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  1. There’s always a silver lining folks ,Golriz can go back to her old job giving out 20 quid blow jobs to all the Nigerian war criminals hanging around Soho ,25 quid and she’ll include a photo for future reference.
    She will not be charged and everyone on YSB knows it.



  2. Just as your morning looks full of Puke induced garbage, let me bring this, as reported overseas.

    It comes with a Health Warning, but produced here as a Community Service.

    “Mr Gayford is the current host of ‘Fish of the Day,'” and as it is assumed he is getting married to what could best be described as Jockey to the Horse, Cindy this Saturday. As such neither he nor his Horse will be able to attend their friend, Kieran’s Wedding.

    In an in depth interview on this tragedy, the presenter of “Fish of the day” commented, ‘She pulled in a 5.4kg snapper. And she said, “Is that good?” And I was like, “That’s real good!”‘

    The NZ Woman’s Weekly has been beaten to this scoop. You read it first, here. I shall now go prepare to punish myself for the rest of the day.




  3. Two boys were talking and one said to the other, “There is an easy way to get what you want.”
    The other boy said, “How?”
    The boy replied, “Tell people you know their secret.”
    The boy jumps up and runs to his dad, “I know your secret!”
    The dad replies, “Please don’t tell your mom heres $10.”
    The boy then runs to his mom, “I know your secret!”
    The mom said, “Please don’t tell your dad here’s $15.”
    The boy then decides to try it on the mailman, “I know your secret!”
    The mailman opened his arms and said,
    “Come, give your dad a hug!”



  4. A young man was shipwrecked on a remote island. There was nothing for him to do except play with himself. After many years even that stopped. He was always preparing for the day when he would be saved.

    One morning he saw a ship turn into the cove and he quickly ran to the woodpile and started a fire. He then threw wet seaweed on top and the smoke was bellowing high in the air.

    All of a sudden the ship starts to come his way. He gets all excited and thinks I am finally going to be saved. The first thing I want is to take a hot shower, then they are going to give me some clothes and I am going to go upstairs and have a nice dinner. I will find a nice lady to dance with then I will take to her cabin and we can kiss and I can fondle her body. She will start to take off her clothes and she will be wearing red satin panties, and I will rub them.

    With this, he starts to get an erection; he slips his hand into his shorts, grabs his cock and yells,

    “Ha ha ha! I LIED ABOUT THE SHIP!”



  5. 🚜 Seems to be much more than just tractors. 🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜

    …. The support for farmers is particularly clear with regard to the climate protests. Only around 16 percent of Germans recently stated that they had sympathy for the climate radicals of the “last generation,” while 79 percent were of the opposite opinion. ….

    🚜 The socialists & media are circling the ev’s seeing Nazism & right wing every where. 🚜



  6. Talking of climate.
    At school I was always sceptical about oil being created by fossils. Never sat right with me but I didn’t have time to pursue with skirts and sports.
    Anyhow Tucker had an excellent interview with Dr WillieSoon about carbon and climate.it’s on Waikanae watch.
    So it appears we don’t have’fossil ‘ fuels.



  7. Mohammad and Aisha meme.

    Thank you Saggy for your witty observation the other day about the prophet’s marital adventure(s). I’ve created a meme which readers might find of interest and can be viewed/downloaded here:


    And double thanks to Saggy for posting the Adams apple pic at 7.29am, from which I found out about the postimages service! 👍😀✔️



  8. I’ve mentioned before, I previously had 16 Philippine workers living in one abode as neighbours. There is only 4 now. They were brought in to build those ugly brutalist multi apartment buildings in residential areas, just before the plandemic kicked off. The building contractor who hired and housed them has gone. The money has run out. The fat cats got fatter and abandoned them.

    ‘Very dire’: Migrants left jobless, sleeping in cars, unable to afford food




  9. With Macron scrambling to get his 4th PM and 5th government in place, this June there will be elections for the European Parliament and there are already rumblings of panic from the establishment.

    Conservative AND liberal populist movements are putting fear into government leaders in Europe.

    “With the rise of populists almost everywhere in Europe of the extreme right, we risk having an ungovernable Europe,”




  10. From the Greens FB page:

    “GG should have shopped somewhere cheaper like say “Pallenstines””

    I wonder if she was stealing an outfit for Cindy’s wedding. Or maybe stealing Cindy a wedding present.



  11. Man Who Aggressively Tried to Get Trump Removed from 2024 Ballots Arrested on Federal Charges

    In total, John Anthony Castro has been charged with 33 counts of aiding the preparation of false tax returns. Prosecutors claim he ran a virtual tax preparation business that provided customers with tax returns beyond what they were actually owed, defrauding the government.

    Castro announced his “campaign” for President in the Republican primary which was clearly all for show in order for the deep state to use him as a vehicle to file the ballot lawsuits (all of which have failed).




  12. The American oil lobby has launched an eight-figure media campaign this week promoting the idea that fossil fuels are “vital” to global energy security, alarming climate experts.

    “US natural gas and oil play a key role in supplying the world with cleaner, more reliable energy,” the new initiative’s website says.

    In his CNN interview, Sommers said clean energy can currently only play a limited role. “Renewable sources have a role to play, but oil and natural gas will be needed for decades,” he said.




  13. Martin Bradbury is having a sook over Red Radio’s exposure of the sins of the Persian Princess:

    …….”In the woke micro aggression policing cancel culture of intersectionist identity politics, an allegation on social media is the new evidential threshold for 21st Century Salem Witch Trials, so the moment an allegation like this is made, the Greens throw Golriz under an electric bus and stand her down.”……..

    But sort of redeems himself by adding:

    …….”It’s shoplifting, she didn’t misgender someone FFS!”…….




    • Ahh Eva.
      Would hate to relate what has happened over the last year on the lady front.
      One of the church helpers that still comes to see me is really tops. She has four beautiful kids and I shake my head over her situation. However one day I hope to get to the bottom of the mystery. You never know. I may get converted.



    • 🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜
      Eva Vlaardingerbroek @EvaVlaar
      🇩🇪 The German farmers have successfully blocked dozens of highways with the help of the German truckers. 🚚 🚛
      This is my view up on a tractor on the A2 – Europe’s busiest highway.
      I’m blown away. History in the making.

      8 secs :

      The Vigilant Fox 🦊 @VigilantFox
      Holy cow. The farmers are not messing around. This is Augsburg, Germany.
      Today marks the third consecutive day of blockades and convoys, in protest of crippling tax hikes on diesel.

      In a related development, German railway employees have commenced a three-day strike, demanding higher wages and paralyzing rail traffic.
      It seems like everyone’s fed up with the government.

      29 secs :

      The German main stream media have finally showed up and as expected they are now labeling the protesting farmers as ‘far right’ while politicians are saying kids are ‘scared’ .

      Meanwhile, citizen journalists continue to show the unprecedented support that shows the reality.
      16 secs :

      Cities across Germany are now overwhelmed by massive convoys of tractors and trucks, as the German farmers and truckers 🚛 🚚 mass mobilise their protest against the German government. This is Stuttgart. 🇩🇪🚜
      7 secs :

      🚨🇵🇱 Polish Truckers 🔥🚨
      WOW – now the Polish truckers are joining the cause alongside German & Dutch Farmers as they all protest ludicrous Anti-Democratic laws designed to bankrupt small independent farmers & distributors.

      In the end the people will decide.

      48 secs :
      🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜

      In this article which covers the pro’s & con’s of both sides.
      One can figure that the German government’s intent may give some concessions, but to keep marching on whilst pulling every devious trick that they can.

      …. [Social Media] users accused the mainstream media of not highlighting the real extent of the protest by German farmers.
      In many places, German farmers have garnered support from truck drivers, and supporters of conservative/right-wing parties.
      Reportedly farmers from Dutch and Poland have also started to join their protest.


      As mentioned in an earlier article, linked in earlier morning comment, it seems that polls are also showing awakening about the costs involved over Climate Change.
      With the medical skullduggery people may be looking more.
      🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜 🚚 🚛 🚚 🚛 🚆 🚚 🚛 🚆 🚜



    • 🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜 🚚 🚛
      A sociological survey …. …. revealed that 69% of Germany’s residents support the farmers’ protests.
      The approval rating for their actions remains high, despite the fact that the day before,
      every fifth respondent was affected by road closures. ….

      …. [Stop Fossil Fuels?] only 11% of Germany’s residents show sympathy towards climate activists who block roads. ….

      🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜 🚚 🚛

      …. the concessions made by the government on certain points as a “lazy compromise.”
      He believes that the population supports the farmers because politicians no longer listen to the people. …
      … government should “pay more attention to those who support Germany with their daily work, ….


      Some incidents, but just how will this be presented.

      Some investigations are directed towards the farmers themselves.
      In two cases, they are suspected of “public incitement to commit criminal offenses” as they set up gallows resembling traffic lights (a reference to the name of the ruling coalition in Germany).
      In other cases, the focus is on dangerous interference with traffic.


      The counter offensive is driven by what in Germany?
      🚜 🇩🇪💥 🚜 🚚 🚛

      …. Official estimates indicate that over 130,000 people participated in the protests, which involved more than 100,000 units of agricultural machinery.
      The unexpected convergence of climate activists with farmers highlights the intersection of environmental and agricultural concerns, even though their specific demands may not align.


      Those Extinction Rebellion supporters are only shit stirrers & need to be left out in the cold.
      Good to see that many Germans are against their antics.

      The German train driver strike



  14. Chloe? Jimmy?

    Leo Molloy
    Well if I’d been busy murdering old ladies or turning babies into burger patties I’d go public tomorrow, and I still wouldn’t be the lead story in The Herald
    My impeccable sources tell me the unthinkable is about to be divulged. We may be facing multiple by elections here in Auckland. Mahesh, dust off your CV.



  15. I see over night a blueberry farm had 700 plants stripped of their berries. The owners reckon it would take a team of ten pickers a whole day to pick that much …. so an organised gang. The owners are going to get security cameras installed.
    Fuck the cameras! The best remedy would be to have the place patrolled at night by a hard arse with a double barrelled shotty loaded with double O!!!



    • I remember a story of about 15 years ago where a cocky had a deer block remote from his farm. He hadn’t been there for about two weeks, which is reasonable, deer don’t need a lot of close monitoring.
      When he did go to check them out he saw that there were none in the paddock where they should have been. Mystified he went and had a look in the deer shed. The shed had a whole lot of dead deer in it!

      Turned out that someone had got the deer into the shed, loaded up a truck and fucked off without letting the excess out of the shed. They all died!



      • a few years ago down here the one of our neighbours yarded up 400 fat lambs the night before ready to go to slaughter… truck rolled in at 530am to load up and rang the cocky abusing him for not having them there ready to load. some bastard had taxed the lot in the middle of the night, farmer never found out who done it or what happened but no hoofprints or shit on the road so mustve been a dodgy cnut with a truck.

        20odd years ago there were dodgy brothers dairy farming, they bought an old fire truck/tanker and would drive around at night calling into cowsheds at random and suck a few hundred litres of milk then onto the next shed… pumping the stolen milk into their own vat and collecting fonterra payment. nice guys ay!



  16. ‘Prepare for war!’ Swedish government tells citizens to prepare for the worst.

    Swedes need to be prepared for war. That was the message Sweden’s Civil Defence Minister, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, wanted citizens to understand loudly and clearly. Mr Bohlin recently spoke at the Folk Och Forsvar conference (roughly translated as the “Society and Defence” conference) in Salen. He discussed the need for war readiness in the country, saying, “Many have said it before me, but let me say it with the force of my office – there could be a war in Sweden.”


    Winston Peters
    ~50 Foreign Ministers incl 🇳🇿 have released a joint statement condemning DPRK’s export, & Russia’s use, of North Korean ballistic missiles in 🇺🇦

    The supply of weapons is a significant escalation in 🇷🇺’s war against 🇺🇦. It undermines peace and security.




    • Two, the selection of inefficient/early battery technology which led to three higher costs of shoreside infrastructure.”

      “Shore side infrastructure” which sunk Cook Strait ferries.
      Hope the government here in New Zealand can figure that “We are the man from the Government, here to help you” is such a classic of the Scottish ferries, and the recent Cook Strait ferries.

      We need more of “Big Jim Barker” who established BlueBridge ferries across the Cook Strait, that weighed up the needs & demands in a free market.

      I hope our new Government takes note of that & to stop constricting good people by the foul ideology of Nett Zero.



  17. fun times this arvo chasing kahawai at the river mouth… we were the token white folk, half of the philippines was there and about ¼ of india.
    the indians there had no fucking clue and no idea about water saftey either, watched a few get smashed from behind by big waves and one got washed in but managed to scramble out. im suprised our drowning rate isnt higher tbh esp if those sorta clowns are at every river mouth chasing free feeds this time of year.



  18. With the possible exceptions of journalists & clairvoyants coroners must qualify as being the most useless, overpaid pack of wankers to insult Kiwis with their “expertise”. The latest load of shit comes from Coroner Mark Wilton who this week released findings from his inquiry into the presumed drowning of 16 YO Valentino Laki in the Rangitīkei River near Bulls. in January 2018.

    In view of the fact that the lad was in the water & witnesses saw him go under the Coroner’s finding & mumsy cautions are unremarkable. What beggars belief is that the overpaid idiot took six fucking years to issue it !!!!




  19. Dad joke.

    My wife said that if I don’t get off the computer she’ll slam my head on the keyboard.

    But I think she’s jokinfjreoiwjrtwe4to8rkljreun8f4ny84c8y4t58lym4wthylmhawt4mylt4amlathnatyn



  20. Oh please be true:

    “Let me put those interested at ease
    My impeccable sources say the Police were tardy and indifferent when the complaint was made. It’s unclear why or whether there was “interference” at the Police level, although you can 101% exclude any involvement from Mark Mitchell
    My sources say the lady who’d witnessed the event was disenchanted with the Police response ( it’s unclear whether she also owned the shop but it seems likely she’s involved somehow ), so she went to multiple sources, including but not limited to Marc Spring ( who tweets here ) and The Herald
    Marc Spring has a blog, go find it
    High profile politicians have had this and been sitting on it for ten days.
    There’s video footage circulating and the impeccable sources claim at least one other very high profile Auckland politician is identified in that video
    I’m assured The Herald will lead with this tomorrow morning
    Now pass me the popcorn… if it’s true it’s beautiful karma, and it’s probably the end of a noisy, delusional, unproductive, toxic, suppurating political party that is infested with bludgers, parasites, liars and deceivers
    Stand by for tomorrows Herald
    Life is good here today”



    • Marc Springer has put 4 posts up on this.

      …..Sources say The Greens are paying the bill, and that Golriz may have already fled NZ. ….
      Jan 10th 2024

      …. We have long suspected the Greens are NOT the real deal, and today is a ‘real deal’ example of all thats wrong with the likes of Golriz. ……
      Jan 10 2024

      …. If…. Ms Ghahraman is suffering from the hideous disease called MS, then why did she run for a parliamentary position knowing she was really sick in the first place? ….
      Jan 10m 2024

      ….. The initial alleged event of shoplifting was December 23rd, 2023. …..
      ….. Our sources have confirmed that the Greens have viewed the CCTV footage, and that they confirmed the identity of their MP, Golriz. …..
      ….. Why did the Greens not stand Golriz down as soon a she was outed by CCTV after they viewed it? ….
      …. told that Golriz was wearing a head scarf… it appears to us she was there trying to hide her appearance. …..
      …. Hiding her appearance leads to some yet to be answered questions… kleptomania?, just thief?, or maybe a hater of rich people? What was her motivation? …..

      Is there a game to spot crazy Chloe? “from the river to the sea”.
      Popcorn time, but not quite yet. Will Chloe go quiet?



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