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  1. An interesting night – smoke alarm started chirping in the corner up on our high ceiling – the one that requires the big ladder that is stored out in the shed.
    Some thing that will be taken care of a bit later on after the wife who didn’t appear to mind/hear it gets up.



  2. Has anyone else received the petition to stop dear leader from working with the UN this morning in my mail box this morning? I thought I would ask as I have no idea who sent it to me incase it is some scam? Thanks in anticipation of an answer. Sorry its New Nation, not heard of them before, but it is to head to the UN about the Christchurch call shit.



  3. I saw some of the Efeso Collins funeral on the late news last night. It was the biggest bunch of blatantly racist chip on the shoulder colonists blaming clack bunts I’ve seen assembled in one place in a long time. Not one of them had anything nice to say and only appeared to be there to make political statements. The Greens really showed their true colours yesterday and they aren’t pretty.



  4. Demand for Kura Reo and te reo Māori on the whole is growing around Aotearoa and many non-Māori are lending their voices to the revitalisation of te reo.

    But new learners are being cautioned to understand the privilege they are being given alongside Māori reclaiming their own identity.

    Theatre and film actor/director Jennifer Ward-Lealand heard about Kura Reo while taking night classes, which she said in no way prepared her for a full immersion environment.

    “I was certainly not ready for that experience, I don’t know what I was thinking that I was possibly able to cope in that. However, I did it, and after about three days I think I was laughing and crying at the same time.”

    At a Kura Reo you don’t just pick up the language but also the tikanga of being on a marae from taking part in the powhiri, karakia and mihi, she said.

    “You see that te reo and tikanga go hand in hand, kei te hoa haere ngā mea e rua.”

    Ward-Lealand said Kura Reo was incredibly valuable to someone on a reo journey, and can motivate people to improve but they also provide the luxury of time spent in a reo-only environment.


    now study that you white colonialist persons. .
    you really must get your shit together. apparently its the thing to do. Not unlike the catholic preprogemming.

    Then when you have absorbed the reality got to Ed other page and get some ranting lessons.

    What a lot of bullshit.
    But it must be right because it comes from someone who knows all these things.
    Theatre and film actor/director Jennifer Ward-Lealand

    One would have to say perhaps her world view previously was piss poor as most of these entitled actors seem to have a weird view.




    Remove Jacinda Ardern as special envoy to the United Nations representing NZ on the “Christchurch Call” committee.


    Jacinda Ardern appointed Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call

    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has appointed Jacinda Ardern as Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call.

    The newly created position will represent New Zealand’s continued commitment to push for greater protection online from terrorist and violent extremist content. The Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call will report directly to the Prime Minister.

    Jacinda Ardern has declined to receive any remuneration as Special Envoy, and will commence her role on 17 April 2023. but she has been given $500,000 pa for “expenses”

    “The Christchurch Call is a foreign policy priority for the Government and Jacinda Ardern is uniquely placed to keep pushing forward with the goal of eliminating violent extremist content online,” Chris Hipkins said.

    January 23, 2024,

    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has met with former political rival Dame Jacinda Ardern to discuss her rare special envoy role with the Christchurch Call.



    SIGN OUR PETITION NOW https://newnationpartynz.nationbuilder.com/sign_our_petition_remove_jacinda_ardern_as_special_envoy_to_un?utm_campaign=ardern_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newnationpartynz
    Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Website


    Our IT upgrade continues to develop but we need your help to complete it to the standard we want to achieve.




    Guy is currently planning a Nationwide roadshow for the middle part of this year. Meet and greet in small venues visiting as many towns and cities as possible.

    To undertake this we need funding. Since the beginning of 2021 we have been largely self funded through the generosity of our Party President, Michael Jacomb, however with the changes we have made to the party this year we now have to find additional private funding and donations to expand our reach and fund this roadshow.

    DONATE HERE : EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS. https://newnationpartynz.nationbuilder.com/donate?utm_campaign=ardern_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newnationpartynz

    Rant time for all you that make a noise. Make a donation and sign.

    Just passing on the message.



  6. The famous wrestler, Ivan Terribollixovski arrived in Dublin. Famous for his deadly, escape proof, ‘crab knot’ hold that crippled opponents wordwide. His promoter put up 50 thousand pounds to anyone who could beat him.

    A group of Irish lads, full of guinness ,grabbed the biggest in their bunch, Big Pat, and before he could object, they shoved him forward to challenge. With all the press there he was too embarrassed to back down.

    Only 5 minutes into the fight Big Pat is caught in the deadly ‘crab knot’ and is slowly passing out. SUDDENLY there’s a mighty bellow from the ring – the big Russian is flung 10 yards out into the stands and is knocked unconcious !

    The reporters run over to question Pat:

    Reporter :’So how on earth did you do that ?’

    Pat:’ Well sir, there was a leg here & a leg there, an arm here an’ an arm there, an’ I was slippin’ away when ,I see a pair of testicles danglin’ in front of me – So I bit down on ’em as hard as I could’

    Rep: Good Grief ! – You bit his testicles ??

    Pat:’-No sir, but I’ll tell you it’s amazing the sudden dint of strength you get when you bite YOUR OWN balls.



  7. Two mothers are having a conversation about their children
    one day.

    “How do you get your Marvin up so early on school mornings?”
    asks Joan.

    “Oh, that’s easy,” replies Marianne. “I just throw the cat
    on his bed.”

    “Why does that wake him up?”

    “He sleeps with the dog!”



  8. What earthquakes & wind have failed to accomplish may be fulfilled by National & their drive to force economies onto spendthrift government departments. A read of https://www.stuff.co.nz/politics/350184328/welcome-wellington-where-water-and-optimism-are-both-hard-find leaves one with the impression that all is not well in the city of civil servants & leaky pipes.

    Few people outside of Wellington possess the unworldliness & entitlement of your normal departmental seat warmer. Instance:

    …….”A Ministry of Social Development worker told Stuff they were now forced to go and buy coffees because their work has taken away plunger coffee “as part of the cuts”. Now there’s just a can of instant coffee in the staff lunchroom “which is depressing”.”…….

    Yet there’s hope. The same bludger had contingency plans:

    ……”That staffer sees writing on the wall, and is looking to move to either Melbourne or Sydney, in Australia.”…….

    Australia may send back our 501s but revenge will be sweet.



  9. So Wellington City Council which is so “financially robust” /// it has turned down the offer from Sir Mark Dunajtschik to take over the Reading Cinema deal (because he thinks Wellington rate payers would not get a good deal). Saggy said Tory Whanau was a moron yesterday –a much stronger word is needed to describe her after this.



    • No Barry, it proved that we don’t have a democracy and that every one of those scumbag politicians that signed that pact are traitors to New Zealand and the last place they should be is in that building pretending that we do have a democracy and that they represent “we the people”.



        • ah yes i shouldve voted for matt king so his dumbarse party couldve got to the dizxying hieghts of 0.22%.
          now the old curtain cleaning guy will have is ptsd triggered, hes only just stopped whinging and accepted reality that his guy sucked bigly.

          btw why is that barry retard grasping at straws? it was well known anyways, the desperate chap is trying to stay relevant and keep supporters before he gets jailed for stealing and distrubiting personal medical records.



        • … Should have voted for Matt King…

          why HP?

          T’would not have made any difference.
          King has thrown in the towel.

          The margin by which the new MP won back Northland in Oct 2023 was the same as the total vote for DemNZ. About 6000 and a bit.
          A party that was wrecked 2 months before the election and is now defunct.

          If King had stood for notional in 2023 he would have some influence.
          But now he has ZERO.

          Roger Whittaker – I Don’t Believe In If Anymore
          No you won’t believe in If anymore
          It’s an illusion
          It’s an illusion
          No you won’t believe in If anymore
          If is for children
          If is for children
          Building daydreams



        • the answer is easy.
          1. look at what you got.
          2. If you and SB had your way we would not be given a choice about anything so would be stuck with your stinking choice which was to reinstate the same arseholes we have had for years.
          Not much progress in that.



        • I did not down tick, but if you listened to that 47 sec clip, then you would have heard & figured that Winston Peters was talking in February 2024 !

          … Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand admits today at parliament to a ‘pact’ where not a single MP would talk to the people of New Zealand about Covid mandates.
          Breaking fundamental principles of our democracy.
          Please listen carefully.

          47 secs
          If one bothers to listen.

          And “yes” WP was not in Parliament initially trying to keep what vacc support he could from 2020 -21 then flipped in 2022, to build on that for the 2023 election.

          Winston Peters : @winstonpeters
          Kiwis want their freedom back.
          We’ve been let down by this govt’s lethargy and a minority who refuse to get vaccinated.
          People need certainty and a plan – not uncertainty and spin.
          Start with ‘no-jab means no dole and no parole’.
          We’ve had enough of the hand-wringing.
          3:36 PM · Oct 4, 2021


          WP was thrashing around, trying not lose what support he had, until he found in 2022 a better horse.

          But it all softened & changed, to harness that 5+% when the anti mandate Wellington Protest in February 2022 gave him a leg up on the system, that he himself was systemically a part of.

          I give some credit to the ol’warhorse, that at least he has stuck to some points, between his nap-offs, but how far can you throw him?

          While previously signing NZ sovereignty over in the UN Global Migration Pact.



          • Thanks S1
            And when you start a tweet it is no sound but it has started
            Therefore I missed the first 7 or so secs of sound
            Was not important enough to me to replay

            The cheap looking setting and basic sound system seemed like it was from 2 years ago and Winston looks the same in his suits for 20 years.

            Looked a bit basic for the Deputy PM of NZ
            Grunter would have have 4 kapa haka groups there chanting in the raro

            Appreciate your answer

            you are not a bell end 🙂
            The old coot -physically…. but not mentally… in Tauranga- on the other hand…….



  10. Clothed in tyrannical self-righteousness, techno-censorship is powered by technological behemoths (both corporate and governmental) working in tandem to achieve a common goal: to muzzle, silence and altogether eradicate any speech that runs afoul of the government’s own approved narrative.
    Ultimately, the government’s war on free speech—and that’s exactly what it is—is a war that is driven by a government fearful of its people.




  11. The US is a police state

    Jan. 6 Journalist Facing an FBI ARREST Reveals Who’s Calling the Shots

    Glenn Beck

    The FBI has ordered investigative journalist and Blaze Media correspondent Steve Baker to turn himself in, but he believes the full story is even more corrupt than it sounds. Baker is facing misdemeanor charges connected to his reporting at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. But he still hasn’t been told what the charges are. Steve joins Glenn to lay out how he’ll respond. For starters, the FBI told him to show up in shorts and flip flops so he can be marched out in front of the judge in an orange jumpsuit and leg chains



  12. This is what CCC regards as wastage
    Cameras are being installed at one of Christchurch’s most notorious sites for fly tipping streets

    The City Council has decided to stop collecting illegal rubbish being dumped on Hornby’s Roberts Road, due to the excessive amount of rubbish left recently.

    Close to a tonne has been removed in the last week alone.
    Last year more than two-thousand dollars was spent across 58 pick up jobs
    Say what
    They consider $2000 on rubbish collection a waste but will blow millions on salaries for PR wankers, millions on road cones to obstruct traffic, millions on internal politicking, millions in payoffs to successive failed CEOs, ……….


    The current mayor (a dismal disappointment ) previously dug a drainage ditch to relieve flooding became council would not do core activity , but endorses this misdirect.

    Pretty much all councils need to be tipped over.
    Unfortunately an army of Anne Fkg Tolleys is not the answer.



  13. The senior Newshub guys & ladies are going to look an employee backed alternative to the total closure. Good on them for having a go but if they had not been reading the signs of the bad financial situation in the last few years I doubt they will come up with something viable. At the very least they will have to face the real world, learn how things work and see it ain’t that easy.



  14. “What’s striking about Covid is that every step was designed to inflict maximum harm:
    • Splicing HIV into a coronavirus (who even comes up with an idea that sinister!?).
    • Blocking access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.
    • Removing NAC from the shelves.
    • No early treatment.
    • Respirators that kill 90% of patients.
    • Seeding nursing homes with Covid+ patients.
    • Blanket “Do Not Resuscitate” orders for the disabled.
    • “15 days to flatten the curve” that slowed the rate of natural immunity.
    • Closing schools for two years.
    • Masks that reduce oxygen.
    • Shutting down gyms to reduce exercise.
    • Keeping liquor stores open while closing the churches that host AA meetings.
    • Closing hiking trails, beaches, and parks thus preventing people from getting vitamin D.
    • Remdesivir and Paxlovid that are expensive, useless, and deadly.
    • The most toxic and deadly vaccines in history on a new platform that will never work.
    • Billions of dollars spent on propaganda to convince people to accept every step of this nefarious plan.
    • Firings, censorship, and blacklisting of critical thinkers.
    Actual science was always ignored. Every action by government for four years degraded the health of the public. Covid is a world war, launched by the ruling class, against humanity.”
    Dr Toby Rogers




    This was posted on Youtube this morning and although intended for Australian viewers, has certain content which sounds very, very familiar, to the extent that one wonders if Albo was ‘tutored’ by dl; The similarities are certainly there…





  16. Big Heart Appeal highlights rising heart issues in younger generation

    As heart attacks, heart failure and heart disease continue to rise, especially among our younger population, there has never been a better time to donate towards life-saving heart research and overseas training for New Zealand cardiologists, funded by the Heart Foundation.

    “Heart disease claims the life of one New Zealander every 90 minutes, so it’s vital that we invest in life-saving heart research to help keep families together for longer,” says Dr Gerry Devlin, Medical Director at the Heart Foundation.

    Globally, we are seeing early deaths from heart disease hitting their highest levels.

    Cases of heart attacks, heart failure and strokes among the under-75s had been declining since the 1960s, due to better prevention and management. But now we’re starting to see a reversal of six decades of progress.




    • Moved out of that horrible state 30 years ago. Even back then the state was going down the gurgler.

      The wife and I owned a small printing business. The state of California changed the rules of how you could legally dispose of chemicals used for printing. They auctioned off the rights to print the new rules to the highest bidder and you had to pay the monopoly winner a ridiculous amount of money to find out how to comply with the new law.

      That was the last straw for us.



  17. Aah! The rich rewards diversity brings to our society. From https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/ram-raiding-hamilton-teen-given-last-chance-after-causing-1000s-in-damage/72VRDJPTQRHBTE2OINIMLM6STI/

    …….”After fleeing a war-torn Afghanistan with his mother and siblings, a 19-year-old ended up in Hamilton where he got swept up in ram-raid crime that has swept through the Waikato.”…….

    …….”Overnight during Anzac weekend last year, Shafiq and other associates caused tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to two businesses and also stole several vehicles to use in the ram raids.”…….

    The one thing NZ is not short of is criminal teenage scrotes. The logic behind the desperate need we seem to have to import more escapes me.



  18. Obama’s CIA Asked Foreign Intel Agencies To Spy On Trump Campaign


    *This country is a member of Five Eyes, and both John Key and Jacinda Ardern are guilty, on top of other crimes, of illegally spying on Trump for Hilary and the Democrat Party while he was a candidate and after he had become President. (This from out of the Operation Storm deep dive I gave to Waikatogirl earlier)



  19. Senator Gerard Rennick via Telegram.

    The wheels are coming off now.

    “Queensland Health’s Director General has written to all hospital and health services in the state to confirm there is no directive to stop the re-employment of employees who refused the Covid-19 vaccine.

    The move comes after The Courier-Mail was leaked an email sent to a nurse with 15 years experience telling her that her application for a job would not be processed and staff had received instructions that they were unable to employ any staff who were officially terminated.”

    The government lies are being exposed thick and fast now aren’t they. I can vouch for more stories like these whereby the Queensland Health Department has refused to employ people on the grounds they didn’t follow an order.

    Just more evidence to prove that mandates were always about controlling you rather than keeping you safe.




    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caning_in_Singapore

      …A male offender between the ages of 18 and 50 who has been certified to be in a fit state of health by a medical officer is liable to be caned….
      Nah, anyone in the Sue-lie chain needs this punishment.
      Medical, private, central +local goomint; contractors, consultants, anyone who received Queens honours from this- incl pink hair, Blofeld,

      Male or female from 18 years of age up.
      If they are old enough to make these erroneous decisions; and were paid to do so, they must pay reparations AND get the rattan
      Plus deduction of 25% of gross salary/income (as determined by IRD as income ) for a period of three years to be paid over to the victims of mandates.
      A rattan cane, no more than 12.7 mm (0.5 inches) in diameter and about 1.2 m (3.9 feet) in length, is used for judicial and prison canings
      Let the caning begin.



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