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  1. So how down low is this government which seems to be opening up new avenues for immigration?

    a scheme that brings refugees into the country on top of the current quota. …..
    ….. Global Refugee Forum underway in Geneva, an open letter was written to the New Zealand Government “to better include refugee voices in policy making, increase the number of places available under the Refugee Family Support Category and to establish the Community Organisation Refugee Sponsorship category as a permanent pathway in New Zealand’s broader refugee and humanitarian programme”.


    This seems to be slotted into Canada’s version of this, and of course, governments keeps this on the down low.

    a secret program that allows certain “high-profile” foreign nationals who would otherwise be barred from entering the country

    Canada has a secret program that allows certain “high-profile” foreign nationals who would otherwise be barred from entering the country due to national security concerns, war crimes, human rights violations and organized crime to be granted special “public policy” entry visas so long as it is in Canada’s “national interest.”

    But exactly what “national interest” means in relation to this policy and how the government decides who gets this kind of visa is unclear.

    Do these governmental and ngo’s care about their own citizens?
    Just another way of pulling down nations, increasing their debts, leading countries to borrow, so they will all end up in equal poverty, except for the elite in the academia, media, judiciary, and politicians, who follow the no border policies.

    A $ spent wisely in aid, helps many more refugees with their families in their own countries.



  2. Gun owners urged to ‘do the right thing’ and hand in illegal weapons

    The pro- and anti-gun lobbies are uniting in calling for an extension to the gun buyback amnesty.

    The official buyback and amnesty for banned weapons ends on Friday, but a lack of records of how many guns have been brought into the country has led to uncertainty over how successful the buyback has been.

    Police were set to hold 22 collection events in towns and cities from Kaitaia to Invercargill on Friday between 8am and 8pm, with the amnesty ending at midnight.

    Police said about 50,000 firearms had been handed in since the buyback started six months ago.



    • The Canadians are going through the same sh1t as law abiding gun owners here. Here’s a letter that was just sent to Soy Minister Trudeau:

      To: Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister
      Hon. Bill Blair, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

      Re: Latest round of proposed gun laws

      Date: 20191213

      Dear Sirs,

      Regarding the latest proposed bans of previously legally owned and safely
      and responsibly used firearms held by the citizens you are
      allowed to lead, let me say the following:

      We don’t have a gun control problem in Canada.

      We have a government control problem in Ottawa.

      I know you know the facts and the truth regarding Canada’s
      safest and most law abiding community, the Law Abiding Gun
      Owners (LAGOs). I know you are also fully aware of the statistics regarding homicides and
      gang warfare in Canada. I further know that you are intelligent men who
      can put two and two together.
      Therefore, when you ignore the underlying causes of violence and the
      gang culture that promulgates it in favor of attacking those least
      likely to cause harm, I can only assume you are either blindly
      ideologically driven zealots, or alternatively maliciously planning
      things that would be very difficult to do to an armed citizenry.

      In either case you have proven yourselves unfit to govern, and the
      People are therefore absolved of any duty to obey you.

      I think you are going to find it very difficult to claim success when
      compliance rates are guaranteed to be even worse than they are in New
      Zealand, the apparent model you chose for your assault on basic Freedoms
      and decent Justice.

      I wish you a very short term in government and a historical loss in the
      next election.




      • So, the scenario is the govt take the guns off the gangs first but they replace their guns by stealing from licensed gun owners. So the police take the guns off licensed owners and then take the guns off the gangs. The police still haven’t allowed for the fact that not all guns will have been handed in as many will go ‘underground’ so any problem is not permanent, just minimised. But why does the govt need to remove guns from society unless they intend an assault on our basic freedoms! Meanwhile as Kea says, the police are arming themselves with high powered weapons and black armoured patrol vehicles. For what? Talk about double-speak and overkill. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡



        • Those guns not handed in will no longer be securely stored, rather stashed out of the way. If they are stolen, then they wont be reported to the police. The ones handed in are being replaced with new guns, so there is now an equal sized pool of legal guns before and after, plus a whole lot of illegal and uncontrolled ones. Feeling safer yet?



    • Do they advertise that in a newspaper? Where?

      Is this done like that so the gangs do not turn up to do some gun collecting?

      No mail out to a licenced gun owner, saying what days, times, or places.

      All the articles only just jump up and down, never say date time or where.
      Just refer that people must find & search the police website. 🙁

      Now a reference to take to the police station, but please ring first.
      Just how far away is an open police station?
      Just what police station is open or manned?
      Just what hours are they open, so often never open at opening time, and or closed early.
      Flipping hopeless is what I have heard from some people.

      Then data losses, exposing bank accounts etc.

      To alter a gun, and for months no police approved gunsmiths.
      So is a gun legal if altered prior to this?
      Is a gun legal if altered and not gone through the police system.

      Only threats by government ministers, proving they have no idea. No accountability & no responsibility.

      Hamish Bruce is one of the gunsmiths approved by police to modify guns so they comply with the law – he speaks to Susie Ferguson from Ashburton.

      Police didn’t want to be interviewed about the buyback today but said every police district has at least one collection event open until 8pm on Friday and guns can also be surrendered at police stations.
      Where ? ? ?
      They do not even want to be interviewed over their fiasco.

      And just listen to the gunsmith explaining how much the police systems impose & take so much time for that process.



      • They had one chance to do this and get it right.

        No, actually. Confiscating law abiding citizens’ property is not doing something ‘right’ any way you look at it.

        I agree with many others here (especially the parrot) in thinking that this whole scenario is a blatant move to disarm the citizenry so that the state can exert more control over us.



    • The right thing would have been for the government to await the outcome of the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Christchurch incident and associated matters. The right thing to do would have then considered any recommendations and at least allowed usual process in preparing legislation that was aimed at a group that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Christchurch incident.

      The current government has failed to decently or competently handle the matter. They cannot expect the law abiding citizens to comply when they have been so abused. My view is law abiding citizens will remain so despite the governments failure to perform correctly.



    • Dawn raids of armed stormtroopers in NZ on the homes of gun owners?

      With Police Minister Stuart Nash doing his very best Gestapo impersonation, throwing down a threat to imprison gun owners with 5 years jail time for not handing in their guns today – we need to examine what this means.

      Is this Christmas going to see a bunch of decent. law-abiding New Zealanders – who started the 2019 as model citizens – now criminalised for a completely rational act of civil disobedience in response to a demonstrably flawed and unfair move of executive fiat?

      Are these decent, law-abiding gun owners going to be woken up on Christmas day by armed rapid response squads terrifying children in a gun-grabbing dawn raid? Will the jails be full and the courts sitting to crank through show trials to put people who never were any kind of threat to peace and law and order – behind bars?

      What does Justice Minister Andrew Little say to this, he’s been running a narrative that NZ prisons should be emptied out. Do Labour want to release all the criminals and fill the same jail cells up with ordinary, decent, tax-paying, law-abiding gun owners?

      I think so. We’re not seeing any increased moves on the REAL dangers to society, the illegal gun owners in our ever-deepening criminal under belly – it’s a terrifying prospect that the state will ONLY move against lawful members of society and will leave the violent and criminal gang organisations alone. Are we moving to the perilous state that exists in the US, where there is a widely understood compact between left wing politicians and the big money drug cartels to – for instance – keep the Southern border open to keep the flow of lucrative flow of drugs alive.

      And who is to blame. Sadly, the real problem is National. They were cowardly and unprincipled in diving in to the virtue-signalling orgy after Christchurch. They forgot who they were and more importantly who their supporters are. They think everyone who votes for them in the broad rural swathes that forms their base can be shat on over and over again and they’ll keep voting for an ever-increasingly left wing National party.

      Just like Jeremy Corbyn and UK Labour did with their base in the midlands and the north of England. The 21st century is when ‘we the people’ are taking back control of our democracies – when the broad base of sensible, reasonable, tax-paying voters get taken for granted – we are rising up at the ballot box. National are in denial about this.

      When the dawn raids happen over Xmas – National will be to blame. They could have prevented it but they didn’t care about their constituents. No wonder Cindy is going on an 8 week holiday – she doesn’t want to have to answer any questions about the assault on the citizenry.



      • The US 2020 election has been announced as 3 November 2020. The voters will make the Dems pay for their impeachmess! President Trump will be triumphant on election night.

        When will the date of the NZ election in 2020 be announced? I can’t wait to help vote this bunch of clowns out of office. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡



  3. Apparently the over-staying, queue jumping “refugee” is now hiding in Christchurch, aided and abetted by Golriz Golrahaman. What a sad state of affairs.

    You’d think a refugee MP who defends war criminals would have some respect for our laws and the process that real refugees have to follow.

    Still, he’s better looking than that soy boy Guy Williams. Maybe it’s a trade-in scheme rather than smuggling an illegal alien over our borders.



    • I am appalled that a government COL minister? (is she really) would support an overstayer here in NZ. What the hell is the government doing about it? Their usual nothing? Its all OK if they do it isn’t it according to them. I thought Stuart Nash came across as a bully boy nasty piece of works on the radio this morning talking about the levels going to be imposed on those that don’t surrender their guns by police. And yet here is an overstayer and that is OK. What a F**k up they are. Worst government ever.



      • Ghahraman is not a Minister.
        The wrecker is an MP; not Minister.
        Similarly Davidson – even though pardy co-leader – is not a Minister.
        This means they can run around blocking entry to spy bases and other shit.
        There is no responsibility.

        They are basically protestors on $165,000 p.a. plus many perks.
        Pascal said she is an MP and did not say Minister.
        There is a difference.
        David Seymour last term did not accept a Minister role so he could criticise Govt and pursue goals outside cabinet restraint.
        This has worked for Seymour- the other cray-crays, not so much



    • I don’t see what looks have to do with it, Pascal.
      When I was in the USA approx 20 years ago I encountered some very, very attractive women from South America. Usually Brazilian, Argentine, Columbian.

      More often than not they were nonetheless cray-cray.
      As a colleague warned me ‘they are beautiful poison’
      A valid warning as it turned out.

      Being ‘pretty girls’ people seldom intervened to tell them to shut up so they never developed boundaries of what was crayzee and what was acceptable.
      They ended up getting away with so much they don’t know the limits of bad behaviour crossing over to the dark side.
      Ghahraman may fit this history.
      We know she is an unrepentant mass murderer-hugger.
      There is photographic evidence.

      Ghahraman has an ugly soul and wants to wreck our society.
      for this we pay her over $165,000 pa plus perks.



    • SJW pile-on for Peter Williams saying the truth about the Iranian criminal

      “Peter Williams” is trending on Twatter – as all the SJW haters are going mental that Peter Williams wrote an article that contained the truthful statements:
      – “Behrouz Boochani is an overstayer”
      – “he needs to leave now”

      The SJW Nazis are bringing out their most powerful arguments to discredit the lovely Mr Williams, apparently he’s:
      – a raaaayyyyyyssshhhiiissssssst, and
      – a Chicken Little Sky-falling in denier

      The clincher for me is that the terrorists in Auckland Peace Action are outraged about it – as if Valerie Morse isn’t permanently outraged every single day when the sun rises again or a bird tweets.

      This has now propelled Peter Williams to be my nominee for New Zealander of the year!



  4. Here’s another item from the same Canadian source:

    Subject: New Zealand: The High Cost Of Helplessness

    New Zealand: The High Cost Of Helplessness Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern typifies it:

    New Zealand, as Canadian intelligence reports have revealed, has reached a
    critical stage, influenced at every level of society by the Chinese government.

    New Zealand provides a vivid case study of China’s willingness to use
    economic ties to interfere with the political life of a partner country, the report stated, warning that smaller states were
    particularly vulnerable to Chinese influence. New Zealand is home to just 4.7 million people.

    An aggressive strategy has sought to influence political
    decision-making, pursue unfair advantages in trade and business, suppress
    criticism of China, facilitate espionage opportunities, and influence
    overseas Chinese communities. Eleanor Ainge Roy, Chinese
    Interference in New Zealand At Critical Stage, Says Canada Spy
    Report At the Guardian (June 1, 2018)

    New Zealand’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, widely seen as a Southern
    Cone version of Canadas Justin Trudeau, cited her friendship with
    Trudeau to deny knowledge of any problem. Other New Zealand sources
    express a different view. If Chinas influence has indeed created no
    problems, New Zealand must be in an unusual position.

    Posted in China, New Zealand on December 15, 2019 by Denyse O’Leary.

    Original article at: blazingcatfur.ca

    Barrister, Solicitor & Notary [ret.]

    And as if to reinforce that here’s an article from the Daily Mail (Aus.) on China’s threatening behaviour towards Australia:



  5. The Drudge Report (USA) has lost 28% of it’s traffic in the last 4 months. I think it has new owners and has gone all anti-Trump.
    So some clever people have set up the Pro Trump News ( The antidote to media bias ) site. It’s layout is exactly the same as the Drudge Report. The move and reasons sounds familiar Editor.




      • “The communal living concept is the latest chapter in Reipen’s colourful history in Taranaki, where he’s had property and commercial interests since 2000.

        Reipen, who made his fortune selling canned iced-coffee, told the Taranaki Daily News in 2003 it had been his boyhood dream to own a farm and turn it into a five-star operation.

        By all accounts, he has been very successful at it. The Awakino Estate is fitted out with an indoor equestrian centre, stables, a winery and several homes.”

        ” Reipen sold the 1100ha Pioi Station for more than $6 million in 2010 and in 2016 attempted to sell the land he is now looking for people to live on.

        The property, which was called Awakino Heads but is now Awakino Estate, was listed for $8.5m but the sale never eventuated.”

        Perhaps the commune idea is a marketing tactic? Awakino is not over near us, it is significantly south near New Plymouth. You are right Maggy, “It looks like a wind-swept hole to me.” Trees on the west coast grow sideways in the strong westerly winds off the Tassy. Talk about bleak on a windy, cold day. The west coast beaches aren’t a patch on the beautiful beaches of the east coast.



  6. A mother takes her four year old daughter into the bank and the little girl goes up to the counter and says ” as I now have a job I would like to open a bank account” the manager replies oh what sort of a job do you have?” The little girl replies ” I have a job on a building site” the mother explains that they have builders working on land at the bottom of their garden and the builders have taken a shine to her daughter and let her turn the hose on and off and as she has been so helpful have given her a proper pay packet. ” well that’s wonderful says the bank manager it’s so good to work hard and receive a pay packet, are you working next week?” ” yes says the little girl if those cunts from Jewson deliver the fucking bricks on time.”



  7. Peter Williams: Behrouz Boochani is an overstayer and he should leave New Zealand immediately

    “As an illegal refugee with no status of nationality, apart presumably of Iran, he has been accepted for resettlement in the USA.

    Remember the USA? Land of opportunity. The nation founded on immigration. E Pluribus Unum – from many into one, and all that.”



  8. National’s Anne Tolley not seeking re-election as East Coast MP, wants to be next Speaker

    National’s Anne Tolley is not seek re-election as East Coast MP in 2020, and she hopes to replace Trevor Mallard as the next House Speaker.

    Tolley said she will stand for National as a list MP, and if the party returns to power next year, she will be putting herself forward for the Speaker role.



  9. Austrian authorities prevent series of planned Christmas Market attacks

    The primary suspect has since been transferred to a maximum-security prison. He is said to have been in regular contact with the two other suspects via cell phone, despite cell phones being banned at prisons in Austria. The two alleged accomplices, men aged 25 and 31, have been arrested by Austrian authorities for planning to help the main suspect escape from prison.




  10. Impeachment as a Means to An End, and Not The End Itself….
    “It does not seem accidental the hastily defined two articles of impeachment mirror the arguments needed in two lower court cases brought by the House Judiciary Committee. It is likely both articles of impeachment, “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction“, are designed to support pending HJC court cases seeking: (1) former White House Counsel Don McGahn testimony; and (2) grand jury evidence from the Mueller investigation……….”




  11. Is it time for the New Zealanders to stop complaining from the keyboard?

    Angry French Pensioners Cut Power To Central Bank, Hint At More To Come

    Macron wants to turn the myriad of French pension systems into a single points-based one. That would force staff at state-owned firms such as railway SNCF or utility EDF, who enjoy more generous pension plans than private-sector workers, to work longer.

    SNCF train drivers currently can retire at just over 50, for instance, against 62 for those in the private sector. That means taxpayers have to plug the SNCF pensions deficit to the tune of 3 billion euros every year.




  12. Origins.

    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

    Author: Brock Chisholm
    Born: 5 June 1897
    Died: 2 April 1971
    1st Director of U.N.W.H.O 1948-53
    Nickname ‘Prophet of disaster’



  13. Almost 400 alleged breaches of plastic bag ban but no prosecutions

    “Newshub asked Sage if avoiding prosecutions for breaching the ban might convey a message that the Government is lax with enforcement and discourage New Zealanders from following the rules.

    “I think the message is out there,” Sage, a Green MP, replied. ”

    As a somewhat older NZ’er I am appalled some fellow countrymen and women who used to be known for their independence and N0.8 wire mentality have descended into “woke” arseholes who believe in dobbing hardworking retailers and businesses in for handing out a plastic bag. Those “woke’ imbeciles need to have a serious life issue to deal with instead of worrying about dobbing in their community members. The lovely man who sells me fresh produce off his rural property on my way home from town shall remain nameless and I thank him for the plastic bags with handles he has provided me with recently. 🤨



  14. In case you haven’t seen this yet. COLFO’s press conference at Parliament hosted by ACT’s David Seymour. Note that though invited none of the other party MPs could be bothered to turn up such is their contempt for us law abiding sporting shooters and collectors.
    Please forward to all your contacts. Party vote ACT at the election next year.



  15. Grace Millane murder: Man charged with breaching killer suppression order

    “On Friday, police confirmed to Newshub that a 63-year-old Auckland man had been charged with breaching a court suppression order, becoming the first person to be arrested in relation to the court orders.

    He will appear in the Auckland District Court on January 20.”



  16. Buyback ends: People with banned firearms face fines, five years jail from midnight

    One of those owners spoke to Newshub under the condition of anonymity.

    “They’re law-abiding, upstanding people, and the moving of the goalposts has turned them into supposed criminals and it’s not their fault,” the man said. “It’s not fair.”

    He’s filed for an exemption to keep the gun as a collectible, but he’s worried police may come knocking sooner.

    “They’re more than welcome to come get it,” he told Newshub.

    “That proves to me that a law-abiding citizen who is waiting to hear back if I’m going to be treated unfairly.”



  17. This should give a few Conservatives who know what’s best for all a Reefer Madness moment:

    ,,,,,,”he learned about hemp, a strain of cannabis grown specifically for products like clothing”……..””I ended up finding out about hemp and just being in awe of the power of the crop and really amazed at why it wasn’t used commercially,” he told Newshub.”…….


    They’re so paranoid about dope they think seaweed is something fish smoke. I fear for what’s left of their sanity when they find out that people are wearing it. 🙂



  18. This is why I won’t vote for Winston.
    He betrayed us, just as Macron has done to the French.

    Macron accused of treason by French generals for signing UN Migration Pact

    The highly decorated military co-signees assert that the beleaguered Macron is “guilty of a denial of democracy or treason against the nation” for signing the migration pact without putting it to the people.




  19. Great Find Braybots!

    A quote from the article

    “The immensely opposed and disastrous document declares unlimited migration to be treated as a human right and criticism of mass migration to be treated as hate speech.”

    So unlimited migration is a human right
    And criticism it is hate speech!



    • Where are our top brass?
      What is their stance on this madness sweeping NZ?
      Their silence has been deafening.

      I fear, if an enemy reaches our shores, all we will have is the Salvation Army armed with bric a brac and ear wax candles to light the beaches to fend off the invaders.



  20. I hope those French generals back the yellow vests and get rid of Macron (we have macrons in NZ)
    I’ve forgotten which country but recently in Latin America the police got sick of tear gassing protesters that they joined the protest and that was the end of the government.



  21. Braybots
    Thank you so much for that website.
    In some ways as a proud European kiwi it makes me cry when I read such sites.
    To see the evil and despair and trouble that those immigrants are causing in Europe.
    And the soft cock leaders supported and encourage by left wing liberals and socialist support them

    But there is hope – there are some leaders prepared to stand up for their country




  22. I agree Diggy.
    Poland is returning to Nationalism and traditionalism, even though the poxy EU are breathing down their neck with threats of sanctions.
    Czech’s and Slovak’s will shift when they see the UK, US, India and Brazil making massive trade deals and growing exponentially.
    Once the globalists realise they are on a hiding to nothing we can expect to see Swexit, Frexit etc.



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