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    • My guess is not,much as six months ago on CB Labour was 43, so its only a few percent drop overall, some of which will be due to many other issues.
      ETS, Gun laws, economy, kiwibuild etc etc
      On the face of it Labour should be in the low 30’s
      So National still has a big job to do to be sure of victory



        • The Pope’s a trifle busy hosing down the smoking wreckage of his fiefdom after the latest revelations of Argentinian priests using deaf kids as sex toys.

          But if he gets a break between that & the next cardinal caught hanging out of the back of an altar boy I’m sure that he’ll give the Nats a few more tips on preparing their manifesto. 🙂



  1. Left wing media finally admit it’s ridiculously dishonest when a candidate to be PM says “I’ve never lied in politics”

    Looking at the explosion of reporting on this subject by the bastions of “woke” lunatic left wing propaganda this week like the Independent, as well as the Guardian and HuffPost – you’d be forgiven for thinking that integrity has returned to the whorehouse and these pillars of socialist dishonesty had turned the corner and were finally outing Cindy’s monolithic lie in the Leaders’ Debate in 2017.

    But no, no need to worry – it’s just more bald-faced media bias against a conservative. It’s BoJo who repeated Jacinda’s lie and surprise surprise – it turns out that it’s OK when the left tell gigantic lies but it’s “derisory”, “ridiculous”, “not credible” when someone from the centre tells exactly the same lie!

    Let’s not even talk about the hilarious irony of a profession that ONLY tells lies, criticising anyone for telling a porky – talk about the pot calling the kettle a little bit black.

    Lying – it’s OK when the left do it!



  2. Madrid Climate Change conference very soon.
    The UN guy says they are not going to meet their targets and have got to do more.

    So after 2 weeks I predict they will ask/tell European countries and NZ to cut back more and pay more.
    While the USA, China, India, Russia, Africa and Brazil etc do nothing



    • Brazillian Amazon Firefighters say environmental charities funded by Leonardo di Caprio lighting fires for media coverage

      Not that any sane person would be surprised to hear this, but those loony lefty environmental activist groups in the Amazon appear to be lighting the fires that were so widely reported earlier in the year! Of course, this fits perfectly with the behaviour we see of globalist greenies the world over – who have a “It’s OK when I do it” attitude to creating media fuss about the Climate Fraud agenda.

      Even more hilariously, it seems that Leonardo di Caprio (who is so concerned about the environment that he once flew an eyebrow artist all the way from Australia to the US so he could have his eyebrows done for the Oscars) funded these same groups to the tune of $5 million – not surprisingly the Brazilian President (a naughty conservative and thus fair game) is not happy that Leo is paying for fires to be lit in his country and doing catastrophic damage to the environment.



  3. Barry Soper has a say on the pork Barrel Politics that Jacinda has started going into Election year. Jacindas 400 million to schools is only the same policy that Steven Joyce promised at the last election only for National to be dumped out of Government by Winston Peter’s.
    The stench of the sexual assaults and the many corrupt practices of one or two of their MP’s according to some has not lessened no mater what the Jacinda star dust might say,so a interesting year ahead of us and a very tight Election.



    • This voter is not even slightly impressed at the cash being taken from taxpayers for schools. I would not borrow to repair guttering or paint the house. That Minister Robertson thinks it is a good idea to stimulate the economy by borrowing to do basic maintenance does not resonate positively with me.

      It all has to be repaid, plus interest, thus the taxpayers gets whacked. I am paying more than enough tax for schools to be repainted and gutters repaired without borrowing. Trim down the Ministry of Education, Reduce the costs that do not give return or education and get on with the work of teaching children basic literacy and numeracy.

      Not a theme shift but I have seen enough of Minister Hipkins Revised education policy to say sticking to the essential basics will be more useful than getting further confused about the treaty and rewriting history. Means cash would be available for essential repairs without having to borrow.



  4. Meanwhile Airnz, who has planes designed to fly at high speed, has cancelled hal the days work because it might get windy.


    Better off with the old DC3’s
    They may have been a bit rough but at least they flew them.


    Chaotic weather and rain. what a crock of shit. That’s what happens when you employ kids with no life training.



    • Wait for it, we’ve got a white elephant investment announcement about rail infrastructure coming up that is going to make the waste of money on Cullen’s train set in 2008 look like small change.

      All of it is going to be funded by massive borrowing

      These bastards are trying to bankrupt New Zealand.



  5. “If the idea of a target is the way of telling the public that it will be a focus for a government I lead, then that commitment I will give you right now – it will be a focus.

    As yet another family buries their son today, will the Prime Minister shed yet another tear?

    “Finding solutions to the mental health crisis” would be a focus, alongside expanding support for families and students, making rental homes warm and dry, and accelerating efforts to clean up our waterways.

    How’s that mental health thingy going Ardern?
    Has the focus group been paid enough money to report back yet?



  6. Democrats move closer to formal Trump impeachment hearing

    “Democrats in Congress will take a big step this week in what appears to be an inexorable march toward impeaching President Donald Trump, with the start of hearings seen as a precursor to formal charges being announced within weeks.

    With opinion polls showing Americans bitterly divided over whether to impeach Trump, the Democratic-controlled Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives will hold a hearing on Wednesday (local time) to explain to the American public what constitutes an impeachable offence.”

    It will also receive a report from the House Intelligence Committee laying out the evidence Democrats say shows Trump abused his office for personal political gain.

    The Dems are blinded by their obsession to remove President Trump from office.



  7. From https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/extremely-difficult-find-hospitality-workers-in-upper-south-island:

    ….”Hospitality businesses in the top of the South Island are struggling to fill summer job vacancies, with some reporting not a single application from the typically abundant visitor workforce.”……

    The article is focuses on confusion over work visa changes being introduced over the next 18 months but one thing puzzles me. NZ is supposed to be free market & entrepreneurial so why don’t the prospective employers offer wages that will attract workers. We see the same in the cartage industry where the bleating about a 500 shortfall in drivers reaches the heavens but people are supposed to turn out of bed & for $18/hr.

    Supply & demand or am I missing something?



      • I appreciate your point about benefit sanctions but ask yourself whether you’d employ any of the 4% on the dole to drive your $500K truck or serve your customers. Anyone currently unemployed is near enough unemployable.

        So prospective employers are fishing in the pond of the currently employed or school leavers. Since few people drive trucks or serve coffee because they love the work it wouldn’t be hard to make the argument that money provides the motivation. Roger Douglas effectively slew the all powerful unions & indicated that labour excesses or shortages would dictate wages & labour mobility. I have no problem with that.

        Though coffee shop proprietors & cartage firm operators seem to be a little slow off the mark.



        • Working in a coffee shop is hardly a career.
          It just suits students or married women that want a bit of extra income.
          I take your point about driving a large truck, but it is also hard to get a license for big trucks
          In many towns the only jobs really available are health care (wiping old peoples asses)



  8. Colmar-Brunton poll ‘consistently underestimates Labour’, Jacinda Ardern says after low poll result

    “I think it’s really important to remember that actually in this poll Labour’s polling higher than where we were on election night and we were able to form a Government on those results,” Ms Ardern responded this morning.

    “The second thing I would say is never underestimate New Zealand First (who sits at 4 per cent), the third – we still have the majority of New Zealanders supporting us as a Government and that feels to me like it reflects the feedback I get from New Zealanders around the progress that we’ve making.

    “And fourthly, there was a poll just a week ago that said the complete opposite to what your one has said.”

    She doesn’t like it up em!



  9. Mein kampf, like the koran, hadith, sira, “The Reliance of the Traveler” show the basis of this hideous ideology.

    A terrorist jailed with London Bridge knifeman Usman Khan (I aint no terrorist) ….. ….. left prison only to begin planning a Lee Rigby-style murder. ,,,,
    …… Rahman’s return to terrorism is likely to be used as evidence that Khan’s protestations of turning his back on extremism should have been treated with more caution. ,,,,


    Interesting how MI5 first got them,
    Also their interconnections, how they changed after jail, to be more effective terrorists.

    Sadly our systems do not learn, do not wish to learn, as they rate their own power & control above all else.



    • Cambridge Professors Amy Ludlow @ACLudlow and Ruth Armstrong @cambridgecrim
      organised a charity run in October 2018. Jack Merritt promoted the
      charity run. The funds raised were directly used to buy Usman Khan a
      Chrome laptop. Usman later murdered Jack.



      • Rachael Membery December 2, 2019 At 8:47 am
        I wonder if the terrorist knew them?

        and then I asked … Any connection?
        Knew of them? communicated with them? talking? texting? writing? listen to each other? shared cigarette time, or a drink at the water cooler?

        Thanks Toko.
        A charitable laptop.
        Probably other interactions to come out, but will they learn?

        A bit like the poem the snake.
        On her way to work one morning
        Down the path alongside the lake
        A tender-hearted woman saw a poor half-frozen snake
        His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew
        “Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”
        “Take me in oh tender woman
        Take me in, for heaven’s sake
        Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake
        She wrapped him up all cozy in a curvature of silk
        And then laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk
        Now she hurried home from work that night as soon as she arrived
        She found that pretty snake she’d taken in had been revived
        “Take me in, oh tender woman
        Take me in, for heaven’s sake
        Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake
        Now she clutched him to her bosom, “You’re so beautiful,” she cried
        “But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you might have died”
        Now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight
        But instead of saying thanks, that snake gave her a vicious bite
        “Take me in, oh tender woman
        Take me in, for heaven’s sake
        Take me in oh tender woman,” sighed the snake
        “I saved you,” cried that woman
        “And you’ve bit me even, why?
        You know your bite is poisonous and now I’m going to die”
        “Oh shut up, silly woman,” said the reptile with a grin
        “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in
        ”Take me in, oh tender woman
        Take me in, for heaven’s sake
        Take me in oh tender woman,“ sighed the snake

        Play with fire, get burnt.
        Leave kids with matches. hmmm 🙁 and they want to run & control our lives.
        So our house is being burnt down, and the adults, with knowledge & history need to grow up, and get this sorted, and put their foot down!



    • In that link, one can see how the establishment cuddled and held the snakes in high esteem.

      The four men – who were jointly jailed for a total of 75 years – received nearly £800,000 in legal aid during the case.

      and paid for benefits, accommodation, etc.. before, during and afterward.

      So besides directions to candle light vigils, just what does the judiciary and academia, care?Supposedly so knowledgeable, but deny all the truth about islam! and look to deny any one else too.



    • Just what message will the “establishment” learn about islam?
      It was the British fault, for not understanding Khan and his problems
      Yet the “establishment” seem to want to impose islamic blasphemy on any one who even quotes islamic literature.

      Khan had also been asking to join a deradicalisation programme – including sending a letter in October 2012 asking for the Home Office to provide someone to work with him. ….
      ….. Mr Sharif [his lawyer] said he wanted a very specific jihadist ideology expert to work with his client because he feared Khan’s hate was so deeply-rooted.
      So while he may have received some help, his lawyer, for one, thinks it was not enough. ….
      …. “Desistance and Disengagement Programme” (DDP) ….


      So it was the British fault for not being good enough to help this poor struggling to understand muslim. 🙁
      Sadly that is so true. 🙁

      Would any of those “experts” in DDP know islam?
      Probably some do, as imams, and happy to receive a good earner. 🙁
      Like many governmental programs spending money with no understanding, that just support muslims and islam for the supposed greater understanding. 🙁
      Have they read the koran, hadith, sira, and figured just what Mohammad was about, and how that islamic system is to breed new snakes as it has done for 1400 years.

      Would any of those dare to make a proper critique of islam? Sure they would lose their well paid governmental job, to go against the system, as the Danish governmental psychologist Nicolai Sennels lost his.

      Yet the people who get it, the ordinary common man, like Tommy Robinson, and any one else who questions, speaks out, are all vilified, dammed, doxxed, searched, inconvenienced, persecuted as every one who speaks out about any islamic literature.

      What an arrogance! as trough feeding experts, that capture such exalted positions in the judiciary, academia, politicians, media, that should be be working as guard dogs for society, and be ceaselessly blowing the whistle and warning about the followers of Mohammad and all his doctrines.

      Instead the establishment use their positions to gain more for their trough and suppress & persecute any one who questions.



  10. A press release from the New Conservatives

    Free Speech Almost Gone!

    At the Labour Party conference, Andrew Little finally admitted what many have suspected for months.

    That the current government seeks to expand state control over speech in our nation.

    Over the weekend, Andrew Little declared that, “We need to signal in our law what is acceptable and what is not acceptable,” and that the Human Rights Act would indeed be changed.

    While a few NZ media outlets inaccurately purport that the Human Rights Act is to be changed due to the March 15 massacre, it was New Conservative who revealed the following quote from Mr Little, spoken in front of the UN Human Rights council 14 months earlier:

    “The government has a plan to review its Human Rights Act with the specific intention to amend the current discrimination provisions…”
    Andrew Little, 21 January 2018

    “Freedom of speech is the foundation for all other freedoms,” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei, “and to have this increasingly dangerous government proclaim further state control over what we can say moves us further towards an Orwellian dystopia.”

    Using Ministry of Justice levers as filters for public discourse, and engaging international powers to control online speech, are examples of the activities that this government has engaged in towards increasing state expansion.

    “The trajectory of our nation’s path is ominous,” concludes Ikilei, “and we call for all New Zealanders to unite in rejecting this thinly veiled attempt to further fracture the freedom that our fathers paid for, in blood, 80 years ago.”



  11. Excellent piece by Mark Steyn on the latest attack in London:

    New Zealand is perhaps relatively safe from an Islamic jihadist attack, at least for the present, because since Christchurch the Moz are being kow towed to by our supine government of fools who think appeasement is a workable solution to the problem of radical Islam and the danger it represents to everything we hold dear.



  12. You have to laugh at the clusterfuk party. Sweet cheeks wanted to play Santa and was not going to release the education $400 million gift for several weeks.

    Along came Ardern anxious to grab the limelight and shot Grant down by letting the cat out the bag.

    While she was all toothy smiles and telling everyone how great she was, along came Nash who has stuffed up big time with the Arms buy back leak followed by the polls crashing.

    Ardern was last heard screaming “Why me”.



  13. Can some one please explain to me how this increase in rubbish dumping fee (tax !!) works. Increase from $10/tonne to $60/tonne .
    Who gets the extra revenue –Government or City Councils ? Why is the Government involved and what will be achieved ?

    I do not think many people dump things that do not need to be dumped. A lot of charity shops do not take everything these days because when charges came in, many people effectively tried to dump stuff at the charity shops.
    Not a lot of sense in this from what I can see except that it is revenue gathering exercise.



  14. Cambridge University is a dodgy place.
    Cambridge University has been the incubator for British communism for 100 years since the 1920s.
    Some elements there are pro-destruction of their society.

    They take softcocks like Jack Merrit and fill their heads with rubbish.
    They churn out crim huggers.
    You need chaos in a society to execute a 1917 Russian-type coup.
    Useful idiots are the foot soldiers.

    Jack Merrit and Saskia Jones were these foot soldiers and not the only ones Cambridge has churned out.
    They are the enemy of decent society by wanting more brain damaged Neanderthals stalking the streets with knives.
    They think the perpetrators of these crime are the ‘victims’ who can be ‘fixed’ with a hug and cup of tea.
    They are too naive to understand what they are doing.

    Let us examine why.

    In the 1910s through the 1940s with almost perpetual war and depression for 30 years, people had to concentrate on the absolute basics in life.
    People were familiar with genuine beggars on the street with genuine needs – not the faux beggars of today.
    Londoners had to rush into the Underground during bom bing air raids in the middle of the night.
    Genuine fear.
    There were physically and mentally broken men (conscripted soldiers) wandering the streets of Britain post-1918 with no-one to care for them – no benefits; no social welfare; no veterans hospital.

    The Maslow Hierarchy of Needs was formulated in the 1940s .
    The 5 levels are :-
    1. Physiological- the ability to get food, shelter, and clothing
    2. Safety – security, property, health
    3. Love and Belonging – Establishing relationships via school, work, family, sport
    4. Esteem – Respect, status, recognition
    5. Self actualisation – Be the best one can be

    These kids now don’t have to worry about level 1 as so many even in first world countries did in the 1910s – 1940s

    Many kids in Britain now come in straight at level 4 so have no real challenges.
    Heck, even level 3 is taken care of with Tinder, Fakebook, Whatsapp etc

    Many are going straight into mopey charity work that most people in the past were not able to get into until their 50s when they had established the lower levels through hard graft and honest living.

    An 18 year old with no life skills can now take a gap year and join a ‘charity’ like OxFam and drive around Africa in a Landrover looking at the poor people by day while partying in a compound at night.
    They can get access to sexual favours (level 3) through these dodgy outfits by holding the money and material goods that delivers the Level 1 basics to the ‘poor people’

    These kids are naive and getting involved in areas they don’t understand and do not have the life skills to place them in that position.
    They are being fed nonsense from a young age – certainly by 8 years old -and this compounds if they go to the ‘liberal’ universities and often do namby pamby courses (not STEM) .
    By the age of 22/23 they have had 15 years straight of conditioning and most know no alternative to the agenda delivered.
    They are going to believe the crap: climate lies; white males are oppressors; gender pay gaps; poor refuges= not country shoppers; et al
    There is no conversion to causes required. They are already there.
    Pile on another one and they will lap it up.

    The likes of Cambridge University (and many similar tertiaries) take these moneyed-up fools and turn them into tools for their cause.

    It was not exactly their fault that Merrit and Smith were they like they were- crim huggers.
    There were people around them for the last 20 years moulding them into this.
    They were in fact groomed.
    Not much different to how Hamas grooms young suicide bombers.
    Now there is all this shock horror that they were stabbed ‘trying to help people’
    And the MSM story will continue down that erroneous path without examining why.

    I see it very clearly with British people of this age (20s) whereas the NZ and Australian kids are more questioning. Perhaps it will come here to this nth degree. Sadly, fairly likely.

    Oddly enough, by contrast, in the 1970s British kids were way sharper and questioning when you add on to the 1910s to 1940s period.
    While in 1950s NZ we had it pretty sweet there was still austerity and rations in grim Britain. The 1960s and 1970s were tough as the communist faction pushed hard with massive strikes to try to create the 1917 Russian style launch platform.
    Communism was not discredited at that point – circa 1970.
    It was still a very popular concept.
    Incubated in the universities.

    The circuit breaker was Margaret Thatcher.
    She kicked this pro-communism into touch and was instrumental in freeing the Eastern Bloc countries. Take no shit, Maggie.
    Since then life has been much better to the point these kids don’t know how bad it was even 45 years ago.
    That was your parents or grandparents problem. Not the problem of millennial Nigel or Sarah.
    They are not taught honest history and the BBC is a major filter of Truth in the UK.

    After their families have had a good cry about these 2 deaths and lit some candles they might want to reflect on how many more people will die with the activities promoted by these well-meaning but naive fools called Jones and Merrit. The road to hell and all that.

    It is a small price to pay if there is now some pushback on crim-hugging.
    Don’t let the loss of 2 relatively young lives distract from the real manipulation going on here.
    Be aware.
    Kelvin Davis and Andrew Little are pushing the same pro-criminal dangerous agenda in New Zealand.
    Know thy enemy.



    • Many good points there howitis.

      The Europeans backpackers are often just full of it, and I can see they can be so unwittingly hypocritical, as they can not understand or reason.

      So much “tender heart” picking up snakes, & being a “tender foot” in life.
      Unfortunately there seems be difficult for them to even learn by experience.

      Groomed into socialism, and ultimately to its globalist international cult.



      • Thanks Dave.
        It was fermenting for a few weeks.
        The weekend’s event crystallised it.

        My brother was in the UK earlier this year and quite amazed at the compliance of the yoof whereas 25 years ago and earlier they were very rebellious.
        The Tony Bliar era has occurred since then.

        If you look back at the very insightful people in (the great) UK bands from say 1965 to 1975 they were very aware – somewhat awake to reality from a harsh upbringing rather than the ‘woke’ we have today. i.e. brainwashed, broken, beta males. This was shown in their lyrics of that era.

        My brother’s good friend from Uni was visiting here last month and he has lived in the UK for about 30 years. He was describing his kids and their friends’ attitudes. It was a bit scary.
        The are heavily indoctrinated. Almost like what we hear about the Eastern Bloc kids of the 1970s i.e. ready to dob in their parents for wrong think.

        There has been a dangerous change in the UK and these kids that were killed – and kids is what they are – have been brainwashed with bad ideas.
        Self destructive ideas like white people cause the world’s problems – complete opposite of reality.
        There is some weapons-grade mind bending going on.
        We must resist- against substantial resources.

        We see David Seymour of ACT standing up at 1 against 119 others to defend freedoms.
        This may in fact be the ratio we are facing.
        Notional are not here to defend our freedoms.
        To be honest, it is daunting.



  15. So the Government is to ban foreign donations over $50.00 today under urgency, so if doesn’t tell you that Labour are running scared after a couple of bad polls nothing does.
    Now what happens with Union donations that Labour gets to have for installing all their policy, whilst I agree that foreign donations should banned I why is it now being rushed through Parliament with the whole of next year available. Another of Andrew Littles knee jerk decisions to put the ball in Labours favour.



  16. With this going on – who can be surprised there’s problems with NZ public services

    Latest news – Deb Te Kawa appointed to the board of IPANZ – this is the organisation that exists to “promote improvements in public sector policy and administration.”

    A quick google search shows that this is an “interesting” appointment to say the least – as a board member one would think you’d want people who have spotless histories? Certainly not like this sordid little affair from Ms te Kawa’s time at the SSC.

    Of course the top two people at IPANZ are previous CE’s of NZ’s sexism agency (the Ministry for/of Women/Women’s Affairs) – so of course this sort of thing is OK because it’s only men who have to have standards eh?

    So Ms te Kawa’s job at SSC in 2011 was to work with NZ Police to turn it into an organisation that respected women following the Louise Nicholas allegations. It seems one of her professional approaches was to start having an affair with a senior Police officer who was being investigated for relationships with a junior policewoman.

    I guess the bar is incredibly low to get on to the IPANZ board. But I’m sure this is absolutely no indication of their ability (or otherwise) to promote improvements in the public service – taxpayers money is surely safe in their hands.

    Nothing to see here – move on.



    • Louise the lifelong police groupie. That whole witch hunt was a disgrace.

      Goes without saying I’ll hold the cops to account, but that was a beat up led by a woman with an extensive history of fake rape complaints.



  17. I think National is wise not to publicly rule out Peters at this stage. It is better to wait for the judgement on Peters’ privacy case.

    I cannot see a judge ruling that MSD leaked his probably fraud. It is of course possible they did. If the ministers were not told then his claim may have some merit. However four MPs know plus their staff as well as former chief of staff Wayne Eagleson and former campaign staffer Clark Hennessy. It is also possible that Peters or his partner could have told someone. So it the judge does not rule against MSD then I hope National instructs their lawyers to recover the cost to taxpayers for Peters’ vexatious claim.

    If this happens if will be a much better time for National to rule out Peters.



  18. As could be expected now come the restrictions that will be imposed should next year’s cannabis referendum provide a positive response. They include age restrictions, a ban on use in public places & controls on the amount of THC allowed.


    Yet there’s still strong support for a change from the status quo. The associated poll indicates 54% in favour, 32% against & 14% unsure.

    Bad news for the gin soaked, conservative throwbacks. Compulsory marijuana use will soon join compulsory assisted suicide, & compulsory gay marriage. 🙂



  19. I’m getting a bit bored hearing about the sex lives of gold digging bimbos who developed retrospective morality when their looks faded.

    They were not victims. Rich and famous men are constantly hit on by such women. I don’t judge them, or the men, for doing what comes naturally. Nor should the court of public opinion.



  20. Greta Thunberg late to COP 25 climate meeting in Madrid, still sailing across Atlantic

    Greta Thunberg is running late to the COP 25 climate meeting in Madrid, Spain, after hitching a ride with an Australian couple travelling the world by boat so she would make it on time. Ms Thunberg broke the news of her late arrival to the conference of the parties on Monday: “We’re speeding towards Europe! “Estimated time of arrival right now is Tuesday morning [local time]. We’ll be arriving at Doca de Alcantara, Lisbon. We are all looking forward to see you there!”

    So what did Greta miss out on? Here’s the day 1 agenda. The climate change conference includes this critical topic:

    Feedback session on the secretariat’s work to support the Meeting Room 9 Lima work programme on gender and its gender action plan – including special guest GEF

    An hour and a half was set aside for that crap? Pfff!



  21. And we all lived happily ever after.
    The End.

    COP25 is the final COP before we enter the defining year of 2020, when many nations must submit new climate action plans. Among the many elements that need to be ironed out is the financing of climate action worldwide.

    Currently, not enough is being done to meet the three climate goals: reducing emissions 45 per cent by 2030; achieving climate neutrality by 2050 (which means a net zero carbon footprint), and stabilizing global temperature rise at 1.5°C by the end of the century.




    • COP25: Time for Action Kōrero
      The New Zealand Climate Change Ambassador, Kay Harrison, with the support of Simpson Grierson held two kōrero on New Zealand’s international climate change priorities for COP25 (external link). Negotiators from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Ministry for the Environment joined the Ambassador to discuss three priorities for New Zealand at COP25:

      • International carbon markets

      • Loss and Damage from the impacts of climate change

      • New Zealand’s Multilateral Assessment (peer review of our domestic climate action)

      Thank you to those that attended. We want to continue to hear your thoughts and views so we can take those into the negotiations with us.

      To keep up to date with future events, register your interest to DM-CCD@mfat.govt.nz




  22. Labour is busy changing electoral law without consultation. Be scared, my friends, be very scared. They can pass this as they have the numbers and they’re testing the public appetite for them doing this.

    If there is no backlash, we will see a lower threshold and all sorts of changes made under urgency by Labour to ensure they stay in power. And after our last semi-democratic election in 2020, we’ll be looking at a one party state.

    Be warned.

    Edit: Never mind, see now it has already been posted.



    • The madness will continue until men step up and reclaim the civilization they built, from the feminists and grovelling beta males who enable them. All of this shit is driven by mental bitches.

      We can start by taking away their vote and allowing men to use reasonable force to discipline unruly partners.



  23. Just new to this. A little bit annoyed. I posted on facebook a not too complimentary remark about E.Can. I complained as a dairy farmer for years that the council swimming pool used to burn my grass by emptying their pool each year. I thought it ironic they fined a bloke in Belfast last week $400,000, but refuse to look at a similar case on their own. I used to take care of my patch and like most, an environmentalist by heart.



  24. Men in crude costumes mimic traditional welcome for cruise ship passengers at New Zealand port

    The cruise company accused of using impersonators in grass skirts with “scribbles” on their faces to perform a traditional Maori welcome to New Zealand has apologised. Images posted on social media show a group of non-Maori men performing a powhiri, a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony, for Golden Princess cruise ship passengers at the Port of Tauranga on Monday. The men can be seen with black designs painted on their faces, which appear to be an attempt of mimicking traditional tattoos.

    To judge whether or not this was an authentic experience, we need to focus less on the “scribbles”, and more on what happened down below. As Johnboy memorably said on Kiwiblog:

    Do any of you chaps know when the disgusting fat murri bastards stopped wearing little black underpants beneath their piupiu’s ? It’s become a fuckin national embarrassment watching the fatarse bastards welcoming overseas dignitaries.

    I suspect the welcoming committee wore “little black underpants” and, therefore, were unable to offer the full-blown Maori welcome.

    And the local iwi have identified a money-making opportunity:

    Paora Stanley, chief executive of Ngai Te Rangi (the local Maori tribe), told the New Zealand Herald the display was silly and insulting. He said local operators were available who could perform powhiri for guests to the area. “We can put you in touch with people who can do a far better, and appropriate, job,” told the newspaper.”

    He forget to add three words: “for a fee”!



    • …..”a group of non-Maori men performing a powhiri, a traditional Maori welcoming ceremony, for Golden Princess cruise ship passengers at the Port of Tauranga on Monday.”……

      I suspect that Viking2 & Dignap have fallen on hard times & are doing a bit of moonlighting to supplement their National Super & circular delivery rounds! 🙂



      • On one hand maori culture is promoted and its uptake promoted using hundreds of millions of our tax money.

        On the other hand anyone who dares use anything remotely maori is attacked.

        Imagine if other cultures were so precious and arrogant. Its absurd and no way to promote things maori.



      • This article is interesting.

        The stunt has been branded as ”blatant racism”“.

        No, that’s not racism (an overused cliché), but I think you could argue that it was culturally insensitive.

        The city council’s Māori engagement team would work with Ngāi Te Rangi and the cruise ship company to ensure the correct tikanga was in place, Powell said“.

        WTF is the city council doing, first, with a Maori engagement team and, second, getting involved in a matter between the local iwi and a cruise ship company?



      • Nope we can still afford a beer naaaska. But I can tell you the locals are Waving their arms about and calling names and telling us its disgraceful and an affront to thier culture. Even got that from one of my staff and we have some frank discussions at times.
        Can remember when we all had to do that shit when at school. No one complained then when white’s did it.
        Maori are the worst of racists but even more sinister Tribalists with a hieracy from slaves to Rangitara.
        go read trevor bently’s book Pakeha slaves Maori Masters. Once you do you will understand how they think and their tribalism.



  25. Re: ‘It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will.
    Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it.
    We need to dismantle them all.’

    Not a bad use of words by a 16-year old autistic girl; as if!!

    She’s a very useful ‘tool’ to be discarded when her minders have achieved their aims; and those aims will NOT include Greta’s well-being.

    As always it’s about Money and control…



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