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  1. “Do you Jacinda Ardern, take Clarke Gayford
    to be your lawful wedded husband?’
    ‘I do’.
    “Do you Clarke Gayford, take Jacinda Ardern to
    to be your lawful wedded wife?”
    ‘I do’
    ” I now pronounce you man and………..Oh my God!’
    ….. “she ‘s got a cock!”



  2. Bon, “ The question on everybody’s lips is who will dress Jacinda Ardern for her wedding” One News just now , God give me strength to carry on in this totally inward looking inbred team of 5 million we call Aotearoa.
    We’re off to Auckland international airport to get our oldest grandson who’s been here on holiday back on a plane home to Aussie, we’re very happy he’s living in a country that would never celebrate the wedding of a tyrant CNUT who was personally responsible for wrecking her own country and who would never have headlines on the supposed premium TV network like the one above, unbelievable actually.
    What’s the chances that entire Wedding ceremony gets through without some NZr that had their life ruined by that horsefaced panty stain makes a strategic phone call to the venue ? LMFAO.



  3. What a bastard its not raining today, waiting till Monday it seems, I have to say I am surprised she has dragged him to the alter/whatever she is doing. But he knows what side his bread is buttered on I guess he would never be able to make that much money on his own and she is just a thief just like the Green Party seems to be doing at the moment. I wish them both the very worst life, as she did and imposed on everyone in this country especially the unjabbed, shop keepers, those that lost their businesses, houses etc,etc,etc. I hope their marriage is the biggest disappointment in their lives, and I hope for the very worst for them.
    On the brighter side fabulous memes this morning Ed, stirling work and I do hope it is both she and Chloe that are together on this theft it could not be better. Anyone that votes for this party has to be a mental case and should be placed in Henry Bennet hospital for the mentally deranged here in Hamilton. That party have a reputation for theft now so I would think this should be the very end for the party. Will it though???????
    Have a great day out there today be safe from the boiling weather./////// 28 degrees is not boiling.



    • Some of her admirers more pleasant comments :

      “Why oh why did her mother not swallow”
      “Or her dad used a condom.”
      “Quite possibly the most evil, horrible, ugly, bucktoothed tyrant the world has ever seen.”
      “Strange that she chose a winery for the nuptials. I would of thought an Equestrian Center would be more to her liking.”
      “A lefty woke evil woman who was 100% signed up to the globalist agenda. When the fight back eventually begins her ilk need to be in prison.”
      “Quite possibly the most evil, horrible, ugly, bucktoothed tyrant the world has ever seen.”
      “She’s a lovely mare and should settle nicely being married. Her home should be quite stable.”
      “I thought she was stupid. Now I know.”
      “When you look like her a mask is an improvement.”

      The comments are priceless.




  4. I hope this Narcissistic Bitch has a most unpleasant, unhappy day, today. She deserves it as she has worked hard for it.

    And I hope any protester at her Wedding Venue, has a good loud Megaphone that is put to good use. This would make for the perfect January Saturday, in the Hawkes Bay.



    • my mate and his now fiancé are currently over here visiting from WA. she thought jacinda was a superstar leader and loved by everyone cuz thats how international media portrayed her. shes absolutely blown away at the hatred for that woman and its opened her eyes to the media fuckery and lies so is now questioning alot of other stuff she thought was the truth cuz media said it was.

      anyways not many people in nz have had other kiwis organise and want to protest a wedding, disrupt a wedding like that, wish bad bad things to happen at someones wedding.
      hell not many kiwis have had a vast majority of fellow kiwi citizens wish they were dead, that vile piece of shit is the most hated person in nz and will be for quite some time as its gunna take alot of hard work and evil to top what that cnut done to our country.
      fuck jacinda ardern! i hope fishboy fucks the bridesmaids tonight or comes to his senses and leaves the horseface slag standing there wondering were her future husband has gone… how the hell can someone think marrying the most hated cnut in nz is a good idea?



      • Funny SB, you should mention your friends from WA. We had friends from Perth staying with us last year. They thought the same about Cindy, that she was just the Ducks Nuts, until they visited this country after a long time away and saw the vitriol for her first hand, what she had done to this country (as they were both New Zealanders but have lived overseas for 50 years) and the legacy she left. They soon changed their minds and have nothing but contempt for Cindy and do not speak kindly of her, at all..



      • Pretty much all women in Australia are like that.
        They follow media (MSM, Sky news is teeny teeny teeny ) to know ‘what to think and say’
        A slow wake up on Brittany Higgins.
        Very slow wake up on word-murderer (like J. Adrain), Julia Gillard.

        Women should have the vote removed.
        They do not use it responsibly.
        In ao tear zooland the Geeen pardy with its druggies, anarchists, criminals and miscreants very are voted in time and time again by Women, beating ACT every time.
        In Australia they voted Teal in their preference voting creating a pathway for albanese to get in on 32% first preference.
        70% of wiminz voted for Adrain in 2020 despite the facts of 3 years destruction on the table. Emotional response to shit like CHC 15 March.



  5. Went to watch the cricket last night TV1 and suddenly there was going to be some Maori welcome to Eden Park or some such shit. Waited until that had finished before I switched back.
    There appears to be a certain group of people who have seemingly taken it upon themselves to not only changed the name of the Country and our Cities but our language and customs etc. They are also quite prepared to push an agenda of fear – ie. Heat warning for Auckland when the expected high was 28 degrees , 5th – 6th – 7th strain of Covid coming etc etc.
    Everybody simply rolls over and in our polite Kiwi way, accepts it and lets that shit happen.
    Recently I put in and spoke to quite a detailed submission to our Council against their proposal to have 30kph speed limits within our streets of our small rural town/village. Then they quietly just agreed to what their woke staff had put before them despite the ridiculous of the situation, on the very same day that National announced a halt to such shit and that I had told them this was happening. They then had the announced 2024 local school head prefect there to give a welcome introduction to the meeting proper, this white girl spoke the first bit in Maori to this totally white Council and public present while everyone listened in silence to something that I suspect no one knew what she was saying.
    Advertisements have Maori words sprinkled through them, papers are now written in pidgin, the race of criminals is now hidden, whole hordes of hidden professionals all toe and promote this shit, despite the last election quite clearly saying “Enough”
    I am bloody sick of it .



    • are they seriously gunna 30km the motorway through waimate main street? fark, the locals are gunn have to hobble their horse n carts to slow them down 🙂

      wokeness and apologetic shit has infected nearly every aspect of society, if you oppose it your either labelled wracist coloniser of a far right white supremacist. imo the reason this shit hasnt been halted is what you suggest… kiwis are too polite and just roll over and accept, the woke progressives have no shame and no concience so they can easily stand up and push their cause. average kiwi that hates this shit knows the consequences of dishing out a few well deserved broken noses so they opt for silent seething and frustration instead.



  6. I was a happy man. My girlfriend and I had been dating for a year and we had decided to get married. The planning went wonderfully. Both sets of parents helped us in every way. My friends were all happy for me and my girlfriend – she was a dream! There was only one thing deeply bothering me. That one thing was her younger sister.

    My prospective sister-in-law was vivacious, only twenty years old and drop-dead gorgeous.

    One day, the sister-in-law to be, called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that it was not long to the wedding day, that she had strong desires for me that she couldn’t and didn’t really want to overcome! She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister. I was in total shock. She said, “I’m going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want to, just come up and get me.”

    I was stunned, frozen in shock as I watched her wiggle her way up the stairs. I stood there for a moment then turned and went straight to the front door. I opened the door and walked straight towards my car.

    Standing on the front path was my future father-in-law. With tears in his eyes, he hugged me and said, “Well done! Wonderful! We’re so happy that you have passed our little test of temptation. We couldn’t ask for a better man for our daughter. Welcome to the family!”

    The moral of this story is..

    Always keep your condoms in the car.



          • true that but not just gore, the entire country. isnt jaffaland the syphillis capital?

            condoms are horrid things, even the newer extra thin ones are shit so no wonder so many younger folk dont worry about them. young sluts only worry about getting preggers, young guys will also still happily stick their dick in a diseased pussy as long as it wont get pregnant.
            i have mates that seen green pus oozing outve their tinder date yet still stabbed it with their bareback pork sword ffs, stupid boy wouldve backed away from that… yuk. another mate ended up with purple dots all over his knob from balls to tip, cant remember what the hell he found out that one was.

            being stuck with a wife and the same old hole for many years does have its upsides when you hear from single mates all the horror stories and the results of their doctor visits.



            • ……”being stuck with a wife and the same old hole for many years does have its upsides “……

              I’d go along with that. The ball & chain & myself have been hitched for fifty-four years. It seems like forever & probably is yet neither of us have much in the way of regrets.

              But condoms have their place. In the late sixties when I met the to be Mrs Nasska the pill hadn’t long been available. The progestin & oestrogen levels were much higher than those used nowadays & made her crook as a dog. As we were both atheists prayer wasn’t much of an option so it was condoms or nothing.

              As it happened they weren’t up to the potency of your correspondent’s taddies, the resultant conception coinciding with the purchase of our first house & the introduction of 75 hour working weeks.

              Three Nasskarettes later the vasectomy clinic had another customer. 🙂



  7. For the ones following the Russian Ukrainian conflict.
    The Chilean journalist Gonzalo Lira has died, in a Ukrainian prison by cruel deliberate negligence.

    …. Lira’s comments included claims that Ukraine’s efforts to win the captured territory back have gone nowhere and their people are dying for a war that is already lost. ….

    RIP & thanks for bringing up major questions about this conflict.



    • Sort of an obituary:—

      Tucker talks about Gonzalo Lira’s imprisonment last month before Christmas.

      Tucker Carlson @TuckerCarlson
      Ep. 47 Gonzalo Lira is an American citizen who’s been tortured in a Ukrainian prison since July, for the crime of criticizing Zelensky. Biden officials approve of this, because they’d like to apply the same standard here. The media agree. Here’s a statement from Gonzalo Lira’s father.

      (00:00) American Zelensky critic jailed in Ukraine
      (05:14) Where is our State Department?
      (08:40) Lira arrested after criticizing Biden
      (11:49) Is Ukraine the democracy we’re told it is?

      19 minutes : 10 th December 2023

      Right now, I’m about to try to get out of Ukraine, and seek political asylum in Hungary.
      Either I’ll cross the border and make it to safety, or I’ll be disappeared by the Kiev regime.
      This is what’s happened to me over the past three months.

      1st August 2023 :

      I’m posting this thread just as I’m getting to the border checkpoint. I’m also posting videos on the two channels I have access to, The Roundtable and Gonzalo Lira—Again.
      If you don’t hear from me in the next 12 hours—whelp! I’m on my way to a labor camp!
      Wish me luck.

      1st August 2023 :

      From a comment elsewhere:—
      …. GONZALO LIRA KILLED in Ukrainian prison after the Chilean-American journalist suffered months of medical neglect and torture since his latest imprisonment by Kiev in 2023. …..
      …. His fate unknown to the outside world since his last jailing, first in 2022 and then again in August of this last year –
      —– he faced slow, painful death at hands of Ukrainian regime backed by Biden who did nothing to save life of own citizen rotting in Kiev prison. …..

      …….. I have had double pneumonia (both lungs) as well as pneumothorax and a very severe case of edema (swelling of body).
      All this started in mid-October, but was ignored by the prison.
      They only admitted I had pneumonia at a Dec. 22 hearing.
      I am about to have a procedure to reduce the edema pressure in my lungs,
      which is causing me extreme shortness of breath,
      to the point of passing out after minimal activity,
      or even just talking for 2 minutes – Lira in handwritten note ……

      Lira left his run a bit late.
      Although he had his warnings to start with.

      Strangely I know of another journalist, a New Zealander who is now safely back in New Zealand, from the Ukraine.
      And speaks of how deep & systemic Azov brigades are sprinkled through the Ukrainian military.

      I think that journalists do believe they have a “charmed life” as kiwi also had been through the Taliban’s hands, while other mates of his were simply dispatched for being an American.
      At least those Taliban were not well versed with New Zealand & Willie Apiata’s Victoria Cross.



    • Dima of “Military Summary” talks about the Gonzalo Lira, and how the Special Ukrainian Forces played a “cat & mouse game” when releasing Gonzales for those 2 weeks.

      New Details About The Death Of Gonzalo | Missile Strike. Military Summary And Analysis For 2024.1.13
      First 12 mins about Gonzalo Lira..

      Speaking of the contact; then the experience of the 2 weeks after the first imprisonment, & the desperation in trying to escape.
      Trump Jnr. was also mentioned.

      Sort of very strange, as Biden & his crew could have easily said, release him for so many Abraham tanks or anti-air craft missiles, in the deals they were making.
      Why not?



      • The Aussie Cossack Show: Gonzalo Lira MURDERED!
        1 hour :

        American journalist Gonzalo Lira has been tortured to death in prison by the Ukrainian Regime after being arrested for criticising Zelensky.
        We dedicated tonight’s show to his memory.

        He had tried to escape, going right across the Ukraine, but obviously tracked by Ukrainian Intelligence to see who he would contact.
        Supposedly on bail as the new Court case was 2nd August. Passport had been seized,

        A number of papers around the world shared the death, but in the USA, mainstream news seems to be zilch.



  8. Sister Mary wakes up in the Convent and when dressed, walks to the canteen for breakfast.

    As she passes Sisters July and Maggie, one of them giggles and says, “Who got out of bed on the wrong side, then?”

    Puzzled, but needing coffee, Sister Mary continues on.

    She sees Sister Harriet who giggles and says, “Who got out of bed on the wrong side, then?”

    But Sister Harriet moves on before Sister Mary can ask her to explain.

    As she enters the Canteen, she sees Mother Superior. Before the Mother can speak, Sister Mary, hugely irritated, snaps, “If anyone else asks me who got out of bed the wrong side, “I’ll scream.”

    Mother Superior smiles and says, “I was merely going to point out that you have the Bishop’s boots on.”



  9. “Home loan borrowers should see rates come down as much as a full percentage point over the next couple of months, the chief executive of one of the country’s biggest mortgage broking firms says.

    Squirrel chief executive David Cunningham said rates should already have dropped, given the sharp fall in wholesale rates before Christmas.

    “I would be surprised if we don’t see most fixed interest rates down between 0.5% and 1% by March. Bank margins are very wide at the moment.”

    A one percentage point drop in rates could mean two-year fixes below 5.9% and one-year at about 6.35%.”

    Told ya birdy. Also told ya the next OCR won’t be increasing.
    Sucks being you. 🫵



    • i find it very strange to see comments like this from hunty and in the replies theres no mention of ponzi, spruikers, meat puppets, simps, curb stomping etc etc.
      probs why the daily comment count has almost halved too.

      even nasska is too scared to pipe up and say bad things against property market and slumlords



    • They may think that but there is a big crash coming.
      China, Ukraine America are in the crap big time.
      I am concerned about any cash in the bank.
      Talking to one of my Indian tenants a short while ago and he raise the subject. They are concerned about the banks.
      Here’s a hat tip from a person plugged into the mysteries of ANZ.
      Why did they hire Jessixca Mucth. Her boss is a really hard bastard by all accounts and I’m not talking Shonkey. Her actual boss.
      She is not that brilliant but knows how to do as she is instructed.
      The theory is that something big is coming down which ANZ are involved in and Mutch will be front of house. to take the heat.

      Keep your eyes open and keep listening.
      Have a listen to Redacted.



  10. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2024/01/green-party-in-defensive-mode-over-golriz-ghahraman-allegations-pr-expert-says.html
    A public relations expert says the Green Party have put themselves in a weakened position by not being upfront at first instance about the shoplifting allegations made against MP Golriz Ghahraman.

    “I don’t think they’ve handled it well and the reason for that is, when you have bad news to deliver, you need to be the one to deliver that bad news and to get ahead of it, otherwise you’re in defensive mode.

    “I’ve never heard of a political party follow the wishes of a high-end frock shop, because they didn’t want it to come out – I think that’s a very weak reason.”

    “The longer her silence is, the worse it’s going to get for her, that is an absolute reality for her.”



    • Who are the downtickers to Viking’s comment?
      Anyone who says they rate Biden has obviously lost the plot –how can you rate someone who has let about 10 million illegals to walk across the country’s boarder , who is blatantly using the DOJ to attack their political opponents, who makes military attacks without getting approval from Congress as the law demands etc. etc. etc.



      • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has turned in to a bloody war of contrition. For Ukraine’s sake, the US needs to stay the distance, writes Steven Joyce. Photo / AP.
        I think it’s fair to say that 2023 turned out to be a pretty rubbish year.

        No sooner had Covid-19 receded and we learnt to cope better with it than we were into rain of biblical proportions, particularly in the north. Auckland and Coromandel, and then Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne, experienced brutal reminders of nature’s force. Recovery from those storms became the theme of the year in those regions. As I write, there are people whose lives are still upended by the Anniversary Weekend floodings and Cyclone Gabrielle, as those events approach anniversaries of their own.

        Even those of us not badly affected couldn’t get away from the weather. In my own case, the Met Service cheerily advised us at the end of last month that our local area had one-third less sunshine than normal last year and 50 per cent more rain. That sentence is depressing all over again, just reading it back.

        The economic hangover from Covid has been a grind, especially in this country. We have effectively spent much of the year in recession as the powers that be sought to unwind the inflationary forces created during the pandemic, and there is still much grinding out to be done. The previous Government was put out of its misery and not before time, it appears, given the state of the books at the end of the year.

        But overshadowing it all has been the much darker world environment. Two major wars now rage, along with numerous regional ones we never hear about. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has become a bloody war of attrition, and in October the Israeli-Palestinian conflict erupted again in a particularly savage fashion. We can debate the whys and wherefores endlessly, but the plain truth is people are once again dying and being maimed in huge numbers in a conflict in the Middle East and history tells us it is highly unlikely to achieve lasting peace.

        A fresh new year, then, brings a welcome opportunity to rule a line under 2023.

        However, when it comes time, it won’t be easy to look back on this year more positively than last. The world’s inbox is piled up with stuff which will be difficult to resolve and, as a small player at the bottom of the globe, we have limited influence over much of it. Still, we can hope.

        Here’s my list of things that I believe need to be true at the end of this year to be able to say the world turned a positive corner in 2024.

        Domestically, the new Government has to grab the nettle and turn back the tide of increased government spending, particularly the huge amounts going out the door which achieve little. The pre-Christmas mini-mini Budget was mostly a metaphoric clearing of the throat. Now the real work starts.

        The good news is that, if they do it right, the reduction in government expenditure will both help our country’s debt position and contribute to controlling inflation by cooling demand, particularly in Wellington. But it won’t be easy.

        At the same time, ministers will have to rapidly make room for greater private sector economic activity, by creating a more permissive regulatory environment that encourages investment and innovation. Central government has to reduce its activity to a level the country can afford, but the private sector needs to be both willing and encouraged to step up and fill the economic gap, or it will be a long, slow year or three.

        When it comes to the public sector, we need to start celebrating substance over form. Who cares who runs the school or hospital as long as it delivers great results for the people it works for.

        This obsession with one central structure, and the “right” way of doing things, needs to end. We need to unleash our pragmatic sensible streak for doing things and lock away the ideological one – on both sides of the political divide.

        So far, so straightforward although challenging. Internationally, it all gets harder, although probably even more determinant of our futures.

        Firstly, the US and Europe must stay the course in Ukraine and beat back Putin. It is a truism that democracies tire of war long before autocracies – and the likes of Putin and Iran’s “Supreme Leader” trade on that fact.

        The current delays to much-needed further funding for Ukraine from Europe and the US are signs to Putin and potential invaders everywhere that the old calculus still applies. For the sake of Ukraine, much of eastern Europe, Taiwan and other vulnerable states, the US in particular must stay the distance.

        The current war is existential for the plucky Ukrainians but it is only costing the US a small proportion of its defence budget and none of its soldiers. If they fold now, the next one will undoubtedly be much more expensive in blood and treasure.

        Secondly, cooler heads must somehow prevail in the Middle East, so a wider conflagration between Iran and its proxies on one side, and Israel and the West on the other, is prevented. I have read enough of the tangled history of the Levant in recent times to know how difficult that will be, but somehow the protagonists need to be persuaded to step back. The only glimmer of hope is that there are more countries in the region with a desire for peace than at any time since World War II – and hopefully they can bring their influence to bear.

        And finally, I believe somehow the US needs to end the year with someone other than a President Trump or a President Biden in charge. Overall, I rate Biden but it’s clear that his age-related struggles are real and, for that reason alone, I suspect the US public won’t re-elect him.

        On the other side, there have been some excellent Republican presidents in my lifetime but Donald Trump isn’t one of them. While most politicians have egos, this guy’s level of self-absorption is off the planet. If he is re-elected, the world will need to buckle up.

        And while he is unlikely to cause World War III, his isolationist instincts and willingness to placate strongman dictators will make one more likely, and surely no one wants that. I don’t know how we end up with a brand new US president by the end of the year but stranger things have happened.

        Looking back at that list, it may seem quite unlikely that 2024 will be written up more positively than 2023. But at least the weather is looking a bit better, so far anyway. Fingers crossed.

        will that do for you, miserable buggers.



        • Any respect I had for Stephen Joyce evaporated with that piece. He f-ing deserved that flying dildo after all.

          Where to start? The US should never have been involved in the Ukraine full-stop. Russia will win as they were always going to, but at a huge cost of lives on both sides (and white lives matter). The average age of fighters on the Ukrainian side is evidently now 46, and a mate told me last night that 1500 Russians are enlisting per day, or per week, I can’t remember, but 80% of Russians back Putin. So do I. And so does everyone I know!

          A wider conflagration in the Middle East? He’s dreaming. Iranian involvement would give the Israelis and the US exactly what they want – a good reason to finally destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons development programme.

          And the Russians won’t get too close because they have their hands full. China always likes to wait for the scrap to end, then swoop in and do business.

          And the rest of the arab states hate Iran probably as much if not more than they hate Israel, so they won’t be interested in backing Iranian aggression. Shiites are apostates as far as Sunnis are concerned, and deserving of death as a result. Being an apostate is actually worse than never having been Muslim.

          The moron then accuses Trump of being placatory. He’s anything but. He showed Putin and Kim Jong Un just how big his dick is, and they took notice. Those guys are in many ways birds of a feather – particularly Putin and Trump who both love their country. Trump ascribes to Roosevelt’s thinking, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far”.

          I was going to ask how crap like that gets published, but it’s in the MSM. ‘Nuff said.

          Tx Viking, for raising my blood pressure 😂



          • I have not read it
            1) posted by viking
            2. it is from the ferald
            3. it is from the mumbling arsewipe S Joyce who did a lot pf damage,
            -contributed to the mess that is Auckland city,
            -was a useless (short term) finance minister who promised tax cuts – some time next year IF you vote for us,
            -created MBIE,
            -never gives a straight answer.
            From a shit head like that you will not get anything sensible.



        • Joyce does not seem to even know about the “Abraham Accords” seeded by Donald Trump.
          An endeavour in part to soften some of the worst parts of Islamic ideology.
          Achievable? well worth trying as it brings some different thinking onto the Gorgon knot that Mohammad created.
          Which Hamas & PLO do not want.

          The train wreck of Biden’s “green deal” besides the Biden vaxx mandates being inflicted on the working people of the the USA.

          The money flow to the military-industro complex while 10% to the Big Man, in hawking off old military armaments, all to be charged to the supposed country of the Ukraine.
          All with no accountability, but with much deviousness from many of the ‘players’.

          Then the illegal migrant flow to achieve a drivers licence and then can gain a Bill Clinton’s motor vote rights of ease & convenience.

          Agreed FJA, well pointed out.
          As MH shows, to include quotation marks. & some editing is helpful.



      • Fair enough the silly old coot got downticked

        as it reads he says Trump should not be there and Biden is Ok

        so ..fuck that
        maybe I SHOULD down tick but that is usually a default position for viking

        the thing is paywalled

        so fuck ‘im
        Rosco, there are better things to defend than viking’s useless posts that lead nowhere and waste time



    • They are selling similiar at Stock & Station merchants,
      Some shearing contractors have had staff using them for the past year or so, but more for crutching & dagging where it may not be so easy to get to a shearing shed with power & shearing plant.

      I do not think it is the only brand.

      That does seem good, & the price seems very competitive to what I have seen, though the others had a sizeable battery which hitched to a ‘belt pack, so less weight in the hand piece.
      Worthwhile to check out, and to work out price & what is suitable for what one needs.



    • These sorts of things are not that great for actual shearing, as when you shear with a normal plant the dropper forms a pendulum and does a lot of the work and control for you. OK for a few and definitely anything in a race.



  11. https://rumble.com/v429681-trump-admin-insider-exposes-every-level-of-the-deep-state-ep-323.html
    Trump Admin Insider Exposes EVERY LEVEL of the Deep State | Ep 323
    Glenn Beck

    The United States federal bureaucracy has grown into a monster where the Deep State lives practically unimpeded. Glenn interviews Kash Patel, author of “Government Gangsters” and one of President Trump’s closest advisers. He oversaw the operations of all 17 intelligence community agencies and worked with the National Security Council, the secretary of defence, and the Department of Justice. He saw the Deep State firsthand, fought it, and he’s naming names.



  12. Citigroup plans to slash 20,000 jobs over the next two years after the struggling bank reported its worst fourth-quarter earnings in 15 years Friday.

    CEO Jane Fraser — who announced a sweeping overhaul last November to consolidate departments – seeks to bring the New York-based bank’s global headcount down to 180,000.

    Citi currently has 239,000 employees worldwide, its Chief Financial Officer Mark Mason said after the bank reported a $1.8 billion loss for the fourth quarter.

    Aside from the 20,000 job cuts, the bank expects to reduce its headcount a further 40,000 jobs when it spins off and list its Mexican consumer unit Banamex in an initial public offering next year.




  13. Well, the creature and the mong
    got married. Apparently. I think it
    was nothing more than a hideous,
    taxpayer funded Labour party gathering.

    I hope that no young people who may
    work at this winery are molested.

    What would be the song played for the
    pair of turd’s first dance?
    I reckon Elton John’s ‘The Bitch is Back’
    would be ideal.



  14. REVEALED: Half of the WHO’s transgender health committee members have NO medical background and the majority are activists

    Most members of panel mostly social justice activists and human rights lawyers

    Called for the removal mental health evaluations and barriers to medical care




  15. went for another fish down the mouth this arvo, i bumped into kea!… no mountains in sight and first time ive seen one on the beach. hes doing it tough and resorted to eating potato chips clack bunts had spilled on the sand.

    crowded beach and once again we were the token whites, not so many fillipino or indians today, looked like tonga and africa had taken over and the filthy clack bunts treated the place like a rubbish tip! chip packets and fizz bottles going in the ocean every few minutes the disgusting feral fucks. they need to fuck off back to their own shithole country instead of turning nz into the shithole they left behind.
    there was even some very dark, almost purple kids trying to spear a sea lion too, we passed a DOC ute when leaving but im unsure if someone narked the seal hunting nigs or if they were there to reunite kea with his honda city.



  16. The problem is not going away.
    As noted by Iaasb, Bon,
    Some are good & are lifesaving for some industries like freezing works,
    being very industrious & family orientated.
    How ever it leaves a hell of a problem which is of our own socialist making,
    in not raising up our locals, who have found ram raiding jollies, etc.. life on a couch, etc..

    The 245,600 migrant arrivals and net migration gain of 128,900 in the October 2023 year,
    are the highest on record for an annual period.


    So that makes it seem that 117,000 emigrated from New Zealand.
    That seems to be a big turn over of kiwi culture & values.
    All to lead NZ into the dead end of DEI, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, to especially make,
    the new migrants welcome to continue.

    Possibly some of them are recent immigrants leaving,
    but they will be most likely be more skilled heading to Aussie.
    But many regular kiwis leaving too, to have such a high number tripping away.

    And Aussie is also bringing in heaps of migrants & refugees
    so in some ways it could be like jumping from fry-pan into the fire.
    Though at this stage Aussies do call out what they know, but looking at who gets voted in,
    seems like the Tweedle Dee & Dum between Aussie & NZ.
    While the Aussie bureaucracy & corporations are doing “work arounds” to gain the “yes” vote effect.

    For the moment, Aussie, the lucky country, can dig up a bit more of itself,
    to sell overseas to keep its socialism going.



    • Record migration in US, UK, NZ. Coincidence? Me thinks not.

      We are being assaulted as surely as any besieging army raining flaming stones over the citadel walls.

      The puppet masters are flailing and revealing themselves! Germany in a massive revolt against its own puppet government. It will come to a great fire.



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