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  1. Will this response from our Health Minister David Clark on the deadly Coronavirus have us end up with the https://www.nzherald.co.nz/politics/news/video.cfm?c_id=280&gal_cid=280&gallery_id=216193 results as we achieved in the epidemic
    The only job ths idiot has succeeded in is to con the public that there was nine years of neglect from the last Goverment and it is everyone elses is fault never his own.



  2. The first 2 videos give context which I have posted previously
    The 3rd one is typical Tommy, taking it to the “establishment”. 🙂

    Tommy Robinson – Acceptance Speech For Sappho Award [hosted by the Free Speech Society]
    1 hour 17 minutes 36 secs.

    Tommy Robinson on Deadline, Danish TV. 19th January 2020
    14 mins 27 seconds.
    An interview with a hostile Danish interview, showing all that Tommy had talked about.

    Tommy comes back after hours, as after him another interview was done and a hatchet job was done on the guest.
    Good Tommy Robinson questions, and taking it back to them.

    Deadline deceives, the Flat lines with Fake News.
    9 minutes 37 seconds : 24th January 2020

    Certainly a head to head interview this time. 🙂
    The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s second channel (DR2) features a “news programme” called Deadline. Deadline Deceives Then Flatlines With Fake-News.
    Tommy Exposes Danish Fake-News
    On the back of receiving the Sappho award from the Danish Free-Press Society at the Danish Parliament, Tommy was invited by TV producers from Deadline for an interview. Tommy’s speech at the Danish Parliament centred on fake-news media and silicon valley big-tech censorship. Tommy, using the platform and the opportunity the Free-Press Society had provided to him, exposed to the world the deceitful and insidious agenda of global mainstream media outlets.

    A Chubby Mess Of A Set-Up
    Tommy was presented with another chance to reveal yet more lies and deceit. This time Danish media were exposed courtesy of Deadline presenter Steen Nørskov who utilised a sharia-compliant journalistic editorial process called kitman – lying by omission.
    Steen played video footage of Tommy knocking on Mike Stuchbery’s door to put Aia (of the Danish Free-Press Society) on the spot, the optics were difficult for her to give a full explanation as she didn’t know the facts behind the incident. Steen Nørskov’s colleagues knew the reasons for Tommy knocking on Mike Stuchbery’s door, yet neither Steen or his colleagues challenged Tommy about it in the studio when they had ample chance to do so?

    Tommy being like a dog with a bone, giving it a good shake and a sort out.
    But they will not change, as they seem deeply in the “collective community diversity unity cohesion mind set”, just like NZ media, academia, judiciary and politicians.

    PS. I trust Ed, you do not mind me, a bit of repetitively posting up about Tommy Robinson showing up the media, as the first 2 videos give context.
    After all he has caused major problems, like censorship on other media, jailing injustices. and just being an aggressive football hooligan and yob. 😉 🙂 🙂



      • Thanks Ed.
        I see that Tommy Robinson is at the active pointy spear head of showing and keeping free-speech, not only for the UK, but Europe also, as well as basically all of Western Civilization, and at great personal cost & sacrifice.
        No virtual signaling by Tommy Robinson. 🙂

        Not only does he show the devious scam of Mainstream Media, but takes it to them, or any one that is a part of “stitching him up”.
        Even though they try to censor him, using all “establishment” power. and takes no prisoners in reply and his questions are on point.

        A rough diamond, polishing up in skills very well, but still a diamond, not changing, and still cutting through the social justice, media crap. 🙂



        • I see that the new goverment in the UK is going to look at the BBC.
          In view that people pay a licence for it to watch content they dont like!
          I used to admire the BBC, nowadays I despise them, and I hope Boris cuts them off.



    • To be fair, I have generally seen Tommy Robinson as a bit of a mutt and bovver boy.
      However I watched first 40 mins of the first long video yesterday.
      It was well put together with clear sound and picture.
      It is well edited.
      I will finish it.

      There was some frightening things coming out and reflects how pure evil the media are; and the cops are evil as well.
      They are all political operatives now in Britain.
      The media is no more a watchdog than the cartoon Deputy Dawg.
      The cops are agenda driven and no longer bother with enforcement of law set by Parliament per se .
      Sad times. Bad times.

      Civil disobedience as occurring in a number of countries is the starting point of pushback.
      This is underscored when the cops protect Extinction rebellion…. but not citizens.

      The media filth is your direct enemy trying to destroy your way of life.
      Treat them as you would an enemy combatant.
      the cops are not your friend. Not today. Not tomorrow.

      First they came for…



    • Can it be said, that this commie’s plans and actions of fish release is like the great immigration “replacement” system?
      Such a noble guy, like Winston Peters of NZ First who happily signed the “UN Global, Migration Pact”, claiming it will have no judicial impact. Yeah right. 🙁



  3. Some one like Distinguished Professor Spoonley would have words with this guy and smear “white supremacism” and would wish his speech to be censored, and gulags for him, so that collectivism can continue.
    Using all they can to denigrate, and stop debate, discussion on issues.

    “A spectre haunts Europe and the world. It is Replacism” by RENAUD CAMUS
    17 minutes 21 seconds. 2years ago.
    The independence or subjection of a great nation, the survival or the disappearance of a great civilisation, is not a question of politics, but of history. – Charles de Gaulle in London, that was not politics. Jean Moulin in Lyon wasn’t politics. Nor was Joan of Arc in Chinon, nor Gandhi in Calcutta, nor anyone who rose up for the independence of their country and the dignity of their people.
    Talks slowly, but is very thorough, and there is a lot to take in.

    Some of the words he uses in the speech are said to be inciting violence.
    Though others would “feel” that it is a pointing out consequences of the immigration policies.

    Just recently fined, by the French establishment & to pay compensation to the offended or go to jail.
    Thank you Renaud Camus, for bringing up this issue and with many details.
    Another brave man.



  4. Time to shut-down and censor Duncan Garner

    If death threats are appropriate for turning a Cindy magazine cover, what dreadful fate awaits Duncan Garner in this excoriating assault on the PM’s faux genuineness, warmth and humanity (oh the humanity of St Jacinda).

    For a start. Garner hasn’t excused himself for his obvious privilege. He should’ve started off by apologising for his whiteness, his maleness, his age and all the things that feminist lies tell us are reason why certain people’s truths are less worthy than those less ‘privileged’.

    His critical assessment of St Jacinda’s lack of substance and trustworthiness is clearly nothing more than a thinly veiled expose of the deep fear and loathing that males feel as a result of experiencing three years of a strong, empathetic, caring, honest, open, transparent, leaderful woman. Clearly Duncan’s manhood has been so terribly challenged by the prospect of a young, omnipotent female running the country into the fucking ground that Dunky’s scrotum has shrunk up into his mangina space.

    I fear for Duncan’s marriage. Surely Amanda’s dripping maw is going to be withdrawn from Dunky’s nether regions as there is an instantaneous nookie embargo applied to help Dunky understand the error of his ways in daring to point out that the Emperor indeed wears no clothes.

    Or is this a sign that finally the fairy dust has worn off? Has the rejuvenation of common sense that, around the world is starting to burn down the great evil of cultural Marxism and intersectional politics, reached NZ? Are we in NZ finally waking up to the great and undeniable truths that:
    – tax is NOT love
    – diversity is the new stupid
    – vapid virtue-signalling is VAPID
    – globalism is the new feudalism
    – socialists just want to burn everything down.

    I hope it’s true.

    But it’s not. However, it is a start. It is a glimmer of hope.

    I fear though that it’s just not going to be enough to dislodge the CoL this time around. I fear we’ll enter 2021 still shackled to a corrosive alliance of evil that is intent on the Venezualisation of our once beautiful South Pacific paradise. But good on you Duncan for speaking out – I’ll come visit you when the first gulag opens in January 2021.



    • Yes RoL, but you also have to protect your kids. You need to also read them 1984 and warn them that they have to behave in school in a very careful way.

      Warn them they must not:
      – disagree with anything their teachers say about climate change
      – talk to other children about anything to do with climate change – unless it is to repeat exactly what the teachers have said
      – to tell teachers what Mum & Dad have told them about climate change at home

      You have to warn them that their safety and their future and the future safety of the family depend on keeping their thoughts to themselves.

      If we have another 3 years of the CoL, we shall see Chinese style social monitoring scoring introduced and things said in innocence by schoolkids could be used negatively against them throughout their lives. We are already existing fully in the surveillance state and the next step is the exercise and misuse of the knowledge already held about us.



      • Yup, unfortunatly what you say is true. My eldest is going into 2nd yr Uni and is still a sceptic!. I’d say that’s a huge win. The next is in Yr 13 and is also a sceptic. My youngest will get daily doses of how wondeful CO2 is. In fact I may make a shrine in the living room to CO2 and have the whole family burn hydrocarbons in front of it to bolster our emissions. Farting will be encouraged too. I am currently spamming the biology teacher wo is a sceptic with Tony Heller videos to counter the indoctrination by the rest of the school.



  5. Un-fucking-believable.

    Briton and four other men accused of distributing NINE MILLION child porn images go on trial

    Samuel Kinge, 38, from Harlow, appeared in court in Dendermonde, Belgium
    Kinge said he had failed to ‘heal’ his paedophilia and offered chemical castration
    Some of other men’s own family were allegedly used to make their vile films




  6. Remember this?

    Sat., July 17, 2004 Tamuz

    Sarid: Knesset panel must probe Mossad operation in NZ

    “Israel is a country with which New Zealand has had friendly relations for a long time. The government of New Zealand relates to the activities of the Israeli intelligence agents not only as utterly unacceptable but also as a violation of the sovereignty of New Zealand and international law.”




    • they were still here nicking NZ passports in 2010.
      One of them got clobbered to death by falling masonry on 22 Feb 2010 quake
      I guess you call that capital punishment !!

      He wont be doing that again.
      No sir.



  7. Boeing-made satellite suffers ‘major anomaly’, will probably explode soon

    “Boeing, the spacecraft manufacturer, concluded based on all available data that the batteries’ cells cannot be guaranteed to withstand the pressures needed to support safe operation of the spacecraft in eclipse operations; rather, there is a significant risk that these battery cells could burst.”



  8. I remember this shooting. The unarmed cops knocked on his farmhouse door and he shot them.

    Law-abiding citizens keep forking out for prisoner education

    In 2002, 17-year-old Luff shot two Feilding police officers, killing Detective Constable Duncan Taylor and injuring Detective Jeanette Park. Taylor died instantly after being shot in the head and chest at point-blank range at a Rongotea farmhouse in Manawatū. Taylor left behind a wife and an 11-month-old son, who is now a young adult. Luff also shot at Detective Tony Heathcote.

    Although the Parole Board didn’t name the university, a quick Google search returns Luff’s public profile on the Massey University website, which says his doctoral thesis is tentatively titled Life within the society of captives: Exploring the pains of imprisonment for real.

    In other words, between now and May 2021, a convicted cop killer may possibly be on “release to work” at a Massey University campus, which could potentially lead to a permanent position once parole is approved. I’m not sure how that fits with Massey’s policy on pre-employment checks. But don’t worry about it, dear law-abiding citizens, just foot the bill.



    • Massey University are clearly lining him up for a lecturing role.
      Jesus I wouldn’t be surprised if he is already somehow involved in this lunatic Government’s ‘Justice Reform’ programme.
      To the Left he is a hero (As he is a Cop Killer)
      To me he is a cold blooded murderer.
      RIP Duncan Taylor- By all accounts a top bloke.



    • He did a terrible thing, for which he was found guikty and imprisoned. 17 years feels far too short, given 3 deaths
      He’s gone on to educate himself and hopefully improve himself.

      The sentence was wrong, but surely what we want out of prisons are rehabilitation, right? For criminals to return to society ready and able to make a positive contribution?

      Othereise we may as welk shoot the fuckers and save the cost of locking them up.



  9. Who in there right mind would trust Labour with any plan to do with Infrastructure after the dismal failure of Kiwibuild, rail or roads, but today Labour announced another Plan to fix NZ infrastructure.
    The Government are good at talking up what’s needed and blaming National but aren’t very good at achieving the out come that’s needed.



  10. Crayfish orders are cancelled as Chinese New Year celebrations no longer going ahead

    Coronavirus: Seafood industry braces for impact

    Chinese President Xi Jinping warned today that the spread of the disease was accelerating and his government was suspending all foreign trips by Chinese holiday tour groups from tomorrow.

    Lunar New Year celebrations for the year of the rat, which began today, have been cancelled in many Chinese cities, which is having an impact on trade with many countries including New Zealand.

    The outbreak is already affecting the country’s crayfish industry.

    The price of crayfish in Australia has plummeted as Chinese buyers cancel orders, because many Lunar New Year celebrations in China are not going ahead.



    • What a sleazy intellectually dishonest article, that invites the reader to put popular opinion, votes and appeals to authority, before “facts


      But the IPCC wasn’t stating a fact in the first place. It was presenting a collective expert judgment—in this case, the consensus



      • Iread some of the conclusions of the IPCC on wikipedia. Soeme of the stuff is at the WTF level, like assuming that 80% of the warming is being absorbed by oceans. How exactly does the atmosphere warm the ocean. A bit like putting a heater in a bathroom, running cold water and expecting the water to warm up. Idiots.



  11. Coronavirus: Michael Woodhouse blasts Julie Anne Genter, David Clark over preparations for outbreak

    “It’s not too late – there are steps that can be taken to manage this risk and hopefully prevent the virus from coming into New Zealand, if it isn’t here already,” Woodhouse said in a media briefing on Sunday.

    “My colleagues and I have been inundated with correspondence… saying: ‘We’re seeing what’s happening around the world – and we’re seeing nothing happening in the country’. That says to me that there isn’t enough being done about this.”

    Woodhouse criticised Green Party MP and Associate Minister for Health Julie Anne Genter for her “botched” response to the measles outbreak last year, saying New Zealand doesn’t need “a repeat of that debacle”.

    There seems to have been a rash of low volume interviews with the microphone not being turned on when the opposition are being interviewed by the msm. Is this on purpose?



    • It’s simple. Most of them were doing dodgy stuff. Most rich and powerful people are despicable perverts. They become that way because boot lickers exempt them from normal human conduct.

      So no one dares speak out.




    A mutated goat with a face that looks eerily like a human has been born in India, shocking onlookers.

    Images and videos of the mutated mammal have gone viral, The Sun reports. Initially, the deformed mammal perplexed villagers in Nimodia, India, but it is now believed it will be “worshipped as an avatar of God,” The Sun added, citing local reports.

    It’s likely that the goat suffers from a congenital defect known as “cyclopia.” According to the National Institute of Health, cyclopia, which can occur in humans as well as animals, “is a very rare syndrome of severe facial dysmorphism.”


    Stephie boy or his mates been to India.



  13. Do you remember when I posted something on the ‘ Li’ family being one of six oldest and wealthiest families on earth?

    At the bottom of this coronavirus press release dated 21st January 2020 is an exclusive copyright.

    HKUMed WHO Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control releases real-time nowcast on the likely extent of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, domestic and international spread with the forecast for chunyun


    This attached article connects some dots.
    JULY 31, 2015

    Gates and Li Ka Shing Top List of Big Foundations Created by Wealthy People




  14. Taradale gang meeting

    “We are going to take their guns off them – believe me. It won’t happen overnight, but I do think we will eventually get there.”
    Not very convincing, Stuart.

    “I don’t like guns either. They give people a false sense of power.”
    Yep, sure seems to be going to the heads of your goon squads raiding innocent firearm owners.



  15. Thought I would stroll over the road and see what KB has been up to. Haven’t been for a longwhile.

    Lots of comments yesterday and the day before.
    The nutter is still there and itseems so is moderation.
    Can’t wait all day for some wally to pass me as politically correct just to have a discussion so will give it a bit of a miss again for a while.



  16. How do you all feel now knowing that deep in the bowels of TVNZ, RNZ & Stuff there are teams of people desperately trying to link the coronavirus to colonisation of Maori, nine years of National & climate change?



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