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  1. Ardern started with a prayer.

    “Today we pray for our people, our history and our future. On this 180th Waitangi Day let us pledge to take a step across the bridge between our peoples.

    “Give us the perseverance in our daily lives to commit to a simple action that helps take us to the other side. And in doing so, give us the courage to learn to walk comfortably in each others’ shoes.

    “God we also pray for those in need, the poor, the sick, those who suffer predjudice and the lonely. Make us better people who look after all our brothers and sisters.

    “At this place, on this day, may we unite in kindness and care towards one another.”
    My God she has gone back to her faith in the sky fairies,
    No wonder we have a gang problem and for her information, I have no desire to walk in their shoes.

    And again just for her information I have always been a kind and caring person.
    Perhaps she needs to get out more and see how the other half live. Learn that killing people with kindness is a weakness that is taken advantage of.

    Perhaps she should try walking in my shoes!

    I don’t get to feed up at the taxpayers expense for breakfast. Perhaps she could give me back some of the tax I pay.

    Following the ceremony Ardern and other Ministers and members of parliament will fire up the barbecue to cook breakfast for the masses, a tradition she started in 2018 which replaced the more formal Prime Minister’s breakfast held at the Copthorne Hotel which was closed off to the public.




  2. Well who would have thought Jacinda Ardern and Labour would have tried to con the public again on the sexual assault facts .
    Leaked draft investigation show Labour did not properly communicate with complaints and in fact disproportionately communicated more regularly with the person that the complaints were all about. One complainant said the person the complaints were about received the testimonies before they did.
    This report also shows labour failed to respond to evidence from the staffer arguing this is inconsistent with the rules of natural justice.
    So again it seems we have been proved right Labour is about hiding the facts and hanging there supporters out to dry so when some in Labour commits a sex offence hide it and blame the victim.



  3. I am surprised there is not a mass walk out from Liarbor by the members of the meeee toooo movement. I am constantly amazed at the cover ups and the ” it’s OK when one of our own do it” attitude. I have no idea why I am ever surprised at what they do, but there it is. I try to think people will actually do the right thing especially when watched by the country, you’d think at least that their pride would force them to.
    I shall not be watching TV today nor shall I turn the radio on as it is more than I can cope with.
    Loved watching the cricket last night, great partnership by Taylor and Latham. I hope this gives them some confidence for the remainder of the series.



  4. I was amased at the stupid coverage by the reporters last night on the corna virus. Not a brain cell between them. Reminded my of the bleathless John Campell at the airport after the CC massacre, as though he was going to leave. All it was is just reporters flapping their gums trying to look inportant. No they were never going to meet them as they stepped of the plane and of course they parked the plane were they could not see!



    • That’s interesting, How do you actually measure a river’s width. And with a tape measure is not the answer either! I have a “river” of sorts on my property. It only flows when there are these major flood events. So normally its dry. I received a communication some time last year or the previous one where it stated that my property was identified as having some watwer way and there was funding for fencing etc. But I would argue that the river is less than a metere wide, in fact it only exists when we have major flood events. I studied Geography. You can’t actually measure the width of a river. You can measure the width of the flood plain, but the width of the river varies as the rain fall does. As usual, Ministers in this goverment have no fucking idea.




    Today our country offers it’s deepest apologies to our Maori brethren for destroying their beautiful civilisation – denying them their noble traditions of tribal warfare, slavery and cannibalism and depriving them of their wonderful culture of literature, theatre, poetry, music, architecture, mathematics and philosophy.

    In their place the evil Europeans imposed a tyrannical system of parliamentary democracy, the rule of law, property rights, equal opportunity, education, health and welfare on these poor oppressed people. Not only this, but these unfortunate victims were also made equal citizens of the most powerful empire the world had known to date.

    Obviously all this was totally against their will and for these terrible injustices it is only right that we send our politicians to grovel at their feet and beg their forgiveness.




  6. Any old excuse to political point score against Simon Bridges.will do! Simon has already explained he will be atendingt the Waitangi celebrations this morning in Tauranga, his electorate.

    Waitangi Day 2020: Bishop burns National leader Simon Bridges for no-show at dawn service

    The 180th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi began with the Bishop of Tai Tokerau making a joke about Simon Bridges’ absence from the dawn service, drawing laughter from the crowd.

    Bridges, leader of the National Party, said on Wednesday he had other commitments and wouldn’t be staying on in Waitangi, after attending the politicians’ welcome pōwhiri on Tuesday at the upper marae.



    • Reading the piece I determine, rightly or wrongly, that the better feeling Iwi Chairs may have, following further discussion with the PM, may not be reflected by the general population when we hear the financial cost or any wider implications of whatever she may have agreed to.

      Hard to have confidence following the Ihumatao issue and the poor manner in which that has been handled to date by the coalition government.



  7. Something let slip?
    Newton says Fletcher Building will be appropriately compensated for the land but isn’t sure how much money is involved.

    She says we can expect the cash to come from the Government.

    Pania Newton says Auckland Council and Kingitanga won’t be putting in any money.

    Not sure of the credibility, but something will be going down.
    Has this slipped past NZ First?
    Has a deal been done?
    Though no announcement so far, but there will be a devil in the detail.
    Maybe a late Friday afternoon announcement, or some other announcement to cover and camouflage the deal?



  8. Stuff are doing Labour’s work this morning by publishing an opinion piece by Dr Helen Petousis-Harris “Director Global Hazard Preparedness WHO” in which she , predictably, downplays the seriousness of the coronavirus.


    It is wall to wall pap crafted to calm the masses but one pertinent point is made…….no-one with an IQ level exceeding that of a retarded amoeba trusts governments, their agencies or their media lackeys.

    …….”So no matter how textbook perfect the official communication on TV news is, many people will either not have seen it, not understand it, or have no trust in the messenger.”…….

    …….”A serious misinfodemic is occurring – fake news, unsubstantiated rumours, and crazy talk are spreading way more than the coronavirus. This is concerning and the World Health Organisation have all hands to deck to try and counter the nonsense.”……

    And they, a part of the lying, corrupt UN who have made an art form of misinformation & propaganda, now tell us to “trust them” in the face of evidence totally at odds with this latest example of disinformation.

    We should set fire to them!



    • I thought Dr Helen Petousis-Harris was reasonably intelligent.
      We all make mistakes, OK!

      When someone makes comments like :-
      …….”So no matter how textbook perfect the official communication on TV news is, many…


      The last time I watched TV news (sic) was when the first 10 minutes of black and white TV were taken up with Vietnam war footage – mainly live action.
      Television is not a source of news or information.

      I have from time to time glanced when there are visual events like the Manawatu floods in 2004 but now with the internet and live video popping up online – often whether you want it or not- what possible value do overpaid bobbing heads on a TV screen add to any information flow?

      Anyhow, in the last 12 months the NZ M.O.H. – under Divinity Doktor Clark – handling of the Measles shows they are not in control nor telling the truth.
      Just Foxtrot Oskar with such stooopid comments, Petousis.

      I don’t listen to the radio and barely watch TV.
      I have a 32 inch Panasonic TV unit attached to my laptop via HDMI to use as a screen.
      Last weekend I set up a battery bluetooth speaker that I received for Xmas and purchased a 32 GB micro SD card and transferred 11 GB of music across to it for my phone device. Who needs radio?
      I have 40 music DVDs of which most are at least 90 minutes.

      Its 2020 not 1970.



        • It is a good portable speaker with input from USB + 3.5 mm plug, and Bluetooth.
          When I got it I put it on the charger.
          the next morning I had a USB stick with music handy (about 5 of those usually older 4GB or 8 Gb sticks, a couple in the car) so plugged it in and went straight away.
          The instructions were those pidgin English ones.

          It is only now with going away Friday I wanted to set it up properly with phone to speaker via Bluetooth and I purchased a new OPPO phone last year to replace the truly dreadful Motorola Moto phone.
          Getting it all aligned.



  9. Anyone who wants to stick it to Maori should vote Labour. They have broken some sort of record in the time it’s taken to reduce their circumstances. Especially in housing and poverty.

    Maybe the Maori Party will come back and support National.



  10. Some one will be buying a cop a beer for the rest of his life. 🙂

    The Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday released dramatic body-camera video
    7 minutes.

    A well directed and explained action in the confusion of “cops & robbers” on the streets of L.A. involving machetes, hijacking, crashes, tasers, bean bags, guns etc building up to the finale,,,,,,, with good commentary, many camera angles.



    • Wow! The cops should have just used their 9mm to begin with when he headed for the drive through. Are the cops now ruled by the woke in not using lethal force when necessary? How many could the machete wielding man have killed, including that lucky cop saved by another cop at the end? The machete wielding man looked to be African. Is he part of the new diversity arriving in the west?



    • Black Lives Matter! – Ha, no pin up for for propaganda this one.
      The police were super patient and trying everything they could to not kill the guy.
      Near as can get for the officer on the ground, some amazing footage from that officer’s perspective.

      As a final touch, the guys pants fall down as he takes his justly deserved bullets and crumples.



  11. 10am this morning is brunch for David Seymour’s MAGA event, where he successfully trolled the woke, the conservatives and all the moaners with his naming 🙂

    It’s being live streamed from 10:45 on Facebook apparently. I’m at the event and will report back what I can, but if you watch the livestream for crowd shots you may see a bearded biker in his fairy floss vest and boots playing with his mobile phone. And maybe hear some of the things Seymour has to say. I hope I’m one of the first 50 registrants so I get the t-shirt as well. I’ve always wanted to use the “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt line” only I never got a t-shirt.

    Let’s make Ardern go away. Let’s make New Zealand great again! Party vote ACT 2020!



  12. The media announce the dear leaders message of unity to Maori. Eg. Vote for Labour.

    In reality she has pusued a divisive message of hate turning people against each other on the basis of race gender and religion.

    She is a toxic authoritarian and anyone supporting her is a terrorist and a threat to society.



  13. ******Breaking News******

    Nationalist racial supremacist flags flying in the capital. Armed police have not yet stormed the site.

    A few months ago armed police stormed a music festival at the same location because a guy had a European styled tattoo.



  14. Two things.
    RNZ 9am news said Mitch McConnell will vote for Trumps impeachment, yet I watched his Speech as Senate Majority leader this morning, live, and he said completely the opposite. Highlighted the farce, and urged the Senate to acquit.
    What do these dirty, filthy, gutless, news outlets think lying to the public will achieve?

    Secondly, I wandered down the shop again today, to buy teabags.
    Stood next to me at the counter was a maori woman, aged in her late twenties.
    She bought six loaves of the cheap white toast bread.
    All I saw, was her putting three loaves into each of the two countdown paper bags she brought with her.
    She wandered across the road and sat on a step to the entrance of a building.
    She reached into one of the bags and pulled out a can of beer, opened it and swigged a mouthful of its contents.

    I see Waitangi day is important to her, and celebrations will include, bread and beer.



  15. A British protection officer goes one better than a NZ protection officer who left his gun in a Beehive toilet.

    Loaded gun, David Cameron’s passport found in British Airways plane toilet

    A passenger found a loaded pistol and David Cameron’s passport in a plane toilet after the former British prime minister’s bodyguard forgot them there, the British media reports.

    Cameron was on his way back from New York to London with a protection officer from Britain’s Metropolitan Police when the discovery sparked a security incident, according to the reports



  16. Alright team, was a good event. I got to fanboy a bit and shake David Seymour’s hand. I may not wash that hand for a week now 🙂

    The real positive from the event was meeting and connecting with so many ACT Party people, including some I’ve worked with before in other capacities. You don’t often realise how many people in you circles are in ACT. That, combined with a discussion with my parents last night has had me understand that every single one of us can make a change. We all have to make a change to get rid of the likes of Jacinda Ardern. Voting is not enough, we need to be out there volunteering, helping, donating and using our particular skills to contribute to removing Jacinda Ardern and her deplorable government. For myself, I have a particular set of skills and a former colleague pulled me in, so I’ll be volunteering my time for ACT with an eye on one day maybe standing as a candidate. You need to start somewhere, right?

    Highlights from the speech, but these are not direct quotes – they’re my interpretation and understanding from my notes.

    As you’d expect, freedom is the core and the key part of this. There were some good points made around hate speech, subjective laws and how facts cannot come to your defense if you are accused of it. You can defend yourself against a charge of theft, because there are incontrovertible facts. But in hate speech? It is subjective. There can be no fair law around it.

    Trust in police have been eroded and the whole gun buyback is a failure. ACT said it couldn’t work, it wouldn’t work and can now say it didn’t work. 200,000 “dangerous” firearms but only 60,000 returned. Where are the other 140,000? They’ve taken the least powerful weapons off the least dangerous people – it has not made us safer – the opposite. All because an Aussie weirdo that had visited Saudi Arabia and North Korea was allowed to come to New Zealand, buy an AR-15 and 3,000 rounds of ammunition. The failure comes from none of that raising red flags. No appraisal of the risk factors.

    He spoke about climate change and how ACT is the one party to oppose the zero carbon legislation. It is not effective, it has far too many safety hatches. It is also dangerous, as there is no parliamentary decisions around how much different industries will be charged, it comes from a minister. A single person can effectively determine if an industry is profitable or not. It is a return to the Muldoon era. All other parties, apart from ACT, voted for this.

    In terms of oil and gas, the government has made us all poorer for no good reason. They banned a whole industry without consultation, but the protestors are the ones in plastic kayaks and boats around the oil platforms. They’re dependent on them!
    The Oil and Gas industry is an easy target though, must like other groups.

    He spoke about landlords, employers and farmers and how the government does not understand reality or the symbiotic nature between those groups of people and the rest of New Zealand.

    * Landlords want to provide people with homes.
    * Employers want to provide people with jobs.
    * Farmers want to provide people with food.

    And yet they’re all targets for a Labour government that looks at the world through a class wellfare lens. Farmers are our greatest environmentalists, they must be to make a sustainable living off the land. And yet they’re a whipping boy for this government.

    He spoke about how this is the sleasiest government we’ve ever had. 2 parties are under investigation for electoral fraud, 2 lobbyists are employed in government. The speaker is being sued for slandering his own staff. And the deputy PM cannot do what most super annuitants can – fill out his own super forms. And then blames somebody else for his mistakes.

    The laws on electoral funding needs to change to prevent what we are seeing around donations to other entities.

    He discussed the provincial growth fund and how Shane Jones “forgot” about the meetings where his boss’s lawyer, his boss’s lawyer’s son and his boss’s partner were involved. This is the Wellington sleaze and this government – the coalition parties specifically – are responsible for dragging down our reputation as an incorruptible country.

    Quotable quote: “Good marketing can cover up bad policy” In essence, with enough marketing the policy does not even have to work – people will still support Labour. Jacinda Ardern managed to sell policies that saw a long list of Labour leaders (Cunliffe, Shearer, Little) lose badly because she can market it.

    He used an example of Kris Fa’foi saying they will reduce the contribution of oil importers by 32c per litre to reduce the petrol price. Not realising that the oil importers only contribute 25c per litre to the petrol price. So is Kris expecting them to pay you 7c per litre to fill up your car? The key message there was the government is dumb.

    More quotable quotes:

    * Most common vote in parliament is 119 to 1.
    * Child poverty is not a problem, but child neglect is. The welfare trap is responsible for that.

    There was a lot of talk about productivity growth. We are the highest taxed nation in the Asia Pacific region with the most regulation. He mentioned that it takes longer to get permission to build something than it takes to actually build it. Productivity is the key way to afford all the things our society wants to do.

    Infrastructure is now political. It was off the table and cancelled when it was political to do as the start of the term. It is on the table again in an election year when it is political to do so at the end of their term. What has changed?

    Land is a problem and we need to free up room so there isn’t more of this “purile ok boomer” stuff, but so that everyone can build what they want. He made a comparison between investing in Apple shares and land in Auckland as an example. I didn’t quite catch this bit, but I think the implication was if you invested in Apple before they boomed and in Auckland property at the same time, your property would be worth more than your shares? That doesn’t sound right so I’ll go check those numbers.

    We are proud of being an education exported, but we are failing at it. At education. Our children are becoming less educated compared to the rest of the world. We’re in a boom time where educated people will live in a great society, but the uneducated will suffer and struggle. This was a clear policy announcement – with $15,000,000 spent on education each year, they want to make a fund per child from 2 – 18 years old. They will put $12,000 into that fund per year and let you decide what works best for your child in terms of education. Best of all, you’d still have money left over after your education which they want people to use for lifelong learning. Investing in education will help boost productivity.

    Not sure that sits well with me – I am not convinced the state needs to be in education; I’d rather keep my money and decide for myself but I can also understand that it’s not easy to fully wind back all these government projects immediately and education is actually one area that feels deserving. To a point and that seems like a semi reasonable point.

    Jokingly, they can confidently predict what National Party policy will be. It’ll be ACT policy they released a couple of months earlier. He used the example of Nikki Kaye actually using the above policy in one of her education discussion documents.

    The last point was the strongest. Referencing the movie, “The Castle”. We don’t have a constitution in New Zealand. We are entirely at the mercy of our parliament, who can make whichever laws and changes they want. He wants a constitution in place that governs parliament, so they have to look at options, alternatives, cost and understand what is the best policy. And that if they do not, we as the people can take them to court for failure to be good governments.

    Then, they average around $1000 per day in small donations ($2, $5, $25 types of things). They need to double that to fight an effective campaign over the next 200 days. If you are an ACT supporter, please donate and help them fight for our freedom.

    There was no Q&A. The blonde lady from One News with the sharp nose took him outside for a media interview and the rest of it broke up basically.



    • Not wasting time, and good to see a roll on the go, Braybots nemesis
      Just a tad over 2 pages letter but so much to give the Biden’s the shakes.
      Playing with millions & billions of dollars at stake, but it will be the small potential conflict of things that will trip them up.

      The Committee on Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (“the committees”) are reviewing potential conflicts of interest posed by the business activities of Hunter Biden and his associates during the Obama administration,
      particularly with respect to his business activities in Ukraine and China. …..

      ……. regarding potential conflicts of interest in the Obama-era CFIUSapproved transaction which gave control of Henniges, an American maker of anti-vibration technologies with military applications, to a Chinese government -oWfled aviation company and China-based investment firm with established ties to the Chinese government.
      That transaction included Rosemont Seneca Partners, a company formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, Christopher Heinz, and others. …..
      …… while he received a protective detail, please provide the following information no later than February 19, 2020 ….

      The screen is being pulled aside, and accountability is being asked.



    • John Kerry at the Iowa caucuses
      Seems like the 4 inter-linked big fish “beneficiary” families; the Bidens Pelosi, Kerry and Rommney, with their children siphoning funds from the Ukraine, are revising history and shoving and pushing each other under the bus. A school of pilot fish will also be flushed out & struggling to get clear.

      Obama , Secretary of State, Vice President, all of us wanted that. …
      Ukraine to survive. win the revolution in the end, ….
      They had to get rid of that prosecutor. ….

      27 seconds.

      Then Ukraine’s prosecutors testimony.
      followed by Bidens corroborative statement.
      2 minutes 20 seconds.

      A tangled web, so all this will take time to unravel, and their will be many twists & turns.



  17. Now the juggling starts, as it would seem that Ardern Labour may have agreed on this, probably surreptitiously.

    The New Zealand First Party still needs to endorse Jones, but he confirmed to Newshub he’s thrown his fedora in the ring to stand for the Northland electorate.

    Now what was the trade?
    A sly money movement to Ihumatao?



  18. Coronavirus: 13 New Zealanders on board disease-stricken Diamond Princess ship off Japan

    Thirteen New Zealanders are trapped on board a coronavirus-stricken ship off the coast of Japan.

    There are 2666 guests and 1045 crew members in total on the Diamond Princess ship, which is in the port of Yokohama. Twenty people on board are confirmed to have coronavirus, ship operator Princess Cruises said in a statement.

    A Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson confirmed all 13 Kiwis on board had been tested for coronavirus, but all results came back negative.

    All 20 who are infected will be taken ashore by the Japanese Coast Guard and transported to local hospitals. Everyone else will remain on board in quarantine for at least two weeks.

    The cruise ship plans to go out to sea to perform “normal marine operations”, which includes producing fresh water and conducting ballast operations.



  19. The mayor calls them in;-
    “Elderly unhealthy Germans evicted from home to make way for migrants”
    3 minutes 25 secs.

    Was this couple a part of “welcome refugee” then they should move out and downsize and forget about the improvements they have done to their long life rental over the past 24 years.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    What I like is the juxtaposition scene in this old black & white old movie of
    Heart of a Dog 03 (eng.sub)
    8 min 56 secs..
    …. wanting the professor to downsize.
    So who knows who; how long will that last.? until the next purge? 🙂

    The original whole story was written nigh on a 100 years ago, and the rhyme & satire in todays world if one quickly reads through the wiki-link , shows there is nothing new in this fashionable world. 🙂
    Just the connection of crazy ideologies that are still floating around. albeit in differing but powerful forms.



  20. Does anyone remember seeing this from 24 January or were they hoping nobody would notice it slipped quietly under the radar?

    Work and Income too busy giving hardship grants to find employment for beneficiaries

    The skyrocketing demand for hardship grants means Work and Income case managers haven’t been able to spend as much time getting people into jobs.

    The admission was made by the Ministry of Social Development in its most recent annual report – and figures released yesterday show the need for help to pay for things like food and housing isn’t slowing down.

    More than 573,000 hardship grants were paid out by the Ministry of Social Development in the three months to December, at a cost of more than $165 million.



    • So much winning. I never thought Trump would be this exceptional. Its incredible how much progress hes made rebuilding America after Obama tore its heart out economically and socially.

      What vile tricks will his opponents dream up next in their crusade to undermine the democratic expression of the people?



  21. The media are still trolling the feeble minded, by running “breaking news” stories about a kiwi catching a cold.

    It’s a bit mean picking on drooling imbeciles, but its certainly entertaining watching their hysteria. 🤪



  22. And in news to hand:

    Passengers on board the flight from coronavirus-stricken Wuhan, China to Auckland have arrived at the quarantine base in Auckland………

    “This is fucking disgusting, we don’t want to be near this infected shithole stain of a place, just how are we going to survive?”

    Said the virus.



  23. Avalanches in eastern Turkey claim at least 38 lives, many of them first responders working under blizzard conditions

    “I told the minibus driver to go back, but he told me to try again to clear the road,” he said.

    “Just as I started to clear it, the avalanche hit and the vehicle rolled over to the nearby stream. I waited there for about half an hour and thought people in the minibus would come to rescue me. When no one came, I tried to get out myself. I managed to break the window and got out. I looked for the minibus but did not see it.”

    “It was such a big avalanche. It hurtled my vehicle, which weighs 19 tons. I don’t know what happened to the minibus if it hurtled my vehicle.”




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