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  1. When the media start running stories on dirty Politics and having a association with another blog called BDF which many people think is run by the ex whale oil sites owner Cameron Slater this is what happens.
    This is what happens when you have disregard for who you employ in politics when you have a association with Whale oil and its ex owner in Politics and Winston has created a problem for himself admitting his guilt in the Photo’ that have been taken.



  2. Winston Peters and those photo’s : The Legal and Ethical Implications.
    “We took the photographs just to prove that that’s the kind of behavior that’s going on”.
    The legality of taking and posting the photo’s is thus fairly clear as is often the case, however, just because something is legally permitted doesn’t mean that it is ethical or desirable.
    For a political leader to make statements on John Key and his involvement in dirty politics i find it disgraceful that Winston Peters has no morals or ethic in Jumping into bed with the same people responsible for the first installment of dirty politics from the same people that he condemned John Key for.



    • Winston uses the old addage that attack is the best form of defence and i this case he sees the likelihood of the meeting between Espinor & Grey resulting in damaging information being released public ally concerning donations, The NZ1 Foundation and the NZ1 party that would perhaps demonstrate to the SFO and electorate that the Law had been broken or at least the spirit of the Law showing winston as a person unfit for public office with electoral results that would see NZ1 eliminated.



  3. From David Seymour
    This week, TVNZ’s first poll of the year had ACT on 2 per cent and putting the centre-right in government, but only just. What TVNZ didn’t tell you is that if one more person polled had said “ACT”, we’d be on three MPs. It’s that close.

    But we need to keep growing. In order to send a strong team of ACT MPs to Parliament later this year, we need your help.

    As I said in Parliament on Wednesday, New Zealanders face a clear choice this year. On the one hand, there’s Jacinda Ardern’s slick marketing machine and good intentions, but poor outcomes. On the other, ACT is defending the freedoms of New Zealanders and proposing common sense solutions to our long-term challenges.

    The stakes couldn’t be higher, and we can’t succeed without you.

    His Speech in Parliament




    • I still say act will get at least 6 or 7 MP’s this election. The polling is not truly representative of the vast silent majority that the rest of our Parliament has trounced upon. The Nats are complicit in this and should hold their heads in shame.



      • I certainly hope you are correct. Act is the only one speaking out for our freedom of speech. This is one of the foundations of our Nation. This is what the soldiers sailors and air men and women fought for during the wars please do not let their efforts have been in



        • No they did not fight for freedom. They sided with the Russians against the country that was fighting for freedom.

          They won and most of the world was turned over to the most oppressive murderous regime in human history.

          The soldiers were just ordinary young people sent to fight politician’s power struggles with a head full of propaganda.

          If the goal was to free Europe then we failed miserably.



      • Ed, You say
        ‘The Nats are complicit in this and should hold their heads in shame.’

        If Notional had any shame for the things they have done to New Zealand in the last 30 years they would already hang their heads.

        -Notional passed the RMA under Bolger and Soimon Upton
        -Notional gave the country leaky homes that by 2015 had cost as much financial and emotional stress in peoples’ lives over 25 years as the Christchurch earthquake
        -Notional gloated about raising real benefits a few years ago – the first for over 30 years – for a bunch of critters that would never vote for them and even write songs about raping the Notional Prime Ministers daughter.
        WTF – rewarding the enemy–that is stooopid governance

        -Notional started giving away $1.4 Billion a year of Taxpayers’ money to the UN in ‘wealth re-distribution’. To be fair, Liebour give less than this to the Islands but at least it is real people and our neighbours.
        Meantime no-one in the continent of Africa, nor USA, South and Central America, Russia, China, India et al pay this fine for actually organising schools and hospitals 100 years ago while the lazy countries did not bother.
        Notional really love giving out that welfare to the indolent.

        -Notional killed the Auckland Regional Council in 1992 (but not the Wellington one, nor Waikato, nor Otago etc) so that regional planning was rudderless- then in 2010 rushed through the farked up Auckland Council
        -Notional could find time in their first term to make big (adverse) changes to Auckland Local Bodies but not reform the RMA. Because the liars of Notional were never going to – it is the equivalent lie of Ardern claiming to stop suicides.

        -Notional opened the floodgates of immigration and from the third world shitholes.
        This was done immediately after they killed building consent by rushing through the Auckland Council in 2010 so there were no homes to go to. 300,000 people added in 6 years. ..and no one in Notional noticed!!! ….pull the other one.
        For those who do not know….there was no plan for Auckland Council (Unitary Plan, one set of policies) as the merger of Cities was rushed through ..and there was no RMA reform – deliberate by lying Notional who passed the original -so housing approvals were at a trickle as there were no clear rules.
        There must have been some dumb bastards in Notional or they were outright malicious. Which is it?

        The Children of God that run the Notional Pardy should more than hang their heads in shame.
        I said on Farrar’s blog about 5 years ago- There is more manliness in any 3 Cabinet Ministers in Muldoon’s Cabinet than the whole Notional Cabinet circa 2015.
        I still believe this to be correct today.

        Most critical votes in 2019 were 119 to 1.
        the ‘one’ was ACT acting for New Zealanders.
        Notional are no opposition and agree with pretty much everything Liebour do. How would you ever tell the difference?
        Chinless wonders Notional voted with Liebour over gun confiscation; handing over immigration control to the UN; climate crap etc
        Notional are a dead loss and a puppet of the UN as much as Liebour are.
        Not my Party.



      • I think you are right that polling companies are useless now. In the USA – Biden was consistently the clear front-runner all last year – 2 states in to the real world – he has zero delegates.

        I for one will lie to those bastard polling companies if they call me. My lie will be:
        – no I’m in the 20-29 age group
        – I can’t afford a home of my own and I work as a barista
        – I’m a green voter
        – Jacinda is my preferred PM
        Those gobshites have been screwing with us for so long, I think it’s important to screw them right back.

        It’s going to be an interesting September – but I’m still petrified the fascistic CoL will be returned.



    • Just one more person eh?! Well no one asked me and I’m voting ACT so I guess that makes it three MPs….at least!
      Even my son tells me he’s voting ACT and he has been a socialist since university but thankfully growing out of that silliness now he’s approaching 30. My daughter is voting ACT too, she’s a businesswoman with her own rapidly growing internet company so that’s three out of three in our family, silent majority rules….Yeah baby!



      • Alice
        My wife was out having coffee with some older women the other day. She thought these women were fairly solid Labour but one turned the conversation to politics and asked what the others thought of the Govt. and the PM. Before they could really answer she said Ardern was absolutely hopeless and completely out of her depth. So people maybe waking up.



        • I’m also hearing similar comments from what I presumed to be Labour supporters. She is Useless !!!!

          Ardern was handed the job by Peters and owes him big time. As a consequence she is unable to bring him into line.

          She is your classic toothy smile and wave waiting for minders to prompt her.

          Reminds me of an energiser bunny.



          • Yesterday was out at lunch with Mrs Holy and very good friend. In the past she has frowned at my antics in setting up this site and Maga.
            I showed her the maga sticker on our new car, and gave her some to take back to her workmates. Her response was positive and said she would hand them out.



    • After all the profile that ACT has had in the last few months and all the good work David Seymour has been doing on free speech, firearms etc, I just can’t understand why only 2% of those polled support them.

      This once beautiful country is is in real trouble if this polling is true.



  4. On the subject of plant-based meats, I assume the proteins will be created by genetically engineering microbes, and then 3D printing will be used to create the textured “meat” product.

    Can you imagine how much marginal farmland this would free up? Moreover, the “meat” factories could be sited close to major urban centers, thus reducing long-distance stock haulage. It would gut and destory many farming communities, but they would have to adapt (like the coal mining communities before them).

    Maybe a niche market for “genuine natural meat” could emerge in this country?



  5. Winston uses the old addage that attack is the best form of defence and i this case he sees the likelihood of the meeting between Espinor & Grey resulting in damaging information being released public ally concerning donations, The NZ1 Foundation and the NZ1 party that would perhaps demonstrate to the SFO and electorate that the Law had been broken or at least the spirit of the Law showing winston as a person unfit for public office with electoral results that would see NZ1 eliminated.



  6. I see Antarcta is melting. At least that is what the MSM would like us to beleive. It’s one island far north of the main land mass. But I see they forgot to mention this:


    nor this

    nor this


    But a shitty island far north Of the Antarctic land mass gets a whole lot of attenetion.

    Stupid, dishonest, fraudsters.



  7. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12308853

    Police are at the scene of death in Tauranga which they say is linked to a double homicide earlier this week.

    District Commander Superintendent Andy McGregor said a woman had been found dead at a property on Lynwood Place.

    Officers were called to the address yesterday and found the woman, who was believed to have been dead for a couple of days.

    “At this stage it’s believed the death was a domestic incident,” McGregor said.



    • “The home was peppered with bullets from a semi-automatic rifle.”

      Obvious lies. Semi auto rifles have been banned and bought back from their lawful owners, at a cost of over one hundred million dollars of tax payers hard earned cash. We were all told on numerous occasions by Nash, Ardern and sundry senior police that this was necessary “to make us all safer” Well forgive my cynicism but………….



    • “I think the public should only be worried if the police don’t sit down and work alongside gangs a lot more productively because they have these policies which basically looks at beating us all and destroying us, when they’re not dealing with the real issues.”

      And what would those “real issues” be then? Oh, I get it, the real issue of persecuting law abiding, licenced gun owners many of whom gave up their semi auto rifles in exchange for over a hundred million dollars of their own money, because the idiots in government and the police said it “would make us safer.” Now we have a force of robo-cops armed with the exact same type of prohibited rifles that were confiscated from licenced shooters who were never a problem having shoot outs on the streets of our towns and cities with gang members who told the government they would not be giving up their guns.
      I feel so much safer now, don’t you?



    • I guess you could say colonisation

      These crims went to Australia to colonise with their bad ways.
      Got caught and sent back under the 501.

      so yeah, indirectly ..colonisation.
      It certainly was not their fault that they steal, rape, beat people up and deal drugs.
      It was colonisation.
      I’ll give them a pass on that //

      Why accept responsibility when you can blame it on others?
      ..and you have the lying filth of the media to spout propaganda for you plus a COL that says, look, you know what, we don’t need prisons. St Kelvin said so.



    • same as all our immigrants from the worlds shit holes. They leave them behind and then proceed to want to turn our country into what they came from. Madness on our part for allowing them in in the first place.



  8. A list of a weeks achievements by the Trump administration.

    1/ Chinese telecom Huawei charged for racketeering and theft of trade secrets.

    2/ Jussie Smollett indicted on 6 charges for hoax crimes.

    3/ Justice Department launches legal assault to roll back sanctuary cities.

    4/ AG Barr announces Guiliani turned over information regarding Ukraine corruption.

    5/ Trump goes on a twitter spree highlighting Pedo Tony Podesta’s unpunished crimes.

    6/ Trump torches Judge Amy Berman for jailing Manafort and not HRC

    7/ Michael Avenatti found guilty of all charges.

    8/ Roger Stone sentencing evaluated by AG Barr. 9 years for lying to congress when you
    Only get 3-5 yrs for rape.

    9/ Four corrupt Mueller investigators resign.

    10/ AG Barr announces the indictment of Chinese military hackers for breaking into computer
    systems of the credit reporting agency Equifax and stealing half of the nation’s citizens personal

    11/ Trumps WH fires Alexander Vindman.

    12/ Trumps WH fires Gordon Sondland.

    13/ Trumps National Security Council removes 70 former Obama holdovers.

    14/ Lindsey Graham sends letter to AG Barr asking that he makes 17 DOJ officials available for interview.

    15/ Durham scrutinizing Brennans handling of Russian interference 2016.

    16/ AG Barr installs outside prosecutor to review case against General Flynn.



  9. Many of us post here using a non de plume … (need spell check if that not correct)

    Now that Arderns heavies are witch sniffers looking for those that do not agree with the mad queen just how secure are we here when we post.

    The recent video of the visit from the Police is a wake up call.



    • From WG’s link:

      I stand with #winstonpeters – he’s a very good leader and dear to our hearts.
      — Elizabeth Jane (@lizzybizzy18) February 15, 2020

      All that’s missing is the rider, “I love you long time, very cheap, very clean, extra charge for anal”. 🙂



  10. A Stunning Admission on the So-called Population Crisis

    When we were talking about this a decade ago, tin foil hat jokes were not only made but expected. Now, mainstream “authoritative” publications like The New York Times (albeit the “international edition” with a label of “opinion”) are printing stories on the front page not only acknowledging a “global fertility crisis” but actually admitting population control evils like China’s horrific one-child policy weren’t just imposed by the state but were dreamed up, funded, and promoted by Western technocrats…




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