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  1. poor vikey, Eds meme headers and meme threads have the old chap confused.
    guess he’ll eventually work it out and wander over to hys?

    anyways any ysb folk listen to the platform? Ed youre a big fan arent ya///
    was looking forward to leah panapa being on air again but the stupid show layout with that retard devilin guy means i switch off so i dont have to listen to the twat then forget to tune back in later in the day for leah.
    bet same thing happens for many other listeners too, plonket needs to have a shuffle around and put that devilin idiot on air late at night so he dosent make so much of the listener base tune out at 1pm every day.



    • Come on Alice, stop upsetting SB. He has just told us his day is ruined from 1.00 because Marty Devlin appears on his radio getting inside his head and now you have given him two doses of butthurt.



      • talking about rent free in heads…. you lot still have pfizer firmly lodged there and not even bothering to evict.
        alice, take 2mins of your time and go google search 47yr old sudden death followed by any year prior to covid… happens all the time, nothing special or unusual about it. babies, kids, teens, young adult, middle aged and old farts all die.



        • I don’t think any of us disagree with you that there have always been sudden deaths – what we point out is the quantity now since 2021.
          I did see the other day a total of all sports deaths for the period of up to 2020, prior vaccine. Of memory somewhere around 2500. The total since then in the 2/3 years since is over 3000.
          I have has a friends daughter die suddenly overnight – aged 52. Not young you say – the parents are 78 and 75. The 75 y.o. mother still has her parents alive at 95 & 94 living in their own home. Good genes there.



          • yup and i wont argue or deny those increases in deaths, cancers etc but what i will call out is the linking it to the vax with zero proof.
            theres many other possible causes too and theres still unvaxxed folk getting cancers and dropping dead but little to no stats on vax vs unvax, it could be something else or a combination of factors but to go around blaming the vax for everything with no proof except a social media post from years ago is rather retarded, she couldve posted a pic of baked beans for tea the same day but you dont blame the beans do ya.
            and how do you know its not all triggered by the virus itself? plenty of folk on here labelled it a bioweapon etc at the time until the jab came along and you lot latched onto that aswell.

            a relative of mine has just recovered from a very rare cancer, he was diagnosed early last year and until then his nearly retired gp had never seen it before…. in the last 12mnths hes seen 4 cases, what do you blame that on HP?
            my relative is unvaxed btw so that shits on the jab theory



            • He probably shared a mask.

              Haven’t you seen the latest – bright headlights could be causing heart attacks.

              Something is not right – something has changed. Since 2020 – the possibility must be rather high that it has something to do with either the Covid 19 Virus or the vaccination – both man made.



              • yup and oral sex causes cancer and died suddenly aswell.
                agree somethings fucked up, im just glad i trusted my gut and didnt line up like a sheep but if its virus, food, environment related then we’re all at risk.

                locking people up for months on end, poor diets, lack of excercise and also delaying treatments and diagnosis has no doubt played a huge part aswell.
                imo its a mix of multiple things but like you im guessing theres 1 big elephant in the room, i rekon its best not to be a nutter moron and just save it for a massive “i fucking told you so”



  2. Luxon should be quaking in his boots and be looking for a safe place to reside for a while. You see, the most august of bodies, The Maori Law Society, an obvious racist organisation for by this bodies title, they must only represent or allow Maori to become Members or represent Maori Lawyers, are in full whinge mode.

    The Maori Law Society have taken umbrage at Shane Jones comments about the Treaty of Waitangi Commission, Summonsing ACT MP and Coalition Cabinet Minister, Karen Chhour, to appear before them and have written to Christopher Luxon complaining about the comments of Shane Jones, on the matter.

    But obviously The Maori Law Society are dumb, thick or do not understand what they are complaining to the PM about. They state in their Letter of Complaint this.

    “We consider that his comments breach the principle of the separation of powers and the Cabinet Manual.”

    Now, they “consider”. It is simple. Shane Jones either breached the Cabinet Manual, or he didn’t.

    The Maori Law Society then in its Letter of Complaint to the PM demands this.

    “a. a review by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Office in respect of whether there has been a Cabinet Manual breach;”

    Again, either Shane Jones breached the Cabinet Manual or he didn’t. If this is a “Law Society” of any standing and one that knows the intricacy of the Law (and Cabinet Manual Rules of which it is complaining about) then The Maori Law Society should not be writing to another party (the PM) demanding they investigate whether the subject of their complaint has broken the Law or not.

    What a bunch of dumb Muppets this racist body, The Maori Law Society are and if this is the level of legal knowledge they possess it puts into question their competency to represent anyone.




    • Shane Jones is rapidly becoming one of my favourite people. Hosking said something to the same effect this morning.

      Great quote:
      “The Waitangi Tribunal has no business running its operations as some sort of star chamber delivering pre-emptory summons for ministers to rock up and be cross-examined or grilled in some kind of wannabe American star chamber pulp fiction gig.”



    • Well they are entitled and victims of racists, white colonialism, and what ever they think of. They never seem to remember their ability to benefit from this system, and there was NO law society in Maori tribes Ewi or hapu before the white man came. I’d say they are very lucky to have a special Maori law society to support them in their endeavour to try and bring Shane Jones and Karen Chhour to task for this. They and any Maori organisation will never be happy no matter what.



  3. An Irishman walks into an Irish pub and as he pulls up to the bar and has a conversation with a couple of other patrons. “this bar is OK, but it doesn’t compare to O’hara’s…At O’hara’s you buy two drinks and then he buys you one.”
    “Well,” says the guy sitting to his right, “At O’grady’s you buy one drink and then he buys you one. You buy another and he buys you another!”
    “Ha!” says the patron sitting to his left, “At McDougals he buys you a drink. Then he buys you two more. And then he takes you out back and gets you laid!”
    The other patrons scoffed and said he’s making it up.
    “No really” came the reply – “It happened to my sister!”



  4. “Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.”

    ― George Carlin



  5. This is going way too far. It’s not even suppression by stealth, it’s in your face, do as we tell you garbage.

    What you post on social media has the potential to impact your current job and your future employment prospects.

    So how should you conduct yourself on social media and what kinds of posts could land you in hot water with your boss?




    • From that link.
      Katherine Maher;—- ” in the spirit of that … …. the truth exists for you.”
      – – – – —— ————- —— – – – —–
      A Robbie Burns quote;—
      O|| wa|||d some Pow’|r ||||||||the giftie gie us
      To see oursel||s as i|thers see us!
      It wa|||d frae|| mo|ny a blunder free us,
      An’| foolish notion:
      What airs in dress an’| gait wa|||d lea’|e us,
      An’| ev’|n devotion!

      And from the translation back to Scots:

      Oh, w|ould some Pow|er give us the gift|||||||||
      To see ourselves as |others see us!
      It w|ould fr||om m|any a blunder free us,
      An|d foolish notion:
      What airs in dress an|d gait w|ould lea|ve us,
      An|d ev|en devotion!

      To the reason why Robbie Burns composed this little poem.



    • Mad Cow disease? Ahhh Look at this


      “Human prion protein and prion-like protein misfolding are widely recognized as playing a causal role in many neurodegenerative diseases. Based on in vitro and in vivo experimental evidence relating to prion and prion-like disease, we extrapolate from the compelling evidence that the spike glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2 contains extended amino acid sequences characteristic of a prion-like protein to infer its potential to cause neurodegenerative disease. We propose that vaccine-induced spike protein synthesis can facilitate the accumulation of toxic prion-like fibrils in neurons.”




  6. 2024, • 05:00am
    PM Christopher Luxon on abuse levelled at MPs
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says potential abuse is something everyone looking to enter politics must take into account.
    Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says potential abuse is something everyone looking to enter politics must take into account. VIDEO CREDIT: Anna Whyte

    House Speaker, Gerry Brownlee, is being pushed to come up with solutions to keep MPs – especially women – safe off the back of new research.
    Otago University researchers found bullying, harassment, abuse and threats to MPs have been increasing but are particularly targeted at women.
    Brownlee said he would be “paring back” some of the 4000 swipe cards which allow people access to Parliament as part of a wider look at security in the building.

    House Speaker Gerry Brownlee is planning to cut back on the 4000 swipe cards which let people enter the Beehive without passing through security.

    Parliament and ministerial staff, and members of the press gallery are among those with the access cards who have been police vetted. However, there are others who may have access to the cards but have not undergone the same vetting processes.

    Start with all the lobyists.



    • What did they expect?
      By going against what the public want, they leave themselves open to abuse.
      Unless they spend more time listening to us, I can only see it getting worse for them.
      Case in point would be plod spending their hard earned resourses on arresting the painters of the gay crossings, instead of real criminals.



  7. Our swamp in Wellington are trying to get “creative”. Some of the public service job cut numbers include advertised jobs that haven’t been filled. For example “there are to be 200 job cuts from Department X, but 120 of those are advertised jobs which haven’t been filled”
    Time for the axe to come down on a few department CEOs, to get a real clean out going.



    • “World’s largest floating solar plant …”
      Not a bad idea to locate it on the waters of a dam. Could even help reduce dam water evaporation. It’s a shame the engineers didn’t have long-term wind and wave data. They must have assumed the waters would be calm all of the time.



  8. The latest short article from Prof MacCulloch. Gives Ardern and Robertson a swift kick.


    Also Baker and Blakely do not miss out.

    “We’re still waiting for a retraction of the statement from Prof. Michael Baker & his coauthor Prof. Tony Blakely, the Commissioner of NZ’s Royal Commission into Lessons Learned from Covid, that “One of the perceived barriers to applying a vigorous response, such as elimination, to the pandemic is the belief that this might sacrifice the economy & ultimately result in more hardship & negative health effects. Our preliminary analysis suggests the opposite is true” which they published in British Medical Journal. Boy, did they get that wrong.”

    How can Blakely not have conflict of interest, when Chairing the Covid Inquiry, when he was involved with this ?



  9. William McGimpsey
    Most New Zealanders think our society is broken and in decline according to a new survey that tracks ‘populist’ attitudes. The results mirror sentiment overseas, where misgovernance has caused a pan-Western decline in trust in institutions and experts.




  10. What a defeatist attitude of all those respondents who believe the economy is rigged to benefit the rich and powerful and traditional politicians aren’t doing anything about it.

    Who are these mysterious “rich and powerful”?

    For some people, it’s only being miserable that keeps them happy.



  11. Vikings Didn’t Just Pop into Canada for a Visit, They Stayed for Centuries

    The 1992 electro-techno tune by KLF America What Time is Love , which at the beginning declares this music is a 1000 year celebration of the Vikings of modern day Norway reaching America? Well that actually happened, and now a team of scientists has been digging new truths from a bog near the ancient Norse explorers’ Newfoundland settlement – which indicates the “barbarian” Vikings might have integrated with natives of North America over 1000 years ago.

    Five centuries before the Christian discovery of the New World, Norse ( ancient Norwegian ) explorers established a remote colony in Newfoundland known today as L’Anse aux Meadows, and while it has always been believed occupancy at the site was short-lived, microscopic new finds are demanding the length of its occupancy be revised, and then some!

    A team of archaeologists who in 2018 excavated a peat bog almost 100 feet (30 meters) east of L’Anse aux Meadows and discovered a layer of “ ecofacts” – environmental remains – radiocarbon dating to the “12th or 13th century.” Paul Ledger, the lead author and postdoctoral fellow at Memorial University of Newfoundland, who took the sedimentary core samples from the bog, discovered “a layer of trampled mud littered with woodworking debris, charcoal, and the remains of plants and insects.” He found that they dated to the late 1100s or early 1200s, long after the Norse were thought to have left Newfoundland, never to return.

    Ledger spoke to ARSTechnica about the discoveries from the bog and he said they include: “a bronze cloak pin, a soapstone spindle piece, iron nails, and rivets,” which make it clear to archaeologists that the “Norse were here.” Stone tools found at the site, believed to have belonged to the Beothuk people, are thought to have been brought by natives revisiting their traditional hunting camp to scavenge metal tools and resources left behind by the European fishermen.

    Everything About this Place Requires Re-Thinking

    The radiocarbon dating undertaken by Ledger and his colleagues was published on Wednesday this week on PNAS and suggests the Viking adventurers arrived in Newfoundland as early as 910 AD and may have left as late as 1145 AD. This means the Norse explorers stayed much longer than historians or archaeologists currently believe and another ‘really’ interesting aspect of the project is that the indigenous occupation of the site started between “710 and 1130 AD” and between “1540 and 1810 CE”. There are limited ways in which to account for such over-laps and one suspected answer is “cultural interaction.”

    What Ledger finds “really interesting” is the pollen tests and dead insects, including Simplocaria metallica from Greenland and Acidota quadrata found “ just south of the Arctic Circle .” And he told ARSTechnica that in Greenland and Iceland archaeologists generally study “the open areas between buildings and the environment around settlements” whereas in the North Atlantic teams “tend to focus solely on the structures themselves rather than the spaces outside and between them”. He concluded that the microscopic content of this bog layer reflects similar deposits in Greenland, “however, we have no real point of comparison for Indigenous sites.”

    What’s Next at this Fascinating Remote Viking Outpost?

    When the team of archaeologists return to Newfoundland next month they will attempt to map how far the peat bog extends in relation the structures and this will require reopening some excavated trenches from the 1970s digs and some new test pits. Furthermore, the new paper’s Coauthor Linus Girdland-Flink of Liverpool John Moores University plans to examine the “DNA of dock seeds ” which is a type of grain that Vikings mixed with sediment and waste materials to determine where exactly the species came from. And while some of the scientists are looking into the macrocosm for answers, they also plan to “bring some geophysical methods to bear on the site.”

    In 2010 the government of Canada marked the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Viking remains at the L’Anse aux Meadows by Helge and Anne Stine Instad, and their guide, local fisherman George Decker, in 1960, which you can read about in this Medievalists article.

    By Ashley Cowie


    Apparently the American Indians have viking DNA in their system.
    Now that will piss off the local whenua American Indian followers.
    There was a Local Northland Native indian the imporegnated a whahine up there.
    So ,looks like some of them mike have a bit if Viking DNA.
    Most interesting.



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