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  1. The NZ First donation investigation had to happen and ignorance is no excuse.
    Whilst Andrew Geddis calls ignorance I would use most other people interpretation, that being deliberate fraud as Wi ston Peter’s makes out it is legal,but knows he won’t be charged as the way the Foundation was set up it was always the Treasurer or Secretary of the Party job to report there donations.
    Peter’s is as cunning as a shit house rat and has history of offending over Party donations but again will say the responsibility was for others so he can walk free.
    Winston Peter’s is a leech and deny being involved but ask yourself this why would you go to these lengths to set up a Foundation the way it has been set up if you didn’t want to vame the system for a political advantage.



  2. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern frustrated by RNZ Concert proposals timing.
    The Prime Minister has made it clear she will fight to keep RNZ Concert on FM Frequency, so is Jacinda telling lies again as she is the Prime Minister of NZ and should have known, no if, buts or why’s and if she didn’t know what is she doing letting her Ministers run amok.
    But no it is always someone else’s fault and this explanation is more to appease Helen Clark as she leads a rebellion against getting rid of the Concert Station that the Minister had already approved.
    Helen Claark only has to say jump and Jacinda asks how high.



      • It’s from Forbes. Apart from copy/pasting the text; which feels a bit dishonest no. If using Brave, it removes the ads and leaves the article contents only. Unfortunately Professor Pielke’s article is not on his own website either.

        A climate advocacy group called Skeptical Science hosts a list of academics that it has labeled “climate misinformers.” The list includes 17 academics and is intended as a blacklist. We know of this intent because one of the principals of Skeptical Science, a blogger named Dana Nuccitelli, said so last Friday, writing of one academic on their list, “if you look at the statements we cataloged and debunked on her [Skeptical Science] page, it should make her unhirable in academia.”

        That so-called “unhirable” academic is Professor Judy Curry, formerly the chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, and a Fellow of both the American Geophysical Union and American Meteorological Society. By any conventional academic metric, Curry has compiled an impressive record over many decades. The idea that she would be unhirable would seem laughable.

        But there is nothing funny about Skeptical Science. Today, Curry should be a senior statesperson in the atmospheric sciences community. Instead, she is out of academia. She attributes that, at least in part, to being placed on the Skeptical Science blacklist and its use, as expressed by Nuccitelli, to make her “unhirable.”

        I asked Professor Curry about this situation. She explained, “In 2012 I was informed by my Dean that the administration wanted me to step down as Chair. While there were several reasons for this, one obvious reason was extreme displeasure by several activist climate scientists who had a very direct pipeline to the Dean.”

        So Curry stepped down and started looking for administrative positions at other universities, “At the time, I was getting numerous inquiries from academic headhunters encouraging me to apply for major administration positions, ranging from Dean to Vice Chancellor for Research. I applied for several of these, and actually interviewed for two of them. I did not make it to the final short list.”

        The headhunter gave Curry the following feedback from the universities: “They thought I was an outstanding candidate, looked excellent on paper, articulated a strong vision, and interviewed very well in person. The show stopper was my public profile in the climate debate, as evidenced by a simple Google search.”



      • Coromandel bach owners be warned – a rates increase is on the cards after the local council’s operating budget is expected to blow out by $12 million in two years.

        Thames Coromandel District Council will on Tuesday be asked to approve a new budget forecasting a $6.7m operating deficit this year.

        Staff revised the budget after council spent a whopping $6.07m more on running the district than planned in 2018/19.

        The review “identified substantial operational increases in budget would be needed to carry out the operations of council”, according to the report being presented to elected members.

        Thames Coromandel mayor Sandra Goudie told the Herald the costs – many of which she claimed were unforeseeable – had increased exponentially.

        “These things compound and you can’t have years and years and years of 1.6 per cent increase in average rates and not expect to have a bow wave of costs coming at you.”

        Solid waste had been the biggest surprise, costing ratepayers an additional $2.6m due to several reasons including KPI adjustments, increase sector costs and China refusing to accept glass, Goudie said.

        Depreciation of roading, increased water and water regulatory requirements and the Government’s requirement it put aside $900,000 for its nine landfills as a form of bond had also hit the council hard. Personnel costs were also more.

        Under her leadership the council had committed to carrying out the planned capital work – an area which had previously come in under budget due to not being completed.

        Goudie would not reveal how big the rate rise would be, saying she wanted it to be released to everyone at the same time.

        “I’m not going to recoil from the fact that it’s necessary.”

        While the council does bring in additional revenue through development contributions, capital expenditure subsidies and grants and vested assets, it cannot be used to pay for operational expenses.

        TCDC group manager of corporate services Donna Holland said, in the report, that a reset of rates was “necessary” in 2020/21 to correct the gap between income and expenditure that was not reflected in the long term or annual plan.

        Council management had also been tasked with making savings and identifying costs that could be spread across a number of financial years to ease the burden on the ratepayer, the report said.

        In a report presented to council in October last year, elected members were told overspending was generally offset by increased revenue in another activity in the same group – but it had not been possible for all the activities in 2018/19.

        The operational blowout in the first year occurred in the areas of solid waste; water, wastewater and storm-water activity; district roading activity and the Thames Community Spaces activity group.

        Although 42 of the council’s capital projects went over budget by $1.7m, this was recovered by the 113 projects which fell under budget by $10.1m.



  3. PTPM has no idea what she is doing ever and is showing how incompetent she really is. She is only good for hugs if you are a lefty, others would recoil from her hugz. That baby will be busy trying to take the heat off I would think



  4. This time Peters may have painted himself into a corner and finally run out of his spin and bluster getting him out of this own goal. Peters was once intimidating and aggressive enough to meet any challenge head on so nobody dared to question him in case they got verbal backlash and threats of legal action. He had them right where he wanted them, Peters was king of his own hill. Now a whistleblower with evidence has broken ranks within NZ First and the SFO is combing through those financial records. Peters is an old man with a fading ability to parry against his foes. His memory loss and lack of astuteness has been apparent for some time. Time to retire Winston, bow out now. It is your only chance to go with any last scrap of dignity before the sh*t hits the fan.



  5. Coronavirus outbreak: At least 65 new cases on cruise ship off Japan, deaths pass 900 after deadliest day

    Coronavirus has killed 908 people, chiefly in mainland China, and infected more than 40,000. There were 97 deaths over the last 24 hours – making it the deadliest day yet.



  6. Attorney general William Barr has verified what everybody already knew,the filthy Chinese government cannot be trusted at all ,they have been thieving from the rest of the world for decades and only a determined Trump administration has put the hammer down on the disgusting dictator leadership that have enslaved 1300 million uninformed people.



  7. Woman died after ‘sub-optimal’ care by Auckland DHB – Health commissioner

    Two months after an operation for a heart issue, in which she received a pacemaker, the woman returned to the hospital for post-operative tests. It remained in overnight. The woman’s clinical notes don’t show any of the nursing staff checked the catheter at any point following its insertion to the point when she was discharged the following afternoon, when she was allowed to leave overnight with the catheter still in place. She is referred to as Ms A in the report.

    “Auckland DHB said that it is unclear who made the decision to allow Ms A to go on leave from the ward with a PIVC in place. It said that the vascular surgeon was unaware that the IV line had been left in situ during Ms A overnight leave,” the report said.

    She returned to hospital the following day unable to bend her arm and in pain. The intravenous line was removed and there were pus spots near the insertion, which she pointed out to the nurse who said it was “fine”.

    Another nurse and doctor checked the site but did not raise any concerns about the possibility of an infection.



  8. Someone at TV3 doesn’t like David Seymour’s views. There was a very good interview on NewsHub much earlier this morning with Seymour talking about Winston Peters and the SFO investigation of NZ First donations. Perhaps TV3 are getting legal advice in case Peters threatens to sue them and Seymour? I’ll watch out for the interview and post it if it surfaces.



  9. We haven’t had a dose of Greta for a while. Lucky the BBC are happy to keep us informed, As we are all aware, the BBC will be nauseatingly left in its portrail of this weird little girl and her manipulation of climate hysteria.

    BBC announces documentary on Greta Thunberg’s ‘international crusade’, ‘journey into adulthood’



  10. Meanwhile the Select Committee on the gun laws has reported in the way the government told it to do in spite of almost overwhelming opposition. I expect the chairwoman, whose conflict of interest and known anti gun bias was called out right at the start of the process, will now be in line for some form of promotion. Such is the way our government operates in this post democratic age.



  11. Opinion piece by Garner

    Duncan Garner: NZ First donation debacle threatens to derail Winston Peters in an election year

    “Here’s the rub – the commission says the donations were not properly transmitted to the party and not disclosed as required by law.
    I find this to be a truly significant statement.

    Firstly, the commission hasn’t just sent a benign ruling to the police to look at, it’s sent a powerful directive effectively saying NZ First has broken the rules.

    The police have wasted little time and put it into the hands of the Serious Fraud Office.”



  12. Simon Bridges says he feels vindicated by his decision to rule out working with Winston Peters following the NZ First Leaderd attitude towards him when they crossed paths at Waitangi.
    “There was no small talk at all” Bridges told Magic Talk on Monday “I suppose that’s the way it goes I think the reality is it tells me I made the right call”.
    I think Simon Bridges may have taken a lot of confidence out of Winston Peters ignorance and arrogance at Waitangi.



  13. There is a persistent rumour up here that Carter Holt will be closing their fortress mill in Whangarei, 160 jobs on the way out. Apparently they haven’t planted enough trees and would rather feed their LVL plant. Mind you, log exports to China appear to be stalling so there may be a short term reprieve. If only Shane had remembered to plant all those trees ….. Not to worry I’m sure he’ll have a backup plan. I suppose he could borrow some from the foundation.



  14. 10 people accused of importing over a tonne of drugs into New Zealand

    Police have arrested 10 people accused of importing over a tonne of methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine and ephedrine into New Zealand over a three-year period.

    Up to $5 million worth of drugs and a million in cash has been seized in a major operation targeting the international drug syndicate.

    Four men sentenced over 46kg cocaine bust
    Two of the men received hefty sentences at Auckland High Court on Thursday.
    Four jailed for importing meth from US with links to well-known sportsman

    A New Zealand man has allegedly been operating overseas since 2016, sending drugs to associates back here via multiple countries and using a variety of ways to conceal the drugs.

    He was arrested at the border in Italy on February 2, police say.



  15. Advertising Standards Authority rejects National’s appeal over misleading ‘car tax’ advert

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) had said the ads, which accuse the Government of implementing a $6000 “car tax”, were “likely to confuse or deceive consumers” and ordered them taken down.

    National appealed the ruling, arguing that the Complaints Board had not given sufficient weight to the Government’s car tax policy in its totality.

    It said it was clear that the costs of the policies will be passed on to consumers, in the form of higher vehicle prices.

    However the ASA Appeal Board rejected this.



  16. Did Winston Peters have words with the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday after the Press Conference as it’s not usual to change you opinion whether you do or don’t trust him so okay you fully Trust him, so I have to ask this question has Winston got some alleged dirtywashing on the Prime Minister for her to change her mind so quickly or is it you don’t like being portrayed as weak.
    Some might think Winston Peters would not do that well look what has done under Parliamentry Privilege or what his reaction was like to his his former President who wouldn’t sign off on donations that he new nothing about and resigned only for Peter to release his private health problems for everyone to see.



  17. Awww-chucks, Peters is being supportive…

    Winston Peters defends Jacinda Ardern amid questions over her trust in him

    “I couldn’t operate this Government without a trusting relationship with Winston Peters and that is at the core of why we’ve been able to run that strong, stable Government – because of that trusting relationship,” Ardern said.”

    Winston Peters is defending Jacinda Ardern after the Prime Minister refused to say she trusted her Deputy Prime Minister during her Monday post-Cabinet press conference.

    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters told Magic Talk on Tuesday he took no issues with the Prime Minister refusing to say she trusts him and that he was pleased with her response.

    “The Prime Minister said that we have a very sound, stable working relationship leading to the political stability of this country… That’s all I wanted her to say. I didn’t ask her to say it, but I’m pleased she said it.”



  18. Another lefty idiot.
    Good on you Ryan

    Ryan Bridge slams Joaquin Phoenix’s criticism of dairy industry

    Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge has thrown his support behind dairy farmers after actor Joaquin Phoenix used his speech at the Oscar Awards to slam the industry.

    Meanwhile, a Whangarei farmer told Bridge that he was tired of actors speaking on subjects they knew nothing about.

    “They are just actors, they pretend to be what they are not, then they start lecturing us about what we should be doing?

    “That really gets up my nose,” he said.



    • Good on Ryan for standing up to that farmer hating urban filth.

      Pol Pot was right about urban dwellers and took reasonable measures to address the issue. With American support btw. Just as they initially supported the magnificent Nazis.



    • I though Phoenix and Brad Pitt wodould have learned that people are sick of “celebrities” mouthing off about rascim and climate change.
      Just thank your mother and the people that made the film with you.



  19. I see some woke fucktard is calling us racist because we don’t want to catch a cold.

    He needs to do some travel. Most of the world is racist and no more so than Chinese. We are racist for the same reason we prefer our own kids. Its about protecting our genetic material.

    Japanese, Chinese et cetera would wonder what we are babbling about if we started virtue signaling about racism.



  20. A good article that covers facts and figures.
    Goats and Soda

    China Reports Total Of More Than 1,000 Deaths In The Country From Coronavirus

    In one editorial headlined “Is sympathy too much to ask from the Western media?” author Wang Wenwen writes: “Reading through some Western media reports on China’s fight against the outbreak, I could not find many encouraging and inspiring ones. Instead, I discovered discrimination and gloating.”




  21. You know how Obama bragged about having Kenyan citizenship?
    The possibility of him scarpering when the blow torch gets a bit more uncomfortable, is quite high.
    Hence, the tell tale ructions within his family.
    A really smart bugger would try and eliminate that as an option.

    FBI, State Department Partner with Kenya to Launch First Overseas Joint Terrorism Task Force

    The team will adopt methodologies used by U.S.-based JTTFs and be trained to handle sensitive counterterrorism intelligence shared with the Kenyan government. The investigators will be trained and equipped to investigate all terrorism matters deemed of significant importance to Kenya’s National Security Council. Upon completion of the course, the JTTF-K officers will return to Kenya, where they will be assisted by an FBI special agent mentor.




  22. I want to buy a crayfish for Friday night. Mainly the tauls, I jave a recipe to smoke them and butter them for Mama Bear.

    Any suggestions on where in Auckland I should be looking, please? Even an hour or so ride out, no problem.



  23. Mysterious signal from deep space is repeating in 16-day cycle

    It’s unclear what’s causing the pattern to repeat, but the study’s abstract suggests there is “a mechanism for periodic modulation either of the burst emission itself, or through external amplification or absorption, and disfavor models invoking purely sporadic processes.”

    The FRB has been traced to a galaxy known as SDSS J015800.28+654253.0 and despite its great distance from Earth, at 500 million light-years, it is the closest FRB detected so far. A light-year, which measures distance in space, equals 6 trillion miles.




  24. I might be going gaga…

    I’m just back from taking “our” Paradise duck down to our pond for his supper treat…..
    He won’t go down by himself, preferring to camp out on my back door step and crap all over the back-yard.

    He arrived a week ago and stayed for a day… fossicking around the sprinklers when I put them on…..then he disappeared for a couple of days, before installing and imprinting himself on us on Saturday. He follows us about outside… climbing up and down stairs like a little dog … and just waiting if we go inside. He got fed up on Sunday morning when we didn’t get up at 6am to give him breakfast and flew over to the neighbours to investigate their big open aviary…. but I had to call him back, as one of their dogs would eat him if he could.
    He’s not showing much interest in grazing my lawns or garden veges (rather dry at the moment.)..much preferring my left-over slops.
    he’s also not shown any interest in the Parrys that fly over every now and again.

    Wonder what he’ll do when the Mallards turn up here (usually around Easter).



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