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No money for Health of New Zealanders, Plenty for this shit.
Meanwhile the USA spend their research money on usefull stuff
Can Gene Therapy Cure HIV? US Gov’t. Is Banking $100 Million On It.


  1. I would hate to add up all the money New Zealand spends on the Maori language.
    What with Maori tv,
    Maori Radios stations
    Maori translations in parliament.
    Plus what they give for Maori language week etc etc
    If its such a great language, it should noy need any support.
    Its all driven by sickly white liberals trying to appeal to maori.



    • PM to address the nation at midday today about the COL’s election target of winning RWC 2019

      At noon today the PM will be donning a scrum cap and pulling sad donkey faces to show faux empathy to the grieving nation after the ABs failed to bring home the RWC. She’s expected to make an announcement about legislation to immediately ban assault English rugby players in an attempt to ensure that our nation is made safe from a repeat of the devastating scenes of Yokohama. The Chief Censor has made a decision to ban all mention of the massacre at Yokohama and anyone showing any of the footage will immediately face up to 1000 years in the salt mines.

      The PM has also drawn together a high-powered review panel to deliver a meaningless report that she described as “providing the basis for a national conversation to distract the nation from the simple fact that NZ can’t win a RWC when Labour is in power”. The panel will be chaired by former race relation conciliator Susan Devoy because (you know) diversity and she was once OK in a sport where there was a ball.

      The PM has made it clear that she will never say the name of England’s rugby coach Eddie Jones and will henceforth only refer to him as “Voldemort” or “the Yokohama winner”. Speculation is rife that the PM will broaden the review to examine Voldemort’s roles in similar mass disappointment terrorism dating back to the 2003 RWC as an example of foreign interference in NZ’s elections over the years.

      Professional victim, Louise Nicholas, is rumoured to be under consideration for the panel as it appears Labour will be seeking to play up the role of “toxic masculinity” from Voldemort’s team. When asked for comment Ms Nichols would only say “Fucking men!”

      In further news, it has leaked out that Phil Twyford was a secret advisor to the NZ RWC campaign and is thought to the be “brains” behind the All Blacks 100,000 RWC wins strategy. Police Commissioner Mike Bush has also made an announcement that the PM’s boyfriend Clarke “Jethro” Gayford is not being investigated in relation to the All Blacks loss.

      Soimon “I’m not really Labour Lite – Honest” Bridges has made a statement supporting the PM and has made it clear that National will support Labour’s assault English rugby player ban.

      Finally, on a hot mike take at the Beehive today the PM was overheard saying “Thank fuck the ABs lost, I’m really good at pulling those empathy faces, this is just the crisis we needed to get me back on track for that sweet phat money job at the UN”.

      My personal view is that things started to look bad for the ABs when Sonny Bill Williams did his best Colin Kaeperneck impersonation by so obviously and resolutely not singing the National anthem – FFS can we be rid of that twat now that Hansen is going?



  2. Oh wow is me, thought the world would have ended wth Englands rubbing over the New Zealander. They were well and truely done like a dinner. Maybe the Haka isn’t enough to frighten the opposing teams any more.



  3. I don’t expect we will hear about this on Stuff or Newshub:
    “Muslim migrant runs over wife then get out, grabs axe from car and chops her head off. The German police have stepped up prosecution of anyone who shares the video. They will start criminal proceedings against everyone who publishes or shares the video.The Germany press is badly covering it. The German paper SPIEGELwrote : “A man hurt his wife so badly that she subsequently died”. ”



  4. Iwi leader to file criminal complaint against oil and gas CEO

    “But OMV New Zealand – one of the last companies to drill and carry out deep sea exploration in New Zealand – says the claim is not credible, and it’s investing more than $800 million to reduce carbon emissions.

    “Our New Zealand sustainability goals are far reaching, and we invest in numerous initiatives with a positive impact on the environment and the community,” said Gabriel Selischi, senior vice-president of OMV Australasia.

    “We are proud of these initiatives and our long-standing relationships going back nearly 20 years with iwi and other stakeholders in New Zealand.

    “He said OMV, which employs more than 400 Kiwis, backs the Government’s 2050 carbon zero goal.”

    So hundreds of kiwis employed by OMV. I wonder how many maori are included in that number who Smith is putting their employment in jeopardy.



  5. Over on the blog with the slowest moderation this side of Armageddon “Captain Mainwaring” has commented on Toyota’s latest fuel cell technology which involves, “building a power plant in Long Beach, California that would capture methane gas from dairy cattle manure and convert it into water, electricity, and hydrogen.”


    If there’s one thing NZ is not short of it’s cow shit. It’s everywhere. Thing is that even if the new technology is viable it will involve transporting vast quantities of manure to a centralised location because as we’ve all had drummed into us…….. big is better.

    Why, just for once, can’t scientists & developers think outside the box & produce micro plants that could utilise the waste from, say, six surrounding farms? The handwringing over pollution & sustainability could be finished at one stroke.



    • It is fashionable for city people to hate on farmers. The fools. Cities are built on the backs of farmers. There were no cities until farming was invented. The alternative is hunter gatherer societies, which is what made the Abos the success they are today.



          • Let me guess – IT’S DIFFERENT WHEN THE JEW DOES IT !!!!!! anti smite blah blah blah.

            In Judaism, shechita (anglicized: /ʃəxiːˈtɑː/; Hebrew: שחיטה; [ʃχiˈta]; also transliterated shehitah, shechitah, shehita) is slaughtering of certain mammals and birds for food according to kashrut.


            The procedure, which must be performed by a shochet (שוחט), is described in the relevant texts [5] only as severing the wind pipe and food pipe (trachea and esophagus). Nothing is mentioned about veins or arteries. However, in practice, as a very long sharp knife is used, in cattle the soft tissues in the neck are sliced through without the knife touching the spinal cord,

            Other rules
            The animal may not be stunned prior to the procedure, as is common practice in non-kosher modern animal slaughter since the early twentieth century.




            • It’s not often that I agree with Kea on matters Judaic but this is one. “Kosher” killing is barbaric & if it weren’t based on an Abrahamic religion would have every cat cuddler in NZ up in arms.

              For more than fifteen years I drove a stock truck & made regular deliveries over the hill to the Ngauranga abattoir. I wasted many hours waiting to unload due to management cockups & union stopworks & got to know a few of the meat inspectors.

              Even they took a grim view of kosher killing. Basically the animal was held in a cradle, upside down while the rabbi cut it’s throat with a long ceremonial knife. No stunning allowed & the animal bled to death. Muslim halal isn’t much better but at least all the arteries can be severed & nowadays stunning is permitted.

              As an aside, at one time the Royal Society of Cat Cuddlers were gunning for cockies doing home kill. As usual they don’t know jackshit. I could regularly cut the spinal cord of a sheep in well under five seconds.



    • This idea is right up the list of eligiblity for the COL’s tax payer funded renewable energy grants. Everyone knows if you want a huge amount of money for your idea it better be for a large, flashy and expensive processing plant. Why bother with with a micro plant that will only attract micro amounts in comparison. Simple economies of scale. //



      • Unfortunately you’re right WG. Six dairy farmers would happily underwrite millions in debt to finance such a plant.

        We have long abandoned phone boxes on the corner of every sixth street for smartphones. It must be getting to about the time to look at decentralising industrial processes.



  6. This fuckwit reckons Ardern has sold out to farmers. I agree. Ardern should stop eating and really stick it to those farmers. In fact given the – Climate Emergency – there should be laws preventing all Labour and Green supporters from eating. We should not be enabling farmers. Also Labour and Green supporters should obtain no benefit from the 60% of our export earnings as that also comes from farmers.




  7. ➡ Do people with White Power gang connections get a discount?

    Judge Taumaunu gave Cuthbert a nine-month discount off his prison time for cultural background factors.

    A section 27 cultural background report showed Cuthbert was raised in Whakatane with an abusive, gang member father who taught him how to carry out burglaries when he was as young as 10 years old, the judge said.

    “[Cuthbert’s father] was a member of the Black Power gang and you have mentioned that your experience of family life when you were young was essentially a Once Were Warriors-type daily occurrence of violence.”




  8. I’m actually stunned at the share volume of shit churned out by our media after losing to england.

    just story after story. so negative. youd think the all blacks didn’t know how to play rugby.

    England were awesome, the AB’s did what they have done every 6th or so game for the last 3 years. that’s it.

    i think my favourite is how “englad riled the all blacks up” by standing in a V and walking a few feet forward. if thats all it took, we would never win a game.

    articles written by hacks an 20 yr old girls.



    • Earlier this year the Humberside police dig deep on this issue.

      Humberside Police tell man to ‘check his thinking’ after he likes ‘offensive transgender limerick’ on Twitter

      The police are all over “thinking” & “likes”

      Follow Follow @Humberbeat
      Replying to @GutsAcheGary
      We received reports of a number of transphobic comments being posted on social media. We take all reports of hate related incidents seriously. We will always investigate to determine if a hate crime or incident has been committed & will take proportionate action.

      and so I can not resist to put these out there from that twitter. 🙂

      A non-pc tweet he did like
      brought another pc to his sight.
      Murder, mayhem and mourning
      pushed aside so a warning
      could be issued to him in the night.

      There once was a policeman called Matt
      who was growing exceedingly fat
      instead of the beat
      where he’d take lots of heat
      he solved crimes from where he was sat.

      There once was a man from the Humber
      Who was harshly woken from slumber
      For the terrible crime
      Of retweeting a rhyme
      And now the cops have his number.

      There once was a transgender, tender
      Whose feelings were put through a blender
      He/she cried to Humberside
      And they unto twitter cried
      The transgender gender defender

      There once was a man with a rhyme
      Who found himself charged with a crime.
      The cops check their sheets,
      He’d made thirty tweets,
      And now he is doing hard time.

      There once was a Humberside copper,
      who joined the force just to be a crime stopper.
      but since budgets cuts came
      real crime rose again
      because you sat on twitter
      and told us how to think proper’.

      One of the original tweets that may have been complained about in the local paper.
      “You’re a man.
      “You’re breasts are made of silicone
      “Your vagina goes nowhere
      “And we can tell the difference
      “Even when you are not there
      “Your hormones are synthetic
      “And lets just cross this bridge
      “What you have you stupid man
      “Is male privilege.”




  9. Supercars: Scott McLaughlin’s spectacular crash rules him out of Gold Coast race

    “The 20-minute session ended under a red flag, after McLaughlin’s Mustang hit the inside kerb at 140km/h at the tough concrete wall-lined street circuit and ended up on its side on turn four.”

    That’s a bit of a mess!



    • Must have fallen out of favour. The Yanks are major supporters of radical Islam under the guise of regime change. They have done it in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan and supported Islamic separatists and terrorists within the Russian Federation.

      Most of the leadership of ISIS came from Saudi Arabia and Chechnya. The biggest suppliers of arms were the USA and Saudi Arabia.

      ISIS has never attacked any country that the USA was not attacking anyway. And has never laid a hand on Israel.



  10. I was very angry to see the News on TV One tonight. It showed the horrible mothers complaining about young children’s anxiety about the so-called climate emergency. It is these stupid cows who are creating their anxiety. The is no emergency.



  11. This proves beyond a doubt who and what the goal is. Now they’ve dispensed with boats and human caravans.
    Lets fly’em in.
    Look out NZ we are in for a pretty rough time from here on in.
    Don’t bother asking.
    Cindy will love this idea and offer HER plane to the arseholes.

    UN Flies ‘First’ EU-funded Planeloads of Somalis, Syrians to Germany, Romania




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