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  1. You look online at all the media sites and all you see is news from the last 7days and beyond nothing new, Pictures galore on their favorite female even one of her cuddling muslims after the shooting last year. Its times like now when the media show how politically corrupt they are and who they favor to lead the next Government after November 2020.



  2. Dr Eran Elhaik, controversial Israeli geneticist, says that most Jews are not “Semitic”

    The result of a new genetic study published in the British journal Genome Biology and Evolution claims that European Jews (Ashkenazim) don’t belong to the 12 (Semitic) tribes of Israel. They’re a mix of genetic ancestries. Far more than previously thought, they appear to originate in tribes from the Caucasus region that sits between Eastern Europe and Asia Minor—the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

    Ashkenazi ancestry comes from Slav, Bulgar, Iranian and Turkic tribes which established the Khazar empire in that region – which at its peak stretched from Kiev in the West to the Aral Sea in the Southeast.




  3. That’s why I’d like the New Conservatives to do well.
    They have a policy to pull out of the Paris accord.
    Maybe after that they’d do the same wit the UN.

    You’d think the UN would have far better things to do.



  4. In the early nineties the Canadian Government invited a senior New Zealand police officer, Insp. John Coote, to Canada to advise them on their proposed arms law changes. The Government of Canada ignored John’s advice and subsequently wasted about 2 billion dollars on a firearms register they subsequently abandoned in 2012 as being useless in every respect and too costly.
    In 2019 the New Zealand Government invited Canada’s leading expert on small arms control, Prof. Gary Mauser, to give a submission to the select committee considering their proposed changes to our gun laws. It remains to be seen if the government will in turn ignore Prof. Mauser’s advice and waste vast sums of money (in addition to that already wasted on the failed “buy-back”) on law changes which will not achieve their stated aim and will not make any of us either more or less safe. The government and police have already proved themselves so inept that senior heads should roll so I expect, in line with usual practice, that they will double down in a futile attempt to cover up their incompetence. Nash and Bush I am looking directly at you but Cindy deserves special blame too for allowing the UN to jerk her strings in such a blatant fashion..



  5. Labour Party sexual assault investigation: Complainants distressed claims not upheld

    Some of the complainants who accused a Labour Party staffer of sexual assault, harassment and bullying say they are distressed their allegations have not been upheld.

    Did we see this? Must have missed it in the busy Christmas news cycle //



  6. Halal has found another way to finance its ongoing proselytizing, mosque building etc. … shaking down white ware and electronic companies.
    The contagion of compliance is spreading, with a number of big manufacturers competing for certification to achieve better selling points.
    It seems we are only just becoming aware of this.
    NZ complies very much in the food industry and is a great little earner for muslim associations,

    More than 200 halal certification organizations are said to exist worldwide, yet there are no unified standards for the certification. ……
    ……. To conform to standards considered halal, “workers must remove their wristwatches because (according to Islamic law) they could be regarded as unpure,” ……
    ….. Japan’s medical and cosmetics companies then jumped on the bandwagon, fine-tuning their products toward the Muslim market, making it impossible for electronics makers to ignore the trend as their products dovetail on diet-related issues such as water purifiers and refrigerators. …….
    ….. Both of Sharp’s factories are targeting consumers in Indonesia, where 90 percent of the population are Muslim, making it the world’s largest Muslim nation. …..


    Probably keeping quiet, but I feel there will be orders for these products to NZ for tourist, refugee, migrant reasons to make them feel safe, secure and at home. 🙁

    What is not told is just what are the fees that all those manufacturing companies pay?
    How do they spread that certification costs on all non muslims?
    Just who are those 200 halal shake downers and what do they do with the money, after they have clipped some of that ticket?
    A number of international manufacturers have their products made in Malaysia, so probably they are compliant.

    Is it a sign that these manufacturers see that muslims are increasing, not going away and the belief in following Mohammad is not dying back, but becoming more entrenched, even if it may seem superficial as being called a cultural muslim.
    Still they are cost on the community, as their political aspect, levers and ratchets always for the islamic system.



  7. I see in California, when you go to register for your preferred political party now you only get three choices:

    a/ American independent
    b/ Democratic or
    c/ Libertarian

    Could you imagine that here? We already have a plethora of deadbeats we are forced to choose from.
    The mantra ‘your vote matters’ is a bloody joke. Of course it doesn’t.



  8. Sounds a lot like what our government does.

    Nothing to See Here: U.N. Investigates and Clears Self over Allegations of Fraud, Misappropriation, Corruption

    The report alleged senior management have been engaging in “sexual misconduct, nepotism, retaliation, discrimination and other abuses of authority, for personal gain, to suppress legitimate dissent, and to otherwise achieve their personal objectives.”




  9. UK. 18,700 suspected victims of child grooming identified in one year

    “The insidious tactics used by groomers means these young people often don’t recognise what’s happening to them is abuse.

    “We need to see more effort to improve our understanding of the motives and tactics of groomers to prevent abuse from happening in the first place.

    “And we need a radical rethink in the way we help these young people targeted by groomers, otherwise they could struggle for the rest of their lives with long term, deep seated trauma.”




    • This as mentioned yesterday, is grooming.

      What other articles and media and even parts of the state, do like wise?

      Some knowledge is important, along with values, at the different stages and times, and probably as difficult to control as behind the “bike sheds”. A peer group, can go rogue, but often can keep a balance within its age setting and allows things to be discussed.

      This goes much further than incest, priests, muslims, teachers, scoutmasters, as it would seem the power imbalance, where fingers are often pointed. Authority & money.
      Young people seem to be so worldly, knowledgeable with wide media, social media contacts, etc. ,,, yet all can feel those needs, drives, and needing affirmation love,

      Families of Father & Mother does help, but even the most perfect, do not own the child, nor control everything for their offspring.
      So what is the best formula, the state? parents?, some are a problem, though I think good parents and a wider family, often will help if a problem arises and gives a longer term perspective, so long as they can give that support, in that they are a reasonable, though maybe not perfect, example.



    • Very articulate and gives great credit to ones that stood their ground, like the Labour MP Sarah Champion, who was returned in the last election and believes that tens+ of thousands + of girls groomed.
      Also to Javid Khan, calling out “sick asian pedophiles” in a tweet and further pursuing the issue that is collating all this.

      “Muslim Grooming Gangs Still Operating With Impunity in Britain”
      Dec 29, 2019: 13 minutes 27 secs
      “Despite this being a national scandal for the last decade, it still goes on in Britain’s Muslim communities.”

      As touched on above in my comment about the state, where do they stand, their teachings?, standards? and being ok with grooming?
      To notice the core parts of what brings about this perversion, needs to be known, and it goes much more than a cultural or lifestyle choice since it appears to be a “great” community activity. 🙁

      So what is stonewalling, hiding this rot? and will it be dealt to by the politicians?
      Will the British Government call out & “drain the swamp,”
      Or is it like NZ Last Lab & Green, that will hide behind cultural “adhans” as also put in the UN Migration Pact, and others following UN authorities, like Conciliators, Commissioners, Chief Censors, etc..put into NZ.



  10. NASA now admits polar ice has increased beyond its 1979 volume and there has been no significant warming in 18 years.

    Yet the rebuttal is “Why don’t you believe scientists?”
    While every sentence in a report starts with “Scientists believe”.
    What we have is a $22 billion a year religion and people willing to say anything to protect their redistribution of wealth.



  11. More news you should be hearing about.
    Google, Facebook, twitter etc. are purging quite heavily now. Socialism 101.

    UN Moves Towards Handing Dictatorships Power To Control The Internet

    Human Rights Watch said the list of sponsors for the resolution is “a rogue’s gallery of some of the earth’s most repressive governments” and “gives countries legal cover for internet blackouts and censorship, while creating the potential for criminalizing free speech.”




    • Writing on the same line thanks Bn 🙂
      Ardern’s adhan of the “Christchurch Call” seems to be a bit left out in this move.

      UN approves Russia-backed ‘cybercrime’ treaty that America and Western powers say will censor the internet
      ~General Assembly approved the resolution, also supported by China, on Friday
      ~The movement will now set up a committee of international experts in 2020
      ~Critics have already said the language is legitimising crackdowns on expression


      Figure that it will come in handy David Shank, NZ chief censor, hand in hand with Paul Hunt, NZ Human Rights Commissioner, Feng Moon, Race Conciliator, and to give open season to apply the Winston Peters’ “UN Migration Pact” controls on immigrant discussion,, 🙁



  12. I went and had a look at my new bike this morning. That’s the demo model, mine is downstairs getting it’s paperwork done. I can pick her up on the 7th; so may need to take a few days to see some corners of NZ I’ve missed. Another reason to love Mama Bear, she didn’t even blink when I suggested I would really like to purchase this 🙂



    • Clever marketing using law and justice and Simon’s previous work life as a criminal prosecutor to keep society safe in his involvement in convicting a psychopath. Who if anyone in the COL can stand up as achieving anything important or productive in their previous life?

      My party vote is still going to Act.



  13. We Told You It Would Happen…Transgender “Woman” Convicted of Sexually Assaulting 10-year-old Girl in Bathroom

    Michelle Martinez, who is actually a man by the name of Miguel Martinez was found guilty of first and second-degree sexual abuse of a minor and is facing a prison sentence of up to 70 years.




  14. Lack of rescue helicopter in Coromandel is ‘life or death’ situation

    The absence of a rescue helicopter in Thames-Coromandel is the difference between life and death, says Mayor Sandra Goudie.
    A purpose-built lifesaving facility in Whitianga, helicopter hanger included, now lies vacant as the Ministry of Health opted to change how rescue helicopters work. Instead they will be sent from Auckland.

    Necessary over the summer months at least. Another fail by the COL.



  15. A Maori walked into WINZ, marched straight up to the
    counter and said ‘Hi, I’m looking for a job’.

    The man behind the counter replied ‘Your timing is amazing.
    We’ve just got one in from a very wealthy man who wants a
    chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac twin daughters.
    You’ll have to drive around in a big black Mercedes and wear the uniform

    The hours are a bit long but the meals are provided. You also have to
    escort the young ladies on their overseas holidays. The salary package is
    $200,000 a year’.

    The Maori said ‘You’re bullshitting me!’

    The man behind the counter said ‘Well you started it!’



  16. Govt tightens caffeine imports after man, 21, dies of overdose

    The government has tightened Australian food regulations by banning the importation and sale of pure caffeine powder after 21-year-old Lachlan Foote died after drinking a protein shake with the caffeine equivalent of 50 cups of coffee.

    Why tighten imports? The packet clearly shows a warning. A Darwin award recipient?



  17. I see the overseas media are saying the book on Jacinda penned biy Michelle Duff is a best seller and has been for a few weeks .
    Isn’t it funny that her followers have now got the English Guardian now trying to justify what popular Prime Minister she is all because people are turning her around in the book shelves. And the Author of the book says this is a campaign to silence Women. May be they should go and ask the the victims in the Labour Party sex assaults from a person working in the Prime Ministers office how they felt about the way Jacinda swept their complaints under the carpet before speading their bullshit world wide.



  18. Whats this…..can’t be……but, I was told…they were destroyed?

    A secret room, the Nazi artifacts and an Argentinian mystery

    “After investigating,” said Marcelo El Haibe, the federal police commissioner for the protection of cultural heritage, “we were able to discover those objects that were hidden behind a bookcase. Behind the bookcase there was a wall, and after that a door.”

    Inside the secret chamber, police found what they said were authentic Nazi artifacts that probably belonged to high-ranking party members during World War II.




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