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  1. Looks like I’m up before Viking…
    No he’s probably at work now

    Good to see Stuffed still working on the NZ First Foundation
    I’m still try to find a website for the Foundation.
    They say that National has one.
    Well I think I;’m going to start a DigNap15 Foundation so you can all donate



  2. As usual the whole thing smells like a week old bucket of prawns left sitting out in the sun. NZF, peters, jones et al are fucking liars and thieves. They should be publicly flogged then promptly sodomised with a hot poker.
    Back in NZ for a month. Christchurch at the mo and its 12 degrees. Ive got me full thermals set on plus my nipple warmers. There is no feeling in my fingers. Driving around the place after being away for a year, I cant belive how quiet it is, how many weirdos there are out walking around and how farking expensive the food is at the supermarkets compared to back home in Thailand. Eyewatering!
    Next stop just outside of Blenheim near the beach then to the Gold Coast before heading back to Phuket mid January.



  3. This muslim has so many interconnections, and another of those old names come up again.
    The article is a bit repetitious, but doves tail in more information.
    I have edited, chopped out much, and rearranged the order of some sentences and parts.

    London Bridge killer and the hate preacher: Terrorist Usman Khan is pictured with notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary age 52 ‘a personal friend’ at Shariah Law conference in 2009

    ….. Choudary claimed Khan was innocent of trying to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

    ….. shows Khan laughing in a brochure for the rehabilitation group that he was part of – and later turned on – at Fishmongers’ Hall.

    He was described as a success story after working with Learning Together, a Cambridge University programme that assisted him while in prison and after his release.

    Khan even wrote organisers a thank-you note after they provided him with a computer he could use without breaching his licence, as reported by The Daily Telegraph.

    In his perverse poem, ‘to rehabilitation team’ Khan claimed:
    ‘I write so my words become a soothing light,
    I write so I can enter the coldest of hearts,
    I write so I can speak to those locked off from the world engulfed in the blinding absence of sight,
    I write so I can express what I feel is right.’

    ………. Anjem Choudary’s banned terror group al-Muhajiroun. …… been behind several attacks, including the 2017 London Bridge atrocity, the 7/7 London bombings and the murder of Lee Rigby.

    Choudary was jailed for five and a half years for inviting support for a terrorist organisation when he swore an oath of allegiance to Islamic State. He was released automatically on licence in October.

    raided by anti-terror police when he was just 17.
    indignant Khan said: ‘I’ve been born and bred in England, in Stoke-on-Trent, in Cobridge, and all the community knows me and they will know… I ain’t no terrorist.’

    But after a 20-month probe, the Crown Prosecution Service told officers they were unlikely to get a conviction with the evidence they had. Instead of acting as a warning, the lack of criminal charges against Khan simply emboldened him.
    He vowed: ‘We are going to carry on until the last breath, because we believe this is the truth.’

    …. spoke at a conference about why Britain should adopt Sharia law and began a campaign to stage a highly inflammatory march
    …… his membership of Islam4UK – another of Choudary’s banned extremist groups – prompted the security services to launch a second covert surveillance operation on him in 2010.
    ….. Khan wrote a letter from his cell in Belmarsh prison in southeast London asking to take part in a de-radicalisation course.

    ‘I would like to do such a course so I can prove to the authorities, my family and soicity [sic] in general that I don’t carry the views I had before my arrest and also I can prove that at the time I was immature, and now I am much more mature and want to live my life as a good Muslim and also a good citizen of Britain,’ he wrote.

    An Islamist jailed alongside London Bridge killer Usman Khan (pictured) was dramatically held for allegedly plotting a fresh atrocity

    ……. months later he was able to move into a £430-a-month bedsit in a down-at-heel three storey-house nearby.

    It is understood Mr Merritt, who was a coordinator for the course, worked with Khan while he was in prison.
    Such was his apparent turnaround, the prestigious university encouraged Khan to apply for a place as an undergraduate student.
    And in an astonishing report called Learning Together by staff at Whitemoor prison, Khan’s apparent rehabilitation was used as a case study promoting its work.

    Earlier this year, Khan attended a Whitehall event under police escort. He appeared eager and willing to engage with the Government’s Prevent and Desistance and Disengagement (PDD) programmes, intended to de-radicalise extremists.

    …… given special dispensation to travel to London

    And the rest is history, and many more connections are being made,
    Except for the link to the snake ideology of islam.
    Will the “powers of control” over us, ever learn to be accountable and responsible to the citizens of their country? 🙁



  4. That newspaper has a photo of the COLleaders in it on a story about the slush fund!
    My didn’t Cindy bin Lying look youthful in the days of when she came to power!
    Not anymore is she like that! Take care Labour, you might have to put her down!



  5. It seems the new Tauranga City Council wants to repeal the anti begging by-law
    (And stuff is running an anti Simon Bridges article on it)
    Its only been in for a year.
    It seems to be working
    Less people sitting in shop doorways
    Yes some clowns want to repeal the bylaw
    Do they want us to look like a third world country!

    Whilst I do feel sorry for the genuinely homeless and those who may have had a bad life or mad bad decisions, they are all getting a payment from WINZ so they need to get off their arse and do something useful



  6. Since the scandal erupted many have tried to explain to Folau how his rhetoric was hurtful, how by telling gay people they’re going to hell unless they repent for the “sin” of being gay, they might actually be offended.NZHerald

    So. Fucking. What.

    One, your right to be offended does not supersede another persons right to say something offensive. You can tell them you find them offensive, you can walk away and ignore them. Those are your choices. What you cannot do is constrain them and control them to fit your agenda and your lifestyle. They live their own lives.

    Two, if you don’t believe in God, hell, the devil, the sky fairies – whatever – what do you care? It’s an ignorant bigot saying his own things. And if you do believe as he does, then, erm … maybe you should let God chase that gayness out of you before you do go to hell?

    It’s really time that we as a society starts putting on our big boy pants and our big girls blouses and stop this fucking worrying about who is going to be offended, who’s feelings we are going to hurt. Somebody being offended by some rando rugby player quoting a book he likes is not my problem, not your problem, not the rugby player’s problem. It’s the person feeling offended’s problem.



    • ……”Somebody being offended by some rando rugby player quoting a book he likes is not my problem, not your problem, not the rugby player’s problem.”……

      All good but Rugby Australia may beg to differ. By signing up a Neanderthal who believes in a Skydaddy they’ve exposed themselves to sanctions by their corporate supporters & a payout to the halfwit who took exception to being told to shut up.

      That is the story.



    • Excuse my woke friend nasska, he is a bit stressed with the climate catastrophe and all going on.

      This is a clear attack on freedom of speech. All Christian’s should hold this view as it’s what the bible says.

      If its “hate speech” then ban Christianity. To target Christian’s who are honest enough to tell the truth is gutless. The problem is THE RELIGION. Not a footy player.



      • Religion is a pox on the society it feeds off. But tell me more about how the gullible fools who embrace it get a free ride to say what they like without consequence.

        Free speech means that you have the right to speak your mind without being put against the wall & shot. It doesn’t absolve you of the repercussions from what you say.



        • I see your point.

          But I invite you to consider the wider implications. You could justify the State dragging people off and torturing them as freedom of speech “repercussions”. You and I would have been tortured to death for our lack of faith not so long ago. Again – repercussions.

          This is definitely a case of intolerant PC zealots persecuting someone for breaking ranks. It sets a troubling precedent and should be resisted.



        • I think that depends Nasska. In this scenario, the counter to what he said was not:

          “Well, we don’t believe in your sky fairy. We like gay people and we don’t even believe in hell. So continue to believe what you will, little man and bytherway, for a second breach of contract we’re now issuing you with a written warning / second breach notice / whatever is the legally correct response”

          Instead, the response was:

          “Sack the sick godbothering fucker because he hates teh gay7!!! Deth to the infidel heathen!”

          Or something like that. The first is a reasonable, free speech response. The latter? It’s zealotry and a shut down of opinion because it offends and is found to be disagreeable to someone.



          • Persecuting the religious is a terrible idea. It only unites them and makes them stronger and more extreme.

            Persecution is what made the Jews the force they are today. Christian’s in the past and its happening now with the Muslims.

            They feed off persecution. The Abrahamic faiths are based on it.

            Give them hugs nasska 😉



  7. I wanted to send an email to every NZ First mp
    So I went to their website and they do not seem to list their mps emails.
    Most other pardies do.
    What are they hiding?

    As you know, I have not been able to find a website for their NZ First Foundation.



  8. Didn’t Shane Jone threaten Toy Gibson to stay out of push for Ports Auckland to be shifted to Whangera and he also said I believe that Winston and himself were politically smart and seasoned Politicians for him to take on.
    Well it seems Tony Gibson doesn’t care to much for threats and has pointed out that it will cost Aucklanders over $626 million a year in import costs to move the Port. So it looks very much like Wayne Brown, Shane Jones and Winston Peters have a fight on their hands.



  9. Don’t worry I found their emails on the Parliament website

    So I sent this email to them all


    I want to donate to your New Zealand First Foundation. (I lied)

    But I cannot find a website for it.

    Can you please advise?

    I put my real name



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  11. Shit, I’m looking forward to this time next year.

    Our knowall, religio-conservatives who adore Baby Jesus will be on the mat trying to recover from the results of two referenda. After a few years of getting used to their compulsory gay marriages they’ll be hit with the double whammy of compulsory assisted suicide & compulsory marijuana use.

    But God loves you! 🙂



  12. CMM made a public service announcement regarding an apparent sighting of Stephieboy in Nigeria 10 years ago.

    Nigerian police detain goat over armed robbery

    Police in Nigeria are holding a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. Vigilantes took the black and white beast to the police saying it was an armed robber who had used black magic to transform himself into a goat to escape arrest after trying to steal a Mazda 323. The group of vigilante men came to report that while they were on patrol they saw some hoodlums attempting to rob a car. They pursued them. However one of them escaped while the other turned into a goat,” Kwara state police spokesman Tunde Mohammed told Reuters by telephone. “We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat,” he said“.

    It makes a change from the Nigerian email scams, I guess!



    • ……”“We cannot confirm the story, but the goat is in our custody. We cannot base our information on something mystical. It is something that has to be proved scientifically, that a human being turned into a goat,” he said“.”……

      Do you think Scott could find time to pop over to Africa & sort this one out Nostra? With water turning into wine & the episode of the loaves & fishes he’s right up to speed with transmutations. 🙂



        • Interesting looking back at that link.


          So last year’s $300m package has become $339.2m and last year’s 10,500 houses have become 7000.

          Instead of the Housing Infrastructure Fund, Twyford and Goff talked today about the new Urban Development Authority.

          Labour revives housing project in Whenuapai and Redhills, reveals $339.2m plan for 7000 homes


          Housing Minister Phil Twyford is progressing a housing initiative in Auckland which began under the National government last year, funding services to bring thousands of new homes to Whenuapai and Redhills.

          After last July’s $300 million plan for 10,500 new houses in the two areas, Twyford and mayor Phil Goff have just announced a startlingly similar scheme.

          Another National Plan gone to Labour with a less for more program.

          We couldn’t make this shit up

          And Twyford couldn’t make it work. The man is a fool.



  13. Stigie was asking about D4J yesterday. I wonder if he’s been appointed as a Family Court judge? That would explain why he’s too busy to come and chat with us about his ongoing investigation into Big Bruv’s emails.



      • D4J was recovering from being “pulled up” (an unfortunately vague description) by a transgender police officer.

        the day my tax goes to pay for transgender freaks will be the last straw for me! It was bad enough being pulled up by a transgender cop. I was scared of getting aids from the freaky creep“.

        I don’t know if the transgender police officer is still cruising around Christchurch, but if he is, D4J will know!



        • Poor ole Dad, the thought of someone with aids sent him fucking crazy that he attacked his keyboard.
          If he touched someone who had aids, it would mean he would carry the disease homself……
          The poor sod felt he had no immunity !~



    • If this was a right wing party it would be hysterically reported around the world.

      I now assume all Labour members are sex offenders unless I have solid proof to the contrary. They could remedy this by publically naming the offenders.



  14. It’s well past time a Royal Commission of Inquiry was launched into the New Zealand Labour Party and its rape culture and subsequent cover ups by the Party, media and Police.

    This is the sort of thing we see in failed states.



  15. A big fat woman goes to the gynaecologist for the first time. The gynaecologist explains how she has to get up on the stool & place her legs in the stirrups. With great effort the obese woman climbs onto the stool & spreads her legs.
    The gynaecologist turns round and takes a good look.

    “Could you fart, please?” he says.

    “Is that part of the treatment?”

    “No, it’s just to eliminate an option in my search.”



  16. Latest from Ardern.

    AP Interview: New Zealand PM aims to limit spread of hate”
    55 minutes ago

    Ardern said she thought he would try to use the trial to promote his views.

    “It’s clear that a part of this individual’s motivation is creating a platform for himself. I think that’s absolutely clear,” she said. “And I think every opportunity we can to deprive the alleged terrorist of that should be utilized.”

    She said she was limited in what she could do but was encouraged by the pledge of New Zealand’s major media outlets to avoid promoting white supremacist ideology when covering the trial.

    Ardern said she stood by her decision to never speak the alleged gunman’s name.




  17. Massive strikes to bring France to a standstill today are in progress protesting ‘pension reforms’..

    What are they.? The looting of pension funds are a globalist agenda & whereby they reduce & remove monies belonging to the citizens of a country, whose citizens through hardwork & crippling tax have paid into all their lives in the hope to be provided a relatively safe old age.

    These funds are ruthlessly removed & given in the form of generous grants & welfare assistance to illegal aliens & unemployable economic migrants. This globalist agenda is twofold, it ensures the replacement by early death of elderly citizens, but also it divides the country along the lines of the militant aggressive invading force & the dispossessed, increasingly marginalized citizens of the country.

    This is one of many globalist agendas for the destruction of western society & the genocide of White Europeans & it will be implemented in your country soon ..


    Western France Runs Out Of Gas As “Massive Strikes” Set To Paralyze Entire Nation



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