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  1. My attempt to change the KB wikipedia entry seems to have paid off.
    They asked me for some references that KB was no longer right wing.
    In the meantime I had advised DF to change it.
    And it appears that it has now been changed to a more accurate desription on Wikipedia and Google searches (but I now use DuckDuckgo)



  2. MMM well, middle of last night was awoken by gunfire somewhere close by in Greerton. comes after a nasty gang confrontation down the road yesterday. Looks like the cops are targeting the wrong gun owners.



  3. Europe feeling the farmers, yellow vest, protests, and now another industry.

    …. construction workers in orange high-visibility jackets. …..
    ….. protesting government limits on nitrogen emissions and rules about transporting sand and earth contaminated with tiny amounts of chemicals known as PFAS, which are used in firefighting foam, nonstick pots and pans, water-repellent clothing and many other households and personal items. …..
    …… Dutch government to push through reforms aimed at cleaning up the environment and reducing emissions without hurting essential industries like construction and agriculture. …….
    …… showed some 308 projects worth more than 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) have been affected by PFAS limitations. ……


    It would be the zealous, overbearing, authoritarian, social human science bureaucracy, making rules and regulations, that do not know practical causes and consequent effects.

    The governments bring fear to the people, when it should be;-
    Governments should Fear the People, that is the net taxpayer and rate payer.



  4. Where does the Unions, NZMedia and Labour get its figures from and if it is from and if they are right NZ is virtually fucked with the present total of money that has been thrown at at poverty in the tree month up until September 2019. Poverty reaches Crisis levels with a half a million people struggling to put food on the table.
    Is Labour and the Coalition just throwing money at this problem or is this a Union made accusation or is the figure of housing grants $41 million with hardship grants $161 million in the 3months up until September 2019 just give, give, give to bolster the vote for the 2020 General Election.



    • Yes it is pretty hard out there if you don’t have a good job and a good income.
      Never mind buying food, you’ve got to pay the rent or mortgage first, then the power.
      Then there are clothes, petrol, stuff for the house etc etc.
      Plus luxuries such as mobile phones, sky, netfilx, booze, drugs.



    • Another ratchet, tool to be used to keep & gain power, to buy, and cause stress, to own many voters, to gain further socialistic steps, socialism+ -‘ism’s 🙁
      All part of the Cloward Piven stratgety of total socialism.

      I actually believe that Bill English was the one who could see through this and developed a strategy to counter this.
      To remain in power and so be able to put in place, and how long this would take to work, and be effective is another issue.
      It is a pity that it was not able to come to bear and be trumpeted about, in the first part of the Key administration.
      I do recognize the “cupboard is bare” was the first challenge, as well as the “2008 financial crises”, and then the Christchurch earth quakes.

      In the mean time, the ratchets on the path to full socialism that is inherently in Labour, Greens, New First, are relentless over the decades. They twist & turn to brainwash use this to gain and keep power.

      Like using [Thomas] Piketty proposes redistribution through a progressive global tax on wealth. …..
      appointed to the British Labour Party’s Economic Advisory Committee, convened by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and reporting to Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn. …..
      in favour of a “credible and bold basic income”


      Looking for other peoples money to spend on “taking care of you” and so vote for me.

      What I did not understand of the National government was the pursuit of greater gross GDP by immigration, that allowed per capita GDP to stagnate.
      Immigration also bought about other unintended consequences, with regard to infrastructure, roading, sewerage, schooling, housing, etc., and other social demands.



    • The solution to poverty is actually very simple, but it takes time:

      1. Attend school and get a proper education
      2. Learn a useful skill
      3. Get a job
      4. Stick at it

      Oh wait. That’s not possible in NZ now, because 1. above isn’t available anymore.

      Welcome to Ayowteaarower.



  5. Two years ago, Shane Jones returned to Parliament as a NZ First MP. He spoke to the NZ Herald about those telling-offs from the PM, which Green MP has got the measure of him, and what he wants out of a future coalition agreement.

    NZ First MP Shane Jones is ramming chunks of kiwifruit into his mouth with a sharp kitchen knife.

    An observation about the dangers of such a practice prompts a monologue in the first person:

    “Jones was putting slices of kiwifruit in pursuit of a better dietary outcome with a dangerously sharp knife near his mouth and lips. There was some suggestion he’d cut his own tongue out.”

    Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

    Those hoping for such an outcome – metaphorically at least – may or may not include Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

    Ardern has had to put on a show of telling Jones off on several occasions.

    Focus Live: PM Jacinda Ardern’s on Shane Jones shooting banned AR-15 on holiday

    They included the Regional Economic Development Minister’s exuberant attacks on “corporate peacocks” to his comments to a forestry conference that they should vote for NZ First if they wanted the money to keep rolling into the industry.

    The most recent example was over a photo of Jones on his holiday in Thailand using a gun that would be banned in New Zealand. He was supposed to have spent that holiday reading the Cabinet Manual.

    Ardern’s efforts have proved akin to wrestling the Hydra.

    On each occasion Jones issued promises to be better behaved in future.

    Related articles: NEW ZEALAND Davis takes charge of Cabinet as Peters pursues lawsuit 1 Nov, 2019 10:35am 2 minutes to read

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Shane Jones. Photo / John Stone

    On each occasion he promptly forgot the promises.

    Jones has been back in Parliament for two years now, two years as a NZ First MP rather than the Labour MP he was for nine years between 2005 and 2014.

    Advertisement Advertise with NZME.

    He left when Labour was in Opposition to go and be a diplomat for three years. He had sorely tested some in Labour, so it is fair to say it was a mutually beneficial uncoupling.

    He was lured back into politics by Peters and the prospect of the limelight once again.
    The liberation NZ First affords him suits him just fine.

    “It is not a party that is beholden to either the union movement, or perhaps responsible for being standard-bearers of political correctness.”

    Now, he says, he is “very happy”.


    Shane Jones on holiday. Photo / Facebook

    “The type of leadership exhibited by Winston Peters in our caucus is not micromanagement. There is an assumption that someone my age – 60 years old – battle-scarred, has already learnt the rules, learnt the boundaries. And that suits my style well.”

    He admits others may disagree that he lives up to this assumption. But he does not give a fig for the PM’s scoldings.

    “Whilst it may have not made for flash reading for my status as a Kaitaia sort of aging tyro, the bottom line is it doesn’t bother me.

    She has to do her role. And I think in a couple of cases, I have to wear it.”

    He proceeds to do this by re-litigating the forestry event, saying he had given the same pitch many times before.

    Shane Jones has been asked to study the Cabinet Manual, the rule book that’s meant to apply to ministers’ behaviour, while on holiday.

    His defence is that he did not literally bribe anyone.

    “But I did say ‘if you want this sort of kaupapa, this sort of Crown fiscal commitment to your industry, then back it, and I’m the only guy on offer’.

    “So it was pretty much as was reported to her. But I give those speeches ton a regular basis and I don’t think that’s bribing. But the Cabinet Manual is definitely against that.”

    Asked if the scoldings have any effect given they only seem to egg him onto worse behaviour, he more or less admits Ardern is fighting a lost cause.

    “Winston Peters describes me as reflecting character. Character in personality, and character in content. I’m just not going to change being comfortable with seeking out headlines.”

    He then turns on the hand that feeds, adding in a gratuitous “to the extent that New Zealand media will remain relevant to reporting politics”.

    “I’m just not going to change. And from time to time those headlines might annoy people but they don’t reflect any deep problem. They reflect the fact I am a politician of character, of colour. And stand by, because there is lots more to come.”

    Others who might wish that vegetable knife would slip could include some big corporates.

    Jones’ trademark has become his attacks on the big corporates he has taken a dislike to.

    They include Fonterra, Spark, Air New Zealand and various “Australian-owned” banks.

    Shane Jones attacks Spark’s Simon Moutter. / Parliament TV

    Then came the “foreign-owned forestry companies” who he blamed for dobbing him in for using a forestry convention to put in a pitch for votes.

    He says he was proven right in every instance – from his claim former Air NZ CEO Chris Luxon would stand for National, to Fonterra’s investments, to the Rugby World Cup rights “being a vanity project for Spark CEO Simon Moutter”.

    “And I’ve never had any apologies from the breathless reporters who said I should have been sacked. Every single one has come to pass.”


    Burying the hatchet: Former Air NZ chief executive Christopher Luxon with Shane Jones. Photo / Supplied

    His pot shots could be considered unhelpful to business confidence as the business sector tries to adjust to the sometimes unpredictable shape of the Coalition Government.

    Jones says business confidence is driven by small and medium businesses, and he only has nice things to say about those. “I am their pin-up boy. They love me.”

    Anyone who dares criticise him back is dismissed as a National Party stooge.

    But Jones is the National Party’s best hope of a future relationship, and he does have some dreams his current coalition partner does not necessarily share which involve roads.

    He wants to sort out State Highway 2 north of Tauranga, and the proposed Penlink route to Whangaparaoa north of Auckland, “and it may not surprise you to know that we want both rail and roads in Tai Tokerau. I’m going to need better roads when the port re-locates out of Auckland.”


    Shane Jones and Far North Mayor John Carter prepare to plant trees. Photo / Peter de Graaf

    That port plan, too, is as yet little more than a very expensive pipe-dream. But Jones is an optimist.

    “It takes a while to build roads, so nothing much is going to happen before the next election. But after the next election, if we have the mandate then that mandate will be sealed with tarmac.”

    These dreams are also partly the reason the Green Party has an awkward relationship with Jones.

    While both love trees, Jones also likes roads and mines and other such things. The Greens do not.

    Jones is also keen to use some Department of Conservation land for Provincial Growth Fund projects and forestry.

    Green MP Eugenie Sage is the Minister of Conservation, and this may have led to some invigorating exchanges which could he heard from some distance away. It also seems she has the measure of him.

    “I get along very well with James [Shaw]. I think if you ask any of them, they will say I have been nothing but professional with them.

    “My level of influence over Eugenie as a fellow politician is zero.

    “My batting average there is not good at all. But I treat her with the utmost respect.”

    Asked if the same could be said of Sage’s treatment of him, he laughs. “She probably treats me as she sees me.”

    When this is put to Sage, she opts to focus on the areas they have agreed on, such as waste minimisation and native tree planting.

    “Shane Jones and I don’t always agree. Neither of us are shy about sharing our views.

    “You always know where you stand with Shane and I respect him for that, and admire his oratory.”

    Minister of Regional Economic Development Shane Jones’ way with words. / Parliament TV

    Then there is Jones and the media. When it comes to the media, Peters and Jones are good cop and bad cop.

    Jones courts the media attention. Peters thrives on it, but puts on a display of fighting it every step of the way.

    Jones says he lacks Peters’ “lineage” and has always believed that to get the message out it is critical to cultivate the right relationship with the media.

    “But know this from me: as they burnish you, they can garnish you for a bloody feast as well. I’ve had personal experience with that.

    “At one level they can build a halo around you. And at another level they can bring you perilously, fatally close to the hangi stones and cook you. Hmm.”

    The interview was on the day Peters and Newshub’s Mark Richardson exchanged insults after Peters said “good riddance” following the news Newshub was for sale.

    Jones, put in a position of either backing his boss or courting the media, opts for the first.

    He has this to say of poor Richardson:

    “I think Mark is case where a personality has been created inversely related to intelligence. I don’t think he has any training, any authority to comment on current affairs. He may have been a maiden bowler, but in my view his ability to influence New Zealand politics is zero. So I don’t give him much thought at all.”

    This uncharacteristic grumpiness could be because Jones is on a diet.

    The endless stream of Provincial Growth Fund announcements, launches and events, the morning teas and afternoon teas have taken their toll.


    Shane Jones and his wife Dot Jones host a party at their Kerikeri home. Photo / Jason Oxenham

    He has hit 129kgs so his wife Dot Jones (who can boss him around with more effect than Ardern) put him under orders.

    It is why he is eating kiwifruit with his knife.

    The detritus of previous diets is littered around his office, indicating the new diet will not necessarily be a success.

    He picks up a half-empty packet of rice cakes and reads the “best before” date. It is April 2019.

    The only other person who can boss Jones around is Peters.

    When Jones is asked about succession in NZ First, he starts frantically shovelling kiwifruit into his mouth with his sharp knife again.

    He won’t even let the question end, such is the sacrilegious nature of it.

    “Oh, we don’t speculate or talk about in any shape or form the leadership or succession in NZ First. Malaysia has a very sturdy leader, he is the age of 92 or 93.”

    He laughs in some panic when it is emphasised that the question was not when Peters would go, but rather how long Jones could wait.

    “No, no. I am very much a pillion passenger. I have nothing to add for fear of wandering into some tapu area, where there are unexploded mines.”


    Shane Jones takes the back seat to his leader, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters. With fellow MPs Tracey Martin (l) and Ron Mark (r). Photo / Mark Mitchell

    The question may well be redundant anyway if NZ First strikes out in 2020.

    He will carry some of the weight of trying to get the party back into Parliament – and prove himself a worthy successor to Peters.

    He pretends he is not worried about the polls, which put NZ First around 3 or 4 per cent.

    He has decided that the lesson of historic examples of smaller parties being squashed out after terms in government is “a backwards looking view”.

    He says he does not want to speak ill of his government buddies, but makes it clear he is relying on voters baulking at the prospect of a Labour–Green government which does not feature NZ First.

    “But I doubt that there’s a market out there for a pure Green-Labour concoction. But that’s not my decision. It’s a decision for the voters.

    “So I’m going to continually promote the fact that we are unique, we are distinctive and we will hold the balance of power.”

    The insurance policy against the 5 per cent threshold is securing an electorate seat.

    Jones is tipped to stand in Northland, but he will be up against National’s Matt King and may need a helping hand from Labour after King reclaimed the seat from Winston Peters in 2017.

    Jones points out he has stood there in the past “and they have not showered me with electoral affection”.

    “Look, I am comfortable with guns. We see Matt [King] in the seat of Northland as the white elephant. And if I have the chance to stand in that seat, then we will throw everything including the kitchen sink into giving a credible choice to the voters from Mangawhai, Dargaville, Bay of Islands to Spirits Bay.”

    Guns, elephants and kitchen sinks are quite some election strategy.



  6. I watched a rugby game last night and Wales was playing some team who seemed to be copying the well known playing style of the All Blacks. They had all the running, passing and tackling skills that the All Blacks were known for in their day. I wonder who they were….?



  7. Lets hope if arrested, that these children can not be deported to New Zealand.

    ….. the children were not scared of the law. ….
    ….. call in a government helicopter to help track the alleged offenders.
    As a result all flights out of Townsville Airport had to be diverted and delayed to make sure the airspace was clear. …..


    How did this develop? parents? ferals? natives? kiwis? refugee? education? ahh social, humanity, political, science concepts ? ? ?
    There must be a shovel ready cure as all the sociologists will point out like, increased recreation, education, a youth drop in centre”? hmmm 🙁



  8. All very German logic, in seeking carbon neutrality.
    Keep on cutting trees down, one way or another, and for the sake of the environment, to keep the welcome, nice and warm for the refugees.

    The Tagebau Hambach is a large open-pit coal mine (German: Tagebau) in Niederzier and Elsdorf, North Rhine–Westphalia, Germany. It is operated by RWE and used for mining lignite.

    The mine is on the site of the ancient Hambach Forest which was purchased by RWE in 1978. They then cut most of it down and cleared it to mine.
    Only 10% of the forest area remains.
    RWE plans to clear half of the remaining area of the forest between around 2018 and 2020


    Successfully closing down its nuclear power plants, and soon will be complete.
    Later they will have a large hill, creating a view, and a lake, that may involved a scheme of “pumped storage”. Not sure if this is a “battery storage” or charging system?

    This time to continue on for the good of the environment of trees and birds, to transition by Germany to a low carbon, environmentally sound, reliable, and affordable energy supply.
    Some things are just in the way, to the path of zero carbon, so cut down hundreds of acres of trees, and slice and dice birds.

    official Elmar Wiezorek, placing the turbines in fields posed an even greater environmental hazard: “The forest had the least problems.”

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”
    H. L. Mencken



  9. Everybody’s Lying About the Link Between Gun Ownership and Homicide

    There is no clear correlation whatsoever between gun ownership rate and gun homicide rate. Not within the USA. Not regionally. Not internationally. Not among peaceful societies. Not among violent ones. Gun ownership doesn’t make us safer. It doesn’t make us less safe. A bivariate correlation simply isn’t there. It is blatantly not-there. It is so tremendously not-there that the “not-there-ness” of it alone should be a huge news story.




  10. The plods win again.
    Whitianga Hotel closing after losing liquor battle++

    On a sunny Thursday morning, more than 20 workers from a Whitianga bar were told they had lost their jobs.

    Amid the shock there were tears, hugs, and looks of disbelief.

    Cutting staff was the last thing business owners Tony and Lisa Dowse wanted to do, but with their application to renew their liquor licence being declined, it was the only option.

    Their house was already on the market, and the car had been put up on TradeMe. They don’t expect their business – The Whitianga Hotel – to last long without a licence.

    After a hearing on September 17 before the Thames-Coromandel District Licensing Committee, the couple were told their application to renew their liquor licence had been declined. It faced opposition from the licensing inspector and Police.

    They now have until November 30 to sell alcohol at the waterfront bar. They asked the committee to allow them to continue trading until a hearing takes place, but they were declined.

    “We’re not guilty but they’ve given us a life sentence,” Lisa said.

    “They’ve timed it perfectly. They said it will take six months to reach the appeal, and by that stage it will be the shoulder season when there’s no money to be made.

    “They’ve actually killed us.”




  11. Refugees are fleeing Denmark, a Scandinavian ‘wonderland,’ en masse

    The Danish government recently cut welfare benefits for refugees and now only allows family reunifications after a one-year delay. “For refugees that have left behind their families in war zones or other precarious circumstances, a year is a long time,” Whyte said. But he added that the Danish reception system isn’t nearly as tough as its reputation.

    On Wednesday, however, Danish authorities stopped all trains connecting the country to continental Europe through Germany in order to prevent refugees from crossing the border. Meanwhile, refugees who were already in the country refused to register because they feared having to stay. Most were transferred to a school in Padborg, but 300 of them decided to leave.


    Sanity returning perhaps?



  12. Seeing our hosts meme for the day reminds me of a recent crime report.

    Police attending an incident in South Auckland returned to their car to find it up on bricks. Officers are working tyrelessly to find the culprit.

    I’ll get my coat.



  13. Apologies if already featured here –

    Katie Hopkins in a crowd of Muslim savages in London.


    She is only small but she holds herself well. (has had part of her skull removed after a brain tumour was removed – she shouldn’t be doing this)
    The cops are not reacting surprised to the filth happening around them it’s just normal “they’re getting a bit aggressive”. She was at serious risk
    These old Muslim goats are “very un-British”.

    The entire YouTube channel has current new of Pro-Brexit protests and Tommy Robinson News

    Your welcome 🙂



  14. Just watched a video on statistical trends.
    Conservatives are having more kids than liberals. Yay.
    This means the doomsayers are buggered in the future.
    The trend is widening.

    Have a nice evening.

    Republicans Have More Kids Than Democrats. A Lot More Kids.

    “The political Right is having a lot more kids than the political Left,” he explained. “The gap is actually 41 percent.” Data on the U.S. birth rate from the General Social Survey confirms this trend—a random sample of 100 conservative adults will raise 208 children, while 100 liberal adults will raise a mere 147 kids. That’s a massive gap




    • I also read that blue collar workers who are not so highly educated tend to be more pro America and vote for Trump, whilst the “highly educated” tend to vote democrat.
      Now less and less people are bothering with higher education, so that’s another trend in favor of Trump.



      • The white educated middle classes [fuckwits for short] oppose Trump as a social marker and identifier. Same deal with most of what they profess to believe. It is about fitting in. They don’t have opinions in the way decent people do.

        You have to understand the mentality of fuckwits. It is all about image and being part of their sickening snobbish circles. They are totally amoral and care nothing for people.



      • It underscores the march through the institutions.

        The Marxist filth have taken over the tertiary institutions and messed with their victims (aka student) heads.
        We saw this with the screwing up of the polytechs that taught people useful things and turned them into C Grade universities – that themselves went downhill with utterly useless courses like gender studies, womenz studies art history and other completely feckless pursuits.

        You see the results.
        Not all are as overt as Massey Agricultural College in being woke. Most of the rest are more cunning.
        Unless you are there for STEM, Law, or Commerce go straight to bar tending or barista.
        Do not pass GO and do not collect a student debt of $10,000s



  15. A couple of weeks ago the Prime Minister sidestepped another issue when she acknowledged that gay conversion therapy is religious freedom for some. This in response to the Justice Select Committee’s decision not to recommend a ban on the controversial practice.

    It harks back to a group of Roman Catholic bishops who claimed psychiatrists can help cure gay people. https://cruxnow.com/church-in-europe/2019/04/11/from-conversion-therapy-to-immigration-church-draws-fire-in-spain/

    Perhaps the same psychiatrists could help cure people who believe in the existence of an invisible, undetectable Skydaddy.



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