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Change the names of the countries to the COL and you have a perfect description of the LIarbour/Winstonfirst/Gween melons COL

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  1. I heard Winston say to Peter Wiliams on Magic Talk “we have photos because we had them followed.”
    The man can’t lie straight in bed.

    ‘No interest’ – Winston Peters backtracks on photos taken of journalists investigating NZ First Foundation

    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has fired back at allegations he had two journalists followed and photographed – saying the party has “no interest” in following them after previously claiming “we took the photograph”.



  2. Surely the cops have had all night to assess the situation of the chase and the shooting. Is it necessary to still have the road closed this morning between Bethlehem roundabout and Cameron Road?

    Police shoot man dead after being fired upon in double homicide investigation

    A man has been shot dead by police after he fired upon them when they attempted to stop a vehicle as part of their investigation into this week’s double homicide.

    Police say when they attempted to stop a vehicle at 7.46pm on Carmichael Road in Tauranga, they were fired upon.



  3. Some can’t have anyone succeeding, or showing their success when so many have a chip on their shoulder for their own lack of achievement.

    UFC: Sportsman of Year Israel Adesanya calls out NZ’s ‘tall poppy syndrome’

    “We have this culture of tall poppy syndrome which is messed up,” he said. “Coming up in this country, I’ve seen it so many times.

    “When you see somebody rising, you want to tear them down, because you feel inadequate and you want to call it humble.”



  4. Coronavirus-infected woman took Uber to London hospital, breached health advice

    The Guardian has been told the woman, understood to be a Chinese national who recently arrived in the United Kingdom from China, didn’t arrive at the Lewisham hospital on Monday (NZT) by ambulance or private car, but in a vehicle arranged through the ride-sharing application. The woman then went straight to the A&E reception desk to report her symptoms.



      • The Chinese national may have been unaware of any “health advice” published by the authorities in English. In addition, many Mailand Chinese don’t get a lot of practice in “thinking about how their actions will affect others” (nor do they care, in many cases).



      • Probably the same as it is with American and stupid, Kiwi and stupid, Aussie and stupid, Congolese and stupid, etc.

        People may not be aware or on top of things the same way we are. Particularly tourists in foreign countries; I know I didn’t spend a whole lot of time watching news while I was in Japan. It was all in Japanese! Even going to Australia; I’m there to holiday – not watch the news.

        Granted, this is a bit of a different situation, but still.



        • There’s a lot of angst in Japan at the moment (in the lead up to the Olympic Games) about how best to communicate Japan’s highly developed disaster warnings and escape-to-safety plans to non-Japanese speakers.



          • Example, we were in Kyoto on New Years Eve. A Chinese guest set their instant noodles on fire, so at some silly hour the alarm started blaring and a Japanese voice came on speakers telling everybody to get out. (English / Japanese cycle)

            We threw on clothes, grabbed our passport and money bag and walked down the fire escape. Only an Irishman and a few other Europeans came. Followed the signs and ended up in a basement.

            Backtracked two floors and found the street level exit. If it had been a real emergency, that signage would have messed things up.



  5. The Politics of 2020 so far

    Labour announces the infrastructure projects they cancelled in 2017.
    Soimon finally ends his interminable summer break and announces “SeeYa” to WinstonFirst
    A child is lying brain damaged after being systematically beaten by his whanau* and Jacinda still hasn’t hugged the family
    Straight after all the (now totally silent) haters have spent months attacking Oranga Tamariki for removing kids from child beaters
    Biden topping the polls all 2019, but can’t get a delegate
    DNC can’t run a caucus (how can they run the country)
    Jacinda imports coronavirus to NZ under the guise of “self-isolation” (maybe a pandemic will earn a few extra votes if PTPM hugs a few sick, dying NZers)
    Fire season is ramping up – and I’m just waiting until Green party activists start their pre-election programme of arson to prove that “socialsts are fucking insane” and we therefore have to save the planet (yeah I don’t get that either – but hey! it’s ok when the left do it!)
    Aaand we have to pay for a radio station for people who like classical music and are far too stupid to use Spotify

    National is up to what 6 or 7 electorates where they’ve got “retiring” MPs doing sweet fuck all taking a nice, long, tax payer funded sabbatical all the way up to the election – leaving loyal National voters utterly unrepresented under the most abusive government we’ve seen in living memory. The choice between two main parties offering:
    – socialist liars in red
    – socialist liars in blue
    is making me positively sick.

    (Yes, yes – I fucking know the family’s ethnicity hasn’t been released but a) it’s Flaxmere FFS b) they had a karakia for the kid – bit Maori that eh? c) Merepeka Raukawa-Tait and Turia have gone to ground – and d) the media and cops are scrupulously careful not to say anything that might indicate the family are not nasty white supremacists – of course it’s ferals from the largely wonderful Maori community)



  6. Ardern should stand Peters down as Racing Minister amid SFO investigation – Bernard Hickey

    As the Serious Fraud Office investigates donations made to the New Zealand First foundation, political commentator Bernard Hickey says Winston Peters should step down as Racing Minister, and the Prime Minister should see that he does.

    Following reports that some of those donors are part of the racing industry, Bernard Hickey – Newsroom Pro managing editor – is calling for Winston Peters to step down as Racing Minister.

    Speaking on TVNZ 1’s Breakfast today Hickey said: “I think he should stand down as the Racing minister.”

    “Of course, I’m not alleging there’s been any quid pro quo here but there’s clearly appearances of conflict of interest and when there’s been no transparency.”

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has publicly said she won’t form a view on the situation or take any action until there is an outcome from the SFO investigation. But Hickey thinks there should be action now.”



    • Peter needs to be stood down as Deputy PM as well. I am surprised that the media hasn’t gone full rogue on him as they feel theyre a protected species well above the hoi polloi. I guess theyre waiting for direction from Labour Party HQ



      • This story hasn’t finished yet and I’m sure Lester Grey will go all out now to crucify Peter’s for the wrong he has done to him and we all know Winston Peter he will be up to the challenge as he thinks he is invincible that is all about Utu.
        The more Peter’s goes after those including Lester Grey the more you will find the voter will react to his selfishness and become rebellious of his method and lies, leaving only Winston to drown in his own shit.



        • The Comrade willn’t stand the shortarse shit down because it’s straight to an election if she does and she needs the money between now and then!
          Along with the rest of her party and the COL. Were else are they going to earn so much for looking busy!



    • Why aren’t the Greens screaming about surveillance by “big brother”? The Greens surely can’t condone the underhand surveillance by the deputy PM paying PI’s to spy on journalists investigating a political party. Are the Greens protecting their high parliamentary salaries over their own values and beliefs about abusing the right of journalists to keep their sources confidential? Hypocrites much!



  7. Latest email from Simon Bridges:

    Dear —

    Under my leadership, National is focused on the issues that matter to everyday Kiwis.

    Like tackling a rising cost of living, actually delivering the roads our country needs, and ensuring New Zealanders are safe at home and in their communities.

    Tonight’s One News Colmar Brunton poll confirms New Zealander’s expect actual delivery, not hollow promises from Government, with support for National remaining solid and in total Labour/Greens/NZ First falling.

    The poll also confirms we made the right decision to rule out working with New Zealand First after the 2020 Election. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. I can’t trust New Zealand First, and I don’t think New Zealanders can either.

    Kiwis are working harder, and longer, and they’re not seeing the benefits of that hard work in their own back pocket. Their taxes aren’t being spent on them.

    National backs Kiwis to succeed, and we believe you should keep more of what you earn, that every cent you provide in tax should be invested wisely, with accountability, on the things that really matter to you.

    Our campaign has hit the ground running and we can’t do it without you. The election is less than eight months away and it’s going to be close. The choice couldn’t be more critical for the future of New Zealand.

    Can you chip into our Campaign Fighting Fund right now?

    Click here to chip in $30

    Click here to chip in $50

    Click here to chip in $100

    Together, we have the opportunity to make history by turning Labour/Greens/NZ First into a one term government.

    I hope I can count on your support.





    • I am very wary of politicians using buzzwords that are undefined. What is an “everyday Kiwi”?
      A person born in New Zealand? A non-Maori? A New Zealand passport-holder (but not a native speaker of English?)

      I assume that to the majority of citizens of this country, “everyday Kiwis” are white native-born or long-term English-speaking residents of this country, and that the phrase excludes ethnic Chinese, Indians, other Asians, Maori and Pacific Islanders.

      (I fully understand that such a definition will change over time.) What my children see to be an “everyday Kiwi” will be different to what I see.



      • We wouldn’t have had this problem if we had let you fellas take over the Pacific. And our trains would be on time 😉

        And to answer your question- all those people are kiwis for the purposes of Simon’s statement.



          • Here he goes with blaming his Chinese ancestors. Again.

            The Chinese were a super power for centuries and were not expansionist then or now. The reasons have little to do with respect for other cultures and more to do with Chinese notions of cultural superiority.

            They seek influence and business opportunities around the world, but are unlikely to bomb our fearsome naval fleet at Devonport.

            In reality most people get on fine. But are ruled by power hungry psychopaths.



    • “Click here to chip in $30

      Click here to chip in $50

      Click here to chip in $100”

      I thought that to keep in the spirit of the party he could have included an option for increasing the offerings when the plate is handed round on Sunday mornings.



  8. Re: The fella in Tauranga who was shooting at the cops last night and copped it.

    Was he using an illegal semi automatic weapon to fire off so many shots ?
    Will his corpse be arrested for possession of an illegal firearm?
    Will the cops raid the home/gang pad of this deceased criminal looking for more illegal weapons?
    Will Stupid Nash come out and tell us this justifies taking (previously) legal guns off legally registered firearms owners?
    Will Stupid Nash mention that the cops made Brenton Tarrant’s firearms possession legal at the time he used them on Mar 15 by providing him with a NZ firearms licence despite his not appearing – prima facie – to be a fit and proper person to hold a firearms licence?
    Was this a gun that the perpetrator simply forgot to hand over because he was busy making school lunches for decile 1+2 kids, transporting homeless to shelters, and doing voluntary roof repairs at the women’s shelter?

    So many stoopid questions.
    I’m just softening you up for the media filth lies over the next week.
    Note punters: there will be 30 hour Gnews delay while they get the ‘story correct’ just as happened with White Island/Fukery



  9. Armed police and road blocks in Cambridge with overhead police helicopter. Roads shut southern end around Cambridge and Victoria Road a busy road out the opposite side of Cambridge. We had to go through a police check road block to get back into our suburb. Has one of the Tauranga gang members fled from Tauranga??



    • This coranavirus is putting a strain on my ability to weigh up conflicting information. Currently it ranges from your mild cold assessment to to others insisting that Armageddon awaits. In the interests of retaining a little of my sanity I’ve started up a list of people & organisations worthy of total ignore:

      1) Ardern (pathological liar)
      2) Anyone vaguely connected with the NZ Government (not one of the arseholes could lie straight in bed)
      3) University experts (bought & paid for socialists & globalists)
      4) The CCP (self explanatory)
      5) The USA (as always, money dictates)

      As this blog’s Polyanna where do you source* your backup views?

      * Terminally boring self promoting idiots on Youtube don’t count.



      • The rational concern is that it could develop into a serious problem as we have no vaccine for it.

        However- new flu strains are constantly emerging. Current vaccine regimes are far from 100% effective, as anyone who has them will attest.

        The bottom line is the risk of this strain knocking you off the perch is lower than many other strains all around you now.

        This view is shared by experts and is solidly based in fact. But stuff the experts and their fancy statistics. Common sense proves it.



        • Kea is correct.

          This virus the “Yaravirus” has appeared from nowhere and is harmless

          This bizarre virus has genes never seen before
          Our planet is teeming with mysterious microbes. Now, in the waters of an artificial lake, scientists may have discovered one of the most mysterious of all: a brand-new virus with genes that have never been seen before.
          When the researchers analyzed the microbe’s genome, they found that most of them had never been seen in any other viruses. They searched for the Yaravirus’ gene signature in thousands of environmental genomic data and found no hint, “indicating how rare this virus is,” Abrahão said.

          In any case, Yaravirus doesn’t infect human cells.




  10. Is this stupid or what?

    Announce $300 million of taxpayers’ money to be diverted to ‘homelessness’
    Fork out $40 million of taxpayers’ money to purchase Ihumatao and cancel the building of 500 houses (est homes for 1500+ people)

    [at the same time keep the Ihumatao deal under wraps because you are ashamed of it; yet talk out the other side of your face and say you are the most transparent government, like, you know, evva.]

    Idiots will still gleefully vote for these clowns.
    Universal franchise- was that actually a good idea?



  11. The road has been spiritually cleansed and blessed, but there’s still a wait before the Huntly section of the Waikato Expressway will become State Highway 1.

    Water trucks sprayed filtered water to spirituality cleanse the new section ahead of a convoy of around 400 people who attended five blessings on the road early Friday morning.

    The formalities included a ribbon-cutting at the northern interchange by King Tuheitia Potatau Te Wherowhero and Transport Minister Phil Twyford, and concluded with speeches.


    rinsing the road with filtered water to drive away the Taniwha we have already paid s shit load to move house.
    Leaves me speechless.



  12. Well wouldn’t you know it. That silly attention-seeking, headline-grabbing, ambulance chasing bint, Ardern, has stuck her beak into the latest child abuse case. It’s Grace Millane all over again.

    “PM Jacinda Ardern’s message to beaten 4-year-old’s silent family members: ‘Come forward'”



  13. Chinese Telecommunications Conglomerate Huawei and Subsidiaries Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy to Steal Trade Secrets
    Charges also Reveal Huawei’s Business in North Korea and Assistance to the Government of Iran in Performing Domestic Surveillance

    As revealed by the government’s independent investigation and review of court filings, the new charges in this case relate to the alleged decades-long efforts by Huawei, and several of its subsidiaries, both in the U.S. and in the People’s Republic of China, to misappropriate intellectual property, including from six U.S. technology companies, in an effort to grow and operate Huawei’s business.




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