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No woke LGBT shit in nature.
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  1. Pressure in many different ways on the wind-power system.

    Once lavished with huge incentives, the German wind industry is being hit hard after the government recently ended the huge subsidies that were once aimed at expanding the installation of wind energy capacity.

    Power grid operators had been struggling to keep the grid stable due to erratic feed-in and the subsidized feed-in of wind energy caused German electricity prices to become among the most expensive worldwide.

    …….. setback rules will become more strict in order to protect homes and residents from landscape blight and infrasound. ….
    ….. “The planned distance rules for wind turbines are devastating,”….

    …. “Contrary to all public announcements, the federal government is thus making further expansion of wind power impossible. This is tantamount to a boycott of the Paris Climate Treaty and its own climate targets.” Baerbock also told RND: “The federal government claims to want to get out of coal but at the same time is stopping the expansion of wind power.”

    Overstatement about boycott, as hypocritical Germany will expect every else to pull their weight, and more, to do their share.

    Sorry Germany, as Danish firm Vestas has a new confirmed order in NZ.

    Mercury’s Chief Executive, Fraser Whineray, announced today that Mercury has committed to build the remaining 27 consented turbines at Turitea, at a cost of $208 million, adding to the 33-turbine project announced earlier this year….
    …. funded from existing debt facilities. ….

    Zero Carbon Bill by the New Zealand Parliament,” Mr Whineray said. …..
    ….. The newly enacted legislation sets up a framework by which New Zealand’s policy on climate change will be developed in the effort to achieve the aims* of the 2015 Paris Agreement.


    There seems to be (aims*) spare money “slooshing” around in the government system to be had? 🙁



  2. Mongrel Mob PR compares gang to Christchurch mosque attack victims

    “Louisa Hutchinson made the startling comparison on Tuesday night’s episode of The Project.

    Hutchinson moved to Hamilton the same day as the Christchurch mosque attack. She says she was inspired to take up work for the notorious gang after witnessing what she describes as the “love and compassion they had for the Muslim community”.



  3. Extra significance for NZ today as planet Mercury makes rare waltz across sun


    “The transit of Mercury happens only about 13 times every 100 years.

    At Cook’s Beach in the Coromandel this morning, the transit had extra significance.

    There, almost 250-years-ago to the day, astronomer Charles Green from the Endeavour was looking at the same thing.”



    • Yes, they need to be much faster, and better quality.
      If they were built faster they should cost less.
      Winston Peters said on Magic Talk yesterday that he also is going to do something about our long infrastructure build time.



      • Why the hell would you ever quote Winston Peters?

        Unless you give it a sarc mark // then it suggests you fall for his lies.

        If you quote known liars without identifying that they are liars most of the time then you are willingly adding to the lies and misdirection.

        Peters is a known liar ?
        Hold up a sign.

        Peters put in the COL who have cancelled, downgraded or postponed most scheduled roading projects: Melling; SH58; Petone to Tawa; Levin; Wellsford; Tauranga; Waikato snailway; etc

        If you call cheese cutters but not one centimeter of motorway infrastructure – fine;
        if you call culling inner city roads to 30 km/hr then fine;
        if you call building non contributing cycleways infrastructure then fine.

        But Deputy Prime Minister and pension rorter (allegedly) Peters is a major liar along with PTPM.
        Please identify this when you quote him.



  4. NZ’s Greatest Living Physicist- who you’ve never heard of!

    Prof Micheal Kelly is a titan in international academia. Emeritus Professor at Cambridge University Engineering a man who has been a Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government, fellow of the real Royal Society (the UK one – not the groupthink version in Wellington)

    But somehow, in our own country – where we fawn over our own 3rd rate academics and bestow gongs and public funding on them left, right and centre for research that by world standards is usually of questionable quality – a man who has made it in the toughest academic institution in the world is unknown! He has had a career that dwarfs those of any living NZ scientist and yet he’s a non-person in his country of birth. We know about a middling basketball player in Oklahoma. We know about Scott Dixon a champion in a motor sport no one here understands. We all know about Peter Gluckman a pedeatrician turned scientist.

    How is that possible that Micheal Kelly hasn’t been knighted to for services to engineering or to teaching?

    I’ll tell you how – it’s because Micheal Kelly demonstrates that the science of Climate Change is nonsense!

    His presentation shows the utter nonsense of the Extinction Rebellion cultists, noting that to achieve their desired zero carbon outcome “herds of unicorns” will be needed.

    This is the same zero carbon outcome that National have signed up to – we know Cindy is a liar and cares not for the truth when pursuing the goals of her globalist masters. But what does it say when the opposition are lock step in a piece of legislation that will require “herds of unicorns” to achieve?

    Despite having one of the most distinguished academic and teaching careers of any living New Zealander – he has been non-personned by his country of birth. His intellectually robust and wise voice has to be silenced and we must not ever mention his name.

    What has New Zealand become?



    • Here we have Renwick trotted out every time they want “expert”. The latest was having him rubbish Sean Rush’s submission, at committee stage, to the Zero Carbon bill. Rush, who is a new Wellington City Councillor basically said CC was from natural causes but he also decided to do a one year Masters course run by Renwick to try to learn more.
      The Lefties who obviously did not like the fact that Rush became a Councillor, first got him pushed out of being Chairman of the transport committee ,then they got a tame journalist to write a negative article on his submission and then went to Renwick to rubbished it –very professional of Renwick, no one can disagree with the CC narrative.

      So that is the standard of “experts” in NZ Universities.

      Rush also, about a year ago, helped organise to get Micheal Kelly to come out to NZ and talk to the National Party people and the proposed bill –unfortunately that does not seemed to have helped.



      • The cockroaches of the media were certainly scampering around laying their eggs of deceit over that story.

        High Priest Jimmy Renwick certainly got his money’s worth out of the lying media filth.

        What a knob he is.

        …The current fires in NSW cover four times the land area that burned during the whole of 2018…” This is why the world needs urgent #ClimateAction…

        Jeez Jimmy the weather is not the same every year and the amount of vegetation that burns is not the same.
        Rainfall varies, sun activity varies, mercury does not come around every year and so on.
        For a so called scientist Renwick appears to not understand mathematics and the normal distribution (Bell) curve.

        If you get commission for selling houses you are going to sell as many houses as you can.
        You are not going to tell people it is a bad time to buy, even if the market is off.

        If you get income (commission) from spreading hysteria about global warming you are going to rant on and on about globby warming.



  5. Maybe this is why Winston Peters took all the pension money, besides the whiskey, so he could loan it out to the Party? 🙁

    alleges that “money allocated to support the campaign was not used for the purpose in which it was donated”, and “members who paid huge amounts of money towards the campaign and promised repayment did not receive any reimbursement”. …..
    ….. impression is that a proportion of the 2017 New Zealand First candidates felt scammed. Some claim they spent their own money on the campaign and never got reimbursed. ….


    Finally coming to a head? after a month.
    Professor Geddes is asking on RNZ that more needs to be known about this,
    Who are the ones making the loans? multiple loans?
    Just who, what is the mysterious Foundation, as it appears to be another Foundation as well, that lends the money?
    No origin of money declared as hidden by loan after loan to repay the loan etc..
    Should not the voters know who the financial backers of NZ First?
    So something not to be talked about? ?
    “Not to be discussed?” 🙁

    Just following the money flow, though every seems to forget previous history, the Trusts, etc., etc.. 🙂
    “Now you listen here sonny”



  6. New technology helps vulnerable Kiwis feel safer

    “High-profile disappearances of people suffering from dementia have recently hit the headlines.

    GPSOS – a company based in Whanganui – has been innovative in creating a technologically advanced, monitored GPS-based pendant.”

    Granny tracker 👵

    PS: Love the sexy carrots. They haven’t got any pants on!



  7. The bride’s father was trying to marry off his daughter quickly because the doctors said she was a high risk of heart failure and probably would not last more than a year. They were married but the father felt guilty so he took the unsuspecting groom aside and said, “Son I have to tell you something about my daughter. She’s got acute angina.” The groom enthusiastically replied, “I know, sir, and a great set of tits too!”



  8. So these Maori authorities that should not have authority have called in the police to accompany the contractors about to erase trees planted by our ancestors .
    There is absolutely no need to fell the trees but is there a politician that will stand up against this cleansing of history.
    No there is not.
    We are fast seeing the result of giving authority and special seats and voting to people based on race.



  9. Have had a sneak preview of the changes to YSB.
    The speed is mind boggling
    New comment field at the bottom of each post.
    Each page now has the links etc on the right side of pages (No Poll or election clock. They were faulty plug-ins. The old site had 9 plug-ins that were slowing down the speed. The new YSB has 1)
    Easier navigation around pages.
    New Logo
    Hosted now in Singapore instead of USA
    Under testing now and should be up for you to use on the weekend.



    • It is still unresponsive on Brave Browser.
      Loads the page and appears to be logged in
      but cant uptick let alone post or reply.

      Possibly the power of Google being used to crush it.
      That is the norm for US companies since the days of Standard Oil.
      The oil companies and Bell telephone were broken down .
      This has not happened in IT world at this point and they happily abuse the power.

      For now I am back to 80%+ Google Chrome.
      My experience with Brave/Duck duck go is that searching is so close to useless I don’t waste time.
      Mainly for reading overseas papers to cut down on the advert loading and make it run quicker with lower resource overhead.



    • I do appreciate that there are 20 “recent comments” so it is easy to check back on the latest comments, even if it is not fully used up…
      Also good for the optimistic view of ahead when there are many comments being put up in a short period of time.. 🙂



    • A comment from your link:

      ……”I argued for some time with Jim Bolger – a Waikato MP as well as PM – that he should be on my Pacific Waikato bfast show as were Anderton, Moore & Peters. He puffed out his chest & said “”But ayeee am the *Prime Minister*” Arrogance isn’t uncommon in politics in egalitarian NZ.”………

      The commenter was Rex Widerstrom, one of the most interesting commentators from the Kiwiblog of yore.

      It would seem that even National Party socialists such as The Great Helmsman are not immune to becoming arrogant arseholes after being given power. Socialism is the defining factor.



  10. This is how to do business. The annual Chinese “Singles Day” 11 Nov.

    This year the Alibaba platform did US $38.4 Billion and JD.com did US$29.2 billion.
    On Alibaba they did US$14 billion in the first 64 minutes –it has become a bit of a game and the kids line up their online shopping baskets ready to push the button seconds after 12 midnight.
    But no matter, the figures are impressive. My wife said she read where the NZ cosmetics brand Antipodies sent up 14 shipping containers of product for the day long sale.



  11. There’s a new phobia doing the rounds. Have you ever suffered symptoms such as increased heart rate & blood pressure, shortness of breath, anxiety, nausea, trembling, dizziness, depression, discomfort, fear or panic?

    If so then you may be suffering from “nomophobia” aka “the irrational fear of losing or not having access to one’s mobile phone”.

    “Therapies for nomophobia range from interpersonal counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and addiction therapy. Exposure therapy can also be used, first exposing the individual to their phobia in therapy (ie, not taking the phone in the room with them) and gradually moving to real-life scenarios.”


    Your humble correspondent would instead recommend a dose of HTFU followed by a kick in the arse. 🙂



  12. A serious problem when successive governments promote sub standard education standards and irresponsible parenting as the only way to survive in the world.

    When you subsidize abysmal choices, the result is an entire generation trying to cope with nothing more than a television between their ears.

    American millennials’ mental and physical health is on the decline — and they’re on track to die faster than Gen X, a new report says

    There has also been a rise in accidental deaths, which overall make up a larger share of mortality among millennials than they did for Gen Xers at the same age, the latest Blue Cross report found. It’s worth noting that accidental deaths from heroin and other opioid overdoses specifically have increased by 1,400% among all generations from 2010 to 2017.




      • What goes around…


        …The demand for Chinese luxury goods (particularly silk, porcelain, and tea) created a trade imbalance between China and Britain. European silver flowed into China through the Canton System, which confined incoming foreign trade to the southern port city of Canton.

        To counter this imbalance, the British East India Company began to grow opium in Bengal, in present-day Bangladesh, and allowed private British merchants to smuggle it into China illegally.

        The influx of narcotics reversed the Chinese trade surplus, drained the economy of silver, and increased the numbers of opium addicts inside the country, outcomes that seriously worried Chinese officials…



  13. Simon Bridges kicked out of Parliament for mocking Trevor Mallard

    “Bridges then asked Mallard “to reflect on the tape.

    Because it does much rather seem that your left ear is rather more acute at picking these things up than your right ear.”

    Mallard then gave the National MP his marching orders.

    “It’s just run of the mill Parliament,” Bridges said afterwards. “All in a day’s work.”



  14. Opinion: Nativism in New Zealand: What does NZ First really stand for?


    “In my own research, I define nativism as “an ideology which perceives and depicts migration in general or a particular migrant group as a serious threat to native communities. This threat can be cultural, demographic, political, economic or physical but often combines several or all of these forms.”

    Consider Shane Jones’ recent comments. After criticism of Immigration New Zealand’s policy of denying family visa status to partners from arranged marriages, he said Indian immigrants “had no legitimate expectations…to bring your whole village to New Zealand.” He labeled criticism “a Bollywood overreaction.” And stated that if Indians didn’t like it they should “catch the next flight home”.

    Then, in a more recent email to supporters titled “We are not backing down on immigration”, Jones wrote “I’m giving a voice to the anxieties of hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who upon learning we’re now reaching 5 million people, substantially grown by immigration…” He has also said, “I am absolutely empowered, with my particular ancestry and lineage, to raise these issues.” Signaling that the party will run on a platform of reducing immigration in 2020 he said: “You are going to hear a lot more about this from me next year.”



  15. The Millane murder trial is scraping new lows daily. The prosecution are dredging up a bunch of skanks to perjure themselves and make up stories about how they “felt” in order to invoke moral outrage. Assisted by the man hating media.

    I wonder if the Court would allow Grace’s Tinder dates to be examined – to determine her rough sex fetish?

    I really can’t see an adequate defence without doing so.



  16. The shift right in Spain is gaining momentum.

    Political stalemate and the rise of the right: what you need to know about the Spanish Election

    Spain, along with Portugal, where a rare case in the European Union as they did not have far-right parties represented in their parliament. However, in the elections of April 28th Spain was no longer the exception and the Vox party burst into Congress with 24 deputies,




        • Here is the bit about social media.

          “Henry disputed a claim by Bruce Gray QC, for the ministers, that there had been no social media reports of Peters’ overpayment presented to the court that had occurred before Peters issued his press release announcing that news.

          He pointed to a Kiwiblog posting about the risks for Peters if the overpayment news was correct. However he gave the court the date August 28 for the Kiwiblog comment, and that was actually the day after Peters issued his press release.

          The only social media content appearing before Peters went public had been three tweets from the writer of this article about a possible major political story, and the tweets did not mention him, his party, gender, age or superannuation.”

          Peters outed himself. No surprises there!

          And no there won’t be any apology from Peters to Paula and Anne for his pointless accusation.



  17. Just asking for a friend.
    When the drunken dwarf was away in the “hospital” for 6 weeks, can anyone confirm if the rumour is true that he was in rehab, in preparation for his court trials this week? No sign of any limping from a knee injury.



  18. Allan Barber reports that from a successful long-term market building strategy, New Zealand lamb exports to the USA have now grown to exceed those to the UK
    Allan Barber’s picture
    13th Nov 19, 9:42am
    by Allan Barber
    The Lamb Company was established nearly 60 years ago in Toronto to represent several New Zealand meat companies in North America, focusing initially on lamb and the Canadian market. In the intervening period there have been changes of shareholding – including AFFCO exiting in 2003 and Silver Fern Farms buying in – while the focus has broadened substantially to encompass the USA, beef, venison and goat as well as lamb, and the inclusion of Australian shareholders to enable the growing market demand to be satisfied year-round.

    The main shareholders in The Lamb Company comprising Canadian and US trading divisions are Alliance (about 44%), Silver Fern Farms (ca. 23%) and ANZCO (ca.13%) with the balance being held by the Australian investors


    Better than selling cheap to others.



  19. This dairy produce company in the states has just filed for bankruptcy


    A farmer posted this on a blog:

    Actually…grass fed organic whole milk never stays on the shelves longer than 24 hours after full stocking.

    It’s the other milk that people refuse to buy.
    – hormone filled
    – antibiotic filled
    – corn fed cow
    And watered down ridiculous BS.

    His response was due to his belief that the company was told to shutdown.



  20. Euthanasia bill passes final vote, goes to referendum

    Parliament has passed a bill legalising voluntary euthanasia in a historic vote, and turned the final decision on assisted dying over to the public.

    Politicians on Wednesday night voted through Act leader David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill 69 votes to 51, after a debate ending two years of fierce political arguments about the legislation and decades of attempts to get reforms through the House.

    It will now go to a public referendum alongside next year’s general election for a final test.

    Since the bill – which would let terminally ill adults request assisted dying – was introduced in 2017, Seymour has devoted the bulk of his time to seeing the legislation through eight protracted parliamentary debates and a record 39,000 submissions from the public.

    Well done Mr Seymour.



  21. Winston Peters has accepted in the High Court that two former National ministers he had been suing for $450,000 for breaching his privacy were not the source of the leak or responsible for it.

    In his closing submission today, Peters’ lawyer Brian Henry said both Anne Tolley and Paula Bennett denied in their evidence leaking information on Peters’ seven-year overpayment of superannuation – and the lawyer for the Ministry of Social Development and public servants did not challenge those denials.


    “That left the MSD in the position that they now cannot avoid a finding that the breach was on MSD,” Henry said. “The plaintiff was expecting a challenge from MSD to the ministers, but the MSD has not challenged the evidence that they [the ministers] did not leak.



  22. A question for the IT gurus. Recently when I go to link onto many of the sites I visit regularly I get bl…dy Stuff or the NZ Herald site coming on “in front” of the site I want.
    It is like some sort of click bait trick.

    Is there any way to stop this ??



    • I have had the same, scared me a bit as it was about Kim dotCon,
      An ad on the side, but frustrating as it blocks the site I want to read.
      Also I was worried like you, that clicking on the x might connect to something I really do not want.
      Then a full herald page, about the blooming dot com. occurred.
      A bit of a worry..
      So I did a ysb hys, advice of emptying the cache., shutting down etc.., but it seemed to work just for a very brief time and blooming heck, he was back.
      Did this a few times, but Kim would come back with a rollover view of his news, but eventually figured there was a connection to the herald.

      So I googled up ad blocking problems, sort the “tools” or security through windows, and some how worked through that. I
      I am not up to all these things, but got their and Kim has been deported from computer.

      Customize and control google chrome, sort of hamburger on the right side, then the menu and maybe then to security…
      Also had googled for help on this, and so followed through..as it advised through that menu, and now been clear a few days. wheeew 🙂



  23. A Royal Commission into the March 15 terror attacks has been extended by nearly five months.

    The commission was originally supposed to report back to the Government on December 10, but this deadline has been extended to April 30.

    Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin said more time was needed to “hear submissions and consider information”. The extension also comes with $3 million in extra funding.


    More money wasted on something so obvious.



  24. Dear

    Education is a priority for me.

    I come from a family of teachers and I’ve seen first-hand the difference it makes in the lives of Kiwis, both young and older, and the endless opportunities a good education can provide.

    What I’ve also seen in the Education space more recently under Labour is a dramatic return to a more centralised ‘Government knows best’ bureaucracy.

    A good education system should always have students, parents, and teachers at its core. Not some bureaucrats in Wellington taking control from you.

    In launching our Education Discussion document today, I wanted to lay down a few commitments and priorities we have in this space. We’re committed to:

    Smaller class sizes
    Strengthening teacher training
    Investing to ensure children with complex needs are supported
    Ensuring every child from year 1-8 has the opportunity to learn a second language
    Better management and investment in education infrastructure
    Restoring power and assets back to regional polytechnics and restoring industry training industry
    Ensuring we have a university in the top 50 university rankings by 2030
    Reinstating partnership schools
    We are also asking for your feedback on:

    Creating a parent, child, teacher progress record (Child Passport)
    How we can strengthen monitoring and evaluation of early childhood education services
    Exploring alternatives to first year Fees Free
    How we can improve our reporting systems for schools and parents
    A good education is a passport to greater opportunities and choice in life.

    National values education, we value the work our teachers do, and we want to ensure our children are supported. We’re doing the work now so we’re ready to hit the ground running in 2020.

    You can read our discussion document and have your say here

    We hope you like it – but more importantly that you enter into the contest of ideas with your feedback.





    • Good comments, MW

      however after Pike River, Kiwibuild, tree planting… harumph … or lack of progress on any,
      the end result will probably be a bunch of unqualified teacher aides on ‘living wage’ (so no training costs and no loss when they move on) but claim these in improving teacher student ratios.
      That is the best you will get.

      Soyman will go along with whatever Labour do.
      He is, after all, top puppy for Labour lite.



    • PS
      the biggest thing we need to do is get rid of the retarded Intermediate school thing.
      Either have a middle school of 3 or 4 years or not at all.
      It causes disruption, parents can have 3 children in 5 year age range at three different schools, short lived uniforms, one year a junior, then senior then move on.
      Crazy idea that nowhere else has.

      plus it was the place Kelvin Davis hid at for years before he got formal Witless protection.
      We need less of these.



      • Couldn’t agree more. Intermediate is completely pointless.
        Ours seems to have a disconnect with reality.
        We have had several notices home reminding up of the Kathmandu sale so we can pop in and stock up on things the kids need for camp.
        Who in their right mind sends kids to camp with brand new Kathmandu gear? Mine have always taken whatever we can find, (Op Shop if need be) and when the bag is unpacked most of it goes straight in the bin.



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