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  1. Anybody else remember Ardern bleating at the last Election that she ‘wasn’t going to rest until she had ended Child Poverty’??
    Well she she sure likes to rest- Whooshing off on yet ANOTHER overseas holiday!( *And I guess it’s only us little people who are expected to cut back out Air Travel eh?- But that’s a gripe for another thread)
    Anyway- A mate at the pub reckons she is going to stick her unwelcome nose into the Aussie Bushfire response. Reckons she is going to do a ‘Jacinda Cuddle’ to a couple of Firefighters with her army of photographers at hand!
    We laughed but on second thoughts she is actually that damn classless….And will use ANYTHING as a publicity stunt



  2. DHB wants plain packaging for sweets and chips

    Lollies, chippies and high sugar products should have to come in plain packs like cigarettes, the Northland District Health Board says.

    “Plain packaging would help challenge the power of corporate snack manufacturers and put unhealthy foods on a level playing field with unbranded fruits and vegetables,” he said.

    What utter crap! Haven’t the DHB got any necessary work to keep their beaks out of our sweetie packets?



  3. The caption on today’s HYS pic is misleading because it suggests that Ardern and her gang were elected to government by the voters.

    This was NOT the case at all. Due to a fatal flaw in our electoral system this disgusting rabble was selected by a cockroach by the name of Winston Peters who had only garnered 7% of the vote and NO ELECTORATE SEATS WHATSOEVER.

    Don’t EVER forget this, New Zealand. If we forget this debacle and fail to act we are doomed as a country. This situation we find ourselves in is NOT because the voters are stupid…. it’s because of a fatal flaw in our system.

    If, however, Ardern is able to somehow form a government after next election, this will indicate that indeed the voters ARE stupid.



  4. To Cindy and the rest of the CoL –

    If you were car salesmen you’d be trying to sell cars with square wheels.
    That’s what socialism is and that’s what you think is “good”.

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits.



  5. From a Canadian blog posting.

    “Now, Trudeau has stepped down from his Prime Ministerial duties altogether, assigning them to Chrystia Freeland, which is unconstitutional, according to our Canadian Charter. She was not elected by Canadians, so Canada is now in a dictatorship and King Trudeau has, ‘ascended to his throne’. Canadians should be on the streets in the tens of millions calling for a dissolution of this illegal government. Where are the Canadians, nobody is objecting to these matters?”

    NB: Chrystia Freeland adores Soros. She is a Deep State player.Selected not elected. Mirroring complete.



  6. I love the Dutch woman on this video who says she is not bothered by the UN and won’t change her mind. Good on her for standing up for her cultural practices.

    Race Relations Commissioner unperturbed by Dutch Christmas parade’s ‘Black Pete’ tradition

    A contentious character in full blackface will remain part of Christmas celebrations for a Christchurch Dutch group.

    But the Christchurch Society says it won’t give up Black Pete, even though the United Nations has called for change.

    The Netherlands Society however, says it’s simply tradition, with Ms Saris saying it’s only fairytale and no harm is intended.



  7. Wellington sewage leaking from second location into harbour

    Wellington Water says there is now another leak in a waste water pipe in the Wellington area causing more discharge to flow into the harbour.

    Wellington ratepayers are going to have to dig deep to fix the neglected maintenance. The same applies to Auckland and its neglected city sewage systems. Out of sight out of mind is coming home to roost,



  8. I am no defender of real sexula assault. However, this story seeems iffy. The headline screams “Dozens claim sexual harassment, assault at Restaurant Brands fast food stores”


    However, start looking at the numbers. There is a convenient mix of actual numbers followed by percentages. The survey was sent to 9000. 168 responded. so thats 2.2%. Of the 2.2% 25% claimed to a victim. About 42. 42 out of 9000. so “which appeared to be a “deep-rooted issue with its company culture”. is made from possibly 0.46% of the total company. THis kind of breathless reporting does no good to real victims of rape an assault. Idiots.



  9. Merry Christmas Diggy. May Santa be good to you. One sleep to go but you’re not to be out of bed in the morning before sun up to see what has been left under the tree for you!

    The sun is over the yard arm and so the festivities begin in earnest with a nice glass of Chardonnay poured for the cook. 😊 Happy festivities everyone.



    • From happychappy’s link:

      ……”Jacinda is very skilled at empathising with questioners on any of these issues. “Yes, the figures are terrible aren’t they…”; “We can’t let this situation continue….”; “It’s just so awful…”; “As a country we must do better than this…” etc”…………”To put it bluntly I think Jacinda has perfected the political art of sounding good while saying nothing of substance.”……..(Minto Jan 2016)

      Dear God! She’s so transparent even her fellow socialists see through her.



      • Holy shit, I think you’ve done it Naaska. You have managed to reach the penultimate jibe.

        “Cellophane Cindy”

        Cellophane paradox.
        Description: The Cellophane Paradox describes a type of incorrect reasoning used in market regulation methods. The paradox arises when a firm sells a product with few substitutes, which in turn allows the firm to increase the price of that product.
        (But, but, but, Isn’t that lying?)

        A special pot plant seedling is on it’s way. I hope.



  10. I see the gutless cowardly corrupt cops are pursuing prosecutions over a volcano erupting, unlike the gunning down of a non-threatening unarmed man by their own.

    What a truly obscene and disgusting bunch of govt servants. Pure filth.



        • In a political context an authoritarian can reasonably be described as one:

          …….” In favour of large, intrusive government that violates or suppresses individual rights; characterized by a “law and order” approach”…….

          Which wouldn’t be a bad definition of either the National or Labour parties. One acts in accordance with their imaginary god while the other follows crap ideology. To the average citizen the difference is minor.

          Vote ACT!



    • Jesus Christ on skates!
      I mean it is His birthday in a few hours – or more if HE was born in the Middle East 🙂
      That Stuffed write up sounds like a crock.

      This lazy tart – who looks too old to be the mother of those kids [the child farmers start early, could be batch 3] burnt her rented house down in August and reduced housing stock.
      Then moved to Auckland – how convenient – house burns down – move closer to the bros.
      Get another house.
      House burgled so we are told.
      Needs presents coz the bene is maxxed out so makes up story.
      Gets free presents and food.

      BS written up by TORIKA TOKALAU

      I wonder if there is even 5 % truth in that crapola.
      Possibly not!



  11. If you fancy a bit of fun:
    I have just completed the UK Labour Survey and informed them that the voters wanted


    – More nationalisation
    – More open borders
    – More Carbon Neutrality
    – More LGBT Support
    -More Somalis
    -More free stuff for illegal immigrants

    And, above all a black female leader (Dianne Abbott).



  12. I finally managed to do my bit for YSB.
    I managed to turn a women’s magazine with a picture of Ardern on the cover, when she was about 20 years old, on the front cover.
    Or was it photo shopped?
    It was a very busy supermarket.
    I tried to get my g/f to take a video, but I did not want to cause a scene.
    Lots of whales out tonight, bending over their shopping, not a pretty sight.



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