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  1. And a good morning to you too Lizzie.

    It seems somewhat quiet at the moment (The ‘Pensioners’ are evidently all still abed) , but despite that, I hope that you have a great day and get to do everything you have planned

    Enjoy the day (Though take a ‘brolly when you go out and about- rain is forecast between1300-1500)..



  2. Pensioners need to be out supporting us taxpayers by earning a living.
    AH and I are getting weary carrying all those able bodied pensioners on our shoulders.

    All hands to the socialist pump please.



  3. more tainui garbage.

    With 100 days until the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the official kākahu for the opening ceremony was blessed yesterday by Kingi Tuheitia at Tūrangawaewae Marae.

    Master weaver and New Zealand Olympic Committee kuia Rānui Ngārimu says the new korowai pays homage to the previous korowai, Mahutonga, which was blessed by Queen Te Atairangikahu for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.



  4. Judge: “You are accused of beating your wife to death. If you want to expect any mercy, you’ll have to give us a good reason.”

    Man: “She was so stupid, I just had to kill her.”

    Judge: “That is even worse. If you don’t want to be declared guilty on the spot, you better give us a plausible reason.”

    Man: Well it happened like this. We live in this apartment complex and the property manager lives in the first floor with his family.

    The kids all have a growth deficiency.

    So one day, my wife comes up and says: Those little kids, they look like pyrenees. So I say: You mean pygmy.

    “No”, says my wife. Pygmy is what you have under your skin, it causes freckles.

    “That’s pigment”, I say.

    So she says “No, pigment is what the ancient Romans were writing on.”

    I sigh and say: “No, that’s parchment!”.

    “No”, says she, “parchment is an unfinished sentence”.

    “Your honor, you can imagine, I swallowed the ‘fragment’, I got back to my armchair and my newspaper.

    But then suddenly she’s back with a book, and she says: I should know, I got a legionnaire for my french lessons.

    I say: “You mean a lector”.

    “No”, says my wife, “Lector was an ancient Greek hero.”

    I say: “That was Hector, and he was a Trojan.”

    “Nope”, says she, “Hector is a measure of area.”

    “That’d be hectare” “No! Hectare is the drink of the gods!”

    “That’d be nectar”.

    “No”, says she, “the Nectar is a river in southern Germany.”

    So I say: “That’s the Neckar.”

    She says: “No, I must know, there’s even a song about it. I recently sung it in a duo with my friend” I say:

    “It’s a duet”

    She replies, “No, that’s when two men are fighting with a saber.”

    “That’s a duel”, I say. “No, a duel is where a railway goes through a mountain!”

    Well, your honor, so I took a hammer and beat her to death… There was a long silence, shocked faces. Finally the judge says: Not guilty. I would have killed her at “Hector”.



  5. hilarious, the feral free loaders dumped $18 worth of their junk and cost taxpayers over 11k to remove it, thought they estimated it at 3k? just more budget blowout i guess.


    i rekon the muppets that came up with this feelz idea and the suoervisor/manager that signed off on it should be the ones to foot the bill so it may deter the clowns from making anymore poor decisions.



  6. A cheering thought for a Wednesday:
    Somewhere, Jacinda Ardern is trying to shake the nagging feeling that, for some reason, small children aren’t “spontaneously” bursting into song in her presence anymore………



      • Just think of all people who are unemployed just because of all her dictates! She raised their expectations, just to pull the rug out from under their feet, by sacking them all! That was mean!
        Wee hipkins did the same thing with all the public service too, cunt!



  7. Get those diggers working 🚚

    Easier coal consents a ‘massive’ economic boost for West Coast

    Heavy equipment working at the Stockton Mine site in Buller, several years ago. The mine remains the largest producer of export coking coal and it is highly sought after internationally for steel making.

    West Coast leaders say a planned law change to loosen consenting restrictions on coal mining will “be massive” for the regional economy.

    Jones said pending changes to the Resource Management Act would reduce barriers to coal mining “so we overcome the statutory constipation” in the economy.



  8. Eight obesity experts and six fat, fast food tasters to be cut.

    Public sector cuts: 500-plus Ministry of Education jobs on line in cost-saving proposal, union says

    It also states there is a proposal to dismiss eight nutrition experts, and at least six advisers, in relation to the free school lunches scheme, a recent topic of political contention.




  9. I had underestimated how simple minded people who only get their news from msm can be.
    If you are at the shops, church etc and you hear someone yelling “Allahu Akbar” you quickly move away from there, right?
    After saying that today I was greeted with rolling eyes, heavy sighing and a wee princess telling me that “It’s a prayer” I think I was labelled disrespectful. She wasn’t the only one with the eye rolling disease.
    That’s ok, because while she’s providing a target for the stabbies I’ll be well on my way to the exit.
    Darwin at work.



  10. Rand Paul releases newly discovered Emails.

    Ecohealth’s Peter Daszak: “we have 15,000 samples in freezers in Wuhan”

    “… and could do the full genomes of 700+ CoVs [coronaviruses]”

    Fauci flunky David Morens responds: to remain “silent” but “documenting these things for…your own defense.”

    “…Tony [Fauci] is now fully aware…and I am told involved in some sort of damage control…”

    Publicly Fauci never mentioned the 700 unknown coronaviruses still in Dr. Shi’s Wuhan Lab.

    Nor did Fauci ever publicly admit COVID-19 could have been one of those 700 unknowns.




    • Pretty sure that is John McCrystal telling the story.
      He used to be on the radio with Graeme?? some time ago.
      I have his book.”Worse Things Happen at Sea” about shipwrecks and it is truly worth reading.Some fascinating stories.



  11. Great. Don’t come back.

    Vape shop owner flees NZ while on charges for selling to minors

    A Christchurch vape shop owner has fled the country as he was due to appear in court charged with selling to minors and peddling illegal flavours and products.

    The man, Xiaoming He, was to be the first person prosecuted since vaping has been regulated with the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990, and was scheduled to appear in court today.

    However, the Chinese national reportedly bought a one way ticket out of the country, and was reported missing after he was called to appear.



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