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Santa In Waimate

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  1. Oh goodness has the first photo today of the maori party leader got the dreadful white mans glasses and clothing on? Well guess it was a little cold for the grass skirt and nothing else? Isn’t he the worst man in the maori history to be leading the activists now? What has he ever done for the actual maori cause? What cause did I hear you ask?????
    Have a great day everyone looks at this time of the morning to be fine but who can tell?
    Be safe out there, lots of people doing Christmas shopping out and about, booking it up on the credit card.
    The Santa is looking good at Waimate as well, just thought I would mention it///////



  2. Ngapuhi have an early Xmas present they have been given all the crown land north of Whangarei by the Waitangi “tribe unal” ,sounds fair enough to me I’ll probably donate my land and houses as well ,why not ??.



        • SB, that comes about through their Terms of Reference when the Waitangi Tribunal wasset up by Lange and the Labour Government. I quote, verbatim:

          Term 2.1a.

          Under no circumstances is any claim to be made in this Tribunal against IWI.

          Term 2.1b
          IWI are to be considered close to God and follow behind the Maori King and before the Ratana church.

          Term 2.1c

          Any Member of the Waitangi Tribunal who considers that IWI may have breached Te Tricki Triti in any way whatsoever, will be immediately suspended on a permanent basis and have their nose removed from the trough.



          • another astounding thing is tribal lines/borders/turf was always changing pre euro via brutal war and invasions yet the signing of the treaty somehow made those tribal lines frozen in time.

            i rekon whitey can destabilize the maori takeover by advocating that many smaller tribes and perhaps a couple bigger tribes wouldve been decimated and whitey stopped this so we really should right those wrongs and cancel/transfer settlements and reallocate to those tribes we think wouldve been the victors.

            imo theres only a few ways this shit will end, turn maori vs maori divide them and end the lunacy of all this shit or else the other options involve bloodshed and severe civil unrest.
            personally i just wish everyone in nz would drop this shit and just get on with life as all of us being kiwis but clearly a reasonable size group of clack bunts will never let it go.



            • IAASB ,there’s a better and infinitely easier way IASSB and it’s guaranteed to work ,We all claim Native heritage, that’s gonna fcuk the troughing bludging 7% of them that are pushing this division of the country .
              Our problem is the other 85 % of NZ’RS who aren’t Natives are just to fcuking well manored. .



    • All land as different forms of Mission Creep.
      There will be forms of Administration from District Councils, Regional Councils, which is pushed from Government

      “Freehold, also known as ‘fee simple’, is the most common kind of ownership in New Zealand. It is usually the simplest kind of ownership.
      If you have a freehold property, you own the land and (generally) anything built on the land unless there are any registered or unregistered interests. …
      —- restrictions under the Resource Management Act 1991”

      Significant Natural Areas SNA can be stamped on your title.
      Sites & Areas of Significance to Maori SASM (customary)
      Heritage Orders.
      Riparian Strips, Esplanades & Esplanade Strips, Access tracks & rights

      The system knows how to ratchet this up against the land owner in many varying ways.

      Many people are unaware that caveats can be stamped on your title, with no notice to you!
      Like the Lands & Deeds office I know that has done this.
      You will only find this out when the future purchaser may raise a query to you about it,
      If you are selling it becomes too late for you to object, & to get the sale through you have accepted & the new owner has formally accepted, probably with a discount from you,

      Much can be created by opportunistic Councils.

      These can all be administered in forms of co-governance, which can strike levies, fees, costs, rorts & exemptions.



  3. Catch 22 ACC. To prove vax injury an MRI is required. Waiting list in the public for an MRI 84 weeks.
    From Lynda Wharton-
    “John has sustained Cardiac and Neurological damage following #pfizer (https://twitter.com/hashtag/pfizer?src=hashtag_click) mrna covid vaccination in NZ. John remains very unwell. He lost his business as a result
    John has been trying to get ACC to approve him for help.
    It has been an endless battle and he remains ACC declined.
    In order to prove that he had sustained covid vaccine injury he was told he needs a Cardiac MRI
    After a long time languishing on a list…(waiting to get on the ACTUAL waiting list for an MRI), he was informed a few weeks ago that his wait would be 84 WEEKS,
    Without the MRI he could not progress his fight to be approved for ACC.
    With no money and no business and no ACC, John charged his credit card $4000 and went private for his MRI.
    Yesterday he received confirmation that:
    *He has sustained heart damage through MYOCARDITIS with the probability that it is vaccine caused.”



  4. The cheek of Maoris trying to say the media is against them. Stuffed have come right out and said they won’t report negative facts about Maoris and apologised for doing so in the past. Daily we are bombarded by pro Maori propaganda and fake facts, while non Maori are relentlessly attacked. Everything Maori is treated by reverence by media. Saturation coverage of the extremist fringe Maori Party.

    What is needed is robust factual reporting about issues within Maoridom. What we get are lies and propaganda.



    • These things are like Aztec hosted meat grinders. Nations are invited to jump willingly into the buzzing blades.

      2 sorts of people, those who hate themselves, their family, their traditions, oikophobic. And those who love their home.



      • And here he goes again making it personal. No charges here bro but I have seen heaps of sleazy creepo simps like you go through the mill.

        What you didn’t do anything I hear you screech. Tough – all accusations by women are true even with zero evidence, remember ….



        • yawn, you let your feelz from woman who have wronged you get in the way of any reasonable thought process.

          heres another one of your sleazy sluts, im guessing the chap was framed and should be set free? https://i.stuff.co.nz/timaru-herald/133419110/court-rejects-mongrel-mob-members-appeal-for-parts-of-torture-and-rape-sentence

          youre fucked in the head bro, of course some scum bitches lie and claim rape for regret sex but to say every woman that cries rape is a liar is just retarded. be it youve been arrested for rape or its just the constant rejection by woman whatever it is it cloudd your judgement. get help bro or just find some money and use hookers to cure your blue balls rage.



          • “you” “you” “you” “you” “you” “you”

            No not me you sack of shit. Men.

            I don’t say it about all rape accusations. Only the ones that are clearly bullshit. Always the same with you – personal attacks and lies.

            But if you want to be personal – you have clearly drug raped women in your past and try and redeem yourself by posting on a blog about how non-rapey you are. Very transparent.



            • yet more yawning needed.
              poor birdy, some woman really done a number on you at some stage didnt they.

              are you busy writing a glowing reference for your mongrel mob mate and a letter to the judges telling them they got it wrong and the party slut should be the one going to jail?



              • “you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you””you”




  5. What is Israel’s end game? I think there might be some truth to them wanting to expand and take over vast areas of the region under the Zionist plan for Greater Israel. That includes the invasion and occupation of all the surrounding countries. They think it was promised to them by the god they invented. The same one who made them the master race unlike the goyim who are regarded as beasts.

    The West needs to wipe their hands of that place.




    • That’s rubbish Kea. The state of Israel has never tried to expand and take over vast areas of their region. Also they have not been the aggressor in any of the wars fought against them in the last 75 years and any gains they have made have been the result of winning against their aggressors.

      Even when Israel has won land, they have incorporated Arabs in their governance – the Palestinian Authority being a prime example in the ‘West Bank’.

      If there was a huge extension of the war tomorrow, the last thing Israel would want is to capture vast swathes of more territory and inherit all the problems which come with governing Arabs. That’s why Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza in 2005, FFS.

      Israel is not and never has been an aggressor state and anybody who claims the opposite is speaking out of his arse. You ask ‘what is Israel’s end game’? Perhaps it’s trying to protect itself from the psychopathic murderers who killed 1200 of their people in the most horrific ways and dragged a further 240 into Gaza to be raped and tortured and used as hostages.



        • The funny thing is those who pretend to be atheists but support the formation of the Israeli state based on biblical bullshit. The same ones who will be outraged by Christian pedos but attack the messenger, or say nothing and down tick, any revelation of jewish pedos. They clearly believe the self proclaimed chosen ones can do anything at all and anyone trying to stop them should be viciously attacked.

          You know who you are…



        • Modern Israel came into existence through colonisation

          Incorrect. The state of Israel came into existence as a direct result of the League of Nations’ and then the UN’s objective of establishing a self governing independent state in the territories formally governed by the defunct Ottoman Empire.

          There were other states, including Jordan, Syria and Lebanon which had emerged from the ashes of the Turkish empire, and Israel was one of them – recognising 3000 years of history. In fact the population of Israel was more than 50% Arabs on the day it was first formed, but after being attacked within days and successfully fighting off the aggressors, the Arab population shrunk dramatically as Arabs left Israel and Jews immigrated from other Middle Eastern countries (and Europe) fleeing persecution and wanting to have a homeland of their own.

          There was no ‘colonisation’ involved. Quite the opposite; Israel is the direct result of decolonisation and the establishment of a democracy in a turbulent region beset by tribalism, war and violence, which sadly continues to this day.



          • What about the invasions and murder in the West Bank by Jews?

            “recognising 3000 years of history”

            They ignored tens of thousands of years of history and focused on one group at one point in time. The idea that people can have a “right of return” based on ignorant bronze age fables is absurd.



          • Rothschild’s boast of creating Israel as a return favour for dragging the US into WW2. Churchill was enslaved early on, as his father died deeply in debt to the Zionist’s, and he was hopeless with money himself and deeply indebted. It was blood debt that dragged us into Wars 1&2. Ben Gurion the first Israeli Prime minister a polish Zionist whom admired Lenin, and was a known terrorist. The Haavara agreement between Hitler and Palestinian Zionist’s allowed expatriation of Jews from Germany, as how were they to populate the desert. The 1966 Numec affair involved enriched uranium to be stolen from America reactors to make Israel’s nukes. Noticing such things in Israel’s formation will get you automatically labelled anti-Semitic, which is funny as Israel ashkenazis are Eastern European, and not Arabic at all.



            • Yes few of them are semitic people. Unlike the Arabs who are semitic. Israel was founded on the most foul treachery, murder, lies and malfeasance. I can’t see it lasting or ever being a secure “homeland” for that highly tribal religious cult of judasim.



      • ” The state of Israel has never tried to expand ”

        An outright lie. They have illegally taken over land in the West Bank. It is not up for debate.

        Here is you backing me up “Even when Israel has won land, they have incorporated Arabs in their governance – the Palestinian Authority being a prime example in the ‘West Bank’.”

        What are your feelings about Nazi “settlers” in Poland that “won” their traditional homelands there?

        It is because of people like you that Israel is despised. Lying manipulative and sleazy. They didn’t win they took by miliary force and murder. They are not settlers they are invaders. There is no rational excuse for the illegal settlements. Only religious fanatical bullshit.

        I strongly support Israel’s current self defense. I just don’t need to be a one eyed lying bigot to do so.



    • I think someone linked it on YSB a few weeks ago, that a reason for the conflict is Israel wants at least part of the Gaza area so it can build an alternative to the Suez Cannel. The Suez is now to small and also Egypt makes a fortune out it, so Israel would not mind part of that revenue. If this is true, then you can guarantee the US will be part of the effort.



  6. The little sapling in the forest, seeing its leaves were so different from all the other trees, turned to the nearby large oak tree to find out where he came from.

    “Mr. Oak tree, please tell me, am I the son of a beech or the son of a birch.”

    “I don’t know who your father was,” replied the mighty oak tree, “but your mother was the finest piece of ash in these woods.”



    • Watched a movie on that the other night. Mel Gibson played the man who wrote the Oxford Dictionary with the mad man’s assistance. He was a schizophrenic locked up for murder played by Sean Penn (who I can’t stand).



  7. Riddle me this:

    How is it that those most supportive of a bunch of Europeans and Americans laying claim to the Middle East based on the absurd notion that because some people of the same religious cult lived there 3000 years ago they can grab land there now – are the same people most vocal about Maori claiming NZ as somehow wrong?

    Zero coherent principle = religious fanatics & bigot filth.



  8. Just going back to Revvy’s 7.06am Post and my Post of 8.07am regarding the Waitangi Tribunal finding that the Government did and does not have the right to Govern over Ngapuhi and as such the Waitangi Tribunal finds that Government should give all publicly owned land in North Auckland to Ngapuhi.

    On that basis, if the Waitangi Tribunal have decided that as the Government has no right to Govern over Ngapuhi, then any Treaty Claim on the Government will be null and void, as by their own findings the Government, has no right to settle any Ngapuhi claim’s as they have no authority.

    So all’s good. Ngapuhi can’t have any publicly owned land back and the Government can’t entertain any Treaty claims as the Government has no authority according to Maori to negotiate anything. A win/win for the people of New Zealand.



  9. Winnie wants a new press secretary.

    Line up, line up, he’s also looking for a ministerial advisor and senior ministerial advisor to provide “high quality, timely and sound political advice”.


    The post states the skills required for the role are being an “experienced political operator” and a “skilled strategist” who can anticipate a “story before it happens and creating the narrative”.

    The Deputy Prime Minister is also looking for a ministerial advisor and senior ministerial advisor on a contract basis to provide “high quality, timely and sound political advice”.



  10. Ukraine condemns Russia for plans to hold elections in occupied territory

    Ukraine this morning strongly condemned Russia’s plans to hold presidential elections on occupied Ukrainian territory in the spring.

    Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry called the planned elections “null and void” and pledged that any international observers sent to monitor them would “face criminal responsibility”.

    Lawmakers in Russia on Friday set the country’s 2024 presidential election for March 17.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday moved to prolong his repressive and unyielding grip on Russia for at least another six years, announcing his candidacy in the election. He is all but certain to win.

    Russian authorities plan to arrange voting in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson — territories Moscow illegally annexed from Ukraine in September last year but does not fully control — together with the Crimean peninsula, which Russia illegally annexed in 2014.

    The announcement of the presidential election follows local elections for Russian-installed legislatures in occupied parts of Ukraine in September. The votes were denounced as a sham by Kyiv and the West.

    “We call on the international community to resolutely condemn Russia’s intention to hold presidential elections in the occupied Ukrainian territories, and to impose sanctions on those involved in their organisation and conduct,” Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said..


    from one news but they have nothing to say. Must have sacked all the wankers.



  11. “I learned my business skills in the fruit shop,” says Patel, who was the second sibling of seven and lived in the “joint” family with her uncle, aunt, and mum and dad in the days when Herne Bay was far from the wealthy community it is now.

    “Those were the days of pound, shillings and pence and pounds and ounces, no calculators. So you, you worked out your money very quickly. And those were the days, when in the fruit shops, no one touched any produce. You put the produce in the bag for the customer, they would say a pound of this, you would give that. So giving the customer good service [was crucial]. Because if you put a bad peach in and they’ve paid good money for it, they’re going to come back very quickly.”

    “So, respecting the customer was the first business lesson,” Patel says.




  12. Government considering trimming funding for Covid vaccine, anti-virals amid budget squeeze

    The era of free universal Covid-19 vaccinations may end next winter, with the new Health Minister Shane Reti refusing to say whether it will continue to fund the jab.

    Currently, the Government offers near-universal access to the Covid-19 vaccine and booster shots, but the programme is expensive.

    The 2023 Budget allocated a total of $295 million for the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

    This was made up of $165.2m for Pharmac to purchase vaccines and antivirals in the 2023-24 fiscal year (well down on the $886.9m spent last year) and $129.9m to deliver the vaccine to people. The funding is a multi-year appropriation, allowing it to be spent over a longer time.

    The Government is currently on a cost-cutting drive as fiscal pressures bite.

    Reti told the Herald the both vaccines and antivirals were “funded currently via Pharmac”.

    “The funding for both is due to come to an end at June 30, 2024, and remains under consideration.”


    but there is more. Nostopping the shit. Weak as cats piss.



  13. Public Service Minister Nicola Willis is softening her comments to RNZ suggesting the Government would prevent bonuses being negotiated for te reo Māori proficiency.

    Unions promised to fight such moves and the Māori Language Commission Te Taura Whiri said it would be a “great shame” to curtail the allowances which had existed since the 1980s, after Willis told RNZ she was seeking advice on how to stop the bonuses being negotiated in future.

    “While we would not have initiated the bonuses ourselves, and while we do not support them, we are left with little choice but to implement them given they are contained in binding collective agreements,” she said.

    But Willis told reporters later in the afternoon she should have included more context in that statement, saying she only opposed such bonuses “in circumstances where they’re not relevant”.

    “And I think that’s the phrase I should have included in that statement, and has led people to see something bigger than I intended. I accept there will be many circumstances where receiving a bonus for te reo Māori use could be relevant to the job at hand.”


    Nope they either part of the job requirements or not. If not they should not be allowed nor negotiated into their contract.
    Mxt minute the somal;i’s will want theirs and then the Tongans and so it goes on.



  14. The Prime Minister killing off any prospect of a Treaty referendum will be seen by many as a promising turn for the country (and National), but others – namely his coalition partner – will be justified in feeling aggrieved.

    A major impetus for the protests at parliament, and around the country this week, is ACT’s attempt to redefine the Treaty principles in law

    David Seymour had wanted a referendum but instead, by way of a compromise from National, which doesn’t want one, he instead secured the introduction and support of a Treaty principles bill to select committee.

    The theory being that he would use the debate and panel beating process of select committee – coupled with his powers of persuasion – to convince National and NZ First to maintain their support to the second and third reading, before eventually going to referendum – a hurdle major constitutional changes like this have to clear short of a super-majority of 75% in parliament.

    But in a surprise twist – a sudden flutter of self-awareness and room reading -Luxon scotched the prospects of the bill going any further than select committee.

    “That’s as far as it will go,” Luxon told the House – and the attentive ears of the country – during question time on Thursday.


    Seymour wasn’t given a heads-up by Luxon that the bill would only go that far.

    It could be seen by ACT as circumventing the democratic process. How could you possibly rule out progressing the bill further when you haven’t heard all the arguments or even seen the wording of the legislation yet?

    Of course Luxflakes did.
    Let hope that seymour (who it was obvious when watching him and Luxflakes, that he didn’t trust the nats.) waits till the Nats want a crucial; bit of legislation and tells then to get fucked lets have anelection. Probably Get winnys agreement. They can’t continue of Luxon decided to back stab them and it is becoming obvious that the catholic prick will do just that.



  15. ROL, My neighbor reckons if your sent to hell for your sins as long as you weren’t a pedophile catholic priest you won’t have to worry about the rapid decent into that lake of fire on your way down as the speed you hit the brimstone will be non life threatening if you manage to slow your fall by hitting the millions of catholic priests clawing their way up back to the land of the living,LMFAO, 😀.



  16. The end of the year is fast approaching. And what a year it has been!
    We have been battling on many fronts behind the scenes to ensure the survival of Counterspin Media. This has seen us unable to go to the airwaves for some time. But rest assured we will be back ASAP.

    If you have missed the biggest story in the world at present, let’s get you up to speed.

    Liz Gunn dropped it on November 30th

    Here is her interview with Barry Young, a former Ministry of Health database administrator who has released data that confirms what many of you already know, the jab seems to be killing people at a much higher rate than the Government is reporting:


    Counterspin Media has been working to get this information far and wide along side Liz and her team because early on we were witness to the information and agreed that it needed to get into the hands of the experts overseas.

    The initial interview went viral, and debate amongst the experts ensued.

    Then on Sunday December the 3rd, Barry Young had armed police breakdown his door and arrest him.
    The next day (Monday), Barry appeared in court and was not released on bail until Tuesday at 1:00pm.

    He was charged with accessing documents for dishonest purposes.
    When Barry was released from Remutaka prison, Kelvyn caught up with him and his partner Cathy for a quick chat:

    Watch the banned.video link here:


    Or our Rumble link here:


    On Wednesday Barry, Liz and Hannah appeared on Info Wars to discuss various aspects of the story:

    Alex Jones Interview with whistleblower Barry Young


    Alex Jones interview with Liz Gunn


    Alex Jones 4th Hour host Maria Zeee (Zeee Media) interview with Hannah Spierer from Counterspin Media



    Furthermore, and less known, is the current situation with former Counterspin Chief Medical Correspondent Shane Chafin, had his pharmacists registration cancelled and is now liable for legal fees of $55,000.00 – all because he, like Barry Young, dared to tell the truth.

    Shane Chafin was also the man who confronted former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a Northland Press conference, that led to the press conference being shut down by her and moving inside where only the ‘accredited media’ were allowed access. Basically, if you weren’t towing the line and pushing the ‘official narrative’, then you were excluded. This went viral around the world.
    You can watch the video here:


    Shane Chafin went on episode 36 of ‘Counterspin’ with Kelvyn to discuss, among other things, the absolute disregard and contempt that the New Zealand Prime Minister had for facts, evidence, and the New Zealand people.

    An excerpt from that episode can be viewed here:


    We have constantly been on the front lines since our inception, and we have always delivered ‘fact & evidence’ based reporting. From day one, we have been attacked on all fronts, yet we have remained steadfast and have refused to bow.

    We have endured legal attacks, raids, financial ruin, characters assassination, coordinated media campaigns to discredit and defame, and a whole raft of other actions. Yet we still stand defiant because the people deserve better.

    We are so grateful for the support of the people. Despite the rumours, we have no corporate sponsors, foreign backing, or wealthy benefactors. We are funded solely by you, the people.

    If you believe Counterspin Media is a valuable resource for New Zealand and indeed the world, please consider donating so our small team can continue to fight for you to bring the truth to air and also fight in our ongoing legal case.


    Check out the work of our amazing and thought-provoking writers here.
    See our latest Blog and Substack posts here:


    Counterspin Media’s Substack | Substack

    Thank you again, to each and everyone of you who supports us financially, by sharing content or helping us in the many other ways you do.

    Thanks to our tiny team who relentlessly keeps going strong despite the hurdles and setbacks.

    On a more personal note, Storm is thriving at 8 months old. We continue with our elimination communication journey. He is getting ready to crawl and has started baby led weaning. All in all, he is a happy, content wee man and we couldn’t be prouder of his progress.

    We look forward to getting back on air very soon,

    Kelvyn, Hannah and the team.

    This, and all previous episodes are available here: https://counterspinmedia.com/resources-videos/

    Please help CSM by donating here: https://CounterspinMedia.com/Donate
    Find thought provoking original articles from Counterspin Media’s team of NZ writers here: https://counterspinmedia.substack.com

    Now ut your Helmets on and duck as SB comes along with his noisy opinion about everything to do with your lives.
    counting 1,2,3….



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