethnicity is illegal

    After debate and passage by Parliament, New Zealanders would then have the final say via referendum.)



  20. Yes, it’s me again. I wish that I didn’t need to contact you again so soon, but yet another urgent matter has arisen.

    On Tuesday, Hutt City Council will vote on whether to establish a Maori ward. The so-called submission process they pretended to engage in only resulted in 25 responses from the public. This from a population of approximately 100,000.

    It is evident that Hutt City Council did not want its residents to know this matter was being discussed. They did almost nothing to advertise the opportunity to engage with the process, and Councillors were ordered not to speak with the appointed Panel tasked with consulting with the public. That is simply not good enough. In fact it is downright cynical.

    Lower Hutt is another example of the contempt that New Zealand’s mayors and councillors have for the people they represent. Western Bay of Plenty District Council and Kapiti Coast District Council are just two other councils which have recently totally ignored the overwhelming opposition to Maori wards and voted them in.

    Hutt City would rather not hear from those they represent at all.

    Why are so many councils rushing to establish Maori wards now? There are two main reasons:

    Time is running out to make changes before the 2025 local elections. The cut off day for councils to resolve whether or not to have a Maori Ward in 2025 is 23 November 2023.
    A centre-right government will soon be formed and they recognise that some of the coalition members have promised to end Maori wards, or at very least restore the rights for citizens to demand a binding referendum on whether such wards should be established, a right cynically removed by the Labour Government. Councils know it is harder to unwind things that are already done.

    Even worse is that Hutt City Council is attempting to misrepresent the degree to which democracy would be compromised if they establish a Maori ward. They have claimed there are around 12,000 people on the Maori roll. The true figure is about 6,000.

    What does this mean?

    Each of the wards in Hutt City has about 12,000 voters on the general roll. This means 12,000 people per councillor. A Maori ward would have twice the representation with only 6,000 people per councillor.

    Of the twelve Hutt City councillors elected in 2022, four are Maori. In addition, there is an unelected Iwi Representative who already sits on a number of sub-committees and iwi generally already have special representation and voting rights on council sub-committees. The proposed new Maori ward would be additional to all of this.

    I don’t need to rehash all the reasons why representation based on race is terrible for our country. The reasons are consistent whether we are looking at Auckland Council or Hutt City Council. You know by now the dire situation this puts local democracy in.

    What can we do?

    We can make ourselves heard regardless. Below you will find the email addresses for the Hutt City councillors to copy and paste, and a suggested email to send them.














    Suggested email:

    Dear Mayor and Councillors,

    I am writing to you to express my strong opposition to the establishment of a Maori Ward in Hutt City.

    I was very disappointed to learn that such poor public consultation was undertaken, resulting in just 25 submissions from the public. I am sure many more people would have submitted had they known the matter was being discussed.

    It is important that you are all aware of the concerns that many New Zealanders hold about basing political representation on race. Even worse when that representation is providing more political influence for some than for others. We understand that most of the existing wards in Hutt City contain some 12,000 general voters on their electoral roll, whereas any Maori ward established would have only some 6,000 people. The power of the vote becomes dependent on the race of the person casting it.

    Maori are already well represented around the council table and iwi already have special voting rights, together with an appointed iwi representative who sits on many council sub-committees.

    When you vote on whether to establish a Maori ward on Tuesday, I urge you to oppose race-based political representation, particularly where the weight given to any Maori ward would be quite disproportionate to the number of Maori on the Maori roll.


    Do write your own email if you prefer. The important thing is that the message is heard by these councillors.

    Hopefully it will be at least another few days before you hear from me again, but with the speed with which these issues are hitting my desk, it will probably be sooner rather than later.

    Your voice matters. I wouldn’t ask you to take action if it didn’t.

    Many thanks,



    • netanyahu and the idf are shitting themselves now that the international heavyweight chippy hipkins has put his foot down….
      its gunna have the same devestating effect as mahuta demanding russia cease fighting in ukraine.

      im sure the added star power of mayors tory whanau and phil mauger making the same calls will for sure bring peace to israel and gaza//////// fuck nz is a pathetic joke, im embarrassed that these fucktards are opening their mouths on our behalf, next will be the maori king making demands of israel and that for sure will be the winning move for hammas///



    • It is to be in solidarity with the Maori Party, & the Greens.
      It also will be in lock step with the Australian Green Party.

      An eye on trying to repair the “What is a Woman?” damage, to get & keep the muslims on board.
      Will the Labour Party + media be doing a big push to take in more refugees under the Winston Peters UN Global Migration Pact?
      How much more money? to the UNRWA to educate the suffering Palestinian pupils truly into the “wellbeing of kindness” of redistribution, decolonization, re-indigenisation, as they have been doing for the past 6 years.
      Sadly that UNRWA complies with the culture code, blind eye & all.



    • Bn & still on the go as I think overhauled in 2015

      Enjoy the ride.
      Generation 15 – Führerstandsmitfahrt mit der Wuppertaler Schwebebahn
      53 minutes : Dec 25, 2017

      On November 14th 2015 WSW mobil presented the first vehicle of the new suspension railway.
      Since 2016 the cars are operational. WSW mobil offers you the chance to feel like a real suspension railway driver.
      You can now experience a complete circuit from the perspective of the driving personnel.

      At 6 mins 20 secs you will recognize the your clip of over 100 years ago.

      Some more detail via a German wiki of its history to today
      Will have to use Google translate which should drop down.

      Price ? Sure can not be as bad as proposed in Auckland public transport system.

      The darnedst thing is that for all the Councillors, etc. on their overseas joints about transport systems have never come up with this concept that has been working for a century.

      At least see how this pays? what are the costs?
      Even to get a few figures on the back of cigarette pack.”?
      Maybe it is too expensive,?? but how much has been spent in AKL & now cancelled, at least to have had one meeting about it & to jot a few things down on a napkin.



    • From the wiki link.
      ….The route length is 13.3 kilometers and the track length is 28 kilometers. [It seems to be double tracked]
      Of these, 26.6 km are mainline tracks and 1.4 km are operational tracks.
      For the first 10.6 km, the railway follows the course of the Wupper downstream at a height of around twelve meters; here the water dictated the exact route.
      At the level of the stadium at the zoo , it leaves the Wupper to the right, crosses the federal highway 228 and runs the remaining 2.7 km to the Vohwinkel Schwebebahn final stop at a height of around eight meters between the houses along Sonnborner Straße, Eugen-Langen-Straße, Kaiserstrasse and Vohwinkeler Strasse. In Vohwinkel, the 24-meter-long double-articulated wagons turn in a turning loop whose diameter from rail to rail is only 18 meters (radius 9 meters).

      When one thinks about, a bus is a just a tin can, and with the electrics the electric motors/drivers, no batteries it is would be pretty damm light.
      The heaviest part would be when the people pile in.
      No creating pot holes for other traffic.



  21. Israelis and the Palestinians have something in common. The both love yet hate the 2 state “selution”.

    New Zealand back in the day used to be friendly apart from the Johnny come lately Minto the Marxist complaining about apparteid yet ironically, now enforces apparteid.

    No solution here folks but why get involved? NZ was a lot better without the middle easterners coming here.



    • I’ll go a step further. The likes of Ricardo (el colonist), Golriz (faux reffo) and the asswipes that blame colonial input should fark off.

      Te Tiriti isn’t about them
      (New Speak) Te Tiriti tangata means everyone……hmmmm

      Funny that, because, according to the/our preamble…. States Queen Victoria and tribal Chiefs uniting a country as equals. Celt/Anglos and Maori should unite.

      Fuck WEF, Fuck UN, Fuck WHO. They can all fuck off to Harvard and virtual signal and sign with an autograph like our once in a lifetime horse that deserves the humane way of producing either glue or cat food. She can run but she is about to feel the full (bigly) wrath of condemnation



  22. Here come the job losses.

    Eighty workers being laid off from a mill in Gisborne say the sudden job loss is devastating.

    Japanese-owned Juken New Zealand told staff on Friday that it had decided to close due to ongoing financial difficulties and falling demand.

    Sixty workers were set to lose their jobs before Christmas, with another 20 leaving in March.

    Also reported NZ red meat exports to China drops by half a $billion.



    • thats just the mill.
      There are truckies and suppliers and wharfies et al involved in this.
      Probably due to tree prices and lack of timber etc. and shipping costs. Small ships out of Gisbourne, high cost to market.
      Containerised stuff would have to go be road to Napier or Tauranga.



  23. There was a news report that the Chatham Islands need a replacement cargo ship. Article seems to have been deleted. Perhaps it was the farmer who couldn’t get his stock off the Island due to lack of room on board so instead of them starving for lack of feed he shot them and left them to rot where they were “back into fertiliser”. The journo found this distasteful and asked if they would be removed? Wonder where she thought he’d remove them to?



    • She would have had a fair old attack of the vapours had she been reporting on the farming practises of coastal Wairarapa farms up until maybe a hundred & twenty years ago or less. There were no roads & no harbours so sheep were farmed solely for their wool which was baled then loaded onto wagons which were pulled into the sea to be used as jetties. From there it was pushed into lighters which ferried the bales out to cargo boats anchored offshore.

      There being no market for meat old or poorly performing stock were driven over cliffs onto the rocky shore. Accounts tell of huge flocks of seagulls feasting for weeks after.



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