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  1. Here are more details of the Texas church shooting which was stopped so quickly, six seconds from beginning to end, and effectively by a good guy with a CCW permit and several others who were ready to help.
    I notice that Stuff don’t seem to be giving this story much attention. Is that because the victims were only Christians or could it be because they don’t want the public imagining how many lives might have been saved in the Christchurch Mosque if one or two of the attendees had concealed weapons permits and been legally armed?
    As the saying goes when seconds count the police are only minutes away and good guys with guns can save lives long before the police get to the scene to fulfil their primary function which is to clear up the mess.




    • I’m pretty certain that I read that the first responding guy was a quasi security guard with a permit from the church
      Look at his dress, he looks like he’s in some sort of dark uniform.
      But Its amazing that 4 other members of the congregation were carrying!

      As I said yesterday this is why the USA will never ban guns.
      Good people need them to defend themselves.
      Imagine how many people that guy would have killed if everyone else only had a prayer book.



    • No collateral damage for this lady, who had at hand, a “rape saving” “life saving” gun.

      “woman called police around 11:15 a.m. to report a man who broke into her home.” ….
      ….. Thereafter she heard the sound of glass shattering and was soon confronted in her bedroom by the suspect. …..


      Saved the cost of a court case and the cost of jail,



    • I’m in a real quandary about guns, frankly. I used to be a keen hunter and when I lived in a rural setting it would be quite normal for me to shoot beer cans off a fence post just for fun. Nowadays though I have grown out of this and I don’t own a firearm anymore.

      But I don’t agree in any shape or form with the Ardern gang’s recent gun confiscation. It was a total overreaction; the general public have been punished for the actions of a foreign madman and it makes no sense at all…… so the question has to be asked “what is it about American society that makes them go berserk like this?”

      Why is it that in New Zealand gun crime is relatively rare, while in the USA people are shooting each other on a daily basis?

      I think it must be a psychological thing. Up until now NZ has been a peaceful society, whereas America is at war with itself.

      I hope this Marxist gang which has taken over New Zealand doesn’t set kiwis against each other like what happened in Cambodia, Russia, Maoist China, Venezuela etc. If so, then we’re going to be in real trouble with the added threat of a disgruntled indigenous minority who are more inclined to crime and violence than the general population.

      I don’t have an answer. I’d be interested in hearing others’ thoughts on why Americans are so violent and whether we are headed the same way.



      • I don’t think Americans are more violent. I just think they have bigger cities, and therefore more crime. Remember NZ is a small island with only 4.5 million people (329.45 million for the US), and until recently, pretty homogeneous (massive middle class, little social tension). Our biggest urban area has 1.4 million people. Compare that with the US: California has close to 40 million people, New York has another 20 million, etc. and they have population with very different backgrounds.
        That population combined with the socialist policies implemented in the ’60 and ’70 (subsidies for single parents and other selective benefits) created the imbalance necessary for the social problems they have and we don’t because we don’t have a big percentage of our population living on the doll.

        In short, the US has big cities and a big number of people living in poverty/crime-ridden areas. We don’t.

        Finally, they Socialist Media ensure you get that impression by selectively reporting events that foster that appearance.



  2. I see Winston has to wait another year to find out whether he will be Knighted or did Labour lose it’s nerve in giving him one this year as it could have a bearing on the Election in 2020. I believe that the voter has finally had enough of Winston and NZ Firsts antics with the last straw being the donation saga where all the funds collected go into a Foundation. NZ First need Labour to win the next Election and gift them a safe seat to give Peters his Legacy so interesting times heading into 2020 General Election.



  3. An important entry in the New Year Honours list:

    Tamsin Orr-Walker, Queenstown, for services to kea conservation

    Kea is now officially recognised as a protected species at YSB!

    One notable omission from this year’s list though: Stephieboy, St Lukes, for services to hospitality (cafes) and youth. Maybe next time!



  4. I have talked about this before many times of how Jaci da had a bill on child poverty that was never drawn with Jacinda with Rachel Smalley always smaking out this bill was the best and only one that could make a difference in lowering the number of children in poverty.
    Now she was all for numbers in poverty to be published it was in her figures 150,000 in poverty at the time, so please can someone tell me why she doesn’t publish numbers in child poverty nowadays why the number has nearly tripled since she became responsible and MSM have never taken her to task over the lies and deception she has shown in two and bit years as Prime Minister of NZ.



  5. The twisting, spinning and turning applied to Australian Cricket.
    Just count all the different angles and twists they do to politicize and use cricket to become a “climate champion”.

    “It’s at the grassroots level that a lot of the impacts of climate change will be felt the most and that’s where we need strong action from Cricket Australia to use its powerful voice to get national and international action.”

    How dare they !, in all so many names.



  6. Once again I have a sick/ dying cat to cope with over the New Year.
    I’m hoping the vet will put Cleo(patra) down today… she’s had 4 big seizures over the last 30 hours (piss all over the place).
    A couple of months ago she responded well to an antibiotic injection after having had a couple of similar seizures one day….
    but she’s 21 /22 years old, deaf and arthritic and has spent most of the last 5 years asleep.

    But like her old mate Ptolemy who died 2 years ago (at 18 years), she managed to hold herself together whilst my eldest daughter (her childhood owner) did her Xmas stay-over.

    On top of that visitors arrived yesterday (to a house smelling of cat piss)… thank goodness they’re on their way this morning. (usually I’m a bit more hospitable).



  7. My suggestion to the Irish is to invite Jim Bolger over to talk about extracting energy from potatoes.

    Ireland Fast-Tracks Law Effectively Banning Gas Vehicles Within A Decade. Is The US Next?

    The country’s Climate Action Minister Richard Bruton plans to publish the Climate Action (Amendment) Bill 2019 enforcing such a ban, the Independent.ie reported Monday. The ban was officially announced in June, according to the report. One of Ireland’s political parties is pushing back




    • MCLAREN, Ms Lisa Claire
      For services to climate change advocacy

      Ms Lisa McLaren is the National Convener of the Zero Carbon Act campaign for Generation Zero, a non-partisan youth-led climate organization that advocates for solutions towards a carbon neutral Aotearoa.

      Generation Zero campaigns for smarter transport, liveable cities and independence from fossil fuels by lobbying government, businesses and other organisations to advance climate change action. Ms McLaren and her team spent the last four years developing and campaigning for the Zero Carbon Act, a new climate change law for Aotearoa New Zealand. The draft law was adopted by Government and went through the Parliamentary process during 2019. Ms McLaren has also attended several United National climate change negotiations overseas, including co-convening the New Zealand Youth Delegation to the Paris climate talks in 2015. She is a board member of Track Zero, which helps promote more convergence of climate change education and the arts. Ms McLaren has been one of 15 ‘next generation influencers’ with the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge and is currently in her third year of a PhD focusing on community participation in climate change science.



      • So that gets some free travel in overseas experience junkets like coming up in early in the New Year.

        From yesterday’s comment on “Stupid Speed Limits”.

        UN General Assembly, the Government of Sweden will host – in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) – the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety from 19-20 February 2020 ….. the theme “Achieving Global Goals 2030”.
        National delegations led by ministers of transport, health, interior and other sectors are expected to attend from more than 100 countries,


        Slowly some of the agenda creeps out and so who goes there and just what it costs.

        The two-day road safety summit, ….. ….. focus on “sustainable transport”. ….
        The Stockholm Declaration calls on public and private organisations to purchase “safe and sustainable vehicle fleets”. It flags addressing “the connections between road safety, mental and physical health, development, education, equity, gender equality, environment and climate change”.


        Hidden in there is “Vision Zero” started in Sweden with links to UN sustainability etc., to “enhance” all urban and rural speeds as per all advisory transport consultants & departments etc. wherever found.

        I wonder if they will “Zero” the grenade or ‘ied’ action in Sweden. 🙂



  8. From the KB Blog

    The 2017 Election Study has some interesting data, including a breakdown by religion as to how respondents voted. It was:

    No religion: National 39%, Labour 39%, Greens 10%, NZF 5%
    Christian: N 50%, L 33%, G 3%, NZF 9%
    Buddhist: N 61%, L 21%, G 14%
    Hindu: N 25%, L 71%
    Muslim: N 36%, L 65%
    Jewish: L 41%, N 8%
    Satanic: L 26%, G 74%

    So atheists split between National and Labour. National gets more support from Buddhists and Christians. Labour gets more support from Hindus, Muslims and Jews and Greens do best with Satanists!

    No wonder Labour like immigrants
    I was surprised at the number of Hindus voting for Labour, I thought they’d mostly vote National, I know some that do.



    • “I was surprised at the number of Hindus voting for Labour, I thought they’d mostly vote National, I know some that do.”

      That surprises me too. You’d think that they would realise that the Nats (and Act) are more business-friendly than the left-wing mob are.



      • If in business, all deductibles will be declared, but all income?
        “Work for Family” may also be part of it, as young families make it a good “top up”.
        Those brains will soon figure the system, as any one does.
        Maybe figuring how to quietly pull strings for their best part of business.
        Perhaps believing that Labour are looser with the systems, to gain more “family” workers for business,

        National also had a great migrant increase, fulfilling Massey’s Professor Spoonley’s “superdiversity” cities dreams, in NZ punching above its weight, to lead the world.



    • The police are already trying to cover up the fact it was not a gun crime. As that would not support Arderns reelection, as demonizing guns might.

      The police are sinking lower every week. And I’m only talking about publically available information.



  9. Team Jacinda are hard at trying to disguise the dislike of Jacinda and her Politics like using the world wide media to become famous instead of doing her job back home, yesterday it was the UK Guardian today it is the UK Sun Newspaper.
    Why don’t the Jacinda team tell the story of her throwing the sex assaults victims under the bus and with the help of a Labour QC sweep it under the carpet as though nothing had happened.



    • @happychappy – “Why do some females get bitter and go out to destroy others when a relationship ends.”


      If I were a voter over there, I’d completely ignore whatever that Jennifer woman says.
      The **only** thing that matters to me is **good policies and results**.

      For example, Trump could shag a dog live on stage and I’d **still** vote for him (if I could).
      Why? Because he has the “runs on the board” – the tax cuts, the great economy, the record-low unemployment figures, his cuts in immigration. None of it is rocket-science – just good common-sense stuff. Stuff that Cindy and co are incapable of doing.



    • The Independent Office for Police Conduct is considering whether there is sufficient evidence to mount a criminal investigation against Mr Johnson for ‘alleged misconduct in public office’.

      Is shagging a “pole dancing entrepreneur” a criminal offence in the UK?
      Maybe poor Boris be charged with shoplifting from the hooker?



  10. Fun facts about the COLtardians:

    Their main diet consists of tofu and grains. This makes them puny and easy to throw.

    They will try to entice you with their twisted logic. Counter with a bitch slap.

    They are against nuclear weapons but are yet to suggest a soy-based substitute that can obliterate cities.

    If you see a fuel-efficient vehicle, it’s most likely to be driven by a COLtard member. Run it off the road with your SUV or ute.

    The COLtards are constantly inflaming the culture war. They seem to forget which side has all the guns.

    The most dangerous predator of the COLtards is the real world. They hide from it in university campus safe spaces.

    Inspired by rhyming slogans and giant puppets, the COLtards sometimes congregate in groups known as “protests”. The purpose of these is unknown.

    The COLtards are always whining about tolerance, but when I punch them for it, they get moody.
    Hey… calm down, tolerance, remember.



    • Wisely Trump with about 2 dozen other countries, did not sign up to the UN Migration Pact.

      Unlike NZ First Winston Peters, that signed NZ up with CoL blessing, of #theyareus.

      Unicornically, together believing they can achieve wondrous results in getting this country to change into the superdiversity global ways, as academia, media cheer lead, while fundamentally changing the life of original communities.

      Understandably, millions of young people in Africa, India etc want to find the better life, with accommodation, etc.. and that sort of “hollywood” lifestyle with “soap opera” jobs, will pay for it all.



  11. This is how **STUPID** Labour voters are.

    If you asked them to name ONE good thing that Cindy has done during her term, the **only** thing they’d come up with is that “she hugs people”.

    Whoopee. Wow. Colour me unimpressed. A **four-year-old** can “hug people”.

    Meanwhile, in the “bad things she and/or her party have done” list –
    * Axed charter schools “because the unions wanted it”.
    * Destroyed the Taranaki oil industry
    * Protected the staffer in her office allegedly accused of a crime
    * Covered-up the alleged sex assault fiasco at the Labour summer camp
    * Broken well over a dozen election promises
    * … and on and on….. there must be other stuff – please add it to the list…..



    • Banned plastic bags
      Sent Winston to sign the UN migration pact without consulting NZers
      Set the police against licensed gun owners despite no impact or condoning from them of the Aussie terrorist
      Cancelled roads of significance and hamstrung road maintenance
      Failed in their promises to build high speed commuter rail
      Failed to build anywhere near 100,000 homes, more like 3,000 already started by National
      Planting toxic pine trees across productive farms to appease the conscience of international virtue signalling airline passengers.

      I’m sure there are more but I’ve started wine o’clock! 😊



  12. In the run up to New Years Eve I thought I’d join the Mumsies & condemn drinking, drug taking, lewd dancing, gluttony, driving over the speed limit, lack of religion, long hair, short hair, loud music, debauchery, swearing & sticking your unwanted hands down the pants of people of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you’re that way inclined).

    Remember you heathens & hedonists…….there are consequences to your actions. That is unless you’re a financial member of the greatest protection racket in NZ.

    Your Labour Party membership card. Don’t leave home without it !



  13. As a dry alcoholic of coming up twenty years New Years Eve is one of the occasions I atone for my past sins by acting as the sober driver for my occasionally drunken family & friends. They’re really giving it a lash this year. Two groups of them have hired a rental mini bus with muggins as the driver. My duties start in 30 minutes & continue until the last of the no hopers trips on the steps of their front door. 🙂

    But now is a good time to thank our host for providing our new playpen. I honestly didn’t give it a chance of being as successful as it now is & that is testament to minimal censorship & moderation.

    Have a good night & may your mythical deity of choice not ankle tap you in 2020. 🙂



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