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  1. There must be a tyrant running the login procedure,it keeps telling me my phone log in information is incorrect despite having used it for years ,I’m not gonna carry this IPad around with me all day that’s for sure.



  2. Hellllllooooooo…….

    Wherever you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Have a great dayyyyyyyyyy


    (There seems to be a bit of an echo in here at the moment).

    Good morning Rev – you beat me by three minutes.



  3. ‘All the local current affairs shows we’re set to lose in 2024’

    Apologies if what follows has appeared here before (And the risk of ruining everyone’s breakfast), but this little ‘Bleat’ appeared on my FB page this morning.

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind…




  4. Komata, only the leftists will be crying into their soup as no clear thinking conservative/ right leaning NZr would have been watching any of that one sided bullshit anyway, good riddance to all the lying scum who are being shown the door.



  5. Guest at Ardern’s wedding to Fishboy. Alistair Carruthers.

    “Celebrity chef Peter Gordon and his partner Alistair Carruthers have also arrived at the venue in a taxi.”


    Chairman of TVNZ: Alistair Carruthers.


    Chairman NZ Film Commission. Alistair Carruthers.


    Now I know it is old news but the forthcoming film on the very ugly Dictator and Liar, NZ’s former highest paid Solo Mother, Ardern, gets a grant of $800,000 of your money from the NZ Film Commission and just by coincidence, the one factor in this is one Dung Puncher, Alistair Carruthers, Chairman of TVNZ, Chairman of the NZ Film Commission and Guest at Cindy’s own Wedding. And people think I am into Conspiracy Theory’s. Righto!



    • they cant get tens of thousands of students to attend school here to start with, they revieve zero sort of any curriculum so 8-9k getting homeschooled by mostly parents that care should be the least of their worries…
      mind you, our kids cant get te reo, climate, rainbow comminist indoctrinated if we dont follow mainstream schooling.

      i see 2k homeschool kids have returned to mainstream schools, im guessing cost of living has forced both parents into work?



      • Two boys from the state house along from a couple of neighbours have now left school one is 14 and one 15, mother in jail for producing p, father works at roading making the people stop their cars and go on demand with the stop/go signs. Evidently the house stinks of the p manufacture and it certainly has affected those kids. She was in jail previously for robbing a bank with menace. So why would they bother with homeschool kids, when most native children never attend anyway.



        • ……”So why would they bother with homeschool kids, when most native children never attend anyway.”…….

          Because as IAASB suggests in a previous comment these home schooled kids are probably not having the required dosage of Te Reo, climate crap, commie & diversity training rammed down their throats.

          They may end up literate & numerate but comfortable in their whiteness & unversed in Kapa haka.

          In our brave new world that ranks with treason as a crime against groupthink.



      • exactly sags, 4% + 5k backpay is better then zero.
        pigs are always greedy so its in their nature to neverbe satisfied and always want more.
        if police were a private business or their pay was performance based then theyd be having paycuts and layoffs.

        id have no worries them getting a decent pay rise but the past 4-6yrs performance and soft on crime bullshit has really shit on that idea. tell ya what piggies how about pull your heads in, slam gangs and young thugs for 12mnths then report back, EARN it you pieces of shit dont just expect it cuz its taxpayer money!!!



    • Te Warriors have to be the saddest bunch of overpaid sports critters in our country.

      In 30 years of mostly ‘never there’ , an occasional ‘almost there ‘ performance.

      Excellent coaches that perform well elsewhere cant get anything done with these hobos

      Ivan Cleary.
      .. a former head coach of the Wests Tigers and New Zealand Warriors, as well as the three time NRL Premiership winning head coach of the Penrith Panthers, who led the Panthers to three straight premierships in 2021, 2022 and 2023, becoming the first coach to do so in the NRL era.

      3 consecutive Premierships but with te Warriors, nada
      He did take them to the Grand Final in 2011 as coach -which they blew.
      He was there as a player in 2002 which was the only other Grand Final appearance.

      The Warriors are wet woke and weak.
      I think they need to change their name from Warriors.
      They are not.
      Maybe the ‘Fancy Nancy’s would be better.
      or, Checkbook Chumps.

      Whining and bitching in 2021 when the club got them domiciled in Australia in convid times, so they could earn their overpaid salaries; a lot still moaned about it being unfair.
      boo hoo.



  6. From https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13157419/The-North-Face-woke-clothes-Gen-Z-racial-inclusion-course.html

    ……”Fans of outdoor clothing brand The North Face can get a voucher for more than 20% off at the retailer – but only if they can pass a woke ‘racial inclusion’ course.”…….

    …….”Later modules include topics such as ‘white privilege’ while one asks: ‘How many people of colour do you see on the slopes, on the hills or on the trails?'”…….

    Which would make for interesting conversations with the thousands upon thousands of bros carrying wild pigs out of the bush every day of the week.

    Except that they won’t be wearing poofy, over-priced ski jackets.



    • “Another segment argues that ‘privilege can give us access to the outdoors’, The Sun reports. “

      One minute they’re moaning they have no roof over their heads, nek minnit they want access to the outdoors. Sheesh.



  7. Headline in Stuff over the major airline incident involving the plane coming from Sydney to Auckland — ” blood on the ceiling after passengers jolted” . The reporter needs to look up a dictionary for the meaning of “jolt”. It was a hell of a lot more than a jolt.

    I’ve been in a plane that hit turbulence like that —fortunately our plane was preparing for lowering altitude before going into land at a Chinese airport, so we all had our seatbelts on. But the poor airhostesses were walking down the aisle to check everyone was strapped in. They all got smashed against the ceiling of the cabin. Fortunately they were not hurt.

    Reports say a few passengers on the Syd/Akl flight were taken to hospital so it must have been a massive “airpocket” and fall of the plane.

    Lets hope everyone os OK in the end.



    • lets hope that ACC is not paying out for this.
      Outside NZ territory.
      Mostly – I guess – foreign citizens.
      let the foreign airline pay.

      Reminds me. The MH370 that no bastard in authority seems to know about.
      London can track every car and its movements, every face in a crowd but they dont know where are big airliner with over 200 people is and nobody cared for hours ????

      Anyhow, despite them no knowing a damn thing, the Australian taxpayer forked out over $130million dollars in searching – last number I heard, – despite if being Malaysian , and flying from Malaysia to China and they dont even know where the fucker is – so we are told.



        • Yes, well you want to avoid Argentine flights.
          Argentina’s junta is widely considered the most deadly of the military dictatorships that ruled much of Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s. It detained, tortured and killed people suspected of opposing the regime. Human rights groups estimate 30,000 were slain, many of whom disappeared without a trace.

          Some of them vanished aboard the “death flights.”

          During an extensive 2012-2017 trial, survivors testified that the flights took place at least weekly.
          According to witnesses, prisoners often were told that they were being released and sometimes were forced to dance to loud music in celebration.
          Then they received a supposed vaccination that was in fact a strong sedative.
          As the drug took effect, they were hooded, bound and loaded aboard a plane.

          So the Argentine solution,
          injured, we’ll chuck you overboard at 30,000 feet.
          No-one can hear you scream.

          This Argentine junta 1977-1983 was fully supported by the USA – now the most brutal, murderous regime in history – , surprise, surprise .they even told Britain not to go to war with Argentina .
          Maggie said ‘sod off, John’ I have an election to win.



      • I cannot see how a lose of control would result in a sudden very large drop in altitude. Yes, it might “glide” down but for the passengers to be lifted out of their seats like that it would have to be a very quick movement down.



    • Those technical problems, the bugs of ice? ? perhaps this time a mini repeat of an Air France loss of plane over the Atlantic.

      …. the data implied that the plane had fallen afoul of a technical problem—the icing up of air-speed sensors— …..
      ….. its speed sensors became iced over, and the autopilot disengaged.
      In the ensuing confusion, the pilots lost control of the airplane because they reacted incorrectly ….
      when trouble suddenly springs up and the computer decides that it can no longer cope —on a dark night, perhaps, in turbulence, far from land—the humans might find themselves with a very incomplete notion of what’s going on.
      They’ll wonder: What instruments are reliable, and which can’t be trusted?
      What’s the most pressing threat?
      What’s going on?
      Unfortunately, the vast majority of pilots will have little experience in finding the answers.

      One does have to keep scrolling down to get the full story.
      So perhaps those pilots had learned something from that 2009 crash & the subsequent findings.



  8. Two vampire bats are sitting in a cave. They haven’t seen an animal for ages and are desperate for some blood to drink. Finally one turns to the other and says “right. I’m going to fly out and search high and low until I find something to drink.” With that he sets off into the night. About an hour later be returns with his face just covered in blood. There’s so much it’s dripping off him.

    “What did you find? Tell me what you found!” Shouts the other bat excitedly.

    “Well,” says the first “Do you see that house over in the distance?”

    “Yes!” Cries the second.

    “And beyond that can you see that lake?”

    “I can, I can!”

    “And the other side of that do you see the church with its high steeple?”

    “I see it, I see it!” Shrieked the second bat.

    “Well I didn’t”



  9. A touching love story…

    Wife; What would you do if I die? Will you marry again?

    Husband: No…how can I think of marrying?

    Wife: Why not? You would need company…for good and bad moments….please get married.

    Husband:…Oh baby..you are so sweet….even after death you’re worrying about me…

    Wife: so promise me, you will remarry if I die…

    Husband: Ok, ok, i’d get married again…just for you

    Wife: Would you live in our house with your new wife…?

    Husband: Yes, but I will never let her use your room.

    Wife: Would you let her drive my car ?

    Husband: no… its yours…I will keep it as your memory…and buy new one..

    Wife: Would you give her my jewellery?

    Husband: No..how can I?
    It has your memories attached
    I am sure she would want her own.

    Wife: Would she wear my shoes..?

    Husband: No, never, her size is ‘7’, and yours is ‘9’.


    Husband: ‘oh fuck’…

    And none of them lived happily ever after.



    • Why we need media. !!!

      That garbled rubbish, 18 hours after the incident is rubbish.
      Stupid repeaters repeating garbage from people who were babbling rubbish after a shock.
      “Jokat was wearing his seatbelt and was not injured.
      “I never ever strap in, which I will always do now, and I just fell asleep when I first got on the plane and I left it on and the next thing I knew, I was awoken by this massive jolt and the gentleman sitting next to me was on the roof of the plane.”
      So, he NEVER straps in, but was in fact strapped in. More garbage, He thought he was going to die but was asleep so how can this be..??

      A babbling brook of word soup.🤮

      Please, please people, for the love of God and Nasska’s favourite deity, please donate to the media today so they can employ someone who speaks Engrish.
      It is driving Bob Jones to an early grave. He is only 84. He can have 2 or 3 more kids if his life is not shortened.

      Stop giving money to Ethiopia. They only breed and breed anyway, and remain hungry.
      The bastards gave us Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the WHO so we don’t want them breeding more of his kind.

      Please phone the ODT right now, and give them your credit card details.
      We must rid our world of babbling brooks and illiterate scribblers.
      This is a literary crisis more important than the climate crisis.
      It is true, It came from the podium of truth.
      This is the word of the Dame.



    • Beorn, Seems like the folks who work at Boeing are employess of the highest calibre. Not.

      An Al Jazeera reporter armed himself with a hidden camera and visited a Boeing plant in South Carolina. I visited the department where “B-787 dreamliners” are assembled.

      The journalist asked the employees whether they were ready to fly on the planes they were assembling themselves? Of the 15 respondents, 10 said they were not ready. In the same material, plant workers said that management turns a blind eye to 90% of production problems.

      Many employees are addicted to drugs and no one cares. In general, have a nice flight.




    • Thanks Bn
      Just from what I can glean from a mix, from that paywalled article.
      The former Government looked at ways of measuring and publishing the cost of climate change. Photo / RNZ
      There’s no getting around it, this is a story about accounting.
      But sometimes what is being accounted for is so interesting and the numbers involved so large that it breaks out of accounting’s soporific cage.
      If that were to happen, the cost of mitigations would be between $18.3b and $23.7b.
      New Zealand could still afford such a sum, but it would be costly – and if it eventuated, it would come at a very real cost to the Crown, which would have to be met by raising taxes, cutting services, or borrowing.

      It would seem that Luxon & crew accept this liability and will place it in various costly consequential forms on the New Zealand citizens.



        • …He is politely saying Luxon better up his game or the knives will be sharpened….

          Not really
          Slater has not been in politics, is effectively unemployed, an invalid, is an unwell man in his 50s whose claim to all this knowledge was that his father was president of the Notional party for 2 or 3 years, mostly in the last century.
          He is political poison to Notional (support W Peters) just as Michelle Boag is now; the person who replaced his father as Prez, and whom C Slater railed against for years.
          They are both outsiders now.

          PMs protect themselves with people who act as non threatening barriers.
          H Clark had the nasty M Cullen who would not threaten, Keys had the non threatening Blinglish, who, when he became PM demonstrated why he should never be PM.

          luxflakes has the wet woke and weak willis and bishop as No 2 and 3.
          This is a protective barrier.
          Reti at No 4 would never challenge.
          Simeon Brown too busy and too young to be accepted.
          Goldsmith is unacceptable.

          They just don’t have a very appealing set of options.
          Matt Doocey is part of the St Bedes catholic cabal who was in some dubious psycho roles previously.

          Notional are there because they are Not Liebour;
          not because of any inherent attributes.
          The low support as a party – under 40%
          and low appeal of luxflakes clarify this.

          People tolerate them rather than embrace.
          Maybe Stanford or Bayly in 5 years.
          But a week is a long time in politics.



  10. Oppenheimer cleans up at Oscars?

    A movie critiquing the Jewish atomic bomb. Directed by a Christian. A Catholic no less. Has Hollow-wood swallowed its pride? One suspects the God of Copybook is having his say.



  11. a mates kid got a hiding at school last week by a “darker skinned” kid.
    anyways after getting bloodied, beaten and humilated he decided to tell the thug what he thought… “fucking n****r”… can you guess who got in shit and stood down from school??? hint, it wasnt the clack bunt that dished out the beating.



  12. sounds like chris cahill is threatening govt they wont enforce the new “tough on crime” policies if they dont get a better pay offer.

    fuck em, ring fresh pork and book them in and get em turned into bacon as its the only way i see the current pig force ever being of benefit to nz.



    • This is a piece from our friend Chuck Bird about the lack of a decent sentence for the guy who punched the 71 year old lady.


      But it was the comment to this post by a Tom Logan that really caught my eye. Chris Cahill should take note because it gives a couple of very clear examples of the cops not doing their. They can’t expect a pay rise if they cannot do their job.

      “Tom Logan said…
      Well done Mr Bird, fantastic work. I look forward to hearing about the replies to your correspondence.

      It is as if our society has become oblivious to such goings on. Well they are so very common these days. And indeed we get threats of organised mass violence from certain factions within our elected Parliamentarians. Just as well that mob didn’t get re-elected.

      I read in the press recently a father and son from Germany touring NZ on motorbikes they had brought with them had one of those bikes stolen in Nuhaka, on the East Coast. They spotted the thief with the bike and the police retrieved it .But the police refused to press charges.

      And earlier I read how an American woman tourist had ended her campervan tour early after repeated issues of violence and intimidation to her and damage and theft from her van. And again the police did nothing.

      And a gang shuts down Opotiki and the police just stand and watch for a week till the gang decides to leave. Well done Ginny Anderson, well done Coster.

      The average Kiwi just doesn’t realise much of the even slightly remote parts of NZ are a very scary place for tourists or even Kiwi’s now.

      Well done Ginny Anderson. And she thinks she deserved to be Minister of Police. And Andrew Coster thinks he’s a competent Chef of Police. He’s simply deluded.

      And all the MSM can do is pile in on Mark Mitchell when he says things are going to change.

      I bet the police would have piled in on a bunch of 71 year old woman bashing some trans woman [aka a man in a dress]. They’d have piled in on them boots and all.

      Just the way they did in Parliament gardens. Well done Coster.

      One of the best things about Mark Mitchell he knows he’s got a strong majority of NZ supporting him. “



      • starving, you need alot of coincidences for it to be a natural formation but without seeing it in person it is hard to tell as anytime its talked about it comes with opinion that can influence your own views of it depending on what you may or may not want to believe.

        without a full excavation its impossible to tell if its natural or man made, at this stage both are plausable and neither can be ruled out.



    • Yeah it’s the embargoed findings in the Waipoua Forest that are more interesting. Why would you embargo archeological findings for 75 years? Well I think we all know the answer. But we’ve covered that off before too.



  13. Summarised by Centrist .

    It’s one of the biggest myths of the modern Māori renaissance. Now a new analysis reveals what’s wrong with it.
    Journalist Graham Adams says that in a recent Parliamentary debate on disestablishing the Māori Health Authority, several MPs referenced (yet again) the Tohunga Suppression Act 1907 as a symbol of colonial oppression against traditional Māori knowledge. Yet, the historical context surrounding the Act reveals a completely different narrative.

    Introduced by Māori statesman Sir James Carroll and supported by Māori MPs, including Apirana Ngata, the Act was aimed specifically at “charlatans” who exploited Māori superstition for personal gain rather than banning traditional healing practices outright.

    Adams says: “Not only was the legislation used sparingly — leading to only nine convictions — but prosecutions included a ‘White Tohunga’, Pakeha nurse Mary Anne Hill, of Grey Lynn, Auckland. Several of her patients (presumably Māori) died after she had treated them.”

    Despite these facts, misinformation about the Act persists in media and academic circles, perpetuated by figures such as Treaty lawyer Roimata Smail. Smail’s recent publication, “Understanding Te Tiriti,” misrepresents the Act’s purpose, reinforcing a narrative of colonial oppression while ignoring its Māori origins.

    (“Charlatans” for personal gain still going strong 117 years later)



      • ……” I believe that tohungas were charlatans”……

        I reckon you’re largely correct. I was only a kid when we left the East coast but my old man whose work brought him in contact with many of the Maori farmers reckoned that most of them were “bloody old frauds”.

        They certainly didn’t appreciate the competition from the District Nurses who were gaining the upper hand in the health & healing business.

        If they’d stuck to the healing properties of traditional medicine the legislation would never has seen the light of day. Trouble was they like many indigenous mystics reckoned that evil spirits were the cause of disease. Maori are a superstitious lot & if the tohunga told them they had a maketu (curse) on them they’d go home & will themselves to die.

        It’s fashionable nowadays to disparage everything European but the early settlers would do better to do a bit of research before opening their mouths & letting the norwester blow their tongues around.



    • There seems to be no limit, in the Western & 5 Eyes countries to develop further controls as Trudeau did with controlling bank accounts.
      Yet governments systemically ratchet for further controls, like imprisonment, & then the next step; a seizure of one’s assets & properties.
      …. ….. Minister ….. recently announced a raft of measures she described as “instruments of rule of law to protect our democracy,” ….
      ….. “”No one who donates to a right-wing extremist party should remain undetected. … Those who mock the state must deal with a strong state””.
      …. urged the German Bundestag to “pass the law quickly” in order to “combat hate on the internet … remove enemies of the constitution from public service [and] disarm right-wing extremists.” ….
      “My account was cancelled by Postbank because I am an AfD member,” Chrupalla said, adding that this not only demonstrates how the AfD is “excluded and marginalised” from society, but also that people are no longer permitted to express their opinions freely in Germany.

      Always called for the communities good !



  14. Why hasn’t he been deported?

    A report into how the man behind LynnMall supermarket terror attack was managed has highlighted how there were repeated missed opportunities to de-radicalise him.

    It described how key agencies, including police and corrections, did not set any plan in place to manage Ahamad Samsudeen’s safe reintegration into the community when he was released from jail.



    • It is another form of racism, a form of ‘hate speech’ to criticize Islam.
      So how can you tell a muslim that his beliefs are wrong, even a little bit wrong.

      “Banning Islamophobia: Blasphemy Law By The Backdoor”
      …….. suggesting that Hamas may be exaggerating claims of genocide in the current Gaza war is Islamophobic. Claims of genocide made by Muslims are unchallengeable on pain of being Islamophobic. …..

      …… another example in the APPG report includes “claims of Muslims spreading Islam by the sword”.
      This would rule out any discussion of Islamic history, since most Muslims would agree that Islam spread by the sword for some centuries.
      Historians who discuss this aspect of history would be branded Islamophobic. ……


      As you can read, in this article, that mission creep in Britain is well advanced & is now setting up to clinch this into ‘hate speech”.

      So this will grow & evolve as a “cultural racism” as backed by Luxon in the Ardern “Christchurch Call”.



  15. Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead In A Truck From “Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound”??

    Barnett was involved in a whistleblower lawsuit against Boeing, alleging serious safety concerns at the North Charleston plant, where he managed quality for the 787 Dreamliner production. Boeing was in Charleston for legal interviews related to the lawsuit when he was found dead.

    The news comes the same day Al Jazeera posted a video showing a walkthrough of the Boeing plant in South Carolina. There, when asking the employees if they would fly in the jets they are assembling, numerous employees said they would not.
    “Many employees are addicted to drugs and no one cares,” the reporter wrote.




  16. Well, well, well…chickens coming home to roost.

    The UK risks blackouts unless it builds new, gas-fired power stations, Energy Security Secretary Claire Coutinho will warn today.

    The new stations will replace existing plants, many of which are aging and will soon be retired.

    But the government says the CO2 produced will not be captured – a measure which limits climate change.

    That could threaten a legally binding commitment to cut carbon emissions to net zero by 2050, critics say.

    The government said new gas power stations were needed to have a safe and reliable back up for days when renewables like wind and solar didn’t deliver. PM Rishi Sunak said he would not “gamble with our energy security”.




    • And why isn’t Simeon Brown weighing in to these councils and sorting out this cancel culture bullshit and stopping any and all discrimination from rate payer entity? Surely Nationals not Woke?



  17. Body pulled from Hauraki Gulf: Fisherman finds human remains in plastic bag

    A fisherman has discovered a body floating in Auckland’s Gulf Harbour this afternoon.

    Police said they are at a reserve in Gulf Harbour this afternoon where a body has been found.

    “The body was located in the water by members of the public near Laurie Southwick Parade around 3.15pm,” police said.




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