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    • I would not miss their news.
      I just saw Jessie MUlligan and Kanoa raving on about poverty causing the gangs rise.
      They seemed to want more money for the poor.
      Well they’ve had two benefit rises and two big minmun wage rises.
      It all goes on Cody’s in my area.



    • Turkey wants the Kurds oil. But it is amazing how the United Muslim Nations fail to act against their own brothers in terror.
      Past time we stopped funding them and the US should do the same. Boot them out for they are a failure of epic proportions.



    • Let the other Muslim countries sort this out.

      Trump is right to withdraw from these wars. He should just go further and stop spending billions on Israel, as well as doing their dirty work.

      Wikileaks confirmed what I had always said. The destruction of Syria was the work of the USA acting for Israel. It was laid out clearly in one of Hillary’s emails.

      The USA supported various extremist groups and secretly armed them.

      Funny how the msm ignored that.



      • Once again zionist filth are lurking.

        Just remember these Jew radicals believe your wife, daughter and mum, live in a state of perpetual filth and that you are on about the level of a beast, born only to serve the jew.

        In Israel they spit on your clergy and burn your churches.

        They are right though – you are scum unworthy of any consideration.



          • Why is pointing out the occasional fact about Jews or Israel an “obsession” while the constant ranting about Muslims and their countries goes without comment?

            You are a victim of lies, fake history and propaganda.

            I simply hold all people to the same standard. Something you are unable to do due to your ignorance and religious bigotry.



              • They don’t need to. They sucker goy like you to do their filthy deeds for them. No need for suicide vests when you have the USA and worlds goyim dying and killing for you. Obama averaged about 3 bombs an hour 24/7 on Muslims – to please Israel. Yet you whine about a few random suicide bombers.

                It is a matter of historical fact that jews used terrorism and bombing campaigns to achieve their goals. But gutlessly tried to blame Muslims for it! Such is the treachery and malfeasance of the jew and its supporters.

                No ifs or buts. It is a fact.



            • “You are a victim of lies, fake history and propaganda.”

              Quite frankly I find the ME and its swamp of psychotics unbearable and interminably boring. I hold very little personal opinion on the whole quagmire as the rolling ball of blame of their neighbours rolls on through history. The country of Israel will have numerous skeletons in its cupboard but from my limited view from the cheap seat in the stalls, it seems to keep itself to itself unless provoked.
              You are welcome to your views, as am I.
              Bacon sandwich in hand she swept from the room…



              • Every single conflict the USA is involved with is on behalf of the US Israel lobby. To say they keep to themselves is absurd.

                They simply get people like you to adopt their own religious hatreds and enemies. Then do the killing and war on their behalf.

                Go to Israel and share your bacon with them. In many places you will be spat on and attacked for being a goy woman.



                • ‘Islamization of Europe a good thing’

                  Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should ‘rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.’ He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God

                  “With the help of God, the gentiles there will adopt a healthier life with a lot of modesty and integrity, and not like the hypocritical Christianity which appears pure but is fundamentally corrupt,” he explained.




  1. More absurd pandering:
    This week…
    This week we review the local body elections and highlight some concerns – including a campaign to lower the voting age, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Gerry Eckhoff exposes the anti-democratic decision by the former Otago Regional Council to appoint unaccountable Ngai Tahu representatives with full voting rights onto the council committee dealing with freshwater allocation, and our poll asks whether you would support the voting age being lowered to 16. http://www.nzcpr.com/newsletter



    • “From next year, benefits will be indexed to wage growth – just like superannuation for the elderly is calculated.”
      Certainly making it a way of life now, no encourage for the dropkicks to make any effort to join the workforce or to stop having babies.



    • How many of those “desperate” people fell for Labour’s bullshit election promises and gave them their vote? Labour doesn’t care for “desperate” people, The message by Labour that “desperate” people are vulnerable and blameless victims just fuels the “desperate” to again vote for those who will save them from their miserable lives. Suckers, your sad little lives life won’t change under Labour and definitely won’t change if you don’t help yourself.



      • The U.B,I (Universal basic income) is going to be a mainstay. The UN have outed themselves on this issue. Redistribution of wealth is, and has always been, their goal.
        Bank accounts will be their next target.
        If X has more than Y then those assets will be combined and divided up to provide for X,Y and Z.
        The problem with ‘Z’ is as usual, they’re the ones who demand that X and Y work harder.



  2. If journalist had reported the news and not their views, their industry would be in better shape.
    Newspapers are failing around the world, why?
    Radio seems to be doing ok. They had bit of a clean out when Steven Joyce bought up a few and changed the industry!
    TV needs the same thing to happen! Why is the goverment pouring millions in to a failling industry.
    All I can say is, die!
    There has to be something better and it’s not carry on with your head in the sand!
    Pollies have let whole industries close down before, so whats a few journalist and teleprompt readers on the dole, just like thousands before them!
    I do not want the goverment propping up a failling industry!



  3. This article understates the problem. Also note that generation snowflake is intellectually diminished. The millenials would have to be most uninventive generation in recent history. They have invented nothing of substance at all. The best they have done is use computer tech (developed by their grandfathers for science) for brainless social media and other trivia.

    There a are some good people about, but the majority of young are arrogant, stupid, self absorbed and weak. They are pollutants in the gene pool and even nature is trying to weed them out with massive reductions in fertility.

    You’re Not The Man Your Father Was

    Studies show that men’s testosterone levels have been declining for decades. The most prominent, a 2007 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, revealed a “substantial” drop in U.S. men’s testosterone levels since the 1980s, with average levels declining by about 1% per year. This means, for example, that a 60-year-old man in 2004 had testosterone levels 17% lower than those of a 60-year-old in 1987.

    These trends coincide with a decline in musculoskeletal strength among young men: In a 2016 study, the average 20- to 34-year-old man could apply 98 pounds of force with a right-handed grip, down from 117 pounds by a man of the same age in 1985. Though grip strength isn’t necessarily a proxy for overall fitness, it’s a strong predictor of future mortality.




  4. Informal Poll
    If you were running National would you stay where you are or move more to the right.
    Eg on issues such as benefits, schools, guns, climate change.
    Or as NZ seems to be a left leaning country are they best to stay where they are and hope that people vote against the COL.
    So stay on track or move right?
    Not what you want, but what you think they should do to win.
    Please don’t tick up or down, just reply move right or stay centre.



    • It depends on the issue for me and what you mean by “right”?

      I would say move right on issues like drugs, by removing government control.

      Right = more liberty and less govt control.

      Left = authoritarianism.



    • You are muddying the starting point. National were a centre right party from about Muldoon’s time until John Key departed. True to their laissez-faire principles hammered out when the party was formed in 1936 they encouraged self determination both in business & people’s private lives.

      Of late they’ve become monetary socialists throwing taxpayer funded largesse at everyone while embracing religio- conservative social policies foisted on them by their Catholic masters.

      So, which part of the party are you referring to?



      • naaska, you must have been asleep under the willows for a while. Bolger was screaming socialist and Muldoon was a hard-nosed lefty as well. Think subsidies fro farmers and think bigs. National have been leaning left forever.
        Simon occasionally decides right is right but then capitulates to the left.
        Doubt they have a decent righty among them.



        • What is Right & what is Left is subjective but NZ has traditionally lent to the Left. For myself I want a government underwritten health system, a basic (not tertiary) education system & welfare for those who cannot work. ie equal opportunity. Those who won’t work can expire in the gutter. Or gaol.

          To die hard Tories I’m therefore a communist.

          BUT I will NEVER vote for a party that seeks to impose its religiously inspired restrictions on all regardless of their place on the political scale.

          Therefore the Vatican Party & I are unlikely to be reconciled.



    • Bill English may not be ideal, but seemed to have started a small movement, that had slowly pushed back in some parts of social welfare, and benefits, like work for solo mums.
      He still kept the numbers of voters, but lost a critical few.

      Rightly or wrongly I felt a welfare tide was turning, as more accountability, targeting, and responsibility was perhaps starting to take effect,
      That has to be embedded into the general populace.
      I do not know how to win elections and wean many over to this.

      However there is also another part of politics that want even more control, and to own the people, so they unwittingly become a commodity to be traded to gain and keep power.

      National should have pushed that submissions are timely.
      Looked back at the very recent past review of the gun-laws, and picked some of those things that were overlooked by Chairman Ardern. 🙂
      Judiciary should not be able to discount crimes by concurrent sentences on illegal guns, as they still do.

      Schools, would be restart charter schools, and kept on making this an issue, that would make the ones using that stay in National’s orbit and keep that issue bubbling.
      Apprenticeship, to build a foundation, in the work area, not in a university infested with Political Correct connotations brain washing.

      Climate Change, tricky as many see this as their power source; as a religion.
      When to go all out against CC. Keep information, bubbling along, like the questionable consensus, unlike the media shutting this down.
      Express the questions, the doubts, the costs, practicability,

      Many do not realize that 2008 that National set up many changes and support to sewerage schemes, cleaning up rivers, fencing of rivers and streams, much pretty well done,

      Point out all the nano particles of synthetic materials, like nylon carpets, getting into peoples (toddlers) blood stream. Has Winston Peters kept his promise, regarding woolen carpets?
      Then again a broken promise of not enough government houses. to be carpeted with wool. 🙁

      Immigration, is an Archilles heel, that is still not being addressed.
      Quality, not quantity, but then the lobbies of educationalists, farmers, builders, are pushing and agenda.
      Really annoying that some plant a labour intensive crop, and then complain there are no pickers etc..
      I know in some parts more ‘automative’ machines are being developed, with computerized sensors etc..
      Any farmer would be prosecuted if they put too many dairy cows on a farm, with inadequate effluent/sewerage systems, nor supplied enough requirements of life, like food, water, and energy that is needed to run all those many things. I am sure others can find parallels and expand this better than me.

      Look after the Kiwis that are here, educate, up-skill, so they can improve productivity on a per capita of GDP .and can handle the automatic AI changes that are coming.

      Benefits, money thrown around, subsidies often has unintended consequences, and becomes very addictive.
      Less is more.



  5. The dilemmas, of one’s privilege, then being hoisted on ones own petard, throwing a dart, and then being rationalized with relativism and thrown under a bus in Denmark.


    A “radical third-wave feminist aggressor”; “embracing a marginalised intersectional minority group”; with “respect for the cis-gendered cultural and religious beliefs of a patriarchal Muslim supremacist”.

    A short tale. 🙂



    • I would suggest Ms Dansk shake her own hands.
      That way she can be cuffed quicker, thrown into an unmarked van and sent to a re education camp for intensive immersion therapy and……….
      Denmark is rooted.



    • The only way to mend this tiff is to show greater sensitivity to the Muslim community.

      The whore should be publicly given the prescribed 130 lashes. It will create community cohesion and serve as an example to other hateful bigots.



    • Tulsi Gabbard has precisely ONE thing in common with anyone on the right: She’s apparently a pacifist.

      On EVERY SINGLE other policy issue, she is basically Elizabeth Warren:

      Pro abortion

      Anti gun

      Pro immigration

      Anti tax cuts

      Pro globalism

      Anti Americanism

      Pro SJW bullshit

      Anti tradition

      Pro LGBT

      Anti business

      Pro climate hysteria

      Look at her VOTING RECORD.



      • Trump was always a Democrat supporter. And a non interventionist.

        Although a zionist puppet – Trump does manage to support Israel without promoting war. He is more about self defense of Israel, which I also support. And less about waging religious wars against those countries radical zionists hate.

        He inherited a massive mess from Obama, who destroyed Syria, Libya, Egypt and what was left of Iraq, all for Israel.



        • News by Jews for Jews.
          Trump’s Syria withdrawal is ‘disaster’ for Israel, leaving it on its own against Iran, supporters say

          Israel lobby groups have also bemoaned the decision. Democratic Majority 4 Israel is retweeting a Democratic congressman’s charge that Trump’s decision was “weak.”

          Israel thought it had a very special place in Trump’s worldview, but the withdrawal appears to gives Iran far more leeway in the Middle East. We are on our own against Iran, several Israeli officials and Israel supporters have concluded fearfully.

          Not surprisingly, Israel’s interest in U.S. Syria policy was on display in American politics this week. For the first time Congressional Republicans broke with Trump over the move; and 129 Republicans voted to condemn the decision when the House voted by 354-60 on that resolution Wednesday.

          Israel featured in Congressional debate of Trump’s move. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and House Majority leader Steny Hoyer said Trump’s move endangers Israel.

          Michael Koplow of Israel Policy Forum echoes that view, saying “Israel is the clear loser” of the decision. Israel thought it could count on Trump, even to make war on Iran. But he’s unreliable, and the possibility of a war with Iran is higher than ever.




  6. Would you like your children to study journalism.
    Do you think it’s a dying profession and will lumber them with a hell of a student loan to pay back while working at maccas!
    It’s going to be hard for them to get a job, any job!



  7. For those following the Brexit issue I found this summary list of what Boris’s “great deal” entails. From what I have read the deal is not much different to May’s “Surrender Deal” or should I say Berlin Deal.

    It includes these things among many others in the detail:

    “1.Restricts Parliamentary independence
    2. Restricts independent trade policy
    3. Prevents an independent tax policy
    4. No Control on Fishing
    5. and 6. Prevents independent military action
    7. Restricts Foreign Policy
    8. Demands Payment of a sum to be decided by the EU
    9. Replaces one Commission with another
    10. Prevents independent arbitration
    11. Grants EU officials immunity
    12. Imposes a gagging order on the UK13. Leaves the UK with EIB risks but no profits
    14. Imposes EU public procurement rules
    15. Makes the UK a bystander in laws that govern it “



    • Trump is looking for the good of the USA.
      In trade this can be a win win for the the UK in getting in on the USA Mexico Canada trade flow.

      The EU has always played with trade restriction, tarriffs, and though did not start this, he completed it. Trump has rooted them with countervailing tarrifs that EU can not do anything about.

      Boris needs to hold fast, as this will be the making or breaking of him.
      Interesting to see if he can play a good game, as I figure the cards must be held close to the chest.

      I figure Trump will have Boris’s back if the EU starts the trade play of tariffs, in just the joy of slapping the EU down. 🙂 .
      A lot in this game to play, some wins, some loses, and keep the ball in play to make liberation from the EU.

      Then value their own sovereignty,
      Britain for Britain,
      To liberate from much of the Commonwealth, like Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh. even if this is belated.
      Aid to where the people are, and from the people who want to give over and above and they can mover their like true missionaries.



  8. I agree with your caption in the above picture!
    If you leave it in the bottle, the shakes have to be real bad before you spill a drop!
    I got pissed off with pour it in a glass and spill it on the floor and having to suck it up. Ok on lino, but shit on the carpet. I got one of them hard plastic bibs for babys, so when you spill it you don’t lose it all! You can pour it back in the bottle at the end of a night!



  9. Testing

    NZ First leader Winston Peters marks the two-year anniversary of saying ‘yes’ to Labour at his party conference this weekend. Already rumours are flying about the lengths he will go to to survive the 2020 election. The risk he will bring down the Government is low.

    It was without any apparent sense of irony that NZ First leader Winston Peters declared this week he would leave Parliament only when he was bored with politics: “I’m not like some of these people who can’t leave the place.”

    It was somewhat ridiculous given the only times Peters has left the place since 1979 were on the two occasions the voters decided they were bored with him and he was not re-elected, such as in 2008.

    Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

    He always managed to claw his way back.




    • Most elections Peters faces the same danse macabre with the 5 per cent threshold he needs to hit to return to Parliament.

      Next year will be no exception if the current poll trends remain.

      Those have NZ First bobbing around between 3 and 5 per cent.

      Cornered cats pick between fight or flight, and Peters has a long history with the “fight” choice in that scenario.

      Today marks the two-year anniversary of the day Peters said he would side with Labour in Government and Peters will be persuading his supporters it was worth it at his party’s conference.

      Related articles: PREMIUM Where to for Winston Peters? 19 Oct, 2019 5:00am 5 minutes to read NEW ZEALAND NZ First MP removed from Tauranga bar: ‘I was the victim’ 17 Oct, 2019 3:38pm 4 minutes to read PREMIUM Matthew Hooton: Putting the Peters party first 18 Oct, 2019 5:00am 6 minutes to read PREMIUM Jones thrives on attention – why it’s best the PM gives him none 18 Oct, 2019 5:00am 3 minutes to read Winston Peters announces an NZ First coalition with Labour. Video / Newshub

      There is less than one year before the voters can pass a verdict on that.

      The predictable mutterings have started about whether NZ First will start to disrupt the Government as it moves to bolster its vote ahead of 2020.

      Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

      Rumours circulating so far have included Peters holding discussions about whether to downgrade the coalition agreement to a confidence and supply agreement. The aim, apparently, would be to free Peters up to speak more freely.

      That is highly unlikely because it would reek of instability and desperation.

      Those are the two things Peters does not want to exude.

      So when that rumour was put to Peters by the Weekend Herald, he pulled out his phone and read out the text exchange he had with the journalist who wrote that report, the veteran Richard Harman.

      There were quite a few instances of the use of the letters “BS”.

      There are also rumours NZ First will enter a “deal” with Labour over an electorate seat – such as Northland or Te Tai Tokerau – as a safety net in case it does not get to 5 per cent.

      Peters has stated time and time again that he will not do seat deals, and although Labour could unilaterally pull or rein back a candidate, it is unlikely.

      The other report is that NZ First dispatched a semi-neutral emissary to sound out senior National Party MPs about the prospects of a public entente cordiale.

      That may have happened, but it is highly unlikely it was at the request of Peters.

      Peters has maintained a consistent “make no overtures, make no deals” stance on that matter.

      Mike Hosking talks to Acting PM Winston Peters. Audio / Newstalk ZB

      Nor would National be so naïve as to think it was a genuine olive branch, rather than an attempt to allow NZ First to campaign again on the whisper and prayer that it might side with National next time round.

      National MP Judith Collins said exactly that on Newshub’s AM Show.

      The relationship between NZ First and National is perhaps the most closely scrutinised one in Parliament.

      In 2017, it was not National which drummed NZ First down from the heights of more than 10 per cent in the polls to its final result of 7 per cent.

      It was Labour – or at least the rise of Jacinda Ardern as Labour leader.


      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters on the one-year anniversary of the coalition Government. Photo / Mark Mitchell

      Having lost a few points in the polls in the election as Labour-leaning voters went back to Ardern, NZ First proceeded to lose a few more after the election by siding with Labour – sending National-friendly voters out the door as well.

      The recent leaks and departures from NZ First to set up a new party – the Prosperity Party – are some evidence of those in NZ First who favoured a National government.

      Now NZ First needs them back.

      Talk that National and NZ First are engaged in mortal combat is somewhat over-exaggerated.

      In 2011 and in 2008, Key ruled out any governing arrangement with NZ First well before the election campaign. It helped ensure Peters’ demise in 2008.

      Early next year, Simon Bridges will say whether he will do the same.

      Bridges is not in the same position as Key was but his party is. It is still polling in the 40s. There is still a strong chance Peters will be kingmaker again.

      In the end pragmatism is sometimes forced by election results, so there are efforts among other NZ First MPs to ensure that links with National are not completely soured.

      National MPs who keep these ties up include Todd McClay, who is close to Peters, Todd Muller, and Mark Mitchell. NZ First’s Tracey Martin also has a constructive relationship with Paula Bennett.

      The other potential issue for NZ First as it heads to 2020 is Peters’ court case against Bennett and Anne Tolley over the alleged leak of his superannuation overpayments.

      That goes to court next month. The memory of 2008 will be ringing loudly for NZ First’s MPs. Peters loves to play the wronged man card and his core supporters lap it up.

      But the worst scenario for NZ First is that it drives Peters into siege mentality mode, as happened in 2008.

      Peters got so caught up defending claims about donations and a Privileges Committee hearing into a donation from billionaire Sir Owen Glenn that it effectively derailed his entire campaign – and took the party down with him.

      Those who watched on in 2008 believe Peters had learned from that when to simply walk away from such an issue.

      If that court case does not pan out as Peters hopes, it will not only damage him but could damage the party further.

      It puts Peters into a situation of losing even if he wins.

      That is because it will inevitably result in probing as to how the over-payments happened in the first place – including whether Peters had ticked the wrong box on his superannuation application form.

      Thus far, it has been revealed that he missed an opportunity to correct the mistake of being paid the rate of a single person, rather than the lower rate for someone in a de facto relationship.

      But the question is still hanging as to how the original mistake was made.

      The Greens’ message to voters in 2020 will be that it is within coo-ee of being able to form a Government with Labour alone, dispensing of the “handbrake” of NZ First.

      NZ First’s main campaign line will be that only it can stop that very same scenario happening. Its way of distinguishing itself from Labour will be to apply the handbrake even more firmly.

      The next year will see it push back on Labour-Greens measures, particularly those that impact on rural communities and business.

      Peters will also drive home the NZ First policies that he could not get Labour to sign up for – such as on immigration and law and order.

      Any disintegration of the Coalition is highly unlikely.

      But nor will there be much cosying up.

      Earlier last week, Peters went to the Labour-friendly Council of Trade Unions meeting to speak for the first time in a long time.

      He did not bother to sing along to Solidarity Forever.



    • “army troops being held hostage and another showing a uniformed soldier executed with a shot to the head ”
      So what justice & Rules of Engagement did the gangs abide by?

      A lawyer for the Guzman family said they would cover medical expenses for the wounded – and funeral expenses for the dead.
      The people they killed and wounded.
      Showing the benefits of a gang, How nice. // 🙁

      We have a human, Christian president, who finally did not make the decision to harm Ovidio.
      So long as no harm was done to the son, and was the son just an innocent? yeah right.

      Would those gang members turn their guns in for a govt. buy back?
      Especially the gold-plated AK-47s

      Another article on the massacre and back-grounding the family history. of just acquiring drugs in one location and reselling in another location. It seems that nobody has been killed by them. //

      Will NZ go down to this level of terror?

      What people do not understand, that once blooded, the genie is out of the bottle.



  10. “Andrew’s been elected by the constituents he represents and it is their vote that has enabled Andrew to be on council.”

    Hollis isn’t fazed by the criticism and denies he is racist.

    “If you think that making a stand about ‘calling New Zealand one’ and ‘growing together’ is racist then fill your boots, but you’re wrong.”


    Andrew Hollis elected to Tga City council says it like it is and the First Offenders(oops First People), are upset.
    Race relations apologist wants him to resign.

    Get rid of the Race Relations Office would be better.



    • Not only the Race Relation officer.

      But the Local Body Act needs ammending to remove its Maori clauses.
      Once you get Maori’s on boards making decisions nothing ever gets done its all prayers and hui.
      Koha and Gravy Train – Buddy Mikaere



  11. Could this be the the beginning of the end for the Dems?

    POLITICSBREAKING: 11-Count Indictment Handed Down in Russian Bribery Case Involving Uranium One. Clinton, Obama, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Holder, Lynch Facing Criminal Prosecution




    • They’re talking about a landslide for Trump next year.
      Ratings for CNN are going down as are those of the three late night “talk shows” whose hosts think that mocking Donald Trump every ten minutes is comedy.



      • Crime
        FBI Agents Arrive in Little Rock. They’re Going After Hillary!


        Better late than never.

        With James Comey finally out of the way, the Justice Department is going after Hillary Clinton like it should have years ago.

        Earlier this month, the Department launched a fresh investigation into alleged criminal activity by Hillary when she served as Barack Obama’s secretary of state.

        In particular, Clinton stands accused of engaging in “pay-to-play” politics with regards to an agreement with Russia that’s been labeled “Uranium One.”

        But that’s not the only serious charge.

        There’s mounting evidence that the Clinton Foundation was the recipient of enormous sums of money quite possibly in return for policy favors from Hillary.

        The Hill reported that FBI agents stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas, where the Clinton Foundation was started, are taking the lead in the case.

        They’ve already interviewed a number of witnesses, with much more activity promised in the coming weeks.

        This is just the beginning, but we might finally see “Crooked Hillary” get what’s coming to her.



      • Yes Viking, finally, and what a stench there will be around the world.

        Then there is the Australian connections too, with the Clinton Foundation, which the then current governments keeping in touch, washed away $ 130,000,000.

        Arms, pharma companies, Climate Change, Oil, Carbon Capture,
        “It seems a senior government official’s defence of the “national interest” nowadays includes quite a lot of get-rich-quick personal opportunities.”
        Many high up Aussie names, and the media do not want to check on even the most open things, like the Clinton Foundation head quarters, just a cheap house, and how come some of the drugs say for hiv or antibiotics prove to be ineffective.

        Pull back the curtain, as it the stench will arise through many different countries and organizations, like the UN.



  12. Kabull

    An interesting narrative by Bruce Moon* setting the record straight about land confiscation and theft. (I hadn’t appreciated that none of the South Island was confiscated, and that Ngai Tahu willingly sold most of it.)
    Of particular interest is the quoted letter from Rev Samuel Ironside setting out his observations from living in NZ from 1839 – 1852. In his last para he (Ironside) says:
    “I speak … of things coming under my own observation, as a missionary. I lived from 1855 to 1858 in Taranaki, where the late unhappy war raged; and was an eye-witness of the patience with which the settlers there bore repeated instances of outrage, and insult, and wrong at the hands of the natives. I hope I shall not be chargeable with want of sympathy with the natives of New Zealand in thus writing…
    But I cannot justify the rebellions in their present course, and I cannot allow the emigrants to New Zealand to be charged with fault of which they are wholly innocent, without replying to those charges.”

    (* I know Moon’s views are often regarded as controversial, but his research is sound.)

    Hat tip to Kabull over on KB.



  13. Cantankerous Winston Peters digs deep against National, MediaWorks and gun owners at NZ First conference

    “In true Peters fashion he kicked off his party’s annual get together by lambasting the National Party and the media but this time he crossed a line, making light of the sale of MediaWorks TV and the 520 jobs now on the line.”

    “But gun owners are warning NZ First votes are on the line, telling Newshub they could lose or gain votes that people feel betrayed and let down massively.

    Peters was backed by his boys, Ron Mark, an avid hunter, and Shane Jones, who was firing an AR15 on holiday recently – the same gun used in the Christchurch attack.

    When asked if there was a chance New Zealand First may not support the second tranche of gun reforms Peters was irate, simply exclaiming, “oh for godsake”.



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