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  1. Why the plastic bag ban is nonsense

    With data showing that the plastic bag ban has achieved exactly what the large retailers wanted to achieve:
    – an increase in retailers’ revenue due to plastic bag sales
    – an increase in the amount of plastic used for bags by retailers
    – shitting on consumers with the help of marxists out to screw us in every way

    It’s worthwhile checking out how most of the rest of the world handles their careful curation and recycling of refuse to protect pristine waterways and turtles.

    If NZ was to go back to the stone age overnight and we emitted zero CO2, China would fill the void in 29 hrs and 38 minutes (based on 2017 figures). I think we need an IQ test for voting – if you think that kind of maths makes sense – then you don’t get to vote.



    • DifferentPerspective; do you have a link with some details on the 29 hrs and 38 minutes data? I’d love to share such a good illustration; but the usual crowd will ask for proof and even though it feels right I’d like something to back it up with, please.



      • Hi Pascal – sorry not to reply sooner – had a busy day.

        I just looked here on Wikipedia -then did a little bit of division and multiplication of the per year data for NZ and China.

        Again, when this sort of info is so incredibly accessible – what does it say about how implausibly gullible the average lunatic lefty voter is. The problem is that they start screeching before one normally gets past the third word – so there’s no chance they’ll ever digest the info that shows how incredibly moronic they are.

        When one is dead, one doesn’t know about it – you just affect everyone around and close to you. Just like being stupid.



  2. ‘I’m over it ‘: Will the disillusioned voters spell trouble for Jacinda Ardern.
    With seven months to go the internationally acclaimed Prime Minister address queries whether she has done enough at home.
    Talking to the older people at the Allen Bryant retirement village in the heart of the Labour movement and home of the Labour Party Stronghold where the Labour Party was born at the Blackball pub 100 years ago many have said they have over promised and under delivered with many questioning the ability of the Government to improve the status quo.
    It sounds like our Journalists in NZ are now trying to target the overseas vote as Jacinda and Labour Party are finding it tough to live up to the expectations and let downs she has inflicted on the poor voters he has conned in NZ.



  3. Our seemingly corrupt Government has reached a new low when they need people buying houses.
    First – home buyer shattered by Government purchase and told cancel or live in a state housing development.
    How is NZ supposed to fix the housing crisis when the Government buys off a housing developer who then cancels contract where a woman had paida 10% deposit $ 54200,00 at the start of August last year only to be told by Real Estate Agents selling the development that the developer had entered into a agreement with Kainga Ora to buy the unsold units in the development.
    Is this the way Labour are spending $ 300 million that is not on Government books to move people out of motels, who would trust Phil Twyford when developers are concerned.



    • This is just crap. The CoL in all their kindness are now competing with first home buyers and using their tax money to do it. These bloody idiots don’t seem to grasp the basic fact that x amount of people need y amount of houses. Instead they blame greedy landlords, and punish them thereby pushing rents up. Which makes more bottom-end renters homeless. Which leads to them getting housed in motels, which is a disaster currently getting a lot of airtime. So now they push out the first home buyers to house the renters they’ve made homeless. FS. Everyone would be so much better off if they’d just done nothing and let the market sort it out.



  4. Todays Memories.

    With a politician’s poise for sensing the right answer for the right audience, Morrison described New Zealand as a “bit of a nirvana – in Sydney, rugby usually takes second place to the league”.

    In March 2000, with a new Labour Government in power, Morrison resigned with a year to go on his contract, and returned to Australia.

    In a parting shot, then sports minister and now House Speaker Trevor Mallard laid the blame for problems at the Office of Tourism and Sport squarely with Morrison.

    Australian standards of public sector behaviour “are lower than ours,” Mallard told the NZ Herald.

    “My experience with Australian politicians is that rules and ethics are not as important to them as they are to New Zealanders.”?>


    Mallard and ethics. A contradiction in terms.



  5. Another Tax payer rip off.

    Major polluters have potentially been making “windfall gains” from an oversight within the country’s main tool for addressing climate change.

    The Government is pledging to urgently fix an issue within the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), after it emerged some polluters are likely being over-compensated with taxpayer-funded carbon credits.

    It has also agreed to broadly review the extent of the subsidies, which have been controversial.


    Watch the steel mill and Tuwai and the refinery leave.
    Madness in the head.



    • Very hard to see how any of this is good for the taxpayer or reducing any of the climate change issues we are bombarded with. It seems an appalling scam imposed on the householders and doing nothing other than increasing living costs and government revenue while some smart cookies are riding the Financial wave while it lasts.



  6. Police making new Law on the fly.
    NZ businbess need to be afraid of the Gestapo.
    Despite having been to court via Worksafe and paying the penalties which of course includes the rest of the thioer lives the police have now decided to act as if the incident was a matter of crime and want to strip people of their assets muc like they want to strip us of the rest of rights and possessions.
    One has to say its time bush and his mates were told to do what they are employed for.

    Cash grab: Cops seize property worth millions over health and safety breaches
    A workplace fatality has seen police use a law usually associated with drugs and organised crime to seize millions of dollars in assets from a business owner because of health and safety breaches.

    The case is set for the High Court in Auckland next Wednesday and Ron Salter – who served home detention after the 2015 death – says he and wife Natalie stand to lose everything they have worked for over 38 years.

    It is a first for legislation usually associated with gangs and the drugs trade. High Court documents show police have used the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act to legally restrain their family home in Auckland, along with family trusts, the family bach and waste fuel collection business Salters Cartage Ltd.


    Unless there is a lot we don’t know about every business is faced with this if the police succeed. More work of to
    China, No one in their right minds will run a forestry business,
    Some police lawyer looking for a medal.

    The Parliamentary record of the passage of the bill through to becoming law in 2009 shows debate focused on drug offending and organised crime.



    • That is odd because it is not like he is a sportsman.
      Cricket surely can’t be classified as a sport.
      Half the people are sitting in the clubhouse .
      Only 3 to 4 of 22 are active at any time.
      They can ‘play’ it in 40 degree heat in Sri Lanka and India so not that strenuous.
      With India and Australia as dominant in this minority Commonwealth pursuit it is as corrupt as you will get; with no real repercussions.

      It sounds more like the deep, deep corruption of Otago with the involvement of Otago Uni.
      The place that employed Clayton Weatherston (murdered 22 yo Sophie Elliott) , trained up Venod Skantha (murdered 16 yo Amber Rose Rush ) and now this 30 year old foreign national drunk doing a PhD at Otago

      This reminds me of another of that mob, in 2016 :-
      …Katherine Ann McWilliams drove her unwarranted and unregistered Mercedes Benz through Dunedin streets, leaving a trail of destruction that will cost her nearly $12,000.
      The 33-year-old – a PhD psychology student just months from completing her thesis
      McWilliams faces charges of sustained loss of traction, failing to stop to ascertain injury, dangerous driving and refusing to provide a blood sample to police….

      She only got 4 months Home D and was caught paralytic in that time when she was under an alcohol ban.

      Dunedin – the base for Brenton Tarrant – has its own gravity and rulez.
      Never put its actions in context of anything sensible.

      Back to the perpetrator:-
      “The UK-born defendant had completed his PhD in sport psychology at the University of Otago and applied to study a postgraduate diploma in psychology.
      A conviction would not only jeopardise entry to that course, Heale said, but it may bar Miles’ registration as a psychologist.”
      …..So, another nutter unleashed on the world of nutters.

      I don’t place any credence in Psych majors. It was a joke degree – like criminology and sociology – when I was at University.



        • the direct quote shown in inverted commas says
          …The UK-born defendant had completed his PhD in sport psychology at the University of Otago …

          So, he has done some head shrinking crap there (PhD prob 3+ years) and wants to do more head shrinking stuff …for whatever reason.

          It sounds more like he cannot face up to the real world.
          Got hopeless drunk – possibly regularly- lied about it – had to pick up the girlfriend so drinks at 4 x the limit – and after a PhD wants to do a post grad diploma – a far low qual !!

          Not a lot makes sense to us not dwelling in the steamy pit of Um ah Um Ah Clare Curran land and it IS via the media who filter to their (masters) convenience.



  7. As we speak a Select Committee in the Communist parliament in Wellington has given permission for the banning of all pump action firearms regardless wether they are shotguns or rifles without any mag limits.
    And have recommended that the minister of police can ban other firearms at his whim,WTF is going on in our Country? this is unbelievable,this COL is totally out of control.
    Ardern is working the leavers of power blindfolded,ear plugs in , and controlling the leavers behind her back,these 119 bastards are changing our country at astonishing speed without a thought for the future or the people of their country.



    • If they try and bring in a firearms register, it’s going to be a disaster. The CoL have taken a lot of firearms ‘off the street’ that were never on the street – they were stored legally and securely. They also pushed a lot of firearms that were stored legally and securely, ONTO the street. These firearms can no longer be purchased legally, so people acquiring them are not going to need a licence to start with.
      The only thing a register will achieve is to push more firearms underground, as owners fear for the safety of themselves and their families when (not if) this information is leaked.
      An argument the police use is they want to know where to expect firearms when they go knocking on doors. Well, they already do; they know all the names and addresses of licenced owners. The make, type, calibre and serial number of a firearm is of little consequence. You can’t tell me they’re going to treat the presence of a shotgun any differently to the presence of a hunting rifle when they knock on your door.



      • Given past experience I suggest it would not be prudent to rely on a register if you were a Constable called to a Firearms incident. I doubt a thinking Constable would.

        Means the proposed register is just a time wasting, probably expensive, and pointless irritation for those on either side of it. The presence of a register will satisfy only the non involved.



  8. In this Guardian article the turd polishers are still poncing around with their buffing cloth’s, yet, even they have to concede, very little shines with this government.

    ‘I’m over it’: will disillusioned voters spell trouble for Jacinda Ardern?

    Political commentator Bryce Edwards believes the Labour coalition government has not proved to voters that it is radically different from the previous National party government, despite its promises.

    “Delivery has been the biggest issue for this government. They have failed on delivering on their big promises of inequality and housing,” Edwards says. “Labour may struggle to mobilise their fanbase come the next election; people are beginning to suspect this government is more interested in style over substance. And the gloss has definitely come off Ardern.”




  9. Odakyu-sen , Enough Jacinda fairydust will make even the vilest turd look shiny and she’s still got big bags of it to distribute to NZs stupid populace.
    In saying “stupid ” I’m not looking down at people because its F- – – – -G true, NZ is awash with people that still believe every word that Suzanne Paul utters FFS.



  10. International commentary not good news for Socialist Cindy.

    Jacinda Ardern faces being kicked out as New Zealand prime minister after just ONE term as polling between leader and her rivals is ‘exceptionally close’

    That Ms Ardern’s shift as opposition leader, held for less than two months before the election, shows she wasn’t ready.

    That Peters’ populist presence in an otherwise left grouping of Labour and the Greens has caused chaos.

    And repeated scandals and mismanagement – a botched promise to build social housing, a sexual assault scandal within the ranks of Labour volunteers, as well as missed targets on infrastructure programs – has ‘taken the shine’ off Ms Ardern’s government.

    ‘The reality is the government has been its own worst enemy … they’re good on the empathy. Good on the talk. Not so good on the walk,’ Farrar continued.

    ‘It has been non-stop issue after issue.’



    • My biggest concern is what happens after the election, regardless of who is in power.

      We’ve managed to create a weak and depleted bunch of bulldozer posers, who selfishly jockey for relevance.

      Any sound policies, and clear paths to achieving them, are stifled by ideological, radical and irrational obstacles.

      We are the ball bearing in a pinball machine stuck in the machines deflect and rebound mode, knowing that eventually, after all the drama and point scoring we are going to end up, back where we started.



  11. Stop what you are doing and watch this. Then ask yourself could the reason why the Ardern cohort of communists is so keen to disarm the public and militarize the police have anything to do with this?

    “A 2015 Soros-funded think tank predicted a 2020 breakdown of the global food supply following an outbreak — just as Bill Gates’ 2019 “event 201″ simulated a global pandemic. ”



  12. Want to see the literal face of the police state we live in?

    Grab a cuppa on Molesworth St and observe the most senior police scuttling from their HQ to meetings with their political masters. Note the smug look of contempt and disdain on their faces as they gaze upon the subjugated.



  13. There is a new catalyst in town, and it does a great job at transforming one of the worse greenhouse gases, CO2, into useful products, reports SINC. The impressive catalyst has been produced by a team of researchers from Canada and the U.S.

    “The technology of water electrolyzers is well known: they transform water and electricity into hydrogen and oxygen, but in our case, we add CO2 to the cocktail and, instead of producing hydrogen, we can generate various hydrocarbons, such as ethylene, which is the most widely used organic compound worldwide,” researcher F. Pelayo García de Arquer, of the University of Toronto (Canada), told SINC.

    “Thus, we can obtain raw materials for the manufacture of products such as construction materials, textiles, paints, electronic device components, diapers… or even spirits.”

    The innovation builds on past research to produce a catalyst that can transform plenty of CO2 as opposed to past configurations, which only allowed for a bit of the gas to be transformed.




  14. Moronic Dem again.

    U.S. Senate candidate selects guillotine as ‘symbol of the work we have to do’

    Bre Kidman said the campaign logo is meant to be a sign of revolution by the lower and middle classes, and is not meant to be taken literally.

    Kidman, who is non-binary and uses the pronoun “they,” said the logo is something they came up with out of frustration over the large amounts of money in politics.




  15. Just the other day, I was witness to a reporter interviewing a sandal wearing pony tailed protester complaining about being pelted with objects every time he put the megaphone to his mouth.
    Even from where I stood, where the wind was blustery and traffic noise was present, I was able to make out the angst, outrage and arm waving he was exhibiting, in fact, I was just a stones throw away.



  16. Trump’s Whisper Network
    What happens when the left cedes the free speech high ground?

    “Can you see why some of us are whispering?” Roiphe asked about this new network. “It is the sense of viciousness lying in wait, of violent hate just waiting to be unfurled, that leads people to keep their opinions to themselves, or to share them only with close friends.”




  17. Interesting how quickly Stuff closed the comments when they were almost entirely unsympathetic to the plight of the tourist industry and celebrating a reduction in the number of visitors. Far more important to try and keep the country free of this biological weapon – let us call it what it is – than worry about fewer tourists.



  18. Guess who is standing for the Greens

    Green Party announces Auckland Action Against Poverty campaigner as new candidate

    An anti-poverty campaigner has thrown their hat into the political ring for this year’s general election.
    Ricardo Menendez March from Auckland Action Against Poverty (AAAP) will stand for the Green Party in Auckland electorate Maungakiekie. Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick stood in the seat in 2017.

    “I’m in the Greens because it is the only party that has been consistently fighting to lift benefit levels, for state housing for all and taxing the wealthy few so that we can fund public services for all of us.”

    Menendez March says a “stronger” Green Party vote is needed to take welfare, tax, housing and environmental reforms to the negotiating table.



  19. Sir Elton John halts Auckland concert after ‘walking pneumonia’ diagnosis

    A visibly upset Sir Elton John has been forced to halt his Auckland concert on Sunday night after his voice gave out.

    “I’ve just completely lost my voice – I’m so sorry,” he said, looking very emotional before he was helped off stage.



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