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  1. John Armstrong doesn’t normally put his head on the chopping block when it comes to Winston Peters but he might be right when it comes to Shane Jones.
    Taking the seat of Northland from Matt King in Northlandin 2020, ain’t going to happen.
    There ain’t going to be a avalanche of tactical votes of the kind that were cast in the seat in 2015 which tipped the seat in Peters lap.
    Jones will be punting on opinion polls in the electorate making him the top contender to topple King – and the Labour Green vote collapsing in his favour.
    The circumstances are very different in 2020, without the help from Arderns quarters, Jones candidacy amounts to little more than a flag waving exercise, but has he made the right call.



    • Jones has been salting his upcoming campaigning in northland with pork barrel offerings. That doesn’t change the fact that Jonesy is known for being lazy while Matt King is well known, very popular and highly motivated to succeed.



    • I do not think the bribes will work. They have been too blatant and will generate more resentment than votes. Stuff paying tax given the nature of some of the handouts. Those who are LFO will not rise to the bribes, anyone with a gas appliance or who used a plastic bag for shopping will think again. Those who buy fuel will not be impressed. Any taxpayer with a rental property will say no. There are other groups suffering as a consequence of this coalition. They will not want more.

      The coalition parties have removed their chance of return by their individual and collective actions. They have failed as a government.

      Mr Peters has tarnished his brand by staying at the table too long. His time for a graceful step down has now passed. Mr Jones will be caught up with that and the increasing negativity being generated as the recent political moves reduce their possibility of electoral success.



  2. New Zealand Government accused of proposing “Shameful” new fishing rules or is this one of NZ Firsts bottom lines. NZ “Environmental bad guys”.
    The Government has been accused of proposing shameful International rules on where fishing vessels can carry out bottom trawling – dipite a International backlash against the practice.
    NZ owned fishing companies Talley’s and Sealords bottom trawl in both local and International waters.
    I am no environmentalist but NZ Firsts large donor’s won’t be happy if they lose this fight.



  3. You can no longer convince me these extreme measures by the Chinese are for a common cold or flu. What have they unleashed on the world?

    Hundreds of kilometres from Hubei, another 30 million Chinese are in coronavirus lockdown

    More than 800 kilometres from the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, 30 million people are in lockdown – some quite literally locked in their homes – as Chinese authorities resort to extreme lengths to curb the spread of a respiratory illness that has stubbornly defied containment.

    Across the coastal province of Zhejiang, the worst-hit area after Hubei province, four big cities have essentially put their populations under a form of house arrest: Only one person from each household is allowed to leave, and only every second day, to buy supplies.

    The world’s attention has been focused in recent weeks on Hubei province and its capital, Wuhan, the root of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 720 people in China and infected more than 34,000. Chinese authorities have launched a military-style effort to contain the virus in Hubei, building new hospital wards and fashioning huge isolation centres in gyms and stadiums.



      • Most of us see through the veneer of care & kindness that covers PriNZess to see her desperation to attain total control over our lives. To that end sacrificing 10% of the population to coronavirus would be written off as collateral damage.

        But the virus is airborne. For someone like our PM who delights in hugging strangers & invading people’s personal space the risk is multiplied many times over. Unless the virus has been trained to avoid “important people” or there’s a vaccination available only to them & their families she’s taking a hell of a risk with the isolation shambles.



    • The real question is why when it’s common knowledge in the intelligence community that NZ Labour is funded by the Chinese government why has the Jacinda seen fit to:
      a) bring back a planeload of kiwis from site zero
      b) release them into the general population under a slacktard “self-isolation” regime (when Australia has quarantined their virus carriers in Manus Island)?

      These controlling Marxist bastards want to police what we think – but on the other hand they trust people to “self-isolate”. Self-isolate is just a way of saying “introduce this man-made population controller to previously uninfected NZ”.

      Always remember – government’s love nothing more than a major catastrophe to make us sheeple afraid and step back in line – ESPECIALLY DURING AN ELECTION YEAR!

      Seriously, these fucking monsters only care about controlling us! They don’t care what the impact is on the population is.



  4. An “actual” overseas current affairs programme discussing Jacinda

    Well maybe not an “actual” one – but if this wasn’t so accurate it’d be hilarious.

    I think there is a really important question we as a society have to address – what does it say about the lunatic political left that they can’t meme? I mean, it’s not hard. You just have to be able to see the funny side of things, put a ‘wafer-thin’ twist of the ridiculous in and then choose a suitable video clip or graphic. Everything the left produces looks like it’s been put together by that humourless hate-filled bitch Kathy Griffin. I think the inability to meme is a sign of something very, very disturbing about modern day socialism.



  5. Where is Behrouz Boochani?

    Greg Patchell, the deputy chief executive of Immigration New Zealand, said Boochani was a recognised refugee with UNHCR status but had already been accepted for resettlement by the US and would be staying only temporarily in New Zealand.

    Patchell said Boochani’s visitor visa had been granted only because officials were satisfied that he “genuinely intends a temporary stay in New Zealand”

    Has Boochani left yet? Maybe it is time to raise an OIA or similar and see what the truth is.



  6. Ed.
    In regards to todays pic.
    Look at the connection from Epstein -> Prince Andrew-> Wexner -> Edgar Bronfman Sr (Seagrams empire) -> Clare Bronfman (Edgar’s daughter who just plead guilty in the NXIVM sex trafficking case) -> Hannah Bronfman (niece of Clare) -> friends with Meghan Markle.
    So, it is very likely Markle blackmailed Prince Andrew to get a shot at being a princess. She did an Epstein on him.
    Stephen Bronfman, another heir to the fortune also helped Trudeau get elected.




  7. You might remember that on Maori Moaning Day I posted here pointing out the disgusting state of affairs that has grown up around our ‘National Day’ and my comment met with a positive response – thank you guys.

    I also encouraged readers to circulate and/or post this elsewhere. I posted it on KiwiBlog where it was (I think) the most popular comment of the day, I also sent it to ACT and the New Conservatives. Their responses were as follows:


    Nil. Nothing. Silence. Nada. Zilch.

    Good morning Dave

    We have provided New Conservative’s policy in this area.

    Kind Regards


    New Conservative believes the Treaty of Waitangi-Te Tiriti o Waitangi ensures the same rights and privileges are available for everyone.

    As such legal and property rights in New Zealand should be based on citizenship, not ethnicity.

    New Conservative recognises that the Treaty of Waitangi -Te Tiriti o Waitangi is an agreement signed in 1840 between Māori Chiefs and the British Government, affirming that New Zealand shall have one sovereign government, which shall protect property rights, and that all New Zealanders shall have the same rights, privileges, and responsibilities as British subjects including the right to stand for election to government.

    New Conservative will implement corrections to current legislation and policy, so that the capability and potential for all those of Māori ancestry is respected, and that policy does not infer incompetence according to collective identity as currently observed.. Social, commercial, education and health policy will be delivered based upon need.

    The corrections required will include:
    Repeal race-based co-governance arrangements that have been built into legislation, recognising that New Zealand has one sovereign government and democratic process which includes the involvement of citizens of any ethnicity.
    Repeal any requirement for race-based consultation from the Resource Management Act on the basis that consultation with all affected parties already exists.
    Disestablish Māori electorates acknowledging that the separate Māori roll is dividing New Zealanders by ethnicity at the same time as dividing Māori. The original purpose for the separate Māori roll has long passed. MMP provides greater opportunity for minor party and special interest representation negating the need for segregation based upon ethnicity.
    Disestablish the Waitangi Tribunal by repealing Sections 4-8 of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975, leaving any final historic settlements that are still in the pipeline to be negotiated directly with the Crown.
    Set a deadline to end Treaty settlements. The deadline for historical claims was September 2008 yet new claims are being added continually. An end date could be set within the first 100 days of a new government.
    Remove reference to “the principles” of the Treaty of Waitangi from legislation. Any reference to the Treaty should be to the actual Treaty where no mention of principles exist
    Repeal the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 to return ownership of the coastal and marine area to everyone, held in trust by the government.
    Review all race-based funding to ensure that funding is delivered according to need not ethnicity, and that there is consistent transparent accountability for public funding
    Protect and fund the teaching of Māori language and culture making it readily available without allowing compulsion being incorporated into education or cultural programming

    We will focus on the delivery of a future that provides opportunity to succeed, protection from harm, and recourse for any breaches to individual human rights.
    Thirty years of expanding welfare delivery by successive governments has undermined our families/whānau and has created an underclass which has marginalised some of our most in need.
    New Conservative is committed to stop treating Māori as incompetent citizens, turning this around by focussing support based on need, not race, and by encouraging personal responsibility and ensuring that all able-bodied adults are either caring for their dependents, in training or working.

    Sorry about the length of this post…. but IMHO it certainly seems that New Conservatives are right on the money with this. Also they take the trouble to reply to emails!

    Cheers 😀



      • Yeah, unfortunately they would be as authoritarian and terrible for New Zealand as Labour is – just on the opposite side of the spectrum. Fortunately they have little hope of making it to parliament and hopefully people realise that voting for them is a true waste of a vote that will help grant us a Labour government.



    • It makes sense that New Conservatives would reply. They’re a nothing party who want to return NZ to the glorious heyday of 1960, white priviledge, mom-dad-2 kids family on a quarter acre section with God first, country second and the New Conservatives third. They have to reply.

      ACT doesn’t need to put out policy in that space. It’s part of their principles and you’ll find a remarkable overlap with what the New Conservatives are touting as “new” – just with the added benefit of giving you the right to self determination. Giving you the freedom to be and live as you choose, not as the New Conservatives dictate. You can read ACTs principles here. It also leads you through to their constitution. And brutally, if you don’t know by now what ACT stands for or can’t be bothered to look up their policy or principles, you’ll never know.

      What did you get from National, Labour, The Greens or New Zealand First?



      • I didn’t send it to any of the other parties, sorry.

        I think you’re being a bit unfair on NCs, actually. I don’t think they’re regressive or dictatorial at all.

        As far as a ‘wasted vote’ is concerned…. it’s pretty much a given that Labour will be the next government and even if National somehow miraculously made it nothing would change because National are a bunch of socialists anyway. I wouldn’t consider wasting my precious vote on these limp dribbles.

        A strong vote for either ACT or the NCs (or ideally both) would at least send a message of hope, wouldn’t it? It would tell the political elite that x% of citizens have had enough and we want real change and it might therefore have an indirect effect on their policies.



        • I’m unfair on them when you bitch because ACT didn’t reply to your email when all the questions you have are readily answered online? And throughout their history? Would you like a golden ticket with that email response?

          Now not regressive or dictatorial?

          Internet censorship controlled by the government.
          Natural family unit.
          Alcohol after 20 years of age only.

          I’m not going to touch the euthanasia, abortion or transgender aspects of their policies. People have strong views on those, but I think you’ll agree that NC policy in those areas are focused on reducing choice for people and enforcing a strictly Judeo-Christian viewpoint. The majority of their “policies” are about taking choice away from people and enforcing their beliefs. Go read it honestly and tell me you don’t see that.

          They have policy overlap with ACT though in economy, welfare and one nation for all aspects and those policies I support. But, reading the email from New Conservatives to you. How would they ever manage to be in a position to implement those policies?



  8. BFD article: Will Ihumatoa be Ardern’s Waterloo?

    Her own ministers, Grant Robertson and Kelvin Davis, last year both stated public money would not be used to settle this dispute and reiterated that the Treaty of Waitangi settlement process must not be disrupted. Their virtue signalling leader has moved the goalposts to give herself international publicity, and, cynically, to syphon up Maori votes and to hell with the consequences.



  9. The video in this article, is of the socialist MSNBC panel and Chris Matthews being shutdown for stating his fears concerning Socialism.
    Listen to how the panel giggles and try to interrupt him. So immature, so ignorant.

    Chris Matthews Slammed for Spreading Misinformation About Sanders’ Democratic Socialist Agenda on Post-Debate Panel




    • Of course he’s gay.

      But I thought we had to believe “everyone” who accuses a man of sexual behaviour? Apparently we’re not supposed to believe Larry Sinclair when he gave a detailed account of his 1999 drug-fuelled homosexual liaison with President Hussein Obama.

      And then poor old Joan Rivers pointed out that Michelle Michael Obama was a tranny and gets deaded a few days later during a perfectly routine operation.

      As I keep on saying these assholes really do believe that we’re all stupid and that they have to “tell lies so big, that no one would believe they have the cheek to tell them”. The global elites really do laugh at us. (Stupid population will believe us if we say “self-isolate” the coronavirus.)

      The Obama’s marriage was just a device to get Barry into the White House – Michelle was far more of a man than he was – it must have been difficult when your “wife” has a bigger cod than you do! It’s like campy Macron with his wrinkly nanny wife – it’s a cover for the true gayness – that would cost them enough votes not to be able to win elections. Think – Helen Clark. Think Barry.

      The people like Soros who run things have gotten so used to getting exactly what they want that they try and pull off weirder and more outrageous things every election. The loss of this control is why there is so much hatred for Trump – he’s not one of their puppets and they’re trying everything in their power – no matter how extreme or ridiculous to get the talking stick back.



    • The attacker was of asian decsent.
      I find the term asian to be very confusding.
      Eg was he Chinese or Japanese
      Or was he South Asian, Indian or Pakistani etc
      Or was he middle eastern

      Of these 5 I’d be willing to rule out 3 of the right away.



      • Yeah. It bugs me too but the Poms use the term to include Indians & Pakistanis. From Wikitionary:

        Asian (plural Asians)

        A person from Asia.
        A person with Asian ancestry.
        (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) A person from or with ancestry in East or Southeast Asia.
        (Britain, Ireland, South Africa) A person from or with ancestry in the Indian subcontinent.



  10. You can guarantee that the Foundation that has been getting donations from people supporting NZ First has obviously come back to haunt Winston Peters and NZ First to the extent w W Winston has asked his President to file a complain over ‘massive breach of Party information ‘.
    “Ongoing media stories using their stolen information are designed to skew a even political playing field ” a media release from Peters said
    The internal polling must have finally take effect and NZ First voter look like they are finally jumping ship.



  11. From the ‘well I never’ files:

    ……”A senior journalist who spent months trying to get what he believes is a “worthy story” published has quit in protest.”…… AND

    ……”ODT newsroom sources said Morris was working on a story involving allegations centred around a Dunedin high school.”…….

    This same Chris Morris has previously written articles focusing on abuse in the Catholic Church. It is probable this would be another & has been canned through pressure brought on the ODT by the corrupt child diddling Catholic clergy or their supporters.


    I thought that they had gone extinct but there was one honest journalist left after all. Though this one is now lost to the profession.



    • Do you think the mighty maori midget will be able to find the pingers to enable these hooha tinkerers to address crime statistic inequities and poor decision making skills?
      Lets let Kelvin and Andy create a diversity campus filled with strong and stable citizenry, to bring our land to the forefront of the hug a teddy.co.nz. movement.
      I know lets dye our hair some insane shade of purple to symbolize our union of forgiveness for crimes against our people past. Yep that’ll do it.



  12. Its the biggest load of horse shit I have read in a looong time, especially this bit.
    “This kinship instilled a sense of respect or reverence for nature. It created a duty of guardianship (kaitiakitanga) so food sources were sustainably managed.” ( reply to Braybot @5.29)

    Tell that to the moa.



  13. Orban says no Muslim migrants in Hungary and liberalism is over, joins US religious freedom alliance

    Mass Muslim migration, political correctness, the stifling of free speech, multiculturalism (declaring all cultures equal), anti-Christian and anti-Israel/Jewish sentiment, and tolerance for Islamization have now become the hallmarks of contemporary “liberalism.” (Classic liberalism, however, represented the opposite of all that.) Accordingly, the so-called “populist” Viktor Orban has declared liberalism to be over.




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