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  1. Will the PTPM be on a plane this morning to visit the devastated people of the southern floods? Will she inspect and help them out like she did when the PI Islands needed her? Or does she have a another kindergarten to visit?

    Emotions run high as Mataura residents return to flood-ravaged homes

    The last of three towns evacuated during the Southland floods has reopened, ending days of uncertainty for residents.



    • A packet of biscuits and a hug should fix it. I don’t see O’Connors 100k going too far. May be enough to replace someone’s porch.
      Generous bastards. Yet it seems they have no problem pulling 45 million out of the hat for some illegal squatters.

      “This unlocks extra funding of $100,000 for the Rural Support Trusts to help speed up the recovery of farming businesses, including pastoral support and specialist technical advice.



      • Southland is hardcore Farming country (And mainly National voters)
        Labour utterly detest Farmers. (And National voters)
        They will get no sympathy from this current Government.
        If it was South Aucklanders forced out of their homes, make no doubt Jacinda would be down there with her army of photographers pulling sad faces and cuddling everyone…



    • $100,00.00 that O’Connor is throwing around is chump change when you consider the damage.

      It’s a great pity the farmers are in the South Island.

      Chris Lynch Newstalk ZB host in Christchurch has repeatedly requested that Ardern come on his show to discuss local issues.

      Apparently her Press secretary has declined stating that this will not happen unless there is another Moslem incident.

      Straight from the horses mouth and regularly repeated by Chris.

      Is this the same secretary that was on TV scowling at Media up in the islands for reporting news not complimentary about Cindy. She threatened that access to Cindy would be restricted. This of course was later denied.

      Communism 101.



  2. Just been doing some more digging into the CCP infiltration tactics used in the states.

    Harvard chemistry department head charged with lying about China ties

    Charles Lieber, who the U.S says is also affiliated with Wuhan University of Technology in China, was charged Tuesday in federal court in Boston. Prosecutors said he received more than $1.5 million to establish a lab and do research at Wuhan University, and that he was paid hundreds of thousands more over several years.

    “This is not an accident or a coincidence,” U.S. Atty. Andrew E. Lelling said at a news conference in Boston. “This is a small sample of China’s ongoing campaign to siphon off American know-how and technology for China’s gain.”

    Prosecutors said Lieber lied to Defense Department investigators about his involvement with Wuhan University and the “Thousand Talents Plan,” a Chinese government program to recruit overseas researchers. His deceit caused Harvard to make false statements to the National Institutes of Health about his work with China, because grants that Harvard received required disclosure of ties with foreign governments, the U.S. said.




  3. Harvard Leads U.S. Colleges That Received $1 Billion From China

    “China is a threat to the world in a sense, because they’re building a military faster than anybody and, frankly, they’re using U.S. money,” Trump told reporters at a press conference in September as he discussed global trade with Australia’s prime minister.

    Last week’s arrest came as the U.S. combats what it says is intellectual property theft and corporate espionage orchestrated by Beijing. Trump administration policies have already slowed the Chinese student influx.

    Still, the number of Chinese students at U.S. colleges has almost tripled over a decade. China accounts for one-third of the 1.1 million foreign students, according to data from 2018-19 compiled by the Institute of International Education. Schools have been looking to global sources to fill seats and find cash in the face of government cuts.

    Just as the U.S. government has expressed concern about Chinese intelligence and influence in universities, so have officials in the U.K. Oxford University stopped accepting research funding or philanthropy from Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co. last year.




  4. Look out Maggy….Hiking is apparently racist.

    In a New York Times article, Japanese-American writer Glenn Nelson argued that remote, natural locations present people of color with questions of basic safety: “There was always nervous banter as we cruised through small rural towns on our way to a park. And there were jokes about finding a ‘Whites Only’ sign at the entrance to our destination or the perils of being lynched or attacked while collecting firewood after the sun went down. Our cultural history taught us what to expect.” In the article, he reported results of a 2011 park service survey that found nonwhites were more than three times as likely as whites to say that the parks were not safe to visit.

    Thankfully, many outdoors organizations have begun owning up to these realities. The National Park Service recently created an Office of Relevancy, Diversity, and Inclusion. The Sierra Club recently elected its first African-American president and hired its first director of diversity, equity, and inclusion.




    • In NZ, I encountered very few folks of colour tramping during the 1970s-2000s.

      Contrast with S.Korea, where every man, woman baby, granny, grandad is scaling near vertical granite mountains every day in summer…. sometimes I was the only white woman on the track. (there was a major push in the 1970s-1980s for S.Koreans to undertake exercise in the mountains when travel out of S.Korea was near impossible)

      I’ve only been in a couple of Forest parks in Taiwan…One around Taipei seemed to be fairly well used by locals and large monkeys, I didn’t meet anyone in one at Kenting (near the Southern tip).

      I can’t recall meeting anyone on some of the forest/scrub tracks around Hong Kong either….



  5. Awful for the woman but does Immigration NZ believe she is the only one? How many thousand women does this happen to every year in China???

    Chinese mother who was given forced abortion granted refugee status in New Zealand

    A Chinese mother who was given a forced abortion after falling pregnant with her third child has been granted refugee status in New Zealand.



  6. In a little over a month’s time the March 15 terrorist killings will be commemorated (if that’s the right word)? Cindy will be in Christchurch with her hijab with full on frowny face and tilted head dishing out the hugz and feelz. I wouldn’t put it past her that baby Neve will tag along wearing a hijab as well. This is election year and CYNICAL CINDY will play this out for the cameras and press for all it’s worth.She has proven (Waitangi) that she will use Neve at every opportunity. The Sheeple just love it and lap it up.
    Fuck, I need a 10 gallon drum to puke into!



  7. Nicked this from Steve North Shore.

    Stress Management Technique.

    This is unbelievable and will make you smile. In case you are having a
    rough day, here’s a stress management technique that has been
    recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny thing is that it
    really does work and will make you smile:

    1. Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out
    over a crystal clear stream.

    2. Picture yourself with both your hands in the cool running water.

    3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.

    4. No one knows your secret place.

    5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the World.

    6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a
    cascade of serenity.

    7. The water is so clear you can make out the face of the Greens
    Voter you are holding underwater.

    See, it worked.

    You’re smiling

    You feel better already.

    Have a great day!! 😎



  8. At 12.42 WG cited the news article about a Chinese mother who was given a forced abortion being granted refugee status in New Zealand. In a country such as ours where a woman’s right to control her fertility is ever under attack from the zombies of the Vatican, state ordered abortion as a population control measure is unbelievable.

    It does, however, underline the power the CCP holds over its citizens. How then do we have medical authorities stating without challenge that X number of Chinese have coronavirus or Y have died as a result.

    Their trust in the CCP is touching but their opinions & advice based on CCP propaganda are worthless.



  9. This was sent to CBS News To Catherine Herridge (an ex Fox News reportrer)
    along with the footage: link below.


    It looks like Schiffs secret whistblower who never testified but had explosive evidence that would sink Trump, you know the guy, Eric Ciaramella, has been heavily implicated in the 2014 Kiev (Maidan) massacre of 100 people, including police by unknown snipers.
    Reports say he gave the orders with Obama’s ok.




  10. Chinese scientists apply to patent a US-made Ebola drug to fight coronavirus after it eased symptoms in the American patient zero

    The state-run Wuhan Institute of Virology says it filed the patient for remdesivir, developed by California-based Gilead Sciences, on January 21.

    Originally developed as a treatment for Ebola, the medication has been shown to fight against coronaviruses such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which is a cousin of the new virus.




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