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  1. Good morning Ed.
    Notwithstanding your advice that a comments tally for each article was not available in this package, I was pleased to see that the comments tallies were shown for yesterday’s articles. I assumed you had found a way.
    However, look in this morning and find they have disappeared.
    Anything you can tell us about this?



      • Hmm, Editor.

        I’d not noticed that feature before!

        A curious sidenote, though: I was Uptick No. 1 on your 7.15am Comment (send my Free Gift to Biscuit’s Gift Silo, C/- Wellington Airport) and then I flicked down to my 6.53 am comment and found that, if I was so egotistically-minded, I had the opportunity to uptick my own observation.

        (I resisted the temptation, mind. This once…)

        In years to come they’ll be saying ‘That was the day Biscuit lost it and turned to the Dark Side…’



      • And thank you Editor, as that change allows faster scrolling knowing I have read that comment.

        In the beginning of this change over, at one stage I saw that “recent comments” had stretched out to 15 comments.. Great.
        As that allows one to catch up much more easily, if you have a good part of the day away. Sort of really helps with nested comments, and saves a lot of scrolling and figuring (noting the time stamp) if that is a newer comment.
        Did see it dropped down to 6 which is almost a waste of time. when it gets busier.

        Doing good, as seeing a few tweaks and fine tuning, but like all good things, some take some time. Thank you. 🙂



  2. Snippets from an interview with Mark Levin about his new book:- “Unfreedom of the Press”

    … thirty media and tech companies announced they’re partnering behind a new national campaign “Protect Press Freedom.” But conservative commentator and author Mark Levin argues the modern mass media does not favor of a free press. ……..

    ….. free press has degenerated into a standardless profession, not through government oppression or suppression, but through self-censorship, group think, bias, omission and propaganda.” …..

    ….Mark Levin: There’s a new doctrine that’s being pushed in journalism school, has been for about 30 years, which is to push what’s called public journalism or community journalism, which is social activism. …..
    …. historian at the University of Chicago. Wrote a whole book on it, pseudo events. ….. phony events and filled with propaganda.

    ….. The press today poses as seeking objective truth when it’s not. ….

    ….. had a press like that called “the party press” and it followed the administration, ……
    …… more honest about it. Although ….. some media outlets are so brazen about their ideology, they’re being very honest about who they are

    Mark Levin: We kind of know who they are, but there’s still this patina of, “We’re the news. Don’t criticize us or you’re attacking the First Amendment.”

    …. should strive, if you’re a newsroom, to separate news from opinion. Stop hiring ideologues in the news room ….
    …. at least apply some objective standards and process to the gathering of news. We’re not doing either now.

    …. Modern mass media is destroying freedom of the press. .. They’re all on the Internet.
    …. We should separate the good from the bed. I know there’s bad stuff on the internet, but there’s good stuff on the Internet too.
    We should encourage more technological advancement, new platforms, new forms of communication.
    Because what is it that matters about freedom of the press?
    What does it really come down to? Freedom of speech. That is all of us communicating with each other, we the people, to try and figure out how to improve our lives and improve our neighborhoods and improve our society.

    Among the new outlets backing the new ‘Protect Press Freedom’ campaign are some that Levin sees as the most biased media.

    This where is where our own Ed. fits in 🙂
    Use it or lose it.



    • It is f..ing cold in Auckland.
      It struggled to get to 18 degrees all week; tapping 20 then running away.

      Strong south or Sou westerly winds.
      Heater on Tuesday.

      It is global cooling and freeze your nuts off.

      The media are off the leash over talking weather shit.
      They say it is going to be hot whatever the forecast is.
      My brother was in Melbourne last week and said it was 6 at night and below 20 in the day.
      For mid to late November this is cold stuff.



  3. Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
    He had some paedo friends;
    They marched to Epstein’s with young girls,
    Who were never seen again.

    When they were drugged, they were fucked,
    And when they came down, they were drowned,
    And when they with his Eton chums,
    Well the dossier wasn’t found.



    • Falling for the misdirection – even here

      I must admit to being a bit saddened that so many of the wonderful contributors to YSB have been so gullible in sheepishly following the "plan" re Epstein by piling on Prince Andrew.

      Don’t get me wrong, for my whole life I’ve basically hated the monarchy so I'm not defending that moronic dirtbag in anyway.

      However, we have to ask ourselves – why has Prince Andrew been thrown to the wolves?

      And a moments reflection will lead to the following conclusion:
      – because that's what the global pedo establishment wanted
      – because that's what the global pedo establishment directed their PR arm (the legacy media) to put into effect
      – because the Epstein story has switched the prevailing narrative from “it’s fucking scary that the global pedo establishment are so powerful that they can just have Epstein murdered in one of the most secure facilities in the world with impunity” to “Prince Andrew is a moronic pervert”
      – because the Epstein story has switched the prevailing narrative from “Bill Clinton flew to Pedo Island 26 times, another example of how utterly evil and unelectable the Democratic Party heirarchy are” to “Prince Andrew is a moronic pervert”

      It was only earlier this year that we in NZ were sheepled the same way on domestic political matters. We all went off on Xmas holiday furious at Cindy and NZ First for the corrupt and dishonest way the snuck in the signing of the UN migration pact, the anger was still festering away right up until 15 March then “BAM!” everything changed. Now the prevailing narrative is that if “you are against unfettered migration, you are no different to Brentan Tarrant”

      It’s not about what they want us to get angry about – it’s always what they are trying to distract us from.

      Oh and BTW – how have you all been enjoying the non-stop MSM covereage of the fact that after 9 years Sweden has dropped the rape allegations against Julian Assange (freeing the way for the global pedo establishment in the US to get their hands on Assange so that they can suicide him for outing their pizza preferences). or have you all been doing as the global pedo establishment wants and paying attention to their chosen sacrificial lamb?

      We’re being lied to, all day, every day. It is our responsibility to look where they don’t want us to look and to ask what it is they don’t want us to ask!

      By the way Epstein didn’t kill himself and it’s fucking scary that they’ve gotten away with it!



      • You’re largely correct in most of what you comment on but you miss one point.

        We can pile in on the royal parasite AND know that Epstein was killed. The two facts are not incompatible.


        Hello Mr Epstein. We ran out of storage space. We’re going to use your cell to store this rope, razor blades and rat poison. If that’s ok with you?



  4. Not a movie buff, but Clint’s productions changes my mind.
    So maybe some films to enjoy watching.

    …. Eastwood is anything but a typical “Hollywood Elite.” ……

    A bad news story about Obama is not played up,

    The media find it difficult to hide Clint’s success’s and so only make cursory acknowledgement, probably buried on a back page, just like the above Obama story.



  5. Jacinda Ardern faces litmus test over Winston Peters


    Cindy doesn’t realise she is sitting on a powder keg named Winston Peters. She refuses, as PTPM to take action to defuse the impending explosion as she likes to be liked and won’t take action to hold him to account.

    Wile E. Coyote: 80 explosions



    • Some facts:
      – Cindy is not a leader, she’s not even the turd that remains floating in the bowl after a leader has taken a dump – she’s not going to do anything – there is no test for her to pass
      – our incredibly idiotic electoral system means there is no way that anything will be done as it would trigger the fall of the government – nothing will change. We could all watch Winnie rape and burn a baby on TV in front of an audience of 1000 judges and there is no way that Labour would do anything – because MMP says you have to be able to count to 61 and without Winnie Labour won’t get to 61
      – we’ve seen this play out before in 2006/7/8 when it became clear that a version of the same kind of thing was going on, Helen Clark wouldn’t do it (wasn’t there something about an incident in a toilet in NY around that time) and if someone like Helen (who to be fair did have “a pair”) couldn’t do anything, then there is no chance vapid Cindy will

      It’s all just a media beat-up. It might be enough for the media to achieve in 2020 what they did in 2008 when they got the old bastard out of Parliament for a few years – but in terms of changing the face of politics right now, nothing will happen. The pigs have their snouts in the trough, there is never going to be a good enough reason to lift their snouts until 2020.



  6. Breaking news. Netflix have just announced they will be producing a six part series entitled ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. It will be the story of the trials and tribulations of a modern royal in the 21st century as he attempts to regain his position of trust in the Royal Family and his divvy from the Sovereign Fund. Casting has begun and Netflix have employed Harvey Weinstein to find a leading actor to fill the star role.



  7. So it turns out the POS convicted of Grace Millane’s murder is every bit the POS he was portrayed during the trial. The police have stopped a serial sexual sadist early in his offending pathway and should be congratulated for the excellent work in investigating and prosecuting this case.



    • Given what the video footage from earlier in the evening on Ms Millane’s last night – it seemed to indicate (ie two young people very ‘into’ each other) there is a residual question that has always hung over women… why do so many outwardly seemingly ‘nice’ girls have a self-destructive attraction to utter monsters?

      20+ years ago I remember a very attractive female friend of mine complaining about a guy that always was seeking to woo her, she said “he’s nice enough but I’m not really attracted to him, I want a bit of “nasty” – just to make it exciting”. Fortunately (for her I guess, not so much for him), I found out much later on that she’d gotten married to the person she wasn’t attracted at all to.

      Clearly Ms Millane like a lot more than a ‘bit’ of nasty as the not-nameable dude seems to have been horrific, why do so many nice girls do this? Why do they seek out men with a high likelihood of doing them serious harm? (Putting aside of course the weird prediliction for near-death sex and a dark streak running through her art).

      I guess there is a precedent on how to deal with this, we just need to:
      – put in place a ban all women having dates with ‘assault’ males and
      – require women to have a licence (to ensure they show the necessary judgement required to make sensible choices about their sex life) before dating (if it saves just one more horrific loss of life like Grace’s then surely it’s a small price to pay).



  8. I attended a public meeting of the New Conservative Party on Thursday Night with Leighton Baker speaking, for about 90 minutes. I was very impressed, he went through in a very clear manner of of the 27 policies they have in their manifesto. I gained the impression that basically they stand for New Zealanders who wish to live their lives without any totalitarian control as is being shown by the current lot, i.e. Oil & Gas ban, plastic bags.
    I also note that of course our current main opposition has actually voted for most of the changes that are being put through, i.e. arms and carbon control.
    Overall, despite doubts that they may reach the 5% I intend to vote for them – a vote for National would appear in most cases just a continuation of our slide towards Socialism.



    • @Hooker Phil
      I attend their Wednesday meeting
      I agree with everything you say.
      They are just my sort of party – hard right! and common sense and western values.
      I really hope they can get some traction in the next polls.



      • Yes I agree, if NC, and Act and SG each get say 1% they are all wasted votes
        And there is also TOP
        Time to ditch ACT
        They have been a failure for the last few elections.
        David Seymour is a nice guy, but he comes across as a school boy.



          • #metoo. I have always voted National, but Climate hysteria and gun laws have made me rethink this. Although I disagree with euthanasia, virtually every other party has voted for it anyway, so its a non issue.



        • Diggy I normally agree with you but on this occasion ACT introducing The End of Life Bill and the sucessful Charter Schools makes the current clowns look eben worse than useless and so far National seem to have little real policies to MNZGA.I will party vote ACT and Electorate National.



          • I know what you mean but Act have wallowed at 1 percent for a long time now.
            From all the support they get on here, they should get 5% at the next poll.
            But I’ll bet they don’t.
            Seymour has no charisma
            He spent far too much effort on the end of life bill.
            He also believes in man made climate change
            the New Conservatives will pull out of the Paris Accord!



    • No way Jose.

      they should have ditched the ‘Conservative’ name after Colon Craig

      they are political waifs.
      They spout a lot of empty nonsense.

      This is pure hollow drivel:
      >New Zealanders are united in our expectation that our government will provide
      good education for our children
      affordable and accessible healthcare
      protection from the impacts of crime
      opportunity to be able to provide for ourselves and our families
      support and security for our most vulnerable citizens.

      These are hollow words that mean nothing as does this:
      >New Conservative will investigate and implement reasonable and affordable steps to ensure that our rivers and waterways are maintained to the highest achievable standard, and continue to be enjoyed by all New Zealanders. We strongly support existing requirements in waterway fencing….
      blah blah blah
      It is the farmers who are providing fencing, not politicians.
      Those evil food producing bastards in their Swandris and stubbie shorts.

      >New Conservative believes in responsible stewardship of our soil, ensuring it is fertile, free from toxins and productive both now and in the future.
      This is stuff is all wordy meaningless drivel.
      Even Labour had bedda policy than a lot of this coming into the 2017 election yet hived the work off to working groups.

      To be relevant they need to produce a viable budget for the nation- along the lines of what Palino did for the 2016 Auckland Mayoral election.
      This shows they understand money.
      At present it is clear they do not.
      The come across as waffly god-botherers who have been into the altar wine.
      I could get this by watching TV on Sunday mornings.
      …Multiple channels of different strains of pulpit-based demon fighters

      They are poor with facts
      eg they say there was a referendum in 1997 for reducing the number of MPs to 99.
      This is wrong and cant be a typo as they say it multiple times.
      There was a referendum on this attached to the 1999 election.
      Nothing happened.
      Perhaps it is the altar wine and they are confused with a referendum in 1997- pushed by Winston Peters as Treasurer just before his and Bolger’s fall – for the Super scheme.
      If they are so wrong on this – and referenda is a large part of their gig – what else are they wrong about?

      This sort of stuff makes them sound like 1965 Mormons:-

      >The increasing availability and use of illicit drugs across the country is doing irreversible harm and robbing us of our potential as a nation. New Conservative believes that the long term solution is strong families and healthy relationships, which will help reduce the search for something to numb the felt pain so prevalent today.

      blah blah blah
      Will it be free time machines for all back 50-60 years so we can dispense with microwave ovens, Netflix, and home computers?
      Perhaps they could close the pubs at 6pm to promote more family time !!

      They are against the Euthanasia law even though it appears 70% of the population support it- even if Notional are also out of step.

      >New Conservative will raise the purchasing and drinking age for alcohol to 20 years old.
      Making criminals out of half the university students and most apprentices.
      If the yoof want it they will get it. You create a situation like USA where it is easier for kids to get weed than alcohol.

      They have not stepped past the Colon Craig waffle talk.
      There are some good ideas but overall from a reading it is a collection of hollow words and teenagers dreams.



  9. Angry is going to be even angrier this weekend.
    The British Press who don’t answer to him nor our Judiciary have published the demons name.
    Just as they did when he was arrested.

    Waiting for angry to race off to the privy council and get them spanked.

    Oh he can’t. Clark and her demonic screeching friend saw that stopped. What was her name. so notable I can’t even remember.
    Should though as she was part of the destruction of our justice system, which of course Kelvin is now trying to fix.




  10. National says Corrections’ new words a joke

    “A National Party MP says he thought it was a joke when he heard Corrections was going to start calling its prisoners “men in our care”.

    Corrections says it’s part of a new plan to reduce re-offending, but National says it’s political correctness gone mad.

    “A prisoner’s not a client, you know?” National Corrections spokesperson David Bennett told Newshub.

    “They’re not paying for the service. They’re paying a debt to society.”



  11. Southern Boundary Wines – deceit and dishonesty in the wine industry

    “The business of wine-making is as much about meticulous record keeping as it is about tasting and awards.

    So when Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) compliance officers found a large rubbish sack stuffed with wine making records at Waipara winery Southern Boundary Wines, they knew something was amiss.

    The officers had arrived unannounced on March 25, 2014 after getting information through a law firm.

    The rubbish sack contained more than 800 wine-related records and a search warrant executed on April 2 and July 17 netted a lot more. Over the next two years, MPI would reconstruct the records to build a case against the winery. It wasn’t easy. Southern kept poor records and many were missing.

    But by early 2017, MPI had enough evidence to charge company directors Scott Berry and Andrew Moore and worker Rebecca Cope with a raft of offences.

    While the charges looked bureaucratic, they represented years of deception and fraudulent dealings that could have undermined New Zealand’s reputation as an honest, quality wine maker.

    The big rubbish sack was to be Southern’s undoing.”



  12. The powerful anti male hate group White Ribbon are using Grace’s bung Tinder date to attack all men and continue their campaign to undermine our justice system so that all men are guilty by accusation.

    Of course most of you imbeciles are too busy competing in the outrage Olympics to notice. Or notice that the huge majority of violence victims are men.



  13. Batman over on KB incorrectly described the expression useful idiots as Russian ( & ascribed its use to Lenin).

    I posted that it wasn’t a Russian expression…..and waited.

    Wasn’t long before the useful idiots appeared..

    Clearly stephieboy didn’t read the last paragraph of his post..
    Sometimes it’s like taking lollies from a kiddie, over there.



  14. I wish we had a few journalists like John Solomon. During the Impeachment circus LT Col Vindman said everything John had written about Ukraine was a lie/ false.
    John hits back with 28 verified facts in his reports. I think a court case might heading Vindman’s way if he does not publicly retract his BS comment.




  15. NZQA accused of ‘brainwashing’ over ‘anti-farmer’ question in English exam

    “Almost two-thirds of respondents regarded farming as the main culprit – more than double the number who held that view when the same survey was conducted in 2000.”

    A survey revealed 80 percent of Kiwis want stricter rules to protect the country’s rivers, lakes and waterways from pollution.

    But the use of the text has drawn anger from the political right, who are accusing NZQA of “painting a one-sided picture of New Zealand’s farmers”.

    “There is a concern our kids are being convinced that farming drives environmental degradation,” National’s Agriculture spokesperson Todd Muller said in press release on Sunday.



  16. Long but interesting.

    The Prince Andrew revelation was old news to some.
    There are other Royal families.
    Each Royal is assigned a worldwide children’s organization.

    Jill Biden asked to join U.S. Board for Save the Children. Another G. Maxwell?

    Why the emphasis on children? Especially when child trafficking and pedophilia is so rampant among the elite. (target the most vulnerable)

    This led to who are the puppet masters?

    This is where I am at so far with Saudi Arabia and royal connections.

    Fayed had a son, Dodi, from his first marriage to Samira Khashoggi from 1954 to 1956. Dodi died in a car crash in Paris with Diana, Princess of Wales, on 31 August 1997. Fayed later remarried to Finnish socialite and former model Heini Wathén in 1985, with whom he also has four children: Jasmine, Karim, Camilla, and Omar. In 2013, Fayed’s wealth was estimated at US$1.4 billion, making him the 1,031st-richest person in the world.

    Samira Khashoggi (or Kashoggi) (1935 – March 1986) was a Saudi Arabian progressive author, as well as the owner and editor-in chief of Alsharkiah magazine. She was the sister of Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi, and the first wife of Egyptian-born businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed. She was the mother of Dodi Fayed.

    Jamal Khashoggi was the nephew of the high-profile Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, known for his part in the Iran–Contra scandal, who was estimated to have had a net worth of US$4 billion in the early 1980s. Adnan Khashoggi had claimed that his own grandfather was of Jewish descent. Jamal Khashoggi was the first cousin of Dodi Fayed, who was the companion of Diana, Princess of Wales, when the couple were killed in a Paris car accident.

    Samira Khashoggi died at 51 yrs of a heart attack.

    Jamal Khashoggi .Assassinated.
    Saudi Arabia’s attorney general eventually stated that the murder was premeditated. By 16 November 2018, the CIA had concluded Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s assassination.

    Dodi’s Grandfather was physician to the King of Saudi.
    Muhammad Khashoggi



  17. He said a better performance had been expected from the Australian business, which posted a 0.5 per cent increase in ebitda to A$22.6m ($24.4m). Revenue was up 5.5 per cent at A$360.4m.

    “Some of that was our own doing. We increased our overhead costs like we did here in New Zealand attempting to get our lower-paid workers’ salaries up higher again.

    “At the same time we saw a reduction [in demand] particularly in domestic transport from our current customers. Generally economic conditions have been a little quieter than they were the year prior.

    “But we’ve continued to win market share and win new customers and since the half year, trading has been improved in both Australia and New Zealand, so we’re not overly concerned. We feel very comfortable in both these markets.”

    Braid said Mainfreight wants no fulltime staff to be on a salary of less than $60,000 for a full working year.

    “We don’t believe in paying the minimum wage, we don’t believe in paying a living wage – we want to be above both. It’s our style and getting our people to $60,000 plus is the right thing to do. Our people need to be engaged and they need to feel valued.”


    He forgot. deliver the customers goods properly.

    So 60k a year working for Mainfreight. I guess they will be swamped with people.



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