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  1. Dangerous things those quad bikes.

    “Two people are missing after a serious quad bike crash in the rural Far North this afternoon.

    A quad bike rolled into a swimming hole on the swollen Waikainga Stream about 5.15pm, police said.

    Emergency services and two rescue helicopters were rushed to the Fern Flat Rd address in Peria.

    Four of the six people on the bike were able to make it out of the water, but efforts to find two others are ongoing.”



  2. Good morning to you all, only a wet morning?????, Supposed to be far worse tomorrow so that is a disappointment for all those who were going to have outdoor parties this year to see the back of a very disappointing year, though it did have a quite good ending.
    Have a great day out there and be safe.



  3. **********BREAKING************

    Cost of living: Kiwis share regrets about buying first home


    They don’t own a home. The bank owns them and their home. They pay to rent money to live in the banks house and work like slaves to serve the bank. The fact this is normalised does not make it right. The fact others have had to do it does not make it right. The fact meat puppets can’t imagine an alternative does not make it right. The fact that petty malicious people want them to suffer like they have does not make it right.



  4. A Jewish guy sends his son to Israel to get in touch with his religious roots and gain a deeper appreciation of Judaism. A year later the son returns and informs his shocked father that he has converted to Christianity.

    Distraught, the father visits his friend and tells him what has happened. The friend replies: “Funny you should say that. I sent my son to Israel and he came back a Christian too.”

    The two friends decide to ask their Rabbi about this. “Funny you should say that”, starts the Rabbi, “The exact same thing happened when I sent my son there too. I think we need to ask God what to do about this”.

    So the 3 men go to the temple and pray hard to God, telling him what has happened and asking for his divine guidance. Suddenly, from above, a voice booms out “Funny you should say that!”.



  5. Is thuis the same fella?

    Dale Mary Garratt (Ngāpuhi, Te Aupōuri) and her husband David Garratt are also being celebrated for their contributions to Christian music production.

    The pair, who have achieved 13 Gold or Platinum-selling albums, have been made companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit.



  6. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to one and all. This is the first time I’ve been able to log in. Currently on the inside of Kawau Island desperately trying to dry things out before the next monsoon which will apparently arrive tomorrow. Might have to go into Bon Accord and drink with the chavs on new year
    You sure get a lot of thunderstorms up here. Nevermind it’s supposed to finally improve next year



    • Morning Captain.
      Not a lot better down here.
      Boomer of a thunderstorm this morning early. Lots of rain.
      Begs the question, why do we have holidays at this time of the year?
      How about we do something radical (yeah I know), and move them to the end of January when the weather comes right?
      We need a Minister of holidays. Ya think the catholic cabal would allow that?



    • Ask NIWA
      It has been a hot dry summer for the last two months.

      They dont have windows.
      that would have cost extra
      …..and let them see the real world

      Computer modelling on a 80286 computer with DOS 5.1 gets that.



  7. Let’s do a thought experiment.

    You have $1 trillion, but you have to spend it in three days.

    Is it even possible? I guess.

    But it would be insanely difficult.

    You’d have to spend $333 BILLION per day.

    Per hour: $13,888,888,888.89

    Per minute: $231,481,481.48

    Per second: $3,858,024.69


    Most of the most expensive properties in the world are priced around a few hundred million dollars.

    Buying a $200 million property every minute would total $288 billion per day, which is still short of the daily target.

    The MOST expensive property is Buckingham Palace, valued at around $4.9 billion. You’d have to buy 204 Buckingham Palaces to hit $1 trillion.

    The most expensive painting ever sold is around $450 million. You would need to buy about 741 of these per day, assuming you can find that many.

    The most valuable sports teams are worth around $5 billion. Purchasing 66 of them per day would still not meet the target.

    A top-end private jet might cost $70 million. Buying one every minute would be far from the needed rate.

    At a price of about $60,000 per kilogram, you would need to buy over 5.5 million kilograms of gold per day, which is highly impractical given the logistics and availability.

    Trying to buy $1 trillion worth of Bitcoin would essentially mean trying to purchase ALL the Bitcoin in circulation, which is not practical.

    Point is, $1 trillion is an ungodly amount of money.



  8. https://howickweather.co.nz/
    been following for years.

    a very useful privately-owned website with a weather station in Auckland.
    Non goo-mint.
    Great stats and no predictions. Just records facts; since 2009.
    Good slice and dice stuff.

    So 2018- a very wet year . Howick weather recorded 1755 mm of rain. I thought 4 days ago it would not be exceeded with less than a week to go
    However 40 mm of rain yesterday (Fri) and 40 mm of rain so far today – mostly in the first 3 hours- has taken it to 1813 mm of rain with 38 hours of the year to go.
    15 years of recording and this is the wettest.. which January/Feb 2023 suggested.

    At 7 pm yesterday I went around the bad spots that occurred on 27 January.
    Eden park No 2 field was saturated with surface water but in January 27 the day after was still under several feet of water, as was Gribblehirst park.
    Parrish road, Sandringham was not too badly affected. Good to see.
    Horseface’s Whare in Cambourne was not flooded. Still, it has always faced the risk of being drowned in bullshit, not water.



    • The old FJ is a classic now. I had one years ago & it was a beast though I’ll call crap on their “24mpg”. The motor was supposedly a copy of the ‘Blue Flame’ Chevrolet & sucked petrol.

      But it had true stump pulling power.



      • The fine print says “(up) to 24 M.P. gal. Quite likely taken on a rolling dyno at a set speed of 50mph.

        EVs: Up to 500km range.

        Reality: 500km range, on the flat, cruising at a steady
        50km/hr, no wind, 25°C, no use of A/C, driver only, drive like a green Prius driver etc.

        Reality: 300km range, on the motorway, cruising at 80km/hr, on the flat, no wind, 25°C, no use of A/C etc.

        Reality: 200km range, open road, hilly country, 15°C, making use of 0-100km in 3 seconds, lots of overtaking

        Reality: 120-150km range, open road, hilly country, 0°C, heater on, wipers and demister on.



            • theyd go alot harder if they got remapped and the emissions shit deleted.
              all the newer engines are fake power made from turbos and usually only have good power from mid-high revs.

              if i had the coin id have one of nasskas cruisers but i dont have enough arms and legs to sell to pay for the bloody thing plus the new v8 cruisers are gutless compared to the early 2000 ones with the ballsy straight 6 turbos.
              in aussie one of the muppet workers got a fully laden 8axle truck bogged in the sand while trying to load the airseeder, bosses brand spanker v8 cruiser couldnt do jack shit and just kept stalling, got my older cruiser on the end of the strop and that bitch towed 32ton of truck out it was farking impressive.
              youd be chasing down mobs of roos or emus at 120km, chop down to 4th and pin it and the thing would just full on powerslide through big bird and skippy… fun times…. until we done it in an old hj cruiser on skinny tyres and we cartwheeled that thing big time. no seatbelts and dunno how the fuck i walked away, woke up on the bonnet with my leg jammed between steering wheel and the door.



                • yup, i cant have been good enough! i was 24 when that happened. windscreen popped out perfectly and didnt even break, roof was completely fucked and flattened down onto the headrests of the seats tho… we cut the roof off at the base of the pillars and turned it into a death trap of a roo shooting wagon 🙂 had to wear ski goggles once the grasshopper plagues started and breath through ya nose so do didnt eat zee bugs.



                    • stupid boy dosent simp bro, my man card is just about at max points. what can i redeem my points on? 🙂

                      aussie is good fun once you get out into the wops, it was like the wild west where we lived and could do whatever the hell you wanted and no one gave a crap… shoulda seen how me and wifey would get foxes and rabbits without a gun. 200 odd hectares went up in smoke one time when the bunny made a run for it.



  9. Germany mulls reintroduction of compulsory military service

    The Bundeswehr is facing a dramatic shortage in personnel. Now Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has rekindled the debate over reintroducing conscription.


    Contrasted with…

    German Green Party leader against renewed compulsory military service




  10. I do not usually care for those prophets for the New Year, but here it is a reasonable summation by observation of a number of points & trends.

    …. in 2024, we’ll see noticeable failures of systems for providing the things we’re used to getting, which is being aggravated greatly by the flat-out incompetence of people employed at everything, anywhere. Surely, you’ve noticed. ,,,,

    ….. — enjoy reading other people’s efforts — but, really, forecasting is an exercise in futility.
    I don’t have much going besides a nose for news, a pretty long list of correspondents and informants, and my own heuristics.
    Take all this for what it actually is: a whole lot of spaghetti thrown at the wall to see what sticks.
    Only time will tell. In all, it looks like 2024 is going to be a rough ride and I’m not the only person who sees that. ….


    To count another year above ground in reasonable health, I will take it. 🙂



  11. Is this a Biden, Helen Clarkes shower head moment? for the “New Green deal”.

    ….. Residential Refrigerators and Freezers
    The efficiency standards being adopted today for residential refrigerators, refrigerator-freezers, and freezers, which have not been updated in over a decade, align with recommendations from a diverse set of stakeholders, including manufacturers, the manufacturing trade association, energy, environmental, and consumer advocacy groups, states, and utilities.
    Compliance will be required either January 31, 2029, or January 31, 2030, depending on the configuration of the refrigerator or freezer. …..


    So what life, will one get out of those global planet saving, life saving marvels?
    Smart internet Controls too?

    Where people now put in many more light fittings to make up for the dismal costly light bulbs that can not cope with intermittent power.
    Do you have to flush twice on these modern dunnies to complete a flush?
    Where the heat pumps are only intermittent heaters, or air conditioners.
    The European half strength vacuum cleaners.
    Just as they have fucked up the Cars, longevity & costly maintenance, with those emission controls, computerisation & additives, etc..

    But the worst part, how far away & sly is the New Zealand’s ignorant virtue signalling techno-bureaucracy in getting this through.



  12. Before Christmas, it was reported that more than 10,000 council staff across the country were earning more than $100,000 a year.

    It was a statistic that prompted the Taxpayers Union to refer to staff being “overpaid”.

    But it also resulted in a number of emails from readers who said that the $100,000 benchmark is outdated, and a salary that is not really that notable any more.
    So is $100,000 still a big salary in 2023 (almost 2024)?
    Brad OIsen, chief executive at Infometrics, said his analysis of Inland Revenue wage and salary tax data showed that earning $100,000 was more normal today than it ever had been in the past.

    “Back in 2001, the earliest data we currently have, around 1.5% of wage and salary earners earnt $100,000-plus a year – equal to just under 29,000 people.
    “This proportion rose to around 1.9% in 2003, with 38,400 earning $100,000-plus. By 2013, this proportion had risen to 5.9%, with 137,800 people earning above $100,000-plus. In 2023, a considerable 15.6% of Kiwi wage and salary earners earnt $100,000-plus, with 442,000 doing so.”

    He said someone in 2023 would need to earn $163,471 to buy the same amount of things that they could on $100,000 20 years ago, ignoring tax changes.

    “Back in 2003, $100,000 earners made up the top 1.85% of wage and salary earners according to IRD data. In 2023, to be in the top 1.85% of wage and salary earners you’d need to make above $210,000 a year.

    “As another way to look at how the $100,000 benchmark has changed over time: in 2003, the median annual salary/wage was around $22,000, which made a $100,000 salary four-and-a-half times the median. In 2023, the median annual salary/wage, from IRD data, was around $54,000, making a $100,000 salary only 1.9 times the median.”

    NZ Council of Trade Unions policy director Craig Renney said whether $100,000 was a lot would depend on the context.

    ”If you’re on $100,000 as a pediatric oncologist, that’s probably not a lot. If you’re on $100,000 and you’re doing a very low-skilled job, it’s probably a lot. It’s a question of, rather than the number itself, what is the market rate for that skill? As a target or number it’s probably arbitrary. It’s very much a function of if you’ve got someone who has widely marketable skills used in lots of places and they’re in demand, that may well be the market rate.”

    He said New Zealanders still generally earned less than people in Australia. “If you were having this conversation in London, £50,000 wouldn’t be an enormous wage. But if you’re having it in Newcastle, where I’m from, it would be winning the lottery. It’s a case of what is the market telling us? If lots of people are earning that amount, is it because they’ve been able to cheat the system? That’s highly unlikely.”

    He said inflation since Covid was 17%, so even people earning higher amounts might not find they had much disposable income left over.

    ”The number itself it’s fairly meaningless. The key question is whether people are getting paid a rate that reflects their skills and talents.”

    Researcher Jess Berentson-Shaw said $100,000 might only seem too much if it was compared to the low wages that were often not enough to support people..
    “It’s all contextual really – housing and food are so over-inflated because they are sources of wealth creation for a specific group of people and various policies that lock in high-cost food and housing, which means whatever people earn has to be seen in that context – $100,000 is not all that much in that context especially for people raising kids, with student loans, renting … and it means many of those on lower incomes are actually living in relative poverty.

    “We – meaning people in government – should be aiming for policies that are shown to work over the long term to help those on low incomes raise their incomes, increase availability of good meaningful jobs, and lower the costs of homes and food and education – the foundations of a healthy society, really.”


    Well the last guy has just had 6 years to put it right and failed.
    What a joke he is.



    • cant really argue with that.
      100k nowdays is nothing really, its just the expected minimum wage for many roles esp if any sort of responsibility is involved.

      i wouldnt blame the deminished buying power all on inflation tho, convenience and technology has been the driver of prices on consumer goods.
      2 good examples of that are utes and cellphones, in 2003 a good cellphone was under $100, god knows what a new hilux cost? 30k?
      the cellphone i guess has evolved into a camera and computer aswell so i can see some justification in paying a small fortune for one but todays utes are impractical pieces of wanked up shit that now cost 80-100k and have shorter lifespans with no real extra benefit of the same vehicle of 20yrs ago.



      • In certain countries, captured by the techno-bureaucrat’s Distorting regulations in the name of Climate Change, Net Zero Emissions, Safety & Health, etc.. which is more ruthless than market forces these days.
        Cars, Utes etc..
        Production of Electricity.
        Meat & Dairy, with increasing hygienic farm, water animal welfare plans.
        As mentioned above your air conditioner, fridge & freezer will be taken down too.

        Unlike the computer, cell phones so far for communications & knowledge. 🙂
        Plane travel.

        Some concepts like fire, are good servants, and others are demanding & costly masters, when they take on a life of their own.



  13. Getting a bit sick of the early arrivals banning everyone from using public spaces every time there’s a death. I don’t imagine they can legally enforce it.

    “A rāhui has been placed on the Far North stream into where a quad bike carrying six people rolled – barring anyone from swimming or fishing while two people remain missing after the incident.”



    • Thanks Ross12.
      Some of these things are coming together to complete the picture.

      Heart Deaths
      21 minutes 45 secs : December 28th 2023 : Doctor John Campbell.

      To keep on Utube Dr, John Campbell skirts around the issue.
      Here he is pushing that those these heart diseases, need a pathological – immune-histography stains as where I left a comment on how Arne Burkhardt, could see that there was an even further underlying causes of what was deemed as a “natural cause” of death, but was not.
      Nobody wanted to replicate his work, in doing those full autopsies, to see what he found out.

      This thread the other day links to Dr, William Markus and the last interview with Pathologist Professor Doctor Arne Burkhardt. who knows where & what to look for in an autopsy, & setting up the pathologist’s microscopes slides.
      I found that Arne Burkehardt interview pulled together many of the points that many of us aware of, to the full picture.

      Arne found those white blood clots, & understood & explains it very well how they came about ! ! ! & why they can be hard to diagnoses in a live body.
      Also to note an undertaker in New Zealand also noticed this problem.

      Now why is the cursed New Zealand Health Ministry not making available all of its raw data, atomized, anonymized for open & transparent independent analyse to see what patterns there may be.



  14. Atheism
    – Free on Sunday!
    – Get to focus on the now.
    – No guilt!
    – Can claim full responsibility for life’s achievements.

    – No afterlife.
    – Must take responsibility for life’s failures. Damn!



  15. Bryce Edwards

    Yesterday, New Zealand’s biggest newspaper damned #Armageddon with a woke review on its frontpage. Today it’s #1 here (and #SuperNature #4):


    Video Forensics

    ICYMI: #Armageddon is now the Number 1 #Netflix show in the UK, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, Malta, Turkey, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Israel, Netherlands, and Portugal.



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