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  1. Oooohhh look another old Lefty Hypocrite has risen from their Crypt to make a comment, when she should be ensconced in a quiet room in her Aged Care Home. So Helen Clark says, the Coalition Government is “profoundly undemocratic in it’s Foreign Policy warning the coalition Government off a geopolitical shift which Kiwis didn’t vote for.”

    Well that is a bit rich, Aunty Helen!

    Was it not you in 2001, who undemocratically got rid of the Strike Wing of the NZ Airforce and took us as far away from ANZUS as you could, but did not campaign or seek any Electorate Mandate to do so? Was that also not “a geopolitical shift which Kiwis didn’t vote for.”

    Oh, yes it was, you hypocritical old cow, now you have the audacity to claim this Coalition Government may be, in your mind, carrying out a Policy you claim they have no Mandate for. It’s well past the time for you Helen, to keep quiet, on everything, I think and just Butt Out.




    • TAH:– Agreed, “Butt Out”

      “the abolition of appeals to the Privy Council in London and the foundation of the Supreme Court of New Zealand,” in 2003
      An opportunity to set up that Court Supreme Court with activist Judges.

      Clark’s control, to create a “nanny state” like out-lawing a smack, on a child, & later calling for greater regulation of social media platforms and backing Ardern’s “Christchurch Call”.

      White washing the WHO & China & being a precursor for the WHO Global Pandemic Treaty when she was on the ” Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR) examined how the outbreak occurred and how future pandemics can be prevented.

      Clark, ceaselessly working to bring in more global controls over New Zealanders over the years.
      “Butt Out” !



  2. Climate change is linked to human rights.
    2000 women in Switzerland go to court stamping their feet because hot weather upset their lives.
    Of course it’s the governments fault and they didn’t do enough to prevent global warming.

    The world has truly gone mad.



  3. Why not govern the country like it is a company? – Richard Prebble
    Labour and the Greens have just given Christopher Luxon a PR gift. He should grab it with both hands and ride it all the way to the election.

    Labour’s deputy leader, Carmel Sepuloni, denounced the coalition’s 36-point 100-day action plan. “Our country isn’t a company and shouldn’t be run like one,”.

    Greens’ co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick said in her Herald article: “The country is not a company and a Prime Minister is not a CEO”.

    While Green and Labour Party activists may share their leaders’ hostility to business it is not a view shared by the electorate.



  4. Paddy and Mick, wanted to go back to school, so they enrolled at the local college and met with the dean of admissions.

    Paddy is called in first. Dean: – Well, I got the standard general education courses for you this coming semester, such as science and English. I’ve also signed you up for a course called Logic.”

    Paddy – “What’s Logic?”

    Dean – “Oh, well it’s very simple. First, I need to ask you: do you own a lawnmower?”

    Paddy – “Yes.”

    Dean – “Since you have a lawnmower, logic would then follow that you have a yard.”

    Paddy – “Wow, that’s amazing!”

    Dean – “And since you have a yard, I’d logically deduce that you own a home.”

    Paddy – “Amazing.”

    Dean – “And since you have a home, someone has to take care of it so logically, I’d conclude that you have a wife.”

    Paddy: “Oh, my sweet Mary, that’s wonderful!”

    Dean – “And since you have a wife, I’d logically conclude that you’re heterosexual.”

    Paddy is ecstatic, thanks the dean and goes back into the hall where Mick is waiting and talks to him excitedly about the upcoming classes.

    Paddy – “That dean in there’s got a heap of classes for us, including one called Logic.”

    Mick – “What the fecking hell is Logic?”

    Paddy – “Aw, it’s real simple. First, I gotta ask ya Mick, do you own a lawnmower?”

    Mick – “No.”

    Paddy – “Yer fecking queer, ain’t ya?”



  5. The front page of today’s Horrid has a picture of John Campbell looking highly depressed and probably wondering where to next. For once the newspaper was worth buying for that alone. The only sad part is no doubt he’ll find a cushy well paying number somewhere with a bit of help from his lefty friends. Unfortunately he won’t have the fun of trying to keep a company afloat and pay the ever mounting bills and tax demands like the rest of us. Wish the smug pontificating hand wringer would piss off to Somalia, now that would be extraordinary.



  6. My main objection to laws that force you to comply with the notion (for example) that a man can be a woman if he thinks he is that such laws take away your agency. Forcing you (under pain of prosecution) to agree to what seems to you to be a lie is a very dangerous thing.

    ‘Voltaire once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” If people are convinced to believe in things that are absurd or impossible, they can be led to commit terrible acts. The quote highlights the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of blindly following authority or ideology.’

    Lest we forget.



    • they can be led to commit terrible acts.

      Like whacking a granny 3 times in the face at Posie Parker’s open air speech.
      Let alone what little vices they may exhibit in the changing rooms & toilets.

      To create self doubt of your beliefs & abilities & even worse:—
      It is to create humiliation in taking away your rights to object to the lie.
      To show that you are powerless., & really under their control.



  7. “Today, the entire world of mankind operates under a world law which is referred to as the law of the high seas or, International Maritime Admiralty. When you were born, you came out of your mother’s water. Since you came out of your mother’s water, you are a maritime product. This is why, when you were born, the doc (dock) has to sign your birth (berth) certificate. It’s a maritime Admiralty manifest showing that your mother brought you into the world and you are going to make money. Anything in this country, if it’s a lawful legal document of any kind, your name must be, according to maritime law, be in all capital letters. Why? Because you do not own your body. You do not own yourself. All capital letters name implies that you are a maritime admiralty product. You are not a human. You’re not a living entity. You’re a product.
    Your living entity person, the actual you, is represented under law by upper and lower case name. So you are a corporation, whether you know it or not. But you are merely a subsidiary of a larger corporation called UNITED STATES. This is the way the law works.”
    ~ Jordan Maxwell

    PS. HIS MAJESTY THE KING IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND (CIK: 0000216105) is an US CORPORATION incorporated in the state of New Zealand. Head office is located at 1 THE TERRACE, NATIONAL PROVIDENT BLDG, WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND, New Zealand, 6015. Work in the industry 8888 – (CF Office: Office of International Corp Fin) FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS. HIS MAJESTY THE KING IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND is a public company and trade via Over-The-Counter (OTC).



    • ” organised by Kāinga Ora that offered free skip bins”

      As we know there is no such thing as free.

      ““We estimate the cost could be $3000 to $4000 but will know once the work is completed.”



      • hp its a great example of give an inch and theyll take a mile.
        “free” anything is like moths to a flame for brown folk and scummy poor doer whities.

        i guess the only upside is the junk wasnt fly tipped at the nearest flood bank or reserve.



    • Wrigley road is in the infamous Ford Block real once were warriors territory. Says a lot about the Rotorua community though that rubbish was dumped like that. A few years ago you could dump a trailer load of rubbish at the Rotorua landfill for about $20. I see that it is now $52 still a lot cheaper than where I live but maybe too high for the locals.



      • The high charges certainly don’t help the situation. Locally a trailer load costs $76.40 & larger quantities attract a charge of $275 plus GST.

        That is a lot of money to someone on a low wage or benefit.



      • gotta laugh. Owned a house in wrigley road for 20 years. Never had a major issue but some interesting ones from time to time. Sold it about 3 years ago. Got the highestprice for a house there. 500k for something that coast me 55k. Paid its way all the time.

        Paid off a big mortgage and you serfs think landlords are robber barrons. Good investing.



  8. If there was a single source of all of the issues that could easily lead to WW III and the destruction of mankind, it would be Israel and the unquestioned support by the United States. If you want to know who really runs the US and controls the narrative here is a short tweet that will tell you everything you need to know.


    If you and I will own nothing and will owe nothing, someone has to own everything. Guess who?




  9. Hollyweird strikes again
    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s 15-year-old, formerly Seraphina Rose, made their first official appearance under a new name, Fin, at a memorial service for Jennifer’s father last weekend.

    Wearing a black pantsuit and buzz-cut hairstyle, Fin introduced themselves by their new name before reading a bible verse to the congregation at Christ Church United Methodist in Charleston, West Virginia on Saturday.

    Fin has been pictured with their new short cropped hair as early as February this year, but the funeral was the first time the top actors’ kid introduced themselves in public with a new name.

    Tranny time.
    Girl becomes , well, girl dressed as a boy.
    well hell if you look like Jennifer Garner it wont take much to look like a bloke.
    She has been somewhat androgynous over the years.

    I think she degraded the Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
    In a very unrealistic role of ‘concerned doctor’.
    The movie was far, far away from the real Ron Woodroof; but where it has been interesting is the AZT drug pushing
    and I went back and rewatched 2 years ago after the lies and lies of 2021.

    The AZT loomed large in the story as toxic and not helpful, if not actually harmful .
    Similar to mRNA shite
    There were alternatives that the FDA made illegal.
    The prick behind pushing AZT was Anthony Fauci .



  10. The entitlement shown by a sector of our population is amazing.

    ……”“Our two team members held on to the trolley and asked her to pay for the groceries.

    “The customer responded aggressively towards our two team members and swore at them while continuing to shunt the trolley into them, with her baby in the seat of the trolley.” “…….




    • Free food at Nourished for Nil in Hastings.
      Drove past last week and saw this whole queue of mobility scooters lined up on the footpath waiting for it to open.
      Took me a second to click why they were all lined up.



    • forget 5 finger discount, she was going for the full trolley brown discount.

      is that a facial recognition store? i see shes already been tresspassed due to prior shoplifting… such a great role model, i see shes taken to teaching her kid how to be scum from a very young age. poor kid dosent stand a chance at life do they



    • That happens and then 5 minutes later they put up an article about how Horahora school principle Pat Newman reckons David Seymours plans to reduce truancy are ” as useful as tits on a bull “. This is the same Pat Newman who stood for Labour in Whangarei on several occasions and the only candidate I’ve ever seen get thrown out of the Ruakaka pub for being an obnoxious dickhead. No bias here folks. And they wonder why they’re going down the gurgler.



    • they can slash a hell of alot more then that, plenty of time wasters and fluffer roles in DOC, they should also halt the te reo lessons and the te reo flash card spend up some numpty had… i shit you not, down here they all got handed a pack of flash cards with te reo phrases/names and lil pictures so they can “upskill”
      could also save a shit ton more $$$$ by majorly scaling back or abandoning the aerial 1080 failure.



  11. Whistleblower: Refusal of adult gender clinics to take part in study ‘shocking’
    The research could have encompassed outcomes for approximately 9,000 young people who moved from Gids into NHS adult gender dysphoria clinics.

    A Tavistock trust whistleblower said he was “shocked” that adult gender clinics had refused to take part in research.

    Dr David Bell, who wrote a report six years ago after colleagues raised concerns about the children’s gender service which closed last month, said he did not expect the “complete lack of co-operation of adult services” revealed as part of a major report published on Wednesday.




  12. https://www.interest.co.nz/technology/127216/google-catches-apple-adds-find-my-device-android

    Google is adding a truly useful feature to Android that Apple has had on iOS devices since 2019, an asset and device tracking app. Called Find My Device (natch) the app will initially roll out in the United States and Canada, before users worldwide will get it at some stage that Google didn’t reveal.

    If you’ve used Apple’s Find My, you’ll appreciate how useful such an app can be. Google’s version builds on its existing service that was accessible over the web before, and adds more features.

    Find My Device can help you locate misplaced devices, and you can ring them and see their location on Google Maps. Apparently, Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have special hardware that lets owners find devices if they’re powered off, or the battery’s empty.

    Google is also touting the ability to track things like keys, wallets and luggage using Bluetooth tags like Chipolo. That feature’s arriving for Find My Device next month, at least for the US and Canada.

    One handy feature is the ability to share tracker tags between users, so you could put one on say a keyring that’s used by several people and always know where it is.

    Stolen or lost Android devices can also be locked and erased remotely with Find My Device.



    • Anything you can do with your device Google can do better & that includes the ability to track things like keys, vehicles, spouses, wallets & luggage. Imagine how they can hone in on dissenters, vaccine dodgers & escapees from re-education camps.

      Leave it in the woodshed when you go out. That will fool the GCSB for a while.



    • Thanks waikatogirl.
      These bank arseholes have been doing things as far back as I can remember.
      Sort of a nostalgia trip of finding these things out last century.
      In the 1980’s I recall the banks selling putting business’s into Swiss francs, so they could get a cheaper interest rate.
      That part was true,. & I think it was kiwi fruit orchids, Tauranga way that took the banks to court over that.
      The catch was how the the Swiss franc appreciated against the NZ$ so much that it became difficult to meet that interest rate in Swiss francs.
      To pay the principle amount was near impossible, as the debt sort of doubled or more in NZ$.
      Yet I know a few locals in my area, that were deeply borrowed, nearly going under, resisted, as they worked that they could survive by paying US$ interest, not quite as low the Swiss, but the principle dwindled when the US$ went down against the NZ$.
      Enough that when they bought the principle debt, which had become much less, back into the NZ$ they could then afford the higher interest rate in NZ.
      Don’t ask how their accountants presented their books. 🙂 I knew that for a few years they sweated & worked to keep going.
      Good on them, as they survived,
      The banks also ran a system of the base rate + the margin rate.
      For the ones unaware of this, the margin rate often added about another 6-7%+ or more to the interest rate.
      If the banks said you were high risk, then it could be double that, as the bank figuring that you would not be able to change banks or refinance to another finance agency,
      For the ones who challenged the banks, they were only being charged about 3%.
      That was a big learning curve for the ones who found out that there was a lower rate, even if only by questioning your bank manager.
      I was good friends with a teller, well she was a bit more than a teller in the 1990’s and she said how she was expected to fill the “bums on seats” so other add-ons in packages of financial instruments, etc., like business &/ life insurance, superannuation scheme into shares, etc.. could be sold on to customers, that she knew really had no need of, nor could truly afford it.
      When she figured that the bank would not change, she quit.

      Even I was pressured to take one of those “instruments” when extending my term loans & Over Draft, but made sure it stayed in a calculated cash, for what I had to put in, so that I eventually cashed out of that, so it paid out some of the debt.
      The pressure is huge, because if you turned it down, then one felt very pressured whether you could get the financing you really wanted.
      Quite frankly some if not all the banks are pricks.



  13. Ardern & Robertson’s Well-Being Budgets smashed the well-being of young Kiwis and turned NZ into a happy retirement village

    When NZ’s Worst Finance Minister Ever, Grant Robertson, retired from politics to become Vice Chancellor of Otago University, the Spinoff reported, “As finance minister & alongside Ardern as PM, Robertson helped spearhead a “wellbeing” approach to government funding, seen most prominently under his successive “wellbeing budgets”. This first began in 2019, with five key areas being targeted including mental health and child wellbeing”.


    A reply that sums the situation up.
    4 hours ago

    I ALMOST feel ashamed about how lucky I was to have been born in 1944 and able to grow up before the deluded socialists wrecked everything.

    Yes, I am one of the luckiest ever generation that had the benefits of western values, morals, culture, responsible government and the prosperity derived from free market capitalism.

    I was born and raised in an era of optimism when we could rely on personal effort, integrity and diligence to better ourselves and provide a better future for our children.
    The road from where we started to where we wanted to go was open to all.

    Get a good practical education so that you could provide other people with something they valued.
    Work and be productive, earn more than you spend and invest some savings in things that would also earn more money and anything would be possible.

    We could think, say and do whatever we wanted without being punished as long as we did not physically harm anyone else or their property.

    The police were are our respected friends instead of predators that were intent on taking our money for minor traffic infringements.

    The foolish behaviour of politicians and bureaucrats was amusing, affordable and not much of a problem because their authority and power over us was limited by the participation of lots of ordinary working people in the major political parties.

    We would proudly sing our national anthem and recite the Lord’s Prayer because what was right was right and what was wrong was wrong and it did not matter whether some people liked it or not.

    Lucky me. I am 80 years old, visiting my grandkids in Australia (because working people are much better off than in NZ) and riding around on a motorcycle happy as can be.

    I don’t care ab0ut the climate changing because it will probably turn out like the cold war, hole in the ozone, Y2K and all the other “crises” that did not happen.
    I don’t care about indigenous issues and the delusion that people with no concept of legal title actually owned anything.
    I could not care less if some people have “same sex” preferences or gender confusion. That’s their problem to deal with and most of us don’t have to so why be concerned about it?

    I am not surprised that so many young people are confused, discouraged and unhappy.
    It is not hard to understand.

    Most people really just want 4 simple things.
    1. A decent, secure and meaningful job.
    2. A home of their own to live in.
    3. Supportive relationships with friends and family members that care.
    4. Hope for a better future.

    The evolution of western values, morals, culture and free market capitalism made these precious things possible and achievable for my generation.

    The socialist enthusiasm for more central government authority and control and government assisted monopolization of the means of production of desired goods and services by global corporations, have taken away the benefits and prosperity that resulted from western values, morals, culture and free market opportunities.

    The precious confidence that ordinary working people could achieve those 4 realistic and necessary simple things in their lives has been taken from them by the socialists and prophets of the “woke” religion who want to destroy western civilization and all the incredible benefits it provided for so many ordinary decent working human beings.

    What people in governments could to to improve wellbeing and happiness is.
    1. Protect instead of destroying western values, morals and culture.
    2. Educate children to be able to provide other people with things they need and value.
    3. Accept that we need to spend less than we earn.
    4. Promote independence and freedom instead of imposing more restrictions and control of our lives.
    5. Educate people to understand that the pleasure derived from excessive consumption of material products and addictive substances is the opposite of HAPPINESS.

    This is unlikely because the people that gravitate toward government positions are more motivated by their desire to impose what they decide is “for the common good” on the rest of the people than to get out of the way and allow people to get on with doing what they need for their own good.

    The only possible solution is for more ordinary working people to become more involved and influential in the main political parties and replace the current political celebrities with new ones that represent the majority of people who still appreciate western culture and civilization.



    • Thanks nasska,
      As that finishes my thoughts on wind effect & the current, or does it, as some things may be small, but another additive effect.

      Shallow water, from the bank, though he said it could be a slow effect, I also know on ships that it can also have quite a surprising uncanny weird effect in some instances.
      A ship of that size, well it is unknown for me.

      I am pleasantly surprized that the standby generator did have an ability of kicking in with 45 secs though 60 secs in this case.
      The aid of computerization most likely helped, so certain circuits can be kicked out or in as programmed.

      Dropping the anchor, was far quicker than I thought it would be, but one still needs the manning the anchor with the crew on full “standby”.
      Funny thing is now I would wonder that the anchor would have much effect on that tonnage, but dragging the anchor, and now we know there is a 💥 gas pipeline under the bow of the ship !! 💥

      I did wonder about going astern and that torque / throw affect.
      I know that one can use that for really impressive effect, in manoeuvring to crab up to wharf.
      One side is superior to the other side.
      Yet this was the wrong thing to do.

      It takes a lot of thought, study & experience to know what your ship does, going full ahead, to full astern, and back to full ahead.
      This is in very slow speed approaching a wharf.
      I would have thought that all the big ships would be consistent, but it could be whether clock wise or anti-clockwise.
      But then what side of the road do some drive on, which door do you enter when getting into your car?

      The only thing that surprises me that a ship of that size could so quickly go astern, but from 8 knots?
      There are various systems of how a ship can engage astern.
      For some ships the whole propeller must be stopped.
      Whether a de clutch?, then a gear brake?,
      Some even stop the stop the engine, then restart it with the engine crank going the other way.
      Some engineers I knew even have a concern of ripping the gland around the propeller shaft out of the back of the boat.
      Let alone what it would do to the engine.
      OK that is last century, but I was assured that has happened.

      So just where was the ship positioned when the command was made to go astern & what concern contributed to make that decision?

      Still it should not take more than a few months to get what actually did happen, even though the highly paid would enjoy their takings for the next few years.

      Still it all fun in conjecturing, with our limited experience, with no responsibility 🙂



  14. Jeremy / Jezza
    Dear Newshub
    You were purchased by WBD a couple of months before the vaccine rollout in NZ
    WBD biggest Shareholders are Blackrock and Vanguard
    You obeyed their jab narrative and made them billions of $$$$ (as they are large shareholders in Big Pharma)
    Then you were dumped. Simple



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