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    • I have no problem with the death penalty, but these guys execute more people than Texas! Have they considered guns? Firing squad perhaps? What a mess a beheading must make. Sick, sick people they are.



  1. Senior school exam pass rates have dropped slightly, despite record proportions of students in their last two years of school actually sitting the exams.

    Māori and Pasifika pass rates have dropped slightly more than those for European and Asian students, so the ethnic gap has widened slightly at Levels 1 and 2 of the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA).

    The gap between male and female students also widened at Levels 1 and 2, where girls are even more ahead of boys than in past years. But boys have slightly narrowed the gap in the last year of school in NCEA Level 3 and University Entrance.

    So, now the evidence is in the Col have started to the down hill slide in education.


    Worst government ever in a lifetime.



  2. We have passed the half-way mark for this government, so I thought it about time to suggest that we should have a mid-term report card on their progress. More on that later, but for now – here’s an update on my list of mis-achievements by our coalition government:-

    – Eugenie Sage met with either a man from the EPA or a woman from the Ministry for Environment – not sure which – she should have gone to SpecSavers ! –
    – Sage didn’t really blame the Overseas Investment Act for signing away rights to water, that was just a misunderstanding which was cleared up as soon as she read her copy of the act –

    – And did she really mean to refer to hunters opposing her tahr cull as “cunters?” S’pose she must have, there was never an apology –

    – Sage couldn’t blame John Key for the sale of Mount White station to a Czech National – It was her signature on the OIO documents –

    – Acting PM WeeWinnie didn’t really select a NZ First Minister to be responsible for the inquiry into former NZ First candidate Wally Haumaha’s selection as deputy police commissioner, and then appoint one of Haumaha’s “bro’s” to head that inquiry – they just drew the names from the hat in the wrong order –

    – and he didn’t really say that Shame Jones would chair Manea up at Opononi, just a slip of the tongue, surely –

    – Tracey Martin didn’t really claim that Kingi had vouched for Haumaha 16 years ago on LinkedIn, 10 years before that LinkedIn function had even been invented – the “teen” was just a slip of the tongue – again –

    – Clare Curran didn’t arrange a meeting with Carol Hirschfeld, that was just another unfortunate misunderstanding –

    – Neither did she warn anybody away from attending a Parliamentary Select Committee – that was just an unfortunate misinterpretation –

    – nor was she involved in a committee that she established not keeping minutes because they could be OIA’d – another misconstruction of the facts

    – nor did she secretly hire Derek Handley as chief technology officer, and force the Government into paying out $107,000 to him whilst they did a re-think –

    – and of course she didn’t really use her gmail account to keep information out of the public domain, she was always intending to make that public, as soon as Melissa Lee found out about it –

    – WeeWinnie didn’t attempt to sue Bill English & Co – the media misinterpreted that as well –

    – and was WeeWinnie really in Fiji to celebrate our loss of the Fiji roading contract to the Chinese – did he plan his trip to coincide with the announcement, or was it just a mere coincidence –

    – Cindy didn’t mean to say “A true mark of leadership is whether you front those mistakes“:- the camera was inadvertently rolling at the time –

    – Cindy’s candidate for Northcote didn’t really claim to have earned an MBA, it’s just that his social media page forgot to mention that MBA actually stood for “Mega Bullshit Artist” –

    – Cindy wasn’t solely responsible for burning 80,000kg of jet fuel so that she could get home in time to give the baybeee an evening meal, that plane just happened to be passing Nauru anyway – that baybeee was responsible for more greenhouse emissions before her first birthday than the average NZ family generates in their lifetime –

    – and whilst Cindy did not seem to know the contents of the Tiriiiti at Waitangi, at least she was able to show her true talent the next morning cooking up fast food for all her bro’s –

    – Cindy’s lawnmower man/diary secretary Clicker Gay-ford didn’t really defend her cancelling appearances on two weekend current affairs programmes, he just knew better what he had forgotten to put in mummy’s diary –

    – and for any acceptable reason for Richie Hardcore having to make contact with her on her private cell phone number, well he could only have accidentally stumbled over that number somewhere –

    – and Cindy didn’t mean to be deliberately misleading by not mentioning she had already received Clare Curran’s resignation, she just hadn’t had sufficient time to get the spin doctors onto that story before going public –

    – not to mention the PR company that she hired at (no doubt) enormous expense to catch baybeee photos whilst mummy and daddy were visiting the UN, I suppose there just wasn’t sufficient NZ media there to adequately capture her every move –

    – suppose I should make some reference to the mother of our nation adopting the hijab as her head-dress, didn’t think Mormons were that way inclined –

    – was our Minister for Child Poverdy really at the reigns whilst seven of the nine poverdy indicators headed south during her first 18 months in office – or was she so preoccupied with her own child to even notice –

    – David Clark didn’t try to bribe a DHB Chairman, he was just being nice offering him alternate employment – and quickly if he kept his mouth shut –

    – David Clark also didn’t really go on an overseas holiday the day before the nurses strike began, he just had to attend to a “secret mission” that coincidentally included the wife and kids –

    – Ron (middle finger) Mark didn’t misuse military aircraft, they just happened to be misguidedly passing his back porch –

    – and I don’t suppose this is one and the same Ron (middle finger) Mark who told a veterans group that they owed his party a vote for getting them funds – like really? –

    – as an aside, could this possible be the same Ron (middle finger) Mark who was charged and convicted, for having sex with an underage girl, surely the press simply misreported that one –

    – Tracey Martin didn’t deliberately avoid a meeting she had called with the 15 Oranga Tamariki CRF chairs, she had a “senior moment” that morning and forgot which hat she needed to put on –

    – The government didn’t really try to short circuit the law for one of David Parker’s workmates, it was supposed to be koha for the local iwi –

    – Angry Andy didn’t miscalculate the spending on his Criminal Justice Summit, it just happened that nobody told him that the “decadent gluten free chocolate brownie, pork apricot & thyme pastries and luxury pies were going to add $750,000 to the bill –

    – and as for the $20,000+ temporary registration desk, can only wish Andy had phoned me for that, sure I could have managed to supply that complete with bikini clad clerks for half the price –

    – one more – he didn’t really spend 29 million dollars on the attempt to re-enter Pike River “before Christmas” – oldest trick in the book that one, forgot to mention which Christmas – waiting, waiting, waiting – then having to ask for more money? –

    – Labour didn’t supply booze to underage children, their caterer just made an unfortunate miscalculation –

    – and it could not possibly have been them who instructed the IRS to collect voting intentions during a financial survey – just kicking the tyres before making a capital gains tax announcement? –

    – Mega Fightery didn’t really lay hands on one of her staff, she was just practicing the Haka in her office when somebody’s face got in the way of her fists – again –

    – JAG didn’t mean to be nasty about old white men – we just got all confused about her terminology – after all there’s probably an “old white man” at the helm of her daily flight to work, isn’t there ?

    – And she didn’t really mean to award contracts to her husband without tender or scrutiny, you must realise that she was suffering baby brain at the time –

    – Perhaps she was also suffering baby brain when she mooted the red meat tax – she didn’t mean to say that the government was considering this, or did she inadvertently pre-empt something?

    – We didn’t really cancel oil and gas exploration – it’s just that we have found an ample supply of hot air in Wellington to compensate –

    – Shame Jones was told his project feasibility study was a waste of money, but he unfortunately misread that and carried on regardless –

    – and then the same Shame Jones who threatened to bollock a journalist who had reported on his conflicts of interest on the Manea trust –

    – then pressured the SFO to go hard out on National over election donations –

    – and interfered in the NZ Transport Agency’s case against his cuzzy-bro Stan Semenoff so that he didn’t have to obey a stop work order –

    – Jenny Marcroft didn’t attempt to bribe Mark Mitchell, Mitchell became confused and misunderstood what she said –

    – did Cindy really mean to say that she had managed a small business? Wrapping the chips doesn’t qualify as “managing!” Maybe just a brain fart of the highest order –

    – Cindy didn’t promise “no strikes on my watch” – that was just misreporting by TVNZ and should have been edited out –

    – Similarly – she didn’t mean to say “no new taxes under Labour – but then the fuel taxes are mostly being applied by Councils anyway –

    – Whilst on the subject of fuel taxes, just remember that the price of diesel fuel was about .93cpl on election eve 2017, let’s see whether Cindy’s enquiry into fuel price “gouging” does anything to bring down or freeze fuel prices –

    – And she didn’t really mean to promise 1,000 new homes for maori – just forgot to mention that this wouldn’t be considered until after the KiwiFail target was reached –

    – Nobody put their hand down a kiddies pants at the Labour Youth Camp, somebody was just brushing the ants off their tush – another unfortunate misunderstanding –

    – Fail Twitford didn’t promise us 100,000 extra affordable new family homes – then have to re-define the term “year” – just another unfortunate miscalculation –

    – Look out for Twitford re-defining the term “family home” in coming months, as much of the KiwiFail product seems to be bedsits and 1br apartments – and yes there’s more, a parking space will only cost you an extra $50,000 –

    – and now that we have seen a “recalibration” of the KiwiFail targets, it chuffs me to think that, with inflation, the price of an “affordable” KiwiFail home will exceed one million dollars before the government gets half way through their programme – now that’s an “affordable” cock-up extraordinaire –

    – one of those “recalibrated” targets I note is 750 new KiwiFail apartments when they next go to the polls, just a smidge less than the 30,000 promised in 2017 –

    – Likewise, Twitford was just suffering brain fade when he telephoned his staff from an aircraft, then stood and moved around the aircraft whilst it was taxi-ing – the witness just misunderstood what he saw –

    – and did our Minister for Transparency really allow Treasury to stop reporting the current status of public sector investments, can’t measure transparency if you are unable to see it –

    – Shame Jones didn’t really promise 100,000,000 trees per year, this was an unfortunate misassessment, and in any case he couldn’t control the autumn from hell –

    – Paul Eagle didn’t attempt to bribe his local panel beater into committing insurance fraud – the poor panel beater unfortunately suffers from mistaken belief syndrome –

    – and just when you think it can’t possibly get any worse, we introduce to you a Minister of Immigration who grants residency to a criminal illegal immigrant, currently in jail for drug smuggling –

    SO – back to where I started out. Now that we have passed half way through this term of government, the time is here to consider a mid-term report card. This government promised several flagship policies to be delivered by them, including:-
    KiwiBuild – 10,000 new homes per year to address a perceived housing shortage,
    Maori housing – 1,000 new homes just for Maori,
    Child Poverty – reduction/elimination of child poverty,
    Tax reform – a CGT to make tax fairer for all,
    One Billion (1,000,000,000) extra trees,
    Re-entry into Pike River mine by Christmas 2018.
    Sure, there were other issues promised in their election manifesto, like “no strikes on my watch” but those above were the backbone of their campaign, and I’ll leave it up to readers to give marks to each element as they see fit. Just a hint – there aren’t too many ticks on the report card I prepared !!

    This agglomeration of misfits, misunderstandings, false impressions, misreadings, miscalculations, blunders, muddles, misjudgements, misestimations, mistaken beliefs, slips of the tongue, distortions, recalibrations, revisions, misinterpretations, fuck ups, errors and mix-ups is beginning to get somewhat tedious. The maelstrom in the beehive is elevating to never before seen levels. The time has come for one or two heads to roll, followed by an abdication.

    Cindy – lets do this !



  3. New Zealanders are not good drivers, or at least most of us aren’t.


    Can’t argue with Mr Murphy there (although I can with the halfwit, bicycle-riding sheila) but I doubt tests every ten years will do anything other than swell the coffers of testing agencies.

    The other day I used a free left turn in a Christchurch suburb. 50 kph road.

    The turn goes into a blending lane finishing approx 50 metres up the road.

    On making the turn, as most experienced motorists do, I looked to the other blending lane to see where I should position my vehicle.

    When I looked back I saw that a car in my lane had, instead of blending, stopped dead, blocking the lane.

    The only reason they had stopped, creating a very, very dangerous situation for other road users was because they can’t drive and should not be on the road.

    I’m a professional driver, I had plenty of room to also stop. Not everyone is or could have.

    That driver, creating such a dangerous situation had, based on observation only, probably less than ten years New Zealand driving experience. Therein lies the problem!

    That driver more than likely still has no idea the danger it created by it’s very poor driving.

    Motorists see similar incidents every day where drivers, lacking ability to work with other drivers, stop at green lights, half change lanes, stop in the middle of the road without signal or warning for no genuine reason, fail to proceed through an intersection etc.

    A very significant number of these drivers both look and drive like they have very little, if any, driving experience.


    It is not driver tests every ten years New Zealand needs to improve driving standards, it is an on-road constabulary tasked with assisting drivers to improve by pointing out errors rather than simply issuing fines to easy targets in order to hit their weekly quota in revenue gathering.



    • I had a similar experience merging onto the local motorway. Slow old lady in car in front who failed to to merge quickly while road was clear with a truck approaching from behind us. (road is currently under construction so only one lane available). I was behind her waiting for her to merge while the slip road was running out and the truck was getting closer. She finally moved out into the traffic lane only to continue at well under the speed limit with me sandwiched between her and the truck. The truckie must have been shaking his head at her lack of ability as much as I was! ?



  4. My ex-girlfriend is currently watching Star Trek Discovery on my Netflix account, in her own home, which is fine.
    She’s on the penultimate episode of season one. Guess who’s going to change the password before she can watch the season finale.



  5. University should ‘combat white supremacist rhetoric’
    “Pearl Little decided to wear something a little different for her graduation ceremony when she walked across a stage in front of staff, students and parents.
    “I decided to wear t-shirt to my graduation that said ‘UoA: complicit in white supremacy'”

    What I love about Pearl and her fellow do gooders is that they never give any specific examples of exactly what the problem is,just vague statements around unsafe workspaces and heightened rhetoric whatever all that means.
    With her Bachelor of Arts(majoring in god knows what) I would say that the Human Rights Commission or some other state funded quango is where she will end up being employed to peddle her victimhood fables.



  6. Another Leftie accepts a Knighthood. Arise Sir Tim Shadbolt. The 71 year old long time mayor of Invercargill has been a radical way back from the 70’s. The smiling hapless protester with the slow drawl Westie accent, concrete mixing labourer who was one of the voices of Stop Nuclear testing, etc. The old trendy lefty who says he is now a knight, and still a mayor has become our knightmayor.



  7. Ardern is being duplicitous yet again.

    “That is something that we jealously guard in our legislation and our democracy, but at the same time, of course, people would expect that if you are trying to incite violence and potentially murder against groups of individuals based on their beliefs, no one in New Zealand would think that was okay either, so it is just making sure we get that balance.”

    As Seymour says:

    Seymour said the Crimes Act already makes it clear it is a crime to incite another person to commit a crime or threaten someone with violence.

    So needing a law review is not needed. And I also object to the claim that Labour jealously guards freedom of speech and expression. If that was so, Little would not be authorising this inquiry.




  8. Would it be appropriate for a non-Maori family to be referred to as whanau, or should that word only be used to denote Maori? Whanau is the word being used for the 7 of the 8 crash victims. I was reminded of Fairydust’s outrage, the other day.

    Is the media using the word whanau, with no other identifiers sufficient?



  9. Some Christians appear to be total wimps.

    Two Christian congregations have been left shaken after anti-Muslim leaflets were placed on cars while people attended church services.

    Oh no! The poor dears, it must have been traumatic.

    All Saints Church and the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Palmerston North both had leaflets left on cars during their services on Sunday.

    Noting which Christians are so limp-wristed.

    The leaflet made claims Muslims had been deceived and included hateful remarks about Allah and the prophet Muhammad.

    Well, if you don’t think Muslims are wrong, you should probably convert. Admittedly, Muslims would probably reject you for being so effeminate.

    The man’s actions were cowardly, Hickman said, and as soon as he saw the leaflet he jumped straight into the car and went to the Palmerston North Police Station.

    It’s as though Freedom of Speech doesn’t exist and we’re living in Soviet Russia where failure to denounce thought crime is also thought crime.

    The police officer Hickman spoke to took the situation seriously.

    Sheesh. How-about explaining to Hickman that Freedom of Expression is still a right in NZ (maybe not for too much longer admittedly).

    “I’m personally deeply offended by the material. Let’s not let hate divide us,” Hickman said.

    Too late. You’ve allowed it to “divide us”. You’re against the man expressing his right to expression, thus you, Hickman, have done some division.

    “Some were quite upset about it and concerned about it…

    More evidence of a lack of spine.

    A police spokeswoman confirmed they had received reports of a leaflet drop in Palmerston North on Sunday and inquiries were ongoing.

    It’s a pity the police can’t say “Grow a pair” and tell such wimps to piss off.

    It’s also a pity the “journalist” (Kirsty Lawrence) didn’t quote what the pamphlet said, so we the public knows what’s supposed to be so offensive. I suppose with our Chief Censor David Shanks going mad with power, they’re completely cowed.




    • The police will lose more support, as the 2 videos I posted are all “Mankey Parkers” on the “Lefties at again” post.
      The words on the placard and no police man could point to which word or part was wrong!
      However nothing worse than a police man scorned as “part 2” shows there revenge.
      They have the power and use it, right or wrong, knowing they can not be touched, plus this is the way to get a promotion.

      They will be covered by their seniors and also Chief Censor David Shank and Chief Human Rights commissioner Paul Hunt, that are already engorged with power and putting in ‘drooling’ claims to increase that.



  10. As I thought, David Farrar is going down the appeasement route:


    Top journalist and commentator Heather du Plessis-Allan is the new host of Newstalk ZB’s Drive show.

    Farrar writes:

    A great choice for the role. Following on from Larry means you have huge shoes to fill, but Heather is the best person for the job.

    I don’t dislike DPF. I have just learnt from history, over and over and over again, that appeasement never works.

    Occasionally DPF has seen it spill out, for example, Rachel Stewart (NZ Herald “journalist”) who wanted to do DPF physical harm.

    You’d think he’d have learned by now that the Left don’t just dislike him, they absolutely hate him. His attempts at appeasing them will be to no avail.



    • Well said Colinxy. I was going to post something similar.

      I have been increasingly dismayed by Farrar’s divorce from reality where the ongoing culture war is concerned. If he thinks a loony lefty like HDPA is a good choice to replace Larry then I have a bridge to sell him. Larry was 5 degrees right of centre and HDPA is a good 45% to the left. Larry’s audience followed him for his ability to be professional and polite to the nutters of the left while holding them to account. HDPA will fawn over the same people and spew her usual misandry and anti-white, anti-capitalism hate speech.

      I believe there was so much cloak and dagger about this announcement to draw the process out to the end of the month to try and keep the Larry-loving advertisers engaged and to stop them jumping ship before the April invoices were sent out.

      Viewership will drop, further balance will be lost to the wall of drippy left-wingers that infect the radio waves. Now there is only Mike Hosking voicing opinions from the centre. ZB will pay for this in their pockets.

      And DPF is utterly away with the fairies!



    • I can only assume that Heather du Plessis-Allan got the gig because she is XX chromosome. It cannot be down to talent as she does not have enough to fill such a prime spot. Newstalk will bleed advertisers now as the show tanks and the listeners she does retain will be drippy left wing losers with no money to spend anyway. Thank goodness for podcasts.



    • I think Jacinda is an appeaser too, how does Islam really rate out PM? While she is giving and appeasing they will pay lip service imo but they are inordinately aware of her unmarried status and the status of her daughter.
      It doesn’t bother me but why doesn’t it bother them?



  11. Poem. A little bit late finding it, for ANZAC.
    Charles M Province. US Army. 1970/2010.

    It Is The Soldier.

    It is the soldier, not the minister
    Who has given us the freedom of religon.

    It is the soldier, not the reporter
    Who has given us the freedom of the press.

    It is the soldier, not the poet
    Who has given us the freedom of speech.

    It is the soldier, not the campus organiser
    Who has given us freedom of protest.

    It is the soldier, not the lawyer
    Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

    It is the soldier, not the politican
    Who has given us the right to vote.

    It is the soldier who salutes the flag
    Who serves beneath the flag.

    Whose coffin is draped by the flag
    Who allows the protester to burn the flag.



  12. Man granted discount off jail term for being detached from his Māori culture
    You really have to wonder where this victimhood crap is going to end.
    Besides his argument seems flawed given his background was poverty,alcohol abuse and violence which does not sound like he was detached from the culture much to me.



    • Wow. All I can is if I ever commit a crime (or get accused of one) I hope to go before that judge.

      For my entire life I’ve been told my culture is only oppressing women and darkies. As such, I’ve always been detached from my culture. That should mean I should get several get out of jail free cards!



  13. How long have you been married? Lol! You have to keep a sense of humour-romance is for the young. Here’s a gem from Rodney Dangerfield: “I asked the bellboy if he could handle my bag. He starts feeling up my wife! I said Hey buddy who said you could touch my wife like that? He said Everybody!”



  14. So much soul searching and publicity about the “whanau” of seven killed in the car crash near Taupo.
    Personally my thoughts are with the other innocent motorist who was killed when the “whanau’s” van crossed the centre line and hit her car head on killing her.
    This is who I feel sorry for.



      • Doesn’t bear thinking about V2. In my favour I’ve never forgotten her birthday but the anniversary has slipped my mind on a couple of occasions I’d rather not recall in detail. I don’t think the kids will let me forget the next one.

        When we sold the property a couple of years back we were going through various papers & one of them was our original marriage certificate. Nasska 21 Driver & Mrs Nasska 18 Receptionist. The years between now & when we posed for our wedding photos in front of the MiL’s vege garden have sure passed quickly. 🙂



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