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  1. Morning everyone, love the memes Ed they are so good, WW111 is a very real possibility but Steven Hawking’s chair gave me the biggest laugh. Is it too soon??????? Be careful out there people, its a back to work day unless you are at Waitangi where as a native of the country I am pretty sure you have at least a week off, Tribal rule I think. So the white people can get back to work to pay the tax for them to have at least the week off.
    I do wonder about King Charles and his cancer diagnosis, was it the jab????? Just mentioned it here for opinions? We unjabbed know what we think but always could be wrong of course though in most of it we have been 100% correct.



  2. FFS ,Nude Nut has plagiarised himself by reporting historical facts 2 years in a row ????? ,maybe he should have just spouted a pile of fcuking lies like elite Natives have been doing since 1840, this country is in its preliminary death throes folks and the MSM are responsible for it ,TV3 & TV1 have gone full lefty commie retard since October 14th.



    • Revvy, with regards to Nude Nut, I do not know how you can plagiarise your self, but TV3 and the rest of the media think you can. I call it keeping on message which is what Nude Nut should be doing. To plagiarise something you have to take or steal the work of someone else and pass it off as your own. Nude Nut, from what the MSM claim has not done that. Obviously TV 3 and the rest of the MSM are too dumb to know the definition of “Plagiarism”.

      This is just plain misinformation by TV3 and the MSM but the “Disinformation Project” I note are very quiet on correctly this clear disinformation by the MSM. I wonder why?



    • Alongside this are assets such as the Kiwi Bacon building at 317 New North Road – a $33m property that will go into the hands of the Ministry of Transport.

      Why is there a nagging bit of fear in my mind that the natives, (never ones to miss out) make a claim for all this land????
      Once it’s in Government hands they have an easier chance of getting it.
      Private – public – Native.
      Yep, yep, that’s exactly what it is



    • Total spin to justify $228 million of wasteful spending. Actually the $228 million will be mostly direct costs; indirect costs involving existing paid govt dept employees and managers, plus expenses, will be double that.

      Briefing documents made publicly available on Friday lay out what Auckland Light Rail Ltd was able to achieve in its 18 months or so of existence.

      [A] They achieved nothing.
      [B} The first part was supposed to be completed by 2021.
      [C] 18 Months is bullshit. it is 76 months since the 2017 election, and they pledged to immediately fast track light rail with Mount Roskill to be completed by 2021.

      [1] Matthew Scott is from another earth timeline, in which it is currently February 2019. A possible explanation, but highly unlikely.

      [2] He has been in a coma for 58 Months, and thinks it is February 2019. Nope, checked the interweb thingy and he has been writing articles over the last few years.

      [3] He has been in a coma for 58 Months, and thinks it is February 2019. However while in a coma, someone has been posting articles in his name (an alien from MIB?), spending his money, and turning up at work in a Matthew Scott suit (an alien from MIB?). Again, highly unlikely.

      [4] He is a shameless bullshit artist, saying it has been 18 months when it has been 76 months; And claiming the failed project as a success.

      [5] His statement that what they have done could be used in the future.

      NOPE. Any project manager in any engineering field will tell you that it is far more costly to:

      (a) Work off someone else’s stalled project notes.
      (b) Especially when the project failed.
      (c) Time changes everything, and any new project requires starting from new.
      (d) There is nothing to be learned from the project, except: don’t allow Labour to get back in, and keep labour’s mitts away from the cookie jar.

      What planet is this guy from?

      Labour’s/Ardern’s Light Rail committments/pledges.



  3. Sir Les Patterson, Australia’s cultural attaché to the Far East, told this story of how he bought a dog one Christmas to keep his wife company during his long trips abroad, as he says in his own words, “She gets lonely as buggery.”
    He then goes on to say that she called him up a while back and said, “Les, the dog won’t respond to my whistle any more”. Apparently she would whistle and the dog would come to her. He then says, “She whistled naturally as she had a loose denture and then she said the dog hasn’t moved, what should I do?”
    “Well”, he says, “Take the dog to the Vet or better still go along to the Chemist and get some of that cream that gets rid of unwanted hair, a depilatory cream. Obviously the dog has hair in it’s ears and can’t hear your whistling”
    She then said she went along to the Chemist but before she could say anything the Chemist said to her, “If your going to use it on your legs Lady Patterson, plenty of soap and water as it’s caustic. If it’s for under your arms lots more soap and water and if it’s for your face, wash it off almost immediately”
    She said, “Well it’s for my Schnauzer!”
    “In that case”, he said, “Don’t ride a bike for a fortnight”



  4. TonyB <-———— according to Ti Pati Maori TonyB is a ,
    White supremacist,
    Māori hater,
    History denier,
    Ti treaty denier,
    Waitangi Day hater,
    Ti Pati Māori also staunchly believes that the 3,500,000 Tau Iwi (other New Zealanders) are also like Tony ,every fcuking one of us, I’m outta here someone’s gotta pay for the coming Matariki absurdity circus.



  5. The brilliant Ivor Cummings

    PAY ATTENTION! Something very STRANGE is happening in Ireland, this is about get ugly Redacted

    In Ireland, farmers say that they are displaying solidarity with European farmers protesting over-regulation, bureaucracy and low incomes. Biochemical engineer and corporate complex problem solving expert Ivor Cummings joins us to discuss.



  6. Interesting piece from Mark Wauck linking the Serbian conflict of the early 1990s to what happening today.

    ” James Bissett—former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia during its breakup—reveals the true historical context and events that led to the Bosnian war in the 1990s.

    This will shock those only familiar with the false and deceptive mainstream narrative.

    “The people that started the war, the government that started the war, was the United States. There was a referendum in Bosnia about independence, and that was defeated. My neighbor, who was the US ambassador in Belgrade–he lived across the street from me–when an agreement was signed by all three religious groups [Serbian Orthodox, Muslim Bosniaks, Catholic Croats] that there would be peace in Bosnia and no declaration of independence without all three representatives being part of that, my neighbor, the US ambassador Warren Zimmerman, went to Sarajevo and convinced the Muslim leader, Izetbegovic, to declare unilateral independence. And that he did, of course, and that was what started the war, because the 39 or 40% of the Serbian population there refused to accept the idea of living under Muslim law or Sharia law by the Muslim leadership. So the story goes back in history, of course, because those Serbs had been subject of the Islamic Turkish [Ottoman] Empire for many centuries and had fought to free themselves from that. They did not want, in the middle of the twentieth century [and after being devastated in two world wars featuring the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Nazi Germany], to once again have to live under Muslim rule. And that meant war. And everybody in the Balkans knew that meant war, if the Muslims’ Declaration of Independence was declared. So who really started the war? ”


    If you want to read further, his piece today is about how the idiots in the US, UK and EU are planning outright war with Russia (as opposed to their proxy war via Ukraine)




    • Good notes Rosco

      Indeed the US us trying to foment war using Israel as the excuse.
      They want to start these wars because they see that President D J Trump can win in a Free and Fair election and is not one to waste resources on war.
      He is a bastard of a bloke that wont start wars so they need to kick some off before then.
      Zimmerman was another war mongering jew.
      ….Warren Zimmerman, a former U.S. ambassador who was honored for his support of Soviet Jewry, died Tuesday at 69. Zimmerman received the Natan Sharansky award from the UCSJ: Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union for supporting the right of Jews to emigrate from the Soviet Union….
      Like so many jews he used the Muslim- who are hot headed, not known for subtlety or analysis – to foment war.

      The whole Oct 7 shite- despite the blind jew huggers on here not seeing it ( who Tell us the MSM is wrong over Ukraine, but right over Hamas !!! ) – was a false flag to kick off wars before Biden is gone.
      Israel threatens Lebanon with war – what could go wrong?

      This has been the plan all along

      extract from wikipedia
      ….That was an agreement that would have made peace between three main ethnicities, Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats, living within the bounds of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the creation of a cantons system, such as exist in Switzerland…..
      ….Within days of meeting Zimmermann, Izetbegović withdrew his signature and renounced the peace plan he agreed to in Lisbon, suddenly declaring his opposition to any type of ethnic division of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within weeks a full blown war developed.



      • They pissed at getting kicked out of the Shtetl’s after murdering the Tsar. Stalin finished the job a few years later and they got really pissed. After the Iron Curtain broke in 1991, NATO as a Proxy has been warring towards Russia. Revenge.



        • And when the Iron Curtain broke 8 of the 9 Russian Oligarchs who stole the USSR assets (NZ version of Fay Richwhite at the time) were Jews.

          Hell of a representation considering jews low number in the word

          Abramovich is not a very Chinese sounding name !!



          • Howi, I happened to be at the Black Sea Shipping Co offices in Odessa on one of my many trips there towards the end of Perestroika in April 1990. At that time the Black Sea Shipping Company (BSSC) was the largest ship owner in the world. I was dealing with various Line Managers in the Bulk Shipping Division.

            Many of these Line Managers saw an opportunity to make a lot of money and become very wealthy themselves with the coming breakup of the Soviet Union. What these cretins were doing was transferring the Registration of say 4-6 vessels from Russian Registration to say Liberian, Vanuatu or BVI Registration and at the same time, ownership details changed in favour of the former Line Manager. Some were near new Bulkers, some only a few years old, all worth serious money. The transfer out of Soviet ownership in small numbers of vessels at a time (with so many vessels being owned by the BSSC) would and at the time, was not noticed. These vessels were either traded with the new owner (the former Line Manager) running the vessels with new staff or the vessels were sold and the former Line Manager becoming an instant multi millionaire and moving to some place in the sun. This did not only happen to Bulk Vessels but also with Passenger Liners and I even had an approach from a former BSSC Line Manager who wanted to bring a Passenger Vessel to Auckland he had stolen from the Black Sea Shipping Co, to use as a floating hotel for the 2000 America’s Cup.

            I can assure you, it was not just Russian Jews who made a fortune with the breakup of the Soviet Union, but many, many ordinary Russians that had an opportunity, stripped Russia of it’s wealth. I saw it with my own eyes.



            • Cool. Sea faring Commodities Traders sometimes seem like the pirates of the world, but they wear suits (Marc Rich, Glencore, Vitol). Nobody has heard of them as they are private companies. Plenty of dodginess to spread about, and not all Jewish. The long sought revenge against Russia has a special animus though, and the US-Jewish alliance plays a big part.



  7. I was out earlier getting a WOF for ” my run about bomb”. As usual I went around the corner for a coffee while I waited. I picked a copy of the Dom Post to read from the cafe table –the only time I read it. Looking at the letters to the Editor and I had it confirmed the lefties cannot think (only lefties would write letters to the Dom now !!).
    Exhibit one : a letter moaning about how infrastructure spending in Wellington looks like it go more to fixing pipes away from cycleways. “But we need to do both, all infrastructure is important”. The writer cannot workout that the water pipes are a mess because too much money has gone to vanity projects like cycleways.
    Exhibit two : Apparently the paper has done series on lobbyists and donors to political parties. It seems they concentrated on the USA and the Republicans (probably cut and paste articles from the NYT and WP). The writer suggested that they do a series related to NZ. Who pays for the Tax Payers Union? Who pays for the NZ Initiative etc. ? Completely ignoring the questions of –how much do the Unions give to the Labour Party ? Who has been paying the MSM in the last 6 years (including the paper she is reading)



  8. https://www.1news.co.nz/2024/02/07/act-launches-treaty-principles-bill-information-campaign/
    The ACT Party has launched an “information campaign” in support of its contentious Treaty Principles Bill — pledging to “restore” the meaning of the Treaty to “what was actually written and signed in 1840”.

    At Waitangi, Seymour was met with protest, with activist and former MP Hone Harawira among those taking aim at the bill during speeches by saying “you and your shitty-ass bill are going down the toilet”.

    “On Monday at Waitangi, the ACT caucus stood up to defend a basic value: that every child growing up in New Zealand deserves the same respect and dignity, including equality before the law,” Seymour said in a statement, launching the campaign today.

    “And it’s a principle that has the backing of our nation’s founding document, with Article Three of Te Tiriti promising the same rights and duties for all New Zealanders.”

    Seymour said: “Our belief in unity and equal rights underpins the Treaty Principles Bill. This law will unwind the divisive modern ‘partnership’ interpretation of the Treaty and restore its meaning to what was actually written and signed in 1840.”

    He said the opposition had claimed they wanted to re-write or abolish the treaty. “This is false”

    “Te Tiriti is a taonga that promised equal rights for all. By restoring the mana of original text, the courts and bureaucracy will no longer be able to twist our founding document to justify divisive co-governance, special government positions, and separate public services.”



    • From an email received from ACT this morning:

      …….”Time and time again, the opposition have claimed we are trying to re-write, or even abolish, the Treaty. This is false, but it is clear we cannot rely on the media to correct the disinformation.

      That’s why we’ve set up an information hub at treaty.nz * for New Zealanders to get the facts.

      In short, the Bill defines the Treaty principles – which New Zealanders have never had a say on – to align with the three Articles of Te Tiriti. This means the courts and bureaucracy can no longer twist the Treaty to justify divisive co-governance, special positions, and separate public services.”……….

      * https://www.treaty.nz/?

      Spread the word. Share the link. Help beat the lying social engineers of the MSM.



    • “Maori have failed Maori” Of course they have. With all the things only Maori can access,(the list is too long to put here) we would expect some improvement over the years. But no, they are worse off now than 7 years ago.



    • Ross@1408

      As an adjunct to Mr Tamaki’s comments, such ‘stirring’ is not new, and over a decade ago I had the misfortune to attend a university lecture (No names) given by a very senior faculty member (Again, no names) who was from a tribe that prides itself on being very well educated.

      His opening words (Said with all sincerity and to a class that was 98% European with only a few Maori and Asian in attendance) were; ‘Every morning when I wake up I vow to myself to continue the WAR against the white colonisers who have taken our land and I will continue to do so until I take my last breath’.

      No-one contested the statement! We were simply too stunned and he was, after all a ‘senior’ professor and worthy of respect.

      I subsequently spoke to a relative of this same individual who declared ‘Him? Oh don’t worry about him; he’ all noise and no action ; just ignore him’, which was all very well, but when last I checked the individual I mentioned was still holding a tenure at the self-same uni.

      (As a side-note BTW, he didn’t give any indication that he is aware of his hypocrisy in railing against the hand that was literally feeding him and giving him life he would never otherwise have).

      On the basis of this, it’s no wonder that the ‘disaffected youth’ are acting as they are; their ‘elders’ actively encourage it



  9. Lucrative government funding stream cut.

    Govt to axe funding for pre-sentence cultural reports

    Justice Minister Paul Goldsmith said today: “As part of National and ACT’s coalition agreement, the Government will introduce a bill during the next parliamentary session to amend the Legal Services Act 2011 to exclude Section 27 from the legal aid scheme.”

    He said: “In recent years, the development of Section 27 reports has turned into a cottage industry costing taxpayers millions and doing nothing for the victims of crime.

    “$40,000 was spent on Section 27 reports in 2017. In the last financial year, this had increased to more than $7 million. If National hadn’t raised this issue costs would have kept on growing. These reports have also led to further discounts at sentencing.



    • Cams will become a has-been queen

      the blokes don’t last long in the SAXE-COBURG AND GOTHA line
      4 of them burnt through in 50 years before QE2 did a 70 year stint.

      Wee charlotte might poison George’s chocolate milk to knock him of and get the girls back on top.
      Or introduce him to an American divorcee. That works.

      Sausage hands Chuckie wont be about in ten years.
      Camilla can go and ride horses.



  10. Well the Sagster is on holiday for a few days. Flew into Queenstown. Bloody hell, the traffic is worse than Auckland! Couldn’t get out of the place fast enough. The other stunning observation was one of the AirNZ hostesses on the flight. Her arse was so big it touched the seats on both sides of aisle. You could not get past. I shit you not. I was in an exit row right by the emergency door. There is no way she would’ve fitted out the hole in an emergency. She would’ve plugged it. How is that in any way OK?

    On a more positive note, hung out on the shores of Wanaka for a while and even braved a swim near Glendhu Bay. Man it’s beautiful down here!!!



        • You have my sympathy in any case Saggy. I absolutely loathe planes though it’s not so much flying that worries me. Rather it’s the possibility of stopping flight suddenly that scares me shitless.

          Hence many years ago when the boss rang me up when he was on holiday in the SI to inform me that he’d bought a newish truck in Christchurch & to get my arse down to Wellington Airport the next morning where there was a ticket waiting for me to fly down & pick up the new acquisition I wasn’t exactly rapt.

          It got worse. This was in the days of NAC when it was run like a government department. Air hostessing was a job for life & neither breadth, weight nor age were disqualifications for a life of flying the friendly skies.

          With the luck that tends to follow Nasska I ended up in an aisle seat. The seat opposite was taken by a naive & gangling halfwit who was the object of the affections of Two Ton Tess who was in charge of handing out the barley sugars that morning. For thirty long & dreadful minutes I had her half wiped arse jammed in my face as she arranged her sex life for that evening.

          Never again. If anything involves Av Gas or Jet Fuel it’s not worth doing.



    • how long ya down south for sagz?

      and yeah the qtown traffic is horrendous, avoid it at all costs! hope you didnt get stuck behind a road maggot going over the crown range aswell, thats excrutiatingly painful and almost makes one lose the will to live.



  11. Leah Panapa

    Watching Waitangi ‘Celebrations’ -so much airtime given to those who are deliberately scaremongering & misleading the public. Those that don’t want NZ’s to have a debate nor do they want public scrutiny of the vast array of race-based privileges that have already been established.

    Viona Crowley

    What privileges Leah?


    For a start AKL medical school advises that of the 287 places on offer 40% are reserved for Maori & PI students – While A grade levels are necessary for ‘general entry’, C grades are acceptable for Māori & PI students . All for Māori Dr’s but not just because of their ethnicity.





    Post written by
    Deborah Cunliffe

    Data collected during the study indicated that 34% of respondents indicated suicidal ideation consistent with severe psychosocial harm. The loss of employment, income and isolation from colleagues previously considered friends being significant drivers.

    The results of this study suggest considerable harm was experienced by healthcare staff who chose not to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The economic and psychosocial consequences for these principled individuals are by no means trivial or even reasonable when compared to the relatively low threat now posed by the significantly mutated SARS-CoV-2 virus.




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