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    • My sister is an avid royal watcher.
      May Allah bless her cotton socks.
      I am now suitably informed.
      Get a woman’s view on another woman.

      This Markle sparkle is a complete MANipulator that uses people then dumps them.
      Seems she was the child of a second marriage 20 years behind her half sister. In these cases they can be indulged as the parents (father) is more financially secure than when younger.
      It appears her father did lots for her but got dumped.
      Sparkles trademark.

      Hubby 1 annulled(?). Hubby 2 dumped when a good job came along.
      Hazza – third time lucky. Yeah, Nah.
      She was in Canada for 7 years filming a TV series.
      She was established there and may actually have a boyfriend still there, hence Canada.

      Looks like she has a cock ring in Harry’s Willy.
      But Willy is OK coz he has Kate. Brother Willy; not Harry’s appendage!

      Pre-planned by Markle and her Ma. Seems it was all planned and her mother is playing Momager.
      Stay together long enough to get half Harrys inherited GBP 30 mill and probably more plus ongoing maintenance from the BRF.
      Play the victim card all along, a single women up against the might of the BRF and a poor put upon darkie to boot. So wacist.

      Non US blokes don’t generally understand yankee women.
      They dont do ‘romantic love’. It is a financial transaction.
      Sparkles whole deal is a financial transaction.
      She would not look twice at an unemployed balding Ginger if that did not carry the HRH title and bags of gold.

      Recent fools going utterly mental over yank skanks:
      Hemsworth and Miley the Virus;
      Another Aussie, James Packer who had to pay off Mariah Crazy tens of millions just to break an engagement -like she needed the money, it is always about the money ;
      The English clown with a petri dish fetish who married Madonna.
      These jokers don’t get it.
      But they pay a price for the education.

      Seems the NZ media are going all protective over the yank skank most likely because she is a part darkie and we can’t be mean.
      Result: biased ‘reporting’ in pursuit of an agenda instead of reporting facts.
      Local media on the wrong side of Truth.
      Business as Usual (BAU).

      Anyhoo, being anti royal I find it amusing esp on the heels of Randy Andy- and that is not over.



  1. A brave woman, putting everything at risk.

    Iran State TV’s anchor resigns saying, “It was very hard for me to believe the killing of my countrymen. I apologize for lying to you on TV for 13 years.”
    13th January

    I hope she is careful as the Republican Guards are ruthless.

    Now when will our “anchors ” see a bit more light? 🙂
    No expectations as they run like a pack of jackals. 🙁



  2. Personally I find the matter a wee bit boring, good on them but to most it is becoming a matter of disinterest.They will fade into obscurity except for the odd bit of sensationalism on the front of many women’s magazines.



  3. Same problem farmers have here in NZ, and brings up some good points about the pollution “no nothing” protesters.

    [protesters] perceive they will just reap more government bureaucratic harvests and impose their tyranny on the farmers. ….
    ….They seem to think they will always have an app, or migrant worker, to serve them …..

    Read more: 15th Jan 2020 https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/01/making_the_planet_fit_for_food_climate_protesters_attack_vermonts_dairy_farms.html#ixzz6BDKcxhEd

    Just shows the full loop of these world wide protests, as they also miss the pollution “60% of the pollution in Vermont’s waterways arises from urban and suburban development, especially along Lake Champlain”.



    • In some ways NZ governmental systems are ahead, and in other ways many parts of the USA are further on.
      Many examples how in the USA their local government is using their codes, regulations. ordinances restrictions with tricks in fines, fees and penalties

      rural landowners are being faced with fully armed SWAT teams that haul the landowner off to jail or court, if they haven’t moved fast enough in clearing up a code violation. Los Angeles County calls the SWAT team a “nuisance abatement team“. A SWAT team for nuisance abatement?

      An interesting article, and to see that where the bureaucracy wins in one area, sets a new precedence, then soon something similiar will be put in place in NZ.



  4. Almost half of Kiwis planning to eat less meat in 2020 – survey

    “Around 48 percent people are planning on eating less meat in 2020 which comes as a little bit of a surprise, and the exciting thing about it is people are just looking for more choice,” she told Newshub.”

    The prppaganda campaign has begin in earnest.

    Yeah / Nah



  5. Clever Kiwis

    Researchers for the University of Auckland say they’ve developed a way to 3D print “living” plastic, calling it a world-first and a potential game-changer.

    “Because the plastic isn’t cured like normal 3D-prints with UV lights, it may also be suitable for new medical implants and devices where it’s not safe to use UV lights, the researchers say.”



  6. Read it and weep.
    This is a lot of what drove Tommy Robinson.
    It is actually amazing that Tommy, a likable “rough diamond” :-), was as reserved as he is.
    He talked bluntly, and the wrong side of the ruling class.
    They feared what he pushed to get exposed.

    ….. city’s police force allowed nearly 100 pedophiles to go free, resulting in 57 young girls being groomed.
    The report revealed the criminals were allowed to go free because the police department was afraid to go after the men because they were Asian. ….
    …. after the report was released that for “Fifteen years – the perpetrators that we knew on Operation Augusta were abusing generations of children were allowed to walk free.”. …..
    …… officers worried arresting the pedophiles would result in “the incitement of racial hatred,” ….
    ….. offending target group were predominantly Asian males and we were told to try and get other ethnicities,” the detective said. ……

    Still it is written as “asians” but we know the real leader and ideology he developed that drives these followers. 🙁
    The power of that community, to retain an innocence, using velvet glove but we will help to control our followers, and we are so nice, and trading on the iron fist, radicals terror, just as Mohammad guided.



    • A more fulsome article about that “grooming” report,

      one former social worker interviewed by the review still appeared to suggest that the responsibility lay with the children.

      “They weren’t viewed as sex offenders per se, just a group of men of all ages, from one ethnicity taking advantage of kids from dysfunctional backgrounds,” they said of the gang.

      “It could have overwhelmed child protection.

      “There had to be a degree of pragmatism, the children also had to manage their own behaviour, the education issues were far greater than the enforcement issues.”

      I thought that Home Secretary of Britain Sajid Javid was going to run an inquiry, investigation about the grooming gangs, but now I think he just virtual signals with tweets that made people like me believe he was looking into things.

      A top prosecutor has accused Sajid Javid of a “shocking” lack of action after he promised to investigate claims that grooming gangs are mainly men of Pakistani heritage.

      This muslim islamic doctrine has been running for decades in the UK, and inside their communities, with husbands, uncles, brothers, cousins.
      So many “innocent” muslims would have known, turned a blind eye, deaf ear.
      I even thought that muslims would be opposed to this doctrine, and fortunately, occasionally there is a stand out, but the more I know of islamic teachings, one becomes aware of the quiet system of that ideology that makes it all about their peace and innocence of their velvet glove that covers the iron fist, as that is how Mohammad established islam!



    • Pascal, that is not really the point of her response though.
      She puts the extremists at 15-20%. If anything, based on what we might call ‘extreme’, That is potentially a low estimate.
      Quote; These are people who want to “destroy Western civilization”, (i.e Sharia law/supremacy of Islam, lack of allegiance to any other nation or laws.

      The reason I think you miss the drift of the majority/minority angle is because the main take out from her excellent words are stated early, which is the truth that, “The peaceful majority is irrelevant’.

      She concludes with ‘Political correctness should be thrown in the garbage’.
      The fact that the majority of the follows of Islam are not in arms, or likely to cause violence, is not a reason to treat Islam like just another quaint religion that works like others in a multicultural context.

      Similarly, I have seen Pew research conducted within near east and central and SE asian Islamic nations asking ‘Do you support death for apostacy? death for adultery? death for homosexuality? Do you support terrorism against civilians? etc etc. etc.
      The results were scary.
      Not something we need more of.



  7. English ‘Christian’ school to fine parents every five minutes they are late

    “Late collection of pupils also impacts the school’s finances,” the school says.

    “The member of staff supervising the pupils after school is doing so outside of normal working hours and must be paid additionally for this work. The school is unable to sustain additional staffing costs.”

    “As parents of the school we were shocked and appalled to receive this notification from the school,” said one who was not named.

    The parent said it was meant to be a “Christian school”.

    “It’s a shame the headteacher cares more about making money out of struggling parents then helping out the community.”

    LOL, they are YOUR kids. Stop taking advantage of others. 🙄🙄🙄



    • This is the same as at a child care centre. The staff dont want to hang around over time, nor should they, for free, for late parents.
      So a fee exists for late pick up.
      Covers for the impact of staff needing to stay longer, and incentives parents to be there at the required time.
      Non-issue, and pragmatic, even for those that dont otherwise believe in personal responsibility.



  8. Yes its going to be a big year.

    The cunt Peters will fail to get 5%, but the Marxist-Ecofuck COL will get back in on the back of a slightly increased vote for both of them, while the National party vote will fall to around 35% as a result of Bridges’ total failure to oppose anything and their party having lost the will to live. ACT will rise to 9% but it won’t be enough to help in forming a government. NCs will come in just under the threshold at 4%. Thus any hope of an even remotely ‘right’ government will disappear for another three years.

    New Zealand will be in for a real gouging. The dairy industry will be destroyed, as will farming generally, and what remains of our education system will give up any pretense at schooling and become openly a tool of government propaganda.

    I con’t wait.



    • Your last paragraph is scary, but lets hope it does not come true.

      I think its too soon for National to really start attacking.
      Lets wait till they declare their stand on NZ First
      I think the best time to start attacking would be after the budget In May
      Lets see what bribes Roberston gives us.



    • while the National party vote will fall to around 35% as a result of Bridges’ total failure to oppose anything

      Possible, yeah. The polls will give us some indication, but National has poor leadership. I hate to say this, but the media was mostly right about him. He’s got knowledge, he can argue the points, etc. But:

      * He doesn’t stand for anything.
      * He doesn’t fight against the wrongs being done to our country.
      * He’s not aware enough of how bad his actions look (The China visit)

      When is he going to come out guns blazing against Labour and the regression of our country? 6 months before the election? 3 months? That last week? How long is his powder going to be kept dry, when the Coalition serves themselves up on a platter every single week.



      • Pascal, the situation is not that the National Party is ‘keeping its powder dry’, mate.

        These gutless quasi-socialists simply DON’T HAVE ANY POWDER. That’s the problem. That and being ‘led’ by a pathetic dribble.

        If there was anybody in the National Party with any guts at all they would have rolled Bridges ages ago and come out in real OPPOSITION to the destruction of our once-fine country. But what has happened so far? Anything? At all?

        The real opposition is going to come from other quarters – ACT and the new Conservatives, but this is going to take at least another election cycle to bear any fruit. So don’t hold your breath.

        National is finished (as they deserve to be)…. but for now there’s no real hope of an opposition emerging to take their place. So we’ll be in for another term at least (maybe two) of the Marxist-Ecofuck axis destroying our country. Of course, if there’s any sign of sanity emerging, the Maoris are always waiting in the wings to put paid to any of that too. When Winston gets the DCM the Maoris will resurge to take his place and the country will be re-named Aotearoa.



      • Simon is a little worm who got into the role by back room deals and internal politics.

        He slithers around in the shadows working for the monied few.

        That’s why he appears to be doing nothing.

        Simon needs a punch in the throat.



  9. Local fire captain’s scathing criticism of fuel build-up and lack of hazard reduction burns

    Despite all this, he told news.com.au he feels he has now been “blacklisted” by the RFS for criticising the organisation’s hazard reduction plan — which he claims left the village and its surrounding towns “exposed” to the Green Wattle Creek fire – and taking matters into his own hands.

    “The burn plan they had was very flawed and it was going to leave our village exposed to the fire,” he said.

    “I had challenged that, but was told that they’re the experts because the RFS paid staff do all the computer programming to work out where should be burned.”

    He said no hazard reduction burns had been done in the area surrounding Balmoral since 2001 — meaning there was 18 years of fuel growing on the ground.




  10. Child abusers are lower than shark shit but somehow the Godnutters manage to go subterranean. This time it’s the Salvation Army taking a belated gold in the sex & cruelty olympics. The then Social Welfare Dept officers came a close second but we shouldn’t expect more from public servants.

    A Masterton woman, Janet Lowe 70, has recently asked the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care to investigate the systemic abuse she received while in the Salvation Army run Whatman Home & various foster homes. Yes! The same Salvation Army who now act as Labour Party propagandists. Extracts:

    …….”she suffered a litany of abuse and neglect at the home, involving regular beatings for minor infractions of rules, and deprivations that included lack of adequate clothing, medical care”…….

    ……”department case files show a child welfare officer was aware of allegations that Lowe’s foster carer had been raping her”…..

    ……”Of the 30 homes I was fostered out to, only five of those did not involve physical abuse”……

    ……”She said the woman was constantly violent, hitting her so hard on another occasion that she partially lost hearing in her left ear”…….


    Remember this when the pious cunts next beg for money to continue their “work”.



    • Given your opinions on the effects of migrations what is your take on the Jewish diaspora? I ask because it is this historical exodus which occurred over many years occasioned by many perpetrators that’s at the root of some of today’s ME problems.



      • I’m ok with sensible immigration regardless of race, religion or culture.

        The vast majority of European Jews are not semetic people with any blood link to Israel. Real semetic Jews are about 10-15% of the Jewish population. The diaspora myth is largely a religious fable. Unlike the real one occurring in the Muslim world right now, due to meddling by Zionist supporting Westerners.



        • ……”Unlike the real one occurring in the Muslim world right now, due to meddling by Zionist supporting Westerners”……


          But back to the diaspora. My understanding is that the original Semitic Jews were arseholed from their original homeland about where Israel & Palestine currently exist. The instigants were various & included Persians & Romans. The Roman push was reasonably well explained by the crap written about Jesus & his times.

          They moved north & then west. https://www.pbs.org/wnet/story-jews/explore-the-diaspora/interactive-map/ During this time they intermarried with inhabitants of the countries they settled in but even now must be able to produce a maternal bloodline to claim Israeli citizenship. This would suggest blood ties to a Semitic race which I understand is supported by dna.

          In NZ at present time we are very big on the rights of indigenous people, as are our new rulers in the UN. Why do you think that we don’t extend all this codswallop & blather to the current inhabitants of the area known as Israel?



          • Israel has simply determined the bloodline includes non semetic blood lines.

            But its all more simple than that. The notion that people should be able to “return” and take back land that their ancestors occupied two thousand years ago, based on religious fables, is absurd.

            Just imagine if we all did that.



            • But! I’m confused.

              Maori want NZ back even though they sold most of it three or four times. The Abos demand Australia back & the UN agree yet the Israelites are hammered for doing the same thing.

              What are we doing wrong?



            • Your a fckn expert aren’t you, As you write your hatred, you and your honey Marama Davis are fondling each other because that is the only way you can pretend to be half a man. Your forced from your lands, murdered, enslaved, not once but multiple times, You can’t return, so generations are raised in other countries. The Jews for over 3000yrs have always called Israel, Israel.



  11. NZ First’s Shane Jones, Mark Patterson blast ‘eat less meat’ advice in climate teaching resource

    New Zealand First MPs Shane Jones and Mark Patterson are speaking out against a new climate change teaching resource that advises students to eat less meat to save the planet.

    The resource, announced on Sunday by Education Minister Chris Hipkins and Climate Change Minister James Shaw, tells students how they can help to reduce emissions, including advice to “eat less meat and dairy”.

    Jones, a Cabinet minister, slammed the dietary advice, telling Newshub he “grew up on a farm unlike a lot of these green apostles” and said he regularly feeds his children “copious amounts” of fish and other meats.

    “I don’t want the politically correct brigade colonising my dietary habits – it will never, ever happen… Schools have absolutely no authority to stigmatise and demonise us meat-eaters.”



  12. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please never ever let that excremental ‘commentary’ team who ‘did’ tonight’s Team Cricket vs Team Rugby match on One ever ‘feature’ on our TV screens again.



  13. Any ideas on when the coronavirus will reach our shores?

    Japan and Thailand Confirm New Cases of Chinese Coronavirus

    BEIJING — Thailand and Japan each reported new cases of a coronavirus that has left two people dead and at least 40 sick in China, adding to concerns about the spread of the virus beyond Chinese borders ahead of a major holiday.




      • Yeah I know. Every time some foreigner wants to travel, a new virus or disease wants to be part of the trip.
        The media go in to a toilet cubicle and a story develops in the bowl.
        Time to abolish media in it’s current form. Zero taxpayer funding. If you’re shit at your job, get another job that suits your skillset… if you have one.
        Heard those pitiful actors whinging on the radio about being overlooked for LOR tv series parts.
        A guy came on talkback and stated quite clearly that NZ actors are shit in general and lack the necessary talent to succeed any where else in the world. Stunned the host… caller backed by next caller….fucking useless actors.
        I was thinking our Clown world leaders need the same feedback……constantly.



  14. What can we say.
    Another day, another invrestigation another maori Trust etc.

    The chief executive of Te Rūnanga o Ngāpuhi has resigned.

    A rūnanga spokesperson confirmed Lorraine Toki had tendered her resignation.

    It comes as an independent review begins of the rūnanga structure and finances.

    The review was agreed to by the board after pressure from new chair Mere Mangu, who stepped up after the resignation last year of Sonny Tau, and former MP Dover Samuels, who made a review a condition for dropping a legal challenge to the board.

    Ms Toki was appointed in 2018, after previously working for the Crown Forestry Rental Trust and Tūhoronuku Independent Mandated Authority and advising to a number of national iwi organisations.




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