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  1. National to launch campaign over second Mt Vic Tunnel for Wellington. Chris Bishop an Wellington list MP Nicola Willis will team up to committee to a second Tunnel if National are elected at the next Election. The Tunnel issue has been kept alive by the Julie Anne Genter secret letter hoo hand subsequently the ousting of the one term Labour Mayor Justin Lester.
    The Labour Party could get hurt in Wellington as shown with the arrogance of Lester and others over this blatant lies of Twyford and Genter.



  2. I haven’t heard but I hope there was no Muslims in the death toll at White Island as the PM seems to take fatalities as a chance to play dress up games with the public and use it as a means for votes.



  3. The former mayor who used to run tours and dive trips on White island speaks out about his greatest fear – that Wellington will come and take over.

    Just like Pike


    Geonet shut down the cameras with the absurd excuse that it’s because of a search and rescue operation underway. They don’t say how cameras hamper a search and rescue ???.

    Two lies:

    1. The police stopped any search and rescue.
    2. The police wanted the cameras shut down in case someone saw survivors stumbling around, who then died.

    Just as the police hid footage from inside Pike.



    • There’s no chance that Wellington will interfere in any negative way in case the White Island happenings have an effect on the Labour voting special people. From Google (the website it links to is down because of the tragedy):

      About – White Island Tours Limited
      https://www.whiteisland.co.nz › about
      … Ngāti Awa commenced with the 2017 purchase of White Island Tours by Ngāti Awa Group Holdings Limited, the commercial arm of Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Awa, …



        • No, by decorum I mean dial back on the wild and unsubstantiated accusations until the smoke has cleared, nothing at all to do with questioning authority.
          Do you have any evidence to justify claiming that Police stood back waiting for Ardern to arrive with her production crew to film her greeting survivors arriving for PR? Didn’t think so.
          You may have respect for ‘good cops’ but mindless screeching shows none at all for innocent victims of this tragedy.



      • Let’s look at some facts, Harvey.

        ..Families of the Pike River miners are accusing police of hiding the existence of the Scada data between the first and second explosion at Pike River Mine in 2010.
        Families have only recently found out the black box data continued to record data after the first explosion.
        They said police had denied for months the existence of the Scada data that could show what happened between the first and second explosion that killed 29 men….
        …Two miners walked out after the first blast, but there was a second explosion five days later. Dunbar and Monk believe the data could hold crucial information about the cause of the second explosion, which effectively ended all rescue hopes….
        …”The best analogy you could make of SCADA is it is exactly the same as a black box in an aircraft,” electrical expert Richard Healey says.
        SCADA monitors all the cameras, the communications, the pumping stations, the gas and fluid levels and the electrics. It holds all the clues to what causes mine explosions.
        But police have admitted to Newshub that they’ve only looked at it up to the first explosion.
        … “Emails day after day after day, deny deny deny, it’s a classic defence,” he says.
        Initially, Read denied having any SCADA beyond the first blast, but after the Pike River Recovery Agency said police had SCADA up to the second explosion and considerably more, Read confirmed they actually have data from before the first blast until after the second.
        He said the server it was saved onto was obsolete, so they had problems accessing it…..

        Blah blah blah.
        The culture of that swamp in Wellington is to deny and lie.
        The cops lied.
        They lied about Peter Ellis; Arthur Allan Thomas; Christopher John Lewis; Teina Pora.
        You lie once to the cops and they will crush your balls.
        They can lie repeatedly with no repercussions.
        The chances of the cops lying and do a cover up is about 95%.

        They can’t even keep hold of guns they take off legal registered owners who kept them safe under lock and key under threat of fines and losing their gun licence
        ..but in Palmy Nth they lost them in days – they are that incompetent.

        The Napier Siege was a massive cock up by the police with fatal repercussions.
        They were not much wiser 6 years later in Kawerau.
        The Erebus search and rescue was under a specialist Ron Chippendale, Chief Inspector of Air Accidents. The police were under him. They should be subordinate to a specialist.
        Some (many) things the police are not competent to handle.

        They are attempting to disarm the population while arming themselves; having roving armed bully boy squads; and getting massively armoured vehicles which has completely thrown out the balance with the generally law-abiding community.
        The balance has been lost since the beginning of this year.
        Very quick. Fast and brutal would be another description.
        They are making it clear they will shoot on sight, no questions asked.
        Stasi elements are being put in place. Not surprising under Ardern, Robertson, and Little.

        The dynamic of unarmed police and a polite, moderately armed population has been scrapped under Mike Bush, the convicted drunk.
        The criminals get mostly free pass.
        Protesters can occupy land and harass people trying to go to work but they are untouched.

        Imagine the likes of the Dunedin scum cop Jeremy Buis who bullied and terrorised a citizen while his fellow dodgies would not step in to fix it.
        This will only get worse.
        … A police constable has resigned after being found guilty of a two-year-long harassment campaign.
        Jeremy Buis, 39, had been suspended from active duty since 2015 after he was charged with criminal harassment, threatening to do grievous bodily harm and intentional damage.
        He was found guilty in a judge alone trial in April, and lost suppression of his occupation in July…

        This was a complete scum bag who was paid for near three years while suspended and the cops tried to redirect by implying he was not a sworn officer.
        The police LIED to cover up for their scum colleague who should have been thrashed with a rattan 100 times in the Octagon.

        Be afraid.
        This is your enemy.
        The new Stasi.
        Do you think the general populace in Germany thought things would get so ugly when they looked at the world in 1937.
        Wake up Harvey.
        You cannot defend the indefensible.
        We are at crossroads with the police changing the imbalance in their favour very rapidly- it would appear a quid pro quo for not investigating the many dodgy events of the COL- Sexual assault; election activity; criminal associations etc.
        In the next six months look out for more restrictions including internet access and free speech.



  4. Apologies for length but this is a must read. Any other country in the world, this cretin would be permanantly locked up.

    “Donavan Scanlan’s conviction list takes up a third of the police file in court for him.

    He ‘s only appearing for two charges but they happen to be his 548th and 549th convictions.

    Scanlan’s in an elite group of offenders that includes New Zealand’s most prolific fraudster Les Orchard, with more than 1000 convictions, or burglar Allan Adams who has over 400 convictions.

    But unlike them he does not specialise other than, as one judge called it, “relatively low level stupid offending.”

    And he is most often drunk when he does it.

    At 49 – he’s due to turn 50 on Christmas Eve – he’s been offending all of his adult life, at least one a month.

    Wellington District Court judge Jan Kelly sat and counted out all 52 pages of his conviction list to get the total. She says it’s mostly violence and disorderly offences.

    Scanlan’s a short man, dressed all in black, head shaved with a ponytail at the back. He appears relaxed in the dock. After all, he’s been here before.

    Earlier this year he appeared in the High Court at Auckland. He was there for trial callover for indecent assault. It would have been a third strike offence.

    He received his first in 2012 and his second in 2017.

    However Justice Simon Moore noted the Crown had applied to amend the charge to doing an indecent act with intent to offend which did not trigger a third strike.

    Scanlan then pleaded guilty.

    Justice Moore said the offending was a continuation of Scanlan’s nuisance offending.

    In November 2018 he was at Mission Bay, drunk, walking along the beach carrying a bottle of wine and pestering sunbathers. He was using a crutch. He went up to a woman lying face down on a towel. He put the end of the crutch between her legs and used it to lift up her skirt.

    She yelled at him and ran off. He was caught shortly after.

    “Your previous conviction history can only be described as horrific. It runs to 52 pages. I do not have time to analyse it but it is on any analysis appalling.”

    He said home detention was inappropriate. Scanlan has no address and is usually listed as no fixed abode on court documents.

    Justice Moore jailed him for 12 months.

    Scanlan was out again by August when he was on Courtenay Place at a bar. He was approached by staff who thought he was harassing women. When he was asked to leave he hit a staff member five times in the shoulder.

    He left and went to Timezone where he sat beside a 9-year-old boy and put his arm around his shoulder and held the boy to him. He put his cheek down against the boy’s.

    He was initially charged with indecent assault for that too which would have set off the third strike but the police amended the charge to assault on a child. Again Scanlan avoided going to jail without parole.

    Scanlan pleaded guilty to assault and assault on a child. Judge Kelly jailed him for eight months and imposed an impressive set of special release conditions.

    They include he is not to go to schools, churches, pool or recreational areas, not to associate with anyone under 16, not to loiter or enter a place where children congregates, not to use illegal drugs and to attend a psychological assessment.

    Scanlan has been in custody for four months already. He’ll be out not long after Christmas.”



  5. Anyone remember the day these words were uttered in the aftermath of the Pike River tragedy:

    “Mr Key said re-entering the mine was not a practical option.

    “We’ve spent millions of dollars trying to find a safe way in, but I can’t – either legally or morally – send people into something that could be a death trap … that would be lunacy,” he said.”

    Then the sky fell in. Labour played it for all it was worth. John Key couldn’t be trusted,coverups, etc blah…….

    Fast forward nine short years & Ardern’s merry men sat on shore while burnt victims died alone on an island because of (wait for it) risk. They probably were dead already, just like in the case of Pike River but it strikes me that sauce for the goose is good for the gander.



    • Labour will play this for all its worth taking away the other fiasco’s that’s now happening within the coalition..?
      Unfortunately the Prime Minister won’t be able to play dress up when delivering the empathy !~



    • Your words ring true nasska.

      In this case the government’s own agency had elevated the risk level due to increased geothermic activity on the island, but dear leader took no action, and even postponed the establishment of yet another working group until it was too late.

      Somebody has to be the scapegoat for this disaster. It is simply not good enough for our leaders to continue their inactivity in the face of the most severe warning that their own agency can deliver. Although they will try their hardest to blame this on John Key, there is absolutely no link to 9 long years of neglect that will get them out of this one !

      Lats do this? Well now you’ve done it, what’s the next plan Stan?



  6. Brother gives heartfelt tribute to Whakatāne man who died in White Island tragedy

    “Marshall-Inman is from Whakatāne and News.com.au is reporting Mr Marshall-Inman was a tour guide on White Island.

    “My bro Hayden Marshall-Inman has passed away doing the one thing he loved,” brother Mark Inman wrote on Facebook.

    Police have not confirmed his name yet.

    “It could be one of the great wonders of the world,” said Mr Marshall-Inman told the NZ Herald in 2013 about White Island.

    “You get to walk right up close to a volcano – one of the most spectacular things mother nature has created.

    “I’ve been out to the island more than 300 times and I still enjoy going out each day.”



  7. Ardern is using the horrific deaths on White Island as a vehicle for an orgy of narcissist self promotion. Her production team are working tirelessly to get the most “empathetic” PR shots to send to media around the world.

    What an evil vile little bitch.



  8. The fake news are calling the cops who arrested Brenton “heros”

    In fact he offered no resistance and explicitly said in his manifesto that he would not resist police.

    Was the cop that threw a man to the ground and said he would shoot him in the face if he looked at him [the cop] again, also a hero? The man was waiting to pick up a kid from school wearing camo clothing. As he regularly did.

    It was reported in the MSM but most of you would have missed it. I didn’t




  9. Hi Guys I’ve been out of action for a while (due to a few health reasons)
    But I simply have to post about Ardern and her bloody camera crew milking this White Island horror for any political points she can- Jesus it’s making me sick the endless (blatantly staged) pics of her cuddling people with that over-exaggerated sad face!
    As someone who was an Emergency Services first responder for many years I can tell you the troops on the frontline will NOT appreciate this vile woman strutting in and using the disaster scene as one of her bloody Woman’s Day photoshoots…



  10. I pointed out yesterday that police don’t go to disasters to rescue people. They do it to gather evidence for a prosecution. Their primary goal is preserving the potential crime scene. Dead people are just evidence.

    They just announced they are launching a criminal investigation/ witch hunt.

    The suspect I presume is a bloody great volcano sitting 50k offshore.



  11. It’s now a criminal investigation. FFS how will they charge White Island for farting?
    This is why no one was allowed onto the Island. Timms is as fuckwit. He did the same at Pike river and now it’s all happening again.



      • Must be some shit going down here. The COL has been told by the local iwi to shut down any speculation. They are taking thousands of tourists there annually. It’s all about the money.
        The GeoNet app on my phone has been sending out Volcanic alert warnings for White Island since October 30. Then it was stage 1. On December 3 it was upgraded to VAW 2
        After the eruption it remains at 4.
        The question that needs to be asked of the Iwi owners of the tour boats is who decided it was a good idea to go out there and put these tourists at risk.
        This is why the police have announced a criminal investigation. To shut down any speculation.



    • The cops hid the SCADA data from Pike River then denied they had it then said, yeah OK, but it is on an old server that is not very good. Lies and cover-up.

      …SCADA monitors all the cameras, the communications, the pumping stations, the gas and fluid levels and the electrics. It holds all the clues to what causes mine explosions…
      Posted detail above

      Will the cops lie and cover up?
      Does night follow day?



      • The island is privately owned by the Buttle Family Trust. It was bought by George Raymond Buttle, a stockbroker in 1936. Buttle later refused to sell it to the government but agreed in 1952 that it be declared a private scenic reserve
        From ZB talkback last night.
        He bought it for 1 dollar.
        It is mandatory to register all visitors to the island.
        The list of visitors was incomplete.



  12. UTS academic charged with orchestrating fake harassment campaign against herself

    While reading this article 3 things stand out:

    1. A qualified climate change hoaxer.
    2. Reluctant to give up Chinese funding
    3. Pathetic fraud.

    Professor Jolley joined UTS as Dean of Science in December 2018. She has PhD qualifications and a lengthy body of published journal articles on marine pollution and environmental toxicology and chemistry.

    She is currently on leave with pay from the university.



  13. An Ass Prof from Auckland ( Media Studies !!!) who thinks Corbyn is a saint


    “In response to a manifesto containing a fully costed set of policies that an austerity-riven and divided country so clearly needs, the British population are continually told that Corbyn is useless, and yet he has seen off two Conservative Prime Ministers, halted a catastrophic No Deal, and forced a third PM into an early election he didn’t want.”
    How many times did Boris ask for an election ? At least 3 times Corbyn turned him down.



    • From Ross12’s link:

      “As British voters cast their ballots on December 12 they will be doing so in the most important election since 1979, but this is not because the ramifications of a possible Brexit have such profound consequences. Rather, it is because this is possibly the last chance to stop the project that started with Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979 and set the UK on its current course of dismantling the last pieces of welfarism and any remnants of the post-war consensus that still exist.”


      This “Associate Professor of Media and Communication” manages to squeeze in two references to “neoliberalism”. Someone needs to tell him that 1979 was 40 years ago FFS!



  14. I saw earlier a story with a headline like “Police backtrack on White Island criminal investigation” (paraphrasing – I don’t recall the exact wording but I know what I saw) on the NZ Herald website. It’s been removed and I can’t find any trace of it. How interesting. Surely a supposed newspaper of record wouldn’t delete a story without leaving any trace of it. The appropriate thing to do would be to issue a “retraction”.

    Edit: Ah I see what they’ve done. The text has been moved to (and buried in) another story: Police now say “to correct an earlier statement, it is too early to confirm whether there will also be a criminal investigation.”.
    Source: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12292540



    • Yep,
      I was watching an o/s news site, where the announcer backtracked on stating that there would be a criminal investigation.

      Has Kea caught up with the fact that the CEO of the White Island Tour Company is an ex-MP (National)?



      • The world watched while the NZ police sat around trying to decide whether they could land on White Island or not. As Heather du Plessis-Allan put it:

        “Even now, more than 24 hours on, Police haven’t been to the island yet. They haven’t set foot on the place. The people who have been rescued were rescued by private citizens, by a group of helicopter pilots and boat skippers who saw the eruption and rushed to the island to help, acting like absolute heroes, putting themselves at risk”.

        And, to make matters worse, the NZ police announced a criminal investigation only to “correct” the announcement within an hour or two.

        What a national embarrassment.



  15. Arderns hatred of the productive regions is shining through after the volcano. No
    practical help, just photo shoots of fake concern.

    People were left to die so the pigs could get a conviction and Ardern could virtue signal.



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