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  1. No NZ First- Labour pact in Northland – Ardern.
    Prime MinisterJacinda Ardernis ruling outany deal with NZ First on the Northland Electoral seat this Election. Ardern said Labour would not be stepping aside for NZ First in Northland ,” I didn’t do any deals last Election, I have no plans to do deals this election ” she said.
    Jacinda is either lying or she knows or thinks NZ First will win the Northland seat . The other scenario is that
    She thinks with enough support a Labour and the Greens can Govern on there own.



  2. Winston Peters showed what a ignorant , arrogant, vile prick he is with attacks on the media and Simon Bridges at Waitangi yesterday. A company that made donations to the NZ First Foundation says it thought the donations were going to the NZ First Party. Mr Peters refused to answer Questions on the revelations at Waitangi today, criticizing media for turning Waitangi into a Political farce. “We are to look at Waitangi if you don’t want to talk about Waitangi your talking to the wrong guy, see you he said”.
    After all the carry on and vile re- action from Winston, NZ First and Parliament from Jamie Lee Ross and the lies he spewed about Simon Bridges it’s a bit rich that this lying piece of shit won’t answer questions honestly now. Time to cut the scourge of NZ Politics loose now before the Parliamentary system in NZ becomes the laughingstock of the World.



    • You mean Winston is a lying dishonest prick enabled by his two bit dodgy lawyer? The revelations just keep coming.

      And why is our supposed national day always centered around what we have to do for Maori? What about celebrating this countries many ethnic groups who have contributed to NZ and its many achievements? What a joke Waitangi is.



      • To be quite honest Winston lost it at Waitangi yesterday and even Barry Soper suggested that in his column this morning and think this is what Simon Bridges has to do, go after him and push him to the limit by winding him up as Peters can’t stand Simon winning. This all stems back to when Simon Bridges won Taurunga. Utu is hate and to keep using it consumes you.



      • Does anyone know the tribal history of Winston’s iwi and Simon’s? Not that it really matters but since old emnities seem to feature in Maori affairs.

        I totally agree about winding Winston up but I think that just by existing that Simon fulflls that function lol.

        Winston if of Ngati Wai, I was just reading that his birth certificate has him as Wynston

        Simon is Ngati Kinohaku a sub tribe of Ngati Maniapoto, so closer to the Kingitanga I would think.



      • Waitangi Day is a tragic joke. No other country’s national day is marked by a whole country’s government and opinion leaders literally grovelling like beggars in front of a bunch of stoneage tribalists while the rest of the country, ignored, stands by inertly and looks on.

        This happens every Waitangi Day. There’s never any mention or celebration of what made New Zealand historically one of the best places on the world to live. There’s no remembrance of our sacrifices and achievements. There’s never any patriotism, either in the media or amongst the public. Nothing at all except an endless stream of grovelling and wailing.

        This disgusting spectacle and the media handwringing that we endure every year demonstrates how deeply our country is in the shit, much like an otherwise healthy man who has a cancer growing inside him which will one day explode and kill him. When this happens, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

        p.s. Sorry for repeating myself. I posted this the other day, but it’s pertinent to Salacious Crumb’s comment so I thought I’d let fly again.



  3. Well who would have thought this, New allegations surround MP Jamie Lee Ross.
    There’s new political turmoil for the MP accused in 2018 of bulling and sexual impropriety, writes Newsroom investigations editor Melanie Reid. Controversial Independent MP Jamie Lee Ross is again under investigation after misconduct allegations saw three of four staff in his Botony Office placed on special leave. https://www.newsroom.co.nz/2020/02/05/1019443/new-allegations-surround-mp-jami-lee-ross
    Really it just shows you with the old saying “does a leper change its spots ” apparently not.



  4. BNZ sends first tranche of letters saying credit cards will be cancelled in March

    Thousands of BNZ customers will need to change their automated payments after the bank decided to cancel its Mastercard bank cards ahead of their usual expiry date and replace them with Visa cards.

    The bank has written to a first tranche of Advantage Classic Mastercard customers giving them six weeks’ notice that their Mastercard credit cards will stop working on March 12.

    Customers will be issued with Visa cards instead.



  5. The Democratic Iowa fiasco of results shows that Hilary Clinton, still jerking the strings, just like her e mail server system, so that the candidates seem to have all good feelz about the results. 😉

    The app blamed for Iowa’s stalled Democratic caucus results was slapped together by an alum of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign.

    Gerard Niemira, CEO of Shadow Inc. — the company tapped by the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) to build an app for reporting the results of the crucial, first-in-the-nation caucus — served as director of product on Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

    As of early Tuesday, the IDP had still not released the results of the chaotic caucus.

    Shadow’s role in building the app was not publicly known before the failed rollout.

    Democrats do not want to admit or blame Hilary Clinton’s connection to this, as it just shows their further dangerous doctrinal ideological incompetence!
    Who can they blame?, so long as it is not themselves 🙂



  6. The Treaty : We have to move into a truth and reconciliation stage.
    Paul Moon seems to think the Treaty has served it’s purpose so now they want a New declaration to keep the Gravy Train going and allow Maori to reclaim Land they believe was stolen.
    Recent events at Ihumatoa should disabuse us completely of such thinking, they epitomize a major aspect of the Treaty relationship that the Crown has been negligent in addressing.
    If Jacinda and Labour get a second term beware as she will sell out NZ to keep herself in the limelight as it’s all about Jacinda not about NZ er’s.



  7. A door to door salesman knocked on my door this morning. I opened the door, and before I could speak he tipped a bucket of dog shit over my carpet and said “If this vacuum doesn’t remove every bit from your carpet, I’ll personally eat what’s left.”
    “I hope you’re hungry…” I replied “they cut off my electricity this morning.”



  8. Tense times at Waitangi after Simon Bridges rules out working with Winston Peters

    “It’s not going to happen,” he said, adding that when he told the board and individual MPs of the plan to distance National from Peters there was “spontaneous applause” and “unanimous agreement”.

    “It’s this simple – if Winston Peters or some other New Zealand First leader calls me I’m not answering the call and I won’t be making the call to them.”



  9. Latest nCOV 2019 update

    This received from David Clarkes office:

    Thank you for your email to the Office of Hon Dr David Clark regarding novel coronavirus (2019 n-CoV). The New Zealand Government is taking the situation very seriously and we are well-prepared.
    The Government and its agencies are following the comprehensive and long-standing New Zealand Pandemic Plan, and are prepared and ready to provide treatment and contain any spread of 2019 n-CoV should it arrive in New Zealand. There is a whole of Government response actively underway, including the Ministries of Health, Customs, Foreign Affairs and Trade and other agencies.
    Public health, border agency, airport, airline and sea port staff are working together to provide health information and advice to travellers, and immediately take action should someone be suspected of carrying the virus. Public health nurses are meeting all flights from mainland China, and are also available to assess passengers arriving on any international flight who report symptoms or possible contact with the disease.
    On 2 February, the Government made the decision to strengthen the border. Entry to New Zealand is now being denied to people who have left or transited through mainland China, with the exception of New Zealand citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family.
    All travellers arriving from mainland China are being asked to self-isolate for a period of 14 days, and are being provided with information by public health nurses about what this entails.
    The Government has made 2019-nCoV a notifiable disease under the Health Act so public health officials can best identify, monitor and manage any suspected or confirmed cases. Health practitioners and medical laboratories will now have to notify on reasonable suspicion that a person has the disease to Medical Officers of Health. These officers have powers to investigate and manage individual cases and contacts suspected of having been exposed, in order to contain the spread of disease. We are now able to test for the virus in New Zealand, whereas previously tests were sent to Australia. This has meant a much quicker response time, with test results now available within 24 hours. As yet, there have been no positive test results for people in New Zealand.

    I trust this information is helpful.
    For further updates and information on 2019-nCoV, please visit our website https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/novel-coronavirus-china-2019-ncov . We will keep this updated.



    • I think if you look at the background Tava has a hell of a task to achieve exposure.
      The roots of the parliamentary Green Pardy of Aot…New Zealand would be the Values Party 1970s.
      This meandered until ‘Green ‘ became a thing.
      It was a party of ‘values’ and well meaning.
      The Rod Donald and Jeanette Fitzsimmons face.

      We have seen well meaning and mild institutions have been taken over.
      Around the world.
      ‘Soft’ organisations like Red Cross, Greenpeace, Salvation Army, OxFam and Green Parties have been taken over by what are often toxic Anarchists.
      OxFam NZ was run for 2 decades by a combo of Phail Twyford (whom we know can’t even deliver things with all that taxpayer money and an army of bureaucrats with Art History and Media Studies degrees) and Green Pardy’s Barry Coates. Overseas, Oxfam is a base for sex tours to third world countries in strife.

      The toxic bomb happened to the Green Pardy NZ.
      Davidson, Swarbrick, and Ghahraman are out and out toxic anarchists.
      Genter is not there yet but severely deranged. (A California Crazy)
      Gareth Hughes does not matter on anything and is buggering off; as if anyone will notice apart from Hey Clint.
      Therefore essentially at least half full of harmful toxic critters.
      Lardo Turei with her shameless benefit fraud was also an anarchist right from the get go.

      Vernon Tava had a crack at the leadership of the Greens when ‘Give me back my flag’ Norman left to go to Greenpeace (see above)
      He lost and left.
      A wise move.
      How he will get publicity against the likes of Winston Peters, Shame Jones, Ghahraman and co who are great at soaking up headlines I do not know.

      I cannot imagine Tava’s Triers will have much funding and will not get free coverage as they are not in parliament.
      I simply cannot see how they intend to make an impact.
      There would have to be a specific out-of-the-blue event to turn attention to them.

      Colon Craig spent over $2.5 million of his own money in just one election .
      Gareth Morgan spent 7 figures $$s on his party – arguably more than $2,000,000 to acquire 2.4% and nothing.
      This time even with prior publicity and no deep pockets TOP will be a nothing.
      That is the likely fate for Tava’s Triers.
      You can’t start a fire without oxygen.

      In any event Tava , while seeming to be an affable and well meaning chappie, was on the Waitemata Local Board as a City Vision member for 2 terms.
      City Vision are a nasty destructive tax (rates rise) and spend party. They are the second string Labour and Green pardy nasties that have a large presence on Auckland’s Council rep bodies.
      Just as the first string team cannot deliver in a ‘year of delivery’ the second string team (City without Vision) only creates destruction, wastage, hot air, and frustration at significant cost.

      Tava’s recent associations of the last decade suggest he would never get a vote from me.



  10. So while James Shaw and his so-called greens have been concentrating on flying to CC conferences there has been this timebomb sitting in an old shed in Southland. It is now going to become an environmental disaster under Socialist Cindy’s watch. Another FAIL. A deal been nutted out but how much progress has been made in shipping any to Aus for destruction?

    Abandoned mill in Southland flood zone storing substance that creates toxic gas when mixed with water

    An old paper mill storing a hazardous substance is in the flood zone in Southland, where severe weather has flooded the Mataura River.

    The century-old Mataura Paper Mills building still holds thousands of tonnes of ouvea premix, a hazardous substance made from aluminium dross.

    When in contact with water, it creates toxic ammonia gas.

    The building is right on the Mataura River and today Emergency Management Southland confirmed to 1 NEWS it’s in the flood zone.

    “We are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk around the paper mill, however it is in the flood zone,” controller Angus McKay says.

    The premix has been left abandoned in the old paper mill building since 2016.

    When saturated with water, it creates ammonia gas – a pungent, colourless gas that is toxic to humans.

    It’s also hazardous to the environment.



  11. So it is only National that is denied freedom of speech?


    “I think it was a good opportunity for me, for National, (to) set out what matters.”

    He pointed out that he was the first National Party leader to go to Waitangi in a “number of years”.

    Former leaders John Key and Bill English refused to go because they “weren’t going to be gagged from speaking on the paepae”.



  12. David Seymour eager to avoid Waitangi where colleagues are ‘bickering like school kids’

    David Seymour says he is in no rush to head up to Waitangi, as his “political colleagues are all bickering like school kids”.

    The ACT MP says although he will head up later on Wednesday evening, he is eager to avoid the lead-up and will be going primarily for the early morning prayer on Thursday.

    Instead of visiting Waitangi earlier as many of his colleagues had, Seymour visited the Bay of Plenty to meet with gun owners.

    “If I can be here in Tauranga talking to people who actually want to have a conversation about how we make policy to make this country a better place, or I could be up there listening to that, I’m glad I’m here,” he said.



  13. That ended well, considering!
    New Plymouth concil has a big night at Pukekura park, with some singers.
    15,000 people turn up and the have only got 100 shitters for the punters!
    What did they have to shit in the lake?



  14. The pictures here are worth more than a 1000 words, showing how and why “back burns” are such an important tool.
    Some of the back burns were done a few years ago, but prove very effective, and how the burn if done right, is a much cooler, less damaging fire.


    Will the sly controlling, manipulating, conniving, taxing greens with visions of Carbon Tax monies like Al Gore, copyrighted Greta Thunberg give up their greedy money making fraudulent theories?

    Get them voted out, and their bureaucracy of costly dead-hand of fees levies, taxes, systemic regulations, of lawfare out..



  15. Independent MP Jamie Lee Ross says new misconduct claims are part of a Political motivated attack. And the media couldn’t wait to get the story to the public on JLR ‘s behalf. Why is it everyone else fault when it come to JLR never his own and will the media be there exactly like last time printing what he spews.
    We don’t need people like this in our Parliament especially with people like Winston Peter’s willing to defame others to score political points from lies that JLR has told.



    • Dilworth School is a school for boys from underprivileged backgrounds.
      Mike Moore went there and made something of himself.
      J L Ross went there and has stuffed up anything he has touched in the last two years.
      It is about attitude and Ross’s is shot to hell.



  16. There must come a point where trying to isolate Coronavirus is futile. There have been reports of cases on a cruise ship. At some point it’s just going to have to run it’s course. If people don’t show symptoms for 10 days but are infectious prior to that, then what’s the point screening at the border?



  17. Mama Bear purchased an insane magnetic drive blender from KitchenAid. This is what it looks like. Given it’s 2020 and that I’m starting to sploge a bit around the waistline, I’ve started exercising. It’s a good excuse to get up early in the morning, put some Netflix on and run on a treadmill while the family wakes up. It’s done wonders for boosted energy levels and I’m actually eating less now than before. Plus, I feel a million bucks.

    When Mama Bear pulls herself out of bed, she’ll run for a bit as well and then make us a fruit smoothie. Given the contempt my meat loving nature has for fruit, these are not bad unless she puts Red Bean or weird Asian ingredients in them in which case they taste like somebody scraped a hobos bum and you want to lick your own ass to get the taste out of your mouth.

    Lol, reminds me of a joke but I’m now getting seriously fucking distracted.

    “Why does a dog lick it’s arse?”
    “To get the taste of Purina out of its mouth”

    Anyway, magnetic drive blender. Now that we’re exercising it’s seeing some use. And she noticed that sometimes it smells a bit weird – like burning or hot plastic. Now look, we live in a nearly 300m2 house and my office is at the opposite end and a different floor to where this blender is. And I’m normally on a call, with a client or similar so have a headset on and am either having music blasting or in a conversation. But when that thing spins up it sounds like she’s kick starting a Boeing 747 in the kitchen. It is the most insane … I mean, think about it. It’s a 1.4 horsepower at the blade BLENDER! I’m surprised we’re not smelling burning ozone and seeing the bench deform under the weight of this monster.

    But, like the sometimes good husband I am, I sent them an email asking who to take it in to for a service so they can check there’s nothing wrong. It is working, it just smells weird occasionally, you know? I just don’t want it to go all Terminator and be back with the thumbs up as it melts in a pool of superheated steel. And to be honest, I’d forgotten about emailing them until I got an email today, nearly a month after I’d first made contact.

    It sounds like there is something wrong with the motor. Please dispose of this unit, we’re sending you a new one

    Paraphrased, but how damn good is that for customer service? They don’t even want to see the thing, they’re just swapping it for a new one. Their response is so awesome it has shocked everyone.

    TLDR; KitchenAid provides amazing support for an insane blender



  18. Go electric
    Go electric.
    Save the planet.
    It has never been more fragile in 4.5 billion years than it is now //
    So fragile.

    Electricity is magic power and just comes in through a hole in the wall.
    No pollution I tells ya.
    It’s Marvellous!!
    The eco boilers that cost families £5K a year:
    As Ofgem reveals plans to ban all gas boilers… the cautionary tale of a ‘green’ energy deal gone badly wrong
    • Falkirk Council installed eco-friendly boilers in around 900 council properties
    • Households were then offered access to a special tariff from Scottish Power
    • But supplier has hiked prices which expert described as ‘absolutely outrageous’

    …They are residents of this and other rural villages near Falkirk, in Scotland, where households have seen their bills jump to more than £100 a week
    Some families have been forced to use food banks so they can afford to heat their homes….

    The churnalism in it is poor but the point is these people were encouraged to move from ye olde fossil fuel heating to magic electricity and are now snookered.
    The churnalists say some need to go to food banks because the power bill is cleaning them out.
    This may be true.
    What is clear is that this big con that started with global warming then changed its name is not remotely true nor verifiable .
    It is about disempowering people and making them dependent on the State.
    Above is a classic example.
    It is about Kontrol.

    If electric cars were so bloody wonderful why is so much subsidy needed?
    To add insult to injury The UK Govt has announced in the last 24 hours they are bringing the phasing out of diesel and petrol cars from 2040 forward 5 years to 2035.
    Last year they announced the scrapping of the up to £3,500 on a new electric car purchase.

    My view on Boris Johnson is watch this space. I believe he has yet to prove himself.
    After disastrous Treason May whose one objective was to stop Brexit he looks good but the night is young.

    Moving people to electricity is a Con designed to Kontrol the masses.
    Electricity is difficult to store unlike Diesel or Petrol.
    Being smart politicians they are bribing you to convert with your own money.
    Be alert to this con.

    The long term con is to remove hydrocarbon power in the vehicle and replace it with electric cars which are largely inadequate.
    Repeat after me.. carbon is evil!
    The ideas is that in 40 years you will only get around by bicycle or public transport.
    …back to pre-1920 Kontrol.
    It is an attempt to literally ‘disempower’ you despite what the glossy brochures say and politicians promise.



    • howitis, so much like little children in a sandpit, playing with toys, thinking they know it all, and believing in unicornical uptopia fairydust, cult, of no consequences for them.

      So the Greens want to have all this ban on fossil fuels.

      once again in the February to April period, affecting millions of households.
      This comes at the heels of a January price hike. …..

      …….Germany’s electricity rates have become among the world’s highest.
      Annually tens of thousands of German households see their power cut off because they are unable to pay their bills.
      A large portion of the rate hike is due to the feed-in tariffs for green energies such as wind and sun.


      Then the Greens get voted back in by saying they are the “man from the government, here to help you” when

      More than 340,000 electricity customers across Germany have their power cut off each year for failing to pay bills.
      and they have even a solution for this too.

      Still the greens clip the ticket well as they schedule for green pigs to fly to places like Davos and other such conferences.

      Shaw’s $73,771 Cabinet-approved travel between October 1 and December 31 last year eclipsed Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s $54,487 and Foreign Minister Winston Peters’ $49,378.

      The Greens’ three ministers and under-secretary spent a total of $121,194 on international travel, $22,948 on domestic air travel, and $18,639 on surface travel. That figure includes VIP transport and the travel of their spouses and staff.

      Shaw travelled to Europe twice and to the US in the last quarter for climate change conferences.
      https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12208261 28 Feb, 2019

      What a virtuous thieving circle of tyranny these people lead, and continue on to create the next disaster.



  19. Coronavirus: New Zealand rescue flight from Wuhan touches down in Auckland

    Earlier today, the Government-charted Air New Zealand flight NZ1942 took off out of China.

    There are 100 New Zealanders on board as well as 35 Australians and 70 foreign nationals.

    All but the Australian passengers will be transported to the quarantine centre in Whangaparaoa for 14 days.



  20. What a MESS! They have had years to deal with this and have moved at snails pace. Where was everyone?!

    A toxic ammonia gas could be released if water from the Mataura River overflows into an old paper mill
    People are being told to treat all flood waters as contaminated and stay away

    Southland flooding: Live updates – Evacuations underway for Gore, Mataura and Wyndham residents



  21. Islamic cleric in Indonesia claims meth is halal after arrest for supplying to students

    An Islamic cleric in Indonesia arrested for selling methamphetamine to religious students has told authorities that he thought use of the drug was permitted by the Quran.

    Ahmad Marzuki, a teacher at an Islamic boarding school in East Java, told police that using meth was permissible and would aid in reading the holy text.

    Marzuki told authorities: “I know that methamphetamine is forbidden to be used by the state, but I did not find the argument in the Quran.”

    Police chief Rama Samtama Putra told local media that Marzuki said the powerful stimulant would aid students in becoming enthusiastic readers.




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