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  1. Oh dear. Pauline Hansen sounds eminently reasonable. No wonder the left want to shut her up

    So at a time when Australia’s masculinity has stepped into the breach in a self-sacrificing way to ensure the safety of wider society by the firemen (note that word – fireMEN, there are not that many fucking “firepersons” out there) every day for weeks now stepping literally into firestorms all over the affected states – what do feminists do?

    Oh that’s right, they start off attacking the integrity of these brave fireMEN, by suggesting that the result of these heroic acts of self-sacrifice and selflessness is … wait for it …. firefighters will beat their wives.


    In a week where we’ve had Hillary’s reputed feminist nominee to SCOTUS attacking a 13 year old child because she does not like his dad and just when you think it’s not possible for the Lunatic Left to go any lower, Australian feminists shout “Hold my beer” and plumb new depths.

    Still some good has come of it. Pauline Hansen (you know the extremist, racist, white supremacist nazi bete noir of all Australian Lunatic Leftists – yeah well her)she bravely, knowing that she’d draw the hatred of the liberal elites and the whoring MSM, made a speech that was probably her most reactionary, most ‘against the tide’ speech of all. She made a speech saying “Thank you men” and decrying the hate speech and evil of feminism.

    Thank fucking God for Pauline Hansen. No wonder the psychotic left want to shut her up.



    • @DifferentPerspective – “Thank fucking God for Pauline Hansen.”

      Agreed – she’s great!
      The amount of abuse that has been hurled at her must be second only to the amount thrown at Trump but she still keeps on going.
      We could *really* do with a version of her over *here*.



  2. The Government will move to ban non-compostible fruit stickers today in response to a huge new report about single-use plastic, Stuff understands.

    It’s understood the Government will also move to ban plastic cotton buds and single-use plastic cutlery, items which both have biodegradable alternatives made out of bamboo.

    Compostible apple stickers do exist but are not in wide-use.

    I didn’t see condoms on the list.Thank god. Means less non desirables.

    The announcement will be made on Sunday morning as part of a response to report from the Prime Minister’s chief scientist, alongside a host of other measures.



  3. This video by an expert is something the alarmist would like banned. It is about sunspots and other solar cycles like the one one that caused the River Thames to freeze over for a number of decades. The last bit is worth noting. Professor Zharkova does not discount CO2. I wonder if part of her reason for doing this is not to lose funding. I do not know enough about these thing to say the world is likely to be colder than warmer in the next few decades. What I do know it that the alarmist do not know either.

    How the sun affects temperatures on Earth (w/ Valentina Zharkova, Northumbria University)




  4. I make my own potting mix with composted kitchen scraps and notice the odd banana sticker in the mix. Can’t say I ever thought that something needed to be done about it.

    Someone made a great observation in the last day or so about how plastic drinking straws used to come in paper wrappers , now thanks to government involvement we have paper straws in plastic wrappers.



      • De Gaulle was an arsehole of bloke.
        An arrogant pig that could not work with others – generally a requirement of top leadership.

        He fled to Britain when the Germans invaded 1940 and lived there for half a decade while Britain resourced him.
        Nonetheless he hated the Brits.
        He was a socialist and a catholic.
        Britain got France a seat on the UN Security council even though the cheese eating surrender monkeys did not deserve it and it was soldiers from USA (De Gaulle really hated those capitalists) UK, NZ, Canada etc – the BRITISH Commonwealth that treated its colonies better than France ever did – that liberated France.
        Not the chicken squawking French.

        Nonetheless he blocked Britain again and again from joining the Common Market.
        The riots in 1968 -under de Gaulle – were probably worse than today’s ones and way more intense.
        I could write more ..and none would be complementary of de Gaulle.



  5. Some advice please.
    This ties in with lots of the posts today so far.

    I want to email Ardern and Golriz a few things.
    About immigrants and muslims etc.

    I have several email addresses eg my real name, and one is my old business name.
    Or would you look at a hidden email address such as gorilla mail?

    I don’t want Kea’s police coming up my drive.



  6. More lies from Ardern…
    “Our ban on plastic bags has already made a difference as we confront our enormous long-term challenge to tackle plastic waste,” said Ardern.

    How has it made a difference.
    They are still finding dead whales full of plastic and rubbish.
    I don’t litter



      • Yeah – we did the trip round Svalbard a few years ago. One of the “educators” had a session about beach rubbish with lots of samples and pictures.

        Svalbard (Spitzbergen) is a loooong way from anywhere up in the Arctic. Latitude 80 – two hours on a 737 due noth from the top of Norway. Top right hand corner of Greenland ….

        We were told it is where the Gulf Stream runs out of puff hence all the garbage. A bit sobering that it gets that far though. Some of the rubbish was fishermens’ dross but there would be very few boats anywhere “near” the place …..



    • More products to be banned.
      Won’t be long and the women folk will start to get pissed off.
      Once she starts on the plastic nappies (which are a shit of a product) and they all have to return to th wringger washing machines.

      Meat trays, takeaway cups, and fruit stickers are next in line for the Government’s expanding plastics ban.

      Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced in Auckland on Sunday the Government would aim to phase out another round of single-use plastics.

      The Government earlier this year banned plastic bags commonly used in supermarkets. A similar approach will now be taken with packaging and beverage containers made from “hard-to-recycle” PVC plastic and polystyrene.

      Meaning certain meat trays, takeaway food containers and coffee cups could soon be disposed of for good.

      So my chinese will now come with fingers and papaer bag. Such fun in the Rolls.



  7. Expert claims women’s experiences of PMS a ‘cultural’ myth

    “Symptoms and illnesses are always culturally located,” she said.

    “So if you go to different cultures, different points in history we have symptom complexes, which is what we see as legitimate illnesses and ways that we report distress.”

    Usher said the origin of PMS can be dated back to 1931 when women were diagnosed with “hysteria”, associated with their reproductive system.

    “In the UK, US and Australia we have taken up this pathologising discourse around the menstrual cycle.

    ‘We expect women to be mad or bad or dangerous and women take that up and feel irritable and feel angry and then they blame it on their bodies.”




    • Wow. An article on sexual abuse penned by none other than Alison Maum, the #MeToo editor for Stuff. Has she been out of the country on holiday and only just returned? I don’t recall her covering the sexual assault in the Prime Ministers office or the sexual assault at the Labour Party youth camp.



  8. I do not know where they were born, but seem to be able to float to NZ.

    ……. A OneFour rapper
    ……… Sua – a former youth worker
    …….. a softly-spoken and downcast Sua appeared to choke back tears while telling Judge James Bennett
    ……. Sua admitted his bail had been revoked earlier this year for ‘attending a licensed premises’
    …… Sua joins behind bars his fellow rappers [Pio] Misa – who was jailed for four years – and [Dahcell] Ramos, who wielded the hammer and was jailed for 10.

    The tough guy persona he puts on when he raps about guns and stabbing people in songs like ‘Shanks and Shivs’ was no where to be seen today, with Sua cleraly subdued.

    …. The judge said Sua’s industry colleagues had seen him as having ‘great potential’ in the music industry, and it was ‘tragic’ what had unfolded.
    ……. The artists have also had several live gigs cancelled recently in Australia – and instead flew to New Zealand.

    ‘They won’t let us perform in AUS rn, but one day they gon beg for it,’ they posted to Instagram this week.

    So this style of music “‘Drill’ music, a hip-hop subgenre, is driving feuding gang wars” is also supported in NZ, and the feud? drugs, territory guns & knives or music? 🙁

    So will Australia be able to send these ones on? after sentence served?



  9. Talking earlier about those pesky apple and banana stickers..

    A woman goes to her Gynecologist. “What seems to be the problem?” asked the doctor.
    Woman: “Something is terribly wrong. I keep finding postage stamps from Costa Rica in my Vagina.” The Doctor had a look, chuckled and said, “Those Aren’t postage stamps my dear, they’re the stickers off the bananas.”



  10. Je suis appalled et cetera et cetera…

    Shockingly, not a single poster has yet commented on the fact that good ol’ Liverpool are now 14 pts clear of Manchester City in the race for the 2019/20 EPL (and 11 pts clear of Leicester City, their only real challengers it would seem, who play a catch-up game tonight).

    And here I was with boxes of Ferrero Rocherand of Lindt & Sprüngli to pass around for the enlightened folk to share, too.

    Ah well, more for me!



  11. Government to phase out more single-use plastics in favour of recyclable materials

    “The Government will phase out more single-use plastics, following the release of a report on finding better ways to deal with waste.

    Their first target is to move away from single-use packaging and beverage containers made of PVC and polystyrene. These include polystyrene meat trays, cups and takeaway food containers.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Sunday said the Government would ensure these “hard-to-recycle” items will be replaced with recyclable alternatives, including PET, HDPE and polypropylene.

    “We can ensure that New Zealand’s future is not full of throw-aways but of smart innovations and practical steps to reduce, reuse and recycle.”

    Save us. I love plastic as I remember how marvellous and convenient life became when we suddenly had plastic containers, etc. Innovation is supposed to make life easier. Getting rid of plastic before there are replacement products that are equally as functional is going backwards. Supermarket shopping is not as convenient and now we are losing other efficient plastic products.

    Bugger off with your virtue signalling Ardern! 😡



  12. Kea “Most recycling is inefficient wasteful and damages the environment.”

    I agree, it must cost far more to recycle than make new.
    Just throw it in a landfill much cheaper.
    We have plenty of valleys in NZ/



    • ……”We have plenty of valleys in NZ”……

      And every valley has runoff which goes into a river & then into a harbour near you. Leachate is the reason your idea won’t fly.

      As an aside, from memory, the RMA requires new rubbish facilities to be lined with two metres of non porous clay. The rubbish has to be compacted, flares provided to vent gases, processing for leachate, the facility to be capped by two metres of clay & the area revegetated after use.

      There’s more but that’s all I can recall. It is big business & landfills cost a fortune to develop.



  13. if science & developers could devise a cheap portable way to recycle plastic they’d be on to something. Much of the current problems stem from the multitude of different plastic materials in use. Fortunately the top two in volume ( PET as in soft drink bottles & HDPE as in milk bottles) are relatively easy to recycle & demand sorts out the problem. Less so for the remaining six (?).

    In every case transport is the killer. Retrofitting underfloor insulation created a demand for polystyrene but there are limited collection points, the material is bulky & transport expensive.

    In the humble opinion of this poorly educated retired farmer, until someone starts thinking small in terms of processing recyclables fuck all positive is going to happen.



  14. The Democrats have focused so heavily on Impeachment that they have forgotten why Trump was elected.
    He has and is fulfilling his promises.
    The left have virtually conceded.
    The false flags and hoax smear campaigns have completely backfired.
    The swamp creatures know their time is limited.
    The social media giants are going to impose severe censorship rules on the 9th of December.
    The IG report into FISA abuses will be released on the 10th.
    The left have no ammo left.
    Nothing can stop what is coming.

    Soros is in the Ukraine trying to hide evidence and bribe officials. He is desperate.

    ‘Every Day Heroes’: ICE Completed A Record-Breaking Year Of Criminal Arrests


    Markets rocket on jobs report as investors shed recession fears






  15. from the BBC (spelling mistake inlcuded)

    North Korea had set an end-of-year deadline for the US to come up with a new denuclearisation deal that would involve significant sanctions relief and set it would otherwise adopt a “new path”.

    I blame that soft cock socialist South Korean President. He is so weak.

    So NK wants sanctions relief before they do anything.
    I would tell them sorry, we have done this many times and you never keep your promise.
    So up the sanctions
    And get SK and Japan to search every ship and every truck and every train.



  16. Hey Naaska.
    That Tardis you had up for sale last week……guess what?
    I won the auction.
    Just one thing though, once I had gained entry, I was confronted by 132 Muslim freedom fighters, 77 virgins, 13 goats, a small boat with 35 Somalians in it and two portly bearded women dressed in 1930’s swimwear.
    My question for you is ummm…….when you did the touch ups on the exterior, did you use Resene or Dulux?



        • Don’t forget that the 13th & current Doctor Who is a chick…….one Jodie Whittaker.

          If the Tardis requires any parallel parking I wouldn’t worry too much about the repairs at this point. If she’s anything like Mrs Nasska, after the twentieth attempt to back into spot large enough to take a stock truck & trailer, two wagons with six horse teams & a small brass band she will have taken out a couple of parking meters, a power pole & the mudguards of the Tardis. 🙂



          • Oh dear, that does put me in a dilemma.
            I’ve just been talking with another potential buyer too, he must have had throat cancer, because it sounds like he talks through an electric razor, nice enough chap though, apparently his profession is pest control or something……….yeah, exterminator, I think he said.
            Anyways, to the victor goes the spoils, and all that.



  17. Jack was sitting in an plane waiting to take off from Wellington
     when another guy took the seat beside him. The new bloke
     was an absolute wreck, pale,hands shaking, biting his nails
     & moaning in fear.

    “Hey, mate, what’s the matter?” Jack asked

    “Oh man… I’ve been transferred to Auckland,” the other
    guy answered, there’s crazy people in Auckland & they
    have shootings, gang warfare, drugs, the highest
    crime rate…”

    “Hold on,” Jack interrupted, “I’ve lived in Auckland all my life,
    & it’s not as bad as the media says. Find a nice home,
    go to work, mind your own business, enrol your kids in a
    good school & it’s as safe as anywhere in the world.”

    The other passenger relaxed & stopped shaking for a
    moment and said, “Oh, thank you. I’ve been worried to
    death but if you live there & say it’s OK, I’ll take your
    word for it. What do you do for a living?”

    “Me?” said Jack, “I’m a tail gunner on a bread truck in



  18. Feel sorry for West Coasters and tourists.
    Haast Pass is blocked through to the end of January.
    That will impact on tourism. I seem to remember Ardern the liar boasting that tourism will take over from oil exploration being dumped.




  19. In what may seem a strange request, I recently replied to a government department asking to be addressed in English, to help support its preservation as the foremost language in this country – vital for all New Zealanders to understand and use. And I sent kind regards, not Nga mihi.

    In other words, count me out of the increasing substitution of this most important international language by Kia ora, Tena koutou and all the other PC greetings, introductions, labelling, messages or explanations in Maori – or pseudo-Maori – increasingly sprinkled throughout government departments and media. In longwinded, incomprehensible introductions to TV and radio programmes, politically correct announcers rotundly approximate Maori vowels – at the same time managing to massacre basic English pronunciation. The oft-repeated phrase ‘Maori culture’, for example, is now delivered largely as ‘Moddi colcha’ – in the slack-jawed distortion of English prevalent since teaching clear speech to children was abandoned. Originally offered to help all, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to fulfil their potential or not lose job opportunities depending upon good pronunciation and general intelligibility – such as an air traffic controller – the time-honoured practice of encouraging children to speak well was deliberately removed from the curricula.

    Teaching grammar and syntax, the tools of language, was also removed – because as George Orwell pointed out, ‘If people cannot write well they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well others will do their thinking for them’. Its reintroduction to school leavers – too little, too late, past the optimum learning age – has also left schools with ill-taught English teachers who themselves are functionally sub-literate and speak badly, knowing no more about how to use the language well than their pupils. The consequences are with us.

    Governments prefer a not-too-bright population, because with the corruption of power comes the conviction many MPs hold – particularly leaders – of their right to impose upon the country views they themselves hold. And when, as with our markedly ignorant Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, there is also a propensity to lecture other countries, kickback is inevitable. However, as prize-winning historian Barbara Tuchman illustrates in The March of Folly, mankind makes a poorer performance of government than almost any other human activity, particularly when the power of command is intertwined with failure in thinking. She points out that good government recognises when a given policy is harming a country’s interests and acknowledges this.

    Some time ago I visited the grave of Captain Hobson, climbing down to the old Symonds Street cemetery into the dim light under the Grafton Street bridge in Auckland where the sleeping bags of those living under the bridge were temporarily unoccupied, alongside discarded paraphernalia. It was a moving experience, with traffic roaring overhead, standing so close to what remains of this brave, ill man, in such a neglected site, and to read the words that reportedly meant so much to him, He iwi tahi tatou, ‘We are one people’. The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi established British sovereignty over New Zealand, with Hobson appointed Lieutenant Governor. A kind of Pax Romana to prevent the never-ending, internecine warfare between cannabalistic tribes, it established the rule of justice. All New Zealanders, of both Maori and European descent, now shared equal rights and protection for what they owned. For the first time in these scattered tribes’ use of the country, legal possession of their land was now safeguarded.

    New Zealand subsequently became such a striking sample of successful racial blending that today it is impossible to find any Maori of full-blooded descent. However, radicalised activism has become hydra-headed with its similarity to the mythological monster which grew two more heads each time one was struck off. Beginning in the Seventies with the return of young Maori radicals sponsored abroad for Marxist indoctrination courses, and recruited on board the ‘Kill a white…drive them back to the sea’ movement, it propagandised successive vote-buying governments to prioritise spending on the grounds of race, not need.

    Most now part-Maori, far from supporting radicalism, have moved into the professions and trades, prioritising their families. Moreover, as a result of multi-million dollar settlements still continually bestowed on disputing neo-tribes, some claims genuine, others exaggerated or arguably fraudulent, the Maori economy is estimated at $40 billion dollars. However, the settlements have been largely captured by those administering them, the money rarely reaching those in genuine need. Continual handouts are taken without consultation for special consultative committees and well-paid appointees. With never-ending funding being given for radicalised Maori initiatives, money is diverted from urgent needs such as those of our cash-strapped hospitals, from drug-funding and health procedures available even in Australia – but not in this country.

    A striking example is $539 million allocated over the next four years to promote Maori ‘wellbeing’ centering on the Maori language – in spite of the fact that the missionaries recorded approximately only 1,800 original Maori words. However, Dirty Silence, the book of the 1990 University of Waikato Winter Lecture Series, details the coinage of thousands of made-up words. Street and place signs are now erected often either wholly in ‘Maori’ or with English in small letters underneath. City council libraries offer incomprehensible ‘Maori’-only signs. For example, Return Books, Reading Room, or Computer Area in invented Maori. Or the farcical ‘Accident and Emergency Department’, ‘Ministry of Inland Revenue’, ‘Department of Social Welfare’ all translated into ‘Maori’. What about air traffic control, cash machines, the internet, underground trains, parliamentary democracy, republicanism, evolution, etc? Name it and it has been faked. Although every living language gradually takes on and assimilates new words, to argue these many thousand words deliberately coined by academics are genuine Maori is demonstrably untrue.

    This reinvention of pseudo-Maori has penetrated every section of our society, with even the national anthem now prioritised in Maori. It is all a great con, presented as authentic; deliberately fabricated for political advantage; but underpinned by empowerment politics foisted upon children and teachers in our schools, replacing subjects of genuine importance already struggling for a foothold. Demonstrably, racial preferment has become a Trojan horse.




  20. As Helen Clark would say
    Te Na koto Te Na Koto Ten Na Katoa

    I blame all the sickly white liberals for encouraging it and trying to be cool, and apologetic.
    The silly thing is that mast Maori don’t give fuck about their languge

    Where I used to work we had a lot of them and on Language week they never even said any maori words, aside from the usual cus and bro.

    Its all a big con job.



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