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  1. Idiocracy – it was a documentary, not satire

    I can’t quite put my finger on why, but as I’m typing this I can’t get Chloe Swarbrick out of my head…..

    Research shows that as time goes by, people are getting measurably stupider. The science is settled on this. Since the end of WW2 it seems humanity has been sliding backwards along the evolutionary scale.

    This explains so much of the lunacy that we’re seeing in the world around us. Obviously critical thinking suffers when one’s IQ is lower, and of course gullibility increases the more stupid you are. Similarly, stubbornness is a well known trait of the ignorant, along with blind faith.

    No wonder the millennials are so insecure about anyone that’s older than they are, they must have been tipped off that as part of the species they’re starting to be sub-human intellectually speaking. No wonder Mike Judge’s 2008 satirical masterpiece “Idiocracy” is about the only film from the 2000s that isn’t repeated over and over and over again on legacy media stations – too close to the truth!?

    So Chloe, your generation is significantly stupider than those Boomers you are always complaining about. You are dumb girl, science says so and only a nazi would argue against science eh?



  2. I see the Israelis and Palestinians have decided to stop lobbing explosives at each other for a bit.

    This conflict will drag on until the people support leaders who are not religious nut jobs and who don’t use religion for political gain.

    The Palestinians have legitimate concerns, but lobbing rockets at innocent Israelis, who had no part in it, is not the way to address them.

    Hamas is a bigger threat to Palestinians than the IDF.



  3. I’ve just put our christmas cake in the oven. It’ll be ready at 2.20pm when I will paint it with brandy and wrap it up and leave it for 6 weeks if I can keep hubby away from it for that long. Anyone interested in an easy and delicious recipe I use the “Australian Womens Weekly boiled fruit cake recipe”. (with a few improvements). I make it over 2 days as the boiled fruit, etc needs to cold before adding the flour and eggs.

    Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄🎄



  4. So many serious issues when you are holding power but the Greens manage to find an irrelevant and frivolous issue to virtue signal:

    Greens want to replace Parliament’s bells with birdsong

    “I think most MPs are a little bit like me – they hear the bells, you get that sense of stress because you’ve got to race to the chamber.”

    The bells ring out whenever MPs are required in the House, and can often be heard in the background of TV interviews done on Parliament’s bridge.”



    • A difference in timbre timing & tone? that can get on one’s wick.

      Like contrasting a NZ phone, which sounds more urgent.
      The USA phone system, is slower pace, and makes the caller take time, and everything is not in a rush. to pick up.

      Yet Act’s Seymour still ignored the urgent ringing, or was he out of ear shot, to make his nae vote in time on the first Fire Arms Act.

      The Greens will just end up being tweetering nonsense.
      Bottom line, it is a part of your work!



    • That’s not a very caring attitude to have of your fellow workers.
      It’s called spreading the love and money around. The more the lower paid people get, the more they spend.
      There is method in Coundown’s madness.



      • Someone still has to pay for the increase unless Countdown are going to eat into their profits so the increase will be passed onto their customers. The truck drivers delivering the goods to their stores will be getting paid more so there again the customers will be paying for it, and the cleaners will be getting a pay rise so the good old customer will be paying more at the till…



    • I have not been to a Countdown for years but how are they any better than a Pack n Save when you have to pack your own items – for a 20% premium charge over P+S?

      A contributing factor was the slowness at the check out.
      Shop Pack n Save or New World – NZ owned.



  5. I did have my skepticism about what was supposedly happening with the Honey Bees, and then insect extinctions, but they had effectively sowed the seed of doubt, which is used to trigger a so called truthiness.

    If your goal is to cause a certain product to fall into disfavor, for example, first perform or sponsor experiments to get the desired, but inaccurate, results, using shoddy methodology and, if necessary, drawing conclusions not supported by the data.
    It doesn’t matter if the research paper is rejected by legitimate, peer-reviewed journals, because you can then submit to a predatory journal that will publish it regardless of its scientific validity (in return for a large fee).
    Then, organize a big media and social media blitz touting the “research,” being sure to include scary pictures or figures, and get friendly journalists and your Twitter echo-chamber to trumpet the conclusions.

    With some expertise in search engine optimization, the internet becomes your indispensable ally, helping junk science sway public opinion, and even public policy.
    We’re seeing that in public concerns about various chemicals and modern genetic engineering applied to agriculture, for example.

    That gets us to the supposed scourge of the bee world — the class of pesticides called neonicotinoids (“neonics,” for short).
    Nicotine is a potent natural insecticide used in organic agriculture, and synthetic neonics replaced far more harmful organophosphate insecticides three decades ago.
    The most widely used pesticides in much of the world, neonics are highly regarded by farmers for their safety and efficacy.

    The Pseudo-Scientific Method was mobilized to create the “bee-pocalypse” narrative about honeybees over the past six years.
    An early, memorable landmark was the Time magazine cover story of Aug. 19, 2013, “A World Without Bees?”


    The worst thing is the time and cost to combat such mania.
    It never seems to destroy the credibility of such people, who simple rinse off, move on. and cause problems elsewhere.

    This type of factoid truthiness, is used to frame debates and discussions to gain power in local governments and easily swallow up by the Parliamentarians.

    Yet continents and countries have banned neonics.
    Was there really tests done? or just the idea of being nice, to the birds & bees, and trees.

    But great credibility being National Geographic. 🙁
    Insect apocalypse?
    according to the PLOS One study.


    One of those ‘journals” where “scientists” pay to have this published and “peer reviewed”

    Response to controversial publications
    Alleged sexism in one peer review instance ….
    Rapid onset gender dysphoria controversy


    Good to know, the honey bee disappearance myth, probably leveraged by EXtinction REbellion organisers, just shows how these controlling power seeking authoritarians scare, basically acting as terrorists, try to break society, as Lenin, and Mao did.



    • I doubt that the honey bee has much to fear about its future. The bees are invaluable for pollination in orchards & kiwifruit blocks. They pay beekeepers to put hives on their land (up to $25/week each from what I’ve heard) & part of the contracts limit the sprays that can be used.

      Such is the demand that truckloads of hives are transported around the country even spanning distances such as the Wairarapa to the Far North.



  6. The lard arse epidemic continues. Life is just too good.

    One of the problems with our society is that there is no longer any shame

    Have you noticed that there are more hippos these days, and fewer lions and gazelles? One of the problems with our society, today, is that there is no longer any shame. I see it every day and everywhere, such as going through the lunch line behind morbidly obese Americans, and watching in disgust as 300 or 400 pounds of fat orders a double nachos with extra hamburger, sopaipillas, and an extra large Coke. As a libertarian thinker, I ask myself, why should I care? The answer is that I care because, in our increasingly entitled socialist nation, I am probably paying for that over-consumer’s health insurance and healthcare




  7. I may have missed a bit but I am surprised there has not been much in media about the Zero Carbon Bill. I detest it’s existence but the MSM have been wall to wall climate change garbage for a long time but I have not seen much beyond the first day or so since it past.
    I just wonder why.



    • Piers Corbyn, taking it to the Reichstag Parliament.
      Just some snippets from the video..

      “Climate policy does not control climate. It controls you, the public, to tax you and to make you and do what you are told.”
      “A court case in Canada has shown this (Mann’s hockey stick graph) is a fraud”. . “So that means iconic symbols that your are relying on to form your policy count for nothing”.
      “What is CO2 doing or not?”
      He brings up many interesting ways of putting it.
      “Scrap all the anti Carbon policies.”
      (Challenging them that they) “only want to make money off their people.”
      “electric cars are virtual signaling by the very rich and not very intelligent people”.
      “UN policies, are actually a distribution of wealth upwards, not downwards”.

      Sort of ends up in an entanglement of antisemitism claims, and counter claims. 🙂
      Also some minor chipping in by the Chairman, and some other Parliamentarians. 🙂

      Well Piers has convinced me, much better to be prepared, that is I heading off to cut down another tree, split it up and put into the wood shed.
      Then another wood shed to be built and repeat..
      A warm house heated by the log fire, helps one to feel like a millionaire. 🙂



  8. The select committee doesn’t want the public to see this submission. Better watch it quick before it is taken down:


    SSANZ have just e mailed out the above link together with the written submission from Aoraki Ammunition and a pdf of the police mail order form authorizing Tarrant to buy over two thousand rounds of ammunition for his SKS and AR15 rifles.



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