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  1. The donations mess reveals a vacuum in our political system, who will fill it so Danyl Mclauchlan gives his take on the problem.
    Different Journalists but same shit with the media happy to point out all they see wrong with the opposition and gloss over the facts that we have a corrupt Coalition Government.
    If this Government committed murder this political corrupt media would still find a reason to support the Government as they only want Jacinda Ardern as there Leader and Prime Minister.
    How could anyone from the media come up with a argument to support Leaders from the Coalition turning a blind eye to support a long standing politician with form on gaming the electoral system for this blatant breach of the rules concerning donations.



  2. NZ First Foundation saga : Greens break silence on “chilling” on photos of Journalists.
    The Greens have broken their silence and expressed alarm on photos of ex NZ First President with Journalists who have been on the story of donations to NZ First , but James Shaw stopped short of asking questions of their Governing Partner.
    Simon Bridges had this to say about the Greens and Labour, if this had been National that was involved in such a thing Labour with the Greens would be shouting from the rooftops for all to hear.
    Weak feeble Leaders that dont want to lose the big pay packet that they get for being absolute hypocrites.



  3. Is there a part of the consumer gaurantees act that covers concerts?

    Or are our hard earned funds going offshore anyway?

    Emotional Sir Elton John ends Auckland concert early after being diagnosed with ‘walking pneumonia’

    Can some learned person tell us what that is.

    Never mind. Here it is. a mild form of pneumonia or like a bad cold.




  4. Auckland mother says landlords won’t rent to her because of her six kids

    “Auckland Action Against Poverty coordinator Ricardo Mernendez March said the plan was a start – but more houses needed to be added to the government stock.”

    I see the latest Green candidate has plenty to say. When do his comments become electioneering?



  5. More than three tonnes of drugs seized at New Zealand border in 2019

    “We are experiencing an evolution in the volume and craftiness of the criminal syndicates who seek to peddle these products in our communities,” she said.

    While acknowledging the sale of drugs is a global issue, she said Australian deportees are part of the problem.

    “This is partly due to the criminals who have returned from Australia as deportees, and have brought their know-how and international criminal networks.”



  6. It looks like New Zealand could be in for a bumpy ride economically if Economists are right.
    Economist Rodney Jones is anticipating “quite a shock” for NZ in the fall out of COVID-19 Coronavirus and said Chinese Ambassador to NZ Wu Xi needed to ” over her calls pull her head in a bit” over her calls for the travel ban to be lifted.
    “We are looking at a larger disruption” Mr Jones said ” if it lasts into March which is possible, then we are looking at quite a severe economic shock”
    ” Unless this resolves quickly in the next we have a problem”.
    With all the scandals and a General Election in September to deal with the Coalition will need to be seen to be making good decisions to save what some think could be a mauling at the Election.



    • Oh God…. I can’t wait. Is the glorious dynamic Mr Bridges really going to make an announcement today? Like, really really?

      Has he come up with a cunning scheme to reduce our ‘carbon emissions’? Perhaps a plan to make schools more’ ‘inclusive’ for transgender pre-teens? Or maybe he’s going to find a way to give what’s left of our country to the Maoris?

      This is going to be an event worth bookmarking, that’s for sure. I don’t want to miss this…..



  7. His God or Government is not so great for him.

    ….. nearly 90-year-old homeless man in Trelleborg. The man, Rolf Hansson, doesn’t receive any housing assistance from the municipal social services, and as a result is forced to eat, sleep and live in his car.

    …… living his last days as a homeless person in Sweden since the municipality refuses to help him with a home or nursing home”,
    ….. urged his readers to “put pressure” on those responsible so that Rolf does not have to live in a parking lot.
    According to the municipality, there is no place for Rolf in a nursing home, even though he is almost 90 years old.
    …… visited the municipality office, the staff said that it is his own responsibility to find a place to live and that they couldn’t help in any way.
    Within just one day, Lamotte’s film got over 1,500,000 views on Facebook.
    The leader of the Sweden Democrats’ opposition council in Trelleborg, Helmuth Petersén, says that the party immediately after hearing about the case sent out people to find the elderly homeless man.
    “He’s been found now, I got a call just five minutes ago that he’s on his way to a hotel where we will install him.
    We will provide food and shelter until the municipality takes its responsibility”, Petersén says.
    The SD politician says he is convinced that Rolf would have received help immediately if he had had “another surname”.

    “It’s obviously the case that if you have a different last name, you get help earlier. He has a regular surname and then you may not get the help you are entitled to,” he concludes.

    “Our God is greater”, and works very well in Sweden // 🙁
    Is it the intention that euthanasia could be practiced to make room for other followers of allah. // 🙁



    • These plane spotters should come over to Wellington during the winter. They would see that sort of landing, quite often.

      Many years ago I was in a twin engine Cessna ( as one of about 6 passengers) landing in weather like that at Wellington. The pilot was a young 18 or 19 year old girl. She flew in over the end of the run way quite a bit higher than normal and then tipped the nose sharply down towards the runway. Ended up with a perfect landing —she was obviously really well trained.



  8. Coalition landmine awaits in Residency range call
    Labour and NZ First are considering whether to abandon a 20 year practice of limiting of total residency approvals at between 37,000 and 47,000 a year.
    Dileepa Fonseka reports this much delayed and politically explosive bill is due before the election.
    NZ First makes Immigration one of its leading promises at most Elections only to let the voter down most times so this bill could end up as a cat fight between Labour the Greens and NZ First.



  9. John Armstrong’s opinion: Jacinda Ardern must stop ‘displaying all the backbone of a spineless jellyfish’ and remind Winston Peters who’s boss

    Rarely has the current prime minister looked quite so feeble as was evident during yet another turbulent week for her pockmarked, patchwork administration.

    It was another week which witnessed Peters at his frustrating, selfish, perfidious and domineering worst.

    In a perfect world, it would have been a week which ended with him having been relieved of the title of Deputy Prime Minister, if only temporarily.



  10. This mornings interview of Cindy by Duncan Garner but it does not include the interview where he questioned her responsibility as leader on Wynstone Peters photographic saga.

    Coronavirus: Australia-New Zealand mission to evacuate citizens from Diamond Princess possible – Ardern



  11. Do these Newshub muppets ever read what they write?

    Hazza and Megs have snubbed the Queen by declining an invite to Uncle Randy’s birthday party, have they?

    But when Randy’s indiscretions became so very very public, HM cancelled his birthday party – remember?

    Actually, there needs to be a list of those whose judgement is so lacking they’d accept an invitation to celebrate another year on earth of the depraved Duke of York.



    • Excellent read indeed. But he includes a warning not to allow government to interfere with their expectations on what and what will not be successful. Cue the push by our current COL for alternative green technologies.

      …”but his focus is on how to use the government to boost innovation, and that way lies danger. Except when setting standards, government has a habit of picking technologies it thinks we should want, rather than the ones we actually do want. As Oxford’s Professor Dieter Helm has put it with respect to energy policy, governments love picking winners, but losers are good at picking governments”.



  12. The third time in under a year that the Spinoff a left leading chair Leader of the Left have called our Prime Minister to task on her ability as a Leader.
    Damage control : Jacinda Ardern faces torrent of Winston related questions. Across the PM’s weekly Monday morning broadcast interviews from four different media sites there was one overwhelming theme : The behaviour of NZ First and Winston Peters, who also happens to be Deputy PM.
    This is the third scenario of the Prime Minister passing the buck showing how weak and ineffective she is at doing the job. You can look back at the sexual deviate out her office and the lies that were told, then we had Ihumatoa where Maori activists have a occupation of land under dispute that really is a land grab curious of the Prime Minister for her inept handling of the situation and now the behaviour of her Coalition partner. Well there are just three instances that the Prime Minister need to stand up and address the problems have found how far and out of her depth she really is for the pay she has Paid to make decisions no matter how hard they are to address.



  13. I love visiting the West Coast of the South Island but there’s fuck all to do on wet days. As an antidote to caravan fever I’ve been going through https://westcoast.recollect.co.nz/nodes/view/838 to give an historical perspective to the places we’ve visited. This item looked interesting:

    ……”Johnny Devlin was a Rock n Roll singer back in the 1950s.

    At that time he was very popular and I attended one of his shows in the Regent Theatre in Greymouth. As he left the theatre by the stage door in Herbert St the swam of girls chased him towards the front of the Regent tearing his shirt from his back. It was amazing just how little resistance the stitching of his shirt took to tear to bits.”…….

    As I still have my shirt it’s probably fair to say that things have quietened down a little over the past few decades. 🙂



  14. OK, now we know why the police helicopter is been deployed to CC!
    Has nothing at all to do with crims down south.
    It’s not as though the crims in Ak are behaving themselves or less crime.
    They could have sent it to keep an eye on the crims in Tauranga or Hastings. But oh, no!
    It’s purely off down south to CC to protect Comrade Stinky Cindy on her promotional tour of the city’s mosques and photo shoots, with the family in tow. Especially the baby, with matching tea towels to mum!
    Maybe Jethro could have one to wear, as a pinny. My he has been quiet lately, hasn’t he!
    What’s the bet as soon as she leaves, so does the helicopter!
    Will Comrade Stinky Cindy leave the assistant PM behind do you think?
    Are the police expecting another massacre, do you think?
    Can’t have him rain on her parade! Besides with the two of them together, the stink would be to much,
    I do hope the local congregation are told to wash or it will be ripe in there!



  15. From approx 12 mins Ardern discusses Wynstone and reiterates she has no interest in stepping into photogate saying she has not discussed it directly with Wystone Peters. Socialist Cindy says she does not like political blogs believing “they don’t add anything”.

    As it happened: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s post-Cabinet press conference



  16. Dancing With the Devil: China Remaking Bible So It’s Compatible With Socialism

    China sometimes calls itself the Middle Kingdom, but it’s paving a way to the netherworld with a new effort: rewriting the Bible to make it compatible with socialism. Moreover, it’s doing the same with the Koran.

    In fact, Beijing is instituting new religious rules, set to take effect February 1, that may essentially make the state the church.




  17. A couple of weeks before Brenton Tarrant burst onto the scene, an evil bastard by the name of John Podesta was in NZ.

    He is the founder of The Center for American Progress

    The Center for American Progress (CAP) is a liberal Washington, D.C.-based think tank with strong ties to the Democratic Party establishment created in 2003 as the left-of-center alternative to the right-leaning Heritage Foundation. CAP was founded by John Podesta, former White House Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, Counselor to the President in the Obama White House, and chair of former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

    Note the usual sinister crew involved.


    On November 16, 2015 he began his plan for our future. A conference to set the agenda. The UN agenda.

    Sponsored by Food Chain Reaction. ‘A global food security game’

    This is the blueprint and the playbook we are being forced to believe as true.

    The scenario he sets out in this ‘game’ predicted for 2020 is… well……you decide.


    Does it feel like a game to you?



    • Brenton is a hardline socialist which is unforgivable. But at least he is honest about it, unlike his closest socialist allies like Ardern.

      I wonder what the Muslim community would think if they got to read his manifesto and learn his views are identical to Ardern’s?



  18. Remember this crap?

    Aug 27 2017
    Jacinda Ardern: I didn’t want to work for Tony Blair

    “I remember my dad calling me and saying, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find another job’ – because he could hear how upset I was. And I remember saying in this broken voice, ‘It’s not about my job. What about all the people who’ll have to pay market rents in their state houses?'”




  19. Any of you who also read Kiwiblog will notice one of my posts was deleted by the Mods. It was in response to the “Post Ardern ignoring the Cabinet Manual” and specifically states “So Ardern is either lying about the Cabinet Manual…”. So I innocently asked

    “Is it now Ok to Call Jacinda Arderne a Liar?”

    The response was [Deleted – Mod]


    Jacinda doesn’t lie. Lies are calculated distortions that are designed to mislead and decieve. She is too fucking stupid to think that logically and basically just bobs her head, breathes out and words or umms or fuck knows what just spews from her….

    Hopefully this sage will sink her further…



  20. Photogate isn’t going away anytime soon!

    Jacinda Ardern supporting Winston Peters’ ‘unethical behaviour’ – Paula Bennett

    Paula Bennett is accusing Winston Peters of dirty politics, saying he should be sacked as Deputy Prime Minister.

    It follows the covert filming and photos taken of journalists as they met with a former NZ First president.

    And the Prime Minister wants nothing to do with any of it.



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